How To Survive As A Dragon With Time-Limit Chapter 311

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Episode 311 Strike first (4)

As Lois was looking at the demon blood, Odilia’s instructions were heard.

-Don’t relax! The demonic blood is open!

At that voice, the dragons began to become alert again.

Demon blood.

According to legend, it is a passage leading to the demon world.

Therefore, it was a situation where demons could come over through demon blood at any time.

The elders were concerned about just that.

However, contrary to the concerns of the elders, the demon blood was very quiet.

At that time, there was someone who was moving alone.



The twins and Generoker shouted at Lois as she approached the demon blood.

Lois fired her breath without stopping even when the sound called her.


Royce’s breath moves towards the black hole.

The hole was so large that Lois’ breath looked like string.

The pure white breath disappeared as if it were being sucked into a hole.

At that moment, Lois caught the eye of a black hole flickering.

‘There is a blow!’

The darkness of the hole became lighter in the area where the breath passed.

Lois did not miss this and sent a message to the elders.

-Can I use Heavenly Punishment once again?

It was Generoker who responded to Royce’s words.

– Heavenly punishment?

-That demonic blood is the source of Kydus’ immortality. And as you saw a moment ago, it is effective against physical attacks.

As soon as he finished speaking, Famus’ excited voice was heard.

-Hoo? What you mean is that if you just destroy that thing, you can kill that guy Kydus?

-Yes, he’s been exposing his weaknesses so openly, but if you just let it go… You feel sad, right?

-Phew, that’s right, that’s right! My grandson was absolutely right!

Although the other elders scolded Famus, who was excited, they did not particularly oppose Royce’s plan.

Because there was no better way than that right now.

-Yes, if you can give it a punch, you should feed it properly.

There was a quick consensus among the elders.

You will be able to use Heavenly Punishment at least twice without difficulty.

This plan was soon delivered to all the dragons, and preparations for the second Heavenly Punishment proceeded quickly.

-Hold your breath!

The second punishment was even simpler than the previous one.

Dragons immediately surrounded the demon blood.

The light of breath gathers in their snouts.


At the signal, a legal formation for heavenly punishment was created above the demon blood.

As soon as that happened, more than a hundred breaths were fired towards Beopjin.

The breath that was fired one after another reached the beopjin, and the beopjin gradually became colored in rainbow colors.


Beopjin, whose breath has reached its limit, is ready to spit out heavenly punishment.

And that moment.


A red light from the demon blood appeared and disappeared for a moment.

Soon, a black breath bursts out of the hole and shoots into the beam.

When Lois saw this, Lee Chae flashed across her eyes.

‘I was waiting!’

I roughly guessed that there was a guy in that hole.

If that were the case, he would have been well aware of the power of Heavenly Punishment due to the first attack.

There was no way he would stay still when his weak point was destroyed.

It would be best if the plan was successful and the demon blood could be destroyed like this.

Even if that wasn’t the case, if I could pull out the guy who was hiding like a mole in a hole, that was enough.

That was why Lois wanted to use Heavenly Punishment again.

‘If you want to catch a mole, you have to aim for the moment it pops out of the ground.’

The corners of Lois’ mouth drew a cruel line.

Time gradually slows down with him.

In the slowed down world, Lois knocked out Kydus’ breath.

Afterwards, when time returned to normal, Kydus’s breath failed to reach the target and flew in a curved direction in the wrong direction.

It was right then.

“Did you think I would get the same move again?”

The voice that was heard clearly and clearly gave Lois a chill down her spine for a moment.

His gaze quickly returned.

This is where Kydus’ voice came from.


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That was right near Beopjin.

At this, Lois’ face hardened.

‘no way?!’


A lump of black energy staying near Beopjin.

Black energy with a red eye glow swirled and took shape.

Lois saw this and shouted.


Soon, the black whirlwind completely took the shape of a dragon.

‘Was the breath a bait?’

The reason Kydus blew his breath at Beopjin was to attract his attention.

His real intention was to contact the legal authorities directly.

By the time Lois realized this, it was already too late.


The temple above Kydus’ head lost its iridescent color and began to turn black.


At the same time, black lightning flashes between the lines.

It was evidence that Kydus was taking control of the legal force.



The elders who were maintaining the legal defense vomited blood and lost control.

Kydus said with a smile.

“I’ll give this back.”

As soon as those words were finished, a black thunderbolt flashed, and black thunderbolts spewed out from the Beopjin.

The target of the thunderstorm spreading in all directions is the surrounding dragons.

Quagga River-.


The dragons, startled by the black and ominous thunderbolt, were busy moving around.

Although most of the dragons were lightly damaged by the thunderbolt, a few of the closest dragons were shot down and fell into the sea.

Lois saw this and gritted her teeth.

“That bastard!”

Royce’s new model has disappeared.

The place where he appeared was opposite Kydus.

‘If he did it… I can do it!’

To avoid the lightning flashing in front of her nose, Royce concentrated her mind on the law.

‘see. The structure of the legal training camp.’

Royce understood the structure and its principles.

He quickly intervened in the legal system and manipulated it into taking control back to himself.


White spots appeared on the blackened court.

The white spot, which was only a small part, soon gradually drove out the black and expanded its area.

Every time that happened, the black thunderstorms coming from all directions quieted down.

Seeing this, Kydus’ eyebrows twitched.

“You… “He finally entered that situation.”

“Some kind person left the answer sheet behind to know what to do.”

“… “I should have killed you right away.”

“When did you stop trying to kill me? You always tried to kill me. “It’s just that I failed every time.”

Lois looked at Kydus and chuckled.

At the same time, the white spot expanded its territory even more vigorously.

Even when he was in danger of losing control of the Beopjin, Kaidus smiled leisurely.

“Sweetheart, you still have a long way to go.”

As soon as those words were finished, black expanded, pushing out white and expanding the area.

Lois’ eyes hardened immediately.

‘also… ‘Is it still too much?’

His level could not yet be said to be a complete 3-attribute zero.

I’ve only had a little taste.

‘I wish I had a little more time.’

If I had had time to accumulate the knowledge I gained, I would have been able to deal with him well.

Lois bit her lip, feeling regretful.


At his level, it seemed like it would still be difficult to beat Kaidus.

And at that moment, a black thunderbolt was aimed at Lois.


A situation where you cannot remove your body to control the beopjin.

Lois’ face was colored with embarrassment.

But there was one fact that Lois overlooked.

That means he’s not alone right now.

Lois had her grandfather, father, friends, and numerous compatriots with her.



The twins, transformed into silver lightning, blocked the black lightning aimed at Lois with their bodies.


“Yes you bastard!”

Famus, showing his anger, attacked Kydus.


At first glance, this attack seems ignorant and unremarkable.

However, the source of the power attribute surrounded Famus’ whole body.


A strong vibration sound is heard.


Kydus’ body was struck several times stronger than the impact.

The speed is such that it can be thought of as a cannonball.

Surprised, Kydus flinched and opened his eyes.

And the person who arrived next was Gene Locker.

“Are you the one who bullied my son?”

Generoker, who had turned into darkness, enveloped Kydus.

The darkness of Generoker tightened Kydus’ whole body.


It was a force so great that it could crush even a decent amount of steel.

However, Kydus is also a dragon with the cancer attribute.

In an instant, he turned into the same darkness and escaped the shackles of Genelocker.

The two dragons spreading darkness faced each other in the empty air.

Kydus and Generoker.

The body currently worn by Kydus was created by Wang Cheol-soo by imitating Gene Locker.

Therefore, the two dragons confronting each other were surprisingly similar.

“… “These trashy things.”

Kydus bared his teeth and growled at Generoker and Famus, who attacked him.

On the other hand, Generoker and Famus smiled brightly.

“Cluck. “Oh, you’re such an idiot.”

“Did you forget something?”

“… … ?!”

It was only then that Kaidus realized something and turned his gaze to the sky.

There was Lois, grinning like a grandfather and a generoker.


Kaidus’ face turned pale as he noticed that the legal formation he was controlling had suddenly turned white.

And Lois was standing below it.

“It’s old.”

A playful shout is heard.


A pure white thunderbolt imbued with the magic of a 3-attribute zero level, created by removing all the attribute power remaining in the legal formation, fell.

It goes without saying that the target was Kydus.

And the white brain hit Kydus properly.


In the endlessly flashing white lightning, I caught a glimpse of the black figure of Kydus.

And then an incredible scream is heard.


If it were a normal thunderstorm, there was no way Kydus would have suffered this much.

Because it was a thunderbolt containing the secrets of the three attributes that he had vaguely tasted, Kydus could not easily escape.


How much time has passed like that?


When the lightning disappeared, leaving behind a faint noise, all that was left in its place was black debris.

An attack that would have killed a normal dragon a hundred times over, even if it had killed him right away.

But Kydus was different.


The ash that was flying in the air gathered together and turned into darkness again, slowly taking on the shape of a dragon.

However, if you just look at this, they were not dragons.

-Attack everyone!

The dragons became more relaxed thanks to Royce getting rid of the law.

They were very angry and attacked the darkness that was resurrecting Kydus.

Of course, Lois also joined in.

What he did was to catch Kydus so that he could not escape.

Boom boom boom-.

Breath, Holy Law, Spiritual Sword.

And even technologies created with their own secrets.

A variety of attacks from dragons filled the sky.

It almost looks like carpet bombing.

However, while a regular carpet bombing would devastate a wide area, the dragons’ carpet bombing targeted only one enemy.

It was as if it had a guidance device attached.



There was a constant bursting and breaking sound.

Before his body was fully formed through resurrection, Kydus’ body continued to fall apart.

It breaks when played.

Also, once the body is created, it is destroyed.

Blood, muscles, bones, and skin grew and grew over and over again.

“Hey, this guy!”

Kydus’ cries, full of pain and anger, rang loudly, but it was no different from a work song to excite the dragons.


The longer Kydus’ screams continued, the more the dragons accelerated their attacks.

Lois, who was watching the process, had a question.

‘this… Why so… ‘Is it easy?’

The Kydus he knew was not someone who would continue to suffer like this.

However, Kydus continued to be dragged by them and was in complete disrepair.

‘It’s definitely a good situation… … .’

A situation that was going so well was strangely disturbing to Lois.

“You bastards!”

Along with Kydus’ roar, a huge darkness rose from the bastard’s body.

And the dragons’ attacks flying towards him bounced back in an instant.


Kydus’ face, crying desperately, gave off a creepy look because his skin had not yet regenerated.

“all… “I’ll tear you to pieces!”

Darkness spread around his body along with the terrible death.

Lois’ face changed when she saw this.

‘It’s so easy!’

I take back what I said a moment ago!

My instincts were sounding an alarm at the black energy swirling around Kydus’ body.

‘This… ‘I have to stop it!’

I got a feeling.

Unless they have reached at least zero level, they will not be able to block the next attack.

‘If you get swept away, it’s over!’

Lois, sensing a crisis, is about to make an urgent move.

There was something that reached Kydus before Royce did.


It was a very faint sound.

A sound as if a needle is being stuck into something.

But even so, it was clear enough that everyone around it could hear it.



With the sound of steam being released, a thin blue straight line was drawn in the air.

‘This… … ?!’

Everyone’s eyes moved along the blue straight line.

The blue line, the end of which was none other than Kydus’ neck.


Kydus also opened his eyes wide in surprise at the unexpected situation.

But his surprise began now.


A large hole appeared in Kydus’ neck along with a strange sound.

A gaping hole.

But a bigger problem than that was the cold air radiating from the hole.

“… … ?!”

The extreme cold that could freeze even the soul began to freeze Kydus’s spirit and body.


Royce urgently turned around when he heard Kydus’ scream.

Then it came into Lois’s field of vision.

That was his transcendence flying through the air.

And there was Jerome holding a huge bow over 2 meters long in the hands of the transcendental period.

Thanks to this, Lois was able to realize the identity of the blue line.

‘Sea God Palace Atheroise!’

The Sea God Palace, which pierced the wings of the light dragon Generoker in the original, pierced Kydus’ neck this time.

At this, a smile spread across Lois’s lips.

‘You bastards!’

The Chochungi flying in the sky was a gift from himself to Kendrick, who was sullen after losing his armillary sphere sword.

Therefore, it must be Kendrick who is controlling that transcendental machine.

And the sound of them coming here.

‘It’s finished!’

The strongest sword that will bring the end to Kydus has arrived.

At this, Royce’s eyes turned to Transcendence’s right hand.

Then it appeared.

A woman with red hair holding a sword that is both flame and gold.


Tania closed her eyes slightly and took a deep breath.

A second later, she opened her eyes and shouted.

“Throw it!”

-Go! Human Beast Tania!

With a bizarre slogan, the transcendent plane controlled by Kendrick threw Tania away.

At the same time, Tania became horizontal with the ground and extended her armillary sphere sword forward.


In an instant, her body broke the speed of sound and became golden.

“Throw it away!”

Drawing a golden trajectory, the tip of the armillary sphere touched Kydus’ body.


It pierced right through my heart.


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