Hunter Academy’s Battle God Chapter 392

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Chapter 393

It’s quiet.

The only thing that reaches my ears is the sound of falling rain. Perhaps I had overexerted myself, but my body felt weak and my eyelids were so heavy that it was difficult to even open my eyes.


I lifted up the hospital’s unique white blanket and got up. An IV was inserted into her arm to inject healing fluid, and her body was dressed in a hospital gown.

“hmm… … .”

Shin Hayun shed inexplicable admiration as she looked at her miserable appearance. What he saw in his eyes was not anger, sadness, or misery.

If I had to put that feeling into a word, it wouldn’t be emotionlessness.

“You lost in the end.”

And the words he spoke were so simple that Shin Hayoon was surprised. Lee Hyuk quietly looked at Shin Hayun. Because it was Shin Hayun’s first time like this, he couldn’t open his mouth hastily.

Why does he feel so distressed when he sees Shin Hayun, who was beyond confident and even arrogant, being heartbroken?

“Why do you look like that?”

Shin Hayun smiled.

On the other hand, Lee Hyuk’s expression was so dark that it made you wonder if he was the one who was heartbroken.

“Ha-yun, you’re more innocent than I thought. If you… … .”

“Did you think the road would go on a rampage?”

However, even Lee Hyuk, who had maintained his seriousness, relaxed his expression at Shin Hayoon’s joke.

“yes. “I thought you were going to go on a rampage.”

“I see. That may be true, but why? “I don’t feel anything.”

Shin Hayun looked at the window.

Beyond the closed glass, I saw a snail curled up on the window sill to avoid the rain.


Shin Hayun got up from bed, opened the window, and grabbed a snail shell. And then I realized that it was lighter than I expected.

It was my mistake to think there was a snail. She didn’t know it when she saw it from a distance, but when she saw it, the inside of the snail’s shell was empty.

“… … Maybe. In fact, it may be empty inside.”

Shin Hayun turned the snail’s shell around and looked at it carefully. Then, as if he lost interest, he put the shell back on the window and returned to the bed.

“Even if you imitate what happened before and pretend to be alive… … . “Maybe I really died the moment I was hit by that sword?”

Lee Hyuk was speechless when he saw Shin Hayun’s appearance like that. Lee Hyuk’s silent disposition was something that Shin Hayoon appreciated. Oh, of course, there was no reason for Lee Hyuk to follow him anymore.

“But why are you here?”

Hayoon Shin’s question was truly pure. I’m not being sarcastic, I was really wondering why Lee Hyuk stayed by my side. Thanks to this, Lee Hyuk, who had been waiting for Shin Ha-yoon to wake up, lost his expression.

“Hayun, you… … .”

Lee Hyuk’s expression became increasingly distressed, but Shin Hayun still did not understand.

“You saw it too. “To see me defeated.”

But it was natural.

Since Hayoon Shin has argued that strength is everything, he defined his value solely by the standard of strength. Human values ​​and relationship values ​​were no different.

By his own standards, Shin Hayun was a broken, defeated, and useless person.

Just like the Shinno family and herself did to Shin Yooseong, she also deserved to be abandoned.

“Looking at your physical condition… … I don’t know how long it will take to restore my old mana. “For a while, you will be no different from an ordinary person.”

The moment Shin Hayun got Ryujin’s sword stuck in his body. She felt something lost deep inside her body. It was no different from what she had done to Velvet.

“… … Cause and effect retribution. “You literally reap what you sow.”

Shin Hayun lay down on the bed and opened a book. It wasn’t about Hunter or Morgan’s old book, it was just an ordinary magazine placed for patients.

Shin Hayun just turned the pages of the magazine with a bored expression on her face. He spoke helplessly to Lee Hyuk, who still did not leave him, as if this was the end.

“Now I have no strength or confidence. And the goal… … .”

Lee Hyuk’s expression became increasingly hard at every word from Shin Hayun. By the time he finished speaking, I felt sorrow.

“… … okay. “Hayun, I followed your example and admired you for being strong and confident.”

Despite Lee Hyuk’s sincere words, Shin Hayun only turned the pages of the magazine. Lee Hyuk also didn’t expect anything more from Shin Hayoon. He just can’t be like Shin Hayun.

If it were Shin Hayoon, he would definitely end his relationship with her without any hesitation.

“… … But I don’t know anymore.”

Lee Hyuk couldn’t do that.

Shin Hayun was still huge in Lee Hyuk’s world. He was frustrated by Shin Hayun’s failure and saddened by her helplessness. Lee Hyuk was still being swayed by Shin Hayun.

“Lee Hyuk, you are an idiot.”


Shin Ha-yoon, with her hair down, touched the hair around her ear. This was the first time Lee Hyuk showed himself so unprepared and defenseless.

“Don’t you know? I kept you by my side because you were useful. “If it had become worthless, I would have thrown it away without mercy.”

The relationship between the two was master-servant from the beginning. Give and take. It was Lee Hyuk who crossed the very clear line in the relationship, and Shin Hayoon had no obligation to get along.

“So leave me. I’m thinking of quitting the academy too. The position of chairman will be taken over by you, the vice president. “Consider it my last gift.”


Lee Hyuk tore off his name tag in front of Shin Hayun. He then threw it on the floor along with the jacket that symbolized Gaon’s students.

Lee Hyeok’s status as a member of Gaon’s student council and his power within the school were the reasons why he came under Shin Hayun.

What does it mean to throw it away in front of Shin Hayun, who lost everything in a previous defeat?

“What does that mean?

“I knew you were going down the wrong path, but I ended up helping you… … . “If I go to hell, I’ll go down with you.”

They are no longer president and vice president, nor are they in a master-servant relationship. So, what reason is there to save face?

Lee Hyuk trudged over to Shin Hayun’s side and sat down on the chair right next to her without permission.

Shin Hayun lightly laughed at Lee Hyuk’s behavior and clenched her chin.

“Put, it’s hell…” … . It’s a place fit for a witch. But aren’t you a bit ambiguous?”

Lee Hyuk shook his head at Shin Hayun’s question. Why does he not throw away his sword even when he gives up on being Gaon’s student?

That’s because he swore to use his sword for Shin Hayun.


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“Because I’m stronger now. “I plan to go together.”

“… … what? why?”

Lee Hyuk did not give up his stubbornness despite Shin Hayun’s reaction, which he could hardly understand. He had a reason to follow Shin Hayun.

This is it.

It’s like a curse, so to speak. It’s a witch’s curse that you have to dedicate your whole life to because it feels like a stigma that can never be erased the moment it happens.

“Because I have to protect you.”

Shin Ha-yoon recalled what Shin Yoo-seong had said when she saw Lee Hyeok’s appearance, which went beyond being shameless and now even felt decisive.

[I guess there was at least one person.]

okay. Only 1 person.

[A person who cares for his sister.]

A person who still cares about himself.

“Am I important to you?”

Shin Hayun asked calmly.

“… … huh.”

Despite Lee Hyuk’s quiet and sad answer, Shin Hayoon responded briefly and without any emotion.

“I see.”

How can I understand those feelings? How was Laplace able to understand humans while being witches like her?

[Human time is short, so please be honest! It’s okay to smile when you’re happy, and cry when you’re sad. Human life is precious because it cannot be perfect.]

Feeling human emotions.

[That’s right… … I am already satisfied. There is no more space.]

For humans.

[So even if the price is true extinction… … . I can laugh happily.]

Could I love you?


Shin Hayun suddenly grabbed Lee Hyuk’s hand.

“Lee Hyuk. “Do you love me?”

And then he asked me something like a proposal as casually as if it were a lunch menu.

“Ha, Hayoon!?”

“I want to check, too… … .”

Lee Hyuk, who was embarrassed, became stiff like a frog that encountered a snake, but Shin Hayun fiddled with her hands.

“As expected, even if I hold your hand, I can’t feel anything.”

Was it too much of a stretch? Couldn’t she have felt the same emotions as Laplace or Lee Hyuk?

“Ha, Hayun… … . “That’s not what I said.”

“Didn’t you say you love me? Of course, I thought it meant something of the opposite sex.”

Although they were the same sisters, Shin Hayun was different from Shin Yusung. She Shin Yoo-seong lives in Musin Mountain and although she knows nothing, Shin Hay-yun already has the knowledge of a witch in her.

“Well, that’s true, but… … . Hayoon, the order is… … .”

What would other students think when they see Lee Hyuk, who has always been known as a cold and scary senior, blushing?


Shin Hayun uses her limited mana to make Lee Hyuk lie down on his own bed. It was also brought right to your doorstep. Then, I checked his face and reaction carefully.

“… … Breathing also becomes difficult. His face is red, which means he agrees. “Lee Hyuk, you definitely like me.”

Shin Hayun, who made an accurate and cool-headed judgment as if examining the condition of an object, recited with regret.

“I am not at all. “Still, I’ll have to check the next steps.”

next stage?

Without any intention of expressing any doubt, Shin Hayun pulled Lee Hyuk. Their lips overlapped. Although the kiss was as dictatorial as Shin Hayun’s personality, Lee Hyuk closed his eyes in silence.

Tick-tick- Tick-tick-

Four years passed, no, four seconds passed, which felt like an eternity. It was Shin Hayun’s voice that broke the silence.

“… … Do you understand?”

Shin Hayun got up from the bed.

Lee Hyuk still stayed in bed with his mouth open like an idiot, but Shin Hayun’s voice was the same as usual.

“Your feelings for me are just a one-way street. “Even that cannot be contained and is scattered because there are no containers.”

The voice that pierces Lee Hyuk’s heart coherently and without any agitation.

“You will not be compensated. No matter how much you long for it… … There’s nothing I can give you. Well, isn’t it vain?”

Shin Hayun, whom he admired, was exactly the same as anyone else, making him face reality more rationally and colder.

But Lee Hyuk woke up.

The heat from earlier still remained on my lips, but I tried to hide my emotions by adjusting my clothes.

Shin Hayun’s words made my heart pound and hurt more than anything, but I still spoke them out calmly.


It is a lie to say that there are no winners and losers in love. Lee Hyuk knew. This is actually no different from combat.

In the end, the loser has no choice but to follow the winner. The person who falls in love with the other person first has no choice but to follow the other person.

“It was already expected.”

No matter how hot the fire of hell is, you have no choice but to jump into it like a moth to the fire.


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