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The Road to the Top (1), The Road to the Top (2), The Road to the Top (3) and The Road to the Top (4)

Berard’s dagger stopped in front of Latis’ chest.

A distance that could pierce the heart if one moved further.

But Berard’s limits were just there.

“uh… How.”


Berard’s body, which had been muttering with a vain face, gradually collapsed into grains of light.

After that, Salon, who thrust a dagger into the air, appeared.

Salon’s sword pierced the vital point before Berard’s.

Until the end, Berard’s face was full of surprise and doubt.

I could hardly understand why the situation had become this way.

In fact, Latis was only focused on defense because he was fighting with his unfamiliar left arm.

But how did they end up being defeated by a swordsman without arms?

After Berard’s body completely disappeared.

The eyes of Latis, who were moving rapidly, stopped when they found the archer hiding on the crossbeam.

“… One person left. Above the fifth pillar.”

“Oh, I’ve moved over there before I knew it.”

Hearing the whisper, Salon smiled sinisterly.

As he tried to move right away, Latis asked for confirmation.

“Isn’t there a need for bait this time?”

“Hehe, if the assassin loses to the archer 1 to 1, Assrian will have to quit!”

That’s right, that’s why the two were able to win.

Even if the means of attack were lost, it was possible to attract the enemy’s attention and induce their movement.

Latis exposed his weakness, giving Salon an opportunity to attack, and was able to kill four enemies.

What if Salon made a little mistake? It would have been Latis himself to die.

Entrusting one’s life to another person as collateral was an act that would have been impossible for Latisse in the past.

A year spent with the Shade Guild completely changed his values.

“Then, shall we deal with the last prey that has no one to protect it?”

Salon started moving toward the enemy’s hiding place.

Immediately after stepping on the pillars alternately and resting on the girder.

Flashing and without warning, an arrow flew into Salon’s forehead.


With Salon slightly tilting his head, the surprise missed in vain.

By raising the evasion mastery to the limit, where the trajectory of a long-range attack is marked with a red laser, it was possible to predict the trajectory of the projectile in advance.

What was hiding at the top of the building was exactly the user Salon expected.

Po Se-ryeong. She is now obsolete, but at one time she too was the idol of all archers.

Like most archer jobs, Poseryeong was also a thief-born job.

And Salon was confident that he would win unconditionally against the same thief class.

“I want to fight properly, but I don’t have time right now.”

The moment Salon’s sword aimed at Pose-ryeong, a red skull mark appeared above her head.

It becomes level 400 and the effect of the newly acquired skill ‘Mark of Execution’.

“I’ll finish it in one go.”

Stacking up combos one by one is the old-fashioned way of combo rogues.

In addition to the classic method, the current Salon had many means to call combos at once.

Mark of Execution is one of the similar skills.

[Mark of Execution Lv.5]

-You can acquire a large number of combo figures whenever you attack a designated target.

– All combos are reset when the duration of the mark ends or when you attack a target other than the mark.

(Duration: 30 seconds)

20 combos, 40 combos, 60 combos… !

Combo value increases by 20 each time Salon’s dagger cuts the shadow of Porse Spirit or the afterimage.

Caang! Occasionally, when each other’s weapons collided, the combo rose to a lump of 40 each.

As time passed, Salon’s dagger emitted a brilliant light,

‘… !’

The more he did, the more Pose-ryeong’s face became more and more pale.

As the battle continued, the opponent’s attack became faster and faster, so it was only natural that the structure of the fight would become more one-sided as time went on.

and at some point

[‘Sever Tendon’ hits the ankle!]

[You cannot move from your seat for 2 seconds!]

‘no… !’

At the same time that Salon’s magical dagger pierced his ankle, Pose-ryeong collapsed on the spot.

Block all movers! Unable to counterattack, the only thing left for her was to use her defense skills.

But even that was pointless.

[Rhythm Adjustment Lv.3]

-Consumes half of the combo value to increase the damage of the next normal hit by [combo/320] times.

-If the attack hits with a critical hit, the consumed combo value is refunded.

Cheer up!

Suddenly, Salon’s twin swords trembled, and several flashes of light were drawn in front of Pose-ryeong’s eyes.



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The sword dance ended in an instant.

Even Po Se-ryong, who was once a top-ranked player, could not accurately count how many times he had been cut.

‘Oh my… medical charge.’

Only one thing was known.

For some reason, the scenery in front of me is rotating several times.

After a while, the dizzy vision stopped, and the slanted world gradually grew darker.

[You died!]

[Level decreased by 1 due to loss of experience!]

[Available after 48 hours!]

As the decapitated body of Poseryeong was scattered into the light, Salon slowly inserted his sword.

“… … .”

And even after that, it stood like a stone statue for a long time.

After a while, he let out a satisfied sigh.

It was after checking that his play was recorded well.

“… When you’re done, move right away.”

Latis, who had been quietly watching Salon, opened her mouth.

The reason why I didn’t point out the meaningless behavior was because I had seen it often.


“This seems to be the aorta Hyun spoke of.”


After escaping the pillar, Salon and Latis soon found a huge torrent of mist flowing at great speed.

The role of the aorta and why it should be activated was still unknown to the two of them.

I only remember Hyun’s words that it was absolutely necessary for the plan.

“Anyway, isn’t it too late?”

“There doesn’t seem to be a problem with the plan.”

“I’m glad.”

After a short talk, the two started moving right away.

One side was relatively intact, but the other side’s right arm was cut off, making it impossible to fight properly.

Latis had to join the main force as soon as possible, as she could only fulfill her role if she received healing and recovery from Seseri.

And the easiest way to meet the main body was to follow the flow of this aorta.

“Is something wrong?”

While running, Salon looked at Latis and asked.

For some reason, his expression looked different than usual.

“… No big deal.”

“… ?”

“I was replaying the fight.”

Salon shrugged his shoulders at Latisse’s answer.

He is such a nerd that he devotes himself to revival until it is time to cool down for a while.

By correcting mistakes and fixing bad habits in this way, you must have been able to keep No. 1 in the rankings for such a long time, right?

Salon stuck out his tongue like that.


Latisse’s recovery was a little different from Salon’s expectations.

It’s not about making mistakes.

It wasn’t even about trying to correct a mistake.

There is only one thought in my head.

How far have you followed his footsteps?

‘I wonder what you would have done.’

Hyun would not have given up one arm.

Even so, it was clear that he would have found a way to activate the altar more quickly.

His ability to always find the best path was so coveted that he himself once tried to emulate it.

At that time, I failed in the end, but this time, wouldn’t the imitation have succeeded?

‘… !’

Right then.

Latis, lost in thought, suddenly stopped running.


The ‘twisted eye’ distorts the path of light.

With a little application of that effect, it could also be used to look into the distance like a clairvoyant.

To Salon, who raised a question mark, Latis told the landscape reflected in her pupils.

“There are traces of battle ahead.”

“battle? what battle?”

“… I don’t think it was anything out of the ordinary.”

Latisse’s lips trembled slightly as he gazed into the distance.

It was because it was the first sight he had ever seen, having accumulated a lot of experience playing Assrian.

How the hell do I have to fight to change the terrain to that point?

Until I entered the pillar of creation, the flat hill had turned into a steep cliff.

In addition, the place where the splendid and magnificent fortress was placed was crushed to powder as if a giant with a foot sole of 100 meters had trampled on it.

‘Hyun… He’s still alive.’

Latis immediately checked the friends list.

It was because he had an intuition that Hyun had passed this road.

Hyun didn’t die even after fighting this battle? How?

At some point, Latis was accelerating her stopped steps.

He didn’t even realize that his heart was beating wildly.

‘What kind of fight was there?’

“Hey, wait!”

Salon quickly caught up with Latis.

It’s a big deal if you run into an enemy with your arm cut off, so shouldn’t you support yourself?

“Wow… !”

Koo Goo Goo! As he approached the altar in the center, Salon shook his shoulders in surprise.

A roar is heard coming from somewhere.

The ruins of the fort and the hollowed ground were also telling us that something unusual was happening around them.

“What the hell is going on here… .”

“It is Hyun.”

“what… ? where?”

Latis could not answer the question.

Because at some point, I couldn’t hear anything.

I just watch the fight in the distance with my sunken eyes.

He didn’t even make the slightest breath.

The figure of humans and angels fighting… . It may look a little noisy from a distance, but it was beautiful from up close.

“… … .”

Suddenly, a question popped into Latisse’s head.

What kind of emotion is this feeling for the first time?

It took a long time for him to laugh.

It was the moment when he realized that he could never catch up to Hyun.

Latis looked back on her past for a moment.

In the early days of Asrian, there was nothing to shy away from.

This is because it was not possible to find an opponent just by obtaining information from the previous work and learning the skills of the users of the previous work.

The first time his world began to fall apart was when he met a girl named Ain.

The defeat at Iluna ignited an intense fire in the mind that compromised itself. She stayed up all night to thoroughly analyze the reasons for her being beaten by her.

I promised to repay the debt if we ever meet again, but…

The bad relationship with Ain lasted longer than expected.

I reunited with Ain in the Apostle Quest and in the Sky Bridge.

Each time, Ain gave me a sense of defeat and at the same time led me to a higher level.

In the end, I had to admit it.

The reason he had grown so far was because he had just followed Ain’s heels, and if Asrian hadn’t had her, he would have been just one of the ordinary rankers.

Anyway, the effort was not in vain, and in the end, I was able to have enough ‘dueling skills’ to be satisfied with myself.

So when I met Hyun by chance for the first time, I had similar thoughts.

If you follow Hyun’s shadow, wouldn’t you naturally be able to copy his ability?

It took a year and a few months for my mind to change.

And just a moment ago, I was convinced that I could answer that question.

Yeah, Hyun’s ability isn’t something someone can chase.

The premise must have been wrong from the start.

Because Hyun doesn’t need someone else’s shadow.

I have never seen an existence that can continue to temper itself even while going the most advanced.

If I were to choose just one person to rule this world.

“hyeon… It must be you.”

Haha. A small laugh escaped his lips.

“I’ll watch over you. Climb up on the throne.”

Latis stared at the string in the distance with her eyes drawn in an arc.

Even though I had broken an old stubbornness, I felt refreshed more than ever.



Before I knew it, the shrine was right in front of me.


The final destination is the top of that high temple where the torrent of fog continues!

The final gateway to the shrine was full of enemies.

Valkyries were full on all sides, and even an angel with white wings spread wide stood at the top of the altar.

‘All I have to do is go over there!’

Hyeon quickly glanced around without panic.

Normally, I wouldn’t have dared to fight, but now it’s different.

Hui-i-i- He wears a black and white shield that repels light all over his body.

Also, the soul has the power to kill even a god!

[Use 2500 Transcendence to strengthen ‘Angel’s Basic Swordsmanship’!]

[The archangel’s swordsmanship will be applied to the next attack!]

Hwaaak! The moment wings sprouted from Hyeon’s shoulder blades using the strong god.

A cross has been drawn that divides the world.

Coo-goo-goo-! In the illusion that time has stopped, the cut off world slowly begins to tilt.

The beings lying on the cross section could not avoid fatal wounds.

Dozens of Valkyries scattered as if oxidizing, and several angels sat down screaming.

The angelic swordsmanship is most powerfully activated in the celestial realm.

Because everyone was only preparing for the earthly descent, there were no high-ranking angels who could stand against the archangel’s sword.

“Seseri! Stay close behind me!”

“four… !”

In a very short time, the road to the top of the temple opened.

As soon as the instructions were given, Ceseri hugged Louise and flapped her wings vigorously.

Follow the direction where the wings of harmony flutter!

‘I have to hurry!’

Hyun, who finally reached the top of the altar, continued his plan without hesitation.

He had to finish everything before the angels around him could heal his wounds.

‘A little faster… !’

Hyun, who immediately assimilated into Louise’s body, pierced the sword of darkness into a place full of fog.

At that moment, the torrent of fog that flowed over the shrine died down and a change began.

Wow! Wow… .

First, the flow of the aorta stopped, and then the light of the pillars of creation that scattered brilliant brilliance faded one by one.

‘success… is it?’

Hyungwon quietly looked up.

The stems of fog that embroidered the heavenly sky were dispersing.

The moment the darkness mixed with the fog imbued with divine power, the blood flowing in the heart of light stopped.

「Fu, sorry for grabbing your ankle.」

“Louise… ? Are you okay now?」

“It’s not much different from when I was on the ground. It’s okay now.”

Louise’s voice had returned to a normal level.

Through the senses felt through fairy tales, Hyeon could tell that the pain that had plagued her had subsided.

It meant that the divine power that had been filled around him had completely disappeared.

At the same time, the magic circle engraved in the sky above Light Castle completely disappeared.

In other words, the large-scale advent of angels has been cancelled.

Without the advent of the angels, the balance of war on earth would not tip to one side only.

“Hyung, it’s true that this is going according to plan… ?”

Suddenly Tartar muttered anxiously.

“It seems a bit dangerous… .”

Pod! Pod!

It was because new angels were appearing one by one around them.

Servants, plains, bishops, and even royals!

The number of angels flocking around the altar was incomparably greater than before.

It seems that they are still breathing because the large-scale advent has been canceled, but the moment they come to their senses, the fact that the party is in danger does not change.

I didn’t even know if the situation was worse than before.

It is clear that the angels will be angry with Hyeon and his party for interfering with the will of the light.

“are you okay.”

Hyun looked around calmly.

While looking at the dozens of angels and thousands of Valkyries aiming their swords at him,

“This is as expected so far.”

I quietly closed my eyes.

He emptied his thoughts, forgetting that he was in the heavens and facing thousands of enemies.

I didn’t mean to give up in despair.

Everything was just preparation for this moment.


Hyun muttered in his heart.

That’s the point of prayer. It was like a spell to lower consciousness.

Could it be that he is trying to escape to the symmetrical world alone?

No, running away from an angel somewhere was impossible, and it wasn’t included in the plan from the beginning.

‘To the basement!’

The first force of chaos disturbed the concept of time, the second mingled the two dissimilar souls.

And a third power that you can only handle properly after level 400.

The last power of chaos was to completely change the original properties of space.

Of course, it was not possible to use it at any time, but now that the surrounding divine power has faded, the conditions to use that authority are perfectly met.

Yes, Hyun is not praying now.

It is to command the world in which we live to sink.


at some point. The pleasant sound of the wind brushed my ears.

Originally, the wind does not blow in heaven.

Why did I suddenly feel the wind when the skill wasn’t activated nearby?

Hyun, who slowly opened his eyes, could understand why.

“Here… ”

Ain looked up at the sky in surprise.

The sky, which had been filled with brilliant brilliance just a moment ago, was being swallowed up by darkness little by little.

The red air fills the air and the black sunlight shines down on the landscape.

“I came to a symmetrical world… ?”


Hyun answered Ain’s whisper.

It was not a sudden change of location.

The party was still standing at the top of the shrine, and the angels around them were still aiming for them.

This is definitely one of the celestial realms, the Light Castle.

“It changed the properties of space to our advantage.”


Ain tilted his head.

I couldn’t give her a detailed explanation.

You don’t know when the angels who are still gathering power will suddenly attack.

“Start Louise!”


Taang. Louise’s spearhead lightly tapped the floor at the same time.


Demonic energy burst out of her whole body.

“Everybody come out!”

Numerous servants of darkness that had been dormant in Louise’s soul began to take control of the pitch-dark celestial realm.

Skeleton soldiers, ghouls, and death knights on the ground, and demons such as ghosts and liches in the air wrapped their weapons in darkness and aimed their weapons at the beings in the sky.

“All troops, you have answered the call.”

Koo- A massive golem knelt down in front of Louise.

As the first attendant of darkness, Shatin was given the position of leading ten thousand monsters.

Shatin’s voice didn’t waver or crack like before.

All I can feel from the clear voice is unconditional loyalty to the darkness.

‘It’s not enough yet.’

Even so, the power difference was clear.

Even if Louise’s army had grown stronger in the meantime, even if the symmetrical world was closer to the demon realm than the celestial realm, monsters as creatures couldn’t stand up to the transcendent angels.

“Prepare for Advent!”

At Louise’s command, several liches stepped forward.

They are monsters that Hyeon and Louise worked together for a year to teach rituals in their spare time.

The priests quickly began to create a jet-black magic circle.


Dozens of transparent jewels that Hyeon scattered on it shattered and seeped into the magic circle.

The identity of the jewel is a new stone that can purchase an entire small city with just one!

Hyun had consumed all the most expensive items he had collected so far.

“Ceseri, pray!”

After everything was ready, Hyun shouted to Ceseri.

“Not me, pray to the devil!”


Ceseri answered the order without hesitation.

There was no reason to shy away.

After that day at the Temple of Light, she was the one who had been waiting for today.

The feelings of the Korcass are hundreds of times that of humans.

Ceseri was an exceptionally special girl among the Corcassians.

The size of the sympathy she can develop is probably that of a priestess in the story… Or, I would be compared to a saint.

Standing in the middle of the priests, Seseri continued to pray for a long time.

A cold sweat flowed from the mana and divine power that fluctuated inside her body, but she endured it by clenching her teeth whenever she lost her mind.

In the meantime, the monsters that block the attacks of some awakened angels are rapidly decreasing.


At one point, Hyun clenched his fists.

At the top of the altar, you could see the pattern of demons running through the ground.

A magic circle for summoning demons is engraved on the land of the celestial world that has turned into a symmetrical world.

‘It’s Advent… !’

Kuduk, kudduck!

The ground cracked open, and beings with dark red wings emerged.

Only four demons were summoned.

Even though it was an absurdly small number, Hyun did not worry.

In a battlefield where the black sun was shining, it was not impossible for four demons to attack a hundred angels.

The four demons settled in the north, south, east, west and west of the shrine.

“Deceit, darkness, and chaos are in one place, so the will of the abyss is united.”

Standing in the middle of it, Louise pointed her spear at the sky and scattered her thoughts in all directions.

“The army of the abyss will erase the light today!”

Woo-! The roar of countless monsters shook the heavens.

The will of the great devil made the blood of all beings in the abyss boil.

After successfully summoning the devil like that.

‘after… In the end, somehow it worked.’

Hyeon sighed and briefly looked back at the plan he had first made.

war between earth and sky.

When angels intervene in warfare, two great problems arise.

The first is that you can’t fight on the ground.

It was clear that the battlefield would be devastated just by the transcendental rampage.

And the second was that it was impossible to catch an intact angel by any means.

In order to weaken an angel, you have to drag it to the symmetrical world or to the demon world, but the last power of chaos is not an ability that can be used indefinitely.

Therefore, Hyeon decided to choose Cheon-gye as the battlefield.

It was because it was only then that the earth would not get hurt and at the same time it was possible to strike down the angels gathered in one place.

The idea is simple, but the process to get here has been quite long.

However, as long as everything is in place, the ground… No, the combined forces of the ground and the abyss will never be easily defeated!

“It looks like the arctic defense wall will be breached within 3 minutes.”

Ginny’s whisper came suddenly.

Hyun grabbed his spirit, which was about to loosen up a little.

Yeah, it’s not time to let go yet.

The war was not over yet, as the balance was just set by dropping the heavens and summoning demons.

“Antarctica is still fine, but troop losses are rapidly increasing in the Arctic.”

In fact, Jini had been asking for support from before, but Hyun deliberately ignored it.

It was to focus on a more important fight.

However, since there is some room here, it would be more efficient to look at the battlefield wide.

“Ahin, if you whisper in my ear, summon me right away.”

Hyun showed Ain the ring and asked for it.

“huh? Where?”

“I have a place to go in a hurry.”

[Calculating the distance to ‘Mistia’!]

[Requires 335 transcendental power, do you want to use a fairy tale? Y/N]


He nodded, and Hyun’s figure disappeared in an instant.


The great city of the Empire, Theoredium.

The midnight city was engulfed in despair.

“How can this… !”

There are only two invasion routes from the sky to the ground, the Antarctic and the Arctic, but not two places were attacked.

The remnants who served the light regardless of their fate on earth.

Or an apostle who can ‘transfer’ to a location designated by an angel.

In addition, it was because there were innumerable heavenly forces that invaded the earthly realm through detours.


“mother… .”

Screams and death erupted everywhere.

The guards guarding the city have long since been annihilated.

Even the army teleported from the empire’s capital collapsed at the hands of an unknown assailant.

The identities of those who attacked Theoredium were the celestials!

It was impossible for an ordinary army, not even a knighthood, to deal with the celestials who decided to use their egos.

In a city so ruined.

A red-haired girl was sprawled on the floor, staring at the ground.

Her name is Catherine. Although she is still young, she was one of the city’s administrators.

However, the despair that struck the city came equally regardless of age.

“Huh… ugh… .”

Katherine’s eyes widened as they got closer.

Next to her, terrified, was Karen, the tutor, lying on the floor, bleeding.

“Oh come on… mind.”

I barely opened my mouth.

He struggled to crawl across the floor and wrapped himself around Karen.

It was just an instinctive move.

I couldn’t even imagine facing the unknowns.

Karen, who was so strong, lost her mind in one blow.

It was natural that he couldn’t even touch the fingertips of his enemies.

“miss… .”

“… !”

Catherine held her breath.

Karen’s lips, who thought she had lost her mind, trembled.

“live… please… .”

“ah… iced coffee… .”

Tears flowed from Catherine’s eyes, stained with fear and despair.

Who are they to commit this indiscriminate massacre?

I can’t do anything.

no one can help

Suddenly, someone’s face passed Catherine’s tear-filled face.

I don’t know why this thought came to my mind.

Had my head been broken by the pain?


Suddenly, a man approached Catherine and asked a question.

“You look desperate, but who are you praying to?”

Catherine didn’t answer.

I just put my hands together with my eyes closed.

ha… ha… ! A heavy breath escaped Catherine’s lips.

The fear and desperation that reached the limit are making her breathless.

“It’s a pity, but the angel won’t listen to your prayers.”

“… … .”

“In the next life, serve only the right beings.”

The man who was so confused reached out his hand toward the praying girl without the slightest hesitation.


Cool light blue lightning began to gather in the man’s hand.

Catherine simply closed her eyes and put her hands together eagerly.


A huge roar echoed in the back alley at night.

At that sound, Katherine instinctively tightened her whole body.

A flash of light passed over tightly closed eyelids!

Even though she had a premonition of death, Catherine did not let go of her hands.

‘uh… ?’

For a moment, Catherine felt a strange feeling.

It’s like someone is entering your soul.

An unknown energy warmly wrapped around and calmed Catherine’s trembling soul.

What happened?

am i dead? are you alive

Catherine summoned courage and slowly opened her eyes.

‘Uh… ?’

Black-and-white wings came into my tear-stained eyesight.

Catherine wondered if she was hallucinating.

Embarrassingly, it was because a pair of splendid wings rested on his shoulder blades.

‘Ascension… .’

Hyun looked up and stretched out his spear.

Louise became level 400 and this skill was also able to specify the range.

The target is hundreds of guardians densely packed in the night sky of the city, and even some celestials behind them!

[You have used the maximum level of magic!]

[You can activate the linkage of the skill!]

‘Black dragon gun!’

The black energy swirling around me was wrapped around the spearhead.

Soon, black flashes exploded from the tip of the spear pierced hundreds of enemies filling the sky at once.


Remnants of the broken Guardians fell like hailstones.

Even when he saw the celestials running away in a hurry, Hyun did not bother to pursue them.

I then unlocked the assimilation.

Two women were looking at me with their eyes wide open.

‘Harmony… ?’

‘Could it be that he descended?!’

That was the thought that came into both Cassie’s and Karen’s heads at the same time.

The silver-haired woman was not the same as the statue of harmony, but it was because it was so mysterious and beautiful that it could never be thought of as a human being.

It was at that time that the duration of the strong god ended.

Pod! In an instant, Hyun returned to his true form.

However, the black and white wings growing on its back were still showing off its presence.

“Ah, you… !”

Cashron pointed to the strings.

She still vividly remembered what had happened years ago.

“miss! what a disrespect… !”

Karen’s face darkened.

He wanted to stop Catherine right away, but he looked like he was at a loss because of his injury.

“Harmony, please have mercy!”

“… … .”

Hyun didn’t answer that.

This is because Hyun’s whole nerve was focused on the message that popped up in front of his eyes.

[‘Catherine Luttenwell’ is screaming your name intensely!]

[You cannot gain sympathy for people who are not designated as servants or saints!]

[Do you want to assimilate to that person using the transcendental power of 55? (Y/N)]

Messages written to the log window.

I’ve never had a message like this pop up before.

The number of NPCs he saved was countless, and the number of NPCs praying to Harmony must be even greater.

‘pray… ?’

Suddenly, Hyun’s gaze landed on Catherine’s hand.

Hearing Karen’s voice, Catherine realized her mistake and quickly put her hands back together.

‘He seems to have qualities.’

Hyun nodded.

He seemed to know why such a message had come to him.

In the worldview of Assrian, there were very few people who excelled in prayer, and people called them ‘priests’.

Since you can summon angels or devils by sympathizing with them through prayer, the priestess has more influence than anyone except the transcendental ones.

The Catherine in front of me must also have been born with the qualities of a priestess.

I didn’t know that when we met before.

Hyun, who finally grasped the situation, nodded.

‘It’s been a while.’

I looked to the side again.

Katherine is looking at us with a worried face.

Did you say she was the daughter of the Marquess of Lutonwell?

An NPC with a solid background and even the qualities of a priestess was not an ordinary talent.

Right now, we can only have one saintess, Seseri, but we don’t know how things will change in the future.

After thinking about something for a while, Hyun suddenly proposed to Catherine.

“Will you serve me?”

“… !”

Catherine’s pupils trembled.

did i hear it wrong?

I was taken aback for a moment, but the time was literally fleeting.

“yes… !”

There was no need to worry.

Being together is what I dreamed of from the moment I met him.

Katherine waited for an answer with bright eyes.

“I will come back soon.”

“… … .”

“I am waiting for that day.”

Hyun looked at Katherine and smiled lightly.

Thinking that it was good to take a break for a while.

Like a phrase from an old myth that has been handed down for such a long time, the new type of Hyun that has done its job has disappeared like a mirage.


Hyeon went to various places and changed the game of war.

If you use ‘Assimilation’, which has no range limit, you can have an influence anywhere in the world.

It was because it was no different from being able to teleport anywhere in the world as long as you had enough transcendental power.

‘Ain seems to be doing well.’

Hyun, who checked the level of transcendental power, nodded.

Ain, his one and only attendant.

Ain had the skill to quickly obtain empathy the more he battled with a high-ranking enemy.

This is the reason why his transcendental power does not decrease to a certain level after he starts fighting angels.

Thanks to that, Hyun was using Donghwa without much pressure.

The next place we moved to was where the genie was.


Black and white wings suddenly sprouted from Genie’s back as she watched the situation with several screens open.

“hyeon… ?!”

Ginny screamed in surprise at Hyun’s sudden visit.

“It’s the ultimate now, right?”

“Yes, you can! I’ll walk right away!”

Ginny stopped what she was doing and took out her wand.

The 4th level of retrogression can not only restore physical strength and remove body defects, but also cancel any level of status ailments.

Woo woo-. Mana wrapped her body around her and started stroking Hyun’s entire body.

‘Now I’ve used up to the last hand.’

Afterwards, Hyun sighed and checked his body condition.

Not only did the reduced physical strength recover, but all of the weakening penalties that came from the recoil of Ascension Strike disappeared.

Seseri, who was the only healer in the party, exhausted all his strength by overdoing it, so Hyeon visited Genie once while fighting.

“How is the situation? No, I’d better check it myself.”

Hyun looked at the screen Genie had put up.

There was no single place where the battle was taking place.

The largest battlegrounds, the Antarctic and the Arctic, were again divided into small areas, fighting fiercely or reaching lulls for a while.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the whole world is caught up in a war.

Hyun’s eyes landed on one of the numerous screens.

“Does it look dangerous over there?”

“Ah, there… !”

Ginny, who was watching together, explained.

“The human coalition’s defenses have been breached. I was just about to ask Hyun for support.”

“Um… .”

After thinking for a while, Hyeon gave instructions to Genie.

“I’ll have to ask Darkness to fill that hole.”

Hyun focused his eyes on the screen of Ain fighting in the heavens.

The ground is important, but the most important thing is to fight in the heavens.

There, if the allied forces of the abyss are defeated by the sky, all these efforts will be in vain.

Hyun then simply told Ginny what to do.

Rather than whispering, meeting in person was able to convey the story clearly.

“Okay, I’ll pass it on.”

“I must go back. No support requests yet… .”

There was no need to use transcendental power to return to heaven.

After completing all the instructions, Hyun sent a whisper to Ain.

“Ahin, summon me now.”

In the next moment, Hyun’s new model disappeared on the spot.


The two satellites, which had been superimposed in pure white, were now shining with an ominous dark red light.

The aspect of the war taking place in the heavens is projected to the ground.

“The sky is changing… .”

The priest who looked up at the night sky felt his heart pound.

In the past, NPCs might have called Gluna’s color darkened as the ruin of the world, but no one said that now.

“Harmony is watching over us!”

It is said that half of the people in the world serve harmony.

And the Bible of Harmony predicted an event that would happen on the day the two moons overlap.

“Victory is coming! Hold on a little longer!”

The imperial commander shouted and encouraged the soldiers.

This is the text of the Bible that most Assrian NPCs, including him, know.

May the sky destroy the earth on the day Gluna and Iluna overlap and burn.

However, if it turns dark red again, the earth will drive away the sky again.


The shouts of humans rang out.

When the contents written in the Bible came true, the morale of those who usually served harmony soared to the sky.

“Everyone, fight with the determination to give your life! If you die, rise as a spirit and fight!”

Maybe it’s madness beyond fraud.

As the NPCs fought like crazy, the users who participated in the war could not help but be affected by it.

The users who were defending the Sky Bridge together suddenly felt a chill.

‘What is this atmosphere… .’

‘These people. It must be an NPC, right?’

Most of the NPCs around the top level users who participated in the quest were knights, magicians, paladins, or angels!

It was unprecedented that so many Gen 1.5 NPCs gathered in one place.

It was only natural for the users who fought against the sky to be dyed in the madness of war.

‘Was Asrian originally like this?’

‘It’s not a game, it’s like a real war… .’

And the lower-ranking users who did not participate in the war gradually assimilated into the atmosphere of the war.

It was because countless drones floating near the sky bridge were filming wars taking place all over the world.

People watching the show on a virtual screen, TV, mobile phone, or computer didn’t even notice that they were clenching their fists.

Some users even shed tears.

It was because the desperate expression of the knight commander who risked his life made his heart tremble.

Most users rarely encounter NPCs older than 1.5 generations, even if they have played Assrian for years.

The reason why the girl running in the snow of Iluna became such a hot topic is that the tears she shed caused a big ripple in everyone’s emotions.

Same this time.

Players directly participating in the war and those watching indirectly felt the same feeling.

It feels like there’s a real war going on in another world somewhere.

“Victory to the Empire… .”

The moment the blue-haired woman muttered in a low voice.


The sword embedded in Goliath’s body caused a huge explosion.

The explosion tore down walls and floors in one fell swoop, and it wasn’t enough to tilt the sky bridge floating in the air, devouring even the blue woman who caused the explosion.

That was the end of the Empire’s 2nd Magic Corps Commander.

However, the knights who had no choice but to watch it did not fall into despair.

I just bit my tight lip. In order to protect the opportunity created by their superior at the cost of their lives, their eyes glared at the intruders who descended from the sky.

The world is destroyed, screams resound, and hope blooms again as everyone gathers their will.

The hearts of the users watching the war in their own way gradually began to assimilate with the hearts of those fighting fierce battles.

The people on the ground began to wish for victory in the war.

Yes, as if their world was Assrian!


A city in the polar region.

Fires broke out everywhere in the outer castle, and unknown metal debris was scattered on the floor.

The wreckage is the power of the sky that passed through the sky bridge after breaking through the siege of the three-nation coalition.

A little while ago, a roaring sound resonated throughout the battlefield, but now it had calmed down to some extent.

It was thanks to the strength of the Darkness Guild, which had moved under the direction of the Shade Guild, to subdue the enemies.

“It’s finally sorted out.”

Bearshield sighed.

Not only that, most of Darkness’ top executives stayed here.

Thanks to this, the power of the sky that broke through the siege was able to be safely dealt with.

If the army of the sky were to spread all over the world, it would be quite a headache.

You’ll have to consider the possibility that civilian cities will be in chaos, as well as the possibility of the allied forces being pincered.

“Huh, it’s hard… I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard.”

Fias muttered as he caught his breath.

Even he, who always enjoyed fighting aggressively, was considerably mentally fatigued.

1.5th generation artificial intelligence. It was because the vivid reactions of the NPCs who participated in the war made the users uncomfortable.

“I think we’re done here, so let’s move on to the next location.”

“… … .”


“ah? yes!”

Mayday, who was distracted by Guild Leader X-Large’s words, reacted belatedly.

“haha… I was thinking about something for a while.”

Mayday recalled what had just happened.

A moment ago, the sacrifice of an NPC who sacrificed herself to stop the Guardians.

Mayday turned her head again and looked down at the collapsed walls.

Is it because the scene from a while ago is still lingering in my head? It was hard to bear seeing the faces of the people who were sitting huddled together and praying.

“This war. I really hope you win… .”


“I know… .”

At Mayday’s words, the people around her nodded.

Darkness had gone through numerous quests and failed, but for some reason the mind that he had to succeed this time welled up.

However, while everyone agreed with Mayday’s words, only one remained silent.

‘… … .’

X-Large was thinking a little differently than the others.

This war was an event that Hyun had predicted and prepared for a year ago.

Although we don’t know the exact circumstances, it is known that if the ground forces win the war, his status, which is still so far away, will rise to a height that can never be surpassed.

In other words, in order for Darkness to compete with Shade, it was better for Darkness to lose the war, even if it meant breaking the contract.

‘It ended up like this.’

but. X-Large also knew that it was impossible. I just realized it once again.

Whether it’s a request or an order, the NPCs who are said to be the pinnacle of the Asura continent are acting according to the prefecture’s will.

Can there be another user who can move NPCs that will be newsworthy with just one player?

ha ha ha-!

X-Large suddenly burst into laughter.

All residents and users on the ground want to win the war.

Not only that, but the intentions of the executives of Darkness didn’t seem too different from them.

It wouldn’t be an ugly stubbornness to try to turn the tide of this level on its own.

‘It’s our defeat.’

X-Large looked at the faces of the executives once again.

To be honest, they were lucky.

It is truly a miracle that the will of users with such brilliant talents came together.

Along with luck, Darkness was able to rapidly increase its power from the beginning.

So we all had the ambition to stand on top of the world together.

Ambition is paid off only when there is even a 1% possibility. Being stubborn about what you can’t have would be nothing more than an ugly struggle.

“Guild leader?”

X-Large came to his senses at the secretary’s voice.

“Is something wrong?”


“Suddenly, he shook his head by himself… .”


He answered, looking up at the sky where the dark red light was shining down again.

“I was thinking of re-planning the future when I go back to the guild.”

“yes… ?”

At the secretary’s questioning gaze, X-Large smiled quietly.

It was close to luck that Darkness was able to come this far, but Shade is not.

X-Large was confident that even if he lacked knowledge of the game, his eyes for reading the flow were second to none.

If there are 100 parallel worlds, 99 of them will have the string on top.

“Maybe Cage was surprisingly smart.”

“… ?”

The outcome of winning or losing was almost certain from the beginning.

I thought that a day like this might come, but I didn’t know that my heart would feel so relieved.

Huhuhu, while the secretary looked at him with strange eyes, X-Large continued to shake off a relieved laugh.


The fight was in full swing on the ground, but the most intense battleground was the celestial world!

Hyun was grasping the core of the war.

Today is the day when the two satellites overlap.

In other words, the day when the distance between the earth and the heaven world is much closer than that of the demon world!

If even one angel descends, the answer will be lost.

Even if Servants and Plains were somehow blocked, if a Bishop or a Royal class were summoned, the land would experience despair.

‘I have to push harder.’

The holy fog stopped in Light Castle will be restored someday.

The power of chaos that settles the world is not infinite.

When the heart of light beats again in Light Castle and white blood starts to flow, the large-scale advent that has stopped for a while will also resume.

To prevent such a situation, the angels had to be weakened.

Before the black sun casts its shadow from the sky disappears!

“Ain, let’s go!”

Hyeon assimilated Ain and went directly to the front line.

The reason for not assimilating into the devil, the monster, or Louise is simple.

Ain is his only servant.

In order to continuously supply transcendental power, it was effective to assimilate to Ain even if there was a stronger being.

‘The situation is not bad.’

I looked around for a while.

Monsters are usually known as beings without intelligence, but the army led by Louise did not see such a figure.

The 10,000 monsters were divided into 4 and moved with their own command system.

The results of years of training just for this day are being revealed.

Louise’s eyes were also full of fighting spirit, as if trying to make up for the fuss she had a moment ago.

If there’s anything wrong with this systematic Legion of Abyss, there’s only one.

Even with Louise’s power, some demons could not be controlled.

“Gigkig, there’s nothing special about being an angel, but did I mistake Valkyrie for an angel?”

“Shut that arrogant mouth. before stitching it up.”

The two devils escorting Louise on either side started a trivial quarrel.

“Yes? See if you’re confident After being broken by me, did you gather your strength for a thousand years?”

“You guys… !”

“Both of you, stop talking!”

Louise put the demons to rest.

Transcendental beings are beings with egos that are incomparable to humans.

The higher the rank, the more unruly they behaved, so only Louise, the ‘darkness’, could control the two bishop-class demons.

“Are you insane fighting allies in front of the enemy? If you lose your guard, I will not forgive you!”

At Louise’s one word, the demons’ turmoil stopped for a moment.

But it was only for a moment, and soon a voice began to speak again.

“Oh, the little archevil has a temper.”

“… .”

Louise’s true identity is the great demon of darkness, but she is not even a complete demon yet.

In the eyes of other devils, he would be closer to a human than a devil, so it wasn’t strange that there were people who quietly ignored him.

“Hey, just trust me. There are only two demons stronger than me underground.”

It was at that moment that a pair of black, huge wings appeared behind Louise.

“These kids… .”

“… !”

The two demons fell silent at the sound of someone’s voice.

Behind the sudden appearance of the girl, jet-black crystal wings fluttered.

It is a symbol of the royal rank.

The royal devil had the appearance of a young girl.

More than Louise, even more than Ain!

“You should consider it fortunate that you serve deception. If they were bastards who served the darkness, I would have sent them to the eternal world with my own hands!”

It was quite an ironic sight to see two savage-looking demons bowing their heads at a girl about ten years old, helpless.

It was also a disprove that what matters among demons is not appearance, but only strength and rank.

As soon as Louise met her gaze, the girl who had shown her ferocious eyes to the other two demons bowed her head politely.

“Darkness, give your command.”

“Uh… I see.”

Louise came back to her senses and looked forward.


He shouted with all his might, holding the window forward.

“Today is the day when the abyss rises to the sky, and the darkness will blot out the light!”

“You are very good.”

The royal demon looked at Louise and smiled lightly.

It was like a mother looking at her daughter.

At first glance, it seemed awkward, as if the two of them had changed their appearance, but in fact, it didn’t matter that much.

The Dark Command itself had the power to boil the demons of all beings in the abyss.

woo woo woo-

At the moment when the clamor of ghosts could be heard from all sides, Hyeon felt the blood in his whole body heat up.

It was because the souls connected to each other started to resonate as soon as they heard Louise’s voice.

“Stand back, kid!”

a sudden voice.

Looking back, Hyun was able to notice that the Little Devil was calling him.

Are you a kid? I can handle the power of chaos, so I’m no different from Louise.

Hyeon, who was about to object, found the whirlpool of magic swirling around the girl’s hand and stepped aside without saying a word.

Go oh oh-.

In the very next moment, an enormous sphere fell from the sky.

Hyeon couldn’t keep his mouth shut for a moment at the unrealistic sight unfolding before his eyes.

The diameter of the giant sphere falling from the sky may be several kilometers, maybe even tens of kilometers.

As it fell to the ground, it looked like a sun burning black.

‘This is the power of a royal class demon… !’

Even in Asura, there are few opportunities to see the skills of a transcendental higher than royal.

Not only do they refrain from power to save their egos, but they also don’t have many opportunities to exercise their influence.


After a while, nothing was left in the place where the black sun swept away.

The Valkyrie’s power disappeared as soon as it hit the black light, and some of the angels who couldn’t escape were either extinguished or hurriedly running away with fatal injuries.

Hyun looked at the little devil who had just used the technique with admiration.

Exercising her strength to the fullest, she had a triumphant expression on her face, just like Louise when she was a child.

‘I can win… !’

A plan that at first seemed impossible.

However, when the situation reached this point, Hyun’s mind slowly began to have other thoughts.

Could this be enough to really win?

Of course, to protect the ground from the invasion of the sky, maybe… Even to completely destroy the power of light… !

Hyun’s heart began to beat more and more at the possibility that was getting closer.


Amidst the messy war, the prefecture could not grasp only one fact.

That the number of angels is smaller than he expected.

And the fact that none of the Royal Angels have appeared yet.

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