Hard Carry Support Chapter 415-416

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The Plan of Harmony (1) and The Plan of Harmony (2)

There was a moment of silence in the waiting room.

It took a considerable amount of time for the Darkness Guild members to understand the meaning of May Day.

It was because it was a pretty unconventional story to take the words straight away.

“Didn’t I say that the lich is called the king of monsters… ?”

Xlarge asked.

He is the guild leader of Darkness, but he does not have as much understanding of the game itself as the ranker guild members.

So I needed to make sure that what I knew was wrong.

“To be precise, he’s not a monster, he’s the king of the ‘undead’. If you look around the world, there are quite a few beings higher than the Lich.”

“That’s a vampire… ?”

“no. Vampires are inferior to Liches. If it’s the same elite class, regardless of the level, a vampire can’t treat a lich carelessly.”

“But why just now… ?”

“There is one exception.”

With everyone’s eyes focused, Mayday cautiously opened her mouth.

“If it is a story name.”

“… !”

“So you’re saying that vampire is a story name?”

X-Large asked with a serious expression.

I know that Hyun recruited a story name even before the story.

The NPC I saw during the last military demonstration in the prefecture.

The silver-haired woman who handles the spear like a stunt is a story name that is presumed to be related to ‘darkness’!

However, her power, which was confirmed through May Day’s broadcast on Carinta Island, was only at level 300.

Even considering that the power of the story name gets stronger as time goes by, you will have to wait a long time until you reach level 400.

But now, a story name that is estimated to be over level 400 and has a friendship with Hyun has appeared!

“I’m almost certain.”

“Hyeon also took over the story name… ?”

“Rather than a subordinate, wouldn’t it be a temporary helper?”

“That is also a problem. It’s not easy to get involved with a story name in any way, right?

“Yes… I’ve never even met him.”

Fias groaned and muttered.

Everyone felt the same way.

In the meantime, I thought I had caught up with Shade’s power considerably by recruiting many NPCs, but I never thought there would be a difference in this place again.

“Hoo, it’s a story name… When we return to the guild, we should think about it.”

Xlarge let out a laugh.

People from the imperial royal family, knight commanders, celestials, dukes of the abyss, etc… .

It’s not that difficult to meet a story named in itself, but having a proper contact point is another matter.

It’s because they don’t even look at the users who are shabby than themselves.

Considering the fact that there is an overwhelming difference in specs between Story Named and users, it would be almost like picking stars from the sky for Darkness to win their hearts.

“Sorry for making you wait.”

After a while, Mablelen came back.

This time everyone could see.

Seeing the riches in the corridor bowing to him again.

Then, standing in front of the group, Mablelen spread two fingers and said…

“Hmm, if it’s five people… Not everyone can enter. Only two of you, please follow me.”

“why… ? No, uh, why… ?”

Reina asked while managing her withered expression.

Mablelen smiled and kindly explained.

“There are a lot of people, so there are not enough seats.”

‘There aren’t enough seats… ?’

A question popped into everyone’s mind.

Are there other guests besides themselves?

But how many people have you gathered to say there aren’t enough seats?

“If the owner of the house is, then so be it.”

While the guild members were exchanging glances, X-Large stood up first.

As long as they roughly grasped the power of the Shade Guild, it seemed that there was no need for five people to be together.

It seems like it would only make me laugh if I rushed around like this.

“As for the other one, Reina or Mayday, which one do you want to go with?”

“I’ll go with you!”

Everyone agreed with Mayday’s opinion.

It was because the ranker, Mayday, rather than the deputy guild leader, Reina, was well versed in game-related knowledge.

“There are two of you. Then, please wait here for the rest of us. By the way, there will be a banquet after the event, so please join us at that time.”

Following that colorful carpet, the three of them left.

“What is this, everyone decides on their own… .”

Reina, who was left in the waiting room, complained belatedly, but the two people watching could see that her voice did not have the same power as before.


“Shade is still ahead of us.”

“It seems so.”

Mayday whispered in her ear as if regretting it.



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The two have been together since Darkness was born.

The feelings of each other were conveyed without having to explain.

“It went better. Let’s take this opportunity to clearly grasp the strength of the Shade Guild. Even the smallest details.”

X-Large took heart.

The guild leader is always the first to move. It shouldn’t be that your heart is shaken like this.

After that, X-Large and Mayday continued to follow Mablen’s footsteps.

The front door to the room we finally arrived at after passing through the hallway with magnificent pillars rising from the Great Temple.

Koo Goo Goong-!

Seeing the huge door open, the two stuck out their tongues.

Was it the NPC who made these facilities underground in the city of borders?

I guess so. A user’s senses would not be able to create such an elaborate and mysterious atmosphere.

On the one hand, I thought it might not be too grandiose.

To show this kind of production while only gathering a few players, Hyun must be wanting to show off his own power.

“This way. When you go in, another person will guide you two.”

Even after Mablelen left, the two continued to move forward.

“Heh, what is this, they said there weren’t enough seats. 100 people could fit in… .”

The hallway behind the door, where the soft light was burning, was a bit dark, so Mayday cracked a joke to ease the tension.

It was at that moment that a thin voice came from nearby.

“Are you Darkness?”

“Ah, four.”

“From now on, this Rublen will guide you.”

‘Rublen… ?’

The two men and women caught their breath at the appearance of a girl with a beautiful pale appearance.

‘Is this child a vampire too… ?’

‘no way… .’

thoughts at the same time.

Marblen, Rublen, the two with very similar names

Isn’t this girl named Rublen also a story name?

But that thought didn’t last long.

A large room reached through a dark hallway.

It was similar to a very large ‘Amphitheatre’, except that each seat was divided by a partition.

‘What is this… .’

X-Large, who had always been calm, was biting his lips involuntarily.

Two beings standing at the entrance of the room with their arms crossed.

“Mayday, is that what I know… ?」

One was completely white, and the other was wrapped in jet black, and had the names of ‘Valkyrie’ and ‘Shinigami’, respectively.

‘… … .’

Xlarge asked in a whisper, but no answer came.

It was because the graceful appearance of the Valkyrie’s spear and the death god’s scythe crossed Mayday’s spirit.

‘These things… why here… .’

The intertwined appearance of the shadows of light and darkness emitted by the two beings was like a fantasy landscape that does not exist in this world.

Valkyrie is ‘chaos’… No, it’s a prefecture’s summoned object created with the power of ‘order’.

And although the Shinigami was a subordinate created by Louise’s authority, the two of them had no way to know about it.

“Sit over here.”

“… … .”

X-Large and Mayday sat down in the seats prepared for them as if possessed.

Even after sitting down, I only blinked my eyes for a while.

Maybe I saw it wrong?

Could it be a mannequin that emits light?

I doubted that, but the chilling feeling of crossing the two existences was telling me that it was definitely not an illusion.

“oh… me, over there.”

Before he had time to calm his surprise, Mayday’s mouth fell open.

She pointed with her finger to a distant place.

“What else?”

X-Large followed Mayday’s gaze.

There, those who appeared to be non-humans sat at wide intervals.

“What about those monsters?”

“It’s not a monster.”

Mayday’s power is Abyss.

That’s why I kept all the information of the well-known NPCs in the Abyss in my head.

“It’s a duke… !”

“Duke… ?”

X-Large’s pupils widened.

“Which one of them are you talking about?”

“I, everything… .”

“yes… ?”

Mayday didn’t have time to go into detail.

The moment the new characters entered through the corridor they just passed through, everyone’s eyes turned to that direction.

“It’s beautiful… .”

The person who entered the dark room was an NPC known to X-Large.

emperor of the empire.

How can you not know his face that reigns at the top of the earth!

To see such a person in real life! Also here!

X-Large, who could no longer hide his astonishment, looked at the emperor with his mouth wide open.

“Beings that are hard to believe even exist in this world are in harmony with each other. Is this the power of the Pope?”

The emperor, accompanied by four knights, gazed at the shadows of light and darkness for a long time.

A mural that was mentioned in the Bible of Harmony.

Because it was the first time for the emperor to see the scene where the Shinigami and Valkyrie were harmonized.

“How harmonious it is.”

“It is.”

“It is fortunate that Harmony is watching over us while all the angels have abandoned the earth.”

The emperor and the knights, who had a brief conversation, soon followed Rublen’s guidance and sat opposite the dukes.

X-Large could just recognize that the knights were also called the best in the Empire.

The two lost their sense of reality from sometime ago and were unable to say anything.

I just watch as the events continue to unfold.

“I see, the power of the pope is great.”

After waiting for a while, the Nation of Darkness forces entered.

The faces of NPCs in the Nation of Darkness were not well known to the public, but from the clothes and atmosphere, Mayday and X-Large could tell at once that they were unusual people.

And finally.

“The world does change.”

An old man and a middle-aged knight entered the entrance together.

The true identity of the two is the Holy King and the first knight, Magnus!

King Seong looked around at the scene inside and couldn’t stop laughing.

“If you show me a scene like this, I can’t help but believe in you too.”

“It is not me that the Holy King should believe in… You are the only one.”

“Cuckoo, my head is pounding already thinking about persuading the bishops.”

After that, a strange silence rose in the room where all the guests were seated.

Harmony taught that there are no boundaries between the sky and the abyss, and in fact, the boundaries have been broken down in many places.

The undead have become an essential labor force on earth, and pet ghosts are in the limelight among nobles.

However, since the vertices of each camp were gathered in one place, everyone could feel that the word of harmony had been realized in this world.

And at that moment, a man’s voice resonated throughout the room.

“Thank you all for accepting the invitation.”

A voice everyone knows.

Some call him the guild leader, others call him the Pope.

Or Lord, Apostle, Shadow, Harmony, Chaos!

Those countless titles all refer to one man.

“The reason I am here is to inform you of the crisis on earth and to overcome it.”

Two women were also on either side of Hyeon, who slowly walked out.

A black-haired girl holding a huge scythe on one side.

On the other hand, a silver-haired woman holding a spear.

Deception by another name. and darkness!

After confirming that Ain and Louise were standing in their respective positions. Hyun cleared his throat in front of everyone.

In order to carry out the grand precepts that I have been preparing for over a year!

When Hyun, Ain, and Louise appeared, the hall filled with a mixture of light and darkness fell into silence.

Those who had the influence to shake the world with their words were now waiting for a man to open his mouth.

‘The missing person… There is none.’

Hyun slowly turned his head and looked at the faces of those gathered in the hall.

A gaze mixed with awe and wariness sent to him by everyone, regardless of the sky or the abyss.

NPCs were able to reach the border city because of the invitations they received in advance.

Since it is impossible to load those scattered all over the world on a transport ship at once, the prefecture gave everyone a ticket to teleport to the border city.

‘I don’t need to notice anyone.’

Even in front of the highest powers on earth, including the emperor, the chairman, and the king, the prefecture was proud.

They didn’t even have the minimum public formality of slightly bowing their heads.

This is your own land. The boundary between earth and sky. Because it is a place where the rules of the earth do not apply.

Also, the situation was different from the last time I recruited NPCs.

Over the past year, the forces of harmony have grown even more, and their status has risen incomparably compared to the past.

‘I am the owner of this place.’

In fact, none of the heads of state pointed out the prefecture’s attitude.

The man the world calls ‘the Pope’.

They were aware that they were only guests on a leader’s territory.

“I’m sure there are people who already know about it and post it.”

Hyun’s gaze, which had been scanning the crowd, stopped in front of the two Darkness.

The only ones who informed the general circumstances in advance were the highest-ranking NPCs, and the complete situation had not yet been conveyed to some, including users.

“Some of you may not be familiar with it, so let me explain again.”

In order to avoid the gaze of the sky, all plans had to be carried out in secret.

However, those who have been verified that not everyone here is an enemy.

There will be no need to keep security any longer.

“Mystia. Are you ready?”

“Yes, shall we begin?”



At the same time as Mystia, who was waiting in the back, beams of light shot from all over the ceiling toward the center like fog.

Then, the projected lights were projected into the air and started to play a 3D hologram.

It is a video somewhere in the sky that Mystia secretly secured.

Countless numbers of guardians and giant Goliaths were moving in line in one place.

It was truly spectacular to see the magic of some celestials creating unknown geometric patterns and the golems moving in perfect order at the same time.

‘That’s the army of the sky… .’

‘Are the words written in the Bible of Harmony true? ?’

Moans came from everywhere.

Only once in history has the army of heaven gathered. Only when the Great War broke out 2,000 years ago.

According to a record written on a relic somewhere, the army gathered to drive back the offensive of monsters that had become so powerful that they could swallow the sky.

But the sky is not in danger now.

It wasn’t that an out of control monster had spread.

There is no reason for an army to be mustered in the sky.

Yes, unless the angels are trying to incinerate the earth.

This means that the ‘Day of Judgment’, which was also written in the Bible of Harmony, has arrived.

“If you look at the Bible, Harmony foresaw this day.”

As the video progressed, Hyun’s voice continued.

“The day the sky splits in two, one side will try to destroy the earth.”

“… … .”

“The other side will try to save the ground.”

Everyone held their breath and listened to Hyun’s explanation.

No one dared to determine the truth of the words.

It was because the scale of the video in the hologram far exceeded the range possible with ‘illusion magic’.

“I intend to follow the will of harmony.”

Even if it wasn’t for the video, there was no reason to doubt Hyun’s words.

“I can’t save the earth alone, so I want to ask for your help.”

Because the words of someone who represents the will of an archangel or an archangel carry weight that is hard to imagine.

“Harmony says angels and demons have the same essence… Furthermore, He taught us not to distinguish between the sky and the abyss. That’s what it says. If you wish for peace on earth… .”

Having said that, Hyun looked at the atmosphere.

It was to see the reaction of the NPCs.

“The sky and the abyss will have to hold hands.”

If it was in the early days of Assrian, how many people could agree with this statement?

It’s a relief if you’re laughed at as crazy, and you’ll have to hide for a while with a wanted order.

However, most of the NPCs now only make determined faces or nod their heads with serious eyes.

All that even the King Seong smiled bitterly.

This is because they are well aware that they have no choice but to accept the situation in the face of the collapse of the nation.


After the prepared video.

Hyun began to explain the plan in earnest.

“There are only two roads from heaven to earth.”

Pod! Hyun beckoned, and the hologram floating in the air changed into the shape of the planet Asura.

“One is the North Pole.”

Woo woo-.

The hologram enlarged, revealing a huge figure in front of everyone.

The name of the building that crosses the boundary between the ground and the sky is Sky Bridge.

“Another place is Antarctica.”

In polar regions where the flow of mana is strong, the white band covering the sky like a shell cannot be maintained.

This means that the Celestials, Guardians, and Goliaths, who appeared in the video, must pass through either the South Pole or the North Pole in order to invade the earth.

“If we want to block both at the same time, of course we will have to split our forces into two.”

Hyun turned his gaze to the right.

To the seat where the people of the Empire, the Nation of Darkness, and the Holy Kingdom were sitting.

“I will leave the defense of the north to the human forces.”

“Human forces… ?”

“The nations of the earth. There are many non-human beings here, so I’ll call them that for convenience.”

Hyun quickly responded to the murmur that leaked out from somewhere.

Even if you accept the idea of ​​harmony, there is a high possibility that there will still be friction between the beings of the heavens and the abyss.

Not only the lifestyle, but also the traditions and values ​​will be different.

There is no need to go on an adventure ahead of an important battle, so Hyun decided to unite all the NPC forces into one.

“My name is Mystia, the Celestial who has been entrusted with command of the North.”

At the right moment, Mystia stepped forward and introduced herself.

A few people reacted to the word heavenly.

It’s not as much as it used to be, but in everyone’s heart, there was still a sense of idolizing the existence of ‘heaven’.

A person who has the experience of leading the military in the past and has the right cause at the same time.

It was the reason Hyun adopted Mistia as its commander.

“And I will leave the south to the Duke Union.”

Next, Hyun looked to the left.

While looking at the place where dozens of dukes were lined up, Hyun met familiar eyes and opened his mouth.


As soon as his name was called, Bahimir stood up and approached the podium as if he had been waiting.

“Vahimir, ranked third in the ranks, meets harmony.”

“You take command of the north.”

“I will follow your will.”

There was no need for a lengthy explanation this time.

It was because he had already agreed with the dukes of the abyss.

Even Bahimir’s mention of ‘harmony’ and his bowing to Hyeon instead of Louise were all done under the direction of darkness.

The sight of a peac*ck bending one knee to a human with claws on was a rare sight, and many humans watched blankly until Vahmir rose again and settled down on a platform.

Not only the two of Darkness, but also the heads of each country.

‘Okay, there should be no problem.’

Hyun looked back at the two commanders once more.

Mystia leads the heavens and Bahimir leads the abyss.

There is no need to doubt the qualities of the two.

Mystia was a veteran who had led her own army before, and Bahimir was also a leader of the abyss who proved her ability through countless ranking ceremonies.

‘And next… .’

north and south.

Besides the two invasion routes, there were still places to prepare.

The strings are in the center of the seat. He turned his attention to the members of the Darkness Guild.

The original plan was to subdue all of the numerous prestigious guilds, but he changed his mind midway through.

It is obvious that only the command system will become more complicated if the idiots gather together.

In addition, I couldn’t believe that the users who were chasing profit would follow the direction of this side.

If the number is wrong, you may break the promise.

There is only one guild that can be trusted 100%.

There was only Darkness with a scale larger than that of a large corporation.


“… … .”

Hyun shook his head.

It was because the two did not respond when they called.

Did you change to a resting state and go to the bathroom?

I asked again just in case.

“Darkness, is there… ?”

“Yes, yep!”

X-Large, who came to his senses belatedly, stood up from his seat and answered.

The reason for the slow response was probably because they didn’t even think they were being called.

“You, please prepare for the chaos that will happen all over the earth.”

“What a fuss… You mean?”

“There may be heavenly beings who have already invaded the earth, or angelic apostles may transfer.”

“iced coffee… .”

“If you feel overwhelmed during a fight, you can ask for support. We have the power to prepare for such a time.”

After the role distribution was over, I was about to move on to the next agenda.

“I have a question for you.”

a sudden voice.

Hyun turned his gaze in the direction the voice came from.

“It’s not that I doubt the Pope’s will, but there’s something strange about hearing an explanation.”

The owner of the voice is the Emperor of the Empire!

The Nation of Darkness and the Holy Kingdom, as well as the knights who were with the emperor, were startled.

Even in Assrian’s common language, where honorifics do not exist, the degree of politeness varies depending on the tone of voice.

The proof is that the emperor’s words were heard by the prefecture as half respectable.

How could such a self-respecting emperor have such respect for others?

“The Pope entrusted one place to Heaven and Abyss, and told the other forces to prepare for spies just in case.”

“It is.”

“As far as I know, the Pope’s sword is said to sever heaven and earth and shake the world. What do you intend to use that power for?”

He spoke back and forth, but his intention was simple and clear.

While the Emperor leaves the fight to the others, Hyun is asking what the heck are you going to do?

“Haha, it’s natural to be curious about that.”

Hyun simply accepted the words.

I was expecting this question to come up.

“… … .”

“I was just about to tell you.”

Hyeon licked his lips in the tense air.

“Me and my comrades will not defend the ground.”

“… !”

Everyone held their breath.

Does that mean you’ll push others to the limb and keep yourself safe?

Even if he had such an inner heart, no one would think that he would bring it out of his mouth.


Hyun opened his mouth again when the commotion was about to grow.

“I will hit the sky.”

At one word of the string, the chairman fell silent again.

Because the words this time were also completely unexpected.

“I don’t know if it exists here, but there is a saying like this where I used to live.”

However, the reason everyone was surprised was completely different from before.

“The best defense is offense.”

“… … .”

“We should tell the sky about the horrors of the earth.”

Something that is not conceivable in common sense.

No, something I couldn’t even imagine!

Hyeon was saying that he would try to reverse heaven in front of the vertices of the earth.

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