Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 149

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Episode 149

“You seem to have some skills, but do you think I would lose to a corrupt brat like you!”

“Hyde, victory!”

“Don’t look down on me just because you were lucky and met an easy partner!”

“Hyde, victory!”

Five days later, advancement to the finals was easily decided. Still, the level seemed to have risen, as the last one took the 3rd hit and fell to his knees.

“It’s pretty good.”

Helmut threw a sharp throw and turned away, leaving his opponent shaking. Everyone talks a lot. The sword is simpler than that.

“Hyde, congratulations on advancing to the finals.”

Before he knew it, Michael approached him and smiled and greeted him. Michael’s attendants, including Robert, who I saw on the first day, did not even pay attention to this direction. Just put your hand on your sword as if on guard.

They are well trained. Similar level to academy instructors. Unless you were the heir of a decent family, you wouldn’t be able to lead around with knights like this.

‘There’s no need to dig deep.’

Michael is just a noble boy I met by chance. The weight of Helmut’s past is too small to be tied to anything.

“If you don’t have anything special planned today, would you like to go somewhere nice with me? “To congratulate you on advancing to the finals.”

Helmut hung up briefly.

“With the finals coming up, I want to focus on training.”

Somehow we share a dorm, but there is nothing good about being close to Michael. Because what we’re trying to do could cause sparks to fly in him.

No matter how great the noble, this is Basor. It is clearly a foreign country. It’s not surprising if you get into trouble.

But Michael spoke in a subtly persistent manner.

“I think Hyde will advance to the upper level without difficulty.”

Helmut noticed. Could it be that this is a sign that he is the one he has chosen in advance?

This is how you blatantly pretend to be friendly in the eyes of everyone. Basor’s powerful people who try to approach the strong will also hesitate, thinking that the master has already been decided.

‘That’s troublesome.’

“I can’t guarantee that. “Because there are already talented people in the finals.”

“Then, would you like to watch other people’s games together from the head table? “It is a match where the finalists will be decided, so it will be helpful if we meet each other later.”

Even if you are a finalist, your skills are obvious anyway. Although he didn’t necessarily need to watch, he was interested in watching other people play. Helmut nodded his head.


Being able to make an offer that entices the other person is also a talent.

When I got to the head table, there was already one participant in the stadium. A great giant who seems to be three heads taller than Helmut. The name followed.

“The opponent against him is Luke Yeager!”

On the other side, a man slowly walked towards the stadium. Helmut was just about to sit down.

Helmut inadvertently gave him a look. From the way I walked, I felt something unusual. It was a feeling that cannot be expressed in words.

The moment he saw his face on stage, Helmut froze.

“Hyde? “Do you know someone?”

“Ah, no.”

Helmut shook his head. But his eyes were piercingly staring at the young man on stage.

Although he wasn’t huge, he had well-toned muscles and a slim body. Her cold, silver-grey hair contrasted particularly well with the sun here in Basor. The eyes are dark green. It was the eyes of a serious prosecutor.

And that face. The pleasant, pleasant face was smiling. At first glance, there is a sharpness to it.

18 years old. The age at which one leaves a boy and becomes a young man. Although he was not old enough, his face gave off a more mature look than a youthful one. This may be because he has left his hometown and is already establishing himself in an unfamiliar country.

‘Descendant of Darian.’

A tingling sensation arose. There was no need to check why he, a member of the Knights of Palma, was here, or whether it was really him.

It wasn’t like it was stamped out, but it was a facial feature that brought back memories.

He resembles Darian. The stubborn and strong teacher who taught Helmut many things, including the sword.

And the strongest human that Helmut had ever seen. A human who could not even treat monsters carelessly in the forest of Pahe. He was a man who gritted his teeth, thinking that one day he would stand shoulder to shoulder with him!

‘What kind of sword will the author use?’

Dang. The bell rang for a long time.

Even before the lingering sound of the bell rang, the fight was over.

“what? “It ended quickly.”

I heard Michael’s voice. Helmut belatedly recognized the presence of Michael by his side. It was because he was so engrossed that he forgot where he was at one point.

A sparring that happened in a very short period of time. Helmut felt a shiver. It was not simply because he had seen the swordsmanship of a strong opponent.

Helmut caught a glimpse of Darian in him.

‘I haven’t even swung the sword a few times to check my swordsmanship.’

However, there were some things that I was able to intuit just from those few times. The author knew Darian’s swordsmanship.

‘It looks like the son didn’t learn in vain.’

Well, it’s Darian. There was no way he could have treated his only son, who was not one of his many disciples, kindly. They probably treated him just as harshly as they did to Helmut.

‘I can’t bear it enough to run away.’

However, such difficult and painful memories are bound to remain in the body. Darian’s unknown son masterfully passed on Darian’s swordsmanship to his talented grandson. That was the guess.

‘I’ve never seen someone with talent like me.’

Helmut was once again surprised by that fact. It’s not arrogance. Helmut was a genius.

However, Darian’s descendant faced an opponent of almost the same level as Helmut, and finished the match in a similar amount of time. At 18 years old, he may be older than Helmut, but he is by no means inferior in terms of talent.

Helmut had a seed of darkness. If they had had an equal starting line, Helmut could not have been guaranteed to be ahead of him.

“What did Hyde think? “I think that person also has good skills.”

“You saw it right. “He’s the favorite to win.”

“Does being a candidate for the championship mean that he is stronger than Hyde?”

He calmly asks sensitive questions. Helmut was not offended.

“I’m also a candidate to win.”



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I don’t think this side will lose. Except for Darian and the rulers of the forest area of ​​Pahe, I have never met an opponent that made me feel like I was going to lose. Michael asked curiously.

“Does that mean we should fight?”

Helmut stood up without answering. He just said one word and quickly left the place.

“I have somewhere to go.”


The young man, Luke Yeager, grinned as he returned to the staging area. I felt good today. Is it because advancement to the finals has been confirmed? But that was already planned. Just like the result of the sparring a little while ago.

‘Maybe something good is about to happen.’

“Isn’t it a fraud for a member of the Knights of Palma to participate in the preliminary round?”

Morgan, the qualifier who had just been eliminated against him, grumbled. Since the opponent is a nobleman, he, a mercenary, must use engineering skills. Luke shrugged his shoulders.

“Just waiting to advance to the finals makes me itchy. “I have to release it like this.”

In fact, those who qualified for the finals did not bother to participate in the preliminary rounds of this martial arts competition. This is because it would be a shame to meet an unexpectedly strong player and be eliminated from the preliminaries.

But Luke didn’t worry about that.

He was a strong man. A strong person who does not need to consider the possibility of defeat.

“Try to work hard. If you do well, wouldn’t you be able to come up in the loser’s resurrection match? “Everyone finds their place according to their abilities.”

“They say that if you have the skills to advance to the finals, you will advance. Well, that’s true.”

Morgan shrugged his shoulders and continued.

“You know, the younger guy is amazing, but there are guys just as good as you. “He’s even younger than you.”

“Ah, I heard of it. Is that guy called Hyde? Have you seen it?”

Luke’s eyes lit up. He was already the subject of rumors spreading throughout the royal capital. Hyde. I heard he was a very handsome guy with blond hair and blue eyes, like the dolls that noble girls collect. He is better suited to books than to swords.

But even though he was only a 16-year-old boy, his skills were incredible. So much so that no one can last more than 3 matches against him.

‘Isn’t that enough skill to join the Knights of Palma?’

If they had met in the preliminaries, Luke himself might have found himself in unexpected trouble. I don’t think this side will lose though.

“I’ve never seen it before… … “I just saw it.”


“He’s coming this way.”

Luke looked back. The presence was surprisingly small. But he had a striking appearance. He has blond hair and blue eyes, and they sparkle enough to stand out in a crowd.

He was a white, young boy, in contrast to the Basore people who had dark hair and dark skin. He looks weak enough to suffer in Basor.

But Luke Yeager did not grow up on Bashor.

‘Your steps are regular and your posture is stable.’

His brows narrowed. It occurred to me that this young guy was not famous for nothing.

There was no hint of hesitation in his gait as he walked this way. Luke noticed that he had come looking for him.

‘Did you watch my game a little while ago?’

If you had seen it, you would have been impressed by his skills and would have come to see him. Luke was embarrassed yet triumphant.

“I’ll leave now, good luck.”

Morgan, who had to prepare for the loser resurrection match, left the tent after saying hello. Luke spoke to the boy who approached him.

“You are a guy named Hyde.”

For a moment, I was curious as to what he was doing and came to visit me. The next moment, Luke’s face hardened at the sound that came out of his mouth.

“Are you the great-grandson of the Sword Saint?”

Luke stretched out his hand. An attempt to cover his mouth was blocked by his quick hands.

The unfamiliar boy glared at him with cold eyes, as if asking if he was going to fight.

Luke quickly looked around. Fortunately, the few people waiting were sticking their heads out of the tent and looking outside to watch the game that had started.

As soon as Luke could sigh in relief, another question came from the boy.

“Why don’t you use the last name Differt?”

“You, speak quietly! how… … Has it already been rumored?”

“Probably not. “I know everything.”

“Hey, that’s a secret. “The knight commander told me not to talk carelessly.”

“… … is that so.”

The boy, who seemed to be thinking about something, added calmly.

“It’s not a rumor, so don’t worry. “Because I have particularly good information.”

As Talon assured, Helmut can find out even state-secret information. Luke frowned as if he was troubled.

“Okay, so Mr. Hyde. Why did you come to see me? Are you really going to ask that?”

“I haven’t answered yet.”

If you want to keep your mouth shut, you have to answer. The young guy has a rather overbearing attitude. Luke answered while looking around.

“My grandfather quit his relationship with the Sword Master and left home. Now, it would be laughable to claim the last name Diefert. “I know from the Defert collateral side, but they seem to be wary of me claiming rights to the family property.”

“But you became a knight in Bashor, right? “Then it would be better to use the last name Defert.”

The successor to the Sword Saint is actually this one, but there is no problem if he sells Darian’s reputation to the outside world. It might be useful too. That was Helmut’s thoughts. Luke shrugged.

“I live here because the Knights of Palma are a good knighthood. Anyway, this has nothing to do with Defert. My grandfather wouldn’t be happy if he found out I went by that last name. “I am Luke of the Jaeger family.”

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