Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 397

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Chapter 398

The highest peak of the British Isles.

Netis Mountain.

Shin Yu-seong, who was walking along the narrow road, which could hardly be called a walk, straightened his back and saw a wide mountain ridge.

“Right around here… … .”

Unlike Murim Mountain, which is mostly a green forest full of trees, Netis Mountain was, on the contrary, a mountain with a nice open view.

“It’s amazing. The teacher and his colleagues… … Everyone loves mountains… … .”

Is it because the nature of the mountains makes it easier to hide away from the public eye? Or does the clean air and nature give you strength?

I don’t know what the inside story was, but the energy of Mt. Netis was unusual the whole time Shinyuseong was ascending.

Even though it was the hideout of Aris, an 8th grade hunter witch, it was so quiet that it felt very foreign.

Even though it boasted such a huge size, there was not a single monster.

Jump and jump.

Shin Yu-seong silently walked further towards the empty summit as if there was a road.


At that moment, a silver curtain covered my toes. As I passed through that veil, the hidden reality was revealed in its true form.

“This… … .”

A wooden building. Floor with artificial grass. Shin Yu-seong could not help but be impressed by the appearance of a modern mansion that did not fit into Mt. Netis.

‘A spatial barrier of this scale is always in place… … .’

Of course, Shin Yu-seong experienced his teacher’s martial arts, so he knew that what he sees is not everything.

But martial artists and witches are different.

If the way King Fist deals with mana is closer to ‘power’, the way Aris deals with mana is closer to ‘magic’ or art.

Aris was able to reinterpret it in some way even without the help of skills or artifacts.

“… … Are you a guest? “It’s been a while.”

“that’s right. long time no see. “No one is coming except Lorelai.”

“Uh, ah, Aris didn’t tell you that a guest was coming?”

“Then an intruder? “We have to deal with the intruders.”

For example, dolls that closely resemble the humans that guard the mansion were also products created by Aris.

“I am Shin Yu-seong, a disciple of King Gwon, a colleague of Aris. “I came here to ask for something that only Aris can solve.”

Shin Yu-seong bowed his head politely to the golems that looked like boys and girls.

“is it?”

“King Kwon? lie! “I’m his student, but I don’t look like him at all.”

As soon as a golem girl was about to believe Shin Yu-seong’s words, unfortunately, the boy next to her expressed her doubts, saying that they did not look alike.

“That’s right, liar. “King Kwon looks scary.”

“The face doesn’t look alike at all. “It must be an intruder who came to steal the treasure.”

Thanks to this, the embers of suspicion grow bigger and bigger due to the strange logic that even though they are students, their ‘faces’ do not resemble each other at all.

“If you are a disciple of the King of Powers, you will be strong.”

“that’s right. Let’s fight.”

“But we’re level 6?”

“I might kill you… … .”

“fool. If you die, it’s fake. “If you win, it’s real.”

The golems looked at Shinyuseong at the same time as if they had made a promise. Although she had a doll-like appearance, her red eyes held a dizzying life.

“That’s right. If you lose, it’s fake. “If you are a disciple of the King of Power, you can’t be weak.”

“Because the king of power defeated Aris-sama.”

“that’s right. “Let’s check if it’s an intruder.”

“… … “Let us fight for Aris.”

The golems took out cold weapons such as axes, chains, swords, and spears, no matter where they came from.

However, despite its cute appearance, the mana it emits is of a different quality from that of a typical golem.

Each of the golems blocking Shin Yu-seong had a power equivalent to that of the head of the Hunter Association branch.

Comparing it to a hunter I saw recently, I felt that it had a similar level of mana as Meyrin, who was level 6.

‘… … There are four such golems.’

Shin Yu-seong took a serious stance. Even though he was the same doll, his opponent was not a toy like Orca. It was a type of mana weapon created by Aris to exterminate monsters around Mount Netis.

‘It’s impossible to capture him alive without any injuries. ‘I have no choice but to destroy it.’

Shin Yu-seong frowned. She has come to Aris to ask her a favor, but what could be the worst development, having to destroy the golem she created from the start?


With a bloody mechanical sound, the four golems simultaneously changed their leg parts. It appears that a propulsion device made from hunter equipment was used as a part.

“sorry. “No matter what you think, I can’t back down or run away for the sake of someone precious to me.”

Shin Yu-seong apologized to the golems in advance. The Orca soul contained in the Glass Heart is not eternal. It’s volatile. Thanks to this, the time given to Shin Yu-seong was not very long.

“don’t worry.”

“We are Aris’ golem.”

“Our four-member group is invincible.”

“that’s right. “I have never been defeated.”


The boy’s chain was aimed at one of Shin Yu-seong’s legs, and the girl’s halberd was aimed at his head.

At the same time, the other spear aimed at the heart and the black arm.

The four golems boasted a perfect combination, almost as if they were one body. The four attacks felt like one attack.

‘It’s an attack coming from all directions.’

Blue particles were overlaid on the clothes Shin Yu-seong was wearing. What soon appeared was a black dragon and a black sword painted in gold leaf.



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Shin Yu-seong, with one leg planted on the ground like a firm root, lightly rotated his body and surrounded himself with black mana like a barrier.


With the bloody sound of metal grinding against iron, the cold weapons that touched the mana turned into molten metal and melted.

One of the golems lost its posture due to the chains caught in the rotation and fell to the ground.

‘First, start with the closest one.’

Shin Yu-seong, who blocked the attack, fiercely raised his hand towards the head of the golem, which had a cute appearance like a combination.

In order to defeat a well-matched four-member group, destroying one of them is an extremely reasonable choice, but the golems have seen their merciless hands somewhere before.

“They all look alike!”

Destroying the heads of everything from monsters to humanoid bosses without a care in the world was within the ruthless hands of the King of Power.

[Black Dragon Hoecheon (Skill) – Turns the mana you have into a shield and ejects it.]

This is not a fighting spirit style, but a skill implanted in an artifact called the Black Dragon Cannon. The symbolism was enough for the other party to confirm the existence of Shin Yu-seong.

“That skill that blocked our attack! “I’ve seen it before!”

“I think I saw those clothes too… … .”

Shin Yu-seong, who was about to crush the golem’s head with a single blow, stopped moving as witnesses suddenly appeared from here and there.

‘… … ‘I don’t have to break it?’

Then, as Shin Yu-seong glanced at the four members, the golems nodded vigorously.

“We were rude!”

“You are the king’s disciple!”

“2, please let go of number 2.”

“Hmph. Don’t break my head… … .”

When the golems suddenly admitted defeat and asked for help, the atmosphere became awkward for Shin Yu-seong.

To an unfamiliar person looking at the situation, Shin Yu-seong looked like a vicious villain who was trying to knock down a boy about 10 years old and hit his head.

“ah… … “Mi, I see you trust me.”

“Sniff, I’ll believe it… … . Don’t destroy number 2. “He’s our friend.”

“that’s right. No. 2 is No. 4’s only friend. “Please don’t break it.”

“Better break me… … .”

“We were wrong.”

Shin Yu-seong, who instantly became like a villain, scratched his neck with the hand he was about to hit and stood up with an embarrassed expression on his face.

“don’t worry. I didn’t even think about completely destroying it. for a moment… … “It was about to stop working.”

And then, when he gave comfort that was not comfort, the four members looked at Shin Yu-seong with disdainful eyes.

“Ugh, that’s cruel… … . “He must be King Kwon’s disciple.”

“He is the king himself.”

“Obviously raw meat…” … “I’m going to eat it with my mouth.”

“But you’re handsome. “Why did Aris like the scary-looking King of Powers?”

The golems who recognized their new talents now began to question the tastes of their owner, Aris.

“that’s right. The King of Kwon’s disciples are cool, unlike the King of Kwon. “If you like this person, I can understand.”

“that’s right! King Kwon is like a ghost. scared.”

“Ugh, Aris-sama… … “It’s great, but your tastes are weird.”

Shin Yu-seong just smiles and wonders what to say to enter the mansion.

“… … “There was an uninvited guest here?”

The door to the mansion opened and the only golem who appeared to be a woman in her 30s greeted me politely.

“There was a lot of rudeness. Are you a disciple of King Kwon? “If you had contacted us in advance, we would have been able to reserve a spot.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. There is no way to contact me… … .”

When Shin Yu-seong lowered his head to express his apologies, he shook his head and said that he was not a woman.

“There is no need for you, the King’s disciple, to apologize to us, who are at best golems.”

Shin Yu-seong found the golems created by Aris fascinating. The woman in front of me looked blunt, but she really acted as if she had emotions, and the other golems also had thoughts and had different personalities.

“I am number 0. It is the first golem created by Aris and commands this mansion. hmm… … “You can think of me as a housekeeper.”

When No. 0 appeared, the four golems who claimed to be gatekeepers got out of the way. Thanks to this, Shin Yu-seong was able to confidently enter the mansion.

“But you’re amazing. Numbers 1 to 4 are… … A combat-type entity that can hunt even level 5 bosses without getting hurt. You can stop such weapons by yourself… … . Originally, entry was not through battle, but through legal procedures. “You don’t often see things like this.”

Number 0’s horse had bones. It may seem like a compliment, but it was a warning to Shin Yu-seong, who entered Aris’ mansion without permission.

“Oh sorry. I just came here like this… … .”

“As I said before, even though we look like humans, we are golems. There’s no need to apologize… … . “You are a special person.”

No. 0 laughed as if Shin Yu-seong was having fun and led him to his room.

“Then I’m sorry that Aris hasn’t returned, but would you like to wait in the VIP room for now?”

Shin Yu-seong needed Aris’ help to save Orca. So, as long as he could meet Aris, he could wait as long as he wanted.

“There are guests who came first. “The VIP room is spacious.”

“good. i’ll wait.”

In response to Shin Yu-seong’s answer, No. 0 opened the wooden door, and Shin Yu-seong was able to see a view of the VIP room that he had never seen before.

A huge round wooden table, a marble stove and dry firewood burning in it. It was a luxurious VIP room with everything, including a hunting trophy made of a monster’s head.

But among them, the one that catches Shin Yu-seong’s eye is by far.

“ah… … .”

Lorelai looks at Shin Yu-seong with her mouth open in surprise.

“Long time no see… … I met you so quickly. “Lorelai.”

Thanks to this, Shin Yu-seong smiled awkwardly.


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