Hard Carry Support Chapter 432-433-434

Episode End (1), Episode End (2) and Episode End (3)

The moment the unbelievable message passed, Hyun understood the whole situation.

How Louise woke up from a nightmare. Also, why are black crystal wings suddenly appearing?

The light had sealed the ego of darkness in its own body.

Now that he has disappeared, the fragments of the ego scattered in all directions are being absorbed back into the original owner, Louise.

“this is… ?”


Seeing the pair of wings growing behind her back, Louise looked around in bewilderment.

This was completely unexpected for her.

It was the same for Hyeon, but he answered the question with the utmost composure.


“What… ?”

“It’s probably the final step for you to become the Great Devil of Darkness.”

“The Great Devil… ? What is this body?”

Louise looked down at her body.

If so, the reason your mind is getting clearer is probably because your ego is getting bigger.

A very sudden final awakening.

When you become the Great Devil, you no longer need to hide or look into the sky.

It must have been something I’ve been wishing for for a long time… .

For some reason, I’m not very happy with this situation.

“How many years has it been this time… ?”

Louise asked cautiously.

As an NPC, she couldn’t read the message that only came to the user.

Hyun took a deep breath and told the truth.

“A thousand years.”

“Yes, thousand… What, what?!”

“I guess I will fall asleep for a thousand years.”

“Sleeping… ?”

Louise’s voice, which had been loud for an instant, became quiet.

I was surprised by the tremendous amount of time that was a thousand years, but at least there was something fortunate about it.

Because if you’re not conscious, you can’t feel the flow of time.

The moment of parting will pass like a chalna.

“I see… . I can meet you right away this time It’s like I became a user too.”

“… … .”

“Oh, come to think of it, I couldn’t say goodbye to Papi. If it’s him, he’ll be alive in a thousand years.”

“… … .”

“It feels a little strange. I can’t believe it’s been a thousand years. hmm… ?”

Louise’s eyes, which continued to speak to herself, turned to the strings, and she felt her heart skip a beat.

The moment he met Hyun’s eyes, he felt an unusual atmosphere.

The war was clearly won… Why is he making that face?

If it was the original prefecture, it would have looked very excited at the face of the world that would change over the course of a thousand years… !

‘no way… .’

In an instant, an ominous feeling struck Louise’s mind.

It was the first time I had a conversation with Hyun for so long since the huge incident was over.

It was because the time on both sides had been out of sync before, without a chance to exchange a word.

Louise posed a question to Hyeon with a casual tone.

“But this time, you have a little more time.”

“… … .”

“How much is left before time accelerates?”

“that… .”

Hyun, who was silent, finally opened his mouth.

Louise’s question was something she couldn’t answer right now.

I’ve been staring at the message window since a while ago, but the time axis is changing… No, because not even a single new message came to mind.

“Maybe nothing will happen this time.”

Hyeon, who had been biting his lips for a while, spoke honestly about what he was thinking.

Ruiz, the seed of darkness, gradually grows and eventually becomes the true great devil.

If it is an episode of ‘darkness’, there is no reason why there should be a back story.

In fact, some of Assrian’s quests used to end with open endings like that.

If this guess is correct…

The moment Louise falls asleep, she will receive a huge reward, and with that, all the dark episodes will be over.

with that… It will be over.

“nothing… ?”

“huh… . maybe.”

Still no new messages come to mind.

Guessing meant getting close to a fait accompli.

That was the moment.

“… !”

Louise, who suddenly had the ‘black wind’ wrapped around her hand, began to tug at her own wings to tear them off.

Hyeon widened his eyes at her sudden action.

However, no matter how hard she gritted her teeth and tried her best, the crystal wings hanging from her shoulder blades remained intact.

Rather, it was gradually increasing in size.

“hyeon… I am… !”

For a moment, Louise was speechless.

I was about to say I wanted to stop waking up, but I wondered if I had the right to say such a thing.

“I am… .”

From the moment we first met, Hyun’s every move was to make himself the Great Devil.

So isn’t it a kind of betrayal to change words now?

Wouldn’t it be denying the goal he had seen and ran for about 20 years?

It was at a time when Louise hesitated, not knowing what to do, that Hyun opened her mouth.

“no… .”

“… !”

“Not yet.”

Louise’s eyes widened.

I didn’t even do fairy tales, but I could clearly feel the other person’s heart even though it was just eye contact.

Hyeon’s eyes, which pretended to be calm, were full of danger.

Yes, our feelings are not different from each other.

‘If it was like this… !’


Hyun’s expression stiffened as he drew his sword and struck Louise’s wings.

<Transcendence: -38,503,183>

He realized that he had no power left to break the crystal wings.

Hyun wanted to pick up the words of the past and put them in.

If you raise Louise as the Great Devil, you will receive a huge reward… ?

it’s bullshit

Hero, emperor, or god, no matter what position they give me, I can’t exchange them for Louise!

“scared… .”

Suddenly, Louise’s muttering stopped the movement of the strings.

“I still haven’t woken up from the nightmare… Wouldn’t it be?”

Then one hand went numb.

Louise had a pod in her hand to the point that it hurt.

It’s like you’ll never miss it.

“You are so sleepy… .”

However, the strength of her grip, which held Hyun’s hand with all her strength, also loosened over time.

The power of Louise, who had been visited by Suma, was draining.

Two lines of tears flowed from Louise’s wide open eyes.

“Your face… I can’t see well… .”

As her staggering body tilted, her black and white wings overlapped each other.

“… … .”

Louise’s eyelids fluttered into Hyun’s field of vision.

10 years old, 15 years old, 20 years old, and the images of her until now passed through my memory like a panorama.

Was the relationship between the user and the NPC originally impossible to connect deeply?

From the moment I met Louise, was the outcome decided?

If so, that’s a very cruel story.

Hyun looked helplessly at Louise, who would soon fall into a long sleep.

Was it a mistake to extinguish the light?

I want to bring him back to life if I can!

I know that it is nothing more than a vain delusion.

Even the power of chaos that is closest to time cannot go against time.

No one could change Louise’s fate at this moment.

It was the moment when Hyeon’s head was lowered in such terrible sadness.

Once again, lightning pierced Hyun’s brain.

“… !”

No, there is one… !

Suddenly, Hyun started shouting into the empty space like a person possessed by a ghost.

“Are you watching?!”

An unpopular forest. The reason for shouting at a place where broadcasting drones are not floating.

“The war ended in victory!”

It was because the presence that could turn the situation around came to mind.

Chairman Kwon Dae-ho, the top development team!

If he was the creator of this world, he would be able to ignore all causes and effect and change Louise’s fate.

“I said that stabilizing the world would bring Louise to reality… ?”

There is no certainty that Chairman Kwon Dae-ho will accept the request.

You may not even be looking at your own screen.

However, if even the slightest possibility existed, Hyun decided to risk everything on it one last time.

“So now… ah… !”

Hyun, who continued talking, let out a short sigh.

It was because Louise, who had been slumped and held in her arms, disappeared in an instant, and she wrapped herself in the empty air.

Several thoughts popped into my mind.

Did you teleport somewhere?

As written in the message, it may have been transferred automatically to sleep for 1000 years in the demon realm… !


Soon after, a thunderous sound was heard.

Without even preparing his mind, a message appeared in front of Hyun’s eyes.

“ah… ?”

Hyun let out a sigh mixed with questions.

Because I couldn’t understand what the sentence meant.

[Party member ‘Louise’ has logged out!]

‘… ?’

Countless question marks popped up in Hyun’s head.

After a while, someone’s voice began to be heard in Hyun’s ears, when his thoughts had completely stopped.

「Long time no see. I have news to tell you.”

voice in memory.

“This world seems to be quite stable. Since you kept your promise first, I can’t be silent either.”

A smile slowly came to Hyun’s lips at the welcome voice.

“So I immediately tested your request.”

Even after Louise disappeared, Crystal’s wings remained in the air.

Damn – cracks started to form in the crystal.

As the object of the ritual disappeared for unknown reasons, the dark selves rebelled against each other.


Soon after, the crystal’s wings were shattered, and thousands of fragments became black flashes and scattered in all directions.

Over the mountains, above the sky, or below the sea.

The ego crystals that lost their masters disappeared again somewhere in the world.

In the forest after a commotion, the wind swayed the leaves.

“After a brief test, her sensory synchrony is around 80%. Well, recreating all of the human senses is not an easy task.”

“… … .”

“To begin with, I think it will take a few more months. After a few more simple tests, she’ll send you back soon.”

haha… ha ha ha…

A laugh escaped Hyun’s lips.

[Dark Awakening has been canceled for unknown reasons!]

[For re-awakening, we need to gather the fragments of the ego scattered around the world!]

You can be sure by looking at the log window of the message.

Louise’s awakening was completely cancelled.

Even if you come back, the interrupted consciousness won’t resume.

There will be no sleep for 1000 years.

Because the dark episode is not over yet.

“Whoa… !”

Hyeon, who lost all strength in his body, lay sprawled on the floor.

As the tension eased, a question came to mind.

Assrian was able to become a ‘second home’ for mankind because the developers did not have a direct impact on the world.

Many experts used to say that the lack of interference and control allowed companies to freely invest in virtual worlds.

But wouldn’t it be a problem if there was a precedent like this?

If it were known that a single gesture could shake the world, it would hurt NFM’s income, and it would be difficult to restore users’ trust once it had been cracked.

It was when Hyun was concerned about Kwon Dae-ho’s voice.

“Oh, I’m just asking just in case. Were you doing something important?”

“yes… ?”

“Now that I think about it, I am worried that I may have intervened at a crucial moment. For example, things like certain quests being interrupted because of me.”

“… … .”

After pondering the meaning for a moment, Hyun’s mouth drew an arc.

Hyun answered after thinking carefully.

“no. Nothing happened.”

“okay? I’m glad then. Well, the war has just ended, so is there anything special?”

“Haha, that’s right… .”

Hui-i-i- While the wind tickled his neck, Hyun, who was lying on the floor, blinked quietly.

The sky, which had been split in half along with the white belt, had been sealed back to normal.

The night sky seemed as if nothing had happened if Gluna and Iluna hadn’t split in half.

The night sky that was so familiar looked so beautiful today.

The war is over.

The angels who filled the earth were summoned back to the heavens, and the heavenly forces that invaded the sky bridge also lost their morale and were defeated.

Everything happened at the same time that the string extinguished the light.


Shouts resounded all over the ground. The victory shouts of players and NPCs in harmony.

The war, in which a large number of 1.5 generation NPCs participated, inevitably has a different meaning to users.

In a battlefield where hope and despair were mixed, everyone became one soldier and protected the ground together.

The users who directly encountered the NPCs, and those who watched the rankers’ broadcasts, felt catharsis flowing through their bodies the moment they saw the enemies retreating.

“Yesterday, a huge war broke out in virtual reality space.”

The impact of the war was also enormous.

The incident at Asrian even made headlines in news that had nothing to do with the game.

On the TV where the family gathered together, a scene in which warriors and wizards in the game clash was directed.

“Users from all over the world fought to the death against the enemy, and according to experts, this war was a decisive battle that could shake the world economy. It is estimated that if the users lost the war, Assrian-based companies would have suffered astronomical losses. Except for one place, SHA Company.”

The transmission screen moved to an island in the sky floating in the middle of the white band.

An explanation was added that the value of the border city had risen once again.

It is thanks to the fact that the border city did not suffer any damage even while the ground was destroyed in half by the angels’ attacks.

“Users are keeping an eye on the Shade Guild. This is because the relationship between the Shade and the NPC faction was partially revealed in this war. Despite many people’s questions, Shade has not given an official answer.”

Lastly, the face of Seohyun, the head of the Shade Guild and the president of SHA Company, was taken close-up.

It was revealed in many places that the Shade Guild was deeply involved in this war, but no one could suggest a clear link.

What was the Shade Guild doing during the war?

No, few users knew that Hyun had annihilated the Archangel of Light.

Only one human witnessed the fiercest battle on the sea. This is because the NPC magic corps commander was the only one who followed the flow of the magic storm.

Several broadcast drones discovered the string by chance while exploring the location of the black flash.

But then, after all the fighting was over.

Hyun was relieved at the sight of Louise returning safely to her original state, and was holding her tightly.

<Who is Hyun’s other girl?!>

Users did not know Louise’s identity.

The only time Louise as an adult appeared in the media was at the Temple of Light, and even then, her entire body was wrapped in magic.

It was a perfect situation for people who don’t know anything to misunderstand, so it was natural for the scandalous articles to pour out.

The article was quickly taken down due to the pressure from SHA Company, but the reaction from users was explosive.

-Who is that silver-haired woman?

-Hey, I feel sorry for you.

– It just caught on. Even so, Ain will like Hyun, right?

-No, how many women are there?

-Attitude not to settle for what we currently have. That’s “Hero”… .

Hyun did not expect that a drone was taking pictures of him from afar.

At the time, I couldn’t afford to think of anything else for the joy of meeting Louise again.

“Huh… .”

During breakfast, Ain, who was reading the internet news, let out a strange sound.

The picture floating on her smartphone screen is the scene of the controversy.

I know what happened.

Yesterday’s self was also anxiously watching the same screen on the broadcast. I understand how Hyun felt and acted like that.

Even so, I don’t like it when other people say it arbitrarily.


“Yes… ?”

Seohyun, who was glancing at Ain’s screen, lifted her head in surprise.

Huhuhu, I couldn’t stop myself even though I smiled and watched Ain slowly approaching.

Even though I didn’t commit any particular crime, I could be sure that the initiative had been taken away.

Seohyun held her breath while waiting for Ain to open her mouth.

“why? It’s nothing.”

“uh? is it… ?”

“It is said that there are many people abroad who do hugs instead of greetings.”

“Well, I guess it was… .”

Surprisingly, the response was quiet.

Ain’s words continued at that time when I wondered if it was going to be easy.

“But if that’s an ordinary greeting… Shouldn’t lovers do more?”

And then, Ain secretly pulls his hand.

Seohyun, who was nervous not knowing what to say, relaxed.

Seohyun, who now roughly grasped her intentions, stood up from her seat pretending to be invincible.

Unlike in Assrian, in reality, no matter how hard Ain tries, he won’t be able to overcome the strength of an adult man.

“now? I couldn’t even eat.”

“There is me instead of rice!”

Seohyun collapsed on the bed due to the exquisite balance.

Even in the reality without power, it seemed that Ain’s skills were still there.

Then, a little familiar, but a new sensation wrapped around my lips every time.

“… .”

Seohyun closed her eyes.

I can now understand the consideration that lies in the actions of Ain, who attacks me without saying a word or two.

A smile appeared on Seohyun’s face as she stretched out her arms to embrace Ain.


The war between the ground and the sky had a greater impact on the consciousness of NPCs than users.

The fact that angels were hostile to humans was a huge shock to the inhabitants of Asrian who did not believe in harmony.

Since he was betrayed by the celestials and angels he believed in, it was only natural that the followers of harmony began to increase rapidly after the war.

A new change came to the world like that, but Hyun felt that his life hadn’t changed that much.

Except for occasional guild management and important decisions for the SHA Company, I spent time clearing quests and hunting.

Asrian’s world was full of untouched places and formidable enemies.

For example, the master of the labyrinth, the guardian of the interloop, and the like.

The forces of ‘truth’ still remained in the heavens.

For some reason, it was silent until the light disappeared, but it was certain that the influence of the truth when it moved would not be less than the light.

Besides, the dark episode is not over yet.

This time, he intends to find a way to regain Louise’s power without waiting for 1,000 years.

I don’t know how long it will take to find the fragments of my self scattered in thousands or tens of thousands of pieces.

It is a story that the history of Assrian continues even after the war, and his daily life will not change much from before.


To be honest, things have changed a bit.

“hyeon. I found out something interesting.”


“I did some history study. They say that all the kings of the Asura country had three or more, at most dozens of concubines by their side.”

That Louise often clings to her.

And whenever Ain wasn’t around, he would bring up a little meaningful story.

“Hyun, this body owes you so much. You will have no choice but to pay it off over the course of your life.”

“How am I going to pay you back… ?”

“First of all, it is to prepare the posture of a king! If you want to be a true king, you must have a concubine!”

It’s a concubine… . It was a very unconventional story for Hyun, who has lived in modern society.

Wouldn’t the ‘age’ have to completely change in order for the society Louise was talking about to come true?

With the advent of Assrian, you can think about it once when a transformation similar to the one where the boundaries of the world collapsed takes place.

Of course, it would be difficult to ask Ain what his opinion would be.

And another important change.

This time, important changes began to occur in the real life, not Assrian.

“Hyun, haven’t you forgotten something?”


“When the war ends safely, we… You know what you were supposed to do.”

Ain mumbles and strokes his hair with his left hand.

Is it just a coincidence that the ring on the finger is exceptionally visible?

“Well what was it?”

“What, what is it… ? After, after… Don’t act like you don’t know.”

“Um, I don’t know about that. anyway… .”

It was so cute that he almost burst into laughter without realizing it.

“let’s get married.”

“Look, another stupid word… Ugh, ugh… ?”

In an instant, Ain’s eyes widened.

A moment of silence ensued.

Ain’s face came a little closer to Hyeon.


“… ?”

“I didn’t hear you properly… .”

“love you. therefore.”

Ain stopped breathing again.

It seems like he won’t miss even a little bit of his voice.

“let’s get married.”

It had been a while since Ain, who had been shivering as if he had been electrocuted, opened his mouth.

“today… ?”

“What nonsense is that?”

“That, right… ! It’s too late today, so tomorrow… .”

“How do you get married in one day? Let’s prepare step by step from now on.”

“That, right… ! Huh, how was my joke? Is it fun?”

Ain talking gibberish with his face flushed.

Ain seemed to be halfway out of his mind, so Hyun decided to change the subject to something more serious.

“Ahin, do you have any plans to go to college?”

He knows that he and Ain have lived a slightly different life than others.

Ain, who would have been a sophomore now if he had entered college normally, couldn’t even spend his high school days properly because he played Assrian with him.

“university? suddenly?!”

“I also plan to return to school from next semester.”

I don’t want others to look at Ain with a prejudiced eye.

Of course, I would say that it doesn’t matter.

He wanted to do everything others could do for her, who would become his eternal companion in the future.

“If Hyun goes, of course I have to go too! Oh, but… ”

Ain’s expression, which had been confidently replying, instantly became depressed.

It was because it reminded him of the fact that his grades in school were not that good before taking the GED.

Even in the second year of high school, I wasn’t very good at it, so it will be even more serious now that I have studied for three years.

“By the way, will I be able to enter the prefecture’s university…? ?”

“Don’t worry about that. There are also many Assrian-related departments in the arts and physical education field. Whether the tournament is the goal or the ranker is the goal, would you take it anywhere on your own?”

“okay… ?”

“Because it is.”

after talking there.

Hyun smiled as he looked at Ah-in, who looked on with anticipation.

“And I want to transfer to the same place as you.”

“… !”

“It’s not like I’m going to become a public idol now, so it’s fun going to school together, right?”

“i love it!”

Ain jumps up suddenly.

Her violent reaction brought a gentle smile to Hyun’s lips.

Of course, minor problems will still remain.

The fact that Ain’s admission is 2 years late is more than enough to cover that huge period… .

I wonder if it would seem strange to go to college and get married at the same time.

Worried that the university he attended was not a very good place and that others would look down on him.

But those questions and worries are really trivial compared to the future happiness.

In addition, he now had the ability to solve most problems.

‘Considering the future, I’ll pay more. How much do you need to donate to enter the top 5 universities in Korea? Or maybe it would be helpful to lend a lot of land to build a campus in the border city.’

It was a prefecture that thought it would be much easier to raise the reputation of the current university than to go through the hassle of transferring.


Time flew by.

It has been six months since we started preparing for the wedding.

Many things have happened in the world.

<Foreigners pay attention to oo University. Who are the new students this year?>

<University is Assrian now? Where is the line between reality and fiction?

<Asrian’s first electronic device appeared! Beautiful harmony of magic engineering and modern engineering!>

<Is South Korea a SHA Republic? Find out about the competition rate for recruiting new Shade Guild members>

<Column: The story of the father who created the world and the boy who became the king of the world>

Hyun had never experienced such an eventful six months otherwise.

Did you think that ‘college’ and ‘preparation for marriage’ were just added to your daily life, so it was no big deal?

It was a complete mistake.

It was hard to follow the rule of playing Assrian for more than 6 hours every day because he was hectic every day.

What’s interesting is that the name of the No. 1 player in the rankings hasn’t changed.

Even among the users, the phrase ‘evil level 410’ became quite famous.

Most of the users couldn’t exceed level 400, and among rankers, there were cases where they couldn’t break through a certain level for several years.

Even Latis, who is called the greatest talent of all time, has been stagnant for four months, so other users will feel sad.

Of course, he and Ain, who were still ranked 1st and 2nd, couldn’t level up at the speed of light like before.

<Transcendence: -23,392,821>

If you do a rough calculation, it will be one year until that negative number disappears.

It meant that the most important transcendental power could not be used for a year while paying off the debt.

Still, compared to others, he still grew faster, and even if he caught up, there would be no problem now.

You can think of the one year when you can’t handle the transcendental power as a period where you can play while changing the skill tree at will.

In fact, there are more important stories than those.

The wedding date is less than a week away.

“Ain, how do you look?”

“Yeah, a bright background is fine too!”

Top of the border city.

The city, which had always been night, was now as bright as daytime.

Now that all humans on earth serve harmony, the city no longer has to hide within the band of white.

Even if you come out to the sunny side like this without hesitation, it has nothing to do with it.

“Yes, the wedding day should be bright.”

Hyun leaned against the railing and looked down.

Many people were busy walking around the place where the wedding was scheduled.

Even from the point of view of modern people, it is no longer special to have a wedding in Assrian, but it has probably never been on such a large scale.

A wedding in which both the user and Asrian’s NPC participate as guests.

A few days later, Hyun smiled with satisfaction as he imagined for a moment that the large platform would be filled with countless people.

Yes, for Ain who only looked at himself, he could have held a splendid wedding ceremony that would go down in history.

‘Anyway, I’m finally ready.’

The meeting has already been completed.

Ain’s free personality seemed to resemble her mother’s.

It seems that it was her mother who suddenly approved of Ain’s decision to focus on Asrian while attending high school.

And Ain’s father seems to have allowed his daughter’s independence after coldly judging the future that Asrian will face.

It doesn’t seem like they allowed us to live together, but… . So far, it has worked out fine in the end.

“Ohh, Hyun was here too.”

Hearing the sudden voice, he turned around.

In the guild building at the top of the city are the Shade Guild members who have been together.

No, now there were the top executives of the Shade Guild.

“What, why are you all here?”

“If the wedding starts on the weekend, it will be hard to say properly, but I want to see everyone before that.”

“aha… .”

Except for Louise, who was always lounging around on the sofa.

Salon, Tartar, and even the genie, who is usually hard to see, seemed to have made time for it.

If he added himself and Ain, it was like all the members of the early Shade Guild gathered in one place.

“Hmm, flashy isn’t bad either. I wish it was a bit darker.”

Approaching the railing, Louise muttered as she looked down at the wedding setting.

“Whoa, this body is dark, so I prefer intensity over splendor… With a little more dignity… !”

Louise mumbled something to herself.

But no one seemed to be paying attention to her self-talk.

“Hyung, I’m going to college soon too!”

“What, already? Tartar, when did you become an adult?”

Hyun was busy chatting with his guild members, and Ain was busy looking at Hyun.

And it was because the rest of the guild members were distraught from the moment they saw the two of them about to get married.

‘Whoa… .’

Ginny sighed and tapped the table with her fingers.

It wasn’t that I had no thoughts of marriage at all. She used to fantasize about starting her own family like everyone else.

In fact, if you set your mind to getting married, you could do it anytime.

Just because she was an executive of the Shade Guild and the chief manager of the SHA Company, she was a high-class wife.

‘Will I be a person of destiny?’

But my eyes got too high.

Looking at Hyun from nearby, it happened naturally.

Even though it was natural that there would be no other man like him in this world.

Heh, at last Ginny let out a liberating laugh.

For the time being, I thought I might have to marry SHA Company.

“Is it marriage… .”

And Salon was alone, leaning against the wall, laughing bitterly.

As always, he kept his emotions in check.


The largest wedding in history took place.

Hyun and Ain’s wedding made a big topic even to the world outside of Asrian.

There were often people who shrugged their shoulders just because they received an invitation.

It was only natural that it was a wedding attended by prestigious guild leaders and rankers, as well as high-ranking dignitaries in reality, and even Chairman Kwon Dae-ho.

The most colorful festival in the world.

The wedding of the two made not only the border city but also the entire Assrian uproar.

The ceremonial temples were lit until midnight.

The entire earth blesses the relationship between the two.

During the wedding ceremony, Hyeon and Ain couldn’t come to their senses.

I felt like I knew what it meant to be happy even though I wasn’t crazy.

“Whoa… .”

After the kiss ended, Ain let out a heated moan.

“one more time… .”

Hyeon burst into laughter at Ain’s absurd request.

At a wedding, this guy would be the only one who would ask such a favor in front of everyone else.

But, can I refuse?

The moment our mouths meet again.

Hyun could hear shouts and cheers coming from all directions.

While the Empire’s royal orchestra blows the trumpets, the firecrackers of the Nation of Darkness explode, and the choir’s hymns resound.

Yes, this is the place he longed for so much.

This must be the throne of Assrian.


[An email from ‘Kwon Dae-ho’ has arrived!]

A few more weeks passed after the splendid ceremony when a mail arrived from Seohyun.

From the moment she had a premonition of something, Seohyun’s heart started pounding like crazy.

Chairman Kwon Dae-ho’s promise. It was because he hadn’t forgotten the words that he would bring Louise to reality.

-The bowl that can contain the 2nd generation artificial intelligence has finally been completed. Please understand that it took a little longer than expected to satisfy our special request.

‘request? What request?’

At the beginning, there were words written that I didn’t understand well, but it didn’t matter.

Kung, thump, unable to control the thumping of her heart, Seohyun slowly opened the video attached to the email.


A silver-haired girl smiling with her eyes closed.

The image of Louise lying in the capsule looked so real that I even had the illusion that this video was recorded by Assrian.

After the video finally ended, Seohyun read Daeho Kwon’s explanation.

-The way NPCs travel around the world isn’t much different from users. By logging in and out, you can temporarily erase yourself from Asrian while preserving your memories.

-Your strength won’t be much different from that of a woman of your age. It’s obvious, but in reality, you can’t use special powers like magic.

-If you make up your mind, come to me. The detailed explanation will continue at that time.

“What is that, Hyun?”

Ain, who had just arrived, raised his head.

“Oh, that’s what I said then.”

After checking the sender, he nodded as if he knew.

“That’s right. however… … .”

Seohyun blinked.

All good, but one thing I couldn’t understand.

Why does the image of Louise reflected in the video look quite different from the current Louise?

It’s not that Louise feels as strange as anyone else. just…

“Why do you look so young?”

Why does her apparent age appear to be only around fifteen?

Huhu, Seohyun couldn’t see the corner of Ain’s mouth go up.

He couldn’t even imagine that there was any kind of connection between Ain and Kwon Daeho.


No accident happened.

After skipping the world, Louise’s soul landed safely in a bowl made with cutting-edge technology.

There was only a little commotion.

It was because Louise, who had regained consciousness, started muttering incomprehensible words.

“You made this body so small!”

“This is invalid! Yes, Ain, Ain is the culprit… !”

It wasn’t difficult to quiet the fuss.

“Be quiet, kid.”

When her arm was grabbed by Ain, who was only a few centimeters taller, Louise had no choice but to struggle.

In a reality where there are no skills or magic, Louise is an ordinary child.

Even after that, for a few days, Louise was often riotous, but as time passed, she became quiet and eventually moved while using her body as a child.

“I also want to try Assrian.”

“what… ?”

“Like you or Ain, I want to become a user.”

The first thing Louise wanted to do after coming out into reality wasn’t to see her favorite play or movie.

It was also later to taste real food.

Wanting to play Assrian was Louise’s first request.

“What do you do when you become a user?”

“I don’t know about that yet.”

“… ?”

“My fondest memory was traveling with you. I just want to freely roam this world without worrying about being chased by anyone.”

“Um… .”

It was natural for Seohyun to have questions after hearing Louise’s words.

NPCs becoming users, is that possible?

“Are there any problems?”

“There is a problem. First of all, you need genetic information to access the capsule, but you probably… Umm… ?!”

[New player recognized! Checking your personal information.]

[Is the following information correct? Y/N]

Name: Louise

Age: 15 years old

Residence: XXX, OO-gu, Seoul… .

Other detailed information: Undisclosed

“Oh, that’s how you do it.”

‘what… ?’

Seohyun looked at Louise with blank eyes.

Perhaps thanks to the release of electronic devices such as TVs and remote controls in Assrian, Louise’s movements in manipulating the capsule were unstoppable.

Haha. I see

Seohyun, who finally understood the situation, let out a laugh.

Louise is a second-generation artificial intelligence.

Louise would be the only one who was sophisticated enough to be indistinguishable from humans.

If her appearance becomes known to the world, it will surely become noisy.

Chairman Kwon Dae-ho must have prepared to some extent for Louise to become the target of numerous people’s interest, experiments, and ethical issues.

‘Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be overtaken by anyone anyway. I won’t be able to use my transcendental power for a while.’

The ID Louise decided was Louise, just like her name.

While watching the capsule screen, an interesting thought suddenly came to Seohyun’s head.

“Ahin, would you like to raise our second character?”

“Yes? Sub-character~?”

Ain suddenly looked at Hyeon with grim eyes.

At the moment when Louise created her ID, the reason for creating the second character was because there was only one.

Ain, after thinking about it for a while, sighed as if he couldn’t help it.

Come to think of it, she is also the wife of Dong Dong Hyun, a full-fledged adult.

It must be past the time to be jealous of the little boy.

“okay. instead.”

“instead… ?”

“Let’s raise one more.”

Yes, it was time to show an adult-like response.

“Whoops, you know it’s not the third character, right?”

The corners of Ain’s lips drew the same arc as always.

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