Hard Carry Support Chapter 374-375-376

Miracle Power (1), Miracle Power (2) and Miracle Power (3)

The corps commander quickly rolled the calculation.

If there was only one more volunteer, there was little chance of a variable in the operation.

‘It must be a proposal worthy of consideration.’

And as long as it doesn’t break the operational system, the more troops we have, the better.

If the rumors are true, even one of them would be a very powerful force.

It wouldn’t be bad if someone with that ability offered to support our troops.

From the point of view of the entire legion, it would not be different from the creation of a large insurance policy.

After a while, the corps commander’s eyes escaped from his thoughts.

“Under military law, users cannot be assigned to a specific unit.”

“yes… ? then… .”

“But since there was a message from Louise-sama, I will give you the right to individual action. Then there will be no problems with military law.”

“… !”

“Instead, you must promise to keep the two conditions.”

While Hyun held his breath, the words of the corps commander continued.

“The first is that you must report to me through your entourage before taking any action, and the second is that you only engage in combat when your allies are significantly outnumbered.”


[You have acquired a new quest!] – <View Details +>

[Do you want to accept? Y/N]

“Could you abide by these two conditions?”

It was after a moment of silence that Hyun nodded quietly to the corps commander’s question.


Hyeon soon found out why the corps commander hesitated to join him.

The operation takes place at dawn the very next day.

It was natural that the military command system could not be changed in less than a day.

The reason why the eyes of the soldiers stood sharp was because they knew that the war would begin in a few hours.

‘How strong is Louise’s power… ?’

Hyun could once again feel Louise’s influence.

It may not be a joke to say that he is acquainted with the emperor.

Anyway, the important thing is that he was able to participate in the operation as a single volunteer.

Subsequently, Hyun was able to receive an outline of the operation from the entourage assigned by the corps commander.

“This morning, our corps will raid three locations simultaneously.”

It is said that the Holy Kingdom occupied three peaks of a nearby rocky mountain a few years ago.

The fortress on the high ground is itself a strategic point.

It is not simply because you can secure superiority in sight and engagement, but because it enables tactics to spread mana distortion fields at high altitudes.

If you make the opponent’s communication magic useless, it is natural that you will be able to win an overwhelming victory in a local battle nearby.

In fact, the Imperial forces around the peak had no choice but to retreat the front lines in a hurry as soon as the communication distortion field was established.

“It took a long time to prepare for this operation. If all three fortresses are captured, the Empire will finally have a second attack route to the Holy Kingdom!”

However, conversely, if the Imperial army occupied the peaks of the highlands, it was possible to disable the Holy Kingdom’s magic communication.

It seemed that this vastly increased the tactical options available to the empire.

The 23rd Corps had a very heavy duty on their shoulders.

‘They said he was the man who saved 10,000 lives.’

before the operation begins.

The attendant was expecting Hyeon’s performance in his heart.

A user chosen by the Angel of Harmony.

As rumored, if this man had both strength and benevolence, even a user could respect him enough.

However, Hyun’s subsequent actions completely betrayed his expectations.

“You want to support the central army?”


“But isn’t the Imperial Army’s victory confirmed in the center anyway?”

The battlefield chosen by the prefecture to support is the safest place.

It was a battlefield where the landslide victory of the empire was guaranteed.

The attendant quietly tried to express his opinion.

“In the center, the Imperial Army’s victory is guaranteed anyway. How about supporting the more dangerous troops on both wings… .”

“Is that the name of the corps commander?”

“no… It is just my opinion.”

“What, then it doesn’t matter.”

Hyun ignored the attendant’s opinion with a single stroke.

“From now on, we will follow the central army.”

“… I will report that.”

Suspicion lingered in the attendant’s eyes.

After all, do users only pursue certain victories?

It was after his evaluation of Hyeon in him had declined from a respectable user to a snob chasing a safe reward.

After a while. A reply message arrived, and the attendant relayed the contents to the prefecture.

“There is an opinion that it would be nice if Hyun-sama took over the support of the attack on the left fort.”

“Is this a message from the corps commander?”

“This is a request from the wing side commander.”

“No, just give the command of the corps commander?! My head hurts from thinking about it, so don’t be crazy about it.”

“I will note… .”

and the next moment.

Hyun’s rating was once again downgraded from snob to trash user.

The rumors were completely false… .

In the eyes of the attendant, there was no more anticipation left.

“Why is he so nagging?”

Ain suddenly muttered in annoyance.

Hyun, guessing the entourage NPC’s thoughts, replied with a smile.

“I guess I’m not trustworthy.”

“Are you doubting Hyun’s judgment?”

Ain snorted.

“Ha, that’s stupid.”

Ain is the only user who has seen Hyun in Asura Online.

In the past, Hyun knew better than anyone else that he had led numerous wars to victory.

And among the appearances Hyun showed, the most overwhelming and admirable thing to Ain was the way he commanded the war.

Creativity, analytical skills, quick judgment, etc… Because Hyun’s talents show their true value on a battlefield like this!

Ain was convinced that Hyun was more suited to be the commander of this battle than anyone else here.

“Of course it’s right to do what Hyun tells you!”

“Well, you’ll see who’s right.”

Ignoring the cold face of the attendant, Hyeon started to move towards the central fortress of the Rocky Mountains.

As expected, the battle there will decide the success or failure of this operation.


Tragedy always comes from unexpected places.

A battlefield where the roaring sound devoured the eardrums.

Magical mechanic Helena was running up the rocky mountain without even realizing that she was crying.

Where did you go wrong?

Everything was going well until just a moment ago… !

‘I think I’m going to die… No, I don’t want to die!’

My body stiffened every time an explosion sounded from all sides.

A swarm of fear made Helena feel sick.

Magical mechanics are not combat troops.

She was not prepared to die today.

‘Ugh… He said that the Empire would win the central battle… !’

Helena, who belonged to the support unit, caught up with the rearmost of the central troops.

As soon as the imperial army occupied the central fortress, it was to cancel the distortion magic circle installed there.

In fact, the army of the Empire overpowered the forces of the Holy Kingdom and succeeded in opening the gates of the fortress.

However, it’s only a moment to charge without hesitation while screaming like thunder.

Kurureung, Kururureung-!

Suddenly, the fortress collapsed and the entire rocky mountain was overturned.

It took only a moment for the joy of victory to turn to maddening screams.

‘It was a trap! I guess it was a trap… !’

Helena’s face turned pale after realizing the terrifying truth belatedly.

On the floor, walls, and ceiling of the fortress, a collapse magic circle that caused an explosion of mana was activated.

The enemy had planned to blow up the entire fortress from the beginning.

Just one thing I don’t understand.

Did the Holy Kingdom plan to kill all of their own soldiers?

Helena, who had no way of knowing that most of the troops defending the fortress were users, only grew more tired of the Holy Kingdom’s decision.

The reason why the Holy Kingdom was able to destroy the fortress without hesitation was because their ‘real troops’ did not suffer any loss.

No, rather, the main body of the Holy Kingdom hid under the rocky mountain, waiting for the fortress to collapse.

Time to annihilate the rest of the Imperial forces inside the fortress where mana explosions are raging!

“I am the enemy!”

“I was surrounded by the guys from the Holy Kingdom before I knew it!”

“oh my god… .”

At the top, a mana storm raged, and at the bottom, the elite troops of the Holy Kingdom appeared.

Being in a situation where they couldn’t go anywhere, the imperial army had no choice but to fall into confusion in an instant.

Countless humans were swept away by the explosion, and those who remained were pierced by spears and slaughtered.

In the midst of an abyss where dozens of lives are disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Helena, unable to protect herself, just ran upward like mad.

It was because he was much more afraid of being decapitated by the soldiers of the Holy Kingdom than of magical explosions.


But that didn’t last long, and Helena collapsed to the ground screaming.

A magic bullet from the sky pierced the face of the soldier right next to her.

The identity of the attack was the bombardment of the wizards of the castle kingdom using fly magic.

“iced coffee… aaaaa… .”

Helena’s eyes trembled.

She just closed and opened her eyes for a moment, but all around her were her severed necks, torsos, and limbs that she couldn’t tell who belonged to them.

At that moment, Helena felt that all her senses were lost.

Could it be that my head was just cut off as well… ?

Even the roar that shakes the ground is suddenly not heard.

I couldn’t tell if I was breathing or if I was opening my mouth.

It was a phenomenon in which fear, which would not be strange even if I went crazy right away, overwhelms my senses.

That moment,

Once again, magic bullets fell on Helena’s head.

Helena just opened her mouth as she watched the flashing rain pour in.

That was all she could do after intuition about death.

Helena learned that humans do not experience kaleidoscopes.

Rather, she desperately hoped and hoped for a miracle to happen until the last moment.


As the flash of magic bullets flashed in the sky, Helena tightly closed her eyes.

He kept his hands together in front of his chest.

and at that moment,

“… Dress up.”

“… ?”


match! Helena opened her eyes again at the burning sensation on her cheek.

The first thing that came into her sight when she opened her eyes was the angel’s wings scattering black light.

‘Harmony… ?’

For a moment, I thought an angel had descended, but I was mistaken.

There was only a small angel pattern engraved on the man’s cape.

“You belong to the maintenance team, right?”

“ah… ah… .”

“I will protect you, so quickly stabilize the magic circle!”

Just then.

Again, the sky turned white.

Already the third consecutive magic bullet bombardment.

At that moment, Helena witnessed an unbelievable scene.

Tata Tata Tang! As the wild gunshots rang out in succession, the flashes of light that attacked from the sky naturally missed them!

“… .”

This time she didn’t close her eyes so Helena could watch everything.

While the ground around him was burning, only the place where he sat down remained intact.

How could this be?

It’s like a magic trick.

“Get up quickly!”

“Yes, four… !”

Helena, who had been looking around blankly, immediately came to her senses at those words.

Her mind was still jumbled, but her lifelong knowledge made her hands move by themselves.

brutal battlefield.

It was the moment when a small hope bloomed for the first time in a place of despair where nothing could be done.


Countless clues are needed to read the number of opponents in a war.

Strategy, topography, effectiveness, justification… You have to mix plausible variables with it to be able to move one step ahead of your opponent.

But it’s a real war story.

In order to read the opponent’s intentions in Assrian’s war, you need to dig into the core rather than worrying about trivial things.

‘As expected, something happened in the central battle.’

Hyun already knew where the Holy Kingdom’s attacks would be concentrated.

It was because he confirmed with clairvoyance that only the troops stationed in the center of the three fortresses were users.

Their patterns are obvious.

It is the Holy Kingdom that values ​​the lives of its users more than garbage while cherishing its own people like blood.

In Iluna, in the land of darkness, in the sky bridge… Users who received quests from the Holy Kingdom were always scapegoats.

Therefore, Hyeon predicted that the Holy Kingdom would throw the players as bait and send the main force to sortie this time, and his prediction came true.

As soon as an abnormality occurred in the central fortress, the prefecture moved quickly.

First of all, he searched for ‘magic mechanics’ and calmed down the runaway mana in the fortress.

It was clear that the damage from the explosion would grow out of control as time passed.


Ain’s voice suddenly came out.

“huh? Did you call me?」

“Aren’t you curious about what that guy is thinking right now?”

“what? haha… .”

Hyun smiled bitterly at Ain’s words.

It was obvious who the guy was.

Just now.

Hyeon, recognizing the seriousness of the situation with his clairvoyance, warned the attendant as follows.

“The battle at the central fortress seems to be fiercer than I thought. I think it would be better to ask the superiors to receive more troops… .”

However, perhaps in retaliation, the attendant returned the following reply.

“I am not authorized to report the request.”

“It must be dangerous, right?”

“sorry. Because I don’t have permission… .”

About 30 minutes after that conversation came and went.

Kurur-. When the central fortress collapsed and the troops began to be destroyed, the attendants could not hide their panic.

It was almost a shame to see him stuttering and sending a request for support to the upper level.

After clearing his mind, he looked around again.

‘If there were reinforcements, it would have been much easier.’

The defeat of the Imperial Army Corps was already certain.

At this rate, in about 30 minutes, all the units heading towards the central fortress will be completely annihilated.

The problem does not end there.

If the central waist was cut off, there was a high possibility that the remaining troops of the Imperial Corps, who had advanced to the left and right forts, would be isolated and endangered together.

Then the 23rd Imperial Corps would suffer damage close to annihilation.

The worst situation that can’t be undone no matter how you try.

Yes, unless a miracle happens, there will be no way to reverse this situation.

‘It’s a miracle… .’

Suddenly, Hyun remembered what Louise said a few days ago.

Louise gave permission to use her magic power to her heart’s content, adding the following words.

“Ordinary people, not users… Well, that is to say, NPCs are craving more miracles than you think. They are easily swayed by the atmosphere around them and believe only what they want to believe.”

Louise was probably trying to describe the characteristics of the first generation of artificial intelligence.

“Your words are complicated. Anyway, if you cause a miracle, the aftermath may exceed your imagination.”

‘… It’s not impossible.’

Hyun, who was silent for a moment, looked at the back of his hand.

Not too long ago, there had been a miracle by borrowing the power of this pattern, that is, the power of Louise.

But even if that wasn’t the case, Hyun possessed one more kind of power that could be called a miracle.

‘This must be the first real battle.’

<Transcendence: 52>


At some point, a red aura was emanating from Hyun’s body.

The effect of Ain’s passive, Slaughter Stance.

As he moved while randomly attacking the enemies, Ain was naturally ready to slaughter.

‘Rather than this now… .’

Experience so far has shown that switching from one stance to another takes considerable effort.

[Stance Change Lv.Max]

-Regardless of the combat aspect, you can switch to the opposite stance.

(Cooldown time: 10 minutes)

‘This must be better!’

Pod! After using Stance Change, the color of the red aura that was wrapped around Hyeon’s body changed to green.

Reversal Made.

It is a disprove that Ain’s posture has changed from a slayer to a guardian.

“Ain, don’t attack any more.”

“why… ?」

“I will maintain a protective posture for the time being. We just have to endure as much as possible.”

“okay… !”

Hyun has studied a lot for the past few days on how to quickly obtain transcendental power.

One useful thing I discovered along the way is that, under certain circumstances, Guardian Stance can yield an overwhelmingly high level of empathy.

Especially on the battlefield, there would be no more effective method than this.

“Concentrate now.”

After completing preparations, Hyun unlocked the title of Shadow of Darkness.


At the same time, Hyun’s entire body was dyed black.

It was the moment when the demonic energy of the strings accumulated throughout the body was revealed.

As the indescribable and intense demonic air rose, all the eyes of those on the battlefield turned to one place.

“An evil presence is on the battlefield!”

“devil… A demon appeared… !”

“Everyone, react calmly, prepare for shelling of all units!”

Cries erupted from all directions.

The imperial army’s screams were mixed with the urgent voices of the soldiers of the Holy Kingdom.

Whoops. Whoa! Pajik, Pajijik!

Mana, Holy, Lightning, Ice, etc… With the kind of attack that he couldn’t even do one by one, Hyeon asked Ain to do one thing.

“Try to bounce it off as much as possible.”

“Can’t you stop everything?”

“Still, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you do, you won’t die.”

He could feel the hundreds and thousands of murderous intentions toward him, but Hyun still had a relaxed expression.

Before long, numerous projectiles began to shoot towards Hyun.

[Used 50 Transcendence!]

[For the next 40 seconds, the armor of darkness reduces all types of damage by 2561!]

At that moment, Hyun’s lips curled.


The earth burst into tears.

Even though it should be a little dark at dawn, the sky over Turakra Rocky Mountain was as bright as daytime.

The spectacle of light rising from the sky and earth and lightning striking down made even the screams and clamor of war stop.

Everyone on the battlefield stopped fighting for a moment and looked at the place that was shining most intensely.

‘The sky is shining… .’

‘What happened all of a sudden… ?’

‘Isn’t there someone among them?’

The Imperial Army still couldn’t grasp the situation.

Confused by the surprise attack of the Holy Kingdom, they had not witnessed the previous scene.

No, even if you saw it, you wouldn’t know what was going on.

In the empire, there were many people who didn’t even know that a user named Hyeon had participated in the war.

They just felt grateful for the unknown light that stopped the attack of the Holy Kingdom for a moment.

“Kuh… ! Evil spirits appearing here again… !”

“We have to call the knights! hurry!”

“Light… .”

“Truth… please give me strength… !”

On the other hand, the formation of the Holy Kingdom vomited their flagship at the situation and moved more busily.

“launch! Attack without rest!”

Is it not enough to deal with the devil with human power?

No matter how much magic was poured, the evil being did not fall.

The reason was because Hyun was holding on by alternately using the shadow shield and the armor of darkness, but ordinary NPCs couldn’t figure it out.

“Pour more! Squeeze out all of your holy power!”

The commander of the Magic Soldiers of the Holy Kingdom only shouted loudly to increase firepower, but could not come up with a special solution.

In the middle of the light, Hyun’s face, which received the concentrated fire, looked relatively calm.

No, on the contrary, it even contained a slight smile.

<Transcendence: 304>

Hyeon was quite satisfied with his first real battle on the battlefield.

It was because the speed at which the transcendental power was supplied and demanded was so incredibly fast that it had never been experienced before.

According to the results of previous experiments, there are two ways to obtain empathy in the guardian posture.

The first is to consume stamina with enemy attacks.

The second is to properly defend against enemy attacks head-on.

But right now, Ain is deflecting a significant number of projectiles.

The attack, which had no choice but to be hit occasionally, twisted his body as hard as he could to mitigate the damage.

It was clear that the armor of darkness would have been torn apart in a matter of seconds if it had been directly hit by all the magic.

What is the secret to supplying and receiving empathy so quickly when you do not lose your physical strength or receive the shock head-on?

[Grazing Lv.3]

-A narrowly evaded attack is judged as ‘defense’.

– Activated in a guard posture.

The reason is that Ain’s deflected attack and the missed attack are judged as ‘direct hits’.

However, if that was the only thing, he wouldn’t have been able to supply and receive transcendental power so quickly.

There was one more skill that Ain was activating.

[Challenger Lv.3]

– The amount of empathy generated increases when dealing with enemies of a higher level than yourself.

– Greatly increases the amount of empathy generated when dealing with high-level enemies.

-Activates in all stances.

General infantry, spearmen, and shield soldiers do not exceed level 300 in some cases, but most of the few magic soldiers exceed level 300.

It meant that wizards were at a higher level than Ain.

Grazing, and Challenger.

These two passives were the secret to Ain’s rapid supply and demand of empathy.

<Transcendence 320>

‘It’s slowly slowing down.’

Meanwhile, Hyun, who was receiving the attack, calculated the number in his head.

Transcendence decreases by [1000/Empathy]% per second even if you are still.

Based on the current empathy level, it is about 1.3%.

A power that cannot be gathered infinitely anyway. The core of Solitary Road’s skill operation was to consume it immediately whenever enough transcendental power was gathered.

Hyun, who judged that now was the right time, tried a different skill this time.

The stat amplification ability that was put to good use on Radix Island!

[Uses ‘Demi-Myth’ with 330 Transcendence!]

[Stats are boosted by 33% for 60 seconds!]

However, this time, not to himself, but to Ain!

The biggest advantage of anti-mythology was that it could cast skills on servants rather than masters.

“My body is light… !”

At the same time as the half-myth took place, Ain’s mouth widened in laughter.

“Can we attack now?”


You can’t be attacked forever, so now is the moment to counterattack.

“Let’s run wild!”

It was time to transform from a guardian into a slayer again.


One paladin arrived on the battlefield about 15 minutes after Ain started rampaging.

“I heard there was a commotion.”

Originally, he was someone who didn’t need to come here.

Because I have to take on a more important mission.

That’s right, if the news of the reappearance of ‘the then Magi’ hadn’t arrived, there wouldn’t have been an emergency call to him.


The captain who commanded the defense of the central fortress greeted the paladin Serta.

Serta is not worthy of being among the top 5 knights of the Holy Kingdom, but he is an elite enough to be called right below him.

The commander in charge of the defense of the fortress was not someone to be treated carelessly.

“It was not enough on our own, so we asked for help from the upper management.”

“indeed… .”

Serta narrowed her brows.

The black shadows that stirred the battlefield were clearly visible from a distance.

The figure holding a scythe in a new black suit is like a god of death!

However, the superiors of the Holy Kingdom also knew that he was no longer a Shinigami.

Serta’s eyes blinked occasionally.

Although not as good as a Celestial, the senses of an elite paladin are different from those of ordinary humans.

Serta realized that the shadow was using an unknown power.

“Is it the power of the devil… .”

Every time I felt an unknown power, the shadow showed the ability to deviate from common sense.

It is Hyun’s ‘protective protection’ that strengthens normal skills.

It was a skill that raised the level of the skill itself by using transcendental power.

Continued in the next volume

[Used 75 Transcendence!]

[The next two times, the range of Giant Slash will increase to 25 meters!]

Ain’s hand flashed.

As the blades of frost shook the sky, the magicians who were using the fly fell to the ground, either dead or mortally wounded.

However, Ain’s attack did not end with a single attack.

[The cooldown of Giant Slash has been reset!]

Once again, the flash that splits the earth horizontally!

Many screams were drowned out by the noise of the battlefield.

Countless debuff magic was pouring down on Ain, but few of them worked.

It was thanks to Hyeon’s ability to cancel it whenever a fatal status ailment was inflicted on Ain.

[Used 20 Transcendence!]

[The next shadow shield cancels all status ailments below intermediate levels!]

The reason why a single hero cannot stand alone on the battlefield is because of a status ailment.

Slowing, stun, restraint, exhaustion, etc… If you receive debuffs that are constantly pouring in, no matter how high the specification is, you have no choice but to back down in the end.

Named class NPCs are no exception.

Unless your purification skill is infinite, jumping alone among hundreds of enemies is bound to be a huge burden.

However, the cooldown of Shadow Shield is only 10 seconds.

This means that Hyun can use the highest level of purification every 10 seconds, as long as he has enough transcendental power.



Every time the back of his hand shone, Hyun felt confident.

Thanks to Louise’s constant flow of demonic energy, it was possible to create such an absurd situation.

To use the transcendental power of 1, you need 10,000 demons.

If Louise hadn’t helped her, she wouldn’t have dared to jump into enemy territory alone.

For a while, Ain wandered around the battlefield like that.

「Ain, be careful!」

“laugh… !”


Ain groaned at the surprise attack.

It was so strong that even though it was properly blocked, it was pushed a considerable distance and crashed into a nearby large rock.


Standing up from the rubble, Hyeon and Ain looked in the direction from which the attack came.

Standing in front of them was a paladin clad in fancy armor and even a helmet.

“also… .」

Hyungwon was the first to open his mouth.

“The debuff doesn’t work, so it seems you’ve requested support from the upper level.”

Ain tilted his head and asked.

“Who is it? That wasn’t an ordinary attack… .」

“well… 」

Hyun narrowed his eyes as he looked at the newly appeared paladin.

Because he was wearing a silver helmet, his face could not be identified.

Is it one of the 5 knights?

No, if I was ambushed by those guys, it wouldn’t have been just this much damage.

“The Holy King’s personal guard… Or maybe it’s the vice-captain of the knights somewhere.”

Probably one of the 100 strongest bosses in the Holy Kingdom.

It’s weaker than the 5th Knight, but it can’t be the same as the normal Paladins, so even a 400 level user will be impossible to win 1v1.

Normally, I would have to run away from here, but… .

After a brief calculation, Hyun muttered.

“Let’s fight.”

“are you okay… ?」

“If it’s you now, I’ll be able to deal with you.”

“okay… I’ll try… !”

From then on, the duel between Ain and the Holy Knight began.

An opponent with overwhelmingly high specs, such as strength, agility, and stamina.

Had it not been for the proper support from the prefecture, Ain would have had no choice but to be beaten and defeated without being able to do anything.

‘Certainly not an ordinary guy.’

At first glance, the fight seemed to be going one-sided.

Seeing that the Holy Kingdom’s formations were freed up, the enemy commanders also didn’t seem to think that their Paladins would lose.

In fact, right now, it was Ajin who was rolling on the floor with his teeth gritting.

Of course, he couldn’t even dare to fight back.

“Don’t attack.”

However, Hyun was not impatient even in such a situation.

I decided to trust Ain and wait quietly.

On the one hand, keep an eye on the situation.

“trust me.”

The color of the aura emitted from Ain’s body instantly changed to green.

Proof that the enemy’s attack is fierce.

If he made a mistake, it wouldn’t be strange if he died instantly, but the Ain’s weapon exploded and passed through his body.

Even so, Hyun asked Ain to do something a little more difficult.

“Take a little more narrowly avoiding it.”

“More here… ?!」

“I’ll protect you so you don’t die.”

“okay! It could be wrong!”

Hyun even activated Ain’s ultimate skill.

The technique that amplifies (fire/cold) damage while having 4 types of elemental resistance is the resolution of extinction.

But now I don’t need elemental resistance, and I don’t even need more attack power, so why use my ultimate?

It was because Hyun was only looking at one effect.

<The will of those who are ready for death is stronger than anyone else!>

– While the skill is active, the amount of empathy generated towards the owner is multiplied by 1.5.

“Huh… !”

At one point, Ain let out a short scream.

It was because the stomach was pierced by the paladin’s sword.

There was no way to avoid the attack that flew in a situation where all the movement and defense were gone.

[The transcendent is protecting you!]

[Body defect has been cancelled!]

[Enter invulnerability for 3 seconds!]

Hyun and Ain did not yet have the strength to deal with named paladins near level 400.

An opponent that even users who have completed the 4th job advancement cannot dare to fight.

In order for ordinary users to fight on an equal footing with such opponents, they needed very special powers such as the ‘transcendentalist’s buff’.

Yes, transcendence, for example.

However, Hyun hadn’t used his transcendental power at all.

Even when Ain groaned against a cliff, or even when his stomach pierced and let out empty air, he just watched.

“little bit more… !”

Among Ain’s new skills, there is something called ‘Challenger’.

Its effect is to increase the amount of empathy generated against enemies with a higher level than yourself.

And, ‘significantly’ increasing the amount of empathy against enemies with a high level!

<Transcendence 944>

The will that the attendant shed blood and endured pain was returning to the master as the power of transcendence.

“hyeon… ! i die… !”

Caang! The paladin’s stabbed sword ricocheted off her shoulder.

Hyun’s use of the shadow shield to mitigate the impact was almost a feat.

At that time, his stamina was only 1, so it was a moment of desperation.

Hyun stopped Ain, who was about to attack a nearby enemy to replenish his health with regular absorption.

“There is no need for that.”

「I used 1000 transcendental power!」

「’Angel Basic Swordsmanship’ has been strengthened.」

“The next attack can cut through the space, and the damage is greatly increased.”

After changing his job to Solitary Road, Hyun went through a lot of trial and error.

It was because the strengthening effect of the skill was not the same even if the same level of transcendence was used for the same skill.

It’s not like rolling dice, and if the effect is different every time, how can you use that skill?

It took some time to get an answer.

Hyun paid attention to the way other angels and demons used their skills.

The Transcendentalist exercised power according to his will.

In addition to descending directly or giving an oracle, rumors spread in the royal family, or reset someone’s (Abyss/Abyss) tendencies.

Unbounded power.

Shouldn’t transcendence also be operated in a similar way?

That guess was correct to some extent.

It was because a similar effect could be obtained by using transcendental power while strongly wishing for one’s wishes.

What Hyun wants now is just one sword strike.

Even 1 second or 0.1 second is good, so the power to shake the world!

‘done… !’

Hyun, who quickly read the detailed description of the skill, called for delight.

I could roughly predict the outcome of the next attack.

You don’t have to use skills.

It would be enough to draw a flat stroke in the air.

The moment the scythe of vigilance was lowered from top to bottom, a white flash split the world.

In an instant, he felt the blood running through his body heat up.

Hyun knows what this feeling is.

The harmony pattern engraved on the back of the hand emits pure white light.

Louise’s magic fills her entire body.

and at the same time.


Hyeon’s shoulders grew large wings.

one side is black. one side is white.

The scythe in his hand is entwined with the swirling jet-black along with the brilliant brilliance.

The appearance of the string dividing the world in that state was like an angel judging the enemies.

The angelic sword that divides the world cannot be seen by human eyes.

However, everyone could see how the earth split apart from the sword.

A crater hundreds of meters high was created on the ground with a huge roar.

The paladin, who was in the middle of the path through which the attack had passed, was not safe either.

“Heh heh!”

Losing his arms and shoulders, he collapsed screaming, and the soldiers of the Holy Kingdom watched the situation with dumbfounded eyes, then rushed to the battlefield to save the paladin.

“There is no need to chase.”

Hyun stopped Ain from running to finish off the paladin.

I was just staring at the sight of the enemy’s leader being saved.

“Why are you stopping all of a sudden… !”

“There is no need for that.”

“Then, leave me alone?!”

“Because it’s not important right now.”

The sword strike created by the angelic swordsmanship not only took away the arm of the paladin, but also destroyed the entire enemy formation.

Seeing the rapid retreat, the enemy commander seemed to have decided that the battle could not continue.

“This is enough.”

The turmoil calmed down and the Hyeon raised the torch.

Even if the effect emitted from the scythe of vigilance disappears, the light will not wither.

‘… !’

As the torch lit up the sky at dawn, Ain looked around and held his breath.

It was because the soldiers of the Empire were looking in the direction where Hyun was standing.

Some even shed tears and put their hands together.

How does it feel to be saved from the boundary of life and death… Those who haven’t experienced it will never know.

“Hyun, what the hell are you doing… ! I told you to use it as much as you want, so you can really use it as much as you want… ! It’s not even possible with my own strength!”

Suddenly, Louise’s voice came from the magic tool.

Hyun quietly took off the necklace and put it in his inventory.

The voice of Louise, the highest transcendentalist, was because she thought that it might seem a little frivolous in this situation.


“Hyeon-nim is an apostle of harmony… It was true.”

After returning to the command center.

The corps commander’s attitude after receiving a report on the war situation from his subordinates became more polite than before.

It was a shocking sight for everyone to see the appearance of an angel who witnessed with his own eyes, not just rumors.

“If it wasn’t for the power of Hyun-sama’s apostle, our allies would have suffered damage close to annihilation.”

“It’s not really the power of an apostle… .”

“Then what… ?”

The commander of the corps stares with puzzled eyes.

“No, I guess it’s the power of an apostle. Because they are similar.”

Hyun decided to omit the explanation.

I thought it would be better to let them judge each other without having to explain.

“Are you sorry?”

It was at that moment that Ain, who was assimilating, suddenly uttered a word.

It was quite different from Hyeon’s honorific speech, but no one noticed the change, probably because the other party was an NPC.

Ain turned his gaze to the side and murmured.

“If it weren’t for anyone else, the damage could have been greatly reduced… .”

Hyun quickly shut his mouth, but Ain’s words had already leaked out.

Soon after, everyone could see the sight of the attendant’s face turning pale.

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