How To Survive As A Dragon With Time-Limit Chapter 312

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Episode 312 Dragon Emperor (1)

A golden trail passed through Kydus’ chest.

Compared to Kydus’ body, which was tens of meters long, Tania was insignificant.

Also, the armillary sphere she is holding is quite insignificant and is probably smaller than a toothpick.

But the results of their combination were beyond imagination.

Quad deuk-.

The hole created when Tania pierced his heart was large enough to separate Kydus’ upper and lower body.

Kydus suffered two large holes in his neck and chest.

The black energy that had been controlling his surroundings dissipated.


The frost that started from the hole in his neck quickly spread throughout his body, freezing Kydus’ body.



With a clear and cheerful sound, Kydus’ body shattered and shattered.

“… … .”

There was silence among those who were watching him.


Kydus’ presence completely disappeared, and the swaying demon blood gradually began to decrease in size.

In the end, the demonic blood completely annihilated and disappeared.

Someone who saw this muttered.

“… Is it over?”

It was reasonable to judge it that way since the demon blood and Kaidus, which were the source of resurrection, had completely disappeared.

At that time, Tania’s pitiful voice was heard as it flew through Kydus’ back.

“Ugh! “Teacher, get off me!”

In fact, Tania, who lost her strength and created a hole in Kydus’ chest, was falling headlong to the ground.

Lois laughed and jumped at the sight of her shabby appearance, which was unbecoming of someone who had accomplished such great things.


Lois suddenly appeared in front of Tania.

He caught the falling Tania.


The parts equivalent to the thumb and index finger in humans grabbed Tania’s waist.

Tania grumbled at this.

“ah… If possible, please accept me as a princess hug.”

It seemed like he was a little upset with his lips poking out.

Lois smiled when she saw this.

“Good job.”

Tania’s face brightened at his praise.

“you’re welcome!”

A moment when Tania is so happy.


The armillary sphere she was holding let out a cry.


Tania blinked.

“yes? Oh, you mean teacher?”

Tania muttered something to herself and held out her sword.

“You want to change the teacher?”


“The person staying here wants to talk to the teacher.”

“… okay?”

Royce took over the armillary sphere.

Contrary to what Garp said, the armillary sphere did not reject the dragon.

However, the golden color has died down a lot compared to when Tania first appeared.

When Royce was looking down at the armillary sphere sword.

[Luckily it’s not too late.]

An unfamiliar female voice was heard.

But why is it strangely unfamiliar?

Royce stared at the armillary sphere sword.

‘No way, Rotbarrier… … ?’

Could it be that his inner thoughts were heard?

[Yes it is. I’m so happy to be able to meet you like this… Lois.]

A voice filled with light joy returned, as if Lois’ question was true.

[really… I didn’t know you would do this well. I’ve worked so hard so far.]

Lois couldn’t hold back her curiosity as she heard Rotberger’s voice.

‘Are you the one who brought me into this world?’

[I didn’t invite you. Your fate brought you here.]

‘What do you mean by that?’

[that… … .]

Rotbarrier hesitated for a moment.


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She sighed.

[Yes, you deserve to hear it.]

With those words, Rotberg began talking.

[Kyders… He wasn’t evil from the beginning. As he developed wrong desires… It has changed.]

‘Wrong desire?’

[At that time, Kydus was already the top of the world. Because of that, unable to overcome the emptiness that came to him, he… He wanted to become a god.]

‘god… … ?’

[God does not exist in this world. Nevertheless, it has a perfect autonomous circulation system of the soul. Kydus wanted to control the world by making the autonomous circulation system his own.]

‘… … .’

[I think the autonomous circulation system in this world is a blessing from God that has disappeared. Because of this, it clashed with Kydus, who tried to disrupt this… I was defeated after a long fight.]

‘ah… … .’

[Even though we lost the fight, the difference between winning and losing was only a piece of paper. My soul lost its body and floated around the world, and Kydus, who was wounded, changed history and disappeared. At first, I thought that was the end. Until I realized that Kydus had another plan.]

‘What’s the other plan?’

[Even though my body is gone, my soul remains. And Kydus knew it too. If I stay here, I’ll get in the way of whatever he does. So he… We changed the method. To change this world from the outside.]

‘… … ?!’

[After exploring the dimension for a long time, Kydus discovered a place called Earth. And from there, we began to condense information from the past, present, and future and draw a blueprint for the future. In the form of a webtoon… … .]

‘… … .’

[On Earth, it was just a simple drawing, but if the webtoon had been completed… Evan’s flow must have flowed in the direction Kydus wanted.]

‘under… … .’

Lois sighed inwardly.

Wang Cheol-soo’s webtoon, which was nothing special.

However, the reality was like a plan connected to one dimension.

It is a huge picture that, once completed, can manipulate past, present, and future events.

[When I found out about that, the webtoon was already close to completion. So we urgently tried to stop this.]

‘… … .’

[However, just before the webtoon was completed, one variable occurred. A human soul was sucked into the completed webtoon.]

I could tell who the human soul was without having to say anything.

Lois sighed when she finally learned the truth.

‘My destiny led me here… That’s what I meant.’

[that’s right.]

Lois was unable to say anything in response to Rotverier’s recognition.

Because I needed some time to organize my thoughts.

“Whoa… … .”

Lois let out a long sigh.

He asked something else.

‘Since when have you been watching me?’

[From a very long time ago… From the time you were born into this world.]

‘if… ‘Are you the one who saved me from the Tomb of the King of Heroes?’

A memory flashes through Lois’s mind.

The closest moment to death he had ever faced in his life.

That was the King of Heroes’ attack.

And for some reason, the King of Heroes attacked at the end, and thanks to that, he was able to survive.

[You remembered! I told you to be careful of Kydus!]

It was an exciting voice.

If she had a body, wouldn’t she be smiling proudly right now?

To Lois, who recognized his hard work.

Lois sighed.

‘Yes, well…’ Thanks to you, I survived. But Rotbarrier.’


‘Your arrangements, were they all for this moment? ‘What happened to the future you saw?’

[It’s ambiguous to say I saw the future. This is exactly the future I saw. The webtoon is about to be completed… … .]

‘So is it over now? Is Kydus dead?’

[Yes, I definitely felt like my soul was being cut. No matter how Kaidus is, if he is cut by the armillary sphere, his soul disappears.]

‘if… ‘What would have happened if we hadn’t stopped Kydus today?’

[well. I don’t know what happens next. The future plan created by Kydus… That’s all for the webtoon. but… … .]


[Whoa… … .]

Rotberg sighed slightly and continued his story.

It’s as if he didn’t want to say this.

[Lois, there is one thing you need to know.]

‘… … ?’

[Son people and demons. The two races that are commonly known to have started the War of Demons… It doesn’t exist.]

“… yes?!”

Rotberg’s story was shocking.

I was so surprised that Lois, who had been having a conversation in her head all this time, ended up speaking out loud.

Rotberger’s story continued as if he understood Royce’s feelings.

[Son people and demons… That is just a story made up by Kydus to cover up the evil and good blood.]

‘oh my god… ‘Where on earth does this bastard go from to where he goes?’

Lois, who came to her senses, asked urgently.

‘then… What are demon blood and good blood? What on earth is that… … .’

[Kydus wanted to become a god. So what he did was to become one with this world. So the first thing we did was drill a hole toward the center of Evan. To connect your soul with it.]

‘her… … .’

[Kydus, who won the fight with me, was seriously injured… He separated his soul from his body to sustain his life, which would soon be cut off. And he threw his soul into the hole he had dug into the world.]

‘then… What about fresh blood?’

[There is no such thing as fresh blood. It is Kydus’ old body that is in the place where the hole is said to be.]

‘Why on earth would you do that?!’

[To make the injured body stronger. Kaidus thought that a god needed a body suitable for him.]

‘… … ?!’

Along with those words, a thought crossed Lois’ mind.

The dragons threw their bodies on top of it to prevent bloodshed for a long time.

And that only applies to dragons that have reached level zero.

That is how Eunhwaseong Fortress was born.


‘If so, Eunhwaseong… … .’

[yes that’s right. Eunhwaseong Fortress, which you now call a sacred place… This is the body of God prepared by Kaidus.]

‘He’s crazy.’

Lois stuck her tongue out.

A body created by absorbing the remains of its own people over a long period of time.

A deep sense of disgust arose in Kydus.

As if he knew this, a voice with a faint smile was heard.

[If we couldn’t stop Kydus today… An evil god must have been born. Still, I’m glad. Because we were able to deal with Kydus in time. It’s all thanks to Royce’s strength.]

‘I mustered up my strength.’

When the two of them exchange stories like that.

Bubbly -.

The place where the demonic blood disappeared.

Black foam rose there.


A black pillar rose up with a huge spray of water.

Everyone present was startled by the sudden change.

And the people who were more surprised than anyone else were Lois and Lotbarrier.


[No way!]

The pillar of black energy that rose amidst the two’s astonishment stretched straight up toward the sky.

And finally.


It reached Eunhwaseong Fortress with a strange sound.

[Lois! We have to stop it! right now!]

Royce took immediate action in response to Rotverier’s shout.

He exerted manipulative and interfering powers.


Although she hit the black pillar, Royce’s attack only passed through the black energy.

Like a bullet piercing smoke.

-What are you doing! Attack!

After that, other dragons attacked, but everyone was the same.

‘Even with 3-attribute zero-level power, it won’t work?’

then… How can we stop that?

When that thought occurred to Lois, her face darkened.

[It’s already late.]

Red eyes appeared within the black energy and a low voice was heard.

I knew who he was without even asking.

“Kydus… … .”

Lois gritted her teeth.

Meanwhile, Rotberg was in a state of panic.

[No way… That can’t be possible. For sure… I definitely felt like my soul was disappearing.]

He knew it better than anyone else because he was Rotbarrier, who had entered the Armillary Sphere himself.

She kept muttering that.

And as if he had heard this, Kydus’ sarcastic voice was heard.

[Rotberger, did you think that only four years had prepared you for this moment?]

[…] … .]

[From the moment everything went wrong because of you… I too have been waiting for this time.]

[how… that… I’m sure they cut off my soul?!]

[You succeeded. It definitely destroyed the soul. However, it would be a pity for you that it was not my soul.]

A thought crossed Lois’s mind as she heard Kydus’ story.

‘Another soul?’

All possibilities were narrowed down to one.

A fake light dragon created by Wang Cheol-su.

That is the body that Kydus was wearing.

So what if there was a fake light dragon’s soul inside it?

And what if, at the moment of crisis, he deceived Rotberg by sacrificing his soul and waited for the right moment?

‘Could it be that you provoked Wang Cheol-soo to create a fake light dragon for this purpose?’

In addition, I was able to understand why Kydus was passive in this war.

“… “You caught us off guard.”

Kydus laughed at Royce’s muttering.

[Hehehe, it’s over! How long have I been looking forward to this day!]

“… … .”

[The moment the demonic blood and the silver planet become aligned, my soul and body will become one… Because of that, I will be reborn! To the true god of this world! Evan will find complete peace in my hands!]

Of course, I did not think that peace would apply to everyone.

Kydus’ murderous eyes turned to Lois and the armillary sphere.

[If I ascend to the throne… You guys can look forward to it. I will make you live as my slave for eons of time. It will be a very fun time.]

The red eyes disappeared after leaving those words.

Lois, who was watching this, asked to herself.

‘Can you cut that guy right now with the Armillary Blade?’

[It’s impossible. The armillary sphere… It’s a one-time tool. So I made ten sacks for this moment… All that was left now was this one bag.]

Lois sighed.

There was no longer any tool left to completely kill him.

‘What should I do… … .’

Even while he was worrying, the pillar of black energy grew bigger and bigger, staining the Eunhwaseong Fortress black.

And finally, Eunhwaseong began to move.


A sound similar to that of a huge ship horn is heard.

Silver Mars quickly approached Planet Evan.

Just like the moon seen from Earth.

But much bigger than that.

So that Eunhwaseong can be seen from anywhere in the world.



The Eunhwaseong, which vibrated greatly, wriggled like slime and began to change.


A sound like bones growing.

Along with that, arms, legs, and neck were created, followed by wings and a tail.

Eunhwaseong slowly transforms into the form of a dragon.

However, the size was the problem.

Since Eunhwaseong was originally a home for dragons and was similar in concept to a temple, it was said to be bigger than thousands of dragons combined.

Isn’t that true of the Silver Hwaseong Fortress that has been painted with the remains of dragons over a long period of time?

How many remains of zero-level dragons were accumulated during that time?

Lois’ face went blank when she saw this.

“ah… “You scolded me.”

Even big things weren’t usually big things.

If Kydus takes over that body like this… … .

“It’s a disaster… … .”

If that happens, Kydus will try to adjust the world to his liking.

Freedom will disappear.

I didn’t know that everything I knew would disappear or change in the process.

father and mother.

Ariana and her grandfather.

Dragon clan.

Furthermore, the entire religious order and the tower of aspirations.

The French Empire and the Nokchi Mountains where he was born and raised.

Every single precious thing will disappear.

“Whoa… … .”

Lois let out a long sigh.

With determination in his eyes, he threw Tania back.

“Seo, teacher!”

Tania screamed in surprise at Lois’ sudden action, but her body had already crossed the space and landed safely on the hand of Kendrick’s transcendental machine.

And Lois is left alone.

“… “Sacrificing like this isn’t my style.”

As Lois muttered, her body burned pure white.

White salt.

It was the image of the Holy Spirit that Royce displayed.

And he.

“I’ll come back!”

I shouted loudly and threw myself into the black energy.





Those who were surprised by the sight shouted, but Lois had already disappeared from nowhere.

“son! Lois!”

Genelocker was startled and tried to spread the same spirit fire and enter into the black energy.

Parts, that is -.


A black thunderbolt bounced him off.

It was the same for other dragons.

Other dragons also tried, but they were all defeated.

It’s as if you guys can’t come in.

“son… … .”

Generoker just looked at the black energy where Lois had disappeared with a devastated face.


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