Hard Carry Support Chapter 380-381

Accidental Inevitability (1) and Accidental Inevitability (2)

After canceling the assimilation, Hyun called Louise to hear the circumstances of the situation away from Latisse for a while.


“Ohh, Hyun, what’s going on?”

As soon as the voice magic tool was connected, Hyun shouted at Louise.

“Why did Latis come here?!”

Rather, Louise responded as if something was wrong with Hyeon’s voice screaming in bewilderment.

“What’s wrong? He’s number one in the rankings, so you sent someone because you said you weren’t enough.”

“No, that’s not important right now… .”

Is it because I haven’t met Latis since I was young?

Louise didn’t seem to know how dangerous he was.

Hyun felt a great sense of responsibility for not explaining the situation to Louise in the past.

“Did you know you almost died twice because of Latisse in the past?”


“In Iluna! And on the sky bridge!”

“Um… I don’t know. It is the first face I see.”

“It’s because I was secretly moving in a place where you weren’t. If Ain hadn’t marked this guy, you wouldn’t be alive right now!”

However, Louise’s attitude didn’t change even after she explained that.

“But what do you mean I can’t remember?”

“No, really… .”

“He didn’t seem to recognize my face either.”

He didn’t even seem to feel serious.

“You don’t need to worry too much. Because I used some authority to find out what he was thinking.”

“warrant… ?”

“It is an ability that was born when you were not in the world. I have tried it.”

Louise then began to speak her mind.

“A man named Latis had no other intentions. His purpose was only to serve harmony.”

“what… Called?”

“The intention was to gain power, but isn’t it natural for users to pursue power? He had a frighteningly pure tenacity. There can be no other scheme mixed in with it.”

“… .”

“Of course, as long as you pursue power, there is a possibility that your intentions will change. However, if the reward is certain, I will have no other intentions.”

“… … .”

“And it was you who said that you govern the users through compensation.”

This is what Louise meant.

Latis wants to serve harmony wholeheartedly in order to gain power.

Hyun was confused for a moment.

Serving harmony was synonymous with knowing that one day you might serve yourself.

‘Latis… You want to serve me… ?’

Is that true?

How should I accept this?

Just when my head is lost in complicated thoughts.


Suddenly, Hyun’s eyes widened as he checked the status window.

<Transcendence: 34>

Why isn’t the transcendence value 0?

34, 35, 36… Moreover, the number continues to rise as time goes on.

After a while, Hyun, realizing the meaning, took a deep breath.

“Wait, Louise, I’ll call you later!”

Hyun immediately ended the activation of the magic tool.

When I finally got back to the place where my party was waiting for me after running what felt like miles.

In front of his eyes, a scene that was no different from what Hyun was concerned about was taking place.



A radiance flashed in the air.

Latisse’s offensive attribute is light.

Although the apostleship of light was stripped away, its power remained.

Thanks to that, I can now use the light attribute 3rd job advancement skill.

‘Chit… !’

Ain clicked his tongue slightly.

It was a moment when the pure white blade grazed my skin and took hundreds of units of damage.

It wasn’t a lot of damage, but I didn’t like the fact that I allowed the opponent to attack.

‘Skill compatibility is not good!’

Latisse’s attack didn’t have the ‘speed of light’ like before.

However, it was still difficult to avoid due to human reaction speed up close.

However, Ain must get close to the opponent in order to inflict damage.

In other words, Latis’ skill was optimized for dealing with ‘close wizards’, which require ultra-short range avoidance.

‘danger… !’

while tilting the head back.

A blade of light protruding from the ground grazed Ain’s chin.

The reason Ain was able to avoid the attack from a blind spot was because he caught Latisse’s fingers wriggling.

If I hadn’t seen that little gesture, it was clear that my head would have been pierced.

‘Avoided… !’

Then Ain naturally regains his posture with a backflip.

It raises the senses of the whole body and grasps the characteristics of the opponent’s skills.

A surprise attack that is not very powerful, but is fast.

It has no effect in battles with named NPCs, but it is a fatally effective skill in duels between users with low HP.

‘I can avoid it.’

Ain quickly grasped the situation.

If you make even the slightest mistake, you die.

However, you can win with just one attack.

This is because light property skills with weak defense skills cannot handle the unreasonable firepower of melee mages.

‘It’s worth a try!’

After judging the situation, Ain’s movements shook dizzy.

It was to create a gap to approach through the remaining moving.


It was at that moment that a gunshot was heard in the distance.

[Used 41 Transcendence!]

[The range of Giant Slash will increase to 25 meters for the next 1 time!]


Latisse’s pupils dilated.

“Yes… ?!”

Ain’s mouth also opened.

Suddenly, my body was moving on its own

His true identity is Hyeon, who assimilated Ain from afar!

Caang! Latisse’s sword and the blue half moon collided in the air.

Where light and frost collided, jewel-like crystals shattered and scattered.


Latis, who was thrown back by the repulsive force, stopped in place only after scratching the floor and drawing dozens of meters of dust.

“Hyun, why did you intervene!”

Ain, who realized the existence of fairy tales, belatedly complained.

“That was a fight I would win!”

“It’s not a friendly duel, it’s a PK, so how can you stop interfering! No, in the first place, why are you fighting while I’m away for a while?”

At Hyeon’s questioning, Ain made an excuse.

“It’s not my fault… ! Didn’t that guy ask for a duel first?”

“You accepted that?”

“But you keep provoking me saying that if you don’t have strings, you won’t be able to win! That’s why I’m a little pissed off!”

“It’s amazing that he fell for that level of provocation.”

In any case, due to Hyun’s intervention, the duel was suddenly stopped.

Genie, who watched the fight with trepidation from the side, and Salon, who was stroking his weapon, let out a sigh of relief.

“Whoa… .”

Latisse also caught his breath and inserted his weapon.

He approached Hyeon and Ain, who were still arguing, and started muttering incomprehensible words.

“It must have been my mistake to think I would prevail.”

“… ?”

“It’s a tie.”

Latis could learn a lot from the short duel.

The initiative is not 8v2, but 5v5.

Even though it seemed like a one-sided attack at first glance, Latisse also couldn’t be vigilant for a moment to avoid Ain’s target.

I had to constantly move and change positions.

It was because he was aware that he would die even if he was hit by one shot.

‘My skills have improved again.’

Latisse analyzed the duel just now.

The fact that they were tied even after having the upper hand in skill match means that Ain’s skill is still one step higher than his own.

‘How is that possible?’

This was an unexpected result.

It is a reality that users’ skills stagnate over time, and there were even cases where some of them declined.

But how did Ain’s skills improve remarkably over the course of a year?

The reason could easily be guessed.

In Ain’s movements, the emotional parts he had seen before were quite understated.

Also, it was very similar to someone’s movement that I saw in numerous videos.

What changed her was probably… .

‘Even in a duel… is it.’

Latis stared into Ain’s eyes.

No, not Ain, but someone in it.

Suddenly, Latisse laughed.

When I let go of something I had been holding on to, I burst into laughter.

Haha, hahaha… .

So Latis laughed to herself.

Pod! disappeared on the spot.

The reason why Latis closed the connection out of the blue was because she suddenly had the urge to get some air in real life.

“Why did he suddenly do that again?”

Then, a question mark appeared above Hyun’s head, who was talking in front of him.

Ain even mistakenly thought that Latis was dead.

“Did you kill me with the continuous damage of my flame?”

“What an idiot! That effect isn’t death, it’s disconnection!”

“Ah, yes!”

“But where did you suddenly go?”

Hyun tilted his head at Latis’ behavior that he couldn’t understand.

It didn’t seem like he ran away.

The reason he fought with Ain was probably because of his sense of selfishness, right?

Since I met users who were crazy about dueling, I couldn’t get enough of it.

According to Louise’s words, the main purpose of Latisse is the ‘Harmony Quest’.

There was no reason for him to suddenly disappear as soon as the duel with Ain was over.

‘Did you rush to the bathroom? Or is there something urgent?’

I closed the connection here, so I will come back someday.

Hyun thought that when Latis returned later, he should ask about the circumstances.

‘Anyway, that guy might not be the enemy.’

I thought of Louise’s message again.

Latis did not come here with bad intentions.

I came across this place by chance while following a quest.

‘Could this be an opportunity?’

Suddenly, Hyun thought of a possibility.

For a short while, he fought head-to-head with Ain.

It would be safe to say that there was no user other than himself who could withstand that much against Ain.

Even if the skill composition was advantageous.

‘There is no excuse to persuade. Didn’t you come on your own to serve harmony?’

If you can accept Latis on the same side.

If I can get the right to assimilate with him… !

The Shade Guild was literally invincible.

I never thought that something that I thought would be impossible would come to such a place that I could get my hands on it.

‘No, it must be difficult after all.’

Hyun, who had a moment of anticipation, immediately shook his head.

It was because he knew that Latis had rejected all scouts from numerous prestigious guilds.

He is a user who has insisted on solo play since the beginning.

At the same time, he was the owner of a monstrous ability to keep the number one ranking on his own.

More than anything, Hyun couldn’t picture in his head a picture of Latis going under someone else.

‘Yes, it’s better not to expect from the beginning than to be disappointed with useless expectations.’

Pod! It was when Hyun organized his thoughts like that that Latisse connected again.

He immediately met Ain’s gaze and asked an out-of-the-box question.

Unlike the Transcendentalists, he would not be able to see the soul, but he seemed convinced that Hyun was assimilating into Ain’s body.

“Are you the ‘commander’ the priestess of harmony said?”

“For now, it isn’t like that.”

Hyun nodded, not having anything to hide.

“I see, I didn’t expect to receive a quest from a user.”

“hmm… ?”

Hyun suddenly accepted the paper that Latis held out.

The letter of introduction handed over to Louise had something quite meaningful written on it.

It wasn’t long before Hyun’s lips opened as he read the letter of introduction.

“As a high-ranking follower of harmony, you want a quest?”


“Do you know what that means?”

Hyun showed Latis the pattern engraved on the back of his hand.

It is the very pattern that symbolizes the lord of harmony.

“It means coming under me and receiving instructions.”

“I know that much.”

“… … .”

“I don’t like it, but I can’t help it for the quest right now.”

After saying that, Latis turned her back.

Hyun didn’t know that there was a lie mixed in that sentence just now.

After the duel with Ain, Latiss thought about this while getting some air.

Humans can develop best under harsh environments.

And the existence of outstanding colleagues… Above all, it will be a harsh environment.

If you were given as many opportunities as Ain or Hyun… Then, wouldn’t it have been able to fill in the lack?

To confirm the hypothesis, it was necessary to stay with them for a while.

So the word ‘I don’t want to’ was close to a lie.

[‘Latis’ requested friend registration!]

[Do you want to accept? Y/N]

“I’ll be resting, so call me when something happens.”

After saying that, Latis disappeared again.

[‘Latis” request has been accepted!]

After Hyun accepts Latis’ friend registration.

“That guy… ?”

“A friend request?”

Salon and Ginny, who learned the truth belatedly, reacted in disbelief.

It was because he, who had insisted on solo play from the beginning until now, had no guild or even companions.

There was talk of using mercenaries only in unavoidable cases, but there were no rumors that Latis accepted someone’s friend request.

By the way, I didn’t accept someone else’s friend request, but I thought I’d send a friend request to someone first!

“Hyun, this is… ”

Ginny’s eyes shone meaningfully.

It was because he thought of a possibility from Latisse’s actions.

And Ginny just started whispering the same words Jeon Hyun had in mind.

“It may be an opportunity that may not come again.”

Latisse’s idiosyncratic personality was famous.

The anecdote that he treated numerous prestigious guild leaders like mere touts was well known.

Although several guilds approached, it is said that there has never been a proper conversation.

Far from responding to their scouting, he didn’t even reveal his intention to refuse.

The fact that Latis approached someone else first was probably the first incident since Asrian.

“Sending a friend request… It means that there is a high possibility that he will not be hostile to Hyun.”

“I guess so, right?”

Hyun stood in Latis’ position for a while.

From before, it was only tied to him with bad relations.

But that doesn’t mean there was any malice in those encounters.

The reason why we kept fighting was probably because everyone had a strong desire to win.

Any user who is aiming for the top of Asrian strives to surpass what lies in front of him.

Perhaps, for Latis, what she had to overcome was herself or Ain.

Besides, Latis didn’t seem to have changed his fighting spirit in a different direction like the regressors.

Yes, people look at Latis with a mysterious gaze, but Hyun was able to see that this is not the case.

former self and kindred.

He is the simplest type of user who is crazy about one thing and cannot look around.

Of course, your personality and his personality will be a little different.

“No way, if this happens, Latis will also join the Shade Guild… .”

“Hyun, are you thinking of accepting him into the guild?”

Suddenly, the guild members asked.

It was also a thought that lingered in Hyun’s head.

If he could bring Latis into the Shade Guild, he would have reached the very edge of the road to the peak of Asrian.

“… Well, you don’t need to start with kimchi soup.”

Hyeon, who narrowed his eyes for a moment, murmured with a smile.

I only received a friend request, not a promise to join the Shade Guild.

Besides, Hyun was still unsure of Latis’ judgment.

You can tell because they are of the same class.

If it were me, I would never fall under anyone.

Unless a very big change of heart happened, which is rare in life.

“For now, I plan to focus only on making friendly relations. In the meantime, we can talk about it.”

The important thing is to create a situation where Latis can be used.

While I was a follower of harmony, I even received a promise that I would quietly follow the instructions.

Hyun thought to make the most of this opportunity.


“Listen, everyone.”

After a while, Hyun gathered the guild members and explained their future plans.

“Did you find a way to convince him?”

“It won’t be normal, so I’m thinking of hurting his ego.”

“Pride… ?”

“Yes, please follow me from now on.”

Some time after concocting such a plan, Hyun subtly leaked a piece of information.

So that Latis can eavesdrop on the plan set up earlier.

Of course, Latis was interested in the word ‘regressor’, and when he grasped the outline, he said that he wanted to participate in the quest as well.

Expressing his intentions to others meant that Latis mustered great courage.

“That’s not allowed.”

However, Hyun refused with a single word.

“… Why?”

Ratis was perplexed.

It was the first time in his life that he had asked someone for an unfortunate request, and had that request turned down.

“It’s much easier without you.”

As subtle air began to flow around him, Hyun continued his words.

“A colleague who doesn’t agree will only get in the way.”

“… … .”

silence again.

‘Why didn’t you say anything… ?’

Having said that, Hyun anxiously waited for Latisse’s answer.

At this point, I expected a counterargument to come out, but no matter how long I waited, Latisse’s mouth did not open.

Are you sure you admit it? That proud guy… ?

I didn’t plan on doing this, but I had no choice but to try something more radical.

Hyeon glanced back at Salon, who was watching from behind, and said.

“Maybe you’re worse than Salon right now?”

“what… ?”

“Because you couldn’t win even if Salon had a little support.”

Hyun’s remarks that were not in the plan!

As I watched from behind, Salon’s eyes became the size of a lantern.

He was pointing his finger at his chest with questioning eyes.

“Support… ”

At Hyun’s words, Latis muttered for a while.

“Hot, that’s a pun.”

I immediately snorted.

It was because he knew that Hyun’s job was a supporter.

Invisibility, acceleration, shield, and even the fact that he possesses all the skills of a star.

“If I can’t beat that guy, it must be because of your support skill.”

“It’s not?”

“… ?”

“Who says you use all your skills?”

Having said that, Hyun took out a sniper rifle from his inventory.

“I’ll only use normal attacks from a distance.”

“what… ?”

“To be precise, it’s a flat hit with one passive skill.”

The skill description of ‘Shock Amplification’ was transmitted.

A passive skill that grants pushback power to attacks.

After confirming the detailed explanation, Latis could even confirm the magnification of the amplified shock.

It took a while for Latisse’s mouth to open again.

“… That would be hard to admit.”

“Then would you like to try?”

And as if he had waited for that moment, Hyun brought out the words he had prepared.

“On this condition, if you fight Salon and win, I may grant your request.”

“wait for a sec… !”

Salon’s voice was heard at the same time.

Salon, who was watching the situation, was embarrassed and sent a whisper to Hyun.

“Am I fighting… ? This is an unexpected plan!”

“Why are you scared?”

“It’s not like that… I’m a bit tired, so I don’t think I can concentrate.”

“How tired are you?”

“No, fatigue isn’t the problem… just… I guess I’m not feeling well.”

Salon speaking gibberish.

Hyeon reassured him with a single word.

“You don’t have to worry. Because I have no intention of losing either.”

Unaware of the conversation between the two, Latis quietly drew her sword.

Judging by the serious look in his eyes, he seemed to be ready to accept Hyun’s bet.


The fight between Salon and Latis with some conditions has begun.

This time, not a PK, but a friendly duel.

To begin with, neither side could overwhelm the other.

About 20 minutes passed like that.

[The set time has been exceeded!]

[The friendly duel ends!]

“… … .”

Latis was sitting on a rock, lost in thought.

‘Why did this happen?’

Latis, who had fought many battles with Assrian’s rankers, including pro gamers, was confident that he would not be pushed back by his experience.

Latis, who glanced at Salon, evaluated him by comparing him with his previous opponents.

The game sense is in the fifth, but the reflexes are a little weak.

It can be tricky, but it’s not an opponent to lose.

But why was he unable to win against that level of players?

Latisse replayed the duel just before in his head.


A gunshot rang out in the distance whenever he had a decisive opportunity, or whenever he showed the slightest gap.

At that moment, all psychological warfare and moving were reversed.

‘There’s something missing.’

Spreading the center of gravity by maximizing the impact of the bullet.

There were already many rankers in Assrian who used guns in a similar way.

Naturally, Latis had also experienced similar attempts and was thinking of countermeasures against guns.

However, when the fight started, I realized that the knowledge I knew did not work at all.

Why is it that I feel so frustrated with technology that I have already destroyed several times?

‘a little bit different.’

It took some time to discover the difference between Hyun and other users.

‘No, it’s very different.’

For 20 minutes, Hyun didn’t even fire a few times.

The problem is that magical timing.

As the attacks kept getting blocked, it was to the point that I wondered if Hyun had the ‘Foresight’ skill.

It means that even if it is just one shot, there is a difference in sophistication.

And the reason Hyun can provide such support is not just because he is talented.

The reason is probably… .

‘Are you a colleague here too… .’

It must be because Hyun perfectly understands the characteristics of a user named Salon.

What his weaknesses are, and when gaps arise. I’ve been watching it for a long time, so I’m sure you know it.

The synergy created by the two users is not just by combining the characteristics of skills well, but by understanding everything, including trivial habits.

Did I say that I would rather be in the way?

Latiss thought that maybe he meant it.


Suddenly, Latis noticed that her condition was different from usual.

I was defeated by a user I considered much lower… . Maybe if he was his old self, he wouldn’t have caught anything.

‘I don’t want to do anything.’

It must have been in my head that I wanted to kill my opponent…

‘I just want to take a deep breath.’

No matter how much I think about it, why can’t I figure out why my heart is still?

Latis did not realize it himself.

The fact that the reason why my heart is not burning is because I finally found the path to a higher level and intuition that it was a path that I could not walk.

Meanwhile, Latis stared into the void and was lost in thought.

‘Huh, what’s so hard? I thought I would die from holding on for 20 minutes!’

After the duel, Hyun was breaking out in a cold sweat.

I had to admit that I had underestimated Latisse a bit.

Even if he didn’t have the superiority of the match, he had enough skills to ‘beat’ Ain.

‘By the way, I’m sure he wasn’t caught?’

Also, I was watching Latis with a nervous heart.

Because he broke his promise to use only normal attacks and used ‘Shock Bullet’ three times.

For those moments, both Salon and himself were completely taken over by his psychological warfare.

It was clear that the duel would have ended immediately if the shock bullet had not been used.

‘Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to have anything to say.’

Hyun was relieved as he looked at Latisse’s expression.

Maybe you noticed the cheating, but… If it was his personality, he wouldn’t hold the pod to this extent.

Of course, if it were him, he would have strongly insisted on a rematch, presenting the recorded video as evidence.

“Hmm, hmm.”

Hyun sneaked closer to Latis and cleared his throat.

We can roughly tell how he will feel after losing.

Because his personality resembles Ain from the past.

During Asura’s days, Ain, who was beaten 20 times in a row by a trick, showed a similar reaction to Latis now.

At that time, I wasn’t very close to Ain and I didn’t know Ain’s personality well, so I couldn’t deal with it properly, but now it’s different.

Hyun knew that he couldn’t leave Latis in this state.

“Huh, it was harder than I thought.”

After the whip, it was time to give the carrot.

“It was dangerous, if I had just learned ‘that skill’, the results might have changed.”

“What do you mean… ?”

“No, I am talking to myself. I have a habit of reviewing after a duel.”

The important thing is not to touch his ego.

At the same time, it creates an excuse to be with you.

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