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Celestial Invasion (1), Celestial Invasion (2), Celestial Invasion (3), Celestial Invasion (4) and Celestial Invasion (5)

Since ancient times, mankind has performed special rituals before war.

Praying to God or holding a sacrifice was because humans longed for the power of a transcendent being.

However, Hyun did not rely on such superstition. No, she couldn’t lean on it.

Your enemy is the top of the sky. Archangel of Light!

Because when you stand against God, the only thing you have to believe in is yourself!

‘War… .’

Hyun didn’t even expect good luck.

All you need is a cool judgment and a cold heart.

It is the difference between the calculation of forces and the management of troops that determines the outcome of a war.

That’s why Hyun was worried when he heard Mistia’s report a year ago.

For, by all means, it seemed impossible for earth to stand against the armies of heaven.

“Angels will descend on earth.”

“To the angel… ! How many are there?”

“So far, there are two Baron Royals and five Bishops. If you add the angels and lower angels that I have not grasped, the number will increase.”

The guardian led by the celestials, Goliath, might be able to stop it.

Even if a large number of Valkyries joined together, they would be able to come up with a way to respond somehow.

However, the story is different when it comes to the intervention of an angel.

A transcendental being is a being who can tilt the tide of a war alone.

If I had to think of the only move, it would be about summoning a demon and responding…

‘That’s not right.’

Hyunguk shook his head.

It is certain that the earth, which has become a battlefield for transcendentalists, will become a land of destruction.

The majority of humanity will evaporate, and as a result, Heaven’s intention to ‘incinerate’ the earth will be fulfilled.

Besides, even if you call the devil, you are not even sure that you will win.

This is because angels have the strong support of heavenly people, while demons and humans do not have good compatibility.

Ordinary humans would not be able to exert their full power by eating debuffs only with the existence of demons.

Perception improved, but there were still many NPCs on the ground who were uncomfortable with Magi.

Even if a union between demons and humans was miraculously formed, it was clear that it would not be able to stand up to the heavenly army united by divine power.

That’s right, if you fight 10,000 battles in an ordinary way, you won’t be able to win even one victory.

If so, what ploy must the ground use to win?

‘… … .’

Hyeon, who was lost in thought for a while, returned to reality.

The only answer is to make a place other than the ground into a battlefield.

I ran the simulation hundreds of times in my head, and I couldn’t think of any other way than this.

Yeah, you don’t have to worry any more.

Now is the moment to pour out all the cards you have.

“A battle has begun in the North Pole. Oh, and Antarctica just now!”

While I was organizing my thoughts, I heard Genie’s report in a whisper.

Hyungwon didn’t answer, just nodded.

The North Pole, the South Pole, everywhere on the ground, and even in the sky. War is going on all over the world.

No matter how brilliant a commander is, he can’t pay attention to everything.

I was grateful to Genie, who took over the middle command once again.

There is no one other than her who can summarize the events that occur simultaneously in many places as she wants.

‘I guess I’ll have to start this soon.’

Hyeon recalled the plan once again.

The first button to lead this huge war to victory is timing!

At the time when the celestials came over to the earth but the angels had not yet descended, there was a chance of victory only if he invaded the celestial world.

Before executing the plan, Hyun looked around for the last time and saw various faces.

Ain, Louise, Salon, Tartar, Papi, Latisse, and even Ceseri.

Hyun, who took a quick look at everyone in the party, raised his head.

“… I will go to heaven now.”

“Whoa, what a heaven.”

Tartar muttered to himself as if to soothe his awkwardness.

His level is 403. He barely made it into the top 1000 and is a ranker with only business cards.

If he hadn’t reached level 400, there was a high possibility that he wouldn’t be able to join us here.

“Is everyone ready?”

Hyun did not wait for an answer.

Because the expression alone was enough of an answer.

border city.

Hyun and the party soon arrived at the top of the central temple, where black mist gurgled.

The crowded border town has now turned into a ghost town where no one lives.

The reason why the noise completely disappeared from the bustling street was because Hyun had notified users of the danger in advance.

If you stay in the city, there is a high possibility that you will be swept away and die, so they decided to empty the city altogether.

Of course, there might be users hiding somewhere in the city who didn’t follow the instructions, but there was no need to worry about the lives of those users.

“Let’s start, Louise.”

“I… ?”

“It’s your job to open the door.”



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“That, right… .”

Louise quickly nodded, and then muttered.


At the same time as Louise’s words ended.

Koo Goo Goong-!

As the city creaked and began to rise, Iluna, which illuminated the night sky, swayed for an instant.

The elevation of the city exceeded the white belt, proof that the gates of heaven had been opened.

<If you are still in the city, please close your connection now. If there are non-users, please move to the underground shelter of the Central Temple immediately. We remind you once again. For those still in the city… .>

Announcements started ringing throughout the city.

The shaking of the ground did not stop even after the upper aisle was fully opened, enough for transport ships to barely pass through.

And after a while the passage closes again.

The boundary city has crossed the boundary line of the white belt for the first time in a few years.

At one point while floating in the sky on an island like that, Hyun looked back at Latis and said.

“Latis, are you ready?”

“It just ended.”

As soon as Hyeon finished speaking, Latis drew his sword.

Hwaaak! The pure white light emitted from the sword cut a path through the starlit clouds.

As one who was once an apostle of light, Latis has revealed the way to heaven.

“Poppy, point me in the right direction.”

“All right.”

Poppy’s casting began immediately.

Celestials who burn their egos in the sky can temporarily exercise the powers of angels.

Even if you are an angel with a higher rank, things that are out of the human category are possible.

Cheer up!

At the same time, following the direction of the light created by Latis, a magic circle with a geometric pattern was overlaid.

The entire city, which had only floated upward, slowly began to move along a new road.

“pretty… .”

Ain’s voice suddenly came.

Hyeon found a sphere of pure white light in Ain’s eyes, and looked up after her.

Gluna and Iluna overlapped in the dark sky.

Mixing yellow and blue makes black, but mixing yellow and blue makes white.

Is that why? In the night sky, it seemed that there were not two satellites, but a white ring that was burning white.

A lunar eclipse?

No, it’s a little different from that.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth blocks the sunlight shining on the moon, but this is a phenomenon in which two moons overlap and emit brighter light.

Yes, if I had to give this phenomenon a name, it would be full moon!

“When the night sky burns as if it will explode, the boundary between human life and the heavenly world becomes blurred… .”

Poppy looked up at the sky and muttered a phrase written in the Bible of the Sky in the past.

As Papi said, today is the best day for angels to descend.

In other words, it was the easiest day for the party to enter heaven.

The endlessly rising border city and the white ring hanging in the sky got closer and closer as time went by… .

“be careful! Enter the entrance!”

The moment they entered the ring, Hyun warned everyone.

It is impossible to open the gates of heaven without the angel’s permission.

In other words, from the perspective of heaven, they are uninvited guests who try to invade heaven through unofficial routes.

Thanks to Asura Online’s experience, Hyun knew very well what happened to those who tried to take a detour instead of the main gate.

“Louise, now!”

Hyun assimilated into Louise and shouted.

“i get it!”

Even before her name was called, Louise was preparing for the next task.

Whoops. A dark sword in her hand.

The jet-black blade, which shines even more gracefully under the white light, was inserted into the top of the altar.

That moment.

Just like the day I woke up the Dark Land, the ground began to vibrate.


Soon, a black mist boiled over.

The mist that flowed along the waterway became a torrent and then a waterfall, drawing a geometric spider web across the city.

‘Is it good… ?’

Even in the midst of a light earthquake, Hyun looked at the situation.

Entering the entrance to the celestial world, the city was surrounded by a flow of pure white mist.

The identity of that aura is unrefined divine power.

It is the same kind of power as the White Band and the Black Mist.

Even while passing through the middle of the turbid waves of light that were said to annihilate all souls, the party remained intact.

The black mist emanating from the temple in the center of the city was neutralizing the light that hit the party.

“It’s okay, Louise… !”

On the way, I told Louise.

Even after the sword of darkness disappeared, she had a hard expression on her face as she endured the torrent of black mist.

“Huh… !”

After escaping from the violent flow of the central altar, Louise let out a heavy breathing sound.

Fortunately, even after the dark sword disappeared, the magic circle surrounding the city did not disappear.

‘Okay, I can get past it!’

After unlocking the assimilation again.

Hyun, who grasped the situation, clenched his fists.

Everything I had planned so far is working as I thought.

Originally, it was almost impossible to enter the heavenly realm without the angel’s permission.

The fog of light that had been threatening the party disappeared before they knew it, so at this rate, the party should pass through the entrance without any problems.

He has already accomplished his first miracle.

[caution! The mysterious power that supported the city has disappeared!]

[After a while, the city will return to its original orbit!]

“Whoa… It seems that this is it… .”

As they finally approached the exit, Poppy murmured in agony.

His complexion was pale, and cold sweat broke out all over his body.

It is natural that it is difficult.

Moving an entire island would not be an easy task even for a celestial being.

“thank you.”

“… .”

“This is enough.”

At the same time as Hyun answered, Papi fell asleep.

Louise, who was by his side, grabbed him and leaned him against a nearby chair.

“Can everyone fly up there?”

Hyun looked up and asked everyone.

A place where the head is bent vertically. The bright white portal 100 meters away is the door to the heavens.

“If you need fly magic, he will do it for you.”

“If anyone needs a fly… ?”

Only one person raised his hand at Ceseri’s question.

For some reason, it seemed that only he was falling behind, so Tartar looked a little embarrassed.

“Don’t look at other people.”

Hyeon noticed Tartar’s thoughts and spoke in advance.

If I leave it alone, I think I’ll say I’m sorry again.

“Because I know you have a short mobility period.”

Everyone knows that Tartar is inferior to the other members.

In fact, even if you turn the contribution calculator, Tartar’s performance was the most insignificant.

Nevertheless, the reason for bringing Tartar is simple.

Occasionally, he would provide decisive help where he did not expect it.

In Kaidan Castle, he summoned Bahimir, and in Radix Island, he was the first to realize and inform them of the anomaly that had happened to the party.

And that moment when empathy was needed.

If it wasn’t for Tartar, I wouldn’t have been able to set up the broadcast in less than a minute and catch the proper screen and send it out.

“Because there are things only you can do.”

Immediately after the ground stopped completely, everyone jumped up with all their might.

[‘Border City’ is returning to its original orbit!]

A pure white glow filled the field of vision and greeted the party.

It was the moment when the user of the abyss stepped into the heavens for the first time.


This war must have been the biggest event in Assrian history, but only a few users knew about it.

Most of the users were going about their daily lives without even realizing that a war would break out soon.

Because all the plans were drawn out of people’s eyes.

Among the celestials, only a few of the top layers were aware of the outline of the plan, so it was only natural that the users did not know anything.

– Isn’t the atmosphere a bit strange these days?

-I feel it too. As well as the sudden disappearance of some quests.

However, it wasn’t without signs.

There is no way that a large-scale war involving both the earth and the sky will happen overnight.

It’s already been 3 years since Assrian opened.

Users understood to some extent that there are no signs without reasons.

It was only natural that community users’ interest in the recent suspicious incidents in Assrian would increase significantly.

-trot! 10 knights of the empire disappeared.

– Five? Wasn’t it less than that after the time of the Holy Kingdom’s pressure?

-The kingdom of magic and the kingdom of saints are unusual. Are you restraining each other?

-Maybe they’re trying to break out a war between the three countries. It was very inconvenient because I was banned from teleporting last time.

Great powers make suspicious moves.

-What is it, I came to the sky bridge to go to the sky island, but they won’t let me pass for a while.

-What did you go there for? Are you an NPC by any chance?

– You can go anywhere in the Sky Island if you go through the border city.

-ㄴ The city transport line will be suspended for the time being.

– Oh really? until when?

-ㄴI heard that it’s only for a week, and it may increase depending on circumstances.

All the passages to heaven were blocked.

-No, why is the craft competition postponed all of a sudden???

-A contest? I barely got on the list for the ranking ceremony, but it was canceled hahaha

– Hey, you too? Me too lol

Moreover, even the movement towards the abyss was strange.

In particular, there was a line of users complaining that events and quests related to dukes were canceled out of nowhere.

As time went on, the incidents overlapped one by one, and the users could feel the unusualness.

‘The atmosphere is strange these days. It’s not serious.’

‘Is there any reason why each country, even the celestials and dukes take strange actions?’

‘At this rate, even a world war would happen… .’

Some players with good eyesight focused on one guild.

It was because there was a guild that was steadily preparing something while most users were wandering around.

-Darkness ranker users were summoned at once. why?

-If it has something to do with recent events… .

-Is there something that only the Darkness Guild knows about? Since the history has changed, it must not be the information from the previous work.

The top users made their own guesses, but couldn’t get any definite information.

I can only feel the fact that ‘abnormalities’ are increasing in the Assrian world.

One day when time passed like that.

“Hey, look at the sky!”

About half of the Assrian users all looked up at the sky.

This is the moment when Gluna and Iluna, circling the night sky, overlap into one.

“The moon is burning.”

“You idiot, it’s not the moon!”

“Ah, yes… Anyway, did they overlap by accident… ?

The overlapping of a planet and two moons seems like a coincidence.

As if the solar and lunar eclipses, which humans in the past had given special meaning to, were actually nothing.

However, if the same phenomenon occurred in Assrian, it is by no means a product of chance.

With half the population of Asura watching, the overlapping of the two moons created a blindingly white ring.

thud. thud. Those who saw the rings felt their hearts leaping wildly.

It feels like your soul is being sucked in.

“iced coffee… Ahhh… !”

Some priests looked at the night sky and howled.

Users could now clearly see that.

An unusual event is about to happen.

No, maybe it’s already happening where you can’t see it!

<The sun rises in the night sky of Assrian!>

<Abnormal phenomenon occurs! Could it be related to recent anomalies?>

<High priest, talk about the end!>

Game sites also poured out breaking news one after another.

Users also began to gather information by chatting with NPCs or visiting temples in a hurry.

What is it about to happen?

In the immediate atmosphere, users looked at the glowing rings in the night sky as if they were about to explode.


[You have entered Heaven!]

[You have entered the Light Management Area: Light Castle!]

[danger! The Magi you possess is rebelling against the surrounding energy!]

[Penalties are generated in proportion to the possessed magic!]


[All stats -12%]

[Magi spill -133 per second]

[continuous mental breakdown]

‘Kuh… !’

The moment he entered the heavens, Hyeon let out a light moan.

It was because of the dizziness that came over me out of nowhere.

He quickly read the message in front of him and clicked his tongue.

‘Is it useless sensory coordination again? huh? for a moment… !’

Hyeon, suddenly thinking about the others, turned his head away.

Among the party, the users who possessed magic were themselves, Tartar, and Ruiz.

Fortunately, Tartar didn’t seem to be affected much thanks to the small amount of magic he possessed.


Louise didn’t.

“Louise are you okay?!”

Hyeon found Louise breathing heavily on the floor and shouted.

Demons cannot stay in heaven.

In this place full of divinity, near-infinite magic is rather poisonous.

Was it my own mistake to think that Louise would be fine since she wasn’t a demon yet?

‘If you can’t hold on… !’

Darkness does not have the power of deceit to transform black into white.

When Louise visited the heavens in the past, she probably didn’t have demonic energy.

However, according to what I saw in the status window, the level 400 Louise had about 50 million Magi!

How much pain is proportional to the magic you possess… ?

When Hyun looked at me worriedly.

“Whoops, whoops… .”

Louise took a deep breath and barely stood up.

Tears welled up in Louise’s eyes as she wiped her mouth with her sleeve.

“I was just surprised that it came so suddenly… . it’s fine now.”

“Can you walk?”

“That much… . No problem. I wonder what it will be like to even run… I don’t think I can move any more violently than that.”

Hoo-wook. Exhaling once more, Louise forced a smile.

In heaven, she knew that Louise would end up like this.

This condition can be a weakness of the team, let alone a battle.

However, even though he expected this situation, Hyun had no choice but to bring Louise to the heavens.

She must be the key that can decide the outcome of this war.

“Sorry. Hang on a minute.”

Hyun entrusted Ain with Louise’s support and quickly looked around.

The reason the scenery is somehow familiar is probably not just because I’ve been there since I was in Asura.

Wow! A pure white mist spewing from the shrine in the distance.

Kurrrrr! And again, the sight of the fog running across the land like a spider’s web resembles the black fog flowing in the ‘Land of Darkness’.

Except for one thing, the colors are inverted.

‘Looks like you came here well.’

The name of this place is Light Castle.

Among the various places in the celestial world, it is the area closest to the forces of light.

Looking up, Hyun noticed that the sky was also covered with white spider webs.

It didn’t take long to realize that it was a large-scale magic circle.

Yes, this is mass advent magic.

‘As expected, Advent hasn’t started yet.’

Wow! Wow!

A white mist that runs all over the land.

Hyun, who had been studying the world view for a long time with Interloop data, now knew the identity of that aura.

The pure white fog is the blood of light, and the path through which the fog flows is like the veins of light.

Just as human metabolism stops when blood does not circulate, light stops when fog does not circulate.

Not only will the large-scale advent be canceled, but even the divine energy that fills this space will be scattered.

In other words, while preventing the dispatch of the angels, it might be possible to restore Louise’s condition to its original state.

“I’ll make it right soon.”

Hyun used his clairvoyance to look at the shrine in the distance.

In the meantime, I got enough hints.

The role of the central shrine is the same as that of the Pyramid Temple in the Dark Land.

Light and darkness are at odds. It was clear that if the sword of darkness was inserted into the altar, the flow of fog would create an abnormality.

If only I could steal the power of light for a while and at the same time reap the divine energy that is full of heaven.

No, if only we could weaken the light a little and keep the angels under it in the heavens… !

The odds of Earth winning this war will no longer be zero.

“Then let’s move.”

The next destination is the central shrine in the distance.

It was when Hyeon was about to give instructions to everyone that something blocked the party’s path.

“wait for a sec… .”

Hyun raised his hand and stopped the group.

It was to figure out the identity of the things that suddenly appeared.


Hyeon, who immediately assimilated Ain just in case, carefully observed the shapes approaching them.

‘Valkyrie… ?’

Whoops. Hyeon, who grasped their identities, shed a smile.

Because what he was wary of was not Valkyrie, but an angel.

It would have been quite difficult to face even a plain-class.

Regardless of whether you can fight and win, it was clear that the engagement with the angel would delay a considerable amount of time.

‘Okay, if it’s a Valkyrie, it’s worth a try.’

A small smile crept across Hyeonu’s lips.

It was because he confirmed that his plan was working well.

Why is it that the existence that visited the celestial intruder was not even a Servant but a Valkyrie?

‘There are not many angels left here!’

Probably because most angels are busy preparing for Advent!

It is clear that a huge amount of time will be consumed in casting such a huge magic.

A large-scale advent that has been preparing for a year or more.

Canceling such a ceremony in the middle was too costly for Light.

The reason why he didn’t prepare for it in advance was probably because he couldn’t imagine that there would be a being from the abyss that would dare to invade the heavens.

‘There are enough possibilities!’

The appearance of Valkyrie means that the actual power remaining in Light Castle is not that great.

But it won’t be a completely empty house.

Then, how many angels are left who can actually fight in heaven?

No matter how bad it is, there must be a few Servant-class angels left.

What is the Plain class? Or the Bishop class… ?

At least it was certain that there would be no ‘royal’ class!

This is because, according to Mystia’s report, all royal-class angels belonging to the forces of light are scheduled to descend to the earth.

‘Things couldn’t be better than this!’

Hyun decided not to hesitate any longer.

[200 holy power consumed!]

[All stats are amplified by 20% due to the effect of the demi-myth!]


The scythe of vigilance rang out and hacked into Valkyrie’s body.

In the past, it was an untouchable enemy, but after both he and Ain reached level 419, they became an existence that was not much different from a junk mob with a lot of physical strength.

So rather than strengthening one-time skills with transcendental power, Ain’s stats were amplified.


The moment Ain, who was calculating his stamina, changed the direction of his scythe and decapitated them.


The three Valkyries that stood in the way of the party became an intense light and disappeared.

“after… We move.”

Hyun did not bother to solve the fairy tale, but looked back at everyone while speaking in Ain’s voice.

“You have to move as quickly as possible. Because we have to get to the temple before Advent is complete!”


Light Castle is very beautiful.

Garden of Angels, Bridge of Radiance, Path of Eternity, Galactic Canal, and more.

This is because all kinds of buildings and institutions covering all areas with a diameter of 20 kilometers show off the style of the sky.

The most magnificent are the pillars of Genesis.

Three pillars stood tall at each vertex of the magic circle that covered the entire area.

It is said that two royal angels and an archangel of light reside at the top.

It is said that humans who look up from the floor at the pillars whose end is nowhere to be seen kneel down and weep over their insignificance.

‘I have to be careful.’

Salon and Latis, who ran toward the pillar, did not have time to appreciate the surrounding scenery.

There was too much work to do to indulge in shallow sentiment.

‘I must hurry at the same time.’

The two had been separated from the party a while ago after receiving Hyun’s instructions.

All for one plan.

Latisse looked back at his memory once more.

Hyun said the following in front of everyone including himself.

“We will travel along the celestial aorta.”

“aorta… ?”

“Someone called the area where the fog flows the fastest and most intensely by that name.”

That someone was Lutia.

Hyun still remembers Lutia guiding him to the ‘Heart’ during the Dark Land episode.

“That fog. Didn’t I say it was dangerous?”

“that’s right. It is deadly enough to melt the soul.”

“Then the aorta must be the most dangerous place… Why would you go to a place like that?”


Hyun smiled at someone’s question and added an explanation.

“It’s just as dangerous to enemies.”

“… !”

“An angel of a lower rank than Royal cannot withstand the fog. It means that we have one more feature that we can use.”

“Mmm, that’s right.”

Everyone nodded.

Hyeon suggested a way to overcome many of the power gaps with angels.

“But there is a problem.”

“What kind of problem… ?”

“That the aorta is not normally active in Light Castle.”


Everyone tilted their heads.

What if he told me again that there was a problem with the method he proposed?

“I need a separate unit. While the main force advances, someone who can activate the aorta in the land of light… .”

Hyun’s gaze, which had been scanning the party, stopped in front of Latis.

“There is one.”


“… … .”

“Is there anything strange?”

The sudden voice of Salon interrupted Latisse’s thoughts.

“just. I checked the plan for a moment.”

“Oh, you are meticulous. I can’t do anything else during the quest. It’s because I can’t multitask.”

The detached troops Hyun spoke of were Salon and Latis.

Their destination was a place on the outskirts far from the central shrine.

Perhaps it was because the borders of the enemies were weak at the edge of the area, and the two could move without any hindrance.

On the way to cross the corridors of such endless castles.

“I have a question.”


Salon looked back at Latis, hiding his surprise.

Always speak first yourself. It was because Latis had hardly ever spoken to him.

“From your point of view, how much have I improved compared to that day?”

“… ?”

“Except for the level, of course.”

Salon’s mind was confused.

I knew what that day meant.

Latis used to call the day when he had contact with the Shade Guild that way.

What answer are you expecting?

Salon evaded an answer once.

“I do not know. How about asking Hyun later?”

“… Hyun?”

“Your eyes are clearer than anyone else. I can easily answer your questions.”

“Eyes that see… Right.”

Latis stares into space for a moment.

Nothing was said after that, so Salon shrugged.

Occasionally, Latis would mumble something incomprehensible to herself, so it wasn’t unusual.

While talking about such useless things, the destination was getting closer.

“Phew, arrival.”

Salon lifted his head and looked up at the gigantic pillar with no end in sight.

Pillars of Genesis.

According to Hyun’s explanation, you can activate this with Latis’ skill to create an aorta leading to the central altar.

Salon and Latis moved to the inside of the pillar.

The inside was filled with pure white incontinence that looked like an unknown magic circle.

“That one.”

Latis moved slowly to the brightest spot in the magic circle.

There, an altar about 3 meters high was pouring out fountains of light.

Latis quietly drew her sword.

His blade, which seemed to be burning with incandescent heat, was in fact marked with numerous incontinence patterns identical to those of the nearby magic circle.

Then, the moment when Latis was about to drive her sword into the groove of the altar!


At the same time as a huge metal sound echoed, Latis’ sword bounced back loudly.

“what… !”

Salon drew his twin swords.

Are there any attacks that I am not aware of? I’ve never been like this since level 400… !

‘It’s not a Valkyrie. Could it be an angel… ?’

My mouth was dry.

After going through several main quests with Hyeon, Salon did not know how powerful the existence of an angel was.

A being that the angel himself cannot win.

Hyun also warned never to fight with an angel.

His explanation was to run away if possible, or send a request to assimilate in a whisper if that didn’t work out.

I thought it would be okay because the detached unit’s mission was on the outskirts, but could it be that an angel came here?

“Ha, was it you?”

Latisse’s low voice rang out.

He was staring into space.

Why do I laugh alone looking at a place where no one is around?

It was because he could see blind spots that ordinary users could not reach.

[Twisted Eye Lv.1]

– By diffracting the light in the air, you can secure the sight of the invisible place.

– You can see distant places by refracting light in the air.

(Holy power consumed per second: 30)

“… !”

Suddenly looking back at Latisse, Salon held his breath.

In his eyes, an unknown figure was shining.

After a while.

again and again.

The man who walked out from behind the wall was someone Salon knew well.

“These are nice faces.”

The man in front of them laughed.

Like Salon, his name is Berard!

“It’s a pity that there isn’t a face I’m most happy with… It won’t matter anyway.”

The identity of the pure white light emanating from the dagger in Berard’s hand was definitely not magic, but divine power!

How could Berard, who was the representative of the abyss even in the regressor guild, be in heaven?

Berard’s next words cleared the eyes of Salon’s blinking doubt.

“Regressors were made by people who had a grudge against Hyeon. Maybe that’s why even after the guild disappeared, a few people remained.”

“… … .”

“The common goal was to somehow F*ck you guys once. Thanks to you, I even changed my power?”

“He was an apostle.”

Ratis, noticing something, opened her mouth.

How could it come to them in an instant?

that’s why it was revealed.

“Ah, was it like that?”

Salon, who belatedly grasped the situation, regained his composure.

The enemy is not an angel.

Even a user who is not a Celestial or a Valkyrie!

Moreover, isn’t his job an assassin?

“Hehe, I don’t know what kind of grasshopper it is.”

He was sure that he would not lose in the assassin mirror match.

When Salon, who had judged that, gradually approached Berard.

“Don’t move.”

Latis whispered a warning.

His eyes still reflected things that Salon couldn’t see.

“There is not one enemy.”

“what… ?”

“Five people. Among them, a dangerous-looking archer is aiming at us.”

Latisse’s words raised Salon’s tension.

There was only one famous archer among the users who were members of the Regressor Guild.

“The rest… I don’t think they’re easygoing guys.”

Also, being in heaven right now means that all five of them are apostles.

It was a situation where it was clear that he would have been buffed before the transfer.

Salon, who was worried, asked quietly.

“If it’s dangerous, maybe it’s better to call the prefecture… ?”


Ratis responded immediately.

Hyun’s name is displayed in red on the friends list.

It means state of emergency. It was a signal to him not to ask for help as there was an urgent matter right away.

“Just because they’re strong doesn’t mean we’ll lose.”

Hwaaak! White heat spread through Latisse’s blade.

A pleasant smile appeared on his face as he faced Berard for the first time in a long time.


The road to the shrine was long and arduous.

As they headed toward the center, the Valkyries flocked like bats as if they had been waiting.

“Tartar! Look at Louise!”

“yes… !”

As expected, Ruiz’s statement that he could run was nothing more than a bluff.

Even the slightest increase in speed made her stagger as if she were about to collapse.

As soon as the full-scale battle began, Hyun entrusted Louise to Tartar.

Ain had to fight, Seseri had to pray, and Louise’s men couldn’t take them out right away, so Tartar was the only one who could take care of her.

‘danger… !’

Hyeon’s pupils widened at the beam of light pouring down from the front like a shower.

The Valkyries’ javelins were no different from wide-range bombing.


“Yes, four… !”

[The Chaos Contract swaps ‘Breath’ and ‘Shield of Predation’!]

Hyun quickly calculated in his head.

The damage that the shield of predation can withstand is 350,000 even if the maximum amount of demonic energy is poured out.

However, each of the Valkyries’ javelins contained more power than that.

‘askew… !’


The scythe of the vigilance, whose blade angle was adjusted, rotated once.

With that alone, the party was surrounded by a shield of a transparent cone.

Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

An explosion that rang out immediately after that.

However, there is no time to look back.

As soon as Hyun received the baptism of the Valkyries’ javelins, he swung the scythe of vigilance with all his might.

[Consumes 100 Transcendence!]

[The range and power of the next giant slash will be greatly enhanced!]

[Consumes 100 Transcendence!]

[Enemy hit by Prosia’s Ice Blade has a certain chance of being frozen!]

[Consumes 100 Transcendence!]

[For 10 seconds, the afterimage duration of Afterimage Slash is tripled!]


Frost pierced the air.

Even after the Scythe of Vigilance passed, a blade of frost that emitted blue light remained in its place.

“Seseri, pray for me!”

“I will concentrate!”

“And Tartar, pass Louise to me and run!”

Because Tartar is the slowest, Hyeon took care of Louise for a while.

Now, even a brief moment of leisure was so precious.

As most of the nearby Valkyries disappeared or stopped moving, Hyun led the party and started to run quickly.

‘Is the Byeoldongdae side still… ?’

Hyungwon glanced sideways.

The canal of the aorta, through which the mist of light should gurgling, was so calm.

Even if you look at the conversation log, there is no contact between Salon and Latis.

I have no choice but to believe and wait.

Until the aorta is activated, there is no choice but to do something with the party’s power!

“You have no face.”

Louise, who was cradled in her arms, groaned.

“No matter how strong you become, even if you have more power than you, this is what happens… .”

Louise’s words paused for a moment.

As time passed, her breathing became more and more rapid.

It will remain in this state until it reaches the shrine and dissipates the divine energy.

“… It must have been fate.”

“fate… ?”

“Isn’t it always the same? I always rely on you… .”

“Ha, what.”

Hyun, who noticed Louise’s thoughts, clicked her tongue.

“You are the key to this war. We are all relying only on your performance. Do you know that I brought you here to take a look? You are just as important.”

“… … .”

“So, don’t strain yourself with thoughts like that. If it’s hard, close your eyes.”

Hyun now knows Louise’s way of thinking.

No matter how strong she becomes, Louise’s timid personality does not disappear.

Louise was the one who would become depressed at the slightest disturbance.

“hyeon… Near.”

“No, you’re sleeping… !”

“I can feel the energy of an angel!”

“huh… ?”

At Louise’s words, Hyun activated his clairvoyance.

The distant area near the altar is obscured by fog, but it is difficult to see. It didn’t have to be.

Huh, Hyun took a deep breath involuntarily.

It’s not unexpected to encounter an angel… I wanted to meet you as late as possible.

‘Plain… is it?’

The angel’s rank could be identified from the shape of the wings.

An angel that I have faced for the first time since I started Assrian.

The appearance of planes means that subclass Servants can also pop out at any time.

As time passed, the distance between the party and the angel was getting closer and closer.

Even though the angel wasn’t moving yet, Hyun felt as if the blood in his body was drying up.


Parts Chutsu – Pajik!

Pillars of Genesis.

Inside it, a magic circle densely carved like a spider’s web screamed.

It was because the shock mitigation magic circle continued to calm the aftermath of the fight.

The battle between users is not as powerful as the battle between angels and celestials, but it is more sophisticated.

Moreover, they are now the pinnacle of hundreds of millions of users!

It was only natural that there was a sense of tension that exceeded that of professional gamers.


Latisse’s flash crossed Berard’s field of view as he tilted his head back.

An attack that flew like a beam of light!

The only reason Berard was able to avoid the blow was because he was widening the gap.

Immediately after a miss, there is always a counterattack.

The pupils of Latis, who had secured a blind vision by overlaying the ‘twisted eye’, shone.

He saw a woman aiming a bow at her, and a man aiming a staff.


It was the next moment when two types of light burst out of the corner.

Kwak kwadeuk kwadeuk!

Spinning arrows and blocks of ice ripped through the floor and flew towards Latis and Salon.

It wasn’t specifically targeting either of the two, but an attack with the intention of simply erasing everything in its path.

“Whoa, that’s dangerous.”

Salon, who slipped and evaded, exclaimed in admiration.

A huge X-shaped crater had formed where he had been standing a while ago.

It was a trail of two types of long-range sniping.

The specs of the former regressor guild members who were summoned as apostles were beyond imagination.

Of course, that attack had no meaning unless it hit.

That’s how many sums come and go.

‘Three melee and two far.’

Latis was able to roughly grasp the strength of his opponents.

As initially expected, the number of enemies was five.

It is possible to fight 2v5 without difficulty.

Considering that the enemies have the Apostle’s buff, the two are fighting pretty well.

‘Not good.’

However, Latis realized the disadvantages of the composition.

Enemies can fight leisurely, but there is a time limit on this side.

This is because the main body can reach the temple before the angels descend to earth only when the aorta is activated by operating the organ.

‘I can’t win at this rate.’

As long as one side does not move, the frustrating composition of only checks will continue.

However, it was too dangerous to move first against the five who were the most elite in the former Regressor Guild.


Suddenly, Hyun’s face appeared in Latisse’s mind.

It was amazing just to watch him find a solution no matter how unfavorable he was.

‘What would you do?’

At that moment when she asked the question inside herself, Latis felt a strange feeling.

It’s to the point where I think it was a whisper for a while!

It’s because he suddenly heard Hyun’s voice like an hallucination.

Latisse accepted the voice without hesitation.

“Salon, go back to the rear.”

Latisse felt awkward even after he said it.

What is this picture drawn in my head reflexively?

“alone… ?」

“Go back and assassinate the wizard and the archer.”

“I don’t have any skills. You don’t even know the location of the enemy, do you?」

“are you okay.”

Countless puzzles were put together and the road to the final destination was revealed by itself.

Latis conveyed the contents to Salon.

“Behind the third pillar.”

“… !”

“I’ll clear the escape route on the left, so catch the wizard hiding there first.”

And the next moment, the wrong question came back.

“Aren’t you assimilated now?”


“Well, it must have been a whisper.”

“… … .”

“okay. I’ll do whatever you want.”

self. Immediately, Salon’s body, which erased his presence, became blurry.

Why did Salon just overlap the strings in Latisse’s tone?

The reason is simple.

Salon and Latis had a lot in common, except that one wanted to stand out and the other hated to stand out.

Yes, without the desire to catch up with Hyun, the two would not have been attracted to the Shade Guild.

“What operation is it?”

Berard, who witnessed the disappearance of Salon, opened his mouth in amazement.

“I don’t know what it is, but do you think you can withstand our attack by yourself?”

Latis did not respond to Berard’s words.

I didn’t have time to respond because I was focused on other things.

After closing her eyes for a moment, Latis’s eyes went cold.

sereung. Latis calmly lowered the sword she was aiming at Berard.

“Look carefully.”

Those murmurs were not meant to the former members of the Regressor Guild, nor to Salon, who was looking for an opportunity somewhere.

Yes, Latis is conveying words to Hyun, who is not even here.

“How far have I come.”

Latisse’s eyes quickly scanned the surroundings.

There is only one thing to note.

Where does Hyun usually look and fight?

“What are you looking for?!”

“Don’t be bluffing, kill me!”

Three enemies rushed at Latis at once.

He thought that no matter how much Latis was left alone, he would have no choice but to be attacked by a pincer.

Latis stared directly at Berard, who was approaching him.

His sword is sharp and sophisticated, but it definitely has loopholes.

If you blow the counter well, you might be able to take it out.

But it doesn’t fire back.

Because it’s not the time yet.

‘For now, just defend… !’


An arrow ricocheted off Latisse’s sword.

It was an arrow that pierced Berard’s back.

Latis’ eyes, which follow the path of light, capture all attacks from blind spots.

It was a surprise attack that I would never have known if I had been blinded by the counterattack.

support position!

It was immediately after that several flashes of light were drawn in the air.

An effect where the world is divided into dozens of pieces.

It’s probably someone’s ultimate.

Great! Blasphemy!

Even in the midst of countless diagonal incontinence in the building and being resealed, Latis was fine.

In the meantime, the movements he had practiced following Hyun and Ain made it possible to evade the densely flying bundle of flashes.

‘come… Magic!’

However, the pincer attack of the apostles over level 400 did not end there.

A gust of cold air swept through the place where Latis was to land in advance.

At the same time, the metal floor freezes with a crackling sound.


It was the next moment that a hot flame was added to it.

What happens when cold metal is instantaneously heated?

The metal explodes like a grenade.

This is because the contracted material instantly expands and shatters when heated.

Just before the floor where Latis stepped on cracked.


Latis’ sword, shining bluish, struck the floor.

Chii profit! Steam rising from the floor filled the space.

Thanks to the instant cooling, the floor that had been excited by the heat became calm again.

“I got it… !”

Berard’s sword cut through the smoke.

‘Obviously cut! I had a sense!’

The moment he felt a sensation in his hand, Berard was certain of victory.

It is natural that even Latis could not avoid the attack in that situation.

[Damaged 81038 damage!]

[Body loss, dismemberment has been activated!]

Berard, who sneakily checked the log window, called for joy.

followed immediately.


The moment he found Latis’ severed arm and his sword protruding from the steam, he let out a grin.

It must be the great sword that is the symbol of Latisse

The sword returned to the inventory as soon as it left the owner’s body, but the arm remained there for a short while, indicating that he was seriously wounded.

‘Kuh-kuh, you can never turn it over here!’

Berard was confident of victory.

His last attack had the effect of prohibiting ‘Recovery’-type magic for 10 minutes.

It was as if there was no possibility of reviving Latisse’s arm.

What on earth could a swordsman without an arm do?

[Party member Chera has died!]

Just heard the news of the wizard’s death.

It seems that he was killed by Salon who went back, but Berard’s laughter did not stop.

Rather, it was a death well worth it because he was able to catch Latis thanks to his death.

‘Idiot, it’s because I do things that don’t suit me!’

I wanted to laugh at Latisse’s strategy.

Sending Salon back for a pincer attack?

Do you know that Ji is also Hyun?

That kind of strategy only works when you can withstand the attacks of five people alone!

“haha… under.”

Light laughter leaked from Berard’s side.

The steam has not yet cleared, so Latis is nowhere to be seen.

But it was clear he couldn’t continue the fight any longer.

Catching the weaker Salon is not a problem.

After a year of waiting, the former returnee guild members finally poured cold water on Hyun’s quest.

That was the moment.

Strange things started to happen.

Kurur- Kururrr!!

“huh? what.”

“Was the impact of linking the ultimate skill too great?”

Ssssss. After a while, the steam dissipated.

There, Latis, who had lost an arm, was stroking the handle of a sword stuck in the altar with her left hand.

“Anyway, my work is done.”

Latis quietly pulled out the sword from the altar.

Kurruru- Nevertheless, the vibration only got bigger and bigger as time went on.

Quaaaaaa! It was the very next moment when a roaring sound like a flowing waterfall was heard from outside.

Berard and the others are still blinking their eyes, not understanding what has happened.

“Let’s fight properly now.”

Latisse aimed the sword in his left hand forward.

He had lost an arm and had the most satisfied smile ever on his face.


A moan escaped Hyun’s lips.

When I received the javelin and the bombardment of light pouring from all sides, I couldn’t help but curse.

Is it fortunate that the angel of the plane is still not moving?

However, he had no choice but to accept the attack of the Servant Angels who appeared with him.

‘damn… !’

The moment the Servant Angels raised their swords in unison, a warning light came on in Hyun’s head.

Magical and divine powers exploding in all directions are making the mind dizzy.

If that attack continues like this, Louise will be affected as well… !

Hyeon shouted as he quickly canceled the assimilation with Ain.

“Ain! Watch out for the rest!”

“huh? Hyun is… ?!”


Hyun’s whole body was dyed black.

He deliberately lifted the title of ‘Shadow of Darkness’ and raised his demonic energy.

Is it because the magic level is not high? Even if she changed into Louise, she never collapsed like Louise.

the problem is different.

Whoa! The heads of the Servant Angels all turned around in unison.

‘This… It’s dangerous.’

Cold sweat broke out on Hyun’s forehead.

Can I get your attention?

In the middle of the celestial realm where the three servant angels are aiming, and then the plain-level angels are staring… ?

Thoughts were brief.


Without even time to react, the moment his eyes turned pure white, he was flying somewhere.

[Those protected by transcendentalists don’t die at once!]

[Your HP is fixed at 1 for 3 seconds!]

Kwak Kwah Kwah Kwah!

At a glance, I could see waves of light swirling around.

Yes, he is now receiving the attack that the three angels activated together.

‘Am I dying… ?’

Anxiety ran through his entire body.

Besides angels, there are Servants.

I couldn’t think of any way to escape the angelic pincers.

If I die here… What about Louise? How is it going?

In an instant, Hyun’s heart pounded with a piercing pain.

It was the moment when he found a silver-haired girl standing in his way.


Louise’s face was full of tears, but only her eyes were clearer than ever.

If you didn’t know her condition, you wouldn’t even notice that she was suffering a penalty.

‘what are you doing!’

Hyun shouted as hard as he could, but his voice did not come out in the aftermath of the shock.

Whoa! In the meantime, Louise, like herself, began to radiate intense demonic energy from her body.

‘what… ?’

Hyeonu doubted his own eyes for a moment.

Above those eyes, a scene that shouldn’t have happened was shining.

A baptism of innumerable silver swords flying towards them

And to confront him, Louise stands alone holding a spear.

Unlike usual, the tip of her spear was trembling slightly.

Even at the Servant level, angels are angels.

It would have been difficult originally, but it was clear that their pincer attack would be insufficient for Louise in her current state.

‘Get out of the way now!’

The voice didn’t come out like it was clogged up.

No, to be precise, I couldn’t open my mouth.

Because it would be faster for Louise’s body to be egged on by the blades of the angels than for herself to scream.

‘This time… !’

Hyun reflexively stretched out his hand.

Only one skill can be used before the attack hits.

The body moved before the head.

Hwaaak! It was in the next moment that Louise’s whole body became young.

[Time Boost Lv.2]

– Amplifies the perceived time of the selected target by 7.8 times.

Lasts -2 seconds (15.6 seconds).

– No effect can be seen on the user.

(Magi consumed: 10000)

(Cooldown: 60 seconds)


The light that swept over the world made my ears deaf.

In the celestial world, angels are literally absolute beings.

Hyun, who was in the front, fell into the illusion that the whole world was dyed with light at the grand all-around attack of the three angels.

I can’t hear anything, I can’t see anything

Yes, as if placed in the middle of a strip of white.

‘Kuu… !’

After the light that seemed to destroy everything had faded, she quickly checked Louise’s safety.

coo goo goo-

As the roar subsided, a huge V-shaped ditch was dug on either side of Louise as the center.

Louise’s face could not be seen because her back was turned to her, but it was easy to guess that her condition was not normal.

Staggering-. Hyun quickly assimilated with Louise who was on the verge of collapsing.

The pain felt at the same time, the blurred consciousness.


Checking the status window, Louise’s stamina was still there, but that wasn’t the problem now.

Louise was suffering from the energy of the celestial world in the first place.

“Can you hear me?”

A new type of Ain scattering ice with blurry vision passed by.

If Ain hadn’t immediately used his ultimate to attract the attention of the angels, he wouldn’t have had time to talk to Louise like this.

‘… … .’

“ah… .”

A beat later, Louise’s mind returned.

After a while, Hyun, who noticed Louise’s thoughts through fairy tales, took a deep breath.

It was because I could see why she had acted so recklessly.

Did I mention that users don’t die even if they die?

That word doesn’t work this time.

If you lose today’s war, everything is over.

It was clear that not only would the angels incinerate the ground, but Louise, the instigator of ‘harmony’ and the seed of darkness, would not be left alone.

Eventually, Louise let out a light breath and spoke to Hyun in a spirit conversation.

“For us to win… .」

“… … .”

「Hyeon, isn’t it absolutely necessary for you… ?」

Hyun did not answer.

He didn’t even blame Louise for getting in his way just now, for being reckless.

As she said, this was her own mistake.

Because the commander must not put himself in danger no matter what.

“okay… .”

Hyun, biting his lip, calmed down.

The obsession with leading everyone may have clouded judgment.

Whoa, I took a deep breath and cooled my head again.

“thank you.”

When you’re not sure you can win.

When the chances of winning are close to zero.

The first step on how to capture that tiny bit of possibility is to get rid of the obsession that you must win.

“Tartar. Ceseri.”

After canceling the fairy tale, Hyeon pointed to the distant hill behind him and said to the two who were looking at him.

“Stay back over there with Louise.”

“four? but… Then pray.”

Ceseri made a face asking if she was okay.

The effect of prayer is proportional to the distance, so if you are far away, you cannot properly convey sympathy to Hyun.

“Away is enough.”

Hyungwon looked around and said.

Ain, who is struggling to catch the angel’s gaze.

“I will make up for the lack of sympathy on my own.”

“all right!”

The quick-witted Tartar grabbed Louise and Ceseri.

Hyun, who confirmed that the party was backing away, immediately turned his head and assimilated into Ain, who was struggling to deal with the pincer attack of the three Servant Angels.

‘hyeon… ?’

“Stay still!”

[Use 121 Transcendence to enhance ‘Shock Amplification’!]

Hyeon consumed all his transcendental power.


As soon as he struck the angels in front of his eyes, the heavy feeling of breaking through the hard iron armor was transmitted to his hand.

Coo-goo-goo-! However, the angel who was violently bounced off was swept to the floor and smoked dust, and soon stood up as if it had not suffered any damage.


Ain’s face turned bright when he realized that Hyun had joined, but his voice was still worried.

Things weren’t that good.

「The enemy is stronger than I thought! Can we win?」

“… … ..”

“Those guys were late, so Hyun’s plan was disrupted! When will they… !”

「Ain, be quiet.」

Hyeon made Ain shut his mouth with one word.

Failure will not be tolerated in the future, so it was better to reduce unnecessary conversations to reduce mistakes.

“Focus only on our fight.”

“uh… . huh!”

“If you make a mistake, it’s over.”

Huh, Hyun took a deep breath and looked around.

Three Servant Angels in front of me. Behind him is a stronger angel.

Before I knew it, even the Valkyries were gathering on both sides of the angels.

On the other hand, this side’s strength is only itself and Ajin.

Right now, neither Louise’s help nor Ceseri’s prayers could be expected.

Perhaps one of the most hopeless situations in the entire history of playing Asura and Asrian.

ain and me only two… Can you withstand the merciless attacks of the angels?

Hyeon erased the questions that were cluttering his mind from his mind.

Probability is meaningless now.

Just choose the best!


The moment you want a flash of brilliance. An angel’s sword flew from the left.


With the blast of wind, Ain rolled across the floor.

It was an attack that he would never have reacted to if he hadn’t exploded the wind like Louise with the spirit.

‘Somehow… ‘

Again, an angel’s sword cut through the air.

At the same time as he twisted his body as hard as he could, Hyeon felt an eerie anticipation brush his cheek.

Through Akmunhyun’s vision, he could see Ain’s hair being blown away by the sword.

You can’t be careless because the distance from the enemy is far.

It is the angelic swordsmanship that the sword strike is invisible and even the length of the sword body has no meaning.

‘I have no choice but to… !’

Pray if you really want it?

That’s funny.

Even if you pray, nothing happens.

Because there is no one left who can accept his prayers now.

[Use 50 transcendental power!]

[Ifrit’s claws burn more intensely for 5 seconds!]

Hwareuk! The flames consumed the space.

The scythe of vigilance was inserted because there was no way to damage the angel.

A little more fire than ice could disturb the vision of the angels.

‘Accelerate biorhythm!’

Waiting for luck to come is also foolish.

All you have to trust is sober thinking and judgment.

Wasn’t that the only weapon you had before?

Miracles do not happen by waiting quietly.

A miracle is what happens when predictions about the future and the flow of luck match!

‘this… !’

The sky behind the Servants.

A warning light turned on in Hyun’s head when he saw a huge light gathering.

At last, the plane-class angel is about to make a move.

‘That must be stopped!’

Fain! Fain!

Hyeon burst through the air and approached the plane angel in an instant.

I was able to move right away because I had been keeping an eye on him all along.

[Use 57 Transcendence to enhance ‘Shock Amplification’ once!]

Caang! I changed my weapon to the scythe of vigilance and hit it from bottom to top with all my might.

‘… !’

My hands are heavy.

All angels are at least 1.5 gen AI.

It is only natural that you will not be hit twice by the same attack.


The plain angel let out a small laugh.

That smile, which at first glance seemed like a mockery, felt like a human.

Eventually, the brilliance reflected in Hyeon’s pupils began to grow.

‘Isn’t it cut off… ?’

It was the very next moment when the radiance swallowed the whole world.


Like lightning, light shot from the celestial sky.

A gigantic pillar of light was formed connecting the sky and the ground.

It is a purifying light that completely swallows Hyun and Ain and melts all beings it touches like a super-high-temperature flame.

It is a targeting skill that is like a nightmare for users.

“… … .”

The turmoil in heaven stopped for a moment.

The Servants, the Valkyries, and Hyun’s colleagues were looking at the beam of light from a little far away.

“It’s great… .”

Louise, who had just fainted, came to her senses.

As soon as she opened her eyes, the wide open light made her thinking dizzy.

“What happened?”

Louise asked with difficulty turning her head.

It was to grasp the situation, but the expression of Seseri, who was supporting her, looked somewhat dazed.

Not only his expression, but his arms were weak.

“that… ?”

“… … .”

“… !”

From Ceseri’s reaction, Louise was able to realize a certain fact.

Hyun could not be found anywhere nearby.

Except for one place.

Louise held her breath and looked at the place where the light was bursting.

Can the string withstand the ray of light that would sting the skin even from a distance?

No, it must be impossible!

‘I did my best to find this idiot… !

Suddenly, Louise felt that she was not breathing well.

If we break up today… . can we meet again?

The thought of parting always hurt my heart, but this was the first time I had felt this.

Whoops, whoops… !

Louise, who had let out a rough breath, suddenly stood up from her seat.

Unable to balance, he stumbled and reached for a stone statue next to him.

‘no… Not yet!’

Louise put her hand on her chest.

There is still a string of souls connected to the heart! From that feeble resonance felt as a soul, I could feel the survival of the prefecture.

It doesn’t matter if the world resents you.

It is okay to be recorded as the most foolish person in posterity!

This body will give me for him… !

After making that decision, Louise was about to run towards the beam of light, but someone’s hand grabbed Louise’s collar violently.

“wait for a sec… .”

“Profit, let go of this!”

Louise screamed as if she was screaming.

His judgment was so clouded that he did not even realize that his vision was blurring.

At that moment, Tartar’s cry woke Louise’s dizzy mind.

“They’re both still fine!”

“what… ?”

“Brother and sister, the stamina bar is almost the same! Let’s believe and wait for a moment!”

The user, Tartar, was able to check the health gauges of the party members through the party information window.

It’s strange. How do the two of them survive the terrifying attack that turns the plain into a cliff?

After a while, the beam of light stopped, and Louise’s mouth opened.

I wiped away the disturbing tears and looked again.

Whoops. Oneself caught in the mighty wind.

No, the appearance of Hyun using ‘Kangshin’!

‘That skill… ‘

For a moment, a question mark appeared in Louise’s mind.

‘Could it be the black wind… ?’

The skills Hyun is using are definitely his own.

It was the only wind that wrapped around her body like a living creature.

But why is the color of the wind gray instead of black… ?

‘ah… .’

Louise, who raised her eyesight, realized it belatedly.

The color of the wind was not gray.

It was just a mixture of white and black that looked like gray from a distance.


“I’m sorry I’m late, but this side also has its own circumstances.”

Salon’s whisper came suddenly.

Hyun did not blame the detached unit for being behind schedule.

It is only natural that variables will arise in a plan that was close to impossible from the beginning.

“Wow! Phew, I almost died. I’ll call you back as soon as things are sorted out.”

‘… … .’

Hyungwon let out a small sigh of relief.

A whirlwind of pure white and jet black entwined around the body of the string and the spearhead.

The pure white fog in the rotating window was in the process of erasing all the surrounding light.


Even plane-class angels cannot resist the source of light.

The only beings who can stand up against that power are the royal angels and the ones who can handle ‘wind’!


From some time ago, right behind the prefecture, like a speeding ‘train of light’, a white torrent flowed.

The torrent filled with the aorta that crosses the Light Castle is the unrefined divine power of light.

It is truly ironic that the power that was no different from the source of light was in the hands of the devil and became a sword that threatened the angels.

“I will do it now.”

Hyun stretched out the spear with black and white swirls wrapped around it.

“I’ve dealt with Louise’s affair more often.”

“huh… !”

Stepping stones were added to the plan.

However, even though the timing worked like magic, it was still just a coincidence.

Now, it was only up to him to gather those coincidences one by one and turn them into miracles.

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