Hard Carry Support Chapter 413-414

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Before the Battle (1) and Before the Battle (2)

After the waves of memories passed like a panorama.

Hyun opened his closed eyes and opened the status window.

Hyun (Lv.419)

Occupation: Chaotic Ruler

<O ruler who handles the power of demons. Please fix this chaotic world… .>

Health: 153800/153800

Mana: 104000/104000

Magi: 2200300/2200300

… …

It is physically impossible for a user to reach level 500.

This is because, apart from the decrease in experience when dying, about 2 times the effort is required for every 10 levels after level 400.

In other words, the 4th job advancement is the user’s last job.

The literal translation of the new job name is Ruler of Chaos.

Was it thanks to collecting all three fragments of chaos? Finally, the word ‘chaos’ was directly mentioned in the job.

Hyeon once again recalled the moment he cleared the last job change quest.

‘I expected it, but I didn’t expect it to be this much.’

The pleasure of reaching level 400 at the time was so thrilling that it was not enough to say it.

It was a sweet moment that made me forget all the hardships after choosing a supporter.

First of all, the most important change is skill!

Again, most of the skills were things that consumed transcendental power.

If you look closely at the contents, they are closer to ‘authority’ than ‘skill’, so Hyeondo spent a lot of time studying the skill tree for the first time.

Here are some of the new skills that I have acquired through such hard work:

[The skill ‘Power of Transcendence’ has evolved into ‘Vessel of Transcendence’!]

[Vessel of Transcendence Lv.3]

<In order for humans to stand on equal footing with transcendental beings, they first need to get used to their power.>

-Now, you can save part of your empathy as ‘transcendence’.

– [1000/Empathy]% of your transcendental power is automatically reduced every second.

If the value is below -300, it will not automatically decrease!

The transcendental power, even if it is part of it, can be stored.

[Cycle of Power Lv.1]

– You can now share your transcendental power.

– Returns 10% of the transcendental power used and stores it again.

It was no longer necessary to use all transcendental power at once.

It is now possible to handle the existing power more efficiently.

In addition, there were many skills that dealt with transcendence.

Giving a simple oracle to the temple, or appointing a saint to amplify the effect of prayer.

For example, Hyeon made Seseri his holy woman and always had 200 transcendence.

[Fairy Tale Lv.4]

(※ New effect!)

-You can assimilate ‘without distance limitations’ to the person praying to you!

– The further the distance from the target, the more transcendental power is consumed!

and another one.

Transcendence can also be used in fairy tales.

Under certain conditions, the ultimate distance limit was removed.

Experiments have shown that it is not necessary to obtain consent from the subject when assimilating in this way.

Because he was able to assimilate into the body of the NPC nun who was praying to ‘Harmony’ without resistance.

Surprised, Hyun quickly released the assimilation, and it was another story that the nun, who felt that something was dwelling in her body, looked around with a thrilled face.

‘Empathy… It’s still gone.’

Looking at the skill tree once again, Hyun let out a light moan.

No matter how much I looked through the list, the most important skill didn’t exist.

Empathy, the ability to gain strength through the prayers of countless souls.

The decisive difference between himself and the transcendent was the presence or absence of empathy.

Thanks to Ain, an attendant, and Seseri, whom she had appointed as a saint, she could handle transcendental power, but there was no way to obtain transcendental power other than those two.

Caidrial says he’ll be able to handle empathy ‘someday’, but when will that be?

Even though it’s been a long time since I passed level 400, the fact that I haven’t obtained ’empathy’ yet means that it will be the same in the future.

‘I can’t even use the Louise girl.’

Even if you switch skills with Louise through the chaos contract, it doesn’t mean much.

This is because Louise’s empathy is activated only when her emotions break through the threshold.

In other words, a skill that cannot be used unless it is in a special place like Radix Island.

As a user, he needed a different way of empathy.

Empathy that allows you to freely supply and demand transcendental power without being swept away by emotions.

‘Couldn’t it be that I have to take level 500?’

Suspicion bloomed in Hyun’s mind.

If that’s really the case, Caidrial’s words that he could someday deal with empathy were deceiving himself.

Well, even if you play Assrian until you die, you won’t be able to reach level 500.

Huh, the confused Hyun shook his head.

It’s not a problem that can be solved by thinking about it, and if you don’t have empathy, you’ll have to play as you don’t have.



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Even the current change alone is a satisfactory result.

“Hyun, are you done?”


“I didn’t call you because I thought you were thinking about something complicated.”

“ah. are you okay. done.”

Hyeon closed his status window at Ain’s sudden voice.

I looked at Ain again.

The job that Ain got at level 400 is ‘Chaotic Servant’

Likewise, the word chaos was included.

From melee wizards to Elemental Berserkers, Angelic Reapers, Reversal Maids, and now… Her appearance has always changed slightly, but the fact that she has always stayed by her side has not changed.

“I was just checking my skills for a while.”

“inspection? Should I too?”

“You haven’t changed much.”

“Well, yes!”

As the saying goes, Ain’s fighting style hasn’t changed much from before.

It didn’t mean that he didn’t learn the skill at all.

It’s just that there hasn’t been a big change in the interpersonal skill, and there have been quite a few passive skills related to command or ‘servant’.

Ain did not need to learn a new active skill because he could use his transcendental power to strengthen his skills.

Learning new skills here doesn’t make you stronger.

There was no problem in making explosive growth with the skills he had now.

Hyun checked the Hall of Fame this time.

<World ranking>

1st. Hyun – Lv.419

2nd place. Latis – Lv.418

3rd place. May Day – Lv.414

4th place. Seen – Lv.411

5th place. Lua Luar – Lv.411

6th place. Fias – Lv.411

7th place. Encela – Lv.411

8th place. Salon – Lv.411

… … .

The reason why the level of ranking does not seem large is because of the difference in growth rate.

The difference of 1 level after level 400 is similar to the difference of 10 levels before level 400, so the gap of 2~3 levels should be considered enormous.

And the reason Ain didn’t have a name was because he hadn’t registered his name in the Hall of Fame yet.

Despite the fact that the fence of harmony was created and there was no need to avoid the eyes of the sky anymore, Ain refused to register himself in the rankings.

“I can understand it because I watch Hyun from the side. How troublesome is fame.”

“okay? But isn’t it good for others to know?”

Every Asrian user dreams of having others look up to them.

Like Salon, who rejoiced as soon as permission was given to enroll in the Hall of Fame.

Then, Ain smiled and clung to Hyun.

“Hyun knows me. Then anything else is fine!”

“Ain, you… .”

Ain, who said that, was so lovely that Hyeon hugged her without realizing it.

Anyway, since there is no name for Ain, Hyun has achieved the undisputed number one in the rankings.

It surpassed Latisse’s level when Caidrial disappeared for six months.

Unsurprisingly, upon hearing this news that day, the entire Assrian community was literally on fire.

Just like the fact that the sun rises in the east, I thought Latis’ ranking would be an unchanging truth.

Did someone say that if Latis had knowledge of Asura Online, he would never have lost first place?

‘I have no choice but to admit that he’s a really great guy.’

Hyeon also agreed to a certain extent.

Even after that, I had a chance to meet Latis from time to time, and as a follower of harmony, I was very impressed with how he handled the quests without hesitation.

Hyun, who highly valued Latisse’s ability, planned to entrust him with important work in this war as well.

“Anyway, the maintenance is over.”

Hyun checked the plan once again.

Mystia said the invasion would begin in about a year, but that didn’t mean the war would break out exactly one year later.

In fact, a year and a few more days had passed since Mystia went, but the world was still peaceful.

Of course, Hyun knows that this peace will soon be broken.

It was because he was periodically getting information from the spy planted in the sky, Mystia.

“The atmosphere in the sky is unusual.”

There are no forces of harmony in heaven.

An example is the inhabitants of Carinta Island who were saved from the attack of light.

Mystia was working based on the few forces of harmony and obtaining information from the celestials.

and last night

“I think that moment has finally arrived.”

Mystia, who came to the Temple of Harmony with a serious face, warned of the crisis on earth as follows.

“Soon the forces of light will move.”

“When exactly?”

“About 7 days? There may be an error of about a day.”

“Uhm, that’s right.”

Hyun nodding his head, his eyes were more serious than ever.

That’s why we know that this fight is so important.

“What about the truth?”

“The forces of truth… I stopped moving.”

“That is fortunate.”

Whoa, Hyun took a deep breath.

However, the biggest concern has been resolved.

It was truly dizzy when I heard the news that even the forces of truth once intervened in the war.

It was thanks to Mystia who agitated people all over the sky islands with her excellent speech skills that she was able to prevent the matter from escalating.

“We’ll let you know as soon as we get more information. Then, may a harmonious world come.”

Before leaving, Mystia handed over the voice magic tool and said she would contact you soon.

‘It’s a week.’

After Mistia left, Hyun thought about what was left to do.

The acquisition of all ground, underground, and user forces was over.

He had upgraded his and Ain’s items, so there was nothing more to prepare.

“Ain, what do you want to do today?”

“Eh why?”

one week. It’s not enough time to take level 420.

Hyun decided not to do anything for a week.

Yeah, we can forget about the war for a while.

Since I’ve been running with only looking forward, I don’t think I need a break for a while.

It would be nice to use it for a week or so for Ain who has followed him without saying anything.

“Anything, tell me what you want to do.”

“Whatever… ?”

“Yeah, because this time it really doesn’t matter.”

“That, something like that… I haven’t thought about it yet… ?”

Ain’s voice began to tremble violently.

Hyun smiled inwardly and waited for Ain’s answer.

At times like this, Ain is always erratic… Or he would say something snarky.

This time, I don’t care if others bring up desires that are embarrassing to hear.

Because now I’m willing to listen to any wish.

“Ji, can you really tell me… ?”


“Not Assrian… Anything related to reality, sa, doesn’t matter… ?”

“Because it doesn’t matter.”

“then… .”

Ain watched for a while and fiddled with the coupling.

It wasn’t long before she finally opened her mouth.

“hyeon. we… . Will you marry me?”

“marriage… say?”

Hyun held his breath.

Although he said ‘anything’, it was a request that was completely out of his imagination.

“Wouldn’t that be too sudden… ?”

Hyeonu licked his lips in bewilderment.

Of course, I’m not against the idea of ​​getting married.

It’s just that we’re not prepared to consider such a major event.

“To get married… I have to set up a wedding venue and invite people… No, I think I should tell my parents first… .”

“I’m already ready!”

At that moment, Ain’s voice suddenly interrupted.

“I told you that I would get married at home too… .”

Hyeon forgot what he was about to say to be surprised by Ain’s actions beyond his imagination.

“To my parents?”

“huh… .”

“Then what did you answer?”

“I-I just want to know… You say… ?”

I asked Ain again carefully at the unbelievable development.

“Really, that was all… ?”

“huh. maybe… .”

“When did you say that?”

“It’s been a while… It was roughly when we started living together in the house… ?”

Hmmm, Hyeon seriously thought about it.

About two years have passed since we started living together.

The period just before Ain reaches adulthood.

Are Ain’s parents not only allowing their daughter to drop out of high school, but also allowing her to marry a man she’s never seen before?

No matter how open-minded you are, it’s possible… ?

“Of course, I’m not saying we should do it right now!”

Ain pressed his lips together and waved his hand.

It seemed that Hyun misunderstood the seriousness of trying to figure out her parents’ intentions as contemplating an embarrassing request.

“later… Whenever Hyun wants… Because it doesn’t matter.”

“… .”

The moment he met his eyes with Ain, who was very nervous, a smile that he couldn’t hide escaped from Hyun’s lips.

At the same time, I felt a little sorry for Ain.

You gave me a ring and a house as a gift first, but to make me say this first.

From a very long time ago until now, I know that Ain has always been looking only at himself and running.

Is there a man who could turn down such a loving confession?

“Wait a little longer.”

Hyun moved his gaze to the distant place.

A city of borders that has become so vast that it is impossible to see at a glance.

It is true that I have been lucky since I started Asrian, and that I was confident in my skills.

However, without Ain by his side, he would never have reached such a high place.

Yes, since I’ve only been receiving from Ain, now it’s time to give a present.

If I were to do it, I would have the most grandiose wedding in the world.

“I am… I think it will take a little longer to prepare.”

Ain’s mouth suddenly brightened at Hyeon’s words, as if he was a little embarrassed.


“Finally it’s today.”

Xlarge muttered as he looked around the border city.

The reason Darkness came to the Shade Guild was to keep the promise made about a year ago.

“Everyone, don’t be scared. There is no reason for us to shrink.”

Reina, the deputy guild leader, advised everyone.

The five people walking around the city right now are X-Large, Raina, Mayday, Bearshield, and Fias.

“But Cage isn’t coming with you?”

“I told you not to come on purpose.”

Reina smiled and answered Mayday’s question.

“It’s obvious that if you bring that child here, you’ll only go crazy.”

“Well, Cage is not compatible with the Shade Guild.”

“It’s good if you don’t hit the candles.”

Everyone nodded at Reina’s words.

Cage used to become a ‘tree that generously spreads’ when he meets Hyun, so at one point he was suspected of being a spy of the Shade Guild.

In the end, the misunderstanding was resolved, but there was no need to resort to self-destructive measures to make Cage run into Hyun.

“But I don’t know if they keep this level of security.”

Bareshield groaned as if he couldn’t understand.

There is only one thing that Hyun has delivered.

It was to ask for the strength of the Darkness Guild to fight a certain force in the sky.

But what exactly are you fighting against?

No one in the Darkness Guild could have guessed about that.

“It’s kind of weird.”


“Does it need our strength? Most of the forces could be wiped out with only the power of the shade.”

“Right, it’s too grandiose to have been planning a year ago.”

While everyone was speculating, Fias spoke up.

“Isn’t it foreseeing that users will be leveled up? After a year, there are hundreds of users who are over level 400 in Darkness. On the other hand, with the exception of a few Shade users, most of them are below level 400.”

“Hmm, that makes sense.”

Bearshield nodded at those words.

“Users around level 400 are the difference between heaven and earth. Then it makes sense that Hyun asked us for help.”

“It was a plan for the future.”

“Well, you’ll know what I’m thinking when we meet soon.”

Raina once again advised everyone.

“Anyway, don’t get caught up in the other person’s pace!”

Reina still had the incident from a year ago in her mind.

Hyun brought the guild’s total power without warning and visited Darkness’s headquarters and applied unspoken pressure, so they couldn’t respond properly.

Moreover, because Cage was in charge of the negotiations, Darkness became a total ghoul that day.

But this time it is different.

Today, all the top executives of Darkness are together, so I will never lose my momentum!

“Why are we all here? It’s to not look down on you.”

It’s been a year since I last met Hyun.

In the meantime, the Shade Guild hadn’t changed much on the outside.

Although the number of users increased significantly, most of them were degenerates below level 400.

On the other hand, in Darkness, there are hundreds of users who have reached level 400!

In addition, the weaknesses that Darkness possessed were also supplemented.

Knowing the importance of NPC power, X-Large devoted all its energy to recruiting key NPCs for a year and reaped the results.

Darkness was able to achieve explosive growth for a year because of the help of NPCs close to level 400.

“Again, there is no reason for us to shrink.”

The Darkness executives and the others move to the rendezvous while making up their minds.

“Nice to meet you. Are you guys Darkness?”

‘Yes… ?’

However, after a while, they couldn’t help but panic.

Because what appeared in front of my eyes was not Hyun, but something I had never seen before.

A very well-dressed man.

X-Large took the lead and asked.

“I am X-Large, the leader of the Darkness Guild. Who are you?”

“Aha, I forgot to introduce myself. You can call it Mablelen.”

‘Marblen… ?’

A name I’ve never heard of before.

The guild’s whisper chat started to become noisy.

“Do you know who everyone is?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think I’m a user.”

“It’s a vampire.”

Mayday grasped his identity at a glance.

Sharp fangs in bright red eyes.

In addition, sharp fingernails slightly protruded from the fingers of his white gloves.

“Where is Hyun?”

The Darkness Guild members looked around.

However, no matter how much I searched, I couldn’t find Hyun.

As if noticing the appearance of such a party, Marblen smiled and explained.

“Because there is not enough hands, I am in charge of guiding you.”

“You mean instead of the members of the Shade Guild?”

“you’re right. Please follow me.”

Then, Mablelen turns around and starts walking somewhere.

Reina, who grasped the situation, raised an angry voice.

“What, are you saying that they’re not guild members, and they’ve entrusted the role of meeting us to an NPC?”

“I guess so.”

“How dare you underestimate us… !”

“Calm down, Reina.”

X-Large calmed the atmosphere.

“It’s good not to overreact. If they really look down on us, getting excited is like playing with the other person’s intentions.”

“Kuh… !”

“It is as you said. This is also a battle of stamina.”

“Huh, that’s right. I lost my temper for a moment.”

At the words of the guild members, Reina came to her senses.

“Wherever, I’ll meet you and hear what you have to say.”

Following Mablelen, he arrived at the underground of the boundary city by taking the elevator of a secret building.

With the soft magic lanterns shining, the party crossed the hallway full of red carpets.

As the splendid decorations reminiscent of a medieval palace disturbed the party’s eyes, the members of the Darkness Guild soon became speechless.

It was because I was overwhelmed by the scenery around me.

‘Where am I?’

‘I can’t believe there was a place like this under the city.’

‘Did Hyun design it? It’s hard to believe that it was made by the user’s hand.’

‘Oh… ?!’

The members of the Darkness Guild who were following Mablelen reflexively held their breath.

Some even got their hands on their weapons.

It’s because I found a dark demonic monster guarding both sides of the door in the hallway.

‘Isn’t that a rich?!’

‘They’re elite guys close to level 400!’

‘Why is Richie here… !’

The group was able to regain their composure as Mablelen casually passed between the two liches.

Quickly assessing the situation, X-Large muttered in a cold sweat.

「Anyway, those seem to be monsters that Hyun has tamed… .」

「Tame the lich? how?”

“Perhaps there is a way.”

I immediately asked Mayday.

“Mayday, how much would two lychees cost?”

“What… ?」

「Assuming that Darkness and Shade wage a war.」

“iced coffee… .」

Mayday understood X-Large’s question right away.

After quickly running the simulation in my head, I answered.

“If they fight while protecting the lich… No matter how many Darkness troops there are, it is useless.”

In small battles, the lich is not such a formidable foe.

No matter how elite you are, a party of level 400 users can easily kill two liches.

However, on the battlefield, the reach is a disaster-class strategic weapon.

There is a saying that the wizard is the flower of the battlefield, but that was a story when the lich was not considered.

Fighting an army with two elite liches close to level 400… Because it’s like a nightmare.

“Whether it’s sniping or ambush, Darkness will be at a significant disadvantage if we don’t deal with those liches first.”

“… okay.”

Umm, those who were listening to Mayday’s explanation let out saliva.

It was because everyone knew how well Mayday read the map of war.

Was the reason why Hyun showed Rich was his intention to overpower him?

If so, it worked out very well.

After seeing Richie, the members of the Darkness Guild were at a loss for words.

It was when everyone was depressed that Mablelen’s steps stopped.

“Please wait here for a moment.”

“… ?”

“Because I have to report the visit to the owner of the owner.”

Darkness guild members raising question marks.

Mablelen added an explanation.

“The one who leads the Shade.”

‘Ah, that’s the current word.’

“Then I’ll be back soon, so sit back and rest.”

After a while, the members of the Darkness Guild sat down on the sofa in the guest room.

Apart from that softness, the reason why I felt uncomfortable was because of the appearance of the riches still wandering around outside.

It occurred to me that maybe Hyun had purposely set up a waiting room in a place where Richie could be seen.

After Mablelen became completely invisible, the party whispered softly.

“Whoop whoop… You prepared pretty grandly. If we hadn’t all come together, I would have been stopped by Hyun’s pace again.”

“But the last time there was an armed protest, there were no riches. Did you make two of them in one year?”

“I don’t know. When and where did you get the NPC mercenaries?”

“Why is everyone like this? Did Darkness recruit a few NPCs of a similar level?”

“But they’re not liches.”

“Well, yes, but… .”

The Darkness executives clucked their tongues while predicting the strength of the Shade Guild.

Recruiting NPCs was just as important as the number of users over level 400, so X-Large felt the need to work harder.

In order for Darkness to catch up with Shade, he would ultimately have no choice but to increase his intimacy with more NPCs and win their hearts.

“hey. however… .”

It was at that moment that Mayday, who had been silent for a while, opened her mouth.

“I might be mistaken, though.”

For some reason, Mayday groaned and couldn’t easily move on to the next word.

“what’s the matter? Whatever it is, tell me.”

“The vampire who just guided us.”

Mayday told everyone what they saw.

I thought it might be an illusion, so I even played the recorded version.

At the time of passing the hallway, the appearance of the riches slightly bowing their heads to Mablelen.

And even the appearance of Mablelen, who accepted their greetings by waving their hands as if they were familiar.

“I wonder if that vampire’s position is higher than that of a lich… ?”

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