Hard Carry Support Chapter 384-385-386

Underground of the Castle (1), Underground of the Castle (2) and Underground of the Castle (3)

‘Okay, I got it right!’

Hyun, who looked around immediately after his vision changed, clenched his fists.

This gloomy place, like a prison, is the 3rd basement floor of Zeturia Castle.

Thanks to coming through the symmetrical world, he was able to break through the defense magic circle and move to the depths of the castle at once.


The moment the party arrived inside the castle, an unknown magic circle appeared at their feet and then disappeared.

“hmm? Something shook underneath, what kind of magic was it?”

Hyun answered Salon’s question.

“It’s a kind of security magic. They identified us as intruders.”

“security… ?”

“We have to move quickly from now on. Otherwise, an unimaginable number of enemies will swarm.”

“… Right.”

At Hyun’s explanation, the party hurried their steps.

The enemy camp, where you can’t expect help from allies.

Everyone knew how hard it was to face an enemy of unknown size underground with nowhere to run.

Woo-woo, woo-woo. Kreurreung.

In the midst of feeling the chilly air, I could often hear the sounds of non-human beings.

It sounded like the growl or cry of a beast.

“Hyun, what is this monster-like sound… ?”

This time Ain asked.

I explained it once before coming, but did Ain already forget it all?

Or maybe I wasn’t focusing properly.

Hyun repeated the same explanation as before.

Speak in a slightly louder voice for all to hear.

“The monster will be right. I heard that there is a monster breeding station in the basement of Zeturia Castle.”

“Oh right, it was… !”

Ain clapped his hands and shouted.

It reminded me of the vague explanation of the prefecture.

At first glance, it seems that the military forces of the Holy Kingdom are composed only of ‘humans’, but the reality is different.

As the war with the Empire got longer, the leadership of the Holy Kingdom no longer chose an effective method for combat.

Breeding monsters was one of them.

The reason why this fact is not known to the outside world is because these monsters are not mobilized for ‘war’.

Since the Holy Kingdom has always been aware of the eyes of its own people and other countries, it is not possible to showcase monsters where others can see them.

The general use of monsters is for the training of soldiers and knights.

However, it was clear that he would use the monster he bred without hesitation if it was out of sight of others.

That’s right, if it’s in a place like the basement of Zeturia Castle!

“Don’t just think of it as an elite monster. It might be a holy beast or a monster.”

Hyeon warned everyone once again.

Ain suddenly asked in surprise.

“Monster… ? Breeding monsters?!”

“There is a possibility. They’re the ones who do anything where no one else can see.”

“Fufu, it doesn’t matter. If it’s a monster, it’s rather an illusion.”

Louise laughed and murmured.

After her final awakening, Louise was able to exercise some degree of dominance over monsters that were not her subordinates.

“I can show you which is stronger, their mind magic or the power of this body!”

Louise confidently placed her hands on her waist.

Hyun smiled slightly as he saw Louise like that.

It’s strange. I can’t believe this guy’s appearance made me feel trustworthy.

“Anyway, let’s move quickly.”

Hearing the cries of the monsters, Hyeon urged the party.

3rd basement floor.

This place was also a breeding ground for monsters, but at the same time, it was also a temporary hideout for the regressor’s guild.

A very secret place where not only sky users, but also abyss users are mixed!

Hyun could guess why the regressor’s guild had prepared a hideout in a place like this.

Although they are raised out of necessity, the High Priests of the Holy Kingdom treat monsters and demons as base and repulsive.

They would be reluctant to set foot in the monster breeding grounds, so Abyss users would never be identified by the pattern on the back of their hand.

Also, if there is an unfortunate incident where demonic energy leaks out, it should be an excuse that it is a monster.

It’s dark under the lamp, and with these tricks, the regressor’s guild must have avoided the suspicion of the Holy Kingdom.

But that is until today.

If everything goes according to plan, the mask of the regressor guild will come off one by one right here.

“We’ll be entering the central area soon.”

Ginny’s voice was heard in Hyun’s ears.

She was watching everyone’s play screen and reporting important information in real time.

“There is a high chance that enemies will attack you at the next crossroads.”

Hyun summarized the situation at Genie’s report.

To reach the Regressor Guild’s hideout, you must cross this monster breeding ground.

Battles along the way will never be avoided.

As planned, Hyun began to give instructions to the party.

In case you can’t hear it, in the party chat.

“Salon, can you see it near the ceiling?”

Hyun turned his gaze slightly upward.

About 50 meters above, an unknown shadow could be seen wriggling.

The movement of the party must be grasped moment by moment by the unknown guys.

“Kill them all. From the guy wearing the robe. Is it possible?」

“Kuh, that’s my specialty.”

Pod! Salon stepped on his pole and jumped.

He was full of confidence in his movements because he had maxed out Combo Memories for this operation.

“And Latis. Please watch out for your surroundings.”

Hyun continued his instructions.

“When you pass through the central area, the regressors will surprise you. Can you deal with them?”

“… i get it.”

“If a group of people attack us by surprise, we might get into trouble. Then call me right away.”

Latis quietly nodded at the string’s instructions.

It would have been surprising if many users who were talking about it in the community saw it.

At the same time as Latis could support Salon at any time, he settled down not too far from the main force.

The fact that he was able to make such a judgment in an instant was thanks to having been in harmony with the party through the ‘War Quest’.

“Let’s go to the front.”

Hyun looked back at Ain and Louise and said.

“Feel so good. It’s been a long time since I’ve properly held this window.”


Magi’s wind wrapped around Louise’s spear.

Until she reached level 400, she had been using the old spear.

Since the power of Louise’s skill is only proportional to her magic power, she should continue to use the weapon she is most familiar with.


Ain also activated his ultimate skill as planned.

Her whole body, which had been burning red at the same time as the resolution of extinction was activated, froze coldly as she gripped the scythe of vigilance.


Hyun planned to fight by borrowing the body of Ain of the two.

Louise, who had reached level 400, was now the highest-ranking NPC.

Physical strength is about 10 million, Magi is 80 million!

Now that her stats have gone up tremendously, the assimilation bonus doesn’t mean much to Louise.

In addition, his control skills have grown to a level comparable to most rankers.

Louise has grown to the point where she no longer needs to be looked after by the prefecture.

“Salon and Latis have already entered into battle! An attack will probably begin soon on that side as well!”

Hearing Genie’s cry, Hyun raised his concentration.

Even if she didn’t tell me, my already heightened senses were telling me.

Enemies everywhere!

Not only the regressor guild, but also the troops of the Holy Kingdom and the monsters they bred are aiming for this side.

And as time passed, more powerful NPCs would arrive.

If you lose your mind even for a moment, you will not be able to survive the onslaught.


A roar echoed through the castle.

The vibration transmitted from the underground shook the entire castle.

The 3rd basement floor of Zeturia Castle.

“Hey, what, what… ?”

“Is it an Imperial raid?”

“Where did the enemy come from… !”

The NPCs stationed in the castle couldn’t hide their embarrassment at the sudden uproar.

I didn’t know how many enemies there were or what their identities were, but I had to respond anyway.

“Support, send a request for support!

“The guards fight against the intruders!”

“The zookeepers release the monster right away!”

The NPCs stopped the intruders at any cost.

The guards blocked the way, and the archers and magicians from behind poured out fierce ranged attacks.

I saw it even when I called out the monsters that had been bred.

However, all of those attempts could not do any harm to Hyun’s party.



A sharp flash of light emitted from Louise’s spear pierced the giant butterfly monster.

Black island, a technique that pierces the air to pierce distant targets.

One more technique followed.

Fain! At the same time that Louise used the black island linking technique, Nanseompo, the flesh of the giant monster was scattered.

“Attack! Pour in an attack!”

Acidic liquid poured over Louise.

The monster in the form of a snake spit out poisonous bodily fluids.

That moment.

Whoa! Louise’s spear rotated with a strange sound.

A liquid that is scattered in all directions in the air.

Thanks to that, the party located at the center of the attack did not suffer any damage.

Because Louise had created it, the monster’s bodily fluids couldn’t even graze her collar.

charreuk, charreureuk!

And every time the sound of the window expanding and contracting resounded, the death effect in the vicinity inevitably soared.

Louise is truly showing off the majesty of a story-named NPC.

‘… It’s amazing.’

Hyun couldn’t easily shut up at Louise’s performance.

I knew that I had become stronger, but I didn’t expect it to be this much… !

As soon as they appeared, the monsters split from Louise’s spear.

Frightened by its majesty, the NPCs are unable to even dare to approach it.

Thanks to that, Hyun and Ain were just following Louise, doing almost nothing.

‘There’s not much I can do about it, right?’

It’s a very different feel from the previous battles.

In the meantime, if he had been leading Louise, today it felt like being carried on Louise’s back.

<Transcendence: 23>

There was no sign that the transcendence level would rise above 30.

Whether attacking or defending, you need to fight fiercely to increase your transcendental power, but now Ain didn’t have to fight fiercely.

Still, it doesn’t matter.

The fact that the transcendental power doesn’t rise means that the battle is that much easier.

“I passed halfway through the central area. Sooner or later, we will arrive at the hideout of the Regressor Guild!」

Listening to Genie’s report, Hyeon grasped the war situation.

Salon was picking and removing the magic bottles that might be the most dangerous, and Latis was helping Salon while fighting the regressor guild members hiding everywhere.

Yes, I expected the difficulty to be easier than the main quest level, but… .

Isn’t this too easy?

Kurruru- Crackle!

When Hyun had such thoughts. Suddenly there was the sound of an iron window opening.

When I looked around, there were 5-meter-tall wolves glaring at me with red eyes.

‘Is this a new monster?’

Hyun looked up and down at the wolf monsters.

It didn’t take long to find out what the effect of the high-ranking magic circle that was shining at their feet was.

After guessing the guys’ specifications, Hyun’s eyes changed seriously.

‘Finally some dangerous guys came out.’

Elite monsters of at least level 350 are not easy to breed.

Have you decided that there is no other way?

It seemed that the NPCs of the Holy Kingdom also brought out their trump cards.

“Yes… ?”

It was at that moment that Louise’s pupils widened.

“Wait, wait!”

Louise suddenly raised her hand.

It was to stop Ain, who had straightened out the scythe of vigilance.

“Why all of a sudden?”

“These guys have magic. It’s probably a monster.”

“Monster… ?”

“Your mind seems to be controlled by someone.”

Then Hyun could see a strange smile on Louise’s lips.

It was the smile he always showed before doing bad things.


Wolf monsters, almost 5 meters tall, blocked Louise’s way.

There are about 10 of them.

At the same time, Fachik! With a sound, the magic circle at their feet shone and blue sparks began to flash from the wolves’ fur.

Perhaps celestial magic.

The wizards of the Holy Kingdom seemed to have succeeded in giving divine-type buffs to the bodies of monsters.

“You are foolish. To borrow the power of monsters to fight the devil.”

Louise stared at the approaching wolves with ferocious eyes.

Soon I put a window on the floor.

At that moment, Hyun felt as if intangible concentric circles were being drawn around Louise.

It is the wave of Magi.

Magi, which started from Louise’s hand, rode her arm and permeated through the spear, through the spear, and into the ground again.

Like that, energy spread in all directions like waves, and the magic circle drawn under the wolves’ feet disappeared as soon as it touched demonic energy.

Eventually, the electric shock that had been scattering sparks stopped, and instead began to scatter pitch-black demonic energy like a mane.

The monsters who had lost themselves for a moment regained their true nature at this moment.

The ten wolves stopped charging at Louise.

Au-Woo-The appearance of how to do with his head leaned on something even looked like a beader.

“How did you… ?”

Hyun, who was watching from the side, suddenly came to his senses and asked.

“Did you make me follow you?”

“That’s not right.”

Louise shook her head and replied.

“Even a demon cannot lead a monster that is not his subordinate. Hyun, you don’t know, but there are many types of magic.”

“hmm… .”

Hyun watched the condition of the monsters.

The guys just ran wild and didn’t seem to follow anyone’s orders.

Screams began to be heard from all directions.

The NPCs who were attacked by the guys they were breeding were screaming in horror.

“Hey, watch out… .”

“Know. Utcha… !”


Louise’s legs drew a half moon in the air.

A wolf clawing at Louise was kicked by Louise’s instep and flew away.

Whoa, after landing on the floor, Louise took a short deep breath and murmured.

“The demons were resonated and revealed their true nature, but it seems that their selves have already been destroyed a long time ago.”

The wolves weren’t attacking anyone with a purpose.

Sometimes they scratched and bit each other.

Koo Goo Goo!

The riots of the wolves were so frenzied that the surroundings were being devastated in an instant.

“Aristocrats take responsibility with their own lives, and soldiers are those who were prepared to die from the beginning, but other beings have no obligation to risk their lives. But these guys wouldn’t belong on either side… You have come to an end unrelated to your will..”

“… .”

Hyun remembered a scene from the past.

Even looking at the same skulls, Louise was able to distinguish very subtle differences.

He may have learned something from the minor characteristics of these wolves.

“You don’t have to look at me with those eyes.”

Louise noticed Hyun’s gaze toward her and smiled shyly.

“It’s not that I’m lost in emotion. Their sacrifice made it easier for us to move on, so that’s good for us.”

“huh… .”

Hyun looked around.

True to her words, the castle’s defense command system seemed to have gone awry thanks to the wolves creating a mess.

Again, looking forward, he murmured.

“Do you have a return scroll?”

“Of course.”

“then… I’ll come and help out somewhere else.”

Louise alone should be enough for this now.

Hyun moved his seat after a brief request to Louise.

No matter how great Salon and Latisse’s skills were, they wouldn’t be able to deal with all the members of the Regressor Guild.


Meanwhile, Hyun and Ain were being carried by Louise’s power.

Salon and Latis were fighting a little fiercer than that.

Because they were fighting a battle with the members of the Regressor Guild.

‘Could that be… Is it Latisse?’

The area where the Regressor Guild was stationed.

Steel Rock, trying to figure out the identity of the sudden uproar, had no choice but to doubt his own eyes for a moment.

‘Why is that guy here… ?’

Geturia Castle is a little far from the border.

It was a place with nothing special except for the hideout of the regressor guild.

Why did Latis come to a place where war quests do not occur?

‘I don’t think the Regressor Guild has any business… .’

If you have something to say, you can use the guild window.

No, if he came because he had a business, he wouldn’t be killing soldiers right now.

The figure he shows now is an intruder who has invaded the territory of the Holy Kingdom.

Why is he fighting here?

‘Couldn’t they have attacked our guild?’

The iron rock, which imagined nonsense for a moment, shook its head.

Latisse is a solo player.

No matter how strong he was, he wouldn’t do anything crazy by breaking into the home ground of the Regressor Guild.

but. next moment.

When he checked the face of someone with Latisse, the iron rock’s eyes widened to the size of a firecracker.

‘Salon… ! That guy is Salon!’

Thum thump, his heart started pounding.

‘Salon and Latis are together… ?’

The steel rock rubbed his eyes.

Seeing Latis join forces with someone to fight was a lump of incongruity.

No, more than that, what is the reason the two of them are together?

‘no way… Isn’t that right?’

The iron rock watched the battle nervously.

If an incident happened that you hoped would never happen, you need to think of a contingency plan right away.

If the Shade Guild had enlisted Latisse, then the Regressor Guild would really be driven to a dead end.

However, the steel rock was not given time to think for a long time.

“Me, those crazy bastards… !”

It was because Salon and Latis were running towards the place where the guild members were stationed after killing the soldiers in the castle.

Countless messages began pouring into the regressor’s guild chat.

– It’s an emergency! Contact the guild leader!

-The intruder who appeared in the central area, isn’t that Latis? Can I just leave it alone?

-You have to block it before it gets close!

The guild members of the regressors formed formation in an instant.

Opponent ranked #1!

They knew that Latisse’s skills had surpassed theirs, but they did not shrink.

After all, there will be only one opponent.

Besides, this is the home ground of the regressor guild, Geturia Castle.

It was a place where you could fight while receiving support from NPCs.

-Wait a minute, there’s something strange!

The only thing that grasped the existence of Salon was the steel rock that was watching from the closest.

He was about to say something, but the words were quickly washed away by other people’s chats.

“Are you crazy? I couldn’t believe it, but you really attacked our guild!”

“Kill it!”

The battle started so quickly.

The members of the Regressor Guild poured out concentrated attacks toward Latis, who was running.

I didn’t even feel the need to control it.

While the number of this side was eight, the enemy was alone.

In addition, more than half of them were long-distance occupations, so they were confident that they could not even approach the opponent.

Wizards raised their staffs, and archers pulled their bowstrings tight.

That moment when he was about to pour concentrated fire on Latis.

‘uh… ?’

A question mark appeared above the heads of the regressor guild members.

Why was the magic casting canceled all of a sudden?

And why do arrows fly to the wrong place… .

“They must have been the same Asura users, but they are so different.”

It was after a flash of light passed in front of their eyes that a voice came from behind them.

The regressors looked back.

Standing there was Latis with her incandescent sword slanting down.

Next to him was Salon, holding twin swords and smiling meaningfully.

Salon, who killed the presence in the blind spot and approached, canceled all attacks toward Latis.

And Latis believed that he would be safe and focused only on the attack.

Thanks to not caring about defense at all, Latis was able to cut down three members of the Regressor Guild.

“Why, Salon, you… .”

Someone who parted his lips in astonishment could not finish his speech.

It was because his body was slowly leaning to one side.

Whiii- As the bodies of the three scattered in the light of fog, Latis’s mouth opened.

“Thank you, thanks to you, I have confidence.”

A small smile hung on Latisse’s lips.

It wasn’t that he was walking in place.

I was just misunderstanding when I met a slightly out-of-standard user.

Salon and Latis faced those who stood in front of them.

2 vs. 5. The power difference was overwhelming.

Of course, it goes without saying that the two had the upper hand.

The moment I was about to finish off the rest.

“no… I don’t even need to step out.”

Latiss drew a longsword that shone brightly.

Even if you use skills such as ‘invisibility’ or ‘stealth’, party members can see each other.

It was because he had witnessed a black-clad figure rushing behind the surviving members of the regressor guild.

“There is nothing you don’t need! You should attack as well!」

Hyeon, who had just arrived with Ain, heard Latis muttering and shouted in disbelief.

Regressor guild members here are not all five.

Even now, they continue to flock… !

“Come in with me! Salon too!」

Saying that, Hyun scanned the enemies in all directions.

To instantly remember who is located where.

And the next moment, he activated the skill combination he had been using all along.

‘Transparency, biorhythm acceleration!’

[Used 42 Transcendence!]

[Instead of increasing the duration of invisibility by 5 seconds, the effect disappears if you are hit!]


Light gushed from the harmony pattern carved on the back of his hand, and Hyun felt the blood flow rapidly through his body.

It was the sense that the magic that was lacking from Louise was being replenished.


The back of one of the robed regressors’ guild members was cut in two.

Hyun first aimed for mage-type jobs with a high risk of using debuffs.

It was because he couldn’t supply transcendence in battle with users, so he couldn’t use ‘Purification’ as much as he wanted.

Awesome! Awesome!

It was only after the deaths of two wizards that the Regressors Guild members realized the situation.

‘It’s Hyun!’

‘Hyun has attacked our guild!’

The person who seemed to be the leader gave a brief shout to everyone.

“Absolutely avoid!”

The members of the Regressor Guild knew that Hyun possessed the skill to become invisible.

Also, the fact that its duration is very short.

‘What kind of cheating skill is this… !’

‘It’s okay, just hold on for a while. I’m almost done!’

The duration of invisibility is 3 seconds.

Three seconds seemed like an eternity to them.

Awesome! Awesome! I couldn’t even see where the attack was coming from, but the sight of the bodies of the guild members being cut off was fear itself.

Everyone who had to endure such an unreasonable attack fired their mobile devices, praying that they would not be the target.

‘still… ?’

‘… When will it end!’

But unfortunately, even after 3 seconds, Hyun’s invisibility didn’t end.

Awesome! Awesome!

All of the nearby guild members wearing robes died, and after that, the bodies of the warrior-type jobs began to be cut off.

Hard armor and strong shields were no different from sheets of paper in front of the scythe of vigilance wielded by Ain.

“shit! shit… !”

Someone in a hurry jumped up to the ceiling.

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

His body fell to the ground in pieces and was scattered with light.

Squeak. When the ghost that was taking the lives of the guild members was finally revealed, only two of the guild members of the regressors remained nearby.

After slashing all enemies.

Landing on the floor, Hyun let out a deep breath.

“Phew, that’s simple.”

Invisibility did not work well for elite NPCs who were extremely sensitive, but when dealing with users, there was no skill like this.

Besides, if you use it as a surprise like this, you won’t have time to think about destroying invisibility with counter magic such as guided missiles or wide area.

“Oh, Salon, let them get away.”

Hyeon stopped Salon from pursuing the remaining enemies.

Because I didn’t have to kill everyone.

“I didn’t kill two of them on purpose.”

“huh? why?”

“Because they were abyssal guys. We still have to keep him alive.”

No, rather, for the sake of the plan, it was necessary to leave the users belonging to Abyss.

Because they were good bait to play an important role in the future.

“Um… Well, yes.”

At Hyun’s words, Salon nodded.

It reminded me of the prefecture’s instructions that I had mentioned prior to the operation.

He told me not to kill Abyss users until he ordered me to.

“And killing a few more now doesn’t mean much.”

Hyun looked back at everyone and whispered softly.

“Because our real goal is to get rid of them entirely.”

It was clearly realized through the Boundary City spy incident.

If you leave the Regressor Guild alone, they will annoy you until the end of Asrian.

Last time, thanks to the information Mayday gave me, I was able to avoid a crisis.

In order not to repeat the same mistake, we must take this opportunity to destroy the Regressor Guild.

“But what are you going to do now?”

At that time, I suddenly heard Latis’ voice.

Latis, who had been quietly following instructions, asked Hyun for the first time.

“It looks different from what I originally expected.”

Latis looked around and murmured.

Except for the intermittent cries of monsters, the surroundings were very quiet.

According to what Latis had heard, Hyun was planning to attract the members of the Abyss Regressor Guild.

But now they’re hiding and not making any moves.

“… Wouldn’t that be the plan?”

“that’s right.”

At Latisse’s question, Hyun nodded while scratching his head.

Is it because it appeared too flashy?

The regressor’s guild was frightened and reacted passively.

If they continue to hide, there will be nothing the party can do, and the plans they have made will be useless.

Latis asked Hyun, who too easily agreed to his point.

“what… ?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Hyungwon raised the corner of his mouth.

“If you don’t want to come out, I can make you come out.”

I’ve been through a lot in the past on how to cook these guys.

If you knew how to do it, it was not as difficult as you thought to bring out the guys hidden in the shell.

“I need to change my plans a bit.”

Hyeon started putting the pieces together in his head.

The old one was discarded and the new one was reconstructed.

When I was going through the main quest, nothing went as planned.

Compared to that time, this level of variable was really nothing.

“I need to divide the staff.”

Hyun finally finished his thoughts and opened his mouth.

“Salon, Latis. The two of you, please move separately from us from now on.”

“hmm… ?”

“The work to be done is the same as before. To draw attention against the regressor guild members.”

Salon tilted his head at the sudden instruction.

Looking back at Hyun, Ain, and Louise, he asked again.

“Then what are you going to do?”

“that… I will explain in detail later.”

Hyun stopped trying to explain the new plan.

A strategy to dig into the psychology of regressors.

It was because if you hadn’t experienced them in the previous work, you wouldn’t be able to easily understand this plan.

“Anyway, just do what I tell you to do.”

A mischievous smile appeared on Hyun’s lips.

Sometimes the way back is the fastest way.

It is said that seasoned hunters wait for traps and prey rather than shooting arrows.

Hyeon planned to set a trap for the regressors guild to stick their heads out and snatch them at once.


Berard, the top executive of the Regressor Guild’s Abyss Team.

‘Kuh… !’

The guild members belonging to Abyss, including Berard, were watching Hyun from afar.

They had no choice but to watch the slaughter of about 10 guild members, and they just glared at the strings while gnashing their teeth.

He had enough strength to save his comrades.

Why did I have to hide in the corner and watch?

‘It would have been nice if only magic could have been used… !’

This is because they are members of the Abyssal Guild.

The Regressor Guild is divided in half by the sky and the abyss, but the Holy Kingdom does not yet know that fact.

What if that fact is discovered?

The Holy Kingdom, which extremely rejects Abyss users, will withdraw all special treatment given to the guild of regressors.

No, it was clear that he would take back even the position he had previously held.

Because of this, the members of the Regressor Guild belonging to the Abyss usually didn’t even come close to the Holy Kingdom… It was a large-scale war where the rewards that could be obtained now were so great that all the guild members gathered together.

It was insane to use magic as a member of a regressor’s guild in a place like this.

A dangerous act that could cause great damage not only to himself but also to the entire guild!

‘Castle of Zeturia’, full of NPCs from the Holy Kingdom, was the battlefield with the greatest penalty for them.

‘no… There is no chance of winning even if you try to seal the Magi and fight. It’s better to die quietly.’

‘Damn it, if only demons could use it.’

‘We could have overpowered Hyun… !’

Berard and his colleagues rationalized their choices and vented their anger.

Even if the nearby NPCs of the Holy Kingdom were watching, he wouldn’t have shown such a cowardly appearance.

However, in this castle of Zeturia, they are the hunters, and they themselves are the prey.

As long as he belongs to the Abyss, he has no choice but to save himself in the castle of Zeturia.


It was while watching the strings while hiding that Berard felt a sense of incongruity.

‘Is something strange?’

A sudden feeling of discomfort.

After recalling the memories of Asura Online, Berard was able to understand the identity of the sense of incongruity.

As I remember, Hyun is a user who values ​​efficiency to the point of being frightening.

If you want to destroy what the Regressor Guild has prepared before the reinforcements from the Holy Kingdom arrive, you won’t be able to afford it at all… .

But why is Hyun so relaxed?

Hyun and his party did not see the appearance of an intruder who took a risk and entered the enemy camp.

‘Hasn’t it attacked our guild?’

Berard thought of another possibility.

Possibility that the prefecture’s purpose is not a regressor’s guild

As time passed, the guess became more certain.

It was the moment he witnessed Hyun walking in a direction completely far from the area where the regressor guild was stationed.

「Berard. How is your situation going?」

Just then, the guild leader, the whisper of destruction arrived.

He, too, was listening to the report sent by the guild members in real time and guessing the situation in his own way.

“Are you nearby too?”

“uh… okay.”

「They say Hyun passed by our guild’s hideout, is that true?」

“that… It’s true.”

Berard relayed exactly what he had witnessed so far.

Hyun invaded the Zeturia monster camp.

Until then, Berard thought that Shade had ambushed the regressor, but the next moment.

Aren’t Hyeon and his party just passing through the monster camp and moving somewhere?

“Where are you going?”

“I’m still not sure, but… It is the same as going down to the 4th basement floor.”

“The 4th floor under the ground?”

“okay. We are still moving.”

From that, Berard told his guess.

“Perhaps the prefecture’s purpose is not our guild.”

“then… ?」

For a moment, Berard and Jeolsal thought the same thing at the same time.

“no way… Is it a quest?」

Jeolsal knows what Hyeon has done so far.

The prefecture was always caught up in huge events, to the extent that they covered the history quests with their own.

“There is a high probability of that.”

“Um… .”

Thoughts of annihilation continued.

When I heard the news that Hyeon had appeared in the castle of Zeturia, I was so shocked and distracted… .

Thinking about it slowly, I was able to grasp the contradiction.

If Hyun’s goal was to kill the regressor guild members, there’s no need to invade here.

Yes, if Hyun tried to assassinate him on the battlefield, the regressor guild would have no choice but to be helpless.

There was no need to take the risk of invading the castle of Zeturia, which was full of high-ranking NPCs.

However, what if his purpose is something other than the ‘Regressor Guild’?

“If it’s on the 4th floor… It seems almost certain.”

The moment I thought I had finally grasped Hyun’s intentions, Myosal muttered.

「I see. I was completely fooled.”

A cold laugh added to his voice.

Annihilation once again organized the situation.

Hyun is moving along the road to the 4th basement floor.

And it is said that Salon and Latis are still roaming around the Regressor Guild’s hideout and repeating small battles.

“Ha, should I say great? You’re just using the world’s latice as bait.」

“what do you mean?”

“The attack on the regressor guild was all a trick.”

Annihilation made me laugh.

It was a pleasant laugh that burst out in a long time.

“You damn bastard. You’re saying that we’re just going to be crushed while you’re doing the quest, right?”

It became almost certain that Hyun was heading for the fourth basement level.

It must be for the quest!

However, at the same time as the stronghold of the Holy Kingdom, it is a place very close to the hideout of the regressor guild.

Hyun’s strong pressure on the regressor’s guild must have been a silent protest not to disturb him.

but… .

Quit, Quit.

It had been a long time since the mouth of the exorcist, who kept bursting into laughter, opened.

“What do you do? Berard.”


“Are you going to stay still while watching that bastard clearly do a quest?”

There is only one reason why the guild members of the regressors, including the extinction, gathered again in Asrian.

It was to repay the humiliation suffered in the past and at the same time to regain the throne that had been taken away.

To be honest, the latter goal was drifting away as time went on.

It was because the history had changed unexpectedly, and the level of Assrian users was much higher than expected.

But unlike them, someone is on a winning streak.

I didn’t like the fact that all Assrian’s users were calling only his name from some point on.

“I have to make them feel how painful it is to be killed by a stone thrown for fun.”

He had no intention of dealing with Hyeon only with the power of the Regressor Guild.

I don’t know what trump number he’s hiding. In order not to be beaten like the last time, I had to put high-ranking NPCs in front of me.

No matter how strong the string is, in the end it’s just a user.

You won’t be able to do anything between the High Priests and the Knights.

「Berard, you keep watching the strings and waiting. I’ll be there soon too.”

Annihilation put in contact with high-ranking NPCs.

It said that a ‘great evil’ had invaded the basement of Zeturia Castle, so they were requesting support.

It wasn’t impossible to put a word on one of the bishops if you use the authority that the regressor guild has built up over the years.

“It will be quite fun to watch together to see what kind of expression they will make if they attack all at once together with the NPCs.”

I looked back at Hyun’s actions again.

Pretending to attack the regressor guild, move to the 4th basement floor.

It would be suspicious if everyone moved, so I left Latis and Salon on the 3rd basement floor.

After realizing the truth, it was a very ridiculous plan.

Myungsal moved cautiously with the thought that he was more excited about the current war than the upcoming war.

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