How to Survive at the Academy Chapter 62

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Glast Subjugation Battle (11)

The viewing angle is narrow. This was a long-standing concern of myopic Professor Glast.

Since my job involves reading a lot of books, it is inevitable that I suffer from myopia and my viewing angle narrows.

Life as a teacher is ultimately static.

As with most jobs in the world, everything becomes routine and patterned over several decades.

The one-year academic schedule, which seemed turbulent and chaotic, does not deviate from the main flow as it has been repeated for over a dozen years.

The unexpected events and problems that pop up from time to time, when we look back on them, remain only as past experiences, reminding us that something like that happened.

In the end, what remains in my memory are everyday scenes that seem to be taken in the same frame.

Sitting at the large desk in his personal laboratory, he peruses the transcribed Sage’s Seal, analyzes Aspect magic, manages the undergraduate curriculum, and reviews teaching materials to be used when teaching students.

Then, the scenery outside the window changes.

It’s snowing.

It’s raining.

The Wind Blows.

The sun rises in the east, and when I wake up, it is running away to the western sky.

The youngest professor who had an accident comes to ask for forgiveness in a panic.

First-year students majoring in elemental science come to the private lab because they want to practice intermediate magic.

The top dean, who was on his way to work, stops by to have a cup of tea.

If you sit in the same place and are immersed in work, you will soon forget the painful memories.

If it is a memory that cannot be healed, there is no choice but to slowly forget it.

If you don’t find a way to treat it, you’ll end up looking for a way to forget the pain.

At some point, dark circles become darker, eyes become sunken, and hair becomes dull. Even when I hear rumors that it looks like a skull, it doesn’t really hurt my feelings.

When you sit at a lab desk and wield a quill, there are times when your vision becomes blurry.

Also, is his nearsightedness the problem, or is he physically weak, and should he get some rest? I thought so, but… compared to usual, the workload isn’t that harsh.

Every once in a while, fragments of old memories invade my mind again.

Straighten your back, bury yourself in the backrest, and stroke your face once. As always, I close my eyes.

There is no point in recalling Myuri’s face anymore. It’s just eating away at my own flesh.

So what should we add to the long darkness beyond our eyelids?

There is nothing to draw. It is a huge canvas seen by a novice artist who has just picked up a brush.

When he gave up on filling the void that was wider than the vast ocean and opened his eyes again… Tailley and the others holding swords were facing him.

Ed climbed down from the railing. After driving back to the Trix Hall and reviewing the overall situation, he planned to slowly return to the underground waterway. Until the end he did not want to leave the area.

As Ed came down from the railing, Lucy jumped down and followed him, grabbing his sleeves and bopping.

When Ed asks what’s going on, Lucy shakes her head a couple of times and tells him to just go with her.

The two took the stairs and came down from the roof of the Trix Building.

Taily’s sword strike split the air on the rooftop of the Magic Tower.

The protective magic activated before reaching Glast blocks the progress of the sword strike. Tailly’s sword flies out with a bang.

However, Ziggs followed up and threw a fist with his knuckles into Glast’s direction. It was a blow accompanied by enhanced wind magic. However, Professor Glast sees through even this and implements the high-level magic ‘Time Prison’.

Ziggs, who was suppressed, was unable to move. Even Elvira and Adele are overcome by the time prison that appears one after another.

Taily deflected it with a sword attack, and Clevius was safe because he was out of range to begin with. Still, more than half of the force was neutralized.

However, the fighting spirit does not disappear from Tailley’s burning eyes. Rather, even the cowardly Clevius was influenced by those eyes and rushed into battle with trembling hands.

Professor Glast dodged the sword strikes of the two warriors and constantly widened the distance. Then he starts taking out magic engineering supplies one by one.

Ed reached the first floor of the Trix Building and confirmed that the situation was almost resolved.

Most of the confusion has been resolved, and the confused expressions of the students all seem to have calmed down.

I cross the first floor hallway of the Trix building with Lucy following me, clutching the sleeves of my clothes.

Demonic golem fragments are everywhere. These are traces of Tailley’s battle.

Melverick, the chief researcher who fought him, is unconscious.

The student council president, Veros, who tried to stop Taily from going on a rampage alone, is also resting in the corner. Tailly must have been filled with anger because Ayla was kidnapped. Even Veros couldn’t stop Taily like that.

Veros shakes his head when Ed comforts him saying that he is having a hard time even though his term is almost over. He says that he only blocked Tailley because of his position as the student council president, and that he fully understands Tailley’s dogmatism.

The second semester will end soon. It will get busier during vacation, and once the next student council president election is over, you will have to prepare for graduation. Student Council President Veros said with a bitter smile. What did I do during my term of office? I looked back at the night sky through the broken ceiling, thinking back that in the end I was just being swayed.

Clevious’s sword strikes effectively into Professor Glast’s shoulder. Although it was not deep, it was a meaningful wound. Professor Glast frowns and activates the ‘Shock Enhanced Wave Ball’.

Clevious was pushed away by the shock and almost fell outside the magic tower, but Tailly managed to catch him and drag him. Clevius, whose legs were shaking with fear, could not hold back and started making a fuss.

Professor Glast, who had barely gained distance, cleaned up the wound on his shoulder. He forcibly tied up the blood-oozing robe and chanted all kinds of basic elemental magic to keep the melee warriors in check.

For inexperienced students, each spell must be used with concentration, but for Glast, a mature professor, the magic was easy enough to chant multiple times.

It is difficult to deal with it with just two melee warriors. However, Tailly bravely rushed through the elemental magic.

Ed and Lucy, who were crossing the teacher’s building and heading towards the entrance to the underground waterway, met Lortel, who was coming from the living building.

When Ed asks how he recovered the Golden King Elte, Lortel tells him that he locked him up in the guest room of the Chamber branch.

In any case, as time passes, Elte will lose all of its vested rights. As long as you manage not to let him run away anywhere, there will be no more problems. He has already taken all the initiative, so he will not be able to use any more tricks.

When asked if he feels complicated about losing the man who was once his father, Lortel shakes his head.

And then talk. Even the pain of her loss is nothing more than a deception to her.

Losing something means that you have lost something precious at least once.

Lortel has never had an unreasonable relationship with family or close friends that allowed him to communicate with sincerity.

Lortel and Ed looked up at the magic tower side by side, saying that even loss was ultimately a privilege for those who had it.

The light emitted from the magic tower enveloped the bachelor in a pitiful way.

Glast, who was keeping Taily and Clevius in check with basic magic, unleashed a new aspect of magic.

An ominous dark red tone of magic fills the rooftop of the Magic Tower.

High-ranking Aspect Magic ‘Time Acceleration’.

In an instant, the magic flowing through Professor Glast’s body exploded, and his movements became incredibly fast.

The action itself is slow and slow, but the speed is strangely fast. It literally felt like Professor Glast’s time was fast-forwarding.

Even the use of basic magic increases at an absurd speed, making it difficult to even hold on, let alone break through.


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However, after activating the Sword Saint Ceremony, Tailly’s hair turns white and her eyes turn bright red.

The awakened Taily narrows the distance through basic magic.

Professor Glast is taken aback by Taily’s movements, which begin to catch up even at the accelerated speed. He quickly takes out the shock-enhanced wave sphere again and activates it, but Sword Saint Tailly cuts down even that wave.

In the end, Professor Glast, who gave up the distance, ended up getting cut on his side. His blood flowed and pain surged.

Professor Glast’s pupils shake greatly, and his magic response becomes noticeably unstable.

However, Professor Glast’s wind blade also struck Tailley effectively.

Tailly falls down with a stab wound to the abdomen, but stands up again, bleeding. Overcoming her pain, she confronts Professor Glast once again with only the noble intention of rescuing Ayla.

Eventually, a gap appears in the unstable Aspect magic power. The momentarily weakened time prison is broken and Elvira is released from the seal.

Elvira quickly assessed the situation and began throwing explosive reagents. Hope is in the air for Taily’s party, which finally has long-distance support.

Professor Glast quickly began chanting the new aspect magic, ‘Small Time Reverse’.

Ed, Lucy, and Lortel walked side by side and soon reached the entrance to the underground waterway.

As I was contemplating whether to go in and check the inside of the underground water pipe, Dorothy, a third year senior in the pension department, came up from the entrance. Before I knew it, I had come to my senses.

When Ed asks if she is okay out of courtesy, Dorothy complains that her head hurts and she feels dizzy. He then tells a realistic story of the terrifying confrontation with Yenika.

Ed doesn’t know what to say, so he just listens. As Dorothy trembles and continues her story, she suddenly looks up at the magical towers filling the sky.

And then he speaks carefully. I don’t know what Professor Glast’s plan is, but he is a valuable teacher who at least recognized him for Dorothy.

He always felt like he was looking somewhere far away and the sense of distance could not be narrowed, but he still says that if he were to choose the best teacher he met while coming to Sylvania, he would always pick Glast.

After Ed hears this, he understands why Dorothy participated in this plan. Although Glast is criticized by everyone for being grumpy, he has faithfully played his role as a gift to some.

Professor Glast’s wounds healed in an instant, and the dark red magic that covered the sky became more magnificent.

‘Small time reversal’ is a magic that rewinds time in one’s body and restores all wounds to the way they never were.

Tailley, Elvira, and Clevius’ eyes widened at the display of magical power that they put all their effort into. Tailley momentarily lost his will to fight due to the power of Aspect magic that ignored the law of cause and effect.

But I couldn’t be frustrated here. As long as the life of his lifelong companion Ayla is on the line, Tailley never gives up. In a life full of hard and difficult trials, only Tailley herself knows how enormous Ayla’s existence was.

The manifested Sword Seongsik enters the second stage. In an instant, the unlocked technologies are engraved in Tailley’s mind.

However, Professor Glast is by no means an easy opponent.

Professor Glast’s Aspect magic, which has been researched to the limit, covers Tailley and the others. High-ranking magic ‘Nightmare Imprint’. Even with Tailly’s swordsmanship, he couldn’t cut it down.

Tailley and the others momentarily lose consciousness and fall into a swamp of nightmares, facing dozens and hundreds of deaths in hallucinations.

As he gets stabbed, cut, and wounded, he repeats these visions over and over again until his spirit is broken.

Although it was only a moment in time, it was not a strange ordeal even if my heart was broken hundreds of times.

However, Tailly, Clevious, and Elvira broke through the hallucination in an instant and came out.

Unlike Clevius, who was vomiting, and Elvira, who was crying and crying, Tailly gritted her teeth and rushed towards Glast again.

However, with his weakened body, he was unable to break through Professor Glast’s defense. The lower-level spirits summoned by Professor Glast rose up all at once and poured elemental magic into Tailly’s body.

Tailley tried to break through as much as he could through dozens of sword strikes, but in the end, Tailley was unable to reach Professor Glast’s location and collapsed in a state of complete disrepair.

The moment Professor Glast is about to deliver the final blow, an ice spear bursts through his abdomen.

Taking advantage of the disruption in Aspect magic caused by the battle with Taily, Ziggs broke through the time prison and came out.

He immediately finished assessing the situation and cast the mid-level ice barrier magic ‘Ice Spear’ without delay.

It was a bit crude compared to Lortel, who was well versed in freezing magic, but it was enough to quickly manifest and overpower Professor Glast.

Fresh blood spurted out from Professor Glast’s mouth. It was a fatal wound.

However, the time magic that appears once again, even at the cost of lifespan, reverses Professor Glast’s wounds.

A considerable amount of time had already passed since I had sent Dorothy off to meet her.

After discussion, Ed and Lortel did not enter the underground waterway. Just looking at it, the ground appears unstable due to the continuous earthquakes, so it wouldn’t be surprising if it collapsed at any time.

Ed still feels sad because he misses the magical engineering supplies and formulas he left behind in the Soul Library, but it was a bit too much to risk his life to enter.

As I was thinking about just watching everything come to an end here, Yenika came out from a corner of the forest.

It was Yenika who came after confirming that Elte’s mercenary army retreated without any problems. It was later than expected because I stopped somewhere along the way.

When Ed asks where he’s been, he says there’s something he really wants to check.

Then Yenika explains. This was what Tarkan told Yenika after the occupation of Ofilis Hall was over.

– ‘Now that I think about it, a strange magical flow was detected in the outskirts of the northern forest. I guess I’ll have to check it out when I have time. ‘

– ‘Seeing that it becomes especially active at night, it seems to be a magic circle related to aspect magic. Merilda will specify the exact location.’

It’s said to be astrological magic, so it comes to mind and I really want to check it out for myself. I wondered if it was one of the magic towers spread out to build a magic tower, but not a single magic tower was built inside the northern forest.

So, was it engraved for a different purpose? It seems that Yenika was very concerned about that.

So I wanted to check it one more time. When Yenica asks if she can go together, Ed nods his head because he is also concerned.

As I was about to set out on the road, I heard the sound of forest grass rustling behind the zelkova tree next to me.

Hehe! A sound is also heard.

When I looked to see if anyone was hiding, I saw Assistant Professor Claire Elphin sitting alone, hugging her knees.

The wound may have returned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel the pain.

The pain of being stabbed multiple times still lingers in Professor Glast’s mind and shakes his mind.

Due to the forbidden magic power being pushed to its limit, blood vessels bloom in the eyes, and the already pale complexion becomes even whiter.

Reinforced Output Rake Hand, Shock Enhanced Wave Orb, Call of the Abyss, Combustion, Wind Blade, Intimidation, Demonic Contagion, Time Acceleration, Basic Elemental Art, Short-distance Space Movement, Reverse Gravity, Cleansing Wind, Demonic Golem Summoning, Explosion, Demonic Race Opening , Space Freeze, Ash Reagent, Night Butterfly Flower Reagent, Smoke Cloud Reagent, Steel Rock Reagent.

He dominates the battlefield by mobilizing all kinds of magical engineering supplies, elemental magic, summoning magic, spatial magic, interference magic, curse magic, and even alchemy reagents. The top of the Magic Tower was quite spacious, but I couldn’t stand anywhere in peace.

In an instant, Tailley and his group begin to find themselves in a corner.

Despite this, Tailley’s will does not break.

At this point, I might be frustrated, but my two burning eyes are focused on Ayla, who has always been by my side and supported me. The willpower contained in her determination to save Ayla is enough to make even Luke stick his tongue out at her.

The punitive force, led by Taily, begins to break through Professor Glast’s hindering magic.

The close-quarters fighters, who narrowed the distance by bypassing, neutralizing, and sometimes parrying, gradually inflicted wounds on Professor Glast’s body.

I dodge, increase the distance again, and block, but there is a limit. To begin with, Professor Glast is weak in close combat.

Fresh blood blooms from my shoulder again, a dagger passes near my collarbone, and magic pierces my thigh.

Nevertheless, he again overloads the forbidden magic power to its limit and rewinds his body’s time. No matter how many times he inflicts fatal wounds, Professor Glast has no intention of collapsing.

It felt like they were hitting a high, strong wall with their bare fists, but Tailley and the others did not get frustrated or give up.

Defeat is unacceptable. Don’t give in to pain. Do not be discouraged by trials.

It’s truly a hero’s move.

In the last remaining time, the prison was destroyed, and ‘Romantic Adele’ joined the battlefield.

Assistant Professor Claire, who was surprised to see Jenica’s face and started to giggle, began to repeatedly apologize for her mistakes, as if she had been frightened.

Yenika, who was rather embarrassed by the reaction, bowed her head and apologized, but even so, she was sweating coldly with a shy face, as if she did not feel relieved.

When Ed asks what he was doing here, he replies that he ran away because the underground waterway seemed dangerous.

Ed studied Claire’s face. My skin was floating and flaky in various places, and my eyes were bloodshot. I was thinking of asking Yenika if she was so scared that she even cried… but the tears had already dried up quite a bit.

When asked if she was crying, Assistant Professor Claire looked confused… then smiled and nodded, saying “hahaha”.

After escaping from the battlefield, Claire was shedding tears as she looked up at the soaring magic towers.

Before I could even ask what was so sad, Assistant Professor Claire answered first.

He was a person who entered Sylvania over the years and lived as Professor Glast’s best student for a long time.

“Professor Glast is a person that no one can help but dislike. He is a stubborn old man, grumpy, looks like a skeleton, passes on everything, is proud of himself, is self-righteous, preaches harshly on such topics, and gets angry if he does something wrong. “He knows nothing but reprimands… Anyway, he’s someone you can’t like even if you want to like him.”

It seems that she had some idea about the whole story and what Professor Glast said. She is a person with excellent intuition and a keen eye for unnecessary things.

“But… at least… among the people I met when I came to Sylvania… he was the most scholarly scholar.”

Sniffling, Assistant Professor Claire, like everyone else, looked up at the magic tower in the night sky.

One way or another, she had been with Professor Glast from her degree course to her time as a first-time professor… and was his best student.

With Adele joining, the situation gradually turns around. With the added support of Adele, who has a special talent for purification magic and strengthening allies, the frequency of Professor Glast giving up distance noticeably increases.

Although he is stabbed in the stomach, stabbed in the shoulder, and repeatedly fatally wounded, Professor Glast stands up again without even blinking.

He tied up the faculty member’s robe, which was already covered in blood, without even caring about it.

Tailly’s injuries are not easy. Tailly can’t even rewind time.

Although his body is already covered in blood, he raises his sword again. The head is not in a normal state due to repeated mental magic attacks.

Nevertheless, the will does not break. Holding both legs firmly. At this point, your willpower is beyond human limits and you are almost like a zombie. Innate willpower was the only blessing that fate bestowed on Tailley.

Professor Glast blocks Clevious’s sword strike and uses wave magic to bounce him away. Taking advantage of the gap, Elvira’s basic magic hits Professor Glast’s abdomen, but he overcomes it with spirit and draws out the magic power of the Aspect.

However, Ziggs’ wind magic was already hitting his back. I was able to block some of it, but I couldn’t avoid getting hurt. The area around his shoulder was pierced once again.

Breaks the smoke reagent and instantly blocks your vision. However, Tailley’s sword strike creates a frenzy and instantly clears his vision.

He quickly approaches and tries to blow away Taily’s body using magical engineering, but suddenly the shock-enhanced wave sphere does not work. Adele’s interference magic temporarily broke the magic circuit of the magic engineering equipment.

I tried to restrain Tailly’s movements by manifesting at least basic magic, but Tailly’s abdomen was already pierced by Tailly’s sword.


Fresh blood spouted from his mouth again and he staggered… Professor Glast unleashed his Aspect magic power.

However, the body’s time no longer goes back.

The flow of magic power, which was overloaded to its limit, did not allow him to perform any more miracles.

“Uh, huh.”

Tailly pulled out his sword and struck again.

Professor Glast could not stop it.

Of course, I thought the wound would heal and the battle would continue, but this fatal wound never came back.

Full of blood, Professor Glast slowly took a stumbling step backwards.

“Ugh, huh.”

Tailley and the others did not relax their fighting posture. Since there was a possibility that he was acting, he was ready to deliver an additional blow.

However, all the magic displayed by Professor Glast was dispelled, and the spirits that were constantly keeping the rear ranks in check were soon reverse summoned and disappeared.

“Huh, huh…”

There was a sound like wind leaking through boiling blood. Professor Glast continued to retreat and was pushed to the outskirts of the rooftop of the Magic Tower.

The wind in the sky tickles my blood-covered cheeks.

The top of the magic tower, where all magic flow had been lost, soon began to vibrate little by little. It was a sign of collapse.

In the end, Professor Glast… let out a self-deprecating laugh.

“Okay, you win.”

I gently close my eyes and open them.

The unfolding starry sky seemed to want to embrace him, so he opened his arms and accepted it. All I could feel in his arms was the cold night air, but I couldn’t stop smiling because it didn’t feel too bad.

As for what this feeling is… it’s just self-deprecation.

In the end, there is only one final thought. It’s just as expected.

“I miss you… Muri…”

Is this a will? Or is it a regret?

Drawing on the last of his magical power, he slowly relaxed his body.

Behind my back is an endless cliff.

Glast’s body floated for a moment in the cold night air.

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