Hard Carry Support Chapter 382-383

Yesterday’s Enemy, Today’s Enemy (1) and Yesterday’s Enemy, Today’s Enemy (2)

after the duel is over.

Hyun looked up and down at Latis and fell into thought.

If you can make this guy your subordinate… What if you could get the right to use ‘fairy tale’?

Even if that is impossible, even if you can make Latis one of the ‘usable hands’, the merit is enormous.

The question is how to convince him.

“I’ll give you a quest.”

After thinking, Hyeon finally broke the silence and opened his mouth.

“If you complete that safely, I’ll let you participate in this operation.”

“what… ?”

At the sudden remark, Latis asked as if wondering.

“Wasn’t it something we had to win in a duel?”

“It did. But you might change your mind, right?”

“… .”

“I’ll just say I saw the potential.”

Hyun hides a sinister smile while saying that.

In fact, from the moment Latis asked, Hyun had planned to have him participate in the operation together.

As a believer in harmony, it is a situation where he came to himself on his own.

Other plans can be postponed until later, but the opportunity to make a debt to Latis may be the only one now.

“The content of the quest is simple. You will pass my test.”

“It’s a test… ?”

“I admit you do quite a bit, but that’s not all there is to prove.”

Hyun decided to try one thing first.

Will he be able to play in harmony with others?

In Asrian, the strength of a user who is less than level 400 is meaningless.

However, Latis is a user who has consistently insisted on solo play.

It was necessary to test how well he could cooperate with others.

“There is always a fight going on on this battlefield.”

Hyeon started talking, pointing to a camp in the distance where the flag of the Holy Kingdom fluttered.

“Among them, the most fierce place is the reconnaissance team. Day and night, the scouts on both sides are constantly engaged in a war of nerves.”

“… .”

“Join the scouting team and proceed with the quest. That’s what the test is about. By the way, since the reconnaissance team is organized in groups of two, it will be difficult to achieve results just by going wild alone.”

Hyun was able to formally grant quests using the position held by the head of harmony.

And using that, I was thinking of evaluating Latis after seeing how they proceeded with the war quest in groups.

It was at that moment that Ain’s urgent whisper was heard.

“Hyun, wait!”


“You don’t want to leave it to me this time either… ?」

“I haven’t thought about it yet… why?”

“I won’t!”

Hyun realized Ain’s expression belatedly.

Even after the previous fight broke down, Ain still seemed to hold hostility toward Latis.

“To make a deal with that guy… I will never do that!”

In response to Ain’s protest, Hyun nodded quietly.

Ain will continue to be in this state until he feels that he has won perfectly.

She has a personality that can’t stand losing to anyone other than herself, let alone losing.

“Okay, I won’t make you do that.”

Entrusting Ain with what she does best would be enough.

“Even if we can’t cooperate, it doesn’t matter if we fight, right?”

“That’s what I want!”

‘Okay, what about this, I can ask Salon to do it for me.’

Hyungwon looked around.

Salon still seems to be uncomfortable with Latisse, but that won’t matter.

Because Salon doesn’t have the right to refuse his request.

‘Now then, shall we check the real skill of the No. 1 in the rankings?’

Hyun checked his watch.

If Latis hadn’t come, it would probably be time to start an operation to destroy the Regressor Guild by now.

But that opportunity has already passed.

It may be a few more days or weeks before the next opportunity arrives.

‘I hope it’s as good as expected.’

It is a plan that has been changed to the point of turning long efforts into inaction.

Hyun hoped that Latis would have enough value.

If not, you would have no choice but to extract the minimum useful value from him and then throw it away.


The trial of Latis started with Salon’s help.

Hyun was observing and evaluating Latis in real time through Salon’s broadcast screen.

‘Certainly clumsy.’

Looking at the empty screen, Hyun clicked his tongue.

It was because the appearance of Latis performing the reconnaissance mission was really poor.

The reason a scouting party consists of at least two people is simple.

It is because short engagements often take place, and it is impossible to perform roles such as securing sight and acquiring information alone.

However, Latis was playing based solely on individual capabilities, not teamwork.

At first glance, it seems that there is no problem because the individual’s ability is so outstanding, but… .

Hyun could tell at a glance that the two cogwheels were rolling out of alignment.

In a bad way, two people look like one.

Only then is there any difference between going on a quest alone.

‘Did I expect too much?’

Hyun had to seriously consider whether he should reconsider his plan to capture Latis.

And after about an hour of reconnaissance mission was over.

Back at the barracks, Latis’ face was not good.

It was because he knew very well that his play was a mess.

Reconnaissance was a quest of a kind that Latis had never experienced before.

Jump over the mountain that rises in front of you, and only break down the wall that stands in your way.

In the meantime, Latis didn’t have to do a quest in Asrian where he had to get along with others.

“You looked ugly.”

It took a long time for Latisse’s frowning mouth to open.

“Can you give me one more chance?”

Hyun nodded.

Even if it didn’t live up to my expectations, I had no intention of evaluating it after only seeing it once.

The moment he obtained Hyun’s acceptance, Latisse’s eyes flashed.

Just like when he had a duel with Ain, he looked back at Salon with a sharp gaze and said.

“This time, you command.”

“huh… ?”

Latis replied to Salon, who asked awkwardly.

“Think of me as your subordinate, and do whatever you want with me.”

“Kuhm… I will.”

“If there’s something you don’t like, feel free to point it out.”

Latisse recalled memories of the past.

I remember a very long time ago when I started playing this game.

Back then, when I didn’t even care about rankings, I didn’t even have the desire to ascend to the throne.

I just liked being strong, so I grew and grew.

The world was full of things he didn’t know, and in order to become stronger than others, he had to absorb all that knowledge as quickly as possible.

Raising skill proficiency and learning new moves was enough alone.

Purchasing information and solving quests based on it did not require much help from others.

1st place in the rankings.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the strongest.

If you can’t reach a higher realm in the same way, you have no choice but to change all the ways you’ve been going on.

That’s right, Latis decided to keep his head blank, just like when he first played Assrian.

The second test started like that.

“… … .”

At some point, Hyun’s eyes also became serious.

As time went by, I could see that Latis was changing.

Latisse was determined to undo everything, but he didn’t have to start all over again.

It was because the knowledge and skills acquired so far became the basis and blended with the newly acquired knowledge.

‘It’s changing at an incredible speed.’

As the second and third tests continued, the change gradually accelerated.

Hyun could understand how he was able to stay at the top of the rankings.

And why I didn’t cooperate with others.

‘Am I learning from Salon?’

He had the gift of absorbing the abilities of others.

It doesn’t mean that you simply follow something like moving.

Not only the use of skills and movements, but also when and what decisions to make and how to deal with them.

In an instant, the things they experience themselves turn into their own clothes.

You can have that ability with a little effort, so you didn’t feel the need to cooperate with others.

‘It was like that.’

Hyun revised the plan again.

‘This is enough… I think it would be okay if I took a little more time.’

Originally, I was planning to finish the test by giving Latis a scouting quest for about 2-3 days, but I decided to invest a little more time.

During the war quests, besides reconnaissance, there were many missions to coordinate with others.

Since Ain refused to cooperate, Hyun asked Genie if Salon was not around, or he himself went on a quest with Latisse.


As the change continued, Hyun’s eyebrows twitched.

The reason Ain comes to mind whenever I see Latis.

I realized that his movements are based on Ain’s.

To be more precise, Ajin from earlier.

“Why are you changing your gaze in a zigzag like that?”

Hyun pointed out a specific part of Latisse’s moving.

“… It means nothing.”

“It would be better to change that number from four to three.”

“… .”

“It’s meaningless if you don’t react as fast as anyone else.”

“… Keep it in mind.”

I even gave some lessons unintentionally.

What is surprising is the fact that Latis accepted everything compliantly.

Anyone who knew his ego would have never believed it.

‘I don’t think he’s a bad guy.’

In this way, Hyun was gradually able to understand the character of Latis.

He was a surprisingly simple human being.

He hates losing to someone, and once he sets his mind to it, he has to fulfill it.

It’s like seeing someone from the past, only of a different gender.

[Hyun wants to rule your soul! Would you like to accept? Y/N]

“What is this?”

“It’s just to make it easier for you, so you can just accept it.”

“is it… .”

Perhaps his tendency not to associate with others was fortunate for him.

Otherwise, I don’t know how many times I would have been scammed after starting Asrian.

‘Shall we try PvP?’

Hyun tried things other than quests.

For example, 2v1 or 2v2 sparring.

It was truly a ‘friendly duel’ with skill restrictions put in place to strike a proper balance.

Ain complained about why it wasn’t a formal one-on-one duel, but he told me to do it alone later if I had time.

However, I did not forget to add that PKing that kills each other is prohibited.

‘Isn’t that bad?’

After that, Latis always logged on at a fixed time and moved with the members of the Shade Guild.

Most of the time, I went through the Holy Kingdom and war quests, and sometimes I did sparring or training.

When a week passed like that.

Hyun was able to observe the change once again.

‘The atmosphere is surprisingly good.’

The thing that changed the most was Salon.

It was noticeable that the pressure on his face, which had been struggling with Latisse, was gradually disappearing.

Even the genie, who was heard from time to time, was no longer bothered by Latis.

That’s right, Latisse wasn’t the wild eccentric that was rumored to be, except that his tone was a bit dry.

Ain was a little displeased, but other than that, no big problems arose.

And finally.

“The information you’ve been waiting for has arrived.”

Hyun’s eyebrows twitched when he received Genie’s report.

I could roughly predict the words that would come out of her mouth.

“The Regressor Guild has moved again. Two days later, I think he will be able to resume the operation at that time.”


How to break Assrian’s guild?

Killing users belonging to guild members?

No, it’s an action that doesn’t mean much.

The user’s death penalty is 48 hours of inaccessibility.

If you go over level 400, a penalty that decreases your experience is added, but no one has to worry yet.

In other words, it can be said that death does not mean very much to the user at this point, which has completely passed the early days of the game.

The same goes for guilds.

Guilds are more solid than individual users.

Even if some of the guild members die, someone will fill the void, and as time goes by, the damage the guild has suffered will slowly be restored.

Then, how does Hyun intend to bring down a guild?

The answer is to get rid of the ‘irreversible’ kind of foundation.

Any place, system, idea, or character!

For example, the Shade Guild had a city of vigilance, a VIP system, harmony, or NPCs like Louise or Poppy as its base.

And the foundation of the regressor guild is… .

It is probably a ‘relationship with the Holy Kingdom’.

According to Hyun’s guess, they had been accumulating achievements in the Holy Kingdom even before the Iluna event occurred.

In other words, if the castle kingdom disappears, the foundation of the regressor guild will also collapse!

Then, if the castle kingdom is destroyed, won’t all the troubles be solved?

In the meantime, Hyun had been thinking that easily… .

After several months, I found out one thing.

That there is no way to destroy the Holy Kingdom.

Even if he plays an active role as the chief god of harmony, or even if the power of the empire becomes many times stronger than it is now, the fall of the Holy Kingdom will never happen.

Because even the Emperor of the Empire does not wish for the destruction of the Holy Kingdom!

Five years ago, he learned that if you push the Holy Kingdom to the brink, the Celestials will interfere.

As an empire, the best thing to do is to start an agreement on favorable terms!

The reason why the emperor continued this meaningless war for over five years was to take care of his own pride and the interests of the empire.

Of course, that’s an undisclosed fact.

The prefecture also came to know thanks to Louise’s tip.

Didn’t he say that the emperor interfered every time he tried to tip the scales of the war with his priestly abilities?

Right now, Louise seems to think so too, and is in the process of matching the emperor’s intentions.

After all, the longer the war lasts, the more advantageous it is to foster the forces of harmony.

What a pity.

The soldiers are giving their lives for their country, but the higher ups are just rolling their heads!

Anyway, the bottom line is that the Holy Kingdom will never perish, and the regressor guild based on it will be fine.

‘It won’t work in a normal way.’

Hyun tried to organize his plan once again.

The core of this operation is to sever the ‘relationship’ between the Holy Kingdom and the regressor guild.

‘We have to break the trust!’

Again, the Regressor Guild started making a base in the Holy Kingdom from a very long time ago.

As a result, among the guild members, even users with nobles or commander-level positions appeared.

However, that trust and loyalty is a false relationship built on thin ice.

Unlike other countries, the Holy Kingdom does not allow the existence of Abyss users.

How will the leaders of the Holy Kingdom react when it is known that nearly half of the members of the Regressor Guild belong to Abyss?

Of course, since the Regressor Guild operates the Sky Team and the Abyss Team separately, that fact won’t be revealed.

But sometimes, the two forces merged.

Yes, the day before a huge war or quest like today.

the day the operation begins.

Five shadows were walking across a field in the black sun.

This place full of red air is a symmetrical world.

And the identities of the five characters are Hyun, Ain, Salon, Latis, and Louise!

Ginny was temporarily absent to be in charge of reporting and intermediate command.

Since Hyeon alone cannot grasp the situation in several places at the same time, he is trying to transfer everyone’s play screen to Genie and entrusts him with the role of an adjutant.

“Hyun, isn’t that too much? You are the only one who treats the high-ranking daughter of the empire this way.”

While walking, Louise whispered so only Hyun could hear.

A smile appeared on her face as she complained.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to get out of the temple, so the truth is, Louise must be happy too.

“Replacement girl? what else is that?”

“People call this body that. It seems that the saintess is burdensome, and the priestess is a little plain.”

“If I knew your true identity, I would be stunned.”

“Heh, I’ll never know!”

While chatting, Hyun summarized his plans for the future.

Louise’s help was an indispensable element in this operation.

Now, Louise guiding the way through the symmetrical world was one of them.

“How long will it take?”

“We will arrive in 10 minutes.”

The destination is the Castle Kingdom of Zeturea.

Since the attack point is quite far from the front line, the Imperial Army cannot participate in this operation.

The combatants are all five here.

Hyun is about to attack the castle of the Holy Kingdom with only five people.

“Suddenly, an old memory comes to mind.”

While moving, Louise suddenly opened her mouth.

“Haven’t you attacked the duke’s castle with a similar member before? Kai… What was it?”

“Kaidan Castle?”

“that’s right! It was really fun then!”

“It’s probably because it’s time to relax. You made a private room and even had a return scroll.”

At Hyun’s answer, Louise shook her head softly.

“Not necessarily. Memories of moaning in pain or being on the brink of death are equally precious to me.”

He looked up into the sky again and murmured.

“Memory is really tricky. Sometimes I miss the time when I was being chased by an assassin or even the moment when I was about to die in Iluna… .”

“Um… ?”

“All the moments I had with you are still shining most beautifully in my memory. Sometimes I feel like I want to go back to that time.”

“haha… .”

Hyun smiled bitterly at Louise’s words.

To go back to the past, to have to be Louise’s babysitter again is not acceptable.

Is it because five years have passed in an instant? Louise would often spit out useless sentiments that hadn’t been there before.

And sometimes he mumbled incomprehensible words.

“That’s why I’m afraid sometimes.”

“what… ?”

“If you become true darkness, your ego will be stronger, right?”


“That is what is scary. I feel like the memories of darkness will swallow up my previous memories… . Moreover, transcendental beings live in a different place from humans. Just like before, it will be difficult to meet someone when you want to meet them.”

“… .”

momentary silence.

Louise’s voice immediately followed.

“Well, don’t worry. It is a story of the distant future anyway.”

“In the distant future… .”

“I wish I didn’t have to think about it now.”

In the midst of small talk, the 10 minutes flew by.

The party stood still on a field in a symmetrical world where the sounds of insects resounded.

As soon as Louise uses her authority to reveal her consciousness, everyone will be moved right in front of ‘Zeturia Castle’ in the Holy Kingdom.

“Is everyone ready?”

Hyun finished his last check by looking around the crowd.

I did not forget to remind everyone of the plan once again.

There are two main objectives of this operation.

One is to drive the regressor guild to the brink of dissolution, and the other is to watch Latis go through the final exam.

“Louise. Please.”

“Heh, leave it to me!”

Fire! A shadow rose from the ground and covered the group.

That’s Louise’s technique. It is the power of darkness that hides its presence in places where the sun does not shine.

After a while, the wriggling shadow disappeared, and the figure of the party standing on the field of the symmetrical world disappeared completely.


‘It’s starting soon.’

The regressor guild leader, Myungsal, stood atop the border fortress.

Surrounded by sharper air than usual, you can’t even hear the chirping of birds.

As if implying that a large-scale battle would take place here.

‘It can’t go on like this.’

In recent months, the regressor’s guild suffered a series of painful failures.

It was because the information and knowledge I knew were all useless because the history of Asrian had changed from the previous work.

As the growth rate slowed down noticeably, more and more people called the guild of regressors with the derogatory term “retirement.”

Well yes! You can’t do anything because you can’t use the information from the previous work, right?

And those mocking glances and reactions inflamed the annihilation even more.

‘Today, we will publicly repair the damage. certainly… !’

Because of this, Jeolsal was thirsty for achievements.

A large-scale war quest that occurred in the meantime.

If he was successful in this battle, he could not only restore the damage he had suffered, but also rebound, so the annihilation attracted all the guild members.

So that the regressor’s guild could take even a little more credit.

Just as the annihilation was waiting for the forthcoming battle, an unexpected incident occurred.

“This is urgent news!”

“What’s going on?”

As the uneasy air passed through the skin of the dead, the guild member’s report continued in a whisper.

“They say that Zeturia Castle has been attacked by enemies.”

‘Castle of Zeturia… ?’

Myersal looked at the map and frowned.

It was because I was able to find something strange from the report.

“Isn’t it a place far away from the border? There must be no route for the imperial army to reach there?”

It is impossible for the empire to invade Zeturia Castle unless warp magic is used.

No, since the mana distortion field existed, there was no possibility of using warp.

With the explanation that followed, Jeolsal was able to grasp the circumstances of the incident a little more.

“It seems that it is not an army, but a small number of detached troops.”


“But when you see such an uproar because of that few enemies… They seem to be highly skilled spies.”

The more the report continued, the more the face of the extinction hardened.

The conversation ends after a while.

“What, what’s going on?”

The executives who were watching from the side asked.

“It looks like there is a commotion in the castle of Zeturia.”

“what? In the castle of Zeturia… ?!”

“Yeah, it’s a very dog-like situation.”

Destruction grumbled and replied.

Normally, he wouldn’t have overreacted when he heard the news of the collapse of Zeturia Castle.

Because the castle itself had no connection with the regressor’s guild.

But today, things are different.

At Geturia Castle, the forces and subordinates that the guild members had been preparing for months were stationed.

Besides, since even the Abyss users were secretly hiding in various places in Zeturia Castle, if the commotion grew bigger, something irreversible would happen.

‘No, it’s still fine.’

Annihilation checked his watch.

There was still a long time before the Holy Kingdom army could move.

‘Unfortunately, I have no choice but to skip reconnaissance.’

Recently, the war between the Empire and the Holy Kingdom has been slowing down.

Rumors are circulating that an armistice agreement will be signed. If we miss this opportunity, we don’t know how much longer we will have to wait.

In other words, giving up this battle from the point of view of the regressor guild was nonsense.

After completing the rough calculations, the annihilation looked back at everyone and gave instructions.

“Let’s go back to Zeturia Castle for a while.”

Teleport cannot be used.

Like the Empire, the Star Kingdom also controls the teleportation gates.

About 40 kilometers to the destination.

“We need to go back before the fuss gets any louder.”

But they didn’t know the important thing yet.

The fact that the scale of the disturbance near the castle of Zeturia was much more serious than they expected.

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