How to Survive as a Player Chapter 21

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When I moved my blurry vision, there was another albino monster’s head that had not been able to come out and had been decapitated in the crack of the door. The monster’s head with its mouth wide open indicated that it was a dizzying situation.

If it had been just a little bit later, they would have been eaten.

“… “Jaeyoung.”

Sehyun’s hand went to Lee Jaeyoung’s red cheek. My cheeks were like lava. Se-hyeon buried her face in Lee Jae-young’s arms, holding her cheek with the heat that seemed to burn her flesh. The faint sound of my heart pounding made everything tormented.

I gritted my teeth, but I couldn’t stop sobbing. It was the first time she had experienced frustration and despair. And it was painful.


“… Mr. Sehyun. “Shouldn’t you eat some?”

Sehyun’s red eyes turned to the side. Kwak Jeong-han stood holding a bowl of porridge with the night wind between him. Sehyun’s eyes slowly moved down to avoid him.

“… Jaeyoung is a bit… Are you feeling better?”

Kwak Jeong-han didn’t say anything. Sehyun knew well the meaning of that silence. Just a few tens of minutes ago, an assistant recovery agent in the village had visited Se-hyeon’s lodgings. Although she was an assistant, she said she worked as a nurse before coming here and was confident in her treatment. She was a woman.

The reason Se-hyeon couldn’t bear to see him and came out was when a shadow began to appear on his face as he examined Lee Jae-young’s condition.

Several hours have passed since then, and the healer has not come out. In addition, Se-hyeon was also unable to enter.

“… “It’s okay, so please tell me.”

Kwak Jeong-han sighed deeply and sat down next to Se-hyeon. The cool sensation of skin touched Sehyun’s shoulder.

“… They said my eyeballs and spine had all melted. Consciousness returns occasionally, but… He said it is good to prepare your mind. He said that the only thing he could do with his recovery skills was to reduce the pain. They say four days would be the limit at most… “I said.”

“… “The village chief.”

“We are punishing those people.”

To be exact, it would be an interrogation. Sehyun laughed at the word ‘punishment’. Some people almost lost their lives, but those who abandoned their comrades and ran away were only punished lightly and lightly.

Of course, from the village chief’s perspective, he knew that punishment had to be imposed based on fairness and logic. The problem is that they lied and deceived the village chief and residents.

“This will not be a light punishment. “We must prevent something like this from happening again, so the village chief will also take this situation seriously.”

“I guess so.”

The three others who abandoned Se-hyeon and Lee Jae-yeong and ran away were probably convinced that Se-hyeon would die there, so they ran all the way to the village and told lies to the village chief and residents as it was advantageous for them.

The sin of abandoning one’s comrades in Ellix was a sin so serious that it could not be forgiven. Even if the king was generous, the other vassals did not, and it was only today that Sehyeon found out why.

I couldn’t forgive. Se-hyeon couldn’t forgive the embarrassed look and gaze he showed when he showed up with Lee Jae-young on his back.

“Starving for just three days… “I think it’s a fair punishment.”

When Se-hyeon and Lee Jae-young appeared and the whole story was revealed, the plausible words the three men made up quickly disintegrated.

What was even more heinous was that in the meantime, they justified their crimes. While clinging to the legs of village chief Kim Gap-jun, they paid no attention to the safety of Se-hyeon and Lee Jae-young.

‘Wow, we almost died too! We just ran away! Well, those guys are the ones left to fight, we are the ones who ran away! ‘The only crime I committed was struggling to survive, so this is punishment!’

‘Chief… . These people have never caught a deer before, so how can they attack a monster? ! So you’re saying he should have died there?!’

‘Oh my, Chief…’ We really didn’t lie… ! They hogged the magic stone, and that’s what happened because they got caught by the monster… Oh, rather, we feel wronged! So you’re saying I had to have my limbs cut off one by one?!’

Sehyun and Jaeyoung Lee brought 7 magic stones, and they brought 3 magic stones. No, there wasn’t. It was clear that those three had already entered the Grand Duke without the village chief’s eyes.

And in a short time, the Archduke will eliminate those three to silence them. Just because it’s a village doesn’t mean there aren’t secrets. Ellix was that kind of place. Those that the king had to keep in check included the archduke.

“all… “It’s my fault.”

“This is not Sehyun’s fault.”

“no… It’s my fault. entire… “It’s my fault.”

From Lee Jae-young being by my side and becoming a demon to the fact that he gritted his teeth and fought to protect me, it all seemed like my fault. Was it the problem of reaching out to the crying child, or was it a mistake not to let go of the trust he had placed in me, even though I was aware of it? It just felt like everything was my fault, from beginning to end.

I am choked with guilt that I cannot erase. It was like this when he came back alive and well.

“Mr. Sehyun. More than Sehyun thinks… Jaeyoung is a strong child. And if I were in that situation, I would have made the same choice as Jaeyoung. Jaeyoung is looking for Sehyeon a lot. “Just go in now.”

Sehyun’s eyes were closed heavily. But soon Se-hyeon wiped his tears and stood up. Just as he was about to turn his body and enter the hut, Gapjun Kim came into view from afar, waddling at a faster pace than usual.

The look with his back was the same, but his expression was stiffer than usual. It seems that Lee Jae-young’s condition was reported through the person who came in with the recovery therapist.

Se-hyeon thought about waiting, but just went inside the hut first. The people gathered around Lee Jae-young in the narrow room looked at Se-hyeon. People didn’t say anything. The quiet space was filled with only the sound of panting breath.

“Tongue, tongue… .”

“… “Brother, stay here, Jaeyoung.”

After making an effort to answer calmly, Se-hyeon took the place of the healer who was leaving and held Jae-young Lee’s hand tightly, as if it was about to melt.

“brother… uh… It’s okay… It’s okay… ?”

“huh. None of his brothers were hurt. Now all I have to do is Jaeyoung get better.”

“I-I’m kind of… .”

“no. My brother… “I’ll help you get better.”

Hearing Sehyeon’s words, the recovery agent bit his lip with a sad expression. After a while, the closed door burst open again and two men came in. It was Kim Gap-jun and Kwak Jeong-han who were panting and walking.

Kim Gap-jun briefly clicked his tongue when he saw Lee Jae-young’s appearance. The gaze was directed to the healer sitting next to Sehyun. He looked like he was asking me to leave his seat. Thanks to this, the recovery worker had to be pushed to the side again.

“You too, get out of the way.”

Kim Gap-jun lifted the blanket and pushed Se-hyeon away. Lee Jae-young’s hand, which Se-hyeon was holding, passed into Kim Gap-jun’s hand. Jaeyoung Lee mumbled that he didn’t like it, but he soon calmed down after being scolded.

“It’s not enough for the little guy to whine because he’s in pain, so what kind of big brother are you?”

Gapjun Kim grumbled and slowly looked at Jaeyoung Lee’s body. From his legs, which were black and burnt as if they had been put in a fire, to his sunken eyes that he slowly looked up at.

“How did this happen?”

“… Because of skill. “It was an albino monster.”

“If you’re an albino… Ha, just coming back alive is a miracle, yes. Why did I get caught in a dungeon like that? Tsk… .”

“Albino… Are you strong? Even though it’s a level 1 dungeon?”

The healer, who was listening to Kim Gap-jun click his tongue, asked quietly. Everyone except Kwak Jeong-han nodded at her words.

“A boss monster that appears once in a while at random. Even if 10 people rush at him, he’s the type of guy that you might kill or not kill, so it’s best not to touch him if you see him. Normally, he’s a quiet guy as long as you don’t mess with him first… If that guy attacked first, then this little guy’s characteristics or skills were poisonous to him. “I felt threatened.”

‘Monster domination.’

Jaeyoung Lee said that at that time. It was definitely related to that skill. However, Sehyun did not say anything about this.

“If you got to this point with skill… It is highly likely that it was a conditional skill. Even if I was only level 30, I wouldn’t have gotten to this point… This is what happened because I used a skill that I couldn’t handle at level 3. If I had used it at level 1, it would have resulted in instant death. “There is a high probability that this guy used it knowingly.”

Kim Gap-Jun shook his head as if he felt sorry. And looking down at Lee Jae-young’s hand, where his fingertips were burned, he conveyed the heavy reality.

“… It would be difficult without Elixir. Besides, if you leave it like this… “I don’t have long to live.”

They said there was nothing to be done here. Everyone closed their eyes with sad expressions. The only one who did not close his eyes was Kwak Jeong-han. He looked at Kim Gap-jun with a heavy expression and opened his mouth.

“Are you saying you can fix it with something called elixir? Where can I get it? “I will get it for you.”


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“You’re not saying that because Elixir only appears on the 50th floor or higher. It’s a rare item that you have to go through a hundred times to find out, you bastard. There are items posted by users on the shelf system, but the prices are ridiculously high. “It’s not for sale, but I have a strong feeling it’s for bait, so I can’t contact you without permission.”

The stall system was a type of exchange sales system that allowed empires to buy and sell goods. It is a place where free purchasing takes place, but the price standard is ambiguous, causing many negative effects.

Also, they had an ulterior motive to seize and invade the empire, so they could not be approached carelessly. This was because the location of the village could be discovered.

“then… “You’re saying there’s no way.”

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