How To Survive As A Dragon With Time-Limit Chapter 307

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Episode 307 Armillary Blade (6)

Garp came next to Lois, who was looking at the sword as if fascinated.

“Hey, kid.”

Lois’ gaze returned to the gravelly voice.

Garp’s face looked quite tired.

He looks like he has aged ten years in just one month.

But his eyes shined brighter than ever.

“My work is done. “Keep your promises.”

If you forge the armillary sphere.

A promise that if he could defeat Kydus, he would rid the dwarves of their bondage to their blood.

Lois recalled this and nodded.

“Don’t worry, uncle. Because I will definitely keep my promise. “Don’t you know the Dragon of Trust?”

“There is no longer any trust between me and the dragons. “I’m just helping you because I don’t think it will get any worse if I get fooled one more time.”

“Yay, yea. “I guess so.”

Garp sighed as he looked at Lois, who was paying attention to his harsh response.

“By the way, what happened to your soul?”

“Oh, that? “I’m still working hard to recruit people right now.”

“Picking? “Soul?”

“There is something like that.”

To explain this, I had to talk about everything from Wang Cheol-soo’s existence to the random drawing box.

That’s why Lois gave a vague answer.

Garp didn’t ask any more details.

Because his role has already been completed.

“Do it yourself. I made you a sword, so whether you use it to kill Kydus or dig up your own grave is up to you. Just keep in mind.”

“… … ?”

“The Armillary Blade is not an ordinary sword. It is a sword that protects its owner. “He is a child with a high opinion of himself, so a decent owner would not be able to meet his standards.”

“… … .”

“Another thing, a dragon cannot be its master.”

“Why is that?”

“If you contain the dragon’s soul, you can create a weapon to kill the dragon. From that moment on, the armillary sphere will reject the dragon.”

“What do you mean, polar opposites? “You reject dragons because they are dragon-killing weapons?”

“You can think about it that way.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Look carefully, the armillary sphere will probably react when its owner appears. but… It won’t be easy to find an owner who meets his standards. Clue.”

Lois chuckled at the look in Garp’s eyes that seemed to be telling her to go through some trouble.

“Don’t worry about that. “Because the owner has already been decided.”

In the original work, the armillary sphere chose Kendrick as its owner without any hesitation.

In fact, the owner of the armillary sphere was virtually designated as Kendrick.

‘Because there’s no one who can handle this better than him.’

Currently, Kendrick is only thirty-five years old.

Nevertheless, there was no swordsman in the human world who could surpass him.

Although he could not overcome the wall of zero, he is a being who will overcome the wall and reach zero if given the opportunity.

If not someone like that, who else would become the owner of the Armillary Sphere Sword?

Garp’s face twisted as if he was displeased as he looked at Lois who was so confident.

Garp leaves the basement, grumbling that he will rest now.

After he left, Generoker came to Lois’ side.

“Roy, I have something to tell you.”

Lois tilted her head as she looked at him, who looked quite serious.

“What is it?”

“The thickness of the ice wall surrounding the Magic Sea is getting thinner.”

“… … ?!”

Lois’ face also hardened at his story.

“And I relayed the information you gave me earlier to the council of elders… The decision has been made.”

“… “What decision?”

“If the ice wall were to completely shatter like this, that would be the moment Kydus wanted the most.”

“… … .”

“For this reason, all dragons except for special cases will be summoned before the ice wall surrounding the Demon Sea becomes a little thinner.”

“Is this a general offensive?”

“Okay, if we have to fight anyway… “The elders think that we should decide that time.”

“ah… … .”

Lois sighed softly.

And he nodded.

‘The ice wall of the Demon Sea is getting thinner… … .’

It is said that Kydus may appear again in the near future.

If the ice wall completely breaks, it may mean that Kydus’ goal of locking himself up to achieve something has been achieved.

Therefore, rather than waiting for this, the elders think that they should confront Kaidus directly and hinder him.

This was a natural decision.

While Lois nodded with a stern expression, Generoker’s story continued.


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“Also, your role in this attack is important.”

“Am I the vanguard?”

“Although it is said to be thinning, it is still difficult to break through the barrier. What can break through a weakened barrier is… “Maybe it’s just you.”

Although Generoker said it indirectly, it only confirmed that Royce was the vanguard.

Of course, this did not mean that Lois would refuse this.

‘I was already measuring the timing… The elders are laying the boards.’

Summoning of all dragons except in special cases.

Where else can you get reinforcements stronger than these?

Maybe this will be my first and last chance to kill Kydus.

‘There is also a tough relationship… Now it’s time to clear things up.’

However, what is disappointing is that the armillary sphere was not completely completed.

‘Well, there’s still time.’

Perhaps, in a few days, Wang Cheol-su’s soul could be extracted and the Armillary Sphere could be completed.

It was too early to be discouraged.

After organizing her thoughts, Lois looked at Gene Locker.

“When will the planning start?”

“Two days later.”

“… “It’s quicker than I thought.”

“That means it will take two days because we have something to prepare, and your impatient grandfather made a fuss about attacking us today.”

“Well, if you’re a grandfather, it’s worth it. Anyway, two days later? Then, I have something to prepare… … .”

Lois, who was about to leave after saying that, stopped and looked at the gene locker.

“Now that I think about it, father.”


“Is your father participating this time?”

“of course. “How could I, an elder, fall for it?”

“but… “What about Ariana?”

“Hairin decided to take charge of it. “She said she would take charge of it until your mother wakes up.”

“Are you the twins’ aunt?”

Lois looked slightly surprised.

It was unusual for a dragon to entrust a child to someone else or to take care of someone else’s child.

‘It may mean that the situation is bad, but… … .’

Generoker smiled as he looked at Lois, who had darkened.

“How can I, as a father, just watch when my son is risking his life and fighting?”

“… Do not work too hard. “There’s Ariana too.”

“Don’t worry. This dad is still lively. “My skills are not dead!”

The father and son smiled at each other, and Lois’ gaze returned to the twins.

“You guys are going crazy in moderation, too.”

“Are we kids?”

“You know how to tell when you’re going on a rampage and when you’re not going on a rampage, right?”

Lois shook her head at the sight of the guys screaming angrily.

‘I bet all my money on them not being mature for the rest of their lives.’

Royce was 100% certain of that.

He waved his hand.

“I’ll be back for a bit.”

“Where are you going again? “Aren’t you too busy these days?”

“Where are you going… … .”

The corners of Lois’ mouth curled up slightly at the sound of Carney’s gruff voice.

“Go find the sword owner.”

With those words, Royce’s new model disappeared without any time to stop him.

* * *

Returning to the Great Wall, Lois gathered her people.

He even brought the Tower of Desire party and Fabro himself.

The huge barracks was filled with people who had gathered after receiving Royce’s call.

The three Grand Meisters of the Tower of Desire.

Fabro, the representative of the predecessor church and the French Empire.

Rokhan VII, Guardian of the Great Wall.

The crown prince of the Dominant Empire, representing several countries on the Winter Continent.

And the original dragon slayer party gathered around Kendrick.

Lois’ gaze, which was scanning the group she had gathered, stopped for a moment on Jerome.

Judging by the fact that he was carrying the sea god’s palace that he had entrusted to Tania on his shoulder again, it seemed that the problem with Abel had been resolved well.

Lois chuckled internally and opened her mouth.

“I summoned you because I have something to tell you.”

Royce opened the topic softly and told a story about Mahae and Kydus.

‘Others may not know, but these people need to know.’

Each person is a major force

They need to know this so they can prepare for the possible prolongation of the war.

After such a long story, the reactions were divided into two.

“her… “A dragon, that creature is real.”

“It’s not just a dragon, it’s the Dragon King who only appears in legends.”

Those who didn’t know that Lois was a dragon were surprised to learn that the enemy crouching in the Demon Sea was a dragon.

“Hmph… … .”

“hmm… … .”

Those who knew that Lois was a dragon were silent.

Then King Rokhan VII asked:

“Then what measures do we have to take now, leader? “You must have some idea in bringing us together, right?”



“There will be war soon.”

“that?! If so, shouldn’t we take even more measures?!”

“You will find out what I mean in a few days.”

At those words, several people tilted their heads as if they had no idea what he meant.

However, those who were quick-witted, especially those who knew that Lois was a dragon, realized that the situation was more serious and their faces hardened.

There was some commotion after that, but the day’s meeting ended well.

When everyone stood up like that.

“Floria, Douglas, Erica, Fabro, Kendrick, Tania.”

Lois called several names.

“You guys have a look at me.”

Everyone who was nominated knows that Lois is a dragon.

Lois opened her mouth as she saw everyone leaving and those who remained.

“In two days, all dragons will be summoned. “For the war against Kydus.”

“… … .”

A somewhat shocking story.

However, as if they had expected it to some extent, the remaining people were unfazed.

However, Tania clenched her fists.

“In that war… “Are you participating too?”

“of course. “A talented dragon like me can’t be left out.”

“then… Please take me with you.”

“… … .”

“In the first place, I went along with the teacher to fight Gwangryong. I’m not sure if Kydus or something is a mad dragon or not, but if it’s a teacher’s fight… “I will also participate in the war.”

“Me too!”

Kendrick also raised his hand and joined in at Tania’s firm determination.

“Even if the teacher stops me… “We will definitely be together this time.”

“me too!”

As if the seven years of losing Lois had grown bitter, Tania didn’t seem like she would back down.

Lois shrugged her shoulders.

“I won’t stop you.”

“Well, then?!”

“I still needed your help.”

While saying that, Royce took out the armillary sphere sword she had brought with her.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the appearance of a strange sword with a transparent sword body.

However, only Dwarf Douglas, who recognized the value of the sword, sighed.

“her… Who on earth does this… … .”

The balance and anticipation of the sword.

Everything was beyond common sense.

It is no exaggeration to say that it is a perfect work of art.

Also, as a swordsman, Kendrick has an excellent eye for a good sword, and his eyes sparkled.

‘Is it mine?’

The reason Lois took out the sword was to give it to someone.

But no matter how much he thought about it, he was the only one among those left who used a sword.

‘It’s mine, right? yes?’

Lois chuckled as she watched Kendrick licking his butt as if he knew the sword was his.

‘I’m anxious.’

Royce, who was thinking of teasing her like this, didn’t waste any time and immediately handed over the armillary sphere.

Kendrick, with his eyes wide open at this, swallowed dry saliva and asked.

“Is it mine?”

“Yes, it’s yours.”


“Then, who else uses a sword here besides you? “Why don’t you want to receive it?”

“Oh, no! thank you!”

Kendrick quickly took the armillary sphere in case it was taken away again.

“wow… … .”

As soon as he received the sword, Kendrick let out an exclamation.

Because I knew it the moment I held the sword.

What an excellent sword this is.

‘It’s an enormous sword.’

What swordsman doesn’t like a good sword?

Kendrick’s face lit up.

It was then.


The audience’s attention was drawn to Lois’ low voice.

“Your role is important.”

“You mean my role?”

Looking at Kendrick who blinked, Lois briefly explained the examples and uses of the armillary sphere sword.

“If the armillary sphere containing the soul is completed… You must become the assistant I have prepared. It will pierce the heart of Kydus! “That is your role.”

“… “A sword that cuts through a dragon’s soul.”

“You can do it, right?”

Kendrick’s face darkened as the sword’s power was greater than expected.

But that darkness soon cleared.

Kendrick nodded with a serious face.

“I will definitely do it!”

Lois, who was smiling at this, tilted her head slightly.

“But… “Don’t you feel something?”

“What do you mean?”

“You can hear the voice of the sword, or you can feel vibrations. “Roughly something like that?”

“… “Not at all.”

“Hmm, really? weird. “Is this what it used to be?”

Or is the signal coming a little late?

‘Garp said that the sword will definitely respond when it finds its owner?’

Lois crossed her arms and began to worry, wondering if something was wrong.

Meanwhile, Douglas glanced at me and asked.

“Hmph, Kendrick?”

“Why are you doing that?”

“That sword… “Can you show me?”

“A sword?”

“As a craftsman, I can’t just pass up that sword… Truly amazing. “Would you mind giving me a chance to take a look?”

Kendrick smiled and nodded to that question.

“How difficult would that be?”

At the same time, he was about to hand over the sword.

Tania, who was sitting between Kendrick and Douglas, frowned at the blade passing in front of her.

Since it didn’t even have a scabbard, the anticipation of the armillary sphere was felt.

“Ah, what are you doing that is really dangerous! Give it to me!”

At the same time, he took the sword away to hand it over, and Kendrick handed it over without even thinking about it.



Red flames began to flicker from the sword.

“… ok?”


Tania’s hair flew around due to the red energy that shimmered like a haze, and flames burned inside the transparent sword body.

Kendrick and Douglas, who were on either side of the unexpected situation, were startled and jumped.

The same goes for Nolagi Lois.


The moment she saw Tania holding the sword and looking confused, a bolt of realization struck Lois’ head.

‘This is crazy?! ‘Why didn’t I think of this?!’

In the original work, the armillary sphere clearly chooses Kendrick as its owner.

That was because Kendrick was the person with the greatest talent in the human world.


‘It’s a small difference, but… Tania is better than Kendrick!’

Lois, who had raised the two herself, knew this better than anyone else.

And Tania, who was supposed to be dead, survives and becomes a being with the greatest talent in the human world.

But the problem is… … .

‘Oh my god, damn it! Tania is a deacon!’

That damned armillary sphere chose as its owner a boy who had only ever used a knife to strike down a person.


The time to select the owner of the Armillary Blade that lasted for a while came to an end.


Tania’s hair, which had once risen, fell down.

She took her gaze away from the flame burning inside the transparent sword body and cautiously asked Lois.

“I am… “Did I do something wrong?”

At this, Lois sighed heavily and shook her head.

“ha… Kendrick.”


“… Hand over the sword to Tania. “I think it’s yours.”

Tania still blinked at those words.

“yes?! “That’s right?!”

Kendrick’s soul drained from his face as the gift was taken from him right before his eyes.


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