Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 398

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Chapter 399

Shin Yu-seong told us about his experiences so far and the process he took to get here. It was a long story that could have been boring, but Lorelai is an avid reader who likes interesting stories.

“… … That’s really interesting. “It’s the friendship between a doll and a dragon.”

Lorelai listened to Shin Yu-sung’s story with an expression of great interest.

“Ultimately, you’re saying that you want to resurrect the doll’s soul.”

“Orca is a friend that Velvet can never change. In the end, the reason she was sealed in the Glass Heart was to save Velvet. “She can never pretend not to know.”

“of course… … That’s not impossible.

Lorelai nodded in agreement.

“… … There is no one more skilled than you in dealing with the soul that resides in things. “If you’re a teacher, it’s definitely possible.”

Moreover, the fact that it came immediately after it was sealed was a green light. The soul that resides in an object quickly loses its personality. At most, the time given is about a week?

The fact that it came to see Master within a few days increased the possibility of recovering the soul of the doll named ‘Orca’.

“but… … “It won’t be easy to convince Master to agree.”

“Lorelai, you know something.”

“I am a disciple who has watched Master until now. “I know what judgment he made when something similar to this happened.”

Just as the story was about to mature, a golem walked by to pour tea for Lorelai. He was a young handsome boy, about 10 years old at most, but he had a violent atmosphere that was different from that of an ordinary human being.

“That child was originally a sword.”


“Yes, it was a sword belonging to a famous hunter in England. It was a famous sword that cut down countless monsters. “It was the hunter’s only friend, and it was a sword he cherished more than his life.”

Even as the hunter was losing his life, he entrusted the sword to the witch. This sword, she said, was really her own friend.

[So far, you have cut down countless monsters with me… … . Since we were always together on that difficult journey… … . I wish I could just take a break.]

He said he hopes he can rest in peace now.

[So please… … Aris, please take care of it.]

This golem wasn’t the only one. Each of the golems in the mansion had a different story, and Lorelai knew them all.

“It’s not just that kid. When you came in, you probably saw a girl with long hair at the entrance. “The spirit of that child is that of a girl with an incurable disease.”

“… … “Incurable disease?”

“Yes, he died of an incurable disease that he had been suffering from since birth. The child’s wish is to celebrate her 20th birthday. Aris extracted the child’s soul and turned it into a golem. “According to his wish, he will stop moving on his 20th birthday.”

Shin Yooseong felt something from Lorelai’s words. Their stories had something strange in common.

“You may be my teacher, but Aris is fickle. “You never know what choice he will make.”

But Shin Yu-seong wasn’t sure. It was impossible to predict Aris’ answer based on the current story alone.

“… … But Lorelai. “This matter can never be left to Aris-sama’s whims.”

So, Shin Yu-sung desperately held Lorelai’s hand and asked her a favor.

“Orca only has a few days left, at most. If I can’t convince you this time… … .”

Shin Yooseong pushed his body towards Lorelai. Lorelai blushed as her face got uncomfortably close and she met her pleading eyes directly.

“… … Radish, of course. “Master, you also have weaknesses.”


Lorelai stepped back and nodded abruptly. Seeing her heart pounding made her feel good about Shin Yoo-sung, but she also thought that this experience was bad for her heart.

“Yes, weakness. Master describes himself as callous and cold-blooded, but contrary to his external appearance, in reality… … .”

Is it okay to tell Shin Yu-seong in detail about his teacher’s personality and weaknesses? Although she knew that Shin Yu-sung was not a bad person, Lorelai hesitated for a moment.

However, under the barrage of earnest eyes from Shin Yoosung, Lorelai soon nodded.

“To stimulate emotions… … He is a very weak person. If Aris takes out a handkerchief, the success rate is 50%. If he sheds tears, the success rate is 90%… … .”

Aris does not blindly turn objects or people into golems. She had her own reasons and beliefs. In the end, the winner is the story of Orca and Velvet.

“I see… … .”

It was whether it worked for Aris.

* * *

It was fitting that Aris’s room, with its fireplace with a bonfire, a black cat symbolizing ominousness, and even a crystal ball, be called a witch’s room.

The reason Shin Yu-seong was able to enter this secret place was because he was a disciple of King Kwon, Aris’ colleague and first love.

“… … Hehe, that’s fun. I never thought I would see you in this mansion. So why did you visit?”

As Aris smiled with interest, Shin Yu-seong took out a glass heart from his pocket.

“I’m sure you’ve already heard it, Aris… … “I have one favor to ask.”

“Then you know. You saw the head deacon when you came in, right? I can read that guy’s mind. “I’ve already heard what you’re going to ask for.”

“then… … .”

However, Witch Aris said that she knew what Shin Yu-seong would ask for, but did not say that she would listen. She eventually did as Lorelai warned her, shaking her head with a whimsical smile.

“sorry. Even if you are Wonhak’s disciple, I will refuse that request. I don’t want to take any soul and make a golem. Witches have their own philosophy. and… … . “There’s no reason for me to do you a favor, right?”

This is what Aris, the legendary hunter, answered. There is no room for negotiation. For an ordinary hunter, the story would end here. But Shin Yu-seong had a trump card.

“The president of the association told me to show him this photo when Aris answers.”

Shin Yu-seong presented the photo Kang Yu-chan had given him. Aris’ expression didn’t change when she saw the photo, but she let out a short exclamation of “hmm”.

“It was Kang Yu-chan who showed you the way. But what can I do? “The promise I made with that guy has long since expired.”

What Aris was saying was that the exchange was not suitable for granting a favor based on just the photo. Taking out a sealed soul and putting it into an object is a big deal. The size of the debt was different.

But fortunately, Shin Yu-seong had another weapon.

“And this… … .”

That is an unidentified pocket watch given to me by Arden. Aris was unable to hide the agitation on her face this time and took her pocket watch.

“You… … .”

“Aden gave me this watch and said that now it is Aris’ turn to keep his promise.”

Aris knew what this pocket watch meant to Aden. Because this was a keepsake left behind by Aden’s wife. She watched from her side how much Aden cherished.

Aden gave such a precious item to Shin Yu-seong. What does that mean? He even mentioned ‘promise’.

“It’s your turn to keep your promise… … .”

Aris was silent for a while.

Is it because I’m getting older? When did she become such a sentimental woman? Aris let out her sigh.


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“… … I’ll listen to the story in order. Whose soul is contained in that glass? “That’s exactly it.”

Although it was a difficult journey, Shin Yu-seong was happy that his turn had come. Thanks to the help of Kang Yu-chan and Aden, Aris seemed to have opened her heart to Shin Yu-seong a little.

“For Aris, reading the soul’s memory from an object is simple. In times like this… … More than a hundred words. “It would be quicker to see it in person.”

As Shin Yu-seong said, Aris held out his hand as if he felt comfortable in that direction. That means I will read Orca and Velvet’s memories myself.

“okay. “Then, shall we take a look?”


When Aris placed her hand on the glass heart, the crystal ball in the room began to light up and show the images of Velvet and Orca like a projector.

The story started at the riverside.

[Little master. I followed suit and picked it up, but does picking up stones have much meaning?]

[Kyahang~! Glittering things are pretty! It would have been better if it was gold or jewels!]

We picked up rocks together and decorated the room.


Take it and sell it.

[…] … Velvet is rich now.]

Aris laughed as she watched Velvet and Orca playing together.

“You mean this dragon is your daughter? What a fun kid. Hehe… … .”

The friendship between Velvet and Orca, who read fairy tales and went on adventures together, was quite deep. Aris continued to watch the couple’s trip, which lasted for several hours, as if it was fun.

But in the end, the moment Velvet was caught by Shin Hayoon, the flow of the story changed.

[I should be angry at you. You are my little master… … Because he is the one who did something bad to my precious friend.]

An abandoned toy.

Toy King’s changed thoughts.

[You’ll never know for the rest of your life, right? Because I’m a pitiful fool who can’t trust anyone and has no friends!]

[…] … This damn trash!]

[No, I have no regrets! Take note! I, Toy King, are the little master’s friend! Die as an Orca!]

And Aris was truly impressed by the courage.

“… … How can an abandoned toy change like this when it meets a new owner? “That’s an interesting story.”

Of course, the story of Velvet and Orca did not end here. The moment Aris showed signs of agitation, he attacked once more.

A quiet mountain.

[…] … Little master. It’s not an Orca, it’s a Toy King. Of course, now it’s not a killer whale, but a duck doll. It was sold under the name I Love Duck.]

Velvet immediately recognized the Orca whose appearance had changed.

[Are you saying your friend is coming here?]

[yes. … … He said he would return when he became an adult. I did. But adults are busy. An old doll like me would have forgotten about it a long time ago.]

Aris learned about Orca’s story through their natural conversation.

[The little master has a place to return to. When you wake up from your dream, precious people will be waiting for you.]

Aris agreed. Ironically, only humans can save us from the wounds inflicted by humans.

[I thought I had been abandoned by that child. But I only found out after saving the little master.]

[Um, how far is it?]

[For sure… … There must have been a reason not to return. The child was not well. This was before he even had surgery.]

Aris silently watched where their journey took them. She watched as Orca realized what she had been saved by Velvet.

Although it was the same tower, he solved everything solely through force.

However, Aris was amazed at the fact that such a story and such a solution could exist.

[When I think about it that way, I wish they had abandoned me. I was able to change my mind like this thanks to the miracle of the tower and thanks to meeting the little master.]

In the end, Orca was saved by Velvet. She, no, she saved herself. Aris took out her handkerchief without realizing it.

“Ugh, huff… … Hehe… … .”

Then, he quietly wiped away the flowing tears and even wiped his stuffy nose with a handkerchief. This is Aris’ strong signal that Lorelai mentioned.

“Aris… … .”

Shin Yu-seong looked at Aris.

What more do I need to say now? Now only Aris’ choice remained.

* * *

Shashashak- Shashashak-

Velvet, who had gone for a walk, was lying down next to Adela and doodling in her sketchbook with crayons. She was drawing her orca, waiting for her friend to return someday.

Then, for a moment, Velvet’s ears perked up.

“Kya, kyahang!”

Velvet looked somewhere like a puppy smelling a snack.

“This, this!”

“velvet? Whatever… … Do you have any?”

Adella looked worried, but Velvet stood up with a very happy face.

“This feeling! “You’re wrong!”

Velvet ran aimlessly. Velvet could tell. Even if the other person’s appearance changed, you could tell.

There was no way I would have known if a killer whale doll turned into a duck doll, and there was no way I would have known if a killer whale doll turned into a human.

Because there is no fool in this world who cannot recognize his friends.


Velvet ran aimlessly on her short legs and saw a boy with black hair. She then called that name without hesitation.


The black-haired boy didn’t say anything for a while. This time the promise was kept. The ending is different this time. She was happy about that fact and just smiled brightly.

“also… … .”

The boy, or rather the Orca, thought.

“… … You recognize me. “Little master.”

He said he was the happiest toy in the world.


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