Hard Carry Support Chapter 362-363-364-365

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Raid at the Border (1), Raid at the Border (2), Raid at the Border (3) and Raid at the Border (4)

An Ain who assimilates into his body on his own and reads the contents of the quest.

It was something he did every day, but when he was beaten by Ain, Hyun felt strange.

“Kuhm… . Have you seen it now?”

Hyun cleared his throat and canceled the chaos contract.

Anyway, the effect of combining the two into one is the same.

It was because when something urgent happened, it was much more efficient to use fairy tales than Ain, who had no empathy stat.

“Can’t that quest be shared?”

“hmm. It seems impossible.”

Hyun answered Ain’s question by touching the interface.

Quest sharing was often impossible when there were special conditions and restrictions.

‘But why are you asking me to accumulate the Empire’s achievements?’

Hyun suddenly became anxious.

What on earth was that gift, why did Louise make such a request?

I don’t think Louise has ever done it right from start to finish… . Still, she’s a little better now that she’s older, right?

Hyungwon shook his head, letting go of his needless anxiety.

‘I said it was Lookingham.’

I opened the map of the Asura continent again and narrowed my eyes.

It took five days from the border of the Nation of Darkness to the capital of the Empire.

However, it took much longer than that to get to the destination Louise had told her about.

It was because it would take at least a week by train to reach Lookingham, a city located almost at the far north.

‘This is neither a big city nor a border area, so why the hell did he go there?’

The more he thought about it, the more his head ached, so Hyun folded the map.

Anyway, for the job change quest, I have no choice but to meet Louise. For now, it’s better to follow this guy’s will.

‘Imperial merit… .’

Hyun looked at the quest once again.

How can I get Imperial Public Values?

The surest way is to join the War Quest.

And the area with the most active war quests is the border between the Empire and the Holy Kingdom!

Hyun, who drew a plan for the future in his head, murmured softly.

“Ain… Maybe we’ll have a real train trip.”


“I think I will have to stop by another city for a while.”

First of all, you have to do war quests in Empire and Castle Kingdom.

And when the proper merit points are accumulated, I should go to Lookingham again to meet Louise.

How much time will it take to digest all of that long schedule… .

In particular, while on the train for a week, neither quests nor growth were possible.

Hyun was worried that he would fall behind others during the week, but Ain thought differently.

“Then good! I’ve been wanting to do a trip like this for a long time!”

“okay… ?”

Oddly enough, hearing Ain’s words made those worries seem trivial again.

Then, Ain noticed Hyun’s concerns and relieved them.

“And if it’s Hyeon, it’s okay to take a few days off, right? Because I am.”

“… !”

Hyun’s pupils widened for a moment.

Because I felt the touch of the bed behind my back.

“here… are you okay?”

“Oh, will it be okay? Since there is no one in the room but us… .”

The moment he met Ain’s eyes, Hyeon was mistaken for a moment.

Is the train shaking or is your own heart beating?

“you… Didn’t you do anything at home? Here… .”

“Yeah, it’s natural that it’s more difficult in real life… !”

As the scenery passed by outside the window, Ain’s breath approached and Hyun became increasingly dizzy.

Just like that day on Radix Island… .

Yeah, let’s not think too hard.

It was the moment when Hyun, too, decided to clear his head, just as Ain said.


Hyeon and Ain were startled by the sudden voice of an uninvited guest and jumped up from the bed.

“Did you not hear the emergency bell? Still in the guest room, ugh… ?!”

The owner of the voice was a girl with long red hair.

A girl who is taller than Ain, but looks similar in age.

While she was about to say something, she blushed in embarrassment when she saw Hyun and Ain’s behavior.

“What unscrupulous on my train… !”

“No, I didn’t do anything! Not yet… .”

Hyungwon hurriedly waved his hand.

Because I swear to heaven nothing really happened.

And then.

“… !”



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The girl’s eyes twinkled when she saw the back of Hyun’s hand.

They found the pattern of an angel with two pairs of wings.

‘That pattern… .’

After staring at the string for a while, the girl calmed down her excitement and spoke in a calm voice.

If the other person had the pattern, they had to have proper formality on this side as well.

First of all, I introduced myself.

“First of all, I apologize for suddenly opening the door. She is Katherine Luttenwell. She is the eldest daughter of the Marquis of Luttenwell and the owner of this train. You guys get out of the room right now.”

Even as the girl continued to speak, Hyun felt confused.

‘The Marquis’ daughter… ? Train owner… ?’

Even at a glance, the girl exuding an aristocratic atmosphere had a higher position than expected.

In an empire where the title of ‘duke’ does not exist, the marquis is the noble next to the king.

Why did such a noble’s daughter suddenly enter the room?

And why is the emergency bell ringing all of a sudden?

He quickly grabbed Catherine, who was about to leave after saying the word.

“What happened all of a sudden?”

“I am under no obligation to explain that. The only thing that warned me was that I was curious about what kind of noble the person using the special room was.”

“I’m just a user… ?”

“A user?”

Catherine murmured as she looked at Hyun and Ain again.

“That fact is very surprising.”

As Catherine said, there was no case where a user used a special room.

This was because users could not afford the price in the first place, and users could kill time in places other than the cabin by ‘logout’ until the train arrived at its destination.

“Well, if you were a user, you wouldn’t even need my warning. I will take death lightly.”

After muttering that, Catherine turned around.

It was at that moment that Hyun stretched out his hand.



The armor of darkness covered Catherine’s whole body.


“huh… !”

After a brief conversation in a whisper, Ain rushed forward using the incarnation’s step.

A spark passed through Catherine’s red hair.


Then Ain’s skill, claws of flame, split the air.

Katherine could see the body of the figure approaching behind her being torn apart by the flames.

A grain of light soaked Katherine’s head as she sat on the floor.

“What, what, laugh… ?!”

“It certainly seems like an emergency.”

Hyun muttered softly as he looked at the hiccuping Catherine.

“Looks like an assassin is targeting you… What’s the situation?”

Hyeon recalled the image of the man who had just been torn by Ain’s hand.

His outfit was fundamentally different from that of NPCs, and he was wearing a costume with a sense that 1st generation artificial intelligence could not easily imitate.

“That, too, is being targeted by users.”

<Quest: Block Secret Support>

-At XX on the XX day, a train heading to the Empire departs from ‘Sentinel’, the city of the Nation of Darkness.

– On the surface, it’s just an ordinary train operation, but there’s something very secret going on behind the scenes.

-The train is loaded with a number of very important war consumables! The Imperial Army was receiving war supplies from the Nation of Darkness behind the scenes!

-The general manager is the Earl of Lutonwell! We got information that he entrusted this covert operation to his daughter, whom he trusted the most, to avoid prying eyes!

-Seize the war materiel, and if that’s impossible, destroy the train! The Holy Kingdom will repay you for your achievements.

(Reward: Differential distribution according to achievements)

That’s the quest the assassin was just on.

Catherine was caught up in the ‘War Quest’ that was the hottest topic among users right now.

But Hyun hadn’t realized that far yet.

Since the war between the Empire and the Holy Kingdom had never happened in the days of Asura, it was only natural that Hyun could not grasp all the contents of the war quest.

“Did you mean an assassin by emergency?”

“… That’s not right. An assassin is something I never expected… . Yes, escort knight! Hurry up and bring the escort knight… !”

“No, I will escort you, so tell me what the situation is.”

At those words, Katherine came to her senses and looked up.

Again, his gaze stopped on the back of Hyun’s hand.

“… … .”

Katherine, who glanced at her as if thinking about something, started talking soon.

“This train is loaded with cargo.”

“freight? Is it a passenger car?”

“Yes, I had to do that because of special circumstances.”

“What cargo?”

“I can’t elaborate on that. very… Let’s just say they are expensive items.”

To the extent that the fate of our territory is at stake… After swallowing the word.

Catherine continued.

“But it seems there are thieves who noticed the existence of that expensive item. It’s an ’emergency’ when they try to raid the train.”

“thief? You can wipe it out with the train’s defense force.”

“How comfortable would it have been if he had been an ordinary thief… . But they don’t ring the train’s emergency bell to the extent that thieves do.”


“… … .”

Catherine paused for a moment.

Her troubled eyes were fixed on the pattern engraved on the back of Hyun’s hand.

First impressions don’t seem very believable.

Besides, users who always behave arbitrarily.

Even though he saved his life, he would never have brought this up if it hadn’t been for the symbol he carried.


At that time, the sudden shaking of the train brought Catherine back to her senses.

Yeah, it’s not the time to cover people.

The situation is so desperate that even the escort knight can’t bring it.

“… please.”

After a long thought, Catherine’s mouth opened again.

“Help me.”


Hyun was able to grasp all the circumstances from Catherine’s detailed explanation.

The fact that this train was loaded with magic stones, shells, and other items necessary for war, and that the Holy Kingdom noticed that fact.

The ‘thieves’ Catherine spoke of meant the troops of the Holy Kingdom disguised as belonging to other countries.

According to her words, troops from the Holy Kingdom will soon attack the train.

and one more.

Hyun was able to roughly guess the contents of the quest that the assassin who died from Ain earlier received.

Catherine said that she had to prepare not only for the Holy Kingdom, but also for the threat of users.

‘this… Could be more dangerous than I thought?’

Hyun assumed the worst case scenario.

If the castle kingdom issues a quest while the empire does not.

Catherine had to deal with both the Holy Kingdom and the users who were on the war quest with her own strength.

However, according to what Catherine had told her, her strength was far from enough to deal with both at the same time.

This is because most of the Knights of the Territory are out on the border with the Marquis of Lutonwell.

Even if only a few paladins were mixed, the train’s defensive magic circle would be powerless and collapse.

If the Holy Kingdom were determined to erase their traces, taking Catherine’s life would not be a difficult task.

Yes, she will die here if she does not help.

“Will you help me?”

“There is no reason not to help.”

Hyun answered Ain’s question.

A situation in which the Empire’s public value is needed.

There is a great meaning in safely transporting goods from the Nation of Darkness to the Empire and in saving Catherine’s life.

At least it was clear that he could make a bigger contribution than fighting a few times in the border area.

“But somehow… It seems that all of the NPCs that Hyun gets involved with are women.”

Perhaps because he was interrupted at an important moment, Ain’s muttering sounded a bit hoarse.

Hyun let out a laugh.

It was as if Papani Radiette was no longer in Ain’s head.

Anyway, the regret was the same for himself, so he promised to listen to what Ain wanted later.



The huge train is speeding through the forest at full speed…

and the head of the train. Hyun and Katherine were arguing in the magic circle control room covered with windows on all sides.

“Please hand over command to me… ?”

Catherine couldn’t hide her absurd expression.

I never thought I would seriously make a ridiculous request for command!

I declined without a second thought.

“I can’t.”

“Are you asking for help?”

“I meant to help with my strength, it didn’t mean that I would entrust everything to you.”

Hyun felt frustrated.

If you look around while using your clairvoyant, you can see that the train is surrounded by the warhorses of paladins who have already activated acceleration magic.

Their power was not at a level that Catherine’s troops could do anything about.

In addition, there is a situation where you have to consider users who will cause a riot inside and outside the train.

In the end, Hyun had no choice but to use his reputation again this time.

“I am Hyun!”

“… ?”

“Have you ever heard of Hyun in the Hall of Fame?”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know.”

However, not all NPCs watched the Hall of Fame.

Among those who had little interest in users, there were many who did not even know the difference between ordinary users and rankers.

Catherine was also one of those NPCs.

Five years ago, when the user was wandering around the Assrian world, she was busy building up her education in the mansion, so today was the first time she met the user in person.

“hyeon… What?”

It was her henchman, not Catherine, who responded.

A sorceress named Karen glanced at the strings as if she knew something.

“Are you that prefecture?”

“That’s right!”

Again, looking at Catherine, he said.

“If that man is that prefecture, you might as well follow him.”

“What do you mean Karen! To think I had to follow the words of the first user I met!”

“But as it is… .”

Karen looked around and wept.

Even though the train was running at full speed, the distance with the enemies formed from afar was slowly getting closer.

“In this case, we will all die!”

“Are you that desperate? Still, because you have your magic… .”

“No! There’s no way!”

Just then.

Everyone felt the floor rise.

It’s not even an airplane, so why does it feel so floating?

Katherine and Karen were the management magic circles, and Hyun and Ain were able to know the status of the train through messages.

[The train you are boarding is off the track!]

[Emergency levitation operation begins! You must either re-enter the track or stop in place until the power runs out!]

At the same time as the message ended, the shaking of the train disappeared in an instant, and the train started to run while floating from the floor.

No, flying would be more accurate than running now.

“Uh… ?”

Catherine became contemplative.

Because the train moving forward slowly changed direction.

Kwajik, Kwajik!

The train was not on the tracks, but across the forest, destroying the beautifully towering trees.

and after a while

“Where is my train going?!”

The train left the forest and entered the plain.

When I came out to the open place, I could see the Holy Knights riding on horses while surrounding the train better.

All of them were ‘disguised’ wearing the uniforms of the Magical Army of the Nation of Darkness, but everyone, including Hyun and Catherine, could know that they were the Holy Knights of the Holy Kingdom.

No, maybe the Magic Knights!

The white strings that spewed out from the countless staffs were connected to the car body, and it was clear that they temporarily lifted the train up.

“That direction is Pi Canyon!”

“what… go?”

“They’re dragging our train over a cliff! I’m thinking of wiping out everyone here!”

Levitation operation can only float about 1 meter from the bottom, but it is not a function that can fly like a transport ship.

10,000 citizens without fighting ability will lose their lives if they fall off the cliff.

That is the goal of the Holy Kingdom!

At the same time as cutting off supplies, it is trying to cause a crack in the relationship between the Empire and the Nation of Darkness.

“What are the engine room guys doing in this situation!”

“No, the communication magic is sealed! Even the movement magic!”

“that… !”

The situation only got worse and worse.

A new report arrives at the control room.

[warning! A user of more than a certain amount of magic has been detected in the 3rd floor cabin!]

[The first stage of the power unit in the engine room is damaged!]

At the same time as the knights started their work, the enemies inside also began to move.

They were probably the users who received the quest from the Holy Kingdom.

In addition, even the knights of the Holy Kingdom outside were jumping on the roof.

Through the crystal balls throughout the control room, the group could see Catherine’s soldiers falling all over the train.

Some elite knights were fighting hard, but they had no choice but to receive pincers from inside and outside.

Amidst the screams of the confused passengers, Katherine clenched her fists.

She is now 17 years old.

Even though she was the eldest daughter, she was at an age where she did not know the world well.

Rather than her own death, she was more upset that she had failed in the mission her father had asked her to do.

“hyeon… Can you solve this?」

“well… .」

Hyeon drooled at Ain’s carefully sent whisper.

It was a situation where even if you look at yourself or at a glance, there seems to be no answer.

When the duration of the ‘acceleration’ magic expired, the knights’ warhorse disappeared behind the sight, but many people had already climbed onto the roof of the train.

‘If it’s the Magic Knights, it’s probably Beatra’s fault, right?’

A mad woman’s face passed through Hyun’s mind.

Magic Knight Commander Beatra.

Even if you hit level 300, dealing with her knights… No, she won’t be able to deal with even one of her.

As a story name, it was clear that she would have become stronger over the course of five years.

‘Even if I received the command, it wouldn’t have meant much.’

Hyun clicked his tongue.

It was because it was obvious that the knights of the Marquis Territory would not even be able to compete with the 5 major knights of the Holy Kingdom.

In addition, since all communication magic circles were sealed, it was even more difficult to command from the control room.

“miss! Go downstairs first! Enemies are descending from above!”

“So far?”

“Yes, we’ll be storming the control room soon! Hide in the basement for now!”


Hyun raised his hand to cut off Catherine and Karen.

Leaving Katherine in a panic, she asked Karen.

“Do you both know how to use magic?”

“Yes, but it won’t help much.”

“What level is it?”

“I am 380 and Lady Catherine is two hundred… .”

“That’s enough.”

Hyun stood up from his seat.

Now I have to try whether it works or not.

Pod! As they assimilated to Ain, the two women blinked.

Because Hyun, who had been talking with them until just now, had suddenly disappeared.

“don’t mind. Because it is right here.”

Hyun used a reversal to reveal his existence.

Catherine and Karen, who saw the fairy tale for the first time, seemed quite surprised, but they did not ask unnecessary questions because they were in an urgent situation.

“Did you ask for help?”

“… .”

“follow me.”

Kyik- Hyeon who opens the door of the control room and moves.

Called Karen from behind.

“Wait a minute, it’s not the way down that way!”

“I know.”

Hyun looked back and murmured.

“It will go up.”

“Where… ?”

“To the roof.”

“… !”

Beatra’s Magic Knights are particularly difficult among the 5 major Knights of the Holy Kingdom.

This is because he not only strengthens his body with divine power, but also freely uses various types of magic.

I’m not sure I can deal with them… No, it’s much more likely that he won’t even be an opponent, but Hyun was still thinking about bumping into him.


There were many users on the train who were aiming for Catherine’s life.

The assassins suddenly rushed at you with a skill similar to Papi’s ‘stealth’, hiding or silenced.

There are many cases where you are aware of the surprise attack of an assassin who is close to a ranker.

Because they attack in a way that humans cannot easily react to.



Guns are faster than swords, even magic.

A metallic sound echoed every time the assassin’s sword was driven into Catherine’s skin.

Bullets containing ‘shock amplification’ would deflect their swords.

And what the fate of the unbalanced assassin will be is foreordained.


Just like the sickle of the god of death, the scythe of vigilance gave everyone a fair death.

A few managed to dodge one or two more attacks using the mover, but no one withstood the string’s attack for more than a second.

It was because the user’s avoidance route was obvious in the narrow space of a train.


at some point.

Hyun stopped everyone’s steps for a moment.

“yes… ? There is nothing here… .”


Hyeon put a finger to his lips to block Karen’s voice.

Whoops. Then he laid his scythe horizontally and began to condense energy into the tip of the blade.

That’s Ain’s skill. execution sniping.


The blue half moon started to move slowly at first, but as time passed, it started to move faster and faster.


At one point, Hyun exploded an ‘absorption bullet’ into the air.


“damn… !”

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

In an instant, the waists of the three were cut in two.

Those who were hiding behind the corner of the wall were sucked in by the absorber bullets and came into Vanwill’s range on their own.

However, Hyun’s attack was not yet over.

‘God of death steps!’

Above the crescent moon, an afterimage of frost once again appeared.

As the scythe once again crossed near the ceiling, even those who had jumped to avoid the first attack could not escape their deaths.

It took only a blink of an eye for all these actions to follow.

As they crossed the quiet hallway, Katherine opened her mouth in a trembling voice.

“you… who is this.”

Hyun looked back and replied.

“Hyun, I told you.”

“You’re right… ? I’ve never heard of a user being this strong… Even in our territory, there are articles like this… .”

“Small talk later.”

Hyun raised his finger again.

Those who received the Holy Kingdom Quest seemed to be more numerous than expected.

Players who wanted to kill Catherine were flocking in without a break.

“huh? Isn’t that a weapon used by Ain?”

“You idiot, that’s Hyun!”

Among them, there were those who noticed the existence of Hyun and Ain.

“Hyeon is guarding that aristocratic woman?”

“Mistress, it’s ruined… !”

“We’ll just pretend we haven’t seen it. I have no desire to fight with you.”

Although there were those who wanted to give up the quest the moment they recognized Hyun’s face.


Hyun pretended not to hear them and cut everyone’s throats at once using ‘Giant Slicing’.

Users scattered into the light without even saying anything.

Catherine, who was following behind, watched the scene and covered her mouth with both hands.

“… Are you killing those who beg for their lives?”

Hyeon briefly explained to her, who seemed surprised.

“You have to get rid of the aftereffects in advance.”

“… .”

“Because the quest they received isn’t just about killing you.”

The road to the rooftop was long and short.

Hyun quickly and effectively slaughtered the users he encountered along the way.

And finally arrived on the 7th floor.

‘From here.’

In front of the stairs leading up to the roof, Hyun took a deep breath.

I am currently level 300. If you assimilate with Ain, you will have stats of level 400 or higher.

But can it deal with Beatra’s Holy Knights?

He knew better than anyone else that it would be impossible to wake up from death with just himself and Ain.

Why did I walk into a place where I was sure to die?

It was because there was still one gamble left to try.

「Ain, are you listening?」

“huh… !”

“From now on, you have to move too.”

“I know!”

While having a brief conversation with Ain, Hyun watched through the gap in the door.

On the roof, several paladins stood still.

Keep their location in mind.


The moment he opened the door, Hyun used a single skill right in the middle of them.

‘Cut the giant!’


At that moment, the mouths of the two women watching from behind opened up.

It was because he realized what he had forgotten when he saw countless paladins flying in the sky.

‘I see!’

‘If I drop it from the roof, I won’t be able to get back to the train easily!’

Slashing the giant with all his might while using Shock Amplification was enough to send the Paladins flying into the sky.

Immediately after stirring the rear end of the train once.

Kwajik! Hyeon stabbed his body with a scythe on the floor.

It was because the movement of the train became very unstable after switching to levitation operation.

It feels like riding on a swinging pendulum.

Without the support, it seemed like it would be blown away by the strong wind on the roof, so Hyun couldn’t relax even while standing in place.

‘just now… Did you send four people away?’

The operation to get the enemies out of the train was about half successful.

There were a total of eight guys who collided with the weapon containing the shock amplification, but about half of them did not fall off the train.

It was the result of some paladins reflexively using the fly and other mobile devices to settle on the train again.

‘This is enough for the initial plan… ‘

While balancing himself so that he would not fall, Hyun glanced around.

The figure of leader Beatra is nowhere to be seen.

They may have already gone downstairs on the train, or they may be chasing you from behind the train.

For a monster like Beatra, it wouldn’t be impossible to overtake a train running at high speed.

‘Fortunately, there are not many enemies around here.’

I tried to figure out the situation around me.

The rooftop of the rear end of the train.

The only enemies he could see right away were ten elite paladins in the late 300s.

There were people who were presumed to be vice-captains, but at this level, there was nothing I couldn’t deal with.

Because the enemies forced to use acceleration magic to get on the running train.

If I could somehow get it down, I wouldn’t be able to chase the train again.

“Four of my friends fell from the train.”

“Are you a user? I guess you are a user?”

The Paladins groaned when they saw Hyun suddenly appeared.

However, no one realized that he was the one who destroyed the Temple of Light five years ago.

This is because NPCs other than the 2nd generation artificial intelligence cannot recognize that they are the same person even if the user changes their costume even a little.

“Don’t underestimate me as a user. The enemy seems to have a fairly troublesome skill.”

“A magic that only maximizes the impact… If you move, you might fall off the train.”

“Avoid unnecessary approaches, and attack from a distance. Prepare the magic javelin!”

And the next moment. The moment a magic circle was created in the enemy camp, Hyun quickly shouted.


Several flashes of light flew from the front!

An attack that is like a surprise that normal humans can’t even react to!

Hyun had no choice but to rely on Ain at this time.


Ain opened his eyes wide.

Hyun’s request after a long time. I never want to make a mistake.

If you move clumsily to avoid it, you might fall out of the train.

In that case, it’s better to take all the attacks in place!

Ain deflected part of the attack with the scythe of vigilance, and minimized the damage by twisting the part of the body.

[Durability of 68203 reduced!]

[Durability of 53105 reduced!]

Kwadeuk! Kwadeuk! Every time the magic spear rubbed against the body, the sound of metal rubbing resonated.

The armor of darkness protects the body. Thanks to the wind barrier supporting his back, Ain’s stamina was not consumed or blown away by the impact.

“I endured… !”


Whiririk! The enemy’s follow-up attack followed immediately.

In an instant, the scythe of vigilance became entangled in several long chains with maces.

The NPCs who misunderstood the ‘shock amplification’ earlier as a weapon’s special ability were trying to seal the Scythe of Vigilance.

[Weapon captured! Temporarily cannot unequip the equipment!]

If you ask who has the strongest power, Ain or Paladins, of course it is the Paladins side.

“laugh… !”

As chains were connected between the vigilante scythe and the paladins, Ain quickly began to be dragged forward.

It was then that Hyun came out.

This time it wasn’t planned, it was just an instant decision.

‘Cutting the giant.’

In an instant, the composition of power was reversed.

‘God of death steps!’

In that state, I used one more until the mover.

Head in the opposite direction the train is running!

When both skills were activated at the same time, a large half moon of frost was drawn in the sky.

The Paladins belatedly released the chains wrapped around their hands, but it was already too late.

Paladins flying in the sky together, following the power of the scythe of vigilance!

The train had advanced far and was located in a place that was difficult to catch up with, and the six paladins fell from the train in an instant.

“The damn guy… !”

“Damn it, what did you do?”

“Sheesh, that’s why I don’t mind dealing with users like this.”

Those who had fallen out cursed and looked around.

It was to release his anger at the user who dropped him.

‘Enough here.’

And it was the same that the prefectural road was moving away from the rear of the train.

While flying in the sky with the Paladins, he recalled the previous plan.

Can you catch up with the train at Ain’s speed?

No, it’s impossible. Even if the potential explosion is fully stacked, that fact does not change.

This is because agility above a certain level only raises ‘instantaneous acceleration’, but does not greatly increase ‘top speed’.

What about Louise’s speed?

Still, catching up with the train would be a breeze.

If the distance is too far, even the ‘black wind’ will not be able to chase the train.

However, that was the result of judging based on the specifications of the previous level 300 Louise.

How about level 400 Louise?

In the meantime, if the skill level of the black wind had risen, or if a new skill had been created, it was clear that Louise would be able to run faster than the train.

And depending on Louise’s speed, the situation is completely different.

Getting enemies off the train is a lot easier than killing them.

‘Will it work?’

The problem is that nothing has been revealed about Louise.

If it’s not what he expected, he may have to give up this mission.

Fighting the knights without any buffs is like committing suicide.

‘I hope it turns out as I thought.’

The object of the Spiritual Spirit is a skill that resembles the Transcendentalist most recently prayed for.

Hyun closed his eyes for a moment and prayed to Louise.

While being careful not to think of other angels or demons.

The moment I used the strong god like that.


The curvature of the body began to change.

Silver hair blowing in the wind blocked her vision for a moment.

Tying her hair into a single strand, Hyun quickly looked at the status window.

and after a while

shit. A deep smile formed on Hyungwon’s lips.

ha ha… . Laughter leaked out on its own.

Did you say you would prepare a present?

I don’t know what it is, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t be bigger than this.

That’s right, there’s no greater gift than knowing that you’ve prepared such a great body for this situation!


Then, the sound of the wind bursting at the feet of the strings was incomparably louder than before.


Sigh. The door on the roof opened slowly and two women escaped from the train.

Their real identities are Catherine and Karen.

They were hiding and watching the situation on the roof all the time.

When Hyun was dropped off the train with the Paladins, Catherine bit her lip.

Even someone so strong can’t help it.

Although a man named Hyun fell down with many enemies, there were still countless enemies left on the train.

Existing defense troops would not be able to deal with such enemies.

After all, do I have no choice but to betray my family’s expectations?

That’s when Catherine was in despair.

Wow! A typhoon raged over the train.

‘… !’

Katherine and Karen’s mouths fell open.

The one who brought the typhoon was an unknown silver-haired woman.

Her beauty was like that of a goddess, and Catherine wondered if an angel had descended with her wings hidden.

‘dream… is it… ?’

Yes, the woman was like an angel.

Every time she stepped on the air, she heard a burst of air.

Fain! Enemies who collided weapons with the woman fell far away.

The black aura that entwined her whole body… Is it Magi?

It was then that Katherine first learned that even Margie could look beautiful.

“Karen… Who else is that?”

“I don’t know… ?”

When the two women whispered like that.

“… !”

Catherine was startled.

It was because the silver-haired woman was beckoning them to come to the door where they were hiding.

How did know?

Did you find out I’m hiding here?!

“yes… ?! Sin, sorry. Thinking of hiding… !”

“You still haven’t come out of there, what are you talking about?”

Hyun, who tilted his head, quickly nodded.

“ah… Is it because of this appearance?”

I unlocked the assimilation to help Katherine and Karen understand the situation.

Ain’s appearance revealed at that moment.

Realizing that the girl was the former girl, Katherine put on a bewildered expression.

“you… hyeon… Say… ?”

The identity of the silver-haired woman was even more absurd.

Katherine asked again, looking like she still didn’t understand.

“Weren’t users originally genderless?”

“No, that’s not it… I don’t have time to go into detail right now.”

Hyun looked into the distance

The train was speeding toward the cliffs of a steep canyon.

“Your train? Are you planning to kill all the passengers?”

Katherine’s eyes came back to her senses at Hyeon’s words.

“it is not so!”

“So let’s turn off the fire first.”

“but… how… ”

“Can’t we stop the train?”

“I can’t… . Since the control magic circle is out of order, the train cannot be stopped or changed.”

Catherine answered with tears in her eyes.

I don’t think I’ll get a proper answer if I ask more. Hyun turned his head to Karen next to him.

It was because a wizard who looked more like her secretary than an immature kid seemed to have a higher sense of reality.

“perhaps… Maybe there is a way.”


Karen began an unknowing explanation.

“If you make the train bend like a crescent moon, there will be a pressure difference between the left and right sides. It will make a large circular motion in the opposite direction to the direction of the bend, so the train will go round and round in the same spot until the power runs out!”

“What are you talking about… ? Speak so I can understand!”

Hyun didn’t know it, but Karen was explaining the ‘Bernoulli’s Law’ in reality.

Of course, I couldn’t have listened to that explanation in this situation.

Karen said, pointing to the white string that was stuck like a spider’s web all over the train.

“Please get rid of the external force.”

“What, cut those strings?”

“Okay, then I’ll do the rest…” !”

“Say that already!”

Hyun was finally able to understand Karen’s explanation.

Due to the magic of the knights, the train had become entangled in silver tree vines.

Karen’s request was to remove the magic strings that were buried all over the train.

“Is that all you need?”

“yes… For now.”

“Okay, Ain, let’s go!”

after that conversation was over.

Katherine and Karen started moving to the side rails of the train to do some work.

On the way, Katherine clenched her fists.

Karen, who watched the scene, held her breath and asked.

“miss… Are you all right?”

“… sorry. You looked pathetic.”

Catherine took a moment to catch her breath.

The full knowledge of the enemy’s intentions trembled.

Even though it has the power to destroy the entire train, the reason why it is trying to disguise this incident as an accident must be a very political reason.

For that reason, it was hard to imagine what kind of monsters those who would sacrifice the lives of 10,000 people would be.

“I didn’t know that I would be praying for a user… .”

“You too… ? Actually, I had similar thoughts.”

“Is it okay to trust him?”

Katherine looked up for a moment.

Even now, he will be fighting even more terrible people on the rooftop.

As if understanding her concern, Karen muttered in a kind voice.

“Don’t worry too much. Everything will be fine.”

“… … .”

“Didn’t Harmony tell you that too? The target is not important, believe what you want to believe.”

“… It did. I forgot about it for a while.”

Catherine closed her eyes for a moment and muttered something.

When he opened his eyes again, his eyes were slightly different from before.

“Tell me what you can do. If I can be of any help.”


A rough wind blew across the calm plains.

The beasts and monsters, startled by the roar, focused their attention on one place, while the huge train was speeding like crazy across the plains.

‘I don’t have much time.’

the roof of the train.

Looking far away with his clairvoyance, Hyeon swallowed a sigh as he saw the approaching cliff.

At this rate, within the next five minutes the train will crash into the canyon.

Passengers seemed to be in a state of panic as they often saw people jumping off the railings already.

After seeing those who jumped from the train get killed by the chasing paladins, even that attempt has disappeared.

‘I have to hurry.’

In order to end all this, the train has no choice but to stop or turn away from the cliff.

Hyun put the scythe of vigilance in and took out a new weapon.

The black spearman’s magic wand.

It was a weapon prepared to be used when Louise transformed into a spirit god.

‘I asked for the white strings attached to the train to be removed.’

A white string entwined around the train like a vine.

Karen said they were fixing the direction of the train.

Woe, Woe!

Each time the tip of the spear cut the white string, white light scattered in the air.

When Hyun was carrying out his mission like that.

A few paladins noticed the strings on the train roof and shouted.

“That guy!”

“That silver-haired woman is disarming!”

However, Hyun was not taken aback by the enemy’s cry. In the first place, the fight was determined.

As the strings of spears aimed at them, the paladins flinched.

“be careful. This is a battlefield that is against us.”

The paladin who looked like the vice-captain muttered softly.

He witnessed the sight of a silver-haired woman running faster than a train.

“If we fall off the train, we can’t get back up.”

“Each of you, fix your body on your own!”

At the vice-captain’s command, the Paladins hammered their maces with chains into the seams of the floor.

In order not to fall from the rooftop in case of an unexpected attack,

“Hyun, can you win?”

Ain asked cautiously.

So far, when Hyun fought the paladins, he was always receiving a huge buff.

Because of the sacrifice of the priest in the land of darkness and the help of Caedrial in the ruins of Carinta Island, they were able to gain the power to overwhelm the paladins.

But today, for the first time, Hyeon has to face off against the most elite Paladins without the buffs of others.

Can the two of us deal with enemies that are difficult even for users over level 400?

“are you okay.”

Hyun answered Ain’s question in a low voice.

“It doesn’t matter as long as only Beatra doesn’t show up.”

He didn’t feel any pressure against the paladins in front of him.

It was because he had already confirmed Louise’s new skills after using the Spirit.

Of course, you’ll have to test it to be sure.

“I’m just watching.”

At the same time as he finished speaking, the string pierced the air.

Along with that, a whirlwind created from the spear.

Wheein! The sound that came from the whirlwind sounded like the sound of a drill.

[Black Island Lv.2]

– ‘Black Wind’ link technology.

-Shoots magic energy that spins toward a point within 15 meters.

– It has twice the power of ‘Black Wind’ and can ‘pierce’ the target with 2% damage.

(Magi consumption: 30000)

(Cooldown: None)


A whirlwind spewed out from the tip of the spear and crossed the air.

Like a flash!

“Huh… !”

One of the paladins widened his eyes.

The moment a black flash of light seemed to fly, his vision was already dark.

There was a small hole in his chest as he collapsed holding the sword until the end.

The spear of wind that flew through the air pierced his shield and armor and even shattered his heart.

If major organs such as the brain, heart, and lungs were damaged at once, even the paladin’s regenerative ability was of no use.

The loss of one life is literally an instant.

It was only natural that there would be agitation among the Paladins.

“If it’s a woman who uses the magic spear… no way… !”

“Oh, light… !”

Now, they also realized Louise’s true identity.

No, I couldn’t have known.

A silver-haired woman who appeared in the Land of Darkness and the Temple of Light.

Isn’t that the seed of darkness!

“Beware, that is the devil’s technique!”

“I thought you were hiding in a place like this… !”

Hyun’s attack didn’t stop with one attack.

The long spear was constantly spinning, preparing for the next attack.


Cuckoo! Another paladin exhaled as the air vibrated once more.

I tried to deflect the black flash with my sword, but the sword was destroyed and even my shoulder was pierced.

The face of the paladin, who regenerated the wound while clenching his teeth, was full of tension.

It was fortunate that he had avoided the vital point just now, but he could guess what the result would be if that thing hit him in the head.

‘This is dangerous… !’

Paladins felt the risk of their lives.

They are not much different from scarecrows, who only endure attacks while fixing themselves with chains on top of the train.

But if I loosen the chains, I’m sure I’ll fly out of the train like the rest of my colleagues.

In a dilemma where they could neither do this nor that, the Paladins could not even dare to fight back.

He could only moan as the whirlwind spears crossed the air.

“Sheesh, how long are you going to hold out… ?!」

However, Hyun was also nervous.

The paladin who was completely killed was the first one.

The rest were not easy to knock down because they were taking the first victim as a stepping stone and trying to avoid vital points as much as possible.

Time is not on our side.

Hyun made a quick decision.

If you don’t hurry up and unravel the tangled magic string, the train will be driven into a cliff.

We have to fight before that happens!


Hyun disappeared and ran on the roof of the train.

At the same time, the Holy Light bursting from the bodies of the Paladins.

Hyun recognized the identity of the skill immediately from the effect.

A skill that instantly maximizes the defense of some parts. ‘hardening’.

The fact that Black Island causes a body defect called ‘penetration’ is frightening, but the damage itself is insignificant.

You mean it doesn’t matter as long as you protect the vitals, right?

however… This time, what he was aiming for was not the enemy’s vital point.

The moment the sharp whirlwind entwined around the window created an afterimage.

Crispy! Crispy!

A smile appeared on Hyun’s face when all the chains connecting the Paladins and the train were severed.

It was because I could see a look of bewilderment rising from the faces of the Paladins.

“But there’s one more vital point on the train.”

Wiing. Wiing-.

In the aftermath of ‘Black Island’, Changdae is still spinning.

Hyun checked the remaining amount of magic power, fixed the spear, and reversed the spearhead.

It was Louise’s turn to use her second skill.

[Nansompo (亂殲砲) Lv.1]

– Linked technology of ‘Black Island’.

-Changes the rotation direction of the demon for an instant and explodes in the air.

-Inflicts the same damage as ‘Black Wind’ in a wide range, and creates an enormous shock.

(Mag consumption: 120000)

(Cooldown time: 5 minutes)

The sharp flash of light amplified its size in an instant.


A roar echoed across the roof of the train.

The impact caused by the reversal of rotation caused even the train to shake for a while, so it was natural that the Paladins swept away by the impact could not stand still.

The sight of the Paladins flying through the sky, leaping to a far-flung height, was so ridiculous that even the string that used the skill was at a loss.

Ain seemed to be in a similar mood, and he muttered absurdly to the spirit conversation.

“They’re all dead… ?」

“maybe… It won’t be.”

Hyun checked the skill description again and said.

Even though it looks great on the outside, the damage is like a black wind. That is, it is called the flat level.

They dropped it off the train, but didn’t kill it.

“It doesn’t matter. For now, we don’t have to get in the way of our work.”

Hyun used his clairvoyance again and muttered.

Even now, the cliff is getting closer and closer.

If you want to cut off all the strings wrapped around the train, there will be no time to stop in place even for a moment.


A train that runs continuously.

On the railing of the terrace to the left, two women were fixing the management magic circle with nervous expressions.

“Communications have been restored!”

Karen shouted as the strings removed half of the white string tangled in the train.

“Are you okay? The shaking is worse than before… .”

“That’s a good sign! It is proof that the coercive force that bound the car body has disappeared!”

“okay… ?”

“My lady, and look here!”

Looking at the communication magic tool, Karen’s face turned bright and she shouted.

“I got a call from headquarters!”

“what? Father… ?!”

“No, the Imperial Knights! They said they teleported to a nearby city for emergency assistance!”

“Your Majesty… !”

“Yes, even the Empire knows the crisis we are in!”

“… Harmony has answered our prayers.”

Tears welled up in Katherine’s eyes.

No, this is not the time to be like this!

Quickly coming to her senses, she connected to the telecommunications magic circle with administrator privileges and started sending out voices.

“To everyone praying on the train. A message has just arrived that the Imperial Knights have moved to rescue us.”

Catherine’s voice echoed throughout the train.

She knew that the passengers on the train were in a state of panic.

This broadcast is a voice to convey hope to everyone who is still praying.

At the same time, it was a voice warning the enemies who threatened the train.

“So I want everyone to stay calm and keep their seats. I, Catherine Luttenwell, as the train owner, will do everything in my power to save your lives.”

At that moment, Karen beside her asked for something, and Catherine agreed.

and after a while

This time, Karen’s voice began to echo through the train.

“Is there anyone who is good at wind magic?! This is a situation where one person’s strength is desperately needed! If you can afford it, please come to the left terrace at the back of the train! By all means!”

It was just when the passengers were looking for stability that the broadcast came out.

In the first place, there were not many Paladins on the train, and thanks to Hyun’s attention, all the Paladins in the train had moved to the rooftop.

At Karen’s request, about 100 applicants flocked.

Except for one user who happened to receive the ‘Empire’s Achievement Quest’, all of them were NPCs who voluntarily contributed their strength.

Karen briefly explained the situation to them.

“The control magic circle is broken, so we can’t stop the train or change its direction. The only way left is to move the train with wind magic!”

Most of those who heard the explanation responded with absurdity.

“yes… ? with the wind… ?”

“I’ll try, but… Are you thinking of moving the train as a reaction?”

“Isn’t that kind of powerful magic in the realm of transcendentalists…? .”

“No, I’m not trying to use the reaction!”

Karen immediately corrected their misunderstanding.

“We will create a curvature above a certain level and create a pressure difference between the left and right sides of the train. This is only possible during levitation operation. I don’t have time to give you a detailed explanation, so please follow my instructions.”

on a running train.

Whoops. Ten or so wizards formed a circle and started casting.

Karen, who had the highest level, was in charge of control at the center, and the rest, including Catherine, were in charge of providing ‘wind attribute mana’ at the edge.

and after a while

Wow! A huge wind from Karen’s wand slowly began to twist the rear of the train.

The train, which continued to move in a straight line, finally began to draw a large circular trajectory!

People cheered.

“Oh oh… It moves!”

“The direction is changing… !”

“You have to watch until the end, because you don’t know yet!”

Karen, along with a group of wizards, used the same magic all over the train.

It was to change the curvature into an optimal shape.

‘no… still not enough… !’

Karen’s heart sank.

The cliff was close enough to be seen with the naked eye.

It was because the train, which had changed direction considerably, was running almost parallel to the cliff.

However, it is close to parallel, but not completely parallel.

There is no point in making curvature any more.

If we followed this track, the train would end up falling into the edge of the cliff… ?!

Do you really have no choice but to push the rest as a reaction? This big train… ?

‘Whether it works or not, I have no choice but to try it!’

I know it’s crazy, but that was the only way I could think of.

Karen gritted her teeth and shouted.

“Everyone give me strength!”

Casting was over in no time.


From the magic circle created in front of Karen, wind like a typhoon began to blow out.

50 meters… 40 meters… 30 meters… .

As the entry angle was close to 0 degrees, the distance between the train and the cliff was gradually decreasing.

Those who watched the scene through a window or from a railing felt the gap as if it were their lifeline.

‘… !’


Sensing the sensation of the train leaning to one side, Karen bit her lip.

Levitation magic floats objects off the ground. If there is no ground to support, the effect does not activate.

In other words, the fact that the tilt was felt was proof that the edge of the train had crossed the boundary line of the cliff.

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