How to Survive at the Academy Chapter 61

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Glast subjugation battle (10)


The hill leading to Trix Hall is steep.

Since I had trained my body to some extent by cantering in the morning and evening, I thought this incline would be no problem… but I guess I failed to take into account the fact that I was already exhausted.

When I got to the center of the hill and turned around, I could see the eastern half of the island at a glance. Smoke from Yenika as a signal was rising from the far eastern cliff area.

[All fifty-seven people have been confirmed to be on the boat. It looks like everyone has retreated. Now that the verification process is complete, Miss Yenika will return soon. ]

A bat made of flame flew from the edge of the cliff and landed on my shoulder.

The sight of waves crashing against the bottom of a cliff from afar is magnificent. In between, several boats were swimming.

It’s already a dark night, so did they come up from the cliff area by wading through waves that big?

No matter how much I wanted to move to avoid the university’s surveillance network, I think it would have been too reckless of a plan.

In any case, the mercenaries’ judgment was cool-headed.

You know very well how much of a blow it is to the trust of mercenaries to abandon their clients and retreat among themselves.

Nevertheless, the reason I abandoned Elte was probably because I realized the difference in power.

There is nothing more foolish than sticking your head into a request that cannot succeed.

Even if your credibility suffers and your livelihood may be affected for a while, it is not more important than your life right now.

That thorough judgment must have played a part in his ability to survive as a veteran for such a long time.

If you turn your gaze from the sea and head inland, the number of magic towers built by Professor Glast has already reached fifteen.

The magical towers built using the magic constellations carved in advance here and there on Aken Island… are now so tall that one wonders if they can be seen from beyond the sea to the continent.

– Quang! Quaaaang!


A shrill scream echoes through the night sky of Aken Island.

The final boss of the secret lab. It was the scream of the ‘resurrected underground waterway demon’.

Since this much time had passed, it was natural that Tailley’s strategy would have progressed a lot.

Now, we are slowly entering the battle to subdue Glast, and the final chapter of Act 2 will also come to an end.

The decision on what to do with the suppressed Elte was put on hold for now.

For now, it is okay to hand over the recruits to the Elte Company and postpone their processing until the subjugation war.

In this regard, Lortel will take care of most of the work. It would be Lortel himself who would have to end his bad relationship with that person.

He subdued Elte and the mercenaries, negotiated with the mercenary leader, made them retreat, and even confirmed that they had all left the island. I have already reached the Trix building. Even though I sprinted, it took quite some time.

Act 2 is quickly coming to an end.

The time has come for my stage journey, which began in a secret laboratory, to reach its end.

The Trix Building where all the events of this episode began. Once you get there, all you have to do is check that the named boss has been completed successfully… and that there have been no major problems.

In fact, it was obvious that there were no particular problems in the Trix building. I literally just came here to check. Because there is nothing wrong with being thorough.

Tailly arrived at the underground waterway as scheduled, and it was confirmed that the clear specifications were sufficient, so all that was left was to wait.

Above all, Lucy, who was the biggest variable… was somehow resolved.

“Huh… Huh…”

I took a breath and looked up at the view of the Trix Building.

The busy academic staff is busy trying to determine the extent of the damage.

Now that the chaos has been resolved to some extent and the evacuation of the students has been completed, it seems as if the pursuit of Professor Glast has begun.

Since there are many areas to take responsibility for and pay attention to at the academic level, minimizing damage and ensuring the safety of students is always the top priority in the academic department’s judgment.

Since we can only move after taking maximum measures to avoid harm to other students and academic staff, we have no choice but to be conservative and slow in our judgment.

That’s probably why Tailly stepped up first… but even so, I’m starting to wonder if she’s being too sluggish. It even feels as if the person in charge is deliberately slowing down.

“As expected… the situation at the Trix Building is as expected.”

With this, we have covered all stages of the story. I didn’t know it would be in the reverse direction… but I’m glad that Tailly, who drives steadily, seems to have handled it well for the most part.

I gained a lot of combat proficiency, and most of all, I received a lot of recipes for making rare magical engineering products. Depending on how you use it, you may be able to utilize ridiculous over-spec magical engineering products. This is the best news of all good news.

Not only that, but the preparation for the upcoming ordeal… I feel like it’s not perfect, but it’s sufficient.

I just flowed into the Trix building. Everyone was so busy that they didn’t pay attention to me.

I just assumed that he must have been a victim, seeing as his clothes were torn here and there.

I just walked briskly up the stairs. As I walked among the broken and scattered debris of the building, I eventually reached the rooftop.

It is already a building built on a high hill. When I opened the door, the open night sky came into view.

You ran and ran from the secret lab and ended up here. It was a short but long journey.

The back of the girl sitting on the railing and wiggling her feet like a child is familiar. She came to see it just in case, and it was as expected.

I knew from a long time that this girl liked to nap on the roof of the Trix Building. It is common to find them here and there on the rooftops of buildings, but the frequency of them being overwhelming was at the Trix Building.

Perhaps he liked the open scenery and the panoramic view of the island at a glance.

“What are you doing here?”

“I was looking at that.”

This is Professor Glast’s magic tower.

At first glance, the procession of magic towers that embroider the night sky looks like a beautiful pillar of light. To students who do not know the full story of what happened, it is a symbol of ominousness, but to those who have transcended the incident to some extent, it can feel like a romantic aurora image.

Soon everything will be finished. Tailly’s sword training ceremony is already on track. We are already far from defeat.

“I was thinking about the old days.”

The girl tapped the seat next to the railing as the light source covered the sky. She told me to come and sit there.

I sighed deeply and sat down on the dangerous railing. Lucy won’t die if she falls, but I will die instantly. Well, if a situation like that were to happen, I would jump and save you… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous.



I already knew what kind of answer I would get when she called me and said, “Lucy is there,” but… still, I answered anyway.

“Do you have any leftover beef jerky?”

“You said there wasn’t one earlier.”


Now, the flow of conversation is no different from a macro, so there is no significant emotional drain.


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I just sat next to Lucy and looked up at the magic tower together.

There is nothing more left to do. All you have to do is sit quietly as an audience member, a supporting actor, or a villain and watch the end of the stage. There is certainly no place like this for audience seating.

“Have you ever cried a lot in the past?”

Looking up at the shining sky, Lucy spit out those words endlessly.

“Something really sad happened, so I cried a lot. At some point, I didn’t feel so sad.”


“It’s just that I didn’t feel so sad all of a sudden. I wondered why that was that way. I thought about what had changed in my mind that made me suddenly not so sad… but surprisingly, the reason was not that big of a deal.”

I turned my head and looked at Lucy’s face, and sure enough, her face was still expressionless and blank. Although the magic tower’s light shines intensely on Lucy, she cannot feel even the slightest movement of emotion.

“It’s just because a lot of time has passed.”

Lucy came to that conclusion alone. It was an accurate and perfect insight.

“A lot of time has passed, but it’s foolish to act like you’re picking on his wounds. Even if you try to save your grandfather with an aspect spell or something, you’ll have to leave again someday.”

-‘Are you sure you won’t regret it if you go?’

The reason for asking such a question was not a big deal.

I have seen every scenario of <Failed Swordsman of Sylvania> once. Of course, I also carefully watched the bad ending where Lucy appears and destroys Tailly.

However, Lucy’s face as she smashed the player and slowly disappeared beyond the underground waterway… I couldn’t say she looked relieved even with empty words.

In the end, Lucy had no choice but to lower her gaze and answer in a low voice.

– ‘no.’

The reason Professor Glast was able to persuade Lucy Mayril was because he promised to save the Archmage Glokt using the power of the Aspect magic.

If the plan is going to be ruined by Lucy anyway, all you have to do is revive Glockt, Lucy’s gift, instead of Sylvania.

Glokt may not be as great a person as Sylvania, but he is a historical figure who will make at least some progress. It was a bit far from his original purpose… but if he could recruit Lucy as an ally, it was a game worth taking.

In the process, it is clear what kind of words Glast tried to use to recruit Lucy.

It must have constantly stimulated and stimulated the longing that was nestled in a corner of Lucy’s heart. Since he was a professor to begin with, his eloquence goes without saying. It would have been entirely possible to roast and boil Lucy, who momentarily lost her judgment due to longing.

So… it’s not that difficult to change Lucy’s mind.

Because Lucy already knows.

What is lost is lost. There is no need to relive the pain of loss.

“And, if grandpa comes back to life, I think he’ll get angry and pinch my cheek again. It hurts.”

The three major areas that twist the providence of the world, blur the flow of time, and reject the framework of fate given to humans.

Pursuing eternal life, reviving lions, and reversing time.

It is a field that is treated as a taboo among taboos even in the field of magic.

I quietly looked up at the halo of light and continued.

“It would only be an insult to revive a rare great wizard who devoted his life to the study of magic with such a taboo.”

“In the first place, that old man was fully prepared to die before he died. He might get angry and die again. Yeah… I knew it from the beginning. It was all my greed, rather than saving him.”

He lived frugally and donated all his savings to Sylvania Academy.

Traces of it were clearly left here and there in this academy.

One of the three student center buildings that Yenika destroyed was the Glokt Building, and the organization that received this semester’s scholarship is also the Glokt Scholarship Foundation.

Moreover, since Glokt’s name was engraved here and there, the academy itself may have felt like a memento left by Glokt to Lucy.

“So, Lucy.”

The busy and urgent situations have come to an end, and now we are finally in the shoes of the audience.

“Are you sure it’s okay?”

It’s not something I would say as someone who tried to stop me from going, but I couldn’t help but ask.

There is no way that human emotions can be controlled at will.

You probably know that reviving Glokt is an overly impulsive choice. You probably also know that you should not be swayed by what you have lost and be distracted by reason.

Still, throwing away this opportunity will take a huge toll on your emotions. At least if it’s a person.

There is no change in expression on the girl’s face. However, we should not be quick to assume that even the inside will be as peaceful as Myeonggyeongsu.

When you live in society, you often feel this.

The more people don’t show it on the outside, the more often they are a mess on the inside.

Kill your emotions and live, even if you think this person will be really okay… no one should really jump to conclusions until you look into that person’s insides.

What an unpredictable creature humans are.

I thought he was a weak person because he was emotional and cried a lot, but there are people who persevere and overcome trials.

Aren’t there many cases where people who always seem to be good because they are blunt and machine-like actually break down easily?

That’s why I couldn’t help but check.

Then the answer came out.



Is it jerky again after coming to this situation? It’s really like you… I tried to sigh.

“Lend me your shoulder.”

When I asked why they made me sit next to the railing… at best, it was something like this.

Rather than answering out loud, I just nodded lightly.

In the future, it will be difficult to find someone who studies aspect magic as passionately as Professor Glast.

The lion revival magic also becomes a train that has left.

A dead person is a dead person. What is lost is lost.

I have rarely seen a person who is swayed by a past loss and gives up the present receive good words.

Maybe that’s the difference between Lucy and Professor Glast.

The form of loss is different for each person, but in the end, it comes equally to everyone. Therefore, we must accept the loss and know how to cover up the wounds with what we have now.

Lucy fully understood that fact.

So Lucy and I sat side by side for a while, looking up at the magic tower in the sky.

The starry sky that comes into view appears higher than usual. It was very beautiful.


– Boom!

A punitive force covered in the blood of countless monsters stood right at the top of the magic tower.

The top of the magic tower made of light. In the center of an open square with a view of the starry sky… Professor Glast was standing with the trapped Ayla.

There were all kinds of test tubes and research materials scattered around. The huge magic book floating in the air is the ‘Sage’s Seal’ that has completed the sensing process.

“Professor Glast!”

With Tailley’s shout, Professor Glast stood up and looked back.

There is not much life left in his haggard face. He looks so exhausted from staying up all night for several days that it feels like he is already dying.

Nevertheless, the aspect magical power that surrounds the body cannot be taken lightly.

Professor Glast stood up straight, looked at the punitive force, and muttered something softly.

It was unclear to whom the line was being spoken. However, once I got to the extreme, that was the only thing I could think of.

He had a hunch that this would be his will… Professor Glast thought carefully about those words.

“I miss you, Muri.”

Professor Glast repeated the name once and gently closed his eyes. It was the final battle of Act 2.

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