Hard Carry Support Chapter 426-427-428

The Place Transcendence Sees (1), The Place Transcendence Sees (2) and The Place Transcendence Sees (3)

Hyun, Ain, and Louise received buffs from the demons and were looking down on the battle situation from high up in the sky.

The sight of the army of Abyss pushing the forces of the sky in a devastating fashion!

The reason Abyss can dominate in this way is that in this world reversed to darkness, demonic energy is stronger than divine power.

Louise and her subordinates were great, but the one who stood out the most was, of course, the royal devil.

“Hee hee, one more step~!”

The moment the naughty girl’s fingers went down from top to bottom.

The black sun, several kilometers across, once again crashed like a meteorite.

Koo Goo Goo!

There was even an attraction like a black hole in the sphere that devastated the land of the celestial world, and the Valkyries and angels who couldn’t escape were sucked into the black sun and screamed in pain.

And finally, after the black sun disappeared, there was a hole in the ground so deep and huge that there was no end in sight.

Louise, who watched the whole scene, involuntarily opened her mouth in admiration.

“It is a tremendous power… .”

“Whoops, it’s nothing.”

The devil blurted out his words, embarrassed.

When she turned her head right away, a faint smile appeared on her face.

“I have a question.”

Louise suddenly asked.

While staring at the girl who was flying beside him and looked much younger than he was on the outside.

“When did you and I ever meet? therefore… For some reason, it felt familiar.”

Louise looked up into the air as if trying to recall something very old.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not remember anything related to the royal demon.

It just felt stuffy and vague, like trying to get caught.

Rather, it was the devil who was surprised by Louise’s reaction,

“I hope I remember… ?”

“No, I don’t remember anything. just… It’s just a feeling.”

“Then I must help you remember. What I used to be like.”

The devil hid his surprised face and smiled incongruously with his youthful appearance.

It was a smile that would have looked like a benevolent angel had it not been for the jet-black wings on her back.

“Darkness, please watch. I will never leave your side for a moment.”

The royal demon flapped its wings and flew higher.

While looking down, he concentrated an enormous amount of demonic energy on his fingertips.

Hwaaak! Thousands and tens of thousands of strands of black stems spread from her index finger in all directions.

A black flash struck the heavens.

If the previous one was a black sun, this one is a pitch-black rain to destroy the world!


Right. Then, the moment the royal devil snapped his fingers!

Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwang! Tens of thousands of flashes exploded again in series.

‘I’m glad.’

Hyun let out a sigh of relief as he watched everything fall to the ground under his feet.

It was horrifying to imagine what the aftermath would be if a fight like this had taken place on the ground.

‘Anyway, things are going well.’

Hyun quickly analyzed the situation.

While the angels were distracted by the descent, moving along the aorta, sinking the world to create a battlefield favorable to the abyss, and successfully summoning demons to the heavens.

There were several crises along the way, but the party somehow managed to fulfill their mission.

Thanks to this, the Army of Abyss was able to perfectly capture the sky, destroyed the stronghold of light, and even annihilated several angels.

If it’s come this far, the Light won’t even dare to go through the Mass Advent Ritual again.

Furthermore, with this opportunity, the power of the light will be significantly weakened.

‘But isn’t it too easy than I thought?’

Suddenly Hyun felt uneasy.

Everything was fitting together as planned.

“Hyung, isn’t that a bit strange?”

“what… ?」

“It may be my misunderstanding… .」

“Anything is fine, so tell me.”

“that is… I thought the counterattack was too weak.”

At the same time, Ain seemed to feel the same wonder.

For an instant, Hyeon felt his hair stand on end.

It was because he himself felt that the angels were not actively defending the Light Castle.

One person’s feeling can be dismissed as just an illusion, but the overlapping of two people’s thoughts means that it is not a coincidence.


An unpleasant feeling of discomfort filled my head.

Is it a trap?

If our plan had been discovered, the light could have set a trap.

After thinking for a moment, Hyun shook his head.

While the point at which he briefed everyone on the plan was just before the invasion of Heaven, the light had been preparing for the large-scale advent for over a year.

In order to maintain strict security, the plan was not told to anyone, so it was impossible to prepare a trap for a year unless the light entered and exited my head.

In general, that would be correct.


Hyeon threw away the complacency that was rising in his heart.

‘I have to consider all the possibilities!’

The opponent is the Archangel of Light.

Second-generation artificial intelligence, such as archangels and demons, often came up with ideas that humans could not even dare to think of, and realized them.

Even at the Temple of Light, didn’t the light understand all of Caydrial’s complex plans and give an oracle?

Yes, light always has the ability to find the best move in its favor.

In addition, predictions based on logical thinking change closer to foreknowledge as the number of each other is closer to the best.

An idea you conceived. What if the number of invading the heavens was the best?

The light meant that you could know the future without having to peek into our thoughts.

‘… !’

Hyeon suddenly raised his head in an anxious premonition.

Immediately, several screens were launched in the air.

The same screen that Genie is looking at.

It was to grasp the battles taking place all over the world at a glance.

‘Damn it… .’

At the same time, without realizing it, he spat out curse words inwardly.

Because somewhere in the sky, neither the North Pole nor the South Pole, I could see the scene where the heavenly gates were opening.

“hyeon! I have information to tell you urgently!”

Suddenly, Ginny’s voice pierced his ears.

Her voice reporting the situation was slightly trembling unlike before.

“The gates of heaven have opened! Can I check now?!”

“… … .”

“The battle over there definitely went as planned… Where did something go wrong… ?」

Hyun couldn’t answer Genie’s words.

It was because the situation on the ground, seen on the same screen, was hardly realistic.

The sight of hundreds of Valkyries pouring out of a hole in the sky was something that shouldn’t have happened.

And it was something that should never have happened.


There wasn’t just one celestial gate that was created in the sky.

A large-scale Advent is when dozens of angels land on the earth at once, so the Advent was happening simultaneously in the holes in the sky that were opened all over the world.

“Oh oh… oh… !”

The NPCs who knew something sat on the floor and trembled.

their future destiny. No, it was an intuition of the fate that mankind would face.

“What is that… ?”

The users who had been looking up blankly were also breathing heavily.

At the same time, my heart is stuffy and hot, it’s because of Asrian’s sensory tuning system that I feel like I want to run away somewhere right now.

The hostility of the angels toward all humans on the ground naturally planted fear in the hearts of the users.

‘This world… .’

above the sky bridge.

Mystia, the celestial who commanded the human forces, quietly closed her eyes.

It was because he couldn’t bear to see hundreds of Valkyries covering the sky.

Even now, the war is in the middle of a tight battle, but if the interference of the heavens is added here… .

The war will end there.

‘How will it be?’

Mystia opened her eyes again.

The image of the devil who had served for a long time flickered in his mind.

The one and only owner who is no longer in this world. Cadrial.

“I think I need to go somewhere for a while. 200 years? Maybe it will take longer.”

“… … !”

“Don’t make that face. It will not disappear forever.”

He, who was always full of confidence, left an unknown word right before he suddenly disappeared.

“I can only give you one piece of advice. To never give up hope.”

“… .”

“It’s not a bad idea to rely on him if things don’t seem right. He’s the kind of guy who somehow finds a way even when he’s driven to every corner.”

I’ve never once evaluated that it’s okay for him to rely on someone.

Even to the apostles who have served for hundreds of years. Even to the demons that have been served for thousands of years.

‘Are you still telling me not to give up hope… ?’

Mystia, who had escaped from her thoughts, opened her eyes.

The Valkyries who had passed through the gates of the heavens had already reached the ground.

It was clear that the situation would only get worse when an angel appeared sooner or later.

‘If that’s what you mean… !’

Mystia raised her head again.

It was the next moment when Mystia’s voice resonated in the ears of the commanders of the three countries.

“In defense formation!”

After giving the order, I realized.

He wasn’t the only one who didn’t give up hope.

Allied forces on the ground were still moving in unison at their command, and soldiers were fighting to protect someone at the risk of their own lives.

Everyone on earth has nowhere to retreat.

Even in the despair of not being able to see the front, there is no choice but to hold on to the end.


Praise will descend upon the earth soon!

Another massive advent was going on somewhere!

Upon realizing this, Hyeon led the party out of the celestial realm.

‘My numbers are completely read!’

Hyeon had no choice but to admit that his strategy was defeated in a water fight.

Light Castle is a trap that traps the Abyss Army.

Light abandoned its base and dug a trap, even sacrificing some of its subordinates.

Far from stopping the descent of the angels at this rate, rather, the army of the abyss was tied up, so Hyun decided to get out of the heavens right away.

Of course, arriving on the ground didn’t solve everything, but for now, that was the only way.

“We have to get out of here right now!”

Leaving Heaven was not as easy as entering it.

long aisle. While countless rings of light were passing by, the angels suddenly switched from defensive to offensive.

In addition, a large number of Bishop’s angels, which had not been seen before, appeared.

The intention of tying the party’s feet to the heavens seemed to be strong.

“damn… !”

The devil, who stood as the vanguard, clenched his teeth.

Enemies who didn’t fight head-on and clucked from a distance were too annoying.

“These idiots, dare!”

Whoa! Thousands of black strands emanated from the tip of her index finger again.

right! The moment he snapped his fingers, demonic energy exploded in all directions.

It was a magic of terrifying power that had razed Light Castle to the ground just before.

However, even with the same technique, it does not come out with as much power as before.

The surroundings are getting brighter.

This is because the concentration of ‘darkness’ is gradually weakening as the world submerged by the ability of chaos rises.

“What, an attack… .”

After a while, the undisturbed appearance of the angels revealed Louise’s unconcealable agitation.

He realized that the royal devil’s power, which had shown invincibility so far, no longer worked.

Ugh. Whoops.

Several lights were lit in all directions.

The effect is a precursor to a pincer attack by the Bishop and the Plain Angels.

“This is a bit risky… .”

Cold sweat flowed down the royal devil’s face.

In the meantime, he sneakily pushed Louise behind him.

Not even a single ray of light dares to reach the owner.

Flash! It was the very next moment when the light exploded from the angels’ swords.

‘The world rises again… .’

Hyun looked around.

Beams of light broke through the darkness and landed on my shoulders one by one.

In a space dominated by divine power, it is no wonder that beings with demonic powers gradually fail to demonstrate their original powers!

“Kuh… !”

The royal demon groaned.

Rays of light descending through the fading darkness pierced her defenses and brushed her wings, shoulders, and waist.

Black energy was welling up like blood from the scars on the devil’s small body.

The first wound I received after being summoned.

However, the attack of the angels did not end with just one attack.

“… !”

The devil’s eyes flashed as he felt alive for a moment.

She reflexively reached for the flash of light that was aiming at her.


The angel’s pure white blade pierced the palm of my hand and stopped just before it touched the forehead.

“I got it… .”


He bit his lower lip slightly, revealing his teeth.

The body of the angel with the sword outstretched was tied to the pitch-black spider’s web and was in a state of being unable to move.

Soon, the black aura that rose from the pierced wound instantly enveloped the angel’s body.

“Get lost!”

Ah ah ah ah ah-!

The angel let out a terrifying scream at the jet-black flame and was instantly scattered to ashes.

That is the disappearance of the Bishop Angel.

“Unlike things… !”

As soon as one was eliminated, the angels’ vigilance deepened.

The attack stopped for a moment, but it was not at the stage of reassurance.

It’s clear that the enemies are still aiming for this side.

“Isn’t that serious… ?”

Louise looked at the complexion of the girl in front of her and asked cautiously.

Cool! It was at that moment that a dark red mist rose from the cough of the devil who had endured the pain.

“The blood won’t stop… .”

Louise poured out the few recovery magics she knew.

Among the people nearby, he was the only one who could heal the demon’s wounds.

“How do you heal your wounds…?” ?”

“Because it’s dangerous… to the back.”


Several of the spears flew in suddenly and disappeared as they hit the film of fog created by the girl waving her arms.

“Not yet… I can move.”


Shh. The devil put his finger to his mouth and stopped Louise’s words.

“Everyone has his place.”

“… … .”

“Use your servants as your shield and advance.”

Louise suddenly looked around.

It was because the voices of the spirits were heard everywhere.

The voices of demons and monsters protecting themselves.

All the souls who braved the enemy from all sides had the same hope.

“from now on… !”

Fu-wook! A white spear was embedded in the devil’s body.

Even so, he led the Legion of Abyss from the vanguard without screaming.

Suddenly, the surroundings were filled with pure white.

Proof that the world that was brought down by the power of chaos has returned to its original state.

It was fortunate that the barrier had not yet recovered.

If the fog of light flowed through the light castle again, it would be difficult for the beings with huge demonic energy to even stand properly.

‘What should I do?’

Hyun was overwhelmed by the appearance of enemies flocking from all sides.

There was still a long way to go to get out of the heavens, but even at this moment the wounds on the devil’s body were increasing and the monsters were rapidly decreasing.

‘How to… .’

After barely breaking through the siege, new angels again blocked the party’s path.

The roaring devil’s claws struck the angel’s barrier, but what bounced back was the devil’s side.

‘Remember me!’

Hyun shook his head.

Today is not the first time plans have gone awry.

Right, have you ever fallen into a trap before?

If you recreate the situation at that time… !

[Takes 103958 damage!]

[bleeding! You take continuous damage until the bleeding stops!]

[Stamina and physical damage are not recovered for 1 minute!]

Huh… !

Ain, who was assimilating, let out a gasping moan.

After a while, he realized that the Servant Angel’s sword was piercing his stomach.

Caang! Thanks to the help of a demon nearby, the angel flew right away, but the blood flowing from her abdomen showed no signs of stopping.

‘The way… .’

Hyun gritted his teeth until he was crushed.

Wow! I started hearing the sound of a waterfall in the distance.

It was the sound of the aorta running through the heavens.

When Light Castle’s barrier is restored, all demons, including Louise, lose their power.

Even high-ranking monsters with high magical energy will have no choice but to be reverse summoned.

‘Isn’t it… ?’

Numerous lights flashing in front of his eyes disturbed Hyun’s vision.

No matter how much I thought about it, the number didn’t come to mind.

In the past… How did you do in the Temple of Light?

sympathy… ? You can only use it on Radix Island!

my head won’t turn

Maybe I’m overloaded with thoughts.

Even if you think of dozens or hundreds of methods, the final result is defeat.

At the end of any road, there was nothing but defeat.

[danger! Magi is rebelling against the surrounding energy!]

[Penalties are generated in proportion to the possessed magic!]


[All stats -12%]

[Magi spill -133 per second]

[continuous mental breakdown]

Hyun’s heart fell to the bottom of the abyss.

The message that appeared when entering the heavens flickers before my eyes.

‘Damn it… !’


Horrible screams could be heard from behind.

Then there was the sound of something exploding like a firecracker.

Even without looking back, Hyun could see what was going on behind him.

Celestial energy is the most lethal to undead.

Skeletons, werewolves, and death knights might be able to withstand it for a bit, but ghosts whose entire bodies are composed of demonic energy and riches with huge demonic energy cannot withstand the energy of the celestial world for a moment.

The screams were the agony, and the firecrackers must have been the sound of their bodies exploding.

‘Louise… ?!’

Hyun turned his head.

Louise, who is connected by the strings of countless souls, is greatly shaken by the death of her subordinates.

How much pain would Louise have to accept now that hundreds of her subordinates had been annihilated in a situation where she was even punished by heaven?

Louise was crying with her head thrown back.

Even if his ego grew after reaching level 400, there was a limit to the amount of emotions he could endure.

‘… … .’

Hyun stopped for a moment.

No, from some point on, I couldn’t move forward anymore.

Horrible sights flashed in Hyeon’s field of vision as he stood there.

One by one, the weak monsters are being pierced by the Valkyries’ spears.

The demons with strong energy were not neutralized, but all they could do was withstand the attacks of the angels with a significantly weaker power than before.

The royal devil stood in front of Louise who was moaning.

Several spears were stuck all over the body of the little girl who cried out to protect her master.

this is not a war

Rather, it was more like an execution ceremony.

When I saw that, my anger welled up.

“… Cadrial!”

Suddenly, Hyun called the name of an existence that did not exist in this world.

Of course, no answer came.

Rather, it only attracted the attention of the enemies.

The heads of the angels turned around, and their eyes focused on Hyun.

A pure white light began to condense on the swords of the angels guarding it above.


At the same time as the flash exploded, Hyun’s eyes were blinded.

He thought as he gazed at the waves of light that attacked him.

Caydrial… . is this what you wanted?

Did he suddenly disappear for this ending?

Waves of brilliance that cover the whole world destroy all beings in the abyss.

After this light ceased, she, the devil, and even Louise who stood behind her would all burn and disappear.

“… … .”


A fan-shaped cliff appeared with a huge roar.

Waves of angels pulverized everything on either side of the party, playing their doomsday song.

That was the moment.

“… ?”

Hyun blinked his eyes for a moment.

Because I couldn’t understand the scene in front of my eyes for a moment.

Waves of light are breaking apart.

Someone is taking the angels’ attack from the very front.

But that someone is not the royal devil… .

“Tartar… ?”

I couldn’t understand.

It’s something that can’t happen in common sense.

Are you saying that Tartar is single-handedly blocking the Bishop Angels’ joint attack?

Even the devil can do the impossible?


After a while, Tartar could not stand the fragments protruding from the waves of light and scattered into particles.

Hyun realized that there were two men and women standing in front of him.

On one side is Bahimir, the Duke of Tartar and the Knight’s Oath.

And the other side is a mysterious woman with black and white wings.

“ah… !”

At the same time that the woman’s face was revealed as she slowly turned her head, Hyun let out an exclamation.

“Chrono… ?”

“It was not too late.”

A pair of wings hung on both of Chrono’s shoulders.

Wings made of black on the left and white on the right.

“how… .”

“The dukes have prepared another demon summoning circle. I borrowed some of it.”

iced coffee… ! At Chrono’s words, Hyun grasped the situation.

Dukes on the ground tried to summon demons, and Chrono seems to have come back here riding on the summoning magic circle and again riding on the duke’s oath with Tartar.

It was Chrono who was blocking the attacks of the angels.

It was because the waves of light were splitting from the position of the scythe she had inserted into the floor.

“Take this, lord.”


Hyun suddenly accepted the object Chrono had thrown him.

An unknown badge.

The pattern and number of harmony were engraved on the metal plate.

“This… ?”

“It is something from the future. The number is the year the badge was made.”

“… !”

“The name ‘Harmony’ has not disappeared yet.”

Hyeon’s mind became complicated.

I quickly racked my brain to understand the meaning.

Does this mean that we can win this war if we borrow the power of Chrono?

“Unfortunately, I only have two minutes to descend.”

“Two minutes… ? Is that all?”

“Yes, it is not my job to change this world. In fact, even my descent is against the contract.”

Hyun soon found out that his guess was wrong.

Chrono continues to be unable to help himself. He will soon be gone.

“The road is still there. The object in the master’s hand is proof of that.”

I fiddled with the metal badge again.

“It is up to the master to find out.”

“… … .”

Soon the waves of light stopped.

The angels who confirmed Chrono’s existence approached in an instant.

Caang! Caang! Even as the sound of the scythe and sword clashing resonated in his eardrums, Hyeon fell into his own thoughts.

The noise of battle quickly faded from my ears.

“Someday you will be able to use empathy.”

Instead, Caidrial’s whisper came from the other side of my memory.

The great devil of deceit that tormented himself without trial and error.

Hyun decided not to doubt her anymore.

Whatever the lie, I decided to just accept it.

“I will hand over the name of harmony.”

It couldn’t have meant simply giving him power.

Even with the name of the chief priest or the pope, they could have the power to rule the world.

There is only one reason why the name of harmony is needed.

It’s just to evoke empathy.

Yes, that was the only hand that could turn this situation around.

‘Agree… .’

The flames in Hyun’s head began to burn fiercely.

I recalled the memories of the past.

without missing a single detail.

‘The conditions for activating it!’

When I first entered Radix Island, I felt like I had lost myself.

Angry, sad, laughing, and heart pounding for no reason.

The higher I climbed, the more my emotions kept changing, so it seemed like I had become a manic-depressive patient.

Such a phenomenon was due to the air of Radix Island that shakes human emotions.

But here.

Can a similar environment be created in a place with nothing special?

How can you shake your emotions to the point of losing yourself?

The look in Hyun’s eyes, which continued to think, changed in an instant.

Hyun closed his eyes.

I decided to leave the fight to Chrono for a while and focus on other things.



After calling Ain’s name.

Hyun conveyed his thoughts as he assimilated to her.

“Read my feelings.”

“Hyeon’s feelings?”

“Yes, concentrate as much as possible.”

my only partner

My feelings for her are love.

After starting Asrian, the feeling did not fade, but only grew.

「Uh… ?」

Ain was surprised and taken aback by the sudden feeling of being told in a fairy tale.

“I love you too!”

Hyun, it’s a confession now… ? In this situation?!

I was so surprised that I exchanged spirit conversations with my own thoughts.

“Oh no, not this… !”

For a moment, Hyeon felt Ain’s innermost emotions flow into him.

I feel like my heart is pounding and my pulse is speeding up.

But this much is far from enough.

Human emotions are very hard, so you don’t lose yourself with just one kind of emotion.

“I’ll be gone for a while.”

Pod! Hyun then assimilated into another person.

Anger is the next necessary emotion after love.

“Chief Officer… ?”

Ceseri’s eyebrows trembled as she prayed while being hugged by Salon from behind.

He realized that someone else’s soul resided in his body.

“Whoa, I have something to ask you.”

He already felt that he was starting to lose his breath.

Ceseri’s anger toward the light for many years is by no means small.

even at this moment.

“Let your emotions explode.”

Adding emotions to emotions one by one.

It was a method Hyun came up with to activate the assimilation.

Hyeon recalled his first meeting with Seseri.

Her expression was not very rich when I saw her in the middle of the village of Radix Island.

At one time, it was also the basis for judging that she would be a first-generation artificial intelligence.

In fact, it would be an incorrect guess.

If left alone, Ceseri would have lived her entire life in a village halfway up the hill and would have ended up being devoured by the Temple of Light.

The first change began when we arrived at the Temple of Light.

The sight of Seseri crying out of her throat made her feel strange.

It is said that a high level of artificial intelligence is given to the person who is the core of the world view.

It was probably at that time that Seseri broke away from the first generation of artificial intelligence.

flutter, flutter.

Hyeon flapped his wings and headed for a place where he could see the front line.

In the aftermath of the prayer, Ceseri’s physical condition was not good, but somehow she was able to fly.

Even near where Chrono is fighting an angel.

‘… … .’

Hyun closed his eyes and silently accepted the feelings sent by Seseri.

Did you say that the emotional density of the Corcassians is hundreds of times that of humans?

From the moment he witnessed the angels, Hyun felt stuffy and hot inside his chest.

If Seseri had been a second-generation artificial intelligence, the connection would have been forcibly terminated with a message saying that it could not accept the stimulation of the limit.

“It’s disgusting.”

Ceseri, who had been staring at the angels, opened her mouth.

“I hate the faces of those who pretend to be orphans. my brother… Having made it so… .”

“Don’t hold back.”

Hyun responded to her words.

“I don’t have to be patient.”

Ceseri’s thoughts flowed into her heart.

Her wish is what she wants too.

“They are kids who say they don’t mind doing anything for the sake of their goals. If I can get rid of it, I should get rid of it.”

Hehe, Ceseri, who was watching the fight, burst into laughter.

At first it sounded like crying.

“I ended up selling my soul to the devil.”

“Do you regret it?”

“no… I never regret it.”

“… okay.”

For a moment, Hyun felt dizzy.

It’s because of the sudden flood of emotions.

I was tempted to take a break, but… . There is no time for that.


Hyun immediately released the assimilation and appeared in another place.

There, a wounded royal demon was kneeling.

“Can not be done… I haven’t even heard your name yet… .”

Beside him, Louise was pouring out all sorts of healing magic while shedding tears.

Until the royal demon barely managed to squeeze out a voice.

“stop… .”

The devil shook his head with difficulty.

A state that does not even have the strength to return to the demon realm.

She knew very well that no matter what she did, it was useless.

‘Is it going to disappear… .’

her body was horrible.

A jet-black energy was gushing out of her body, and it seemed that even a jet-black liquid was flowing out of her eyes.

A demon with even one wing broken will have only one fate left.

[Player ‘Hyeon’ wants to control your soul.]

[Do you want to accept? Y/N]

It was at that moment that the system box appeared in my fading field of vision.

The girl barely raised her head.

From a distance, he saw a man staring down at him.

A hollow laugh escaped from the corner of her mouth.

‘I thought I, the devil, would sell my soul… .’

A moment to nod!

Pod! The human soul was housed in the demon’s body.

At the moment of assimilation, Hyeon almost lost his mind.

Did you say hee-gwang banjo? The emotions emanating from his soul right before the end of his life were so intense that he could not bear with his sober mind.

“… I have a request.”

Hyun managed to hold on to his consciousness.

He glanced at Louise next to him and said.

“Put Louise into a nightmare.”

“what… darkness?」

“Yes, the cursed magic you possess.”

The devil tried to rage at first.

It is a high-level magic that corrupts the soul.

This was because there was a possibility that those who were designated as targets would literally fall into a nightmare-like fantasy and, in severe cases, go insane.

However, when Hyeon calmly conveyed his thoughts, the devil’s heart calmed down a little.

「It’s strange. The last thing you have to trust is a human being.”

“… … .”

“I’ll do whatever you want.”

The devil looked at his master.

Finally, to engrave that figure in your eyes.

‘Please forgive me… .’

The demon, which consumed all its power by invoking a curse, became a black mist and scattered on the spot.

That was the end of the devil who ruled a district in the demon realm.

and at the same time.

Pod! Hyun assimilated with Louise and used the Chaos Contract.

It was possible to make a contract with a subject with traces without asking for permission again.

[Switch the skills ‘Empathy’ and ‘Breath’!]

(※ Note: Empathy cannot be triggered because the conditions are not met!)

“… … .”

The curse conjures the soul into the most terrifying nightmares.

Lost in a nightmare, Louise didn’t even realize that the chaos contract was used, or that Hyun had assimilated herself.

“ah… .”

Louise’s red eyes were looking at the other side of the fantasy created by the royal devil.

Numerous monsters are stabbed by swords and pierced by spears.

His subordinates were disappearing screaming pathetically at the angel’s armor and magic.

The cries that each one of them spits out hurt like cutting out their own flesh.

‘no… .’

Louise tried to scream as hard as she could.

‘Please don’t kill me…’ !’

But somehow no voice came out.

It was at the time when he was crying so silently that someone grabbed him by the waist.

The man who reached out to save me whenever I was about to fall into the abyss of despair… .

‘hyeon… ?’

On Hyeon’s shoulder, black and white wings were spread.

As he swings his sword, the angels who were slaughtering monsters are screaming and disappearing.

Dozens or hundreds of angels rushed at Hyeon, but he was no match.

How is the string’s power so powerful?

Why do angels appear endlessly even after killing them?

Louise, drowning in nightmares, did not have the mind to comprehend such contradictions.

He just held onto the hem of his clothes and followed Hyun.

Yes, Hyun is invincible.

No matter what enemy gets in my way, Hyun will defeat them all, right?

So again… .


A flash of light split the world when Louise entrusted everything to Hyun.

‘uh… ?’

I rubbed my eyes for a moment.

I couldn’t help but doubt my own eyes.

Hyun’s arm and shoulder were completely cut off by an attack from something.


In the meantime, the flashes of light continued to fly.

Hyeon covered himself with an urgent face to protect himself.

‘uh… ?’

In an instant, Hyun’s body was torn to pieces.

Louise couldn’t help but look at it with Hyun’s blood all over her body.

My whole body trembled.

Louise stretched out her trembling hand and grabbed her own neck.

It was the place where Hyun’s arm had been wrapped up until just a moment ago. However, I felt nothing now.

Louise, who fell into a nightmare, couldn’t even think of the simple common sense that a user would be resurrected when they died.

No, I even forgot that Hyun was a user.

Yes. Louise recognized Hyun’s death as ‘real’.

“… .”

what happened?

Hyun is dead? why… ? are you trying to protect me?

Pig what should I do?

How can I get it back… ?

Didn’t I say that humans cannot accept the fact that they cannot handle it right away?

Louise, who had emotions no different from humans, needed some time to realize the situation.

And after a while, Louise’s time in the nightmare started to flow again.

Louise sat down on the floor and pressed her forehead to the ground.

Louise let out a groan as she scratched the floor with her fingers, unaware that her fingernails were falling out and breaking.


Then, suddenly, he raised his head again and screamed.

Louise, who was crying out for her throat to burst, no longer had reason left in her head.

I want it back! only once… If only I could go back 1 minute… !

‘Keugh… !’

Meanwhile, Hyun, who is assimilating with Louise, was struggling not to lose consciousness.

It was fortunate that the devil’s curse only targeted ‘one soul’.

What kind of nightmare is Louise experiencing?

Her cries were so desperate that even the souls of those who heard them were overwhelmed.

My eyesight has been covered with tears for a long time.

I couldn’t even breathe properly.

If I lose my guard for a moment, I feel like I’ll be swept away by Louise’s feelings.

‘still… ?’

Looking at the status window, Hyun breaks into a cold sweat.

Even after mixing the emotions of Ain, Seseri, the royal devil, and Louise into one, empathy was still not triggered.


I thought about it while holding on to my confused mind.

The muddy stream of emotions swirling in his mind is clearly greater than what he experienced on Radix Island.

But why is empathy not triggered now?

‘Do I need more… ?’

Hyun thought of his own reasons.

Empathy is the ability to transform emotion into power.

Rather than maintaining the empathy once activated, it may be that the emotions needed to activate it should be greater.

Then there is only one way left.

‘You only get one chance.’

Huh, Hyun calmed down for a moment.

It was because from now on, in order not to lose myself, I needed to keep my mind straight.

After taking a break like that for a while, I used all of my transcendental power.

Target Louise, who is still in a nightmare.

[Use 513 transcendental power to enhance ‘time amplification’!]

[The multiplier of the amplified time is increased by 2.3 times!]

The size of emotions is proportional to the flow of thoughts.

Louise’s nightmares were conveyed back to Hyun through fairy tales.

Sadness and despair felt by second-generation artificial intelligence.

For a moment, he felt as if his breath had stopped.


My eyesight was stained black.

Hyun met Louise in the dark with nothing.

It is Louise in a nightmare.

Louise was holding Hyun’s hand tightly as if she would never let go again.

She pulled herself into that deep abyss.

Hyun was able to know what Louise’s feelings were behind the sadness and despair.


Louise longed for his hand to be held.

That’s how Louise’s hand led her down… when only going down.

“… Dress up.」

‘… ?’

Suddenly, Ain came down from above and started pulling the other hand.

What are you doing?

Hyeon looked at the two women who continued to play tug-of-war over him with puzzled eyes.

Just then!

“Hyun, wake up!”

“… !”

With Ain’s cry, Hyeon’s consciousness rose to the surface in an instant.

Hyun, who opened his eyes wide, quickly grasped the situation.

Ain holding her body tightly with both arms.

For some reason, the weight was so light.

Soon, Hyun looked down and realized that Ain’s lower body did not exist.

“Whoops, I’m glad… .”

[Party member ‘Ain’ has died!]

The collapse that started in the lower body soon continued to the upper body.


It became countless grains of light and poured down on Hyun’s arms.

“… … .”

He blinked hard, wiping away the tears that were blocking his vision.

Feeling uncomfortable for a moment, he looked down at his arms.

Since when? Her body, which had been assimilated to Louise, was ‘reversed’ into her own.

If you check the status window, assimilation has not yet been released.

Louise is still assimilated.

That wasn’t the only thing that was strange.

On both of his shoulders, crystal wings about twice the size of the previous one were spread out.

One side of the symbolic wing, which only those in the royal ranks have, was as transparent as crystal, and the other side was stained pitch-black.

“thank you… Ain.”

After expressing gratitude to Ain, who is watching over him from somewhere.

Hyeon quickly scanned the log window that popped up when he lost consciousness.

– You can now gain empathy from all beings who serve you!

In fact, you don’t even need to check the message.

Hyun put his hand on his chest.

What is connected to him is definitely the countless souls who serve ‘harmony’.

The comrades fighting together, the residents of Asrian who are fighting or praying somewhere, or the users.

Countless emotions were swirling and tangled together.

In an instant, Hyun’s eyebrows twitched.

As always, the moment he tried to pull out the sword of darkness, it was because a spark was born in his grasp.

Roaring! A scarlet flame that burned bright red.

As the darkness overlaid on top of it, the blade burned in a subtle dark red color.

‘This… ?’

Hyun, who checked the status window, took a breath.

The name of the skill he just used was not the Sword of Darkness, but the ‘Sword of Chaos’.

Hyeon’s head tickled as he was examining the sword body.

Colors and designs that I have seen somewhere.

‘… !’

For a moment, Hyun, startled, looked back.

It was because he had the illusion that Caidrial was wrapping his hand holding a sword from behind.

yeah i remembered

This is a greatsword that was stuck upside down in the middle of the career selection room.

It is a symbol of supporters.

Hyun slowly raised his sword and at the same time looked at the ability of the ‘Sword of Chaos’.

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