Hard Carry Support Chapter 377-378-379

In the Name of Harmony (1), In the Name of Harmony (2) and In the Name of Harmony (3)

When I was left alone with Ain.

Hyun, who canceled the fairy tale, muttered with a puzzled expression.

“What are you fighting against NPCs… .”

“But, that guy keeps ignoring Hyun? Other than that, I just didn’t like it!”

Even while pouting, Ain couldn’t hide his refreshing expression.

Perhaps his attitude towards Hyun had been kind to him from before, and it seemed that he was quite relieved to give the attendant a shot.

“And Hyundo always fights with Louise, so what?”

“That’s different, Louise is a 2nd generation, and she was just an ordinary NPC!”

Hyun explained the difference between the first and second generations of artificial intelligence for a long time.

I wasn’t sure if the flickering Ain, who only muttered, “I understand, I understand,” understood.

Anyway, that doesn’t mean it’s a difficult situation, so I decided to pass it on.

Again, back to the point.

“What do you think of this job?”

The first real battle after the 3rd job change.

Hyun asked Ain how he felt about Reversal Maid.

Just as an attendant has no meaning without a master, Ain’s skills were things that could not be used alone.

I was worried about what would happen if Ain were dissatisfied with that, but it seemed that it was just a useless concern.

Ain shouted excitedly as if he was very satisfied with his job.

“I like it so much!”

“What is it?”

“Yeah… .”

Ain hesitated for a moment, then muttered, stuttering a little.

“Now you can stay with Hyun.”

“So, you can’t do anything without me. Isn’t it inconvenient to have such severe restrictions?”

“That’s what’s good!”

“… ?”

Hyun suddenly felt that the story was out of sync.

He only asked about the utilization of the 3rd job, but what is in Ain’s head right now… .

It would be easy to understand if you assimilate, but Hyun did not.

It was because I seemed to know roughly even if I checked it out.

“Hmm, anyway… .”

After exchanging impressions of the first battle, Hyun opened the quest window.

Recently, the list of quest windows has changed quite a bit, so it was necessary to organize them once.

Louise’s quest was completed as soon as she arrived at Lookingham, and the corps commander’s quest ended as soon as the battle ended, so there were only two things left.

One is a message of deception to spread the name of harmony in the world.

And another one remains to find the last piece of ‘chaos’.

‘Come to think of it, there was this too.’

Hyun re-read the chaos quest and looked back at his memories.

Its content is to find three pieces.

With the first piece, I opened the skill tree of ‘Time’, and by obtaining the second piece, I was able to use ‘Chaos Contract’.

I was already looking forward to what kind of power it would produce if I got the last piece.

-Go to the third world.

Nevia, a mechanical girl I met in the eternal world, said that the last piece would be very close.

Presumably, that means that he is deeply related to Ain.

However, as of now, there was no way to find out how Ain and the Fragment of Chaos were related, or where the final world was.

Maybe you’ll get a clue someday?

Hyun decided to put off the chaos quest until later and focus on another quest.

Quest to get the name of harmony right away!

‘It’s the name of harmony… .’

Hyun read Lutia’s quest.

The reward was changed to ‘handing over the name of harmony’.

Harmony is the name that symbolizes the current archangel.

It would be generally impossible to hand over such things to the will of an individual.

Because the act of praying to a transcendent person takes precedence over the will of the believer.

Yes, you cannot be handed the name of Harmony unless you have enough reputation for yourself.

The current Solitary Lord is a king with only one attendant, but he will not always have one subordinate.

In the distant future, I will have everyone under my command.

In order to be qualified, it was necessary to cause miracles throughout the world as an apostle of harmony or as a magistrate.

Fortunately, the start went smoothly.

Because thanks to Louise, I was able to meet the commander of the 23rd Corps of the Imperial Army and draw the picture I wanted.

If you eavesdrop on the conversation of the soldiers, they all tell the story of an angel who descended on the battlefield.

The rumor will spread all over the world without any effort.

‘Yes, this is the beginning.’

And Hyun did not intend to be satisfied with just one miracle.

Thanks to his splendid first achievement, he had his own place and justification within the 23rd Corps.

I didn’t get an official position, but I got a level of authority that would not interfere with most things.

The disappearance of the attendant who was following him is proof of that.

Unless it’s a war, this opportunity won’t come again.

Yes, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

Hyeon started making plans to lead the empire to victory in a place where everyone could be watching, but not in sight.


Light sprang up all over the world.

A nightmare for some, and a ray of salvation for others.

Every time that light erupted, screams and joy rose at the same time in the Empire and the Holy Kingdom.

“ah… .”

Berham, a city in ruins due to being placed in the middle of the Holy Kingdom’s surprise route.

The city where the soldiers invaded was in an abyss.

All the residents screaming in pain at the murder and looting could do was huddle in a corner and offer prayers.

‘huh? That… .’

It was just as the city was about to be engulfed in an uncontrollable fire that one of the residents witnessed a spot of light.

“Wake up, everyone, look over there!”

“what… That… .”

In the middle of a bloody burning street, they witnessed an amazing sight.

The sight of an angel appearing at the top of the temple sweeping away the soldiers on the ground… .

A force so overwhelming was never thought to be human.

They thought that an angel had descended for a moment, but soon they saw the pattern of harmony engraved on the winged man’s cape.

“Harmony… .”

“Lion of Harmony… ?”

They are not aware of the rumors about the Messenger of Harmony.

The one who receives the call of harmony on the battlefield and saves the empire.

The word apostle was insufficient, so the people of the empire were calling him by the name of messenger.

“Really! Lion of harmony! He has come to help us!”

“Now I’m alive, I’m alive!”

Meanwhile, also on other battlefields.

“Harmony guides us!”

“All troops advance!”


While someone with black and white wings took the vanguard, the imperial army shouted and rushed toward the enemy castle.


But every time he uttered a victory cry, the messenger of harmony was almost completely gone.

Hyeon deliberately hid his appearance.

Such actions added to the mystery and awe of the messenger of harmony.

War is the perfect place to lead men to madness and plant blind faith.

All of a sudden, the people of the Empire, like the inhabitants of the Holy Kingdom, were increasingly relying on their faith.

The fall of Daus Castle, the capture of the Deir Plains, the destruction of Kerpa Fortress… .

Every time the news of victory sounded in the empire, the front lines between the two countries gradually shifted to one side.

In the meantime, the miracle of harmony occurred, so it was only natural that the name of harmony within the empire would grow.

Time went on and on like that… .

It was when Hyun and Ain had spent almost a month on the battlefield that Louise contacted them.

“Huh, Hyun, you’ve been amazing these days, rumors about you are spreading all the way here to Lookingham.”

Whoops. As the voice magic tool hung around his neck vibrated wildly, Hyun grabbed the necklace.


“I brought you some surprising news, would you like to guess it?”

“huh? no way… .”

“Every New Year! Now, if you have the emblem of the chief priest, you should be able to use the teleport gates within the empire.”

“Is that really?!”

“Huh, there’s nothing to be so grateful for. It was easy to negotiate with the Emperor because your performance increased the position of the Great Temple.”

Louise’s news was astonishing as it was said.

Right now, only the emperor himself and a very small number of NPCs with royal blood could use teleport within the empire.

A teleport that even the highest nobility, the marquis, cannot use… The fact that Hyun, the user’s status, came to use it had a different meaning in itself.

Hyun thought that if Louise was in front of him, he might have embraced her without realizing it.

Louise, whom I had raised since the age of 10, had a strong feeling of being like a cousin no matter how much she grew up.

“no… Thank you though.”

In an instant, Hyun remembered something and asked Louise.

“So you can use the teleport gate too?”

“Of course, this body is a priestess of harmony who can appoint a priest! Isn’t it possible that the authority is lower than that of the magistrate?”

Then, Louise shouted in an excited voice.

“Hyun, tell me where you are! I want to see your face after a long time.”

“what? now?”

“why… Are you busy?”

“No, I’m free now, but… .”

Hyungwon glanced around.

There, Ain was nodding his head with a relaxed smile.

Right now, he and Ain are inseparable.

He was worried that Ain would be uncomfortable meeting Louise, but he had spent time as a colleague, and it didn’t seem like that anymore.

“Well, it wouldn’t be bad to see you after a long time. I just had something to ask about Magi management.”

“Okay, I’m leaving right now!”

“Wait, wouldn’t it be better for me to go that way?”

Hyun recalled Louise’s position.

She is the priestess of the Great Temple of Harmony.

“You’ve been busy before. I think it would be better if I moved rather than you.”

“Oh no! I’m coming!”

“okay? You seem to be free these days too.”

“Not really, but… Today I want to play polka dot! No one will be able to find fault with me if I say I am going to see you!”

Hyeon, who roughly grasped his intention, smiled and nodded his head.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had an encounter with Louise in such a long time.

“Let’s go south.”

Hyun set his destination again.

If you can use teleport, you have more choices.


“Yes, this level of activity is enough for the northern region.”

You no longer have to stay in one place.

No, staying in one place was inefficient.

Since the empire is vast, in order to spread the name of harmony, it is necessary to be active in many places.

“Let’s go to Pepper Castle. I heard that the battle there is very fierce.”

“okay? It will be more fun than here.”

“no… It will be more dangerous than here.”

“What, it’s the same thing!”

Ain seemed to think of the battlefield as a gigantic arena.

I was worried that I might be too relaxed, but in fact, Hyun wasn’t too worried.

One thing I learned while fighting.

It is true that the combination of ‘Solitary Road’ and ‘Reversal Maid’ on the battlefield is truly invincible.

In the hunting ground, it was impossible to build a transcendence of 100 or more even if you met a named boss, but it was different in the battlefield.

When Ain used a protective stance and received the murderous intent poured out by the enemy, the transcendence level would often exceed 500.

As the victories are repeated, I have been thinking about this lately.

Wouldn’t it be possible to defeat the 5 knights of the Holy Kingdom head-on?

Of course, in order to win, you have to follow the environment of the battlefield and a little bit of luck.

Anyway, unless the current two jobs are combined, it would be impossible for individual users to perform similarly to a single corps.

“The Messenger of Harmony has descended… !”

“Harmony is behind us!”

“Haha, Holy Kingdom bastards. You’re defeated like this because you believe in a god that doesn’t exist!”

Black and white wings spread in the southern area as well.

Black and white wings have become a symbol of harmony.

Now, even those who call Hyeon not the messenger of Hwahwa but Hwahwa appear little by little.

A day passed, a week passed, a month… As time went on, within the Empire, Hyun, or Harmony, came to dominate the position of other angels.

And rumors spread and spread.

The changes taking place within the empire eventually reached the ears of the user.

A salute went off in many cities of the Empire.

It was a triumphant message for the Empire to commemorate the finally pushing the front line, which had been sluggish for years.

Turquoise and purple firecrackers hovered in the sky before pouring like fountains to the ground, soaking up the air before hitting the ground again.

‘Fireworks… ?’

Users in the city who were looking at the sparkling sky belatedly realized the situation and started to move.

‘A new event has begun!’

‘Is this a quest?’

‘I have to move first! The one who gets the information as quickly as possible has an advantage!’


While shouts were heard from all directions, players were able to figure out the situation only after asking nearby NPCs.

The news that the Holy Kingdom had finally captured a strategic point that had been tenaciously defended for years was making the entire empire shake.

“What is it? It’s not like we got the castle kingdom to surrender.”

“Is this fuss just because you won one battle?”

“Well, it looks like you won a pretty important place.”

The war between the Empire and the Holy Kingdom has been going on for years.

And most users are only interested in quests, and do not delve into the detailed structure of the war.

When you fight, you can lose or win, so there’s no need to fuss, right?

That was the idea of ​​many users, but not everyone.

A small number of users who are interested in Assrian’s ‘worldview’ or who dig into even the smallest settings could quickly recognize the meaning of the victory of the empire.

‘No, how did the Empire take Yugur’s castle?’

‘Did the Knights come out? No, I was checking the movements of the Knights all along… ?’

‘Couldn’t it be that the general troops won the battle, not the knights?’

‘I don’t know how it happened, but it’s pretty big! The balance of the war, which has been quiet for five years, might tip… !’

And some of those few people began to grasp the war pattern between the Empire and the Holy Kingdom.

Ask NPCs, get information from soldiers who participated in the war, and if that wasn’t enough, they secretly set foot in a place set as a ‘User Restricted Area’ by the empire.

As a result, they were able to get some clues.

The Angel of Harmony, the Apostle of Harmony, the Messenger of Harmony, etc… .

What they have in common is that they all contain the word ‘harmony’!

‘If it’s harmony… That’s the name of the three archangels that were changed a while ago.’

Users who were somewhat interested in the world view were also basically aware of the existence of harmony.

An angel suddenly fell from the sky one day.

An angel that did not exist in the previous work.

‘Did an angel intervene in a human fight?’

‘Or maybe someone in the empire is receiving an oracle.’

‘Anyway, it’s clear that harmony is involved in this war!’

The small number of users spread the information they found out to the community.

It was because their purpose was not to monopolize information, but to communicate with others, understand the worldview of Assrian, and uncover secrets.

-Harmony? what is harmony?

-That’s the name of an archangel.

-huh? Wasn’t the archangel the true light order?

-What happened without me knowing?

Among the users, there were still many who did not know the name of harmony.

In Assrian, the name of harmony gradually spread over about 5 years, but it was only a few months ago that harmony appeared from the point of view of users.

However, as information began to spread through the community, everyone was forced to recognize the existence of harmony.

In addition, harmony was often mentioned in ‘war quests’ going on throughout the empire, so harmony was a topic that would be discussed someday even if a few did not spread the information.

-Looking at it, the statue in the temple in our village has also changed.

-Why does only one wing have a strange color? When I first saw it, I thought it was a demon… .

-By the way, it seems that harmony is also a man.

-What are you talking about? Are you a woman?

– is that a guy??

-ㄴ Each temple has a slightly different appearance. Not sure if it’s male or female. maybe neutral

Just as an ember spreads through a forest, small information gave birth to new information.

Among them, the information that people are most interested in is the quest.

-[Breaking News!] Great Quest Found! Followers of Harmony can be organized into the Imperial Army!

-Ah, why are you saying that, only I knew.

-What, what do you mean by that?

Another quest reward.

-Users cannot easily join the regular army, right? NPCs won’t accept it.

-yes… Guilds usually participate in wars.

-However, if you officially become a follower of harmony, you can be organized together with the imperial army. You can also get the Commander buff.

-Is it good?

-There is a post that summarizes efficiency (link)

A screenshot someone posted added some fire to the firewood.

It is known that if you participate in the war as a follower of harmony, you can receive twice as much experience and five times as much imperial achievement on average.

-Yes, that’s synthetic, don’t be fooled~

-In addition, it is not written in that article, but after becoming a god of harmony, you can be promoted to tens and hundreds. If only merit is enough.

– No, stop talking.

-And as for the way to become a god of harmony, there is a bit of competition… .

All the users who were proud of being at the top were focusing on war quests.

When it became known how effective it was to participate in the war as a follower of harmony, everyone could not help but listen.

-Is this real? If that’s the case, it’s definitely an advantage.

-Ah, you’ve been losing money all this time haha

– They say the competition is fierce, so don’t waste your time and give up early.

– B It seems to be higher than you.

check-in begins.

-If you’re going to do this, you’re just a necromancer… I want to take the harmony quest too!

– What are you talking about? If you can summon the undead, is there a bonus point?


-Go to the temple of harmony first. You know what I mean.

The joys and sorrows were mixed.

The higher you go, the more sensitive users are to the trend.

It was because he knew that if he missed the right moment, he would quickly fall behind others.

This time, the followers of harmony became the mainstream of the flow.

It was natural for the number of users to visit temples throughout the empire to increase.


[71 consecutive wins!]

[You have obtained a duel coin!]

[All stats decrease by an additional 10%![

“… … .”

A shabby building with no one there.

At the arena of a city close to ruins, Latis was staring at the message flickering in front of her eyes.

71 consecutive wins.

It is the arena rule that stats decrease by 10% for every 10 consecutive wins, so if you win 70, you have to pay a 70% stat reduction penalty.

And it meant that Latis just got an extra win in those bad conditions.

A record that no one can achieve.

However, Latisse’s eyes were extremely dry.

It was nothing particularly special or interesting for him, who had achieved the highest of 75 consecutive victories.

‘Is it a duel… .’

Memories from long ago passed through Latisse’s mind.

It was quite a long time ago, but it was still vividly imprinted in my brain.

‘It’s already been over a year since I last saw you.’

From Iluna, and from the sky bridge.

He only lost twice, but those two defeats will never be forgotten, as if they were engraved in his soul.

In order to overcome the defeat, I have been literally cutting my bones for a year.

I watched the same video thousands of times, and I tried various things myself and made a new moving picture.

That effort was by no means meaningless, and Latis was able to gain many insights.

I also got eyes to see objectively.

And now, a year later.

Latis took a moment to gauge how much of a difference the Ain of the past and herself now had in terms of skill.

According to the virtual simulation that I turned in my head, the skills of the two are equal.

Although it may be pushed back a little in psychological warfare, there will not be a gap as big as before.

And if we consider each other’s skills…

‘About 8 to 2.’

He could conclude that he had a considerable advantage over Ain.

The reason is simple.

In a duel between users with no significant difference in skill, the compatibility of skills determines the outcome.

Latisse, who has skills optimized for dueling, was confident that he would not be pushed back by anyone under the condition of fighting one-on-one.

That confidence was not a delusion.

Actually, Latisse’s concept and movement in the duel were close to those of Hyun and Ain.

Yes, Latis had reached the position of ‘strongest’ that he was aiming for at the time he started Asrian.

‘Is it a duel… .’

Even so, Latisse’s smile looked bitter.

The highest level, the highest skill. Equipped with the strongest skills, I am confident that I will not lose to anyone.

But, why do you feel like something is missing from you?

To get rid of that unknown feeling, Latis frantically immersed herself in something else.

In terms of pure combat time, 2 to 3 times as much time as the prefecture was spent on quests, hunting, and raids.

However, as time passed, the feeling of inadequacy did not disappear, but became more intense.

In fact, I know what the identity of that feeling is.

The reason I can’t say it in one word is because there is not just one thing lacking.

Latis was aware that he was lacking in many things.

Among them, the most lacking…

‘Are you a colleague… .’

Latis thought of the three most frequently mentioned guilds in turn.

First of all, the Darkness Guild.

The top executives there had a trust and bond built from the beginning.

There are times when that pride is too much and you suffer losses, but thanks to that sense of belonging, you can keep your No. 1 spot in the rankings.

Next is the Regressor Guild.

Recently, their presence has faded due to the change in Asura’s days and history, but until recently, they were one of the forces that dominated Asrian.

The evil they committed was also for the sake of the entire guild.

It must have been possible to shake the world because everyone moved with one will.

And the last is the Shade Guild.

Because the total number of people is less than 10, the name does not even exist in the rankings, but there is no Assrian user who does not know the guild.

Whenever Latis sees the Shade Guild… To be precise, whenever he saw Hyun and Ain, he felt a thirst for what he didn’t have.

It might be possible to deal with each one separately.

However, if the two of them are together, they don’t feel like they can win even if they increase themselves to ten.

For the first time, Latis felt that the existence of ‘Asura Online’ was a foul.

It’s not just about being able to preoccupy information.

This is because bonds can be built over the years.

Every time he watched them change history from a distance, Latis used to think about this.

‘If I had a colleague… Would it have been different?’

Even if everyone has the same intention at the starting line, as time passes, someone will have no choice but to give up the ideal and compromise with reality.

Latis knew that her current self had gone too far from her ideal.

The strongest was located too far from the throne of Asrian,

‘It must have been too late.’

A smirk escaped Latisse’s mouth.

If I realized it sooner, nothing would have changed.

He doesn’t know how to get along with others. He did not have the leadership to lead his men.

Human nature cannot be changed.

All roads were predestined from beginning to end.

‘Yeah, now I don’t have to worry about that.’

Latisse exited the arena.

There is no way to go back the way you have passed, so there is no need to have regrets.

Even if you can’t climb to the throne, the place close to the throne is still within reach.

‘I just have to do it my way.’

Latis decided to continue on the road ahead of her.

Latisse’s abilities are unrivaled in hunting, raiding, and seeking and attacking quests.

Before long, I was able to find a way to use a certain quest to get three steps ahead of everyone else.

The beginning is to become a believer in harmony.

His eyes sank deeply as he made plans for the future.

It’s not that difficult for an NPC to become a believer.

Because any Asrian human being has the right to choose the transcendental person to offer their prayers to.

On the other hand, however, it is quite difficult for a user to be recognized as someone’s believer.

NPCs know the whims of users.

Always behaving wildly, they are not sincere in everything.

Even if a user offered a prayer to someone, they had no choice but to doubt its sincerity.

So, the ‘official membership system’ introduced by Louise was a system that could convince users and NPCs at the same time.

In the test of qualification and justification, users understand the feelings of praying NPCs, and on the contrary, NPCs can select sincere users based on the test results.

Before long, users realized that this system was no different from the ‘status system’.

This is because if you had the qualifications of a formal follower, you were treated like a semi-nobleman by the NPCs of the Empire.

Even the stairway of the caste system was not one.

It was possible for the Followers of Harmony to continue to rise in status according to their own efforts.

Of course, in the meantime, I had to pass several stages of tests.

first second… As the pyramid gets narrower and narrower, the number of users who pass the test rapidly decreases as you go higher.

And starting from the third test, users had to go to Lookingham.

It was because in order to be promoted to a so-called ‘high-ranking disciple’, he had to prove his will to the priestess of harmony in the temple.

“Hoho, did a guy with such qualifications come out already?”

Louise was amazed.

Didn’t the user in front of him really make a dazzling performance?

According to the report, he refused the position of the ten seals he had won through his merits in the war.

Instead, it was written that he assassinated key figures and won local battles to deal a decisive blow to the command system of the Holy Kingdom.

He alone achieved feats dozens of times that of the ten seals.

“Latis… Yeah, I wondered where I heard your name, and you were number one in the rankings!”

Louise, who was pondering the name Latisse, clapped her hands and shouted.

I am familiar with the name Latisse as I have heard it from Hyun several times.

“I thought it was a retreat, but you were completely wrong!”

“… ?”

At Louise’s cry, Latis tilted her head for a moment.

It’s just that, isn’t that sarcastic?

Suddenly, I thought that the woman in front of me might not be an NPC.

“Ah, excuse me, I remembered someone’s story for a moment. You don’t have to pay attention to what I just said. The achievements you have accomplished are certainly great.”

It wasn’t that Louise and Latisse had never faced each other.

About 12 years ago. At the top of Iluna Tower, they passed each other as if they were passing each other.

However, since she had never seen her face since then, it was only natural that Louise could not remember Latisse’s face.

Latisse had never even met Louise properly.

No, at that time, I was only interested in Ain, so I couldn’t pay attention to others.

He didn’t even know that the purpose of being summoned to the sky bridge was to interfere with Louise.

In other words, the two are like a first meeting.

A business relationship in which you can make judgments without having any feelings for each other.

Therefore, Latis was in the process of treating Louise cautiously, not befitting her personality.

It was because he knew from experience that being polite was important when dealing with some of the highest-ranking NPCs.

“Hmm, hmm, don’t be too nervous. You already have a lot of qualifications and justifications, so I’m going to check a little bit to see if your intentions are true.”

Then, Louise used some authority.

Another of the powers of darkness is the ability to look into the deepest depths of humans.

After reaching level 400, Louise was able to uncover the secrets hidden in someone’s mind.

It didn’t read all thoughts like the truth, but it was possible to determine the truth of the words that came out of the mouth.

After about 5 minutes of questions and answers.

“Congratulations. You have passed the third test!”

Whoops. A faint pattern of harmony appeared on the back of Latis’ hand.

With Latisse looking down at the pattern, Louise briefly explained its meaning.

“That is a sign that you have become a servant of harmony.”

“bell… is it?”

“Ah, that’s what they say, and in reality they are no different from nobles. Within the Empire, you’ll be treated like a baron.”

“… … .”

Latisse nodded slowly.

Although there were still some questionable parts, there would be nothing wrong with the pattern.

From my experience so far, I was able to roughly guess what the status of a third-level follower would be.

Of course, it will be very helpful in other places as well as war quests.

In particular, it will be useful for obtaining information.

“Are you done with this?”

“I see… Finally, ask me anything. If there is anything I can answer, I will answer.”

At the words of the priestess, Latis asked one thing she was curious about.

“How many people have passed the third test before?”

“There is no one yet. You are the first… . Oops, I forgot to give you an item as an initial reward! It’s a pity, but there is no unique, and unfortunately, what about the rare rating?”

[You have obtained the Crushed Plate Armor of the Paladin!]

“… .”

Upon accepting the equipment Louise gave her, Latisse’s eyes became serious.

A seemingly useless piece of equipment.

Even if it was picked up right away from the battlefield, it was damaged to such an extent that there would be no sense of discomfort, but the item bestowed by the priestess of harmony would not be that simple.

It may be an artifact with a special function hidden, or a key to a secret location.

You’ll need to take a closer look later.

“I will be grateful.”

“Oh, if you want, I will give you a quest. It’s not that I’m giving… I will write a letter of introduction to someone I know, so you can get it from him.”

“… !”

Latis, who was just about to turn around, shone again.

According to my experience so far, that word means only one thing.

Linked quest right away!

‘The privilege of being the first high-ranking follower is considerable.’

In the midst of such a slight smile on Latisse’s lips.

“Wait a minute. I will contact you now.”

Whoops. Louise activated the voice magic tool hanging from her neck.

He remembered that not long ago, Hyun had asked for help from the guild members saying he needed someone.

If you send such talented people, the prefecture will surely like it, right?

It was Louise with a satisfied smile knowing that she could be of help.


While doing an important job, Hyun suddenly heard Louise’s voice.

After a short call.


“Well, they say they’re sending someone.”

Hyun shrugged his shoulders and answered Ain’s question.

I had no other thoughts.

It wasn’t the first time Louise had done something like this.

Previously, she had sent away some of the followers of harmony, and she had used them in the name of a quest.

“Among the users, it is said that he was the first to pass the third test. I’m a high-ranking follower in name, so please don’t treat me harshly like before.”

“Is it a girl?”

“Um, until that… I don’t know.”


“But didn’t you say something similar before?”

“is it?”

“Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with having more manpower. You need a lot of hands to plan for the future.”

Hyun decided to keep Louise’s message in mind.

To get here from Lookingham anyway, you have to ride a train for a whole day.

You don’t have to think about anything else right now.

“by the way… .”

Hyun looked around and asked.

“Ginny, are you ready?”

“Yes, this one is completely finished. All that remains is to wait.”

“It’s great, waiting still is a bit boring.”

There, not only Ginny but also Salon were sitting on the sofa with their arms crossed.

The reason why some Shade Guild members are here is because they received a request for support from the prefecture.

The future work was important enough for Hyun to call in the guild members.

“Honestly, at first I thought it was nonsense… .”

Ginny reviewed Hyun’s plan once more.

It’s an action that makes me admire every time I see it.

Just looking at this, it was clear that it was no coincidence that he reached the pinnacle of Asura and Asrian.

“It’s really amazing. How can I feel that this foolish plan is bound to succeed?”

“It’s a finished plan.”

Hyun replied to Genie’s self-talk.

The plan is to completely blow up the foundation of the Regressor Guild!

To compare it to the Shade Guild’s point of view, it was like destroying the border city and severing all connections with NPCs.

If the city disappears, all of the numerous contracts with the Shade Guild will be destroyed.

Having to accept the complaints of the VIP users who had been going through the Shade Quest was another problem.

A situation in which the guild had no choice but to disband would come.

“If it goes on like this… .”

In the meantime, I suffered quite a headache because of the regressor’s guild.

Without them, some main quests could have been carried out more easily.

It wouldn’t have been necessary to search out the suspicious people in the border city with the Shade Quest.

“Tomorrow night, the Regressor Guild will disappear.”

Hyun prepared this plan for a very long time.

First of all, I had the power to press down the power of an individual, and then I waited for the right time to come.

And finally, the moment came when the history of Asura and Assrian was completely twisted due to the war, and most of the information they had preoccupied became useless.

The influence of the regressor guild was also naturally weakened.

So now is the time to act!

My heart is beating fast at what will happen next.

Concentrating his attention on only one place, Hyun completely forgot Louise’s message.

Until a whole day passed and a user with Louise’s letter of introduction came to find her.


“Uh… ?”

“hmm… ?”

inside the barracks.

Ain and Latis looked at each other awkwardly.

To be more precise, the gazes of Hyun and Latis, who had assimilated Ain, met.

Recently, Hyun has been hiding himself except for the decisive moment that causes a ‘miracle’.

It was because that side could strengthen the NPCs’ sense of mystery about him.

‘Why is this guy suddenly appearing?’

Hyeonu’s mind was confused.

After being deprived of the Apostleship of Light, I thought I would never see Latis again… Why did he come here… ?

Hyung swallowed his saliva.

He quietly took a vigilant posture and prepared to take out his weapon at any time.

Without even imagining that it would be the person Louise had sent.

‘Ain… !’

At the same time, Latis also widened her eyes.

For some reason, I felt my heart beating faster and my breathing getting hotter.

Because she was the user who gave him his first defeat.

“… … .”

The situation with no one nearby.

Hyun and Latis stared at each other for a long time.

The first to speak was Latis.

“you… It’s not Ain.”

This is only the third time Latisse has faced Ain.

Even so, he was able to guess that Ain was not himself.

Most of Hyun’s skills are already known to the public.

And considering the fact that Hyun and Ain’s personalities are as different as fire and ice, the user in front of me is probably not Ain… .

“Is it Hyeon?”

nod-. Hyun agreed without a word.

There was no need to hide the fact that the other person seemed to already know.

“Explain what happened.”

“That sounds like something I would say… .”

Hyun answered Latisse’s question.

I thought it would be necessary to have a rather long conversation.

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