Hard Carry Support Chapter 435


The homepage of NFM, which can now be called one of the world’s leading companies, was still stark.

There are only two site menus.

One was the ‘Main Story’ column, which summarized the history of Assrian, and the other was the Notice column, which hadn’t changed since before.

Seohyun had been accessing the homepage for the first time in a while and was looking at the announcements not long ago.

– A story about the truth will begin soon!

-Time of 8 years accelerates to fit the flow of events!

-Please note that interactions with major NPCs and access to certain areas are restricted while time is stopped! -<Read More+>

Assrian’s history is different from the previous work.

One of the differences was that the main story related to the truth did not start… . Seeing that the event suddenly started, it seems that someone has found a clue related to the truth.

A vague past flashed through Seohyun’s mind.

time acceleration.

Whenever that message popped up, he and Louise had to be separated for five years.

From Iluna, the Land of Darkness, the Labyrinth, the Temple of Light, and the northern city of Lookingham, Louise faced many hardships because the time axis of the user and the NPC was different.

So at that time, whenever a message came up, my heart would sink.

“Hyun, I’m bored.”

Suddenly, someone grabbed my neck from behind and the chair I was sitting on swayed slightly.

You can tell who it is without looking back.

A time when Ain can’t wake up. There’s only one person that sticks to you like this.

“What is it, Louise? It’s heavy, so don’t hang on to it.”

It’s been three months since Louise came out into this world.

Her world was no longer confined to Assrian.

Even while Assrian is accelerating, I can look at the laptop screen together like this.

“What are you looking at so intently?”

“not a big deal.”

Seohyun quietly closed her laptop.

You don’t have to worry about useless things anymore.

Now that she can regard the eventful events as memories, Louise is no longer just an NPC.

Yes, Louise was her own family.

“What about Ain?”

“I’m sleeping in my room… . It won’t happen even if we make a little noise.”

Louise whispered in my ear with her eyes shining.

If it was the original body, it might have been a bit burdensome drawing, but at the age of 15, it looked nothing but a cute little kid.

Seohyun lifted up Louise, who was clinging to her, and put her back in the living room.

“okay? Then, when Ain wakes up, the three of us should do it.”

Seohyun looked at the three capsules placed side by side in the living room.

After Louise came out in real life, it became more common for the three of us to play sub characters together.

The three IDs are Hyun, Ain, and Ruiz.

The connection time ratio was originally 50:50, but as the frequency of playing secondary characters has increased, it has recently increased to about 60:40.

Even after reducing the playing time, he and Ain were still ranked 1st and 2nd, but even if they were overtaken by someone, they wondered what the problem would be.

‘It’s not a big deal just because the level is a bit low.’

It was the same with the sub-charic that paid less attention to growth.

Even though it had been three months since I had formed a fixed 3-person party with Ain and Louise, everyone’s level was just over 60.

It was because they pursued ‘fun’ rather than ‘efficiency’, such as visiting tourist attractions, selling japtem in the city, or killing time on a bench in the square without any meaning.

Neither Ain nor Louise were interested in leveling up, so if they hadn’t paid a little attention, the two would still not have been able to complete the level 50 awakening quest.

‘But there’s also the fun of growing up in Assrian.’

Today is the last patch day.

Seohyun thought that she should move a little busily after a long time.

If you aim right after 8 years have passed, you will be able to make up for all the time you spent playing.

‘It’s true… .’

I chewed over the patch details posted on the homepage notice.

That sentence that someone started an episode of truth.

It’s been a long time since the truth moved.

Even when the forces of harmony were rampant, even when the light was in crisis, the truth was strangely silent.

It was in stark contrast to the previous work, which tried to eliminate the power of deception by mobilizing all means.

The truth, why has it been holding its breath?

Maybe this time her ulterior motives will come to light.

The patch ends at 1:00 PM. Seohyun vowed to wake up her child in advance.


Tens of thousands of Valkyries and thousands of angels were lined up somewhere in the heavens.

Standing at the top of the procession is a woman with gorgeous crystal wings.

Despite her appearance that seemed to embody benevolence, an aura rose around her that would dare not look into her eyes.

She is the first pillar supporting the sky. the archangel of truth

“It was a long wait.”

Truth recalled the events of the past.

The seeds of darkness have bloomed in the world, and the light has faded.

When the existence of harmony appeared again, humans and monsters from all over the world were mixed.

Like that, he didn’t do anything while the forces of the abyss were invading the realm of the sky.

No, I didn’t do anything.

It was just waiting for the right time to come.

“It is finally time to end the long fight”

It doesn’t matter if the light is extinguished. One day the second light will be born.

The appearance of the false existence of harmony is a little bothersome, but compared to other problems, it was not a big deal.

The great devil of deception!

If only I could get rid of her, I could endure a longer wait.

‘I should be thanking you…’ Chrono.’

Truth closed its eyes.

A certain moment in the past flashed through the still flowing memories.

law… No, in today’s world, Chrono is an attendant of chaos.

On the day light and darkness fought, he and Chrono made a contract.

He was also the one who opened the gates of heaven and lent Chrono his strength.

Thanks to this, Chrono was able to appear in the heavens for a while and save the darkness from the forces of light, so this side is responsible for the disappearance of the light.

The value of the sacrifice was sufficient and overflowing.

In return, he could get something more important.

‘But that’s foolish. The one who controls time can’t see the future farther away.’

A thin smile appeared on Truth’s lips.

The price she earned was looking into the ‘future’ just once.

It was thanks to the use of that power that he was able to find the soul of deceit wandering between this world and the nether world.

The mighty power of deception was no different from that of an ordinary child now.

If you seal her and cut off the cycle of reincarnation, the name of deception will be erased forever in the future.

“Then, I will give you an oracle.”

Hwaaak! The body of truth shone brilliantly.

Although the people who served the light disappeared, there were still many people who served the truth.

Light is gone, darkness has missed its opportunity, harmony is only a lie, and the transcendent who rules the world will soon be left with only one truth.

Just like that, the truth’s final plan to completely eradicate the powerless deception was about to begin.


“Phew, I almost died… !”

After the hunt was over, Hyun let out a sigh of relief.

It was the moment when Ain and Louise had finally managed to sort out what they had done without any countermeasures.

He immediately turned to Ain and shouted.

“No, what if I drive the boss mob without thinking! We are only level 60!”

“Huh, it doesn’t matter because I got it, right?”

Ain, whose HP had fallen below 1%, responded triumphantly.

Her new job is a warrior.

Judging by the fact that he was holding knuckles in both hands, it seemed that he had a lot of intentions to become a werewolf in the future.

“First, recover your physical strength. Even if one touches me, I will die immediately.”

“Huh, leave it to me.”

As Louise waved her wand in the air, geometric patterns appeared in the air.

Originally, the magic circle, which would have been mere graffiti, was transformed into a perfect recovery skill through correction of the user’s ‘skill’.

After confirming that his physical strength was recovering, Ain thanked Louise.

The atmosphere between the two, which was sharp at first, has now softened considerably.

Louise had increased her height to the limit due to her appearance change, and Ain had a small physique from the beginning, so the two looked like friends the same age as each other.

“Oh, do something.”

“This much is easy!”

That’s right, Louise’s job is a priest!

It doesn’t make sense that the Great Devil would claim to be a priest, but in fact, there is a more serious problem in this party.

The fact that the number of people doing the work has increased from one to two.

In order to cover the two who constantly bothered each other, Hyeon chose to become a wizard, but he never mastered wide-range magic with strong firepower.

Support and sniper magic were all the skills he had learned so far, so he had no choice but to give up his previously planned skill tree.

In this state of affairs, wouldn’t it be possible to change jobs to a job like ‘Elemental Sniper’?

“… Let’s do it here.”

“Is it over already?”

“I think it would be better to come with the best equipment for hunting.”

Exhausted after only two hours, Hyeon decided to stop hunting.

In fact, leveling up doesn’t matter anyway.

This means that you do not have to focus on your growth while receiving unnecessary stress.

“Well, let’s just play today.”

“Mmm, that’s not bad either.”

Assrian right after the patch ended.

At a time when everyone was busy, Hyun, Ain, and Louise decided to wander the streets as they pleased.

Thanks to each little change in appearance, there was no commotion.

The world after 8 years.

Traces of harmony were everywhere.

A skeleton clerk greeted the group at the general store, and a ghost guided visitors to the temple entrance.

The long guns worn by the village guards also had the pattern of harmony engraved on them.

“It is a strange feeling… I just woke up after sleeping for a few nights, but the future 8 years from now.”

Louise looked around like a child.

He stomped his feet excitedly while hanging out with the group of little ghosts that wrapped around him.

Even though he wouldn’t feel empathy now that he wasn’t the Great Devil, his affection for monsters seemed to be the same.

‘Caydrial… .’

A world where the sky and the abyss are indistinguishable.

A world where people are not discriminated against just because they have magic.

Looking at the new world, Hyun suddenly repeated the name of a woman.

The name of a great demon who no longer exists.

The old prejudice against deception is long gone.

Come to think of it, she never harbored ill will towards anyone.

The only thing against the sky was to confront the hostiles of the abyss.

If you think about why she came up with the name ‘Harmony’, I think you can understand her feelings in the world alone.

‘Is this the future you wished for?’

It was Cadrial who always helped him.

It was she who gave me the job as a supporter and the one who created the relationship called Louise.

Without her, I would never have come this far.

Hyun suddenly felt a pain in one place in his chest.

I think it would have been better if Caidrial could have seen this world together.

Day or night, except for a few places like the sky or the celestial world, it has become a world where anyone can go anywhere they want.

“hyeon… . here is.”

While looking around aimlessly with Ain and Louise, Louise suddenly looked around and asked,

“Isn’t this a place I’ve been to before… ?”


Looking at the surrounding scenery, Hyun held his breath.

As Louise said, it was a place she had seen before.

A single road with oriental lanterns hanging in the middle of numerous wooden pillars was an unforgettable scene.

As I continued to walk, the mysterious temple that was hidden in thick fog was revealed.

‘Twilight Temple… ?’

The place where he met Lutia, learned prayer, and met Louise for the first time.

It seems that the unconscious was leading the steps.

When I thought of Caidrial, it seemed like I came here naturally.

“here is… .”

Tadada dat!

As if possessed, Louise began to climb the stairs to the Temple of Twilight.

“Louise, go with me!”

Hyun and Ain immediately followed Louise, who suddenly ran away.

There was no one inside the temple. The surroundings were as quiet as a rat.

‘Where are you going all of a sudden?’

Louise was crossing the corridor leading to the chapel alone.

Did I even feel nostalgic? We could take a look together.

when I thought of that.

‘… !’

Hyeon hurriedly pulled Louise, who was running ahead, at the sudden presence.

“Wait a minute!”

“laugh… !”

“what… ?”

Hyun, who warned everyone with a whisper, hid in a corner with Ain and Louise.

“Everyone be quiet!”

After a while

Again, again, with everyone holding their breath. Footsteps began to be heard in the empty temple.

I heard the sound of an old door opening.

coo-! The sound of closing again rang out.

It wasn’t until several minutes after the footsteps disappeared that the party started moving again.

“… … .”

Hyeon and the party approached the door where they heard the sound of footsteps.


I quietly opened the door and entered the room so as not to make a loud noise.

And the scene unfolding in front of him gave Hyun a strange sense of deja vu.

“Hyun, there’s someone over there!”

Hearing Ain’s whisper, Hyun turned to the side.

A chair in the corner of the room.

A girl sat on it, chained to it.


“… … .”

Hyeon approached the girl and untied the restraints.

The girl with colorful hair like a blazing fire was full of scars all over her body.


When Louise’s recovery magic was added, the red-haired girl finally opened her eyes.

“Laugh, laugh… !”

The girl was afraid.

Hyun waited for her to calm down.

The food I had was only what was given to me when I started.

Even though it was just hard bread and water, the girl hurriedly ate the food as if she had been starving for a long time.

After that, he looked up at the group as if he was a little relieved.

“This child… .」

“Hyun, is this by any chance?”

Ain and Louise’s mouths widened at the appearance of a girl who looked so much like someone else.

Hyeon’s feelings were not too different from the two.

The girl’s eyes were as red as fireworks as she looked up at me with a big wink.

The woman with the same eyes must be… .

‘Caydrial… ?’

I don’t know how it happened.

I’m not even sure if my thoughts are right.

When her mind was so complicated, the girl’s trembling lips opened.

“you are… Who is it? how to save me… ?”

“… !”

The moment I heard that voice, Hyun-yi had a certainty in his head.

At the same time, joy welled up in my heart.

is this a miracle?

Or is it a trick of fate?

There was no time to think long.

another angle, another angle. It was because footsteps were heard again in the hallway outside.

“Let’s run away!”

“What… ?”

Hyun grabbed the flustered girl and dragged her away.

“Can you run alone?”

“yes… a little bit.”

“Okay, that’s great.”

「Ain, Louise!」


“Yes… ?”

“follow me!”

rattle! The moment the door opened, Hyeon and the others were already jumping out the window with the girl.

Hyeon’s mouth was full of laughter even as he heard shouts from behind.

A premonition that another troublesome incident will happen in the future.

But for some reason, the trouble was so welcome.

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