How to Survive as a Player Chapter 22

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After Kwak Jeong-han’s last words, there was silence in the room. In the meantime, Jaeyoung Lee’s fingertips suddenly fell, as if he had lost consciousness again. Sehyun covered him with a blanket and placed his hand inside it. Then he brushed Jaeyoung Lee’s hair and opened his mouth.

“… “Look at me for a moment, chief.”

“Call me whatever you like, but what does the village chief…” .”

Even though he was grumbling, Gapjun Kim got up and went out first. Everyone’s eyes were focused on Sehyeon. Sehyun stroked Lee Jaeyoung’s hair a few more times and then stood up. Before he left, he didn’t forget to ask the copywriter.

“I’m sorry, but I need a little more skill.”

“Yes, don’t worry.”

Sehyun turned her back after seeing the recovery worker’s awkward smile. Then he closed the door and left the hut. The village chief was sitting on the steps of the hut. Sehyun also went down one step and sat down next to him.

“Look at all the boogers in the house.”

“That’s what Mr. Pithecus made.”

“Why did you leave out Australo earlier? Why do we sing them together?”

Kim Gap-Jun snorted and said indifferently. Sehyeon laughed at those words, then leaned back and looked at the dark, foggy sky.

“I can’t forgive those people. “If they do the same thing next time, I might kill them all.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it, you two bastards.”

Next to me, Gapjun Kim took out a rolled up leaf and started chewing on it. It seems to be a substitute for cigarettes, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

“I think you need to be more careful with the people around you.”

“I know, you idiot.”

“Still, you’re quick-witted.”

“Heng, how many times have I been defeated because of that guy? As soon as I decided to fold, I started to feel like this… .”

Se-hyeon looked at Kim Gap-jun, then pulled out the pockets on his waist and held them out to him. Gapjun Kim accepted it without saying a word.

“There are seven. “I don’t have to tell you about the other three, but you will know.”

“Say what you have to say, you two bastards. “Don’t drag it on.”

Sehyun’s eyes darkened. Tonight, Sehyun had work to do. He was still tired and couldn’t sort out his emotions, but he felt like today was the day to go. Looking at Jaeyoung Lee’s face like that, she wasn’t sure she could sleep.

“… I’m going to go somewhere for a while. quietly… I’ll leave quietly… “Just pretend you don’t know.”

“… “Can you come back alive?”

“… That’s how it should be. Only then will we see Jae-young open his eyes and see Baek Do-hyun go to his parents’ house… I also ate the fish caught by Kwak Jeong-han… Mr. Pithecus, I can hear some nagging. Ah, Yoon Je-ha was there too.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, just think about coming back alive. okay?”

“I’ll go today.”

“Oh, I don’t know! I didn’t hear it, so you can decide whether to go or not! “This bothers me to no end.”

After saying those words, Gapjun Kim got up, put his back on his back, and headed towards his house. Of course he didn’t forget to grumble either.

“Just try not to come, I’ll make that house smaller! “I’m going to make you sleep standing up!”

When the sound of whales screaming became distant and Kim Gap-Jun’s figure was vaguely buried in the fog, Se-Hyun belatedly woke up. Sehyun was heading in the opposite direction from the cabin.

Directions to the training center. More precisely, it was the weapons refinery. The fact that a small lantern hanging in front of the weapons refinery was lit was indirect evidence that there were people inside. Sehyun glanced at the small lamp, knocked, and opened the door.

The moment I opened the door, a rush of heat hit me. The man holding the tongs was looking at Se-hyeon in surprise, as if he had just been pouring the solution into the tank. It was none other than Yoon Je-ha, who made the crossbow for Se-hyeon.

“Se, Sehyeon?”

“Just Sehyun is enough.”

Yoon Je-ha looked like he was crying. When he saw Sehyun, his guilt-ridden face contorted as if he was about to cry.

“sorry. really… I don’t know what to say because I don’t have any shame… . Well, if I could make a better weapon… My colleague wouldn’t have done that… I’m really sorry.”

Yoon Je-ha drooped his shoulders and cried. Sehyun’s gaze turned to the iron tank where the solution was being poured. Judging by its shape, it was a crossbow. Also, unlike the first one he made, he was making it by casting iron. It seemed like his blacksmithing skills had improved.

“no. If it wasn’t for Je Ha, she wouldn’t have come back alive like this. And why is Jeha blaming himself for that? In fact, other people don’t even reflect on themselves.”

Yoon Je-ha’s mouth was tightly shut, unable to find anything to say. As I approached him, feeling the heat, his bulky body bounced.

“It’s shameless, but… “I want to ask Jeha one more thing, would you please listen to it?”

“Of course, I’ll help you if I can! yes!”

“Then again, I would like to ask for a crossbow. Instead, use one arrow and attach a rope of about 6 meters to the end of the arrow. Since it can be heavy, please design the arrowhead so that it is hook-shaped so that it can be hung by sticking it into a wall or gap. The firing force should be as strong as possible… Quantity is about 10. Is that possible?”

From the moment Se-hyeon spoke, Yoon Je-ha sat in front of the fish tank and pointed his finger in the air. His eyes, which seemed to be going through his list, kept moving side to side and up and down, as if comparing several things.

When he finished understanding, Yoon Je-ha nodded with a solemn expression and began to move quickly.

“About 10 would take about an hour.”

“It sounds like it’s possible. If you have any rope left, please bring a rope about 50 meters long with only a hook attached.”

“yes. We will try our best to match it. Sehyun, please rest for a while.”

“I will go to the training center after seeing the first finished product.”

Se-hyeon sat at a distance so as not to be disturbed and watched Yoon Je-ha busily coming and going. He watched each step, from pulling the pre-twisted rope as if checking its sturdiness, to finding a tank that fit the frame, filling it, and baking it. After about 20 minutes, the first crossbow was finally completed.

It was a heavy crossbow that perfectly met Sehyeon’s needs. There was a four-pronged strong hook attached to the area where the arrowhead was, and instead of an arrow quiver, a rolled up rope tube was stuck at the bottom. Because it was made of iron, it was a bit heavy, but it was an excellent piece of work for something that was made hastily.

“I will take this first. Please do the rest in 40 minutes.”

“Yes, you can. “It’s difficult at first, but the speed improves during continuous production.”

Sehyun nodded without saying anything and headed toward the training center holding the crossbow. He did so in order to recover and learn a sense of the range of the bow.

You just need to get a feel for it.

Only then could Lee Jae-young be saved. Se-hyeon got rid of any distracting thoughts and practiced aiming and shooting the crossbow target without stopping for 40 minutes. Due to the effects of the training camp, fatigue and injuries were slight, but he was showing signs of recovery.

As I was concentrating on practicing, wasting every minute, the door to the training center opened. When I glanced back, I saw Yoon Je-ha standing there, covered in sweat, holding a crossbow.

Yoon Je-ha looked even more determined and handed the crossbow to Se-hyeon.

“It’s all done, Sehyeon. “The quality isn’t very good, but I made some so I could retrieve the rope just in case.”

“Thank you, Jeha.”

Se-hyeon put the crossbow he was practicing and the crossbow handed to him by Je-ha Yoon into his inventory, then headed to the weapons refinery and put all the remaining crossbows into his inventory.

“more… Is there anything else you need?”

“yes. “This is enough.”

“… “Where are you going?”

“No, I’m planning to go and come back.”

Sehyun said calmly. Yoon Je-ha, who had been looking down at those words, raised his head. He was asking if his shaking eyes were dangerous. Instead of answering, Sehyun smiled slightly and left the training center.

It had already been a while since the sun set, so it was full dawn. There was no better time to infiltrate.


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“I will return safely. at that time… “Let’s have breakfast together.”

Before leaving the training center, Sehyun left a short promise. Yoon Je-ha just nodded eagerly. Se-hyeon turned around to see Yoon Je-ha’s crying face for the last time.

The next place we headed to was the restaurant next to the well where every meal was prepared. There, I grabbed a few black bandanas used by the cooks and headed across the quiet, foggy road to the village entrance.

Someone was standing there waiting for Sehyun. It was Kwak Jeong-han, a large man with fins on his back.

Se-hyeon passed by Kwak Jeong-han without saying a word. Kwak Jeong-han also did not catch Se-hyun passing by. Instead, he asked without feeling like a burden.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“yes. Mr. Kwak Jeong-han, all you have to do is wait here for me.”

Hearing the calm words, Kwak Jeong-han quietly closed his eyes and nodded. Se-hyeon passed by Kwak Jeong-han again and headed out of the village. The fog in the forest, where you couldn’t even see an inch in front of you, was thicker than the village. As I advanced further through the eerie fog, three portals in front of a forking road came into view, just like daylight.

Sehyeon boldly walked towards the portal on the far left. As he stretched out his hand, the surface of the portal trembled like a parabola spreading out. The fingertips touching the surface paused for a moment, but it was only for a moment.

Sehyun closed her eyes and slowly advanced into the portal that was pulling her in as if she was being sucked in. Perhaps because it was so harsh outside, the feeling of seeing each other again was a sense of peace.

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