Hard Carry Support Chapter 355-356-357

Main Quest Ends (1), Main Quest Ends (2) and Main Quest Ends (3)

During the seven days when time is stopped, you cannot enter certain areas.

Radix Island also belonged to that area, so all Shade Guild members were forced to move to the private room over time.

“… … .”

Salon glanced at the center of the lobby.

There, Hyeon and Ain stood still, kissing each other like statues.

The same posture as before the transition to the resting state.

It was a pretty embarrassing composition to watch, so Salon decided to wait for the two to return from a little distance.

I was thinking of sharing my impressions of the main quest and asking Hyun how he was doing.

‘Shall I make a girlfriend too… ?’

Leaving the seat, Salon thought to himself.

Originally, it was Salon who was more interested in the eyes of the public than women.

However, watching the two still kissing, the exhilaration from earlier gradually subsided and instead a strange feeling reared its head.

‘Well, think about that later.’

Salon sat down on the sofa in the private room and opened the Internet window.

There is no happier time than when you search your name right after a big performance.

If you pass the time by chatting with the community, you’ll come in soon.

But 10 minutes, 20 minutes… Even after an hour, there was no sign of the two reconnecting.

‘No, but when are you coming back?!’

[The party has been disbanded!]

Pod! Eventually, the time limit for the rest state ran out.

The new figure of the two, who had been kissing for hours, disappeared, leaving Salon alone in the private room, blinded.

‘No way, you’re not planning to come today… ?’

And Salon’s hunch was right.

Hyun and Ain did not connect to Assrian until the evening was over and midnight the next day.


Seohyun opened her eyes looking at the unfamiliar ceiling.

The dizziness that came at the same time turned Hyun’s head.

The sun was shining through a crack in the window, and the clock next to it was showing 11:00 AM.

“… !”

That moment.

Seohyun turned her head at the breath she felt next to her.

‘Ain… ?!’

Hyeon’s head was jumbled as he faced Ain who was sleeping quietly.

‘This is Ain’s room!’

What happened… . no way… ?

No, even if I was going to date Ain, I didn’t mean to slow down so quickly, I was going to go up the stairs one step at a time!

What really happened?

Even after getting out of the capsule, the pounding emotions did not cool down, so a little more skinship continued on the sofa.

Then… .

Seohyun slowly looked back on what happened yesterday.

“I wonder if this happened… Doesn’t it matter?”


“Uh, anyway… Because there are less than two days left… Let’s pretend I’m an adult starting today!”

“… Is that so?”

Whatever he was thinking, at that time he nodded his head at Ain’s absurd logic.

That’s how Ain brought a large bottle of Western liquor to celebrate his coming-of-age day.

Ain then poured a drink into his glass and stuttered slightly.

“Because the tongue and strings are adults… first… drink!”

“you… ?”

“I am… Hyun is carrying it… to drink.”

“… ?”

Hyun held his head.

I think we kissed a few times after that, but I can’t remember anything about what happened later.

What the hell happened yesterday… ?

From the moment I drank at the table in the living room to the moment I woke up in Ain’s room, all the memories in between had disappeared.

‘It wouldn’t have happened… ?’

Seohyun looked down at her body.

First of all, the clothes you wore yesterday are the same.

It would be proof that nothing big happened.

Ain is… . I can’t tell for sure because it’s covered in a blanket, but it’s probably wearing the pajamas that I put on when I go into the capsule.


When the situation calmed down, a sigh of relief flowed out.

Seohyun quietly left Ahin’s room without lifting the blanket.

‘Okay, let’s eat. Ain will wake up soon.’

A simple breakfast such as toast or yogurt… No, I turned on my smartphone while preparing brunch for two.

‘Shall we look at the Internet? There must have been a lot of posts about the main quest. Maybe a new history quest has been created.’

Seohyun connected to a community she frequented as a habit. right at that moment.

“Huup… !”

He involuntarily inhaled.

Hyun’s eyes fixed on the screen trembled.

Main News tab.

It was because in the middle of the collapsing temple of light, a screen shot of a couple kissing was hanging over the door.

‘wait for a sec… This… .’

I realized it belatedly.

The sky of the Temple of Light was filled with drone cameras.

As a means to gather sympathy, numerous broadcasting stations gave permission to film, but… . I completely forgot about their existence because I couldn’t control the emotions that surged right after I finished the quest!

why did you forget that?

So yesterday I… While the whole world is watching, Ain and… !



Seohyun hit the frying pan hard without realizing it.

Soon after, I heard a rustling sound from the bedroom.

“hyeon… ? did you call me?”

Ain opened the door and came out, rubbing his eyes.

“I didn’t call… That’s right, Ain, you’ve just arrived!”


“I’m in trouble now… !”

Seohyun showed Ain the screen of her smartphone and said.

Thanks to the first-person perspective, there were even a lot of close-up pictures of the face like a pictorial.

However, unlike Seohyun who made a fuss, she only muttered one word.

“Oh, we were filmed.”

“This is not the time to admire! Unbeknownst to us, our image has spread all over the world!”

“Did I know?”

“huh… ?”

“Isn’t it taken by a drone camera?”

silence that followed.

After a while, Ain asked in a laughing voice.

“Whoa, what is it, are you ashamed?”

“Of course there is that, but… .”

“It’s okay, because I don’t care.”

“Not that.”

Ain didn’t seem to understand the situation properly, so Seohyun explained again.

“It might be a very serious problem for me!”

Seohyun knew that famous people get caught up in gossip even over trivial matters.

And the fact that his name is more famous than most celebrities.

It is already known to everyone that Ain is a minor.

I don’t know if there’s anything legally wrong about kissing, but will people look at it kindly?

No one will believe that yesterday was a first kiss.

If someone is determined and catches the pod, it could be a big stain on the image of Hyun, the Shade Guild, or the SHA Company.

Even though Seohyun explained various things in gibberish, Ain didn’t seem to feel any sense of crisis.

Rather, he smiles and laughs mischievously.

“I seduced you first… Are you worried about that now?”

“Temptation? When did I!”

“don’t worry. If Hyun gets into trouble, I’ll state that I attacked him.”

“No, really… !”

No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t communicate, so Hyun shifted his gaze to his smartphone.

As expected, the bulletin board was in an uproar.

There were far more articles mentioning the incident than the content of the main quest where he fought the Celestials.

Afraid to see people’s reactions, Seohyun’s fingers trembled right before checking the community.

And finally.

‘huh… ?’

– Hyun is a legend. The quest strategy was perfect, but it seems that the Ajin strategy was also perfect.

-Ain, as of today, you have been eliminated as a candidate for my wife.

-I loved Ain!!!!!

‘… ?’

A question mark appeared above Seohyun’s head as she looked at the comments in the community.

I was prepared to hear ethical criticism and sharp criticism, but the reaction was not that extreme.

Most of them are close to crap.

-But is Ajin an adult? I know it’s not… Judgment of this prefecture may be problematic.

-It’s so bad lol Let’s go publicize this lol

– You might be accused of molesting a minor.

Of course, it wasn’t that there weren’t reactions that Seohyun was worried about, but that kind of content didn’t get the consent of many people.

– No, how can I see this forcedly? lol

-The current situation where minors are forced to… thief

– What are you fussing about now? Everyone knew that you two were dating.

– And legally, as long as they are over 13 years old, it doesn’t matter what they do with each other.

-It’s nice to see good men and women together, but why are there so many grumpy kids?

There were far more comments defending Hyun than that.

The reason for such a reaction is that Hyun has become one of the icons of national prestige thanks to the actions he has shown to the world.

In the first place, no one knows what the relationship between Hyun and Ain is like.

Humans don’t feel jealous of being too far away, so most of the users didn’t say barbed words to Hyeon and Ain.

ha… Suddenly, a smile mixed with relief flowed from Seohyun’s lips.

Maybe I was being too sensitive?

People’s reactions were more favorable than expected.

-X feet! I envy you now!

-kill… kill… kill… kill… kill… .

-No, why are you salting in a public broadcast?

– The strings are clearly small. small anyway.

– I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s small?


So I was able to laugh off the occasional mischievous joke.

The moment I scrolled down like that.

An intrusive comment was caught in Seohyun’s field of vision.

– But compared to Hyun’s ability, isn’t Ain lacking? Seeing that you don’t register for the Hall of Fame, it’s obvious that your level is low. To be honest, there’s nothing special about it except for the momentary control ability… .

I burst into laughter at the absurd nonsense.

I want to answer someone’s words like this.

My partner never thought of anyone but Ain.



Seohyun turned her head at the sudden voice calling her.

“Today, let’s just go play.”

“where? outside?”

“It’s the last day of the year. Don’t you think something wonderful is going to happen?”

“Oh, have you been eating out for the first time in a while? lunch? dinner?”

“both. And in between and at the end… There is something!”

“What is it, did you prepare something secretly?”

Seohyun’s smile deepened as she looked at Ain, whose voice had risen.

That’s right, if I’m not spending it with Ain, there’s no way I’ll make the choice to skip Asrian for a day.

Until now and in the future, Ain will always be my partner.


January 1st.

A cold wave warning was issued in the winter of the new year, but for some it was a hotter day than ever.

Ain officially becomes an adult, and the relationship between Seohyun and Ain… . did not change dramatically.

They didn’t say that they were dating, but it was because the two of them had spent time practically like lovers since their first ‘fairy tale’ a year and a half ago.

There was nothing special except for moving the bed into one room and raising the level of Ain’s jokes.

Seohyun was able to roughly guess the principle of Ain’s behavior.

Maybe it’s because they haven’t climbed the final stage as lovers yet?

However, Ain, who had the eyes of a beast, showed a girlish appearance such as stuttering and gibberish when the time came, so no incidents beyond the first day have occurred yet.

It’s only been two days since we kissed, so that kind of reaction was natural.

Seohyun was in no hurry.

The ambiguous distance will narrow in an instant at some point.

[Connect to Assrian!]

After a day and a half, Hyun lay down in a capsule.

The message that stopped flowing from the Temple of Light disturbed his gaze.

[‘Main Quest’, ‘Darkness in Shine’ has been completed!]

[Your disposition is approaching a deeper abyss! (Current: -102)]

[A total of 2 main events have been canceled!] – <Expand +>

[A total of 3 main events have been triggered!] – <Expand +>

[He strongly interfered with the causality of the world!]

[Level up!] x 5

[The main stat (Empathy) increases by +40!]

[Skill points increase by +20!]

Most notable is the change in attitude.

When the propensity drops to -100, an effect that scatters demonic energy is added throughout the body.

If this is the case, the eyes of the sky cannot be avoided, so Hyun vowed to lower his inclination by praying to the angel of harmony when the time is right.

It wasn’t that difficult to change the disposition after taking the 10th level of prayer.

‘Let’s see the reward… 40 empathy, 20 skill points, and the level has risen by 5.’

The current level is now 284.

From level 100 to level 400, considering that it takes about twice as much time to level up for every 100 level increase, going up 5 levels was an encouraging achievement.

“Wait, Ain, aren’t you level 300?”

“uh? That’s right!”

Hyun’s question suddenly came to mind, and Ain shouted in surprise.

“Hyun, I have a new quest!”

“I know, you mean the former quest?”

“That’s right, but it’s a little strange.”

Ain then sent a screen shot of the quest window to Hyeon.


“what… .”

[3rd Job Change Quest]

<The servant always looks only at the master!>

-The person who will become your master has a lower level than you! It’s time for the servants to step in!

– Raise the level of ‘Current Lv.284’ to 300.

[Reward: Angelic Reaper Higher Class, 2 Awakening Skill Points]

(*Awakening skill points are used when exchanging for skill level up or new awakening skills.)

“valet… ?”

It was only natural that Hyun’s face would be stained with absurdity as he read the contents.

Ain’s 3rd Job Change Quest.

After confirming the contents, Ain muttered curiously.

“Look, the name of the prefecture appeared in the quest!”

‘It’s called a servant… ?’

Hyeon’s thoughts became complicated.

Why did the system decide that Ain was my servant?

Because you often play with me? Because it is the main subject of fairy tales?

No, I don’t think the reason is that simple.

At that moment, Hyeon’s mind flashed.

Fragments of memories began to pass like a video.

“Because your master’s disturbance ruined my plans? Shouldn’t you pay with your body instead?”

At the altar in the City of Borders, Caidrial muttered that as he dragged Ain to the Pandemonium for a month.

I didn’t think much of it at the time, but… . Looking back now, I don’t think Caidrial would have mentioned the word ‘master’ for nothing.

Yes, this is Caidrial who induced him to choose a support job in the first place.

Ain is the same as the supporter’s attendant… . In other words, it would have been possible to even out the professions associated with the servants of chaos!

“The last fragment is very close.”

Hyun also remembered the Eternal World.

Nevia, a girl who called herself a servant, said that the third Chaos Fragment was very close.

The place where the third fragment is located means the location of the third attendant.

If the attendant was Ain, Nevia’s words would be correct.

The pieces of the puzzle that had been scattered in Hyun’s head began to fit together.

Yes, it was no coincidence that the synergy between supporters and melee mages was exceptionally good.

‘Really, Ain was a candidate for my attendant… ?’

“There are those who were designated as attendants from birth. It is said that such special beings become servants of angels without a separate contract… It has nothing to do with us.”

According to Seseri’s explanation in the halfway village, there are two ways to become a transcendental attendant.

contract, or fate.

Yes, the moment I chose a melee mage, Ain’s fate was decided as my attendant!

“Listen carefully, Ain.”

Ain was still tilting his head, not knowing why, so Hyeon explained what he had found out.

“what? Hyuni… It’s my master… ?”

“I think that’s what happens when you finish the job change quest.”

Quest called me ‘the one who will be the master’.

It was not yet a servant-servant-master relationship, but it meant that it would soon change to that relationship.

“Huh… .”

Ain’s eyes widened.

And then, what thought came to mind, the corner of his mouth twitched.

“then… Should I call Hyun the master from now on? yo. this?”

“… .”

Hyun was speechless at Ain’s question with a playful smile on his face.

Ain’s mischief has gotten worse lately, so I needed to be a little stronger on this side to make him shut up.

“Yes, you were like that.”

Hyun responded with a relaxed smile to Ain’s mischievous smile.

“It’s a bit different here… I’ll do what you like later.”

“I… ? what… ?”

“Education as a master.”

“… !”

After stopping Ain from speaking with a perfect counter, Hyun seriously contemplated the relationship between master and servant.

If this happens, Ain will also be involved in chaos.

Then where is the third world?

Where is the last Chaos Fragment located?

Hyun vowed to meet Cadrial again later and ask these questions.

The person who gave Ain the job of a melee mage might know the answer to this riddle.

And again.

<Quest: The Devil’s Deal>

– My apostle.

– You know what to do, right?

(Reward: I’ll do anything as long as my strength allows)

Ain’s quest to spread the name of harmony.

The text is different, but the quest with the same content, <Message from an Angel>, remains with me.

Meeting Caidrial again is at least 5 years from Asrian’s standards.

Five years have passed since the peace between the Holy Kingdom and the Empire of Darkness was broken, so the name of Harmony must have spread considerably.

Then it would be okay to talk about quest rewards with Caidrial this time.

Since he made the mistake of omitting an important part of Louise’s awakening, Caidrial would have no choice but to accept all requests if he had the guts.


Clear the long-awaited main quest!

The seemingly rewards were only level up and achievement bonuses, but in fact, there was one more income comparable to that.

‘Now, where should I check?’

Hyun began organizing his inventory as if he were opening a gift box.

‘Sort by recent acquisition order!’


The sound of items being mixed was heard, and after a while, a big smile appeared on Hyun’s lips.

It was because the magic materials obtained from the northern part of Radix Island were piled up in the inventory.

The monsters there were nothing short of bonanza.

It’s a monster that’s hard to catch even one with normal methods, but thanks to empathy, I was able to hunt them as if I were slaughtering them.

In some sense, it could be said that this side’s achievements were greater than the main quest rewards.

‘How much is this in cash… ?’

Looking at the inventory, Hyun’s eyes twinkled in rapture.

Monsters that drop precious materials have a very long regeneration time.

The monsters in the northern part of Radix Island were not much different, so it was clear that they would have the same regen time as most named classes.

How many years does it take for a similar number of monsters to accumulate… Maybe it will take more time than that.

Thinking back, it was fortunate that the members of the Shade Guild found the hunting ground before anyone else.

Hyun looked at the ingredients he had gathered slowly one by one.

35 Higher Spirit Cores, 5 Supreme Spirit Cores, 32 (Red/Blue) Spiritual Tails… . In addition to that, thousands of rare materials were filling the inventory like japtem.

And that’s not all.

2 God Stones, 582 Grade 13 Mana Stones, 82 Grade 14 Mana Stones, and 6 Grade 15 Mana Stones!

‘This is enough for all guild members to make a full Legendary set!’

Of course, it is difficult to make a legendary item with a level limit of 300 or higher.

This is because they did not possess the most important level 16 or higher magic stones.

However, even this was enough to satisfy Hyun.

Back in Asura’s days, there were no hunting grounds where you could get rare materials in such a large amount!

‘Shall we visit the Labyrinth again soon?’

And Hyun also knew where to source the rest of the key ingredients.

The 31st and 32nd floors of the labyrinth.

On the last 2 floors, 16th grade magic stones are dropped.

If you can catch the ‘Master of the Labyrinth’ in the deepest part of the 32nd floor, you can get a level 17 magic stone with a very rare chance.

‘Well, think about that later.’

Hyun shook his head.

Anyway, the owner of the labyrinth is not a guy who can be caught even at the current level.

Besides, he had only obtained a level 17 magic stone once, even during his days as Asura.

Now, rather than chasing after the rice cake of painting, the priority would be to devise a plan to utilize these many materials.

‘Yes, I’ll have to match the guild members’ items.’

Hyun recalled the faces of the members of the Shade Guild.

Salon, Tartar, Genie.

Even though the three did not receive the main quest, they followed them to the Temple of Light on Radix Island, and Tartar and Genie lost their lives in the process.

If it wasn’t for even one person, I wouldn’t have been able to hold on until Seseri came… .

Appropriate compensation should be given to those who worked together for the main quest that had nothing to do with them.

Just two days later, everyone was resurrected.

Hyun decided to meet the guild members one by one.

It was to find out what each of them wanted.

“A legendary item… ? me?”

When I went to see Ginny, she responded with nonsense.

Again, he looked at the staff and robe once more and continued.

“Hyung, you don’t have to push yourself that hard. I’m not even a dealer in the first place.”

“hmm… is that so.”

“yes. As for the items, the unique set prepared by Hyun is sufficient. Rather… ”

Genie’s interest was on something other than her own items.

“If possible, I want to use the materials obtained from this expedition for research.”

“Oh, that doesn’t matter either.”

Hyun easily agreed.

Now, there are dozens of other researchers in the Shade Lab besides Genie.

At some point, the scale grew so much that I couldn’t pay attention to it individually, but I did know that the Shade Lab started making things other than guns.

“Okay, how much do you need?”

“I… It’s a little shameless to say, but… .”

Ginny paused before speaking, which was rare.

“I need 50 Grade 14 Mana Stones and 2 Grade 15 Mana Stones.”

“yes… ?”

“It’s a bit much… ?”

Ginny continued with an expression of regret and anticipation.

“There is a recent study worth trying.”

“What kind of research period… .”

“You have to create a mana vacuum of 10 to the 7th power or more with a mana neutralizer to apply the same principles of electromagnetism in reality, and you need a lot of high-grade magic stones to do that.”

“Um… .”

“But if you have a mana-heavy firearm with that level of performance, you can raise the specs of the gun, and above all, you can make electronic products!”


“Yes, it’s the first Assrian!”

Hyun quietly listened to Genie’s explanation and nodded.

Hyun could now understand the somewhat complicated explanation.

In the meantime, what Assrian’s magic engineers have been having the most trouble with is how to deal with ‘electricity’.

The reason why the existing electromagnetism does not work on Assrian is that the reactivity of mana and electrons is so excellent.

Even if there is only a small amount of mana left, electricity does not flow through the circuit.

However, the phenomenon can be solved by using a high-performance mana heavy weapon.

“This is an opportunity for SHA Company to preoccupy another field!”

Genie wanted to pioneer a new field called ‘electromagnetic research’, just as the SHA Company had taken the lead in the field of firearms.

In an instant, a question popped into Hyun’s mind.

“Can you make a weapon using that electromagnetic principle?”

“that… Probably impossible.”

To that question, Ginny gave a skeptical answer.

“Items with electromagnetic technology are very sensitive, so if they are subjected to a strong shock or the density of energy increases, they will break down as they are.”

“Um… .”

“In addition, the weapon must contain ‘magical power’. Using both mana and electricity, which are opposites, at the same time, Assrian’s magic would be much better than electromagnetism.”

To sum up the explanation, it was said that the damage of a weapon using electromagnetic energy would be terrible, as was the case with guns.


Even if he couldn’t make weapons, Hyun wasn’t disappointed at all.

Being able to make electronic products in Assrian is another revolution.

I could understand why Ginny was so motivated.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with pioneering a new field.”

Hyun listened to Genie’s request without much hesitation.

In order to reach the top of Asrian, shouldn’t we go ahead of others in everything?

“Excellent choice! I will definitely bring good results… !”

The moment the magic stones were handed over, Genie grabbed Hyun’s hand and shook it.

It was rare to see Ginny’s voice, which had always been cool, grow so loud.

After that short talk with Genie.

“What, Tartar, are you still logged in at this time?”

“It’s vacation!”

“Ah, that’s right… .”

Hyeon whispered to Tartar as well.

“Is there anything you want today?”

“What I want… hmm… Are you my girlfriend?」

At that moment, Hyeon narrowed his eyes and tilted his head.

It’s not that the translator is weird, it’s trying to feed me, right?

Hearing something that sounded like something reprehensible, Hyun pondered for a moment whether to pass Tartar’s reward, but decided to show mercy once.

“Don’t do that. Don’t you need an item or something? For example, legendary equipment… .」

“Legendary?! Can I use something like that properly… ?」

“It’s true that it’s too much for you, but take it when you give it. This time, the mana stones and magic materials obtained from Radix Island are piled up.”

“Ah, those items!”

At that moment, Tartar shouted as if realizing something.

“Hyung, can you give me the leftover ingredients?”

“how much?”

“All that remains!”

‘… ?’

Hyeon’s eyes narrowed once again at the words he didn’t know the meaning of.

Just when he was thinking whether he should pass Tartar, he heard his voice again.

“I manage the VIP shop, right? I’m going to add it as a product there!」

“Ah, that.”

Hyun, who finally understood Tartar’s intentions, relaxed his face as usual.

He remembered the VIP shop where he could use shade points as goods.

“Wait a minute.”

While Tartar mentioned the VIP shop, Hyun decided to take a look at the current status of users who have been doing Shade Quest for the first time in a while.

‘Member management’

(VIP 1 : 300p) – About 15.5 million

(VIP 2 : 1500p) – Approx. 860,000

(VIP 3 : 6000p) – Approx. 110,000

(VIP 4 : 30000p) – 1032 people

(VIP 5 : 300000p) – 0 people

(※ Note: At midnight every day, 0.1% of your points automatically expire!)

‘indeed… .’

Before long, Hyun could understand why Tartar had requested a large quantity of magic materials.

The overall number of members also increased, but among them, the number of tier 4 VIP members increased significantly.

-Unique shop available

– A lot of gold paid every day

– Possible to submit an application to the Shade Guild

I could understand why Tartar asked for the magic material.

Point shops run by the Shade Guild.

Although the word “general~legendary” does not literally mean an item grade, it is a system that allows you to purchase better items at higher grade shops.

Among them, it must be that there is not enough stock to sell at the unique shop.

There is nothing difficult about such a request.

All the Shade Quests performed by VIP members are only those that develop the border city or increase the power of the Shade Guild.

“Okay, let’s meet Salon first, take care of me and my son, and I’ll give you all the rest.”

“really? Thank you, brother!」

Hyun smiled heartily at Tartar’s excited cry.

Seeing how they say thank you for making them do more work, it seems that their education has gone very well.

“Oh, and there’s one more!”


“Shouldn’t we be preparing things in the Legendary Shop soon?”


-Legendary shop available

-Payment of reward after confirmation of achievement

At that, Hyun looked at the individual member management window once again.

I narrowed my eyes while looking at the profiles of users who were close to reaching 300,000 points.

I thought it would take at least a year for VIP 5 users to appear, but it’s so fast… ?


I realized it belatedly.

The Shade Quest to lure the Knights of Beatra from the Kingdom of Pirantes.

He remembered that he had bet a considerable amount of points there as a reward.

Members with exceptionally high points are probably users who have made greater achievements than others at that time.

“Okay, I understand what you mean. I’ll take care of the items in the Legendary Shop.”

You can put some of the unique equipment that you got from killing the celestials.

Since all the celestials of D-class or higher ran away anyway, there was no drop of very useful equipment, but even that would be enough for ordinary users.

‘It would be nice if I could post the things that failed while making Legendary items later.’

That’s how I ended my conversation with Tartar.

It seems that he overestimates the legendary items, so it would be enough to give Tartar a unique set as a gift.

‘Then is the last Salon?’

Salon was still the most active member of the guild in the main quest among the three.

Hyun checked the overall contribution of the two days on Radix Island again.

<Mission Contribution>

[MVP Current] : 52.6% (Main Dealer, Commander, Buffer, Strategist, Playmaker)

[Ain] : 16.1% (???, sub dealer 1, tank)

[Seseri] : 15% (???, guide)

[Louis] : 7% (survival price, sub dealer 2)

[Salon] : 3.8% (Sub dealer 3, playmaker)

[Poppy] : 3.7% (crowd control, support)

[Genie] : 1.4% (Healer, Buffer)

[Tartar] : 0.4% (crowd control and support)

Surprisingly, the ‘Contribution Calculator’ said that Salon and Papi’s contributions were at the same level.


At first, I thought the calculator might be broken, but I could tell by watching the recording.

Salon held a position where he could both assassinate and protect his comrades, constantly moving and exerting invisible pressure on the celestials.

On Radix Island, even a celestial spirit becomes useless.

The cowardly celestials were easily fooled by the bluff of the Assassin, Salon.

But bluff is also skill!

Without proper positioning or splendid moving, it is impossible to do this or that.

As an assassin specialized in attack, the fact that he had been able to complete defense missions this much meant that Salon was not an ordinary ranker.

‘Yes, if it’s about Salon, it wouldn’t be a waste to give him two Legendary daggers as gifts.’

After making that decision, Hyun sent a whisper to Salon.

It was a moment later when a voice sounded a bit flustered.

“I’m sorry Hyun, can you wait a moment, a very little moment?”

“What are you busy with?”

“I’m doing a history quest right now.”

“… ?」

Hyun shook his head.

“Are you talking about the episode that was added yesterday?”

“Yes, ‘the power of empathy’. I am doing that.”

“We all got together and cleared it a while ago.”

Right after Genie and Tartar were resurrected, Hyun gathered the guild members and cleared all difficulties in an instant.

Salon was also with us, so there would be no need to repeat the same quest again?

“Ah, that… There are some circumstances.”

<The Power of Empathy>

This is the title of the new History Quest episode.

Even though there was a torch from users, the reason why the episode was added after ten thousand days was simple.

It was because Robert, the development team, needed time to adjust the balance.

It is clear that users without empathy skills will not be able to even attempt the quest.

Because of this, the way the quest progressed was slightly different from the actual history.

The overall story of trying to awaken darkness remained the same, but the details were changed to be more user-friendly.

In other words, an NPC in the position of Seseri would amplify the stats by conveying the power of empathy to the user he likes.

Then, the quest became so easy that the word ‘real’ of the actual difficulty was colorless.

Enough that Salon, who has been driven by the power of empathy alone, can lead the hard difficulty bus of the history quest!

“How are you going to break this?”

“I can’t adapt to even a slight increase in agility… If it gets amplified several times like this, you won’t be able to use the existing moving ice!”

However, it is not easy for all users.

Most of them couldn’t even control their bodies and fell over.

Unless you’re a user who pays close attention to the controls, you won’t find this episode any easier.

If Salon hadn’t watched Hyun and Ain’s movements every day and practiced it, it would have been impossible to lead the hard difficulty free bus.

“Salon-sama, I have always respected you!”

“Can you lead our party next?”

“I love you brother Salon!”

Salon managed to hide the laughter that kept leaking out.

Salon, who was enjoying the numerous praises pouring toward him, suddenly answered the whisper of the whole prefecture.

“I’ll call you in a while. I just got invited to a famous streamer’s broadcast.”

“Oh yeah… ?」

Salon seemed to be having a good time playing with dead figures.

It would be better to bring it up again later. Hyun decided not to interfere with Salon.


The fact that this history quest was easily released was not just a feeling of prefecture.

All of the users who said they were confident in their control were feeling the drop in quest difficulty.

Proof of this is that there were four parties that cleared ‘real difficulty’ in one week!

What was unusual was that three of them belonged to professional gaming teams.

Anyway, the dominant opinion was that the difficulty of this history quest was lowered, as long as the number of unofficial clear parties was added, it might be more than four.

It’s unprecedented that a real difficulty that showed no sign of breaking even after several months of release was conquered so quickly.


[Cleared the actual difficulty level of ‘The Power of Empathy’!]

[You will receive 2 stat points as a reward!]

“… … .”

A historical palace with subtle darkness.

Latis was staring into space alone. He was also one of the unofficial clear users.

The reason I was able to clear the episode alone was because there was no difference in difficulty no matter how many people I was with.

Because ’empathy’, which is limited anyway, is to share the resources among the parties.

‘It’s real… ?’

Latis saw the message and laughed.

Even after clearing it after 8 attempts, Latisse’s expression was not so good.

He also saw the broadcast a few days ago, so he knew the contents of the real quest that the members of the Shade Guild went through.

‘This is not real history…’ . It was much harder than this!’

Latis knew more than anyone else what the power of empathy was.

Not only that, but among the top rankers, there were some who knew how empathy works.

It was thanks to the spread of high-quality information about Asrian for nearly two years.

That’s why I could guess why Hyun turned on the broadcast when he was able to use empathy as a quest event.

It is an idea that is not easily conceived.

Hyun’s play, which always uses the best judgment, seems easy at first glance, but Latis could understand right away that no one could imitate it.

“… .”

When I saw Ain’s play, I thought I could imitate him.

Although the precision of movement is a little lacking, and it is slightly pushed back in psychological warfare, they believed that experience would solve them by itself.

But this time, I saw the true face of Hyun for the first time.

His play isn’t just focused on control like moving or psychological warfare.

Yes, for the first time, Latis felt like facing a huge, insurmountable mountain.

I couldn’t figure out what to supplement to catch up with Hyun.

“Is it a force?”

It had been a long time since Latisse muttered to himself.

Among the differences between Hyun and Ain, the most notable thing is the ability to utilize party members in the right place at the right time.

Hyun was like a maestro commanding the battlefield.

Latis thought that maybe there was an answer here.

When you walk alone, Hyun is your companion. That is, what if he was taking two or three steps leading the way?

As time goes on, the gap will only widen.

“A colleague… .”

As Latis continued to think, her eyes deepened.


A week when Asrian’s time stopped.

Seohyun spent that time well in her own way.

Two days I played with Ain, one day I went to my parents’ house, and another day I went shopping for the first time in a long time.

For the remaining three days, he took care of the chores accumulated in Asrian, and also raised 2 levels by hunting.

Time passed so quickly.

‘The server maintenance will be over soon.’

Hyun looked at the community for the rest of his time.

During the maintenance, users were enveloped in an atmosphere like the night before a storm.

The moment when 5 years of time stopped flowing again.

It was because everyone knew that there were so many things that users could get from Asrian.

The hottest topic in the community was also about what is the advantage of preoccupying as soon as the maintenance is over.

「I’m going to wipe out all the names today!!」

“I have to start with stocking up on consumables haha ​​The price must have plummeted while there were no users.”

Heh, Seohyun laughed while reading the posts posted on the community.

It was because it was funny how everyone was busy putting up smoke screens.

Named hunting, hoarding… Not bad, but they’re not the best option.

The biggest change is obviously the relationship between countries too!

It would be more important than anything else to figure out how the war between the Empire, the Nation of Darkness, and the Holy Kingdom ended, and what the power structure is like now.

Of course, the first thing I personally had to do was to meet Louise.


And the moment the inspection was finally over, Seohyun immediately lay down in the capsule.

How has Louise changed in 5 years?

Now, Louise’s age is roughly between 25 and 28 years old.

Hyun laughed.

It might be right to call her older sister, but that title was too awkward.

Even as the NFM logo passed and loading progressed, Hyun inflated his anticipation at the thought of meeting Louise.

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