How to Survive as a Player Chapter 20

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in action.

Sehyun’s lips touched several times. It was not easy for him to even move his lips. The monster’s eyes were on Lee Jae-young from the beginning. If it had been Lee Jae-young who was running away, the monster would not have stayed still. That was a certainty.

At some point, the sight of the approaching monster began to accelerate, like a horse accelerating. Se-hyeon bit his tongue to the point that it bled and threw himself at Jae-young Lee with all his might. And he rolled down the cave floor with the body in his arms.

At the spot where Se-hyeon and Lee Jae-young were, a monster with its head stuck on the wall was crouching, covered in collapsed debris. The heavy body immediately shook itself off as if this kind of blow was no big deal and turned back to where Sehyeon was.

A long snake-like tongue protruded from the monster’s grinning mouth.

“re… Infant. Jaeyoung… . Wake. Calm down, Jaeyoung. huh? “Let’s listen to what you say.”

My tongue was so stiff that even my pronunciation was not correct. Nevertheless, Se-hyeon called out to Jae-young Lee, who was shaking, and woke him up.

“Tongue, tongue… Tongue… .”

“Jaeyoung, you’re good. My brother… Because my brother is probably wasting time… In the meantime, let’s run over there. huh?”

Sehyeon pointed to the entrance of the cave and said. The only way to survive was to run away. Of course, I don’t know if I can run away. Still, both of them couldn’t die like this.

“Jaeyoung, open your eyes. okay… Can you see it over there? When my brother signals… Run over there. You can do it, right? Jaeyoung is strong.”

“Huh… I hate it, bro… .”

Se-hyeon sent Jae-young Lee back and grabbed the bow that was slung over his shoulder. I wasn’t sure if he would be able to aim because his fingertips were shaking mercilessly, but he pulled out the arrow and pulled the bowstring.

The monster tilted its head again. Then he rolled his hind feet and prepared to lunge again. So he thought he would come running this time too.

However, the monster, which had been stomping its hind legs until dust rose, flew high into the sky when its vision was filled with dust. The wind blew up dust and blocked the view, so I couldn’t see anything.

“Jaeyoung. Run now, run now. hurry.”

“Brother… My brother is going. It would be better for you to go… Huh… .”

Jaeyoung Lee took a deep breath and spat out the words with difficulty. Sehyun put her skill on her arrow and kept a close eye on her surroundings. The monster appeared through the violent wind that was blowing up dust when a whirlwind began to swirl around the area. Meanwhile, the monster was flapping its wings and looking down. Demonic monsters know this.

If you create wind, you can’t shoot an arrow. However, the arrow with Sehyun’s skill was not one that was affected by the wind.


A roar that scratched the eardrums shook the cavity. Soon after, the monster began descending rapidly towards Jaeyoung Lee. The sharp claws on his wings stretched out in front of him.

Sehyeon fired the arrow he was pulling towards the monster.

“Jaeyoung! “Run now!”

“Go with me, bro. together… .”

“Jaeyoung, if you go first, my brother will follow you. huh?”

“lie… don’t do it… .”

The shooting star and the flying arrow pierced the monster’s heart, but did not cause any damage. The monster who saw the arrow piercing his chest pulled it out with a bored expression and threw it towards Se-hyeon.

It was as if he was telling me to try again. Sehyun pulled out two arrows, used the skill again, and pulled the bowstring. After pulling it to its limit and letting go of the fingertips holding the collar, two arrows shot out with a thud into the monster’s heart and head.

The arrow pierced the monster’s flesh, but once again it failed to cause any damage. The monster’s eyes were as thin as his threads, as if noticing the difference in power.

The monster that pulled out an arrow let out a loud roar and flew toward Sehyeon. The person the sharp claws targeted was Sehyeon, not Lee Jaeyoung.

Sehyun picked up Jaeyoung Lee and threw herself to the side. Jaeyoung Lee was in a cold sweat and suffering. I had already guessed that it wasn’t because of fear.

I wanted to ask what was causing me so much pain, but the situation wasn’t right now. Instead, Sehyun hugged Lee Jaeyoung tightly. Beyond Lee Jae-young’s shoulder was a monster walking on all fours, cutting through the dust.

Slow steps signaled the end. The entrance to the cavity behind the monster’s back was far away.

I couldn’t do anything. I felt like I was trapped in a narrow cage. There was nowhere to run, everything was remote.

When I realized this, I felt a deep sense of helplessness. Futility followed. I didn’t think that would happen, but the regret lingered in my mouth like a sigh.

The red portal I saw in the pure white space never left my mind.

still… I wanted to meet you.

I thought that way for a little while. Every time I lay in bed and looked at the dark ceiling, I wondered if they would have waited for me, if I had gone, if they would have welcomed me warmly, if they would have understood me a little more.

Still, I couldn’t go, I couldn’t go. Because I had done so many harsh things, I didn’t have the confidence to face them.

As I closed my eyes, my regret deepened. In the meantime, a memory rose up. It felt like a moment when I was sitting in a corner of the garden with no one around and building trust with him.

It was also the day when a smile appeared for the first time on his once cold lips. A faint smile was followed by a feeling of movingness. Since he couldn’t say much, there was nothing Sehyun could do at the time other than watch.

Still, it wasn’t an awkward day. From one to ten, Sehyun remembered everything that happened that day.

When I opened my eyes, a dull-colored stone floor came into view. The moment he saw the ugly reptile’s feet through the dust, Sehyeon stood up again.

The look in his eyes was different from before.

“… Jaeyoung, hold on tight to your brother… .”

I had to get out of here somehow. He couldn’t die here.

Sehyun held Jaeyoung Lee’s slipping body with all her strength and glared at the albino monster. The moment his eyes met, a terrifying death that made his fingertips go numb came upon him.

“Huh… My, I… If you use a skill… Bar, right… I have to run away… .”

“are you okay. Do not say. With my brother… Come with me. It’s okay, you can do it.”

“no… My brother is alive… .”

I felt Jaeyoung Lee smiling mischievously. The tip of his nose was sore, and Se-hyeon hugged Lee Jae-young tighter.

If someone asked why she was prepared to sacrifice so much for her child, Sehyeon had nothing to say in a concise answer. He couldn’t be left alone, he couldn’t run away without the child. When I first saw her, I didn’t know that the sight of her crying without anyone to lean on was because she resembled me in the past.

So I had to survive here.

Right in front of me was a huge albino monster. There was joy in the monster’s long, slitted pupils. Sehyeon strengthened his legs as he faced the murderous eyes.

I have never used <Fall of Precision> in anything other than a weapon, but I was thinking of giving it a try. Now I had no intention of avoiding it, no place to avoid it, and no talent to do so.

Se-hyeon gritted her teeth as she saw the giant claws of the monster extending towards her, and stretched out her arms to hug Lee Jae-young.

It was at that time that a voice that seemed like it would break came out from within my shrinking embrace. It was also the time when brilliant light came together at Sehyun’s fingertips.

“monster… Monster… control… .”

The time when everything seemed to have stopped continued for a short time, and what I felt was the temperature change in Lee Jae-young, who began to boil as if he was burning. He felt as if he was holding a ball of fire. Lee Jae-young’s physical condition was unusual. Sehyun’s trembling gaze was directed towards Lee Jaeyoung.

Sehyeon’s eyes were darkly closed. In Se-hyeon’s arms was Jae-young Lee, who was suffering and vomiting her own blood with her eyes burned out.

A terrible scream followed. Sehyun had to watch with trembling as Lee Jae-young clutched his eyes and screamed as he started the game.

He hugged Lee Jae-young and comforted him, saying that he would somehow calm him down, but the miserable fingertips only scratched Se-hyeon’s back painfully.

Kieeeeek-!! Keek! Wow!!

In my vision blurred with tears, there was a monster abusing its own body. The monster’s eyes were turned white as it stabbed its claws into his stomach, cut out his heart, and let out a terrible scream.

My heart pounded. The moment Sehyeon saw the monster letting out a terrible scream, he wiped his tears and quickly stood up. His hands and feet were shaking, but he gritted his teeth and held on.

And then he started to leave the cave, carrying Jaeyoung Lee as if he were carrying him on his shoulder. Lee Jae-young’s terrible screams tore through Se-hyeon’s heart throughout the run.

But at some point, the screams stopped and the fiery body went limp. The moment he stopped in surprise, Sehyun heard the sound of his heart and tried to console his heart and move his legs again.


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As I was running, quickly scanning the area where I left the mark, I suddenly felt something following me behind me.

For a moment, a chill ran down my back. Sehyeon ran without looking back. He ran with all his might and just looked ahead.

When the air became cloudy enough to make me wonder if I was breathing, the shape of an open door appeared in the distance.

The sound behind them also grew louder. Sehyeon, who endured the pain that felt like his heart was going to jump out of his mouth by chewing his tongue, stretched out his legs, his muscles bursting.

It wasn’t until I couldn’t even feel my legs that the door finally approached my nose. Se-hyeon held on to Lee Jae-young tightly and used her last strength to throw herself out the door.

As soon as Sehyun jumped out of the door, the tower door closed with a terrifying force. Something fell in front of the closed door with a bang.

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