Hard Carry Support Chapter 352-353-354

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Flow of Empathy (1), Flow of Empathy (2) and Flow of Empathy (3)

Gi-gi always looked one step ahead.

The reason why Louise was awakened from the land of darkness, and why she split the heavens under the name of harmony, was thanks to her predicting the future with an accuracy close to that of ‘preciseness’.

That is the ability of second-generation artificial intelligence with extrahuman intelligence!

However, she was not the only second-generation artificial intelligence in Assrian.

If the same second-generation artificial intelligence competes, it means that it is not strange if either side loses.

And today, Deception read the numbers to the light for the first time.

Realizing his mistake, he hurriedly gave an oracle to Ain, but it was too late.

Only one defeat in the midst of many victories.

However, the defeat from the challenger’s point of view was very painful.

And Hyeon and his party had no choice but to bear the price for Gi-man’s mistake.


“I will condemn you.”

Ugh. Whoops.

As the celestials beckoned, countless magic circles began to form in the air.

Then, arrows of ice and thunderbolt spheres created from the magic circle aimed at the party.

Has there ever been a human being who has been subjected to such a concentrated attack by so many celestial beings?

The word despair was floating in Hyun’s mind.

“Everyone defend-!”

Kwajik! Arrows of cold air pierced from the sky and shattered the floor.

A sharp chill passed by Hyun’s cheek as he twisted his body with all his might.

However, there was no time to restore the collapsed posture.

Kaaang-! Hyeon had to block the spear of ice that was flying right away once more.

“Chit… !”

Hyun’s hand trembled as he deflected the ice spear with the sword of darkness.

<Stat boost rate: 136%>

It was because the effect obtained from catching Ravius ​​was almost disappearing.

He is also busy focusing on defense. I can’t afford to attack.

If it wasn’t for Papi’s magic that changed the projectile’s direction, the party would have been annihilated after less than 10 seconds.

‘Damn it… .’

In an instant, Hyeon spat out a curse inwardly.

It was because I was feeling a feeling I didn’t want to recall.

The air suddenly became heavy, and when I inhaled that air, I felt like I was choking my breath.

It was like this the day Radiette died.

When I glanced to the side, I saw a white light emanating from Poppy’s body.

It is the light that burns the soul.

Papi, who always feared death, was exercising her ego power at the cost of her lifespan.

“I never thought I would give my own life.”

Poppy murmured as she put various magic circles under the feet of the party.

His will, carried in his voice, shook Hyun’s heart through the energy of Radix Island.

“furthermore… I couldn’t even imagine making this choice for the devil.”

Poppy glanced in Louise’s direction, then smiled.

Because he himself couldn’t understand his actions.

“Poppy, you… .”

But the thing I didn’t understand the most was Hyun.

Papi was a coward who hated fighting.

In particular, he was morbidly afraid of losing his lifespan by exercising his power on the ground.

But why… Is he smiling through tears?

Have I become addicted to the energy of Radix Island?

Hyun had never seen Papi with such a lively expression.

“Whoa, who is this?”

Poppy’s self-burning appearance was particularly conspicuous, and among the celestials, those who recognized his identity began to appear.

“Isn’t that the kid who used Magi in the past!”

“Help the devil! The rumors about being possessed by demons are true!”

Uh-uh- The magic circles floating in the air all aimed at Papi.

Cuckoo! Each time the overlapping protective shields were broken, Poppy let out her breath as if in pain.

Like a candle about to go out.

kuh… ! Hyeon watched Papi die, but he couldn’t do anything.

I felt stuffy and my breathing was rough, and I only inhaled the air.

I desperately rack my brain, but I can’t come up with a way to overcome this situation… !

Just at the time when I gnashed my teeth at the anxiety and despair that the prefecture invaded.

Whoops. Woo woo woo!

Hyun’s eyes widened when he suddenly witnessed a flash of light behind the celestials.

The world is turning red

No, it is an illusion of being dyed red!

From the magic effect, Hyun immediately figured out what the true nature of the skill was.

“Everyone avoid-!”

Without thinking, I shouted with all my might.



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It was shortly thereafter that a 20-meter-thick laser hit the party while scratching the floor.

Explosion of remnants. A skill that recollects scattered mana and shoots it!

The magic, which appeared once in the level 50 Awakening Quest, was powerful enough to brighten the sky of the darkened island for a while.

‘Louise… ?!’

Even while deafened by the roar, Hyun looked after Louise’s safety.

Was it luck?

Thanks to Poppy’s distorting force field changing the direction of the laser, Louise was safe from the magic’s influence.

That didn’t mean everyone was safe, though.


Hyun found Genie lying on the floor and shouted.

Her lower body was completely gone just by being grazed by a giant laser.

‘Still, did you get hit?! I’m not dead yet!’

Genie was on her way to casting as she had collapsed.

It seemed that he was probably trying to use his ultimate, retrogression.

Her Retrograde Lv.2 not only restores her physical strength, but also has the effect of removing status ailments and restoring her damaged body.

“It’s amazing… In situations like this, Hyun’s face always comes to mind.”

However, Ginny suddenly began to speak incomprehensible words.

With trembling hands, he completed the final magic.

“Even in despair… If it is a string, I have a feeling of anticipation that it will be able to cause a miracle.”

Hyun naturally thought that Genie would use retrograde on himself, but he was mistaken.

Her staff pointed at Ain behind her.

“Please win… !”

Whoops. Finally, as the light rose and disappeared from Ain’s body, the remaining body of Genie also became a mist of light and scattered in the wind.

<Stat boost rate: 211%>

Hyun soon understood her intentions.

My body felt light again.

It must be because Ain’s emotions returned to the ‘state immediately after catching Ravius’ 10 minutes ago.

ha… A hot sigh escaped his lips.

Does Ginny really believe I can win this fight?

Her analytical skills stood out even during her days as a pro gamer.

There’s no doubt that he doesn’t know that it’s impossible to reverse the situation to the extent that his stats have risen slightly.

‘Make a miracle… .’

<Until power refinement ends: 17 minutes 21 seconds>

Hyun looked around.

The point at which less than three minutes had passed since Louise had fallen asleep.

The number of celestials, which had been eight, increased to 11 without realizing it.

More and more powerful enemies will appear, so this side will continue to be at a disadvantage.

“brother… sorry… .”

To make matters worse, the group is collapsing one by one.

Tartar murmured with a hole in his chest.

Right before he closed his eyes, he called the duke with his last hope, but nothing came of it.

Of course. There’s no way the knight’s voice could reach all the way from the sky to the underground.

‘A miracle… .’

Hyun tried hard to ignore the disappearing tartar that was scattered into the light.

pod. Instead, he created a sword of darkness.

I know it’s pointless, but I did my best in this unreasonable fight.

As Ginny said, if a miracle happened, he had to catch it somehow.

‘… Is there any way?’

Dozens of thoughts popped into my head and then I erased them.

It was because there was no way to overcome this situation.

1 percent… No, 0.1 percent, even less is fine.

Is there really nothing I can do? really… ?

Even at the moment of thinking, the number of enemies continued to increase.

“Everyone back off. I will destroy them.”

At some point, a woman’s voice resounded throughout the battlefield.

Condensed thunderbolts were bouncing from her fingertips, with her hair down to below her knees.

“Judgment of Light!”

The woman’s outstretched hand fell from top to bottom.


A giant thunderbolt’s stem connected the sky and the earth.

The lightning didn’t stop after hitting it once, it lasted for a few seconds and covered a wide area.

As a result, the darkness above the clouds was pushed back, and a radiance engulfed the whole world.

Yes, this is the Celestial Magic.

Celestials were not beings whose strength could be measured by level.

The moment I gave myself time to cast large-scale magic, everyone’s fate was already decided.

There is nowhere to escape.

Hyun reflexively cast all the defense skills, but did not expect to survive.

Ain with electricity resistance might last a little longer.

However, in front of magic of this power, both Louise and Papi would all die.

Just like that, the world was dyed white with light.

In the midst of seeing nothing and hearing nothing.

“Whoa… ! ha… !”

For a moment, Hyun became breathless.

This time it wasn’t because he was addicted to the energy of Radix Island.

When he thought of Louise, who would have been hit directly by lightning without even resisting, he suddenly had trouble breathing.

It seemed like a hallucination.

Somewhere in a world dyed white, the silhouette of a demon seems to linger.

Is this an illusion created by my wish for Caidrial to descend?

“… hyeon!”

It was at that moment that Ain’s voice was heard.

The voice caught Hyun’s spirit again.

“Wake up Hyun!”

“… !”

At her cry, he soon realized that he had lost his balance and was lying on his back.

The lightning stopped and the vision that had been filled with light gradually recovered.

The tinnitus in my ears also stopped.

‘devil… ?’

A silhouette glimpsed in the shimmering brilliance. The existence that resembled the devil that appeared in front of Hyun was not an illusion.

‘Seseri… !’

Hyun jumped up from his seat.

A blonde girl with black wings flapping her hands in the sky with her eyes closed.

“I blocked all attacks!”

Above Ceseri’s head, Ain raised the sharp scythe of vigilance toward the sky.

Hyun understood the situation belatedly.

Ain jumped to a high place in that instant.

You used your weapon as a lightning rod and absorbed the lightning!

<Stat boost rate: 302%>

At the same time, lightning struck Hyun’s brain.

‘… !’

It was because the moment I saw the number of empathy, a method came to my mind.

Haha, a smile escaped my lips.

God might exist.

Not an Assrian angel or demon, but a real god who grants human wishes.

And I thought it was fortunate that I didn’t give up.

If I hadn’t prepared for the moment when a miracle would come, I wouldn’t have been able to come up with such an appropriate method right away.

[Time Boost Lv.1]

– Amplifies the sensible time of the selected target by 5.4 times.

Lasts -2 seconds (10.8 seconds).

– No effect can be seen on the user.

(Magi consumed: 8000)

(Cooldown: 60 seconds)

The size of empathy is proportional to the speed of feeling.

This is because the more time passes, the more ’emotional density’ becomes.

So Hyun had this vain wish a little while ago.

If only I could apply time amplification to Ain… Then, won’t there be a chance once in a while?

The hope is still in vain, but not now.

After taking a slow, deep breath, Hyun stretched out his hand toward Seseri and activated the time amplification.

right at that moment.

The stat amplification rate, which stayed at the beginning of 300%, skyrocketed at once.

<Stat boost rate: 830%>

[My body can’t stand empathy!]

decreased slightly again.


<Stat boost rate: 500%>

[Inducing empathy beyond the limit in a different direction!]

[The 330% amplification rate has strengthened the ‘Sword of Darkness’!]

Hyun ignored all the sentences flowing in front of his eyes.

I didn’t have time to read that right now.

Didn’t a miracle come just as Genie said!

‘Before this power disappears… !’

Whoa! Hyun, without hesitation, rushed to the place where the celestials were gathered and struck with the sword of darkness.

For some reason, I don’t feel it being held in my hand.

I thought for a moment that the attack had missed, but it wasn’t.

ugh… ! One of the celestials cried out in agony and sat down.

One of his struggling legs was missing, and the curious thing was that the severed leg was nowhere to be seen.

Not only that, but the two celestial beings by his side also disappeared.

Where did those who were standing still suddenly go?

‘What is this!’

‘Such nonsense… !’

Only the witnesses who realized the whereabouts of the two could only swallow their breath in shock and vomit.

It was hard to believe the sight of the two celestial beings being sucked into the black sword.

Whoo! Whoa! Even after devouring two celestials, the sword of darkness was greedily sucking in the surrounding wind as if complaining of hunger.

Hyun, who belatedly scanned the log window, was able to figure out what had just happened.

‘Skills have been strengthened instead of stats!’

It’s a little different from what I thought, but it doesn’t matter.

no. maybe this could be better

Hyun’s thinking was sharper than ever.

Empathy makes you feel each other’s feelings like a fairy tale.

Seseri’s will to fight was cooling Hyun’s head.

<Stat boost rate: 301%>

After the time amplification ended, the stats returned to their original state.

The trembling phenomenon of the sword of darkness also disappeared.

However, while the duration of the time boost is 2 seconds, the cooldown is 60 seconds.

If you’re not going to be mesmerized for 58 seconds, you can’t just rely on Ceseri’s prayers and time amplification.

If you can’t take one more step here, it will end as a coincidence, not a miracle.


Hyun looked up into the sky and murmured.

As a result of being severely affected by the state abnormality of Radix Island, the guild members were sharing their play screens through broadcasting.

It was to verify that each person was making the right decision.

“Turn on the broadcast.”

Tartar and Genie, who have already died, will be watching the broadcast in reality.

Hyun added a word to make sure the meaning was conveyed.

“Remove the entry restrictions.”


At the time Hyun and the party headed to Radix Island.

The attention of the users was all focused on the war.

In particular, users who said they were over level 200 were going through at least one war quest.

Who will emerge as the new ranker?

Which ranker will not be able to adapt to the change and will be weeded out?

Or, the Assrian communities around the world were noisy all day with stories about what kind of new era would be opened in the wake of the war.

Empire vs. Holy Kingdom.

And the Nation of Darkness vs. the Holy Kingdom!

Since you can’t fight 2 to 1, everyone expected that the Holy Kingdom would give up, but… .

Surprisingly, the war started to go completely differently than everyone expected!

Somehow, the Holy Kingdom enlisted the celestials who were not interested in royalties.

That’s when the incident happened.

It was the moment when the army of the Holy Kingdom rode the tide of superiority and pushed the united front of the Empire and the Nation of Darkness.

“What is that… ?”

Someone asked while looking at the sky.

The anomaly that was happening on Radix Island was reflected even on the surface.

As Louise’s awakening proceeded, one side of the sky began to turn pitch black.

“The sky is getting dark!”

Those who fought fierce battles on the vast plains looked up at the sky in a daze.

As in a symmetrical world, a black sun was rising in the world, filling the place where the sun should shine with darkness.

‘That place, no way… !’

The celestials who secretly looked after the Holy Kingdom were surprised.

The direction of the darkened sky is Radix Island, where the Temple of Light is located!

For those who serve the Light, the Temple of Light is as important a place as the Holy Land!

This is because only when there is a temple can the light grant the oracle and maintain the power as a celestial being.

‘Can not be done!’

‘Now is not the time to care about the promise with the Holy Kingdom!’

Teleportation from the ground to the sky is impossible because of the white band blocking it.

Since they had to pass through the sky bridge as soon as possible, the celestials hurriedly left their seats.

When the celestials left like that, the structure of the war began to change again.

“What happened?”

Every time the situation changed rapidly, users were at a loss.

“I don’t know, the sky got dark and suddenly the enemies retreated?!”

“Did that phenomenon affect the structure of the war?”

When the war stopped for a while due to the retreat of the Holy Kingdom, the attention of the users moved to the sky.

What is that black sun that rose out of nowhere?

And why did the Holy Kingdom retreat to the point of giving up its supremacy?

It was a natural phenomenon for everyone to focus their attention on the unusual change in the sky.

-(Breaking news!) One piece of information just revealed! The deceased user of the previous work also said that this was the first time he had seen it!

-Why is that breaking news?

-But isn’t that word unplayable? Later, only to benefit from each other.

– No, this is reliable. It’s a word from a cage broadcast, but cage is a good old man who only tells the facts to newbies.

– Like the war, and this incident… It seems that Asrian’s history is gradually diverging from the previous work.

And among various news and game broadcast reporters, urgent voices were coming and going.

Unlike ordinary users who conduct personal broadcasts, it was because they had the means to find out the unusual changes in the sky.

“This is the scoop!”

“Quickly send drones into the sky! We have to figure out what’s going on first!”


Unlike the ground in chaos, the top of the temple’s tower is immersed in tension.

‘… … .’

Hyun carefully looked around.

The heavenly beings are not moving first because they are wary of this side.

Probably, they are waiting for a B-class, or A-class or higher celestial to arrive.

Hyun took a deep breath and let go of the anxiety in his heart.

<Stat boost rate: 353%>

As soon as I ordered Tartar to send out a broadcast, the stat amplification rate began to rise rapidly, but this was still not enough.

We have to wait a little longer.

If the opponent didn’t move first, there was no need to move on this side either.

I sent a whisper to Ain without lowering my guard.

“Take care of Louise with Salon.”

“Yes… !”

“And Ceseri too.”

Hyun looked sideways.

Louise, who is still wrapped in magic and divine power.

Suddenly, before stepping into the magic circle, her smile passed before my eyes.

Every time Hyun recalled that Louise’s life and death was in his hands, his whole body shuddered.

Sometimes I even forget that she’s an NPC.

If Louise disappears today… It seemed that the future Assrian would be very different from what he had experienced so far.

‘Be sure to protect it.’

Hyun vowed never to miss this opportunity he had miraculously obtained.

concentration was maximized.

Enough to feel the texture of the wind brushing your fingertips!

And in my head I constantly thought of all the possible cases.

‘You must never use the strong god. I might fall asleep like Louise.’

‘An overly long blade against strong enemies would be rather a hindrance. I have to be careful not to pull out the sword of darkness with maximum magic.’

Just then.

[‘iGame’ requested a first-person view!]

[Are you sure you want to accept the sync? Y/N]

Hyun raised his gaze slightly at the message that suddenly popped up.

Through the darkened clouds, I could spot a drone heading this way.


The reason for turning on the broadcast was to gain sympathy from the users on the ground.

At the same time as discovering the drone camera, he might have burst into joy normally.

Hyun calmed down and calmed himself.

Excitement had the potential to err in judgment.

<Stat boost rate: 451%>

It was at that time that the magic of the celestials flew again.

Was it because of the death of two people?

Their offensive was different from before.

The magic that dozens of celestials poured out all at once was worthy of being called a bombardment.

Various magics flew indiscriminately towards the party.

[The transcendent is protecting you!]

[Your HP won’t drop below 1 for 3 seconds!]

[Body defect does not activate!]

All of those magics changed their trajectories in the air and were fired back at Hyeon.

The ‘Executioner’s Ring’ on Hyun’s finger was pulling all the projectiles to one point.

‘Okay, time bought!’

[Accepted synchronization of Retro Park!]

[Accepted synchronization of VRN (Virtual Resident News)!]

<Stat boost rate: 500%>

[Inducing empathy beyond the limit in a different direction!]

[The 30% amplification rate has greatly increased ‘magic resilience’!]

[50% amplification increases the range of ‘Disabling Wave’ by 3 times!]

Quadduk! Hyeon covered his whole body with the armor of darkness.

Whenever magic was properly recovered, he cast the same skill on his party members.

The durability of the armor used with the empathy amplified by 500 percent is literally millions!

Still, this was not an invincible armor, but a minimal device to protect the body from the attacks of the celestials.

[Accepted synchronization of National Virtual Net (NVN)!]

[The 20% amplification rate enhances ‘Phantom Rush’! I can send a sign to the illusion!]

[The 70% amplification rate enhances ‘Shadow Rush’! You can sprint twice in a row!]

Despite the messages pouring in, Hyun did not get excited.

no i couldn’t get excited.

Because from now on, not a single mistake will be tolerated.

“Are you the devil’s seed? Or is it the devil… ?”

One of the celestials asked, but Hyeon did not answer.

I just glanced at the man who opened his mouth.

‘… !’

Faced with Hyeon’s eyes, the heavenly man trembled at the moment of a creepy feeling.

Because his expressionless face paradoxically looked too savage.

“dare… !”

But he soon regained his senses.

Enraged at the fact that he was briefly overwhelmed by the opponent’s atmosphere, the Celestial began to cast the most powerful magic.

But at that moment.


his heart was pierced

Among the powerful spells, there were those that could not move during casting.

Hyeon, who had no way of knowing that, rushed through the shadows as if he had waited as soon as the magic circle appeared in both hands of the heavenly man, and escaped again.

Even after that, the look of looking at both sides with the same expression was like a beast facing a hunter.

“Ain, please.”

“Uh, uh… !”

At Hyun’s call, Ain quickly ran.

The face of Ain, who recharges his demonic energy, was flushed.

For an Ain who likes dueling, he was very calm.

It was because she knew that this fight was not the time to step out on her own.

‘That’s great, Hyun… !’

No, in fact, there were other reasons besides that.

I always watch Hyun by my side, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this.

He’s using his ultimate now, so he should be immune to lightning magic… Why do you feel like you’ve been electrocuted?

It’s hard to even breathe properly… !

[Accepted synchronization with The Games!]

Ain wasn’t the only one who felt the same way.

People all over the world watching Hyun through broadcasts were also looking at this situation with the same feeling.

‘Is that the real Hyun?’

‘I didn’t know because I’d only seen her relaxed when fighting the apostles… .’

‘I don’t think we can even meet eyes if we’re close.’

Just then.

Seseri’s startled face was captured on the screen.

Prayer is a means of empathy. Those who pray will naturally feel the other person’s feelings.

Embarrassed by her cold heart, Ceseri opened her eyes while she was praying.

“… are you okay.”

Hyun, realizing Seseri’s change, reassured her.

“Just like now, keep trusting me.”

Clearly, the intentions were different.

However, Hyun’s low voice toward Seseri took the breath away of several female users watching the broadcast.

‘If I were Ain… .’

‘I wish it was that blond girl!’

In addition, there was something about Hyun fighting that made it impossible for men and women to take their eyes off them.

It is surprising that he controls the tremendous speed that he received as an event buff, but the sight of him moving like a knife at that speed left me speechless.

‘I want to fight like that… !’

‘I didn’t become famous for nothing.’

‘Can I become like Hyeon if I practice?’

There were many people who watched the prefecture on TV or mobile phones, but there were more people who watched the broadcast in the guild’s private room or capsule pop-up window.

It was because the boundary between reality and virtual reality disappeared, and users were accustomed to living in Assrian.

Like that, the emotions of millions and tens of millions of users reached Hyun’s soul and became the power of empathy.

At the top, numerous drones were orbiting the tower.

Thanks to Hyun set the broadcasting station’s request to ‘automatically accept’, the battle of the Shade Guild members was being broadcast all over the world.

<Stat boost rate: 500%>

(※Additionally, 280% empathy was used to enhance temporary skills.)

The battle was neither noisy nor monotonous.

In the midst of the tension flowing, the screen only occasionally fluctuated.

When the magic of the celestials swept through the world, Hyeon and the members of the Shade Guild mobilized various means to stop the magic.

And again, at the sight of counterattack, the users couldn’t relax for a second.

The highlight is the moment when Hyun applies time amplification to Seseri once every two minutes.

Hyeon charging at the celestials with an enhanced sword of darkness was like a gladiator who found the opponent’s weakness.

<Until power refinement ends: 3 minutes 19 seconds>

Meanwhile. After one attack, Hyun sneakily checked Louise’s condition.

The black-and-white aura that had wrapped around her had now turned to a complete pitch black, and the temple sky was gradually sinking into darkness accordingly.

It meant that the refinement of power was almost over, and Louise’s awakening was also in the final stage.

If you hold on like this for a while longer, the main quest will be successful.

So, does everything end safely with that?


Hyun calmly considered all the variables.

Even after the main quest is over.

‘A similar thing happened before.’

He remembered what happened in the land of darkness in the past.

After awakening, Louise had to go through a war in the sky.

Had it not been for Shatin and Shatina’s sacrifice, it was clear that she would have died as soon as she opened her eyes.

Immediately after the main quest, 5 years of time accelerated in Assrian, and for about a week, users could not interact with the core NPCs in the world.

What is the standard for determining core NPCs in the world? At least Louise and Celestial would be included in it.

And if the same thing happens this time, Louise and Papi will have to deal with all the remaining celestials in the temple together.

But this is the Temple of Light. It was a difficult place to ask for someone’s help as before.

‘I can’t just hold on!’

The remaining time is a trap.

This is ‘limited time’, not ‘endurance time’!

No matter how strong Louise might be after awakening, she would not be able to escape safely from dozens or hundreds of celestials.

So he had to kill most of the celestials here or render them incapacitated for the sake of Louise, who would soon wake up.

‘Can we reduce the number as much as possible?’

Hyeon continued to think while continuing the battle.

Celestials are extremely afraid of death.

As evidence of this, when several Celestials lost their lives to the sword of darkness, they were alert and did not actively fight.

Some even went up into the sky and cast only long-range magic.

Is it possible to reduce the number of devas in this situation?

“are you okay.”

When Hyun was worried like that.

Suddenly, I heard Ain’s whisper.

“If it’s Hyun, I can do it.”

Hyun’s eyes fluttered.

It was the first time I had read my thoughts so accurately to Ain even though I was not assimilated.

however… On what grounds is Ain bringing out such a statement?

Hyun’s expression, which had been hardened, relaxed a little.

What is the importance of the evidence? When Hyun hears Ain’s voice full of confidence, his hardened heart is naturally relieved.

“Because it’s Hyun.”

and the next moment. I took a breath.

Because suddenly someone hugged him from behind.

Small arms, small body. You can tell who it is just by feeling it.

Ain! What is this guy thinking in the same situation now… .


“… !”

In an instant, Hyun’s pupils widened.

A small hand holding her from behind.

The moment he saw the ring on his finger, a flash pierced his brain.

[Heavenly Coupling]

-All stats are boosted by 20% when contacting a partner wearing the same ring.

was it intended? Is it just a coincidence?

Hyun did not think deeply.

A possibility popped into my head!

Dong-Hyeon, who had a premonition of something, whispered to A-In again.

“as it is… I’m holding on tight.”

At the same time as the time amplification was activated for Seseri, numerous messages passed through the log window.

<Stat boost rate: 500%>

<Stat boost rate: 600%>

<Stat boost rate: 1020%>

[Inducing empathy beyond the limit in a different direction!]

[‘Angel’s Basic Swordsmanship’ has been enhanced to ‘Archangel’s Swordsmanship’ with a 520% ​​amplification rate!]

<Stat boost rate: 500%>

Hyungwon clenched his hands tightly.

Woo woo woo. The dark sword is crying like crazy.

You can intuit just the sound.

What weapon is in my hand… . And what kind of powers they have… !

[Archangel’s Sword Lv.4]

-Inflicts 800% damage to all enemies in sight.

-In the sky, the damage is increased to 3200%.

-Damage increased to 6400% in Heaven.

– This effect only activates once every 24 hours.

Then the string soared high into the sky.

With one hand, he tightly gripped the arm of Ain who was embracing him, and with the other hand he grabbed the sword of darkness.

Hyun, who jumped as much as he could, stopped at a place about 100 meters from the ground by using the shadow run.


From a distant height near the clouds, Hyun looked down.

Thanks to the clairvoyance effect, I was able to observe every aspect of the celestials looking up.

Hyun-i, who looked at them all,


Cut through the air with the sword of darkness.

Actions that seem to be nothing at first glance.

However, the result of that small hand gesture was beyond imagination.

An archangel’s swordsmanship that cuts through the air and splits the enemy’s soul.

Flash! The illusion that the world splits along the path of the sword arose.

[Level Up!] X2

Soon, numerous screams rang out from everywhere.

It is said that the power exercised by heavenly beings far surpasses that of humans, but it is nothing compared to the power of archangels.

There were only two kinds of fate that the heavenly people faced before the archangel’s sword.

Either die instantly on the spot, or get mortally wounded and use your ego to teleport to escape.

“… … .”

Eventually, when Hyun landed on the top of the tower again, a rain of light grains was pouring down from the sky.

Kurr! Kurrrrr!

It wasn’t that the ground was fine.

The ‘enemy’ written in the Archangel’s swordsmanship skill description means something to be eliminated or destroyed.

And the Temple of Light was also an ‘enemy’ by the standard of the prefecture using the archangel’s swordsmanship.

As if God’s judgment had arrived, hundreds of meters of craters were engraved in the Shaking Temple of Light.

The reason why the “top island” where the temple is located is slowly sinking is because the magic circle that supports the island has been destroyed.

<Until the refinement of power ends: 22 seconds>

“hyeon… Always only you, these wonderful scenes… .”

As the sky was covered in darkness, Salon looked at Hyeon with surprised eyes.

Salon, who was muttering something, noticed the drone still hovering in the sky and quickly exchanged words, pointing at Ceseri and Louise.

“Kuhm… It was a perfect combination play. As you instructed, these guys were definitely protected by me.”

“… Thank you for that.”

Hyun, who suddenly felt a grip on his waist, looked back and continued.

Ain had not let go of his hand until after he had dealt with all the Celestials.

“Ain, you too.”

While that short amount of time had passed, Louise’s awakening was entering the final stage.

Whoa! The magi that filled the sky was being sucked into Louise’s body, and sunlight began to seep through the dark clouds.

<Until power refinement ends: 0 seconds>

Time has finally passed.

Louise opened her eyes atop a slowly sinking temple. He made eye contact with Papi, who was nearby, and quickly placed his hand on his head in amazement.

However, Louise’s mouth, which was about to shout something, stopped open. After a while, the new forms of the two NPCs slowly disappeared like fog dispersing.

T-ring! It was the very next moment that Hyun heard a message in his ear.

[You have cleared the main quest, ‘Jet-dark in the radiance’!]

<The darkness has regained its power, which was sealed in the most dangerous place. It will take a long time to practice to get used to its power.>

[Clear results and rewards] -<Expand+>

<A turning point in history has been reached, and time in the world has stopped! In one week, time accelerates to 5 years! In addition, the following actions are restricted for one week.>

– Unable to obtain new quests.

– Unable to interact with major NPCs.

– Unable to achieve achievement.

-Faction and disposition cannot be changed.

– No access to restricted areas.

-Other actions that affect the worldview – <Expand+>

[After 60 seconds, you will return to ‘City of Vigilance’.]

‘Well, is it like this… .’

Hyun let out a bitter laugh.

No time was given to talk with Louise.

Still, since most of the celestials gathered at the Temple of Light had been dealt with, there would be no big problem for Louise to return to the City of Borders.

‘Is it okay?’

Maybe even Poppy was safe.

Judging by Louise’s actions at the end, she seemed to be in a hurry to save Papi.

Awakening is the process of recovering the lost self and memories.

In Louise’s memory, there might be a way to stop Poppy’s disintegration.

Yes, it’s very likely.

Louise is one step closer to being a true Transcendentalist.

ha… Hyeon let out a sigh of relief at the thought that everything had ended safely. She let out a laugh of her own accord.

“hyeon… .”

The sudden voice was heard at the moment Hyun turned his gaze to the log window to look at the main quest clear reward.

“me… I can’t stand it.”

I was awakened by the sudden voice.

Ain’s breathless voice tickled his ears.

Ain’s face was flushed red.

Hyun, who met her eyes up close, also felt the reason he was barely holding on to disappear.

The beating of my heart won’t stop

[The chaos contract with Louise has ended!]

<Stat boost rate: 0%>

The reason is simple.

It was because the empathy skill that had been used to relieve the emotions rushing in as the contract was broken disappeared.

“… … .”

Hyeon’s head went as white as a sheet of paper.

What should I say?

what were you going to do now? no, what should i do?

I feel like my senses and judgment are gone again.

“Ain… .”

In the end, Hyun decided to just leave his body as he felt now.

I quietly called Ain’s name.

Even without empathy or assimilation, at this moment, the two are looking into each other’s hearts.

Today, there are two days left before Ain becomes an adult.

More precisely, about 30 hours until midnight the next day.

Momentarily, when Ain slightly lifted his toe and pulled his arm, Hyun knew at once what that meant.

Hyun left Ain’s actions as they were.

No, rather, he tugged her arm a little.

The two lips are so close that their breath touches each other… soon overlapped.

“… … .”

Fairy tale is a technique to look into the other person’s mind and convey one’s own mind at the same time.

About a year and a half since I met Ain in Asrian.

If the time in Asura was added together, it would be longer.

We experienced a lot of what each other’s heart was like and what we were thinking.

It must be strange that so many times their souls overlapped, and they didn’t know what they were thinking.

Today was the day Ain had longed for, but it was also the day Hyun had been waiting for.


The speed at which the temple collapsed was accelerating.

A huge shock was applied from the edge, and the petals that filled the garden of light rose high into the sky riding the wind.

[Certain EEG has reached its limit!]

[For safety reasons, we are forced to rest for 1 hour!]

With dozens of drones roaming the sky, Hyeon and Ain were kissing each other at the highest point of the island.

Until the time of 60 seconds is over and it goes back to the private room of the city of vigilance by itself.

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