Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 393

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Chapter 394

In some ways, rumors travel faster than light in the academy, a small society. This was especially true if the target was the student council president who was highly respected by the students.

“Did you hear the rumor? The student council president… … .”

“You mean you dropped out of the academy?”

“Seeing as the vice president went out with us, is it because he was scouted?”

“no. They said they didn’t even go through the school transfer process. “He just suddenly left!”

In Gaon’s garden with a fountain, a group of female students were chatting, and Lee Chae-hyun, sitting on a bench, sighed at the unusual atmosphere of the school.

“… … Shin Yu-seong’s gang really beat that student council president. “Should I call this a successful bet?”

“What did the chairman do? When such a promising student drops out and the principal and the Hunter Association remain silent… … “It’s not unusual.”

However, Min Seong-hyuk’s Lee Chae-hyun, still in doubt, shook his head.

“Oh, I don’t know~! No more headaches now. Plus, I received a token of friendship from a popular friend~ Voila!”

When Lee Chae-hyun slightly lifted her top to show off the killer whale key ring hanging from her waist, Min Seong-hyuk covered his eyes.

“hey! be careful! You can see my belly and navel! And what’s with that childish orca doll on your waist!”

Lee Chae-hyun looked with disdain at Min Seong-hyuk’s double reaction.

“Ugh… … In the meantime, I saw everything there was to see. “This killer whale key ring is a token of my friendship with Kim Eun-ah.”

“When did you start acting like you were going to kill each other?”

“Yesterday’s enemy is today’s blah blah blah. Well, Shinsung Group never forgets grace? One day, Eunah Kim decided to help me. “She walked her own tightrope.”

Seonghyuk Min nodded just like Chaehyun Lee. As expected, this guy is quick at calculating profits and losses.

“Because of Adela… … “She was frozen for three hours.”

“I’m lucky to be alive. “How can you be so mean to Adela?”

“Tsk… … .”

Min Seong-hyuk turns his head after taking a punch from Lee Chae-hyun. While the two teams from Class S were chatting, Amy could be seen coming from a distance.

“Hello everyone~ I’m Amy, running for Gaon’s next student council president. Good morning everyone~ Class A! two! Don’t pass by like you don’t know! “You’re going to vote for me because we’re in the same class, right?”

“What kind of student council president are you!”

“That’s right~ I’m still a first year student!”

“Uh-huh! There’s a party leader behind me! Everyone knows what I’m saying!?”

Amy, accompanied by a small truck that she had obtained from somewhere, was walking around the campus grounds wearing a campaign belt that read [Symbol No. 3 Amy].

“What, Amy, I think she’s going to run for student council president?”

“It’s crazy. Of course, I will be selected from among the second years. “The line is so strong even without a vice president.”

Even as Min Seong-hyuk and Lee Chae-hyun judged the fight to be completely unwinnable, Amy smiled brightly and waved. She even brought along a loudspeaker and campaigned in earnest.

[Ah – students are stars! Number 3 Amy will do her best for Gaon Academy, which creates big stars! It’s symbol number 3!]

A great shift of power!

A wave of upheaval had arrived.

* * *

How many people in Korea are afraid of Jin Byeong-cheol, who has achieved the honor of being the principal of Gaon Academy and the position of a level 6 hunter?

“Um, we… … A Gaon student did something like that. As a principal, how can I handle this unpleasant incident? … Should I take responsibility? … .”

However, Jin Byeong-cheol gave up the head seat to the other person and was watching carefully.

“There is no need to estimate damages in monetary terms. “Student Shin Yu-seong had already handled the incident before it became a huge issue.”

Meirin, the branch leader of Academy City.

“Hehe, Yooseong has already taken care of that, so it doesn’t matter! Rather, it is our Hunter Association’s fault for not being able to prevent it in advance!”

And it was Kang Yu-chan, the president of the Hunter Association.

“ah. Oh, as expected! Our Yooseong is the pride of our Gaon Academy! Shin Hayun… … . I left it because they said it would get the job done well! Such a heinous act from behind… … .”

It is natural that Jin Byeong-cheol has no choice but to bend in front of omnipotent, absolute power. Jin Byeong-cheol thanked Shin Yu-seong once again in his heart and secretly asked.

“Then the reason the Chairman came to visit Gaon… … .”

“We will handle this matter externally, so please ignore the matter regarding Shin Hayun.”

Jin Byeong-cheol did not hear exactly what Shin Ha-yoon had done.

A very dangerous artifact was hidden without reporting procedures, and victims were almost created by using it. I only knew a certain amount of trivial information.

Nevertheless, Jin Byeong-cheol did not ask for an explanation.

“Ah, old times!”

In fact, he even saluted Kang Yu-chan as if showing loyalty. If Yoo Won-hak is Jin Byeong-cheol’s senior since he had just become an active hunter, Kang Yu-chan, the president of the association, is the superior of superiors.

“All right! President of the Association! Then we will handle it that way!”

In response to Jin Byeong-cheol’s polite response, which was reminiscent of the military, Meilin finally took the item out of her pocket.

“… … Also, please pass this item on to student Shin Yu-seong. “It is a gift from the president of the association.”

How great of a gift is it that Kang Yu-chan says this? But what Kang Yu-chan took out was at most a white piece of paper. Of course, I could feel the mana, but the amount was minimal.

“What about this?”

“If you go to the owner of that piece of paper, you can solve your current problem. “Just tell me that much.”

“I’m worried… … All right. “I will tell this to Yooseong!”

* * *

Even though it was only a few days after Velvet fell, Shin Yu-seong felt like a long journey.

You can hear the sound of small feet stepping on the carpet. The sound is getting closer and closer, heading towards you.

“… … “Wow, Dad, aren’t you sleeping yet?”

He asks while rubbing his still half-awakened eyes cutely.

“You’re awake.”

What is power?

Shin Yu-seong, who had been abandoned due to his lack of power, was eventually able to defeat Shin Hay-yoon, who only sought power, and protect what was precious. What did Shin Hayun yearn for so much? Is that really power?

What is a stronger power?

It’s like an unquenchable thirst.

‘… … Strongest.’


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What is the true strongest that Master spoke of? What is the path he asked me to walk on his behalf, saying he couldn’t reach it?

It was not the mana contained in the body or the strength of the body that protected Shin Yu-seong in that desperate moment when Morgan’s power overtook him.


“Dad has been thinking seriously, and of course he’s handsome… … .”

Are your arms more comfortable than the bed? Shin Yu-seong felt the weight of the velvet resting on her arm.

“sorry. “Velvet, I was making a scary expression without even realizing it.”

“no. that… … “It’s a sad happy expression.”

“S-sad, happy expression?”

When Shin Yu-seong, who was embarrassed by hearing the word for the first time, paid attention and asked, Velvet shook her tail softly as if she had woken up.

“huh! Sad look! Velvet knows! “You should smile when you’re happy and cry when you’re sad, but Dad doesn’t do anything.”

Could it be that among the hundreds of books in the library, Sumire had at least placed a philosophy book rather than a fairy tale?

Velvet was the most philosophical genius dragon hatchling in the world.

“Smile at happy times, laugh at sad times… … .”

“You have to cry! Velvet also cried a lot because Orca left… … .”

When the Orca story came out, Velvet’s expression became glum. Look at the tail hanging limply. It didn’t seem to be that sad at all.

“Then your father is a dishonest person?”

“No, Dad is a man who grew up early!”

Strangely, Velvet, who thought she was just a child, seemed to know the answer to Shin Yu-seong’s concerns.

“This is someone who became an adult early. It’s a difficult story… … .”

Of course, when Shin Yu-seong could not keep up with his knowledge, Velvet told a difficult story as if there was nothing he could do.

“Kyahang… … . Hmm, it’s like an egg turned into a chicken!”

“An egg becomes a chick, learns how to walk, and eats an earthworm! Dad… … “The chicken emerges from the egg!”

Although Shin Yu-seong was compared to a chick and a chicken, Velvet’s argument seemed like a nonsensical story. Even though he was a child, his argument had its own philosophy and insight.

“When adults eat two cakes, they worry that tomorrow they will have one! “I’m not happy even if I eat cake!”

“hmm… … “But you’re happy when you eat velvet naan cake?”


Shin Yu-seong smiled at the cute Velvet’s reaction. I was joking for no reason, but the child’s gaze could have been the correct answer.

Could it be that he was trying to take a path that was too difficult? I didn’t know that the strongest path that the teacher had mentioned might not be as thorny as I thought.

‘The answer to that path may be found in a hint from Master’s words.’

The teacher and his colleagues, who never gave up, faced the ‘truth of the tower’ and eventually gave up climbing the tower.

What is the undisclosed truth that only the teacher and colleagues know? That’s probably the answer to this question.

‘The path that the Master, who has reached the highest position, wants to entrust to me… … .’

After organizing his thoughts, Shin Yu-seong stroked the head of Velvet, who was already asleep on his lap.

‘And why is Shin Hayun to me…? … .’

[13th. 21 o’clock, blue sea, above the lighthouse. i’ll wait.]

Shin Yu-seong saw the last message left by Shin Hay-yoon. But the priority now was not Shin Hayun.

Right now, keeping the promise I made to Velvet came first.

“Kyaaaah… … Let’s go, I’ll come find it soon… … .”


Shin Yu-seong saw Velvet mumbling Orca’s name while she was sleeping.

Velvet had three mothers, but Orca was her only friend.

[Velvet has a favor to ask her mom and dad… … .]

Shin Yu-seong still hasn’t forgotten the first words Velvet said after regaining her strength.

[Save the Orca!]

Shin Ha-yoon laughed at Shin Yu-sung and Velvet’s relationship. Shin Yu-seong believed in the value of a family that Sumire mentioned, a family that one can depend on, rather than simply being a stranger by blood. So no matter what anyone said, Velvet was his daughter.

But what is this power for if it cannot even save my daughter’s only precious friend?

“… … “Don’t worry, Velvet.”

Shin Yu-seong stroked Velvet’s forehead. She straightened her disheveled hair by hand and whispered sweetly to her.

“I will definitely save Orca.”

Of course, it was by no means unfounded confidence. What Shin Yu-seong is holding in his hand right now is an unidentified white piece of paper that says it was a gift from Kang Yu-chan.

At first, I did not know the identity of this object. It contained mana, but it was so weak it wasn’t even an artifact.

“… … “The sun is rising.”

However, the story changed when Shin Yu-seong illuminated the paper in the sunlight shining through the window. The white paper gradually became stained with various colors.

“Is it as expected?”

The identity of the paper was a photograph.

Of course, it was not clear and blurry, but Shin Yu-seong was able to tell who the people in the photo were.

The muscular and handsome man on the far left is his teacher, Yu Won-hak. Kang Yu-chan is the one with a sharp look but a blunt expression. And the beautiful woman standing on the far right… … .

Lorelai’s teacher.

A legendary hunter who is Yu Won-hak’s colleague.

“… … this person is.”

It was witch Aris.


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