Hard Carry Support Chapter 391-392-393

Changing Situation (1), Changing Situation (2) and Changing Situation (3)

Hyun looked at the situation once again.

On the front, Ain and Salon are fulfilling their roles.

And thanks to Latis holding out in the rear, the party was able to relax from the pursuit of the NPCs.

‘It looks surprisingly worthwhile.’

Goliath. That golem, which is said to contain the essence of the skills of the celestials, is said to have more power than a plain-class angel.

However, after experiencing that power, Hyun realized that the evaluation of Goliath was somewhat exaggerated.

The decisive reason is the difference in intelligence.

The guy who ignorantly ran towards one goal didn’t care about classifying friends at all.

In addition, while watching his own blow go back to nothing, he keeps repeating the same attack over and over again.

‘It’s probably because it’s incomplete, right?’

The celestials gave Goliath strength equal to that of an angel, but it seems that they did not imbue him with intelligence comparable to that of an angel.

No matter how strong a force is, if the direction is off, it is worse than nothing.

In fact, the current Goliath was no different from a reinforcement helping the current party.

Priests, including the bishop, were in a hurry to find a way to stop Goliath, and the Paladins were unable to even dare to pursue them because they were trying to block Goliath’s blow that Latis had returned.

‘If you do well, you might be able to catch it… .’

However, Goliath will not continue to be in that state.

If one day its flaws are corrected, it will become the greatest power of the Holy Kingdom, and then it will become the most difficult enemy for the Shade Guild that opposes the Holy Kingdom.

What if you could get rid of it before then?

‘hmm… ?’

That was the moment.

Whoops. Hyeon, thinking of a means to deal with Goliath, felt the vibration of her necklace.

It was a call from Louise, who had gone back to the private room and watched the situation by Ginny’s side.

“Hyun, don’t think nonsense.”

“Louise… ?”

Guessing Hyun’s thoughts from the change in expression, Louise conveyed her voice with the voice magic tool.

“Goliath is a doll made by those who serve the light. Its power shines in the sun.”

‘sun… ?’

“For now, just think about running away. You’d better think of a way before you get on the ground.”

Hyun reflexively checks the time at Louise’s voice.

Based on the Zeturia Castle, it was neither night nor dawn.

I looked behind me again.

Goliath was still using the same skill at regular intervals.

Does that guy get stronger when exposed to sunlight?

‘If that’s right… It might be a bit dangerous.’

The reason why the group can escape safely now is because Goliath’s movement was slower than expected.

If the movement speed of the guy who was struggling to pursue this side with his massive body increased just a little bit, it would be clear that this balance would collapse immediately.

Will I be able to relax like I do now?

‘… … good.’

Hyun, who organized his thoughts for a while, informed everyone of the newly changed plan.

“From now on, I’ll kill time, so let’s all run away to a safe place together.”

At Hyun’s words, Salon asked.

“Among us? can i… ?”

“It’s okay, because he seems to be chasing me anyway.”

Hyun, who glanced behind him, turned his gaze forward again and said.

“And even without me, Genie will continue to show you the way.”

“Ah, I see!”

Ain shouted as if he realized something.

She said, peeking at the ring on her finger.

“Are you going to write this?”

Heavenly Coupling.

A magic tool that summons each other to the side without limit of distance.

“That’s right, but if I tell you to write in a whisper, write.”

“huh? Shouldn’t it be used right away if it drops moderately?”


Hyun nodded and replied.

“I have a few things to try.”

Even in the midst of such a conversation, the party was moving toward the ground.

The Holy Kingdom was still unable to stop Goliath’s movement, so there was nothing to be in immediate danger.

However, when we reach the ground sooner or later, this composition may change.

Climbing the stairs on the first basement floor, Hyun organized his thoughts for a moment.

Unexpected incidents happen countless times in Asrian.

Nothing will happen if you just hope that opportunities will come by themselves.

In a rapidly changing world, you must know how to turn those moments into opportunities if you do not want to face a fate similar to that of the Regressor Guild.

Finally, the party got out of the castle of Zeturia.

While the scorching sunlight was beating down on the party, Hyun shouted to everyone.

“Run the way I told you before!”

I used the strong god right away.

Light radiated from his entire body, and Hyun felt the curve of his body change.

Her silvery hair gleamed like silk in the sunlight.

‘Tread on the air!’

Without even time to look at his changed appearance, Hyun jumped high into the sky.

Soon after, he looked down and saw Goliath, who had entered under the influence of the sunlight, flying through the sky so lightly that he could not believe his massive body was chasing him.

Woo woo woo-.

And in his sword, an incomparably huge light began to condense.

‘If I get hit, I’ll die… ?’

The strong god borrows only the ‘skill’ of the transcendent.

Hyun was aware of the fact that his physical strength was not as high as Louise’s.

‘I have to avoid it unconditionally.’

Hyeon held his breath and focused his attention on Goliath’s sword.

Even if you blink by mistake, you are dead!

Eventually, at that moment when his fingertips flinched, Hyeon kicked the air with all his might.

… … .

It was as if the world was splitting apart.

Goliath’s gestures that slashed the air were silent, but Hyun felt the illusion of a huge explosion.

‘Avoided… Is it?’

Hyun, who suddenly looked behind him, held his breath.

Goliath’s attack drew a huge line in the castle of Zeturia.

Koo Goo Goo!

Based on that line, the sight of towers and buildings splitting and collapsing was so unrealistic.

‘Come again… !’

Hyun quickly came to his senses.

above the sky.

His eyes are still on him.

A situation where it is clear that the next attack will fly soon.

‘what… .’

Taang! At that moment, a gunshot sounded suddenly.

Hyun, who grasped the source of the sound, opened his mouth.

Realizing that Goliath was aiming his sword at him, Hyeon doubted his eyes.

‘You shot him?’

The gunshot was clearly the sound of Goliath’s sword.

Goliath uses a gun!

What kind of things did the celestials create?

Just like users, NPCs also change according to the flow of a newly changing world.

‘… !’

Hyun opened his eyes.

It was because Goliath had reached close range before he knew it, taking advantage of the gap in his posture from being hit by the bullet.

This time, it is not a long-range slash of the ‘Light’ attribute.

A technique to sweep space directly with a huge greatsword!


The moment he thought he heard a blast, Hyun realized that his body was being driven to the ground.

[I fainted from the strong shock!]

[I can’t come to my senses for 20 seconds!]

‘Wind of purification!’

Hyun, who quickly canceled the stun with Louise’s skill without delay, brushed his chest.

If he had not squeezed out his divine power and used the ‘Armor of Darkness’, he would have died in the air without even a trace.

I never thought Goliath would use a gun.

I’m glad I didn’t know now.

If he had been attacked later without warning, he might have died without doing anything.

Yes, the current crisis is an arrangement for later.

Since Goliath was a being that did not exist before, Hyun was thinking of extracting as much information as possible from this guy at this moment.

Even if I die here, it will never be a dog death.

NPCs with high intelligence are difficult to deal with because they keep their last move hidden until the end… . This guy was far from such an intelligent NPC.

And no matter how strong the skill, if you knew the information, you could deal with it without difficulty.

Hyeon stuck his long spear into the ground.

Even if you get shot, don’t lose your posture.

‘Now, show me some more.’

Hyun grinned as he saw Goliath shining his eyes toward him.

Taang! Taang!

Then two gunshots rang out, but the string, firmly anchored to the floor, did not shake much.


Hyun jumped into the sky as soon as the flash of light flashed.

Kwajik! Kwaji support!

A huge roar rang out.

It was the sound of the castle of Zeturia and the strongholds of the Holy Kingdom being destroyed by Goliath’s blow and collapsing.

Fain! Fain!

Hyeon stepped on the air one after another and soared high into the sky.

above the clouds. It was to find out the power of the guy at a height where the NPCs of the castle kingdom couldn’t interfere.

‘A power equal to that of an angel… .’

Its attack is sure to kill you just by brushing against it.

In terms of its power alone, it might be stronger than a plain-class angel.

Even now, I can barely escape… If he had intelligence enough to hide his attack motion, he would have been much more difficult to deal with.

But Goliath was different from the angel.

As for the lowest Servant-class angels, it cannot even be compared to plain-class angels.

The proof that Hyun is now using Goliath to eat.

‘This is an angel… It’s nonsense.’

Due to Goliath’s attack, the castle kingdom’s fortresses, magic circles, and major facilities, including the castle of Zeturia, were being razed to the ground.

From the standpoint of the Holy Kingdom, wouldn’t this be more like a devil than an angel?

According to Assrian’s worldview, the more influential the entity, the higher the level of artificial intelligence.

That the celestials longed for power that they could not handle in the first place.

‘Is this enough?’

Hyun, who had endured Goliath’s attack for a while, nodded.

It was possible to avoid the attack thanks to the strong god, but it was not possible to kill him.

「Ain, get ready.」


“No, in three seconds. hmm… Okay, now!」

Hyeon kept a reasonable distance from Goliath while exchanging whispers with Ain.

So that his attack can hit the ground.

Flash! It was then that the judgment of brilliance fell upon the world.

Koo Goo Goo Goo!

The fierce attack from the sky created several kilometers of craters on the ground.

It was a truly absurd sight to see a huge fortress collapse completely.


Eventually, Goliath, who lost his target, stopped moving and fell to the ground.

“Finally stopped working!”

“Kuh… ! What is this!”

The time when the shouts and screams of the Holy Kingdom NPCs resonated from the ground.

Hyun’s figure had already completely disappeared from the spot.


Koo Goo Goo!

The party who escaped safely watched the sight of the Holy Kingdom’s base being destroyed from the top of the mountain.

“What unbelievable power is that… ?”

It was truly a spectacle to see the magic circle to keep the empire in check exploding with an explosion, and the watchtowers that formed the fortress collapse all at once.

Salon clucked his tongue at the massive attack he had witnessed for the first time in his life.

A few seconds later, Hyun also appeared beside the group.

“after… In the end, they all lived.”

“hyeon! amazing! Was this Hyun’s strategy?”

Ain shouted, pointing to a distant place.

The Zeturia Castle was an institution that was in charge of the core of the castle kingdom’s defense line.

Destroying such a place in half was a feat that could have completely tipped the balance of the war.

Hyun, who had been appreciating the work he had created for a while, nodded roughly.

“Well, the intention is a bit different, but… This isn’t a bad result either. hmm… ?”

Looking around, Hyun soon realized that there was no one and asked.

“What about Latisse? Did you leave?”

“huh? Ah, that guy.”

Salon took Hyun’s question.

“It’s over there.”

Hyun, who followed Salon’s finger, was able to find Latis soon.

He was staring at the ruined base of the Holy Kingdom on a rock a little further away.

Why is he alone over there?

“I thought it would be better not to say anything unnecessary.”

“yes… ?”

“It seems a little complicated.”

At Salon’s words, Hyun used his clairvoyance to check Latis’ condition.

Upon checking Latisse’s face, Hyun somehow felt like he knew what he was thinking.

Because Latis had the same expression as Ain, who suffered 20 consecutive defeats to him during Asura.


Latis standing on a rock halfway up the mountain.

As if deep in thought, he cast his gaze over the horizon and was silent.

Hyun slowly approached Latis.

It was only after he cleared his throat and pretended to be human that he slowly turned around.

‘Should I tell you something?’

A little frown.

At first glance, the face looked nothing different from usual, but Hyun could guess that it was not.

It is easy to know how they feel.

In the past, Ain had a similar reaction.

There was a time when I couldn’t understand her properly at the time, so the relationship was almost awkward.

How was the conflict resolved then?

Hyun recalled what he would say to Latis from his past memories.

“Don’t take it too seriously.”

“… ?”

“You are the same as Ain. As for your dueling talent, you must be better than me.”

“… … .”

Latis still has no answer.

Hyun felt that the atmosphere was getting awkward.

no way… , Are you thinking of quitting the game?

Memories of Asura Online came back.

At that time, Ain also said out of habit that he would close Asura Online for a while.

Yes, this guy is thinking the same as Ain. Just look at the expression for sure!

But for my plan, I need Latis to remain in Asrian.

After thinking that, Hyun quickly thought of the next words.

“Hmm, what do you mean… Don’t even think about quitting Assrian.”

“… … .”

“You haven’t even received your quest reward yet. Didn’t you just forget that the crab is a harmony quest?”

“Right. quest… I forgot about it for a while.”

“Haha, what is it?”

Hyun, who finally opened his mouth to hear Latisse’s answer, felt that the atmosphere was getting better.

Then Hyun, who clouded his surroundings with his speech, like when he was roasting and boiling Ain,

“Oh, I should give you a quest reward. Hmmm, what is the reward… .”

He slowly changed the topic and opened his mouth slowly.

In fact, this was also the purpose of bringing Latisse to this point.

“I’ll give you the privilege of joining the guild. If you follow a few rules, you can now join the Shade Guild.”

After saying that, Hyun secretly raised his gaze.

It was to see what Latis’ reaction would be.

‘I don’t like it… ?’

Latis still unchanged.

A red light came on in Hyeon’s head after seeing his blunt expression.

It’s clear that his pride still hasn’t recovered… ! No matter what you say, you won’t hear it!

“No, well, the choice is free, so think slowly.”

Hyeon, who quickly changed his posture, cleared his throat and left Latisse.

Now is not the time to invite you to join a guild.

I’d better bring this topic up later when he’s calmer.

“… … .”

After Hyun left, Latis was left alone again.

‘What did you mean?’

Latis looked at Hyun’s back and narrowed her eyes again.

Don’t stop playing Assrian Online. If you’ve come this far, isn’t it natural?

And suddenly, he couldn’t understand the intention of saying that as if he was boosting his dueling skills.

Hyeon muttered gibberish to himself and then suddenly left.

‘I don’t know.’

Latisse stopped thinking complicatedly.

Even if I thought about it, I couldn’t understand all of Hyun’s words.

However, one thing was said for sure.

To join the Shade Guild.

‘Guildra… .’

After thinking for a moment, Latis shook her head.

Because I probably couldn’t accept Hyun’s proposal

It wasn’t because there was no lack of being alone like before.

Over the past few days, Latis, who has just completed the Harmony Quest, has come to realize that when she harmonizes with others, she can generate power many, many times over.

But if you become a member of the Shade Guild, there’s nowhere else to look.

Latis did not want to lose the target he had barely found.

‘It’s a bit disappointing.’

At the same time, however, it was too much of a waste to reject Hyun’s proposal.

Latis spread her palms and looked at them.

He still couldn’t believe that he had moved so neatly between the NPCs and Goliaths in the sky.

I never wanted to forget this feeling.

If you are separated from the Shade Guild, this sense will inevitably become dull, right?

Suddenly, a desire came to Latisse’s mind.

Is it impossible to maintain a relationship at the level of exchanging quests?

It had been a while since Latisse nodded.

‘Did I say Hyun was the chief of harmony?’

The requester and the performer of the quest are bound by a contract.

It means that the current relationship will continue as long as you do the harmony quest.

Latiss thought that he would not be able to quit this quest for a while.


It is very difficult to build a tower, but it is in an instant to collapse.

It was only three days after the incident that the regressor’s guild disappeared from the list.

And that wasn’t all.

Many users could see the names of the returning guild members disappearing from the Hall of Fame moment by moment.

As a result, the top ranking has changed, so it was only natural that many users would be interested.

– What happened? The entire guild of regressors disappeared?

-Names of famous rankers also disappeared. What’s really going on?

-(Breaking news!) All former Regressor Guild members are wanted!

New news arrived in the meantime.

When it became known that the Holy Kingdom had placed a bounty on their heads, the bulletin board was ablaze.

-What is it hahaha these guys are ruined?

-What kind of play do you get to be wanted by the Holy Kingdom?

– These are great people. You always show amazing play. lol

-It seems that the whole guild is ruined. Most of the contracts with the companies seem to have been broken.

-Hey, it feels cool inside. Guys like that are so damn good hahaha

– Causal retribution haha

– Now, the control of the Hwaryeongma Cave hunting ground will be lifted.

Users cheered for the fall of the regressor guild.

Even if they had never been directly affected, it was because there were quite a few users who looked at what they were doing with disapproval.

– But what really happened?

– Can a decent guild collapse overnight?

– Doesn’t sound like a normal thing.

Subsequently, the users guessed the process of the collapse of the regressor guild in their own way.

Two hypotheses surfaced.

Opinion that he failed while proceeding with the quest of the Holy Kingdom, and opinion that he suffered great damage while fighting bloody battles with other guilds.

– I don’t think this will happen after a few guild battles… .

– That’s right, even if they were wiped out, the guild couldn’t collapse in an instant like this.

-The quest must have been ruined.

– I agree. It seems that I have been greatly upset by relying only on the knowledge of the old jobs.

As time went by, the opinions of users hardened toward ‘quest failure’.

The fact that the members of the regressor guild were wanted by the Holy Kingdom added to the credibility of that opinion.

Of course, everything is just a hypothesis, and few people know the exact details.


Days before the community became abuzz with the Regressor Guild, the Darkness Guild knew an incident was about to happen.

It was because several NPCs were dispatched as spies in the basement of the castle of Zeturia, the hideout of the Regressor Guild.

For some reason, their hideout has been completely destroyed, so news will come soon.

But today, three days later.

None of the Darkness Guild members thought that such a big thing would happen.

“Did everyone hear the news?”


Mayday, with a flushed face, opened the door of the private room loudly and entered.

“Ah, I just heard that too.”

“Can you do this? so suddenly… .”

The fall of the regressor guild was quite shocking news to them as well.

Although Asura and Asrian’s history diverged and their position narrowed, the Regressor Guild was still a guild with enough influence to count on ten fingers.

“Are the guild members scattered?”

“I don’t know. However, if the dissolution of the guild is not a trick, there is a high possibility that the guild members will also scatter together.”

“Then shouldn’t we try recruiting right away?”

Fias, who had been listening quietly, expressed his opinion.

If the guild was disbanded, it was like having a chance to scout rankers or users close to rankers.

“There is no need for that.”

At that opinion, X-Large shook his head.

“Not only the Regressor Guild itself, but also the image of its members as a whole was not very good. I’m sure there are decent ones among them, but considering the possibility of being noisy, it’s better for Darkness to do nothing.”

“okay… .”

“Now is not the time to think about recruitment or anything else. We need to figure out what happened to them.”

However, even Darkness was unaware of the situation.

Although NPCs were infiltrated into the Regressor Guild as spies, all contact was lost three days before the guild was disbanded.

Intelligence managers were guessing that all of the NPC spies were probably dead.

What happened to the castle of Zeturia, the hideout of the regressor guild?

Is it possible for the guild to be disbanded simply because the hideout is destroyed?

The moment the incident was about to fall into the labyrinth.

Cage, a user of Asura Online and one of the current executives of Darkness, cautiously gave his opinion.

“I think… .”

Cage opened his mouth, removing his fingers from his head for a long time.

“I wonder if this is also what Hyun did.”

“what… ?”

“I don’t know why, but for some reason I feel like that. If it weren’t for Hyun, who would do something like this… .”

“No, Keiji, are you a parrot that only knows strings?”

Deputy guild leader Reina interrupted Keiji.

“There are limits to listening. everyday. Hyun, Hyun… ! Not everything in this world is related to strings!”

The reason Reina’s voice got louder was simple.

Not too long ago, the exchange rate between Assrian and real currency soared, and Cage argued that it was market manipulation by the prefecture.

Even when there was a rumor that a rare treasure was buried in the Forest of Reflection, he said that it was a rumor spread by Hyun.

Furthermore, when the daughter of the Nation of Darkness died, Hyun claimed to have assassinated her.

And when it turns out that all those events had nothing to do with Hyun.

Wasted time and manpower on useless work, Reina decided to self-filter the information whenever a string popped out of Keiji’s mouth.

“So before you get more annoyed, shut your stupid mouth, Cage.”

Reina sighed and showed me some screenshots.

The castle of Zeturia was in ruins as if it had been bombed.

“Look at this. See the scale of the broken castle? If Hyun had done something like this, a new episode would have been added to the history quest.”

“I guess… ?”

Pod! At Reina’s gesture, the scene of the screenshot that was floating as a hologram changed.

This time, to the border city where a waterfall of black mist descends.

“And at the same time Hyun was staying in the city of the border.”

“Um… .”

Even taking the fastest train from the border city to Zeturia Castle takes 5 days.

In other words, it was physically impossible for the string to move both sides.

“Of course, that is all right. But, is there such a thing as an if?”

But even after knowing all that, Cage seemed unwilling to recant his claim.

“History quests don’t just happen by making a big event. When history is changed with individual power, it is reborn as an episode, so there is a possibility that this incident was also carried out by the prefecture. And also, if Hyeon had a way to teleport alone, it would be possible to move from the border city to Zeturia Castle at once… .”

“No, really… !”

“Until there.”

X-Large, who had been listening quietly, intervened between the two.

It was necessary to rule out reckless and groundless speculation in determining the future path of the guild.

“Cage, your opinion this time seems unfounded. The possibility is just as low as the fact that Latisse became Hyun’s subordinate.”

“Oh yeah? I was just going to continue saying that.”

“yes… ?”

“That Latisse might have gone under the strings.”

“Do you have any reason… ?”

“It’s not like that, but it just makes me feel bad.”

Afterwards, Darkness’ executives, including X-Large, let out a shallow sigh.

The reason why he couldn’t be kicked out of the executive team was because he showed outstanding ability in most fields except for the prefecture-related work.

“Okay, then let’s gather information, think deeply, and get back together tomorrow. With well-founded guesses.”

What really happened?

There is no law that the disaster that befell the regressor guild can avoid Darkness.

X-Large was determined to find out the circumstances of the incident as soon as possible.


“I’m sorry. Thanks for the recommendation… ”

In the end, Latisse declined the offer.

“I have no intention of joining a guild yet. Not just in the shade, but everywhere.”

Hearing Latisse’s unexpected answer, Hyeon’s pulse went numb.

It was so unexpected that I felt betrayed.

It took so much effort for weeks to recruit Latisse. Now that you’re talking about something else… Are you just going to throw it away like this?

Just as I was about to start thinking like that, Latis’s words continued.

“However, if it’s through a quest like this time, I’ll do whatever you want.”

‘huh… ?’

Hyun’s head rotated rapidly.

I began to interpret Latisse’s intentions.

Even if you don’t join the guild, do you mean the quest of harmony will continue in the future?

And when I said I didn’t have an idea ‘yet’, it means that my mind might change later.

‘Wait, isn’t this bad too?’

Hyun was aware of Latisse’s situation.

He lost his apostleship of light and fell into a state where he could not set foot in the Holy Kingdom.

It would be natural for Latis to rely on the power of harmony at the opposite point of light.

However, it becomes increasingly difficult for users who are attached to a certain faction to escape from that place.

This is because in order to leave the power, you have to give up all the rights you have held for a long time.

Latis’ position is already a high-ranking follower of harmony.

As the quest of harmony continues, it will gradually degenerate into a body that cannot disobey its own command, and it simply has a greater binding force than guild members.

Because all followers cannot disobey the order of the chief priest.

‘Well, that’s how it should be.’

Hyun nodded and vowed to bring Latis deeper into the power of harmony.

so that he never escapes his hands.

‘Huh, anyway, one big thing is finally over.’

Hyun, leaning on the sofa in the private room, thought about what had happened so far.

According to what I found out using various sources of information, the regressor guild collapsed to the point where it could no longer recover.

It is said that all the guild members scattered because the word ‘returner’ became the prisoner’s title.

In a situation where it was difficult to take care of one’s own body, resentment or slander towards the Shade Guild would be nothing short of unwillingness.

The regressor’s guild has completely disappeared.

In addition, Latis was also in hand, so there was only one group among Assrian users that could be called a variable.

‘Are all that left is Darkness?’

Hyun fell into deep thought.

The Darkness Guild was not an easy place to touch.

They don’t have all their bases in one place like the Regressor’s Guild.

It was not easy to oppose the number of people exceeding 100,000, including the affiliated guilds.

Besides, the biggest problem is that there is no justification for attacking Darkness.

Unlike the regressor guild, their external image was fairly good.

It seemed that they were even doing donation activities outside of the game.

If they tried to forcefully swallow such a guild, there would be a high possibility that they would not even be able to make it. Rather, it’s good if you don’t see any damage.

‘It’s more complicated than I thought.’

Darkness is not hostile to the shade, but that’s why it was the most threatening existence to the shade.

Hyun recalled an old memory.

Genie always emphasized that we should be wary of darkness.

… … .

“If there is a guild that surpasses Shade, it will be Darkness.”

“yes? Those guys… ?”

Hyun asked.

Because it was too quiet to see Darkness as being ambitious.

They didn’t go looking for hidden quests like before, and they weren’t particularly obsessed with growth, except for a few rankers representing the guild.

As if taking a step back from the leading race.

“Is there any need for that? The gap has already widened, and they are no longer hostile to us.”

So Hyun decided that there was no need to be wary of Darkness.

Ginny’s explanation that followed pointed out that the judgment was wrong.

“It just changed the direction. It was judged that it was impossible to deal with the Shade Guild by force.”

“yes… ? then?”

“Darkness must be planning to encroach on SHA Company with economic power. Of course, that wouldn’t be the image of the ‘king’ that people had previously imagined, but Darkness must have decided that was the best.”

“economic power… ?”

Hyun shook his head.

“Does that mean anything? Even if Ain and I went, we could have killed all the leaders.”

At Hyun’s courageous answer, Jinnie replied with a wry smile.

“It won’t be easy.”

“why… ?”

“Darkness is already operating on a scale larger than that of a tolerable conglomerate. Hyun, can you handle hundreds of thousands of hatred?”

“… ?”

“Of course, it is not an impossible option. We could destroy them all with our powers, but… .”

Ginny took a deep breath before continuing.

“That would make Shade’s position even more embarrassing. Because no one knows strings anymore.”

“… .”

“Even if you take all the risks and work, Hyeon will end up being a tyrant.”

Next, the materials that Ginny showed.

Hyun was slightly shocked.

Another form of war was going on behind the scenes.

Due to the partnership corporate structure, it was impossible for SHA Company to reach all areas like Darkness.

then… Does that mean that even if he later possesses the same power as the Absolute, he will not be able to rule the world of Assrian?

“It is not that there is no way.”

Ginny’s words continued when Hyun couldn’t hide his nervousness.

“There is only one thing Shade lacks. As long as that changes, there is nothing to be ashamed of in darkness.”

“what is that?”

At Hyun’s question, Ginny paused for a moment.

It took a while for her mouth to open.

“Hyun, do you have any plans to change SHA Company into a joint stock company?”

… … .

Hyeon came out of his thoughts.

To list SHA Company as a stock company.

It was never easy to change the organization of an already sizable company.

Something I could never have even thought of on my own.

But now the preparations are almost complete.

In the next few days, new changes will begin.

The number of employees of SHA Company will soon increase to thousands or tens of thousands.

‘after… .’

After leaving the private portal, Hyun went to the top of the city to get some fresh air.

Right in the middle of the border city, beside the black fountain stood a tower that seemed to pierce the sky.

It is the first cornerstone to create a floating city, and the castle that is the home of the Shade Guild.

Even when the prefecture did not stay, the city was changing day by day.


When I came out to the terrace, I heard the sound of a cool breeze.

I leaned against the railing and looked down at the distant ground.

‘The king of Asrian… .’

Hyun squeezed one palm and opened it.

It’s really not long before you have the world in your hands.

It was strange to think that the goal I had been dreaming of was right around the corner.

I expected that I couldn’t stand the laughter that came out naturally, or that I would run around all over the place, but as the time approached, my heart was calmer than I thought.

Is it because I still don’t feel it? He could only feel a slight pounding in her chest.

‘It’s not really a dream.’

Hyun looked at it as objectively as possible.

Still, I don’t think I’ll be overtaken by anyone.

It is said that there is still darkness left, but there is no user who can surpass himself with individual power.

Yes, if we go a little further… .

‘This world… .’

Hyun knew that Assrian was already being colored by the idea of ​​harmony.

And he remembers the words of deception that he would hand over the name of the harmony to himself.

If everything went as planned, he would reign over not only the players, but all humans in Asrian.

‘I can become an absolute ruler who rules the world.’

And maybe… .

I didn’t even know if it was possible to become a god.

Hyun opened the quest window after a long time.

One of the quests that had been put on hold for several months was still shining in front of his eyes.

<Final Awakening Quest: Transcendence>

-You must obtain the remaining fragments of chaos. (2/3)

-Go to the next world.

-The second attendant, Nevia, told me that the last piece is very close to you.

Of course, there are still a few challenges that need to be addressed to get there.

The quest to find the third Chaos Fragment is one of them.

‘Where will the last world be?’

Hyun chewed over the quest message several times.

Even though I had been thinking about it whenever I had a chance, it was still very ambiguous.

Even when I met Ki-man in the past, we only talked about harmony, and all we could hear was that time would solve things about chaos.

Where is the last world… After all, do you need to hit level 400 to know?

“ah… .”

The moment he was tidying up his complicated hair, Hyun looked back at the sudden presence.

The identity of the popular pretender is Louise.

For some reason, even after using the return scroll, Louise did not return to Lookingham’s Great War.

I haven’t enjoyed it for 5 years, so it’s been a while since I felt like I wanted to go around the city and play.

“Hyun, you look lonely by yourself. Would you like to go shopping?”

“Louise is welcome. She just happened to have something to ask.”

“huh? Are you talking to me?”

Hyun asked Louise what she was curious about.

“What’s your relationship with Luti?”

“huh… ?”

To that question, Louise answered with some stuttering.

“We are not in any relationship… .”

“No, I’m not asking for anything, I’m just asking because I’m curious if I can meet deception.”

“I don’t know. It’s not that I have no way of meeting her.”

Louise’s story began with casting a well.

Hyun was able to find out some facts that he had not known before.

During the five years that time accelerated, it is said that Louise and Lutia met only once.

The information Lutia gave me was ‘how to spread harmony in the empire’.

It is said that Louise was able to establish herself in the Empire so successfully thanks to following her words.

Besides, the two of them never met after that.

“I did as she said because she said it was to help you now… .”

Louise, who was talking about the past, suddenly looked up at Hyeon with anxious eyes and asked.

“Was that a lie… ?! Somehow, you got into trouble because of me.”

“No, it definitely helped.”

“Then I’m glad… .”

A short conversation made Hyun realize that Louise didn’t know much either.

In any case, until Gi-man came to visit him, it seemed that there was no way to see her again.

‘I’ll have to think about the quest later.’

Hyun postponed the fragments of chaos quest.

Whether it’s hitting level 400 or getting a clue by chance, time will eventually solve it.


Top of the tower where a little strong wind blows.

Louise, who slowly approached, silently looked down at the city of vigilance with her arms crossed over the railing, then spoke out abruptly.

“I’ve been thinking about it several times before, but I’m embarrassed to say it all of a sudden.”

“huh… ?”

“hyeon… I also have something I want to tell you.”


“Don’t get me wrong, listen. It’s not because I’m trying to take you away from Ain.”

Louise, who had muttered something incomprehensible, continued.

“I want to go to your world someday.”

Hyungwon paused for a moment.

In the midst of silence, he asked slowly.

“What does that mean… ?”

“It literally means. Isn’t your world here Assrian?”

“… !”

“That place you call the real world.”

Louise, who was looking down at the distant ground, turned her head.

Louise looked at Hyeon and asked again.

“Is it impossible for this body to exist in your world?”

“… well.”

Hyun did not come out with an answer easily.

Although Louise sometimes asked the wrong questions, she had never asked questions of this kind.

She is a second-generation artificial intelligence. As an NPC, she should know better than anyone that she cannot stay in reality.

“Wouldn’t it be possible to have a conversation in real life? If the voice magic tool and hologram technology are applied… .”

“No, I’m not saying that.”

Louise shook her head and cut off Hyun’s murmur.

She said, placing her palm on her chest.

“Since you did a fairy tale, can you feel the soul of this body?”

“… .”

“Is there a way for souls to skip worlds? That’s what you’re asking.”

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