Hard Carry Support Chapter 350-351

Temple of Light (1), Temple of Light (2)

Hyun (Lv. 277)

Stamina: 67185/67185

Mana: 6420/6420

Magi: 1381263/1381263

[Strength 85 (+188)] [Agility 201 (+444)] [HP 115 (+254)] [Magic Power 200 (+442)] [Empathy 662 (+1463)]

If someone saw this screen, wouldn’t they think it was a numerical error?

Hyun quickly calculated in his head how much Donghwa’s stat bonus would be.

The additional effect of assimilation is to add 20% of your stats to the target, and increase the target’s main stats by 50% of empathy.

According to that calculation, Ain’s magic power rises by 1200.

Considering that Ain’s magic power is usually around 600, all damage is amplified by 3 times with assimilation alone.

‘Yes, this should be enough.’

Heaven is the main stage for heavenly beings.

Even a real level 400 user would never be able to face a celestial in the sky, but trying to fight against countless celestials with only level 400 user level stats would be madness.

Even on this side, if you don’t prepare specs that deviate from common sense, you won’t even be able to dream of clearing the quest.

‘I have to hurry from now on.’

<Stat boost rate: 220%>

Hyeon bit his lip as he watched the number decrease in real time.

How long will this spec last?

Since it temporarily amplified his emotions, the effect would not last long.

10 minutes… . Perhaps within a shorter period of time, the effect of catching Ravius ​​might all disappear.

‘End before the level drops further!’

Another reason to finish the quest quickly.

Hyun expected that if the stat amplification rate fell below 180%, it would be difficult to deal with a C-class or higher celestial.

“Ooh… .”

Ain’s moaning was heard just in time.

「Ain, are you okay?!」

Hyeon quickly inquired about her condition.

It was because I could tell from the fairy tale that Ain’s pulse was beating very fast.

And Ain suddenly started muttering meaningless words.

“I suddenly… I’ve been wanting to do it.”

“what… ?」

Have I lost my mind again?

“Now is not the time to talk nonsense!”

Hyeon quickly took out the medicinal herbs he had purchased from the mid-level village and chewed them.

They say you can’t appease your feelings, but it’s a really big deal if you lose your judgment right before the quest.

Ian frowned, as if the herb didn’t taste good.

“You can’t eat that. me… Your head is fine.”

“Can you move by yourself?”

“huh… still… I want the strings to move together… .”

“okay… I will do that when I am in your body.”

I wasn’t sure if Ain’s condition had improved, but now I can only hope that it does.

Second stage of planning.

It was because it was impossible to always assimilate with Ain in order to break through the troops guarding the temple.


Immediately after catching Ravius.

Hyun led the party and started to run toward the Temple of Light.

Wheein! From the moment Ravius ​​was caught in the backyard, loud alarm bells were ringing throughout the temple.

Clack, clap!

Throughout the walls of the temple, thousands of organs could be seen in action.

The figure of human beings casting magic sparsely.

Yes, the Temple of Light is a huge fortress with more defensive capabilities than most land-based fortresses.

Weak beings will not be able to withstand the concentrated fire and will disappear from the world before reaching the walls.


Pod! Right after I transferred my consciousness to Tartar as I was running.

“Everybody stick right behind me!”

Hyun shouted to everyone.

As soon as the words were finished, the arrows and shells were fired. Various projectiles flew in unison from the front.

It was the very next moment when the shock hit the party.

Right before being hit by countless attacks, Hyun drew a sword in the air and created a large shield.

[Devotion Shield Lv.3 (+1)]

-Creates a shield of demonic energy following the weapon’s trail for 1 second.

– The Magi’s Shield absorbs all damage equal to or less than [Mage] consumed.

-Destroyed by attacks with higher damage than consumed [Magic].

-Lasts 13 seconds.

<Cooldown: 60 seconds>

<Mag consumption: 100~150000>

The moment the transparent film created by 150,000 demonic energy wrapped around the party, the party felt an illusion as if the earth was shaking.

Pervert! Quadruped!

“Ouch… !”

Tartar groaned at the explosion that rang his eardrums and the dust that covered his eyes.

He knew that the Devouring Shield was impervious to this attack.

However, being killed by a single point in the front line was a different feeling, so I had no choice but to shrink.

Moreover, the attack did not end with a single crossfire.

Pachichik! Pachichichi!

The energy of thunderbolt was being emitted from every high place in the temple.


The magic of lightning was about to fly one beat late.

‘It’s the magic of the celestials!’

Hyun recognized the power of the magic at once.

‘I can’t stop that… !’

A level 4 shield of predation can withstand up to 150,000 damage.

The power of the Celestial’s magic far surpasses his, so if you block it with a shield, everyone in your party will be reduced to ashes!


“I know… !”

Simultaneously with Hyun’s instructions, Ain kicked off the ground and jumped up.

The very next moment, lightning struck from the sky.


Everyone’s ears went blank for an instant.

Dozens of lightning bolts that fell from the sky were like punishment from the beings of the abyss.

“I blocked everything… !”

Right above the heads of the party, Ain’s cry was heard.

Flaw! Pachichik!

The figure of Ain, who was emitting terrifying sparks from his ears and tail made of frost, looked like an ice cat that had been electrocuted.

That’s right, the resolution of extinction is immune to all attributes!

Ain soared into the air with Papi’s fly magic and directly received the thunderbolts of the celestials with his body like a living lightning rod.


Hyeon clenched his fists when he saw that the casting of the celestials that had been hiding all over the temple had stopped.

Because the anti-tank I gave to Ain right before the lightning struck went right through!

No one can resist the power to manipulate time. It would be no different even if they were celestials!

Still, it’s a relief that everyone got caught in the backlash at the same time.

… Hyun thought that he was lucky, but in fact, not all celestials were repulsed.

In fact, some celestials did not continue casting even though they were able to move.

It was because he couldn’t dare to use the same magic recklessly in the face of an unknown state abnormality called ‘time stop’.

“Genie, run into this gap!”


Anyway, thanks to Bantan, a loophole was created in the temple.

Whoops. In the meantime, a magic circle was drawn at the feet of the party.

“Drilled… !”

The party who received the acceleration buff was able to enter the Temple of Light in an instant.

Immediately after that, the party’s appearance was completely erased on the spot.

It was because as soon as he entered the temple, Papi erased the group’s presence and hid his appearance by ‘stealth’.

‘Is it good… ?’

Inside the Temple of Light, the priests and officials were full of surprised murmurs.

However, no one found the location of the disappeared party.

“It’s so much easier than I thought… .”

In an instant, a suspicious feeling welled up in Hyun’s heart.

Because I was able to enter the inner part of the temple much easier than expected.

The Temple of Light is a place where hundreds of devas reside.

It is normal for a certain number of people to keep their seats no matter how many vacancies are created.

Since you don’t know what variables might arise, Hyun had a number of cases in mind.

If a mixture of magic and physical attacks arrives, use the Executioner’s Ring to induce only physical attacks on yourself, or summon them with a coupling while Ain draws attention.

However, to the point where all those preparations were in vain, Hyeon led everyone to the inside of the Temple of Light and was able to hide his presence.

“Wouldn’t it be better if it was easier?”

Louise asked in a low voice.

“That’s right, but something is a little strange… .”

Had he been frightened by Caidrial’s words that it was a very difficult quest?

Maybe it’s because of my mood.

Hyun decided to put the doubt that had risen for a while.

Now is the time to reach your destination as quickly as possible.

I checked the quest window again.

The moment I entered the Temple of Light, a message popped up saying that the quest had been renewed.

<Main Quest: Darkness in the Splendor>

– The power of darkness lies dormant in the highest place of the Temple of Light.

It was only one line, but it was that clear.

Hyun, who had checked the map several times beforehand, knew at once where the message meant.

It must be the top of the pagoda built right in the center of the temple.

“We keep moving.”

Hyun said in a small voice as if whispering.

Even if the energy of Radix Island and Papi’s magic concealed their presence, there was a chance that a celestial with keen senses would find the party.

Thus, the party secretly and at the same time quickly began to move toward the most confined area of ​​the temple.


Just now. When I was preparing a plan for a quest.

“When you enter the temple, you won’t use fairy tales for some reason.”

Hyun declared so in front of the party.

Everyone was startled.

why? Dongwha must have been the same as the usual supporter’s food line technology?!

Hyun continued to explain as many people questioned.

“It would be more efficient without assimilation.”

The reason fairy tales are powerful is simple.

The stats and skills of Hyeon and the other one are combined into one, and the other one can play an active role for more than two people.

However, things change when Hyun’s stats are overwhelmingly high.

Yes, just like now.

<Stat boost rate: 216%>

[Strength 85 (+184)] [Agility 201 (+434)] [HP 115 (+248)] [Magic Power 200 (+432)] [Empathy 662 (+1430)]

Hyun calculated his specs.

His strength was similar to that of an average level 200-300 warrior, and his agility far exceeded that of all thief-type classes.

His physical strength is also at the level of a tanker who puts all-in on his vitality, and his magic power is high, so he does not need to manage mana.

However, if fairy tales are used, most of the stats other than the target’s main stats will be lost.

Hyun thought it would be so stupid to just throw away these ridiculous numbers of stats.

And above all.

[Sword of Darkness]

-Creates a greatsword that deals ‘same level’ damage as the magic stored in the shadow shield.

Lasts for -[Empathy]/100 seconds.

(Cooldown: 10 seconds)

The reason why he didn’t use the sword of darkness often despite its tremendous power was because the duration of the sword was too short.

But what if empathy goes over 2,000?

The cooldown returns twice before the duration of the sword of darkness ends.

It meant that if only magic was supplied steadily, stable battles could be continued with the sword of darkness.

Just as the basic stats such as strength, agility, and stamina are very high, they have all the conditions necessary for close combat.

Yes, it was a very inefficient decision to insist on assimilation when the stat amplification rate was over 200%.

“Louise, prepare the contract.”

The corner of the stairs going up the tower of the temple like that. Hyun started preparing something in a place where no one was there.

“i get it… !”

“Hold on for a moment, everyone. It can be a little painful.”

After a while.

[The chaos contract has been terminated by the will of ‘Hyeon’!]


“Kuh… !”

All but Louise’s body tilted at the sudden surge of dizziness.

Even Poppy frowned badly.

It was because the means of conveying empathy to Hyeon disappeared and he could not relieve his overflowing emotions.

In a fleeting moment that felt too long, Louise released empathy and sealed it again.

[Louise’s Chaos Contract has been completed! Swap the skills of ‘Empathy Lv.1’ and ‘Assimilation Lv.2’!」

It was when sympathy reappeared in Hyun’s skill window that the party’s expressions became more comfortable.

Everyone’s emotions begin to transform into empathy again, and the pain disappears along with it.

“It’s still awkward.”

Salon muttered in an unusual tone.

No, it was Louise, not Salon, who uttered those words.

Ever since she was in the Garden of Light, Louise had concluded a fairy tale contract with all of her guild members.

Hyun urged Louise, who was scanning every corner of her body.

“I’ll watch it later, let’s go quickly.”

“It should be… !”

“You know how combos work, right?”

“Of course!”

Continued in the next volume

The road to the top of the temple was a series of battles.

Poppy’s magic couldn’t hide the party until the end.

No, it would have been impossible to reach the top of the tower without getting caught.

‘We have to move as fast as possible!’

<Stat boost rate: 198%>

So Hyun couldn’t stop his feet even for a moment.

To finish the quest before the effect of hunting Ravius ​​wears off, and before the enemies swarm!

‘Within the next 10 minutes… !’

Fire! Magi tore through space.

Hyun, who saw himself leading the group and rushing forward, suddenly remembered himself leading the army in the days of Asura.

The elite guards who encountered the group climbing the tower lost their lives before they could shout.

It was because those who were not celestials could not stop the advance of Hyeon, who had the sword of darkness at the fore, and the Ain who assisted him.

‘I can do it!’

The body is light.

It is thanks to the agility of over 600 that makes the whole body as light as a feather.

Some users have said that too high agility is inefficient.

It’s because when you reach a certain level, your agility and speed aren’t directly proportional… .

Hyun did not agree with their argument.

Even if you cannot feel the difference in speed due to agility, the instantaneous acceleration is clearly different.

Yes, if Agility goes over 600, it becomes possible to move without inertia like this.


The head of the head of the guard guarding the street was simply cut off.

Hyun pretended to rush forward and grabbed his back, then appeared on the side and swung his sword.

A double fake attack that continues like water!

This skill, which looks like a skill, is one of the most difficult moves that Hyun created after practicing cutting bones during his Asura days.

Whether it’s a user or an NPC, even after they die, they won’t even realize how they suffered.

“Ain, hit me now.”

“Yes… !”

Every time the scythe of vigilance hit the string, the effect of the shadow shield shone.

Ain was not only a dealer, but also a supporter.

Thanks to the endlessly rising magi, the sword of darkness in Hyeon’s hand did not know how to wither.

“Hyun, I’ve organized everything I’ve been assigned!”

Just then, Salon’s cry was heard.

Wow! The demonic wind was raging all over his body, holding a huge long spear.

“My body has captured all the annoying guys!”

And Salon’s voice, which seemed to be Louise’s from the way she spoke, was also heard.

It seemed that the two of them had perfectly fulfilled their role of prioritizing dealing with the tower’s communications officers and magic circle managers.

“good job. Just do it.”

Assimilated by Salon, Louise became an assassin who brought death itself.

‘Combo’ and ‘Black Wind’.

As the two types of skills that increased speed overlapped, Louise literally became a cheat player who used mobile devices.

In terms of movement speed alone, it should be faster than myself with 600 agility.

“Come out.”

Louise’s activity did not end there.

At her murmur, demons everywhere began to stand up.

The cries of countless monsters echoed in the Temple of Light, which had never been polluted by demons in its entire life.


Subsequently, Louise revealed herself using ‘reversal’ and gave orders to the monsters.

“You guys take charge of the rear.”

“The command of darkness… I support you.”

Shatin followed Louise’s instructions.

Behind them, dozens of high-ranking monsters, including ghost knights and liches, were kneeling together.

The reason Louise didn’t summon the weaker monsters was because she was afraid that they would be killed in a fight with the celestials.

“But, don’t overdo it. If it seems dangerous, you must tell me!”

In addition, an order was added to prioritize safety for high-ranking monsters.

Or they might risk their lives without hesitation.

‘It’s going well so far.’

Hyun looked at the situation for a moment.

Genie supports the party by steadily using recovery and buff skills.

Poppy was also assisting Louise’s assassination by silencing the sound with Silence, or distracting the enemies with fantasy magic.

Everyone plays their role perfectly.

Thanks to this, the party was able to sprint towards the top of the tower without any hindrance.

‘… Isn’t it too smooth?’

Again, the same anxiety welled up in Hyeon’s heart.

Has there ever been a main quest that went without problems like this?

Or was the power of empathy too overbalanced?

Certainly, without sympathy, let alone stat amplification, I wouldn’t have been able to fight normally because my heart was beating.

‘wait for a sec.’

The moment he tried to understand the situation, a question popped into Hyun’s head.

It was a question I hadn’t been aware of since I was focused only on climbing the tower quickly.

‘Have we ever encountered a celestial being since we entered the temple… ?’

Of course, there might be some F-class Celestials mixed in among the guards and administrators throughout the tower.

But I’m not talking about those people now.

A heavenly being powerful enough to drive the party away.

In particular, not a single C-class or higher celestial has ever appeared!

The reason why I thought it was too smooth was because I didn’t get in their way.

There were words of deception that the temple’s vigilance would be weakened, but I didn’t think it would be to this extent.

‘An intruder came in, but no celestials came?’

Could it be that those who used lightning magic were all of the Celestials?

If that’s the case, it might be that he’s afraid of the status ailment called ‘time stop’ and doesn’t pursue it.

The celestials possess great power, but they are cowards who fear death more than humans.

Yes, if the Temple of Light has become an empty house as the deception said, it might not be very strange not to encounter a celestial being.

“It has arrived!”

Just as Hyun thought of the various possibilities, he heard Louise’s cry.

A gentle mist greeted the group arriving on the roof.

It took less than 10 minutes for the group entering the temple to reach the top of the tower.

‘That’s it!’

Hyun was soon able to find a geometric pattern carved in the middle of the roof.

It must be the magic circle that sealed the power of darkness.

The moment you place Louise on top of the magic circle, the darkness will regain its power, and with that, the main quest will be finished.

“Is this the end… ?”

“I thought it would be more dangerous.”

Ginny and Tartar murmured.

Everyone seemed to feel that reaching the top of the temple was easier than expected.

Considering that he had repeatedly said that the prefecture might be very dangerous before starting the quest, the result was a bit bland.

“Maybe we’ve gotten too strong.”

Salon added a word.

He was also canceling his assimilation with Louise.

“Coming to think of it, it wasn’t an easy quest. Imagine that we were a normal party. Could you have entered the temple?”

As Salon said, if the party’s power was overflowing, there would be no problem.

No, it worked out rather well.

If the vigilance was this weak, it would be possible to not only clear the quest, but even destroy the entire temple.

I might be able to avenge Ceseri’s grudge today.

“Anyway, it worked.”

Louise slowly walked forward.

“Looks like the time has finally come.”

Ugh. Whoops.

A black light was emanating from the top of the geometric pattern carved in the center of the roof of the tower.

Like a volcano on the verge of erupting magma, demonic energy was seething inside the magic circle.

Louise stared at Magi, who was trapped in the magic circle.

You can tell just by looking.

It’s not the unrefined divine power that flows through the Dark Land or the Border City.

Rather, the purest energy of darkness.

It is the power of darkness that can be accepted right now.

The moment you step on top of the magic circle, the energy will return to its original place in search of its owner.

at that time.

“It feels strange.”

Louise, who was heading towards the magic circle, stopped for a moment.

There was a slightly forlorn smile on her face.

“It must have been a very long time, but to you, it was only a moment… .”

“… Can you wait?”

“Of course.”

There was nothing special to say to Louise.

No matter how many years it takes, even if it takes several decades, all I can say is to wait.

“Then let’s say goodbye for a while.”

Afterwards, Louise slowly stepped onto the magic circle.


“wait for a sec… !”

At that very moment, Ain shouted.

Hyun felt a strange intuition.

It was because her voice, which had been in a daze ever since she caught Lavius, was so clear and sounded urgent.

Besides, why does it feel like my heart is racing for no reason?

“Now, I heard a voice!”

I was able to realize the cause of my anxiety in Ain’s words that followed.

“It’s Caydrial!”

“What did you say?!”

“Stop him right now! And I told you to scroll and get out of here!”

From Ain’s story, Hyeon was able to intuit that things were going wrong.

Why did you say that?

Anyway, what is certain is that Caidrial’s words are not light enough to be ignored.

“Wait Louise!”

Hyun turned his head toward Louise and approached her.

I was thinking of pulling him down from the magic circle.

[Takes 8503 damage!]

“laugh… !”

I felt a sharp cut and quickly withdrew my hand.

Quaaaaa, the energy that suddenly rose from the magic circle formed a whirlpool in an instant.

“Louis, can you hear me?!”

Even when I called, Louise didn’t answer.

Wow! Enveloped in her whirlwind, a mixture of her demonic energy and her divine power, she just closed her eyes as if she had fallen asleep.

T-ring! At the same time, an alarm sounded in Hyun’s ears.


The main quest that had to be completed was renewed.

<The forces of light have tried to extinguish the power of darkness for a long time, but it was impossible in the first place. The power of darkness is one of the sources that sustain the world. Isn’t it an energy that can be handled with the will of a creature… .>

<Therefore, someone ordered the power to be transformed rather than dissipated. So that the darkness cannot easily regain its own power in the future.>

<After numerous attempts, the experiment of mixing the dark power with the impurities of the divine power was successful. Those who serve the light only hope that their trivial achievements are meaningful.>

<Main Quest: Darkness in the Splendor>

-Louis can’t accept her power! Magic is mixed with divine power!

-It takes some time to refine the power of darkness! In the meantime, protect her from her celestial barrage!

<Until power refinement ends: 20 minutes>

Suddenly the sky darkened.

Like a white band covering Asura, or like a black mist enveloping the land of darkness.

The black and white aura that surged from the magic circle covered the entire island of Radix.

It was a phenomenon that occurred while Louise was doing ‘refinement of power’, but the party had no way to know about it.

‘what… ?’

Hyun watched the cascade of messages flowing before his eyes in a bewildered mood.

Complex sentences that cannot be understood after reading them once.

However, he was not even given the time to read those sentences.

“The oracle was real.”

Hyun turned his head at the unfamiliar voice coming from behind him.

There, a suspicious man with strong hostility in his eyes was looking up at the black-and-white energy pulsating sky.

“The Light must have foreseen the future.”

An unknown face appeared above.

Dressed in old-fashioned clothing, the pattern of intense lightning shines on the back of his hand.

It is the pattern of a celestial being that I have seen many times.

‘How’s it going… ?!’

Hyun’s complexion turned pale.

Wouldn’t it be over if you brought Louise here?

You didn’t say that awakening would take extra time… .

Besides, where do these guys keep popping up?!

“The liver has come out of the boat. Seeds of darkness.”

Even while Hyeon was frantically rolling his head, new heavenly beings continued to appear.

even before,

“You thought everything was going according to your plan, right?

And from behind too.

“It has been painful to watch your misdeeds all this time. Now you will have to pay for your sins.”

It didn’t take long for the party to be surrounded by dozens of celestials.

They pointed their hands or canes in the direction where Louise was asleep.

A total of eight people.

However, the reason I couldn’t believe that there were only eight was because their momentum was unusual.

Based on the brightness of the pattern engraved on the back of the hand, there was a possibility that it was at least C-D grade, or higher.

It meant that it was so strong that it was incomparable to the celestials who used lightning magic earlier.

‘It’s a trap!’

Cheonin is 1.5th generation artificial intelligence. He has flexible judgment that is incomparable to that of ordinary NPCs.

Maybe, he didn’t know that this side had a return scroll?

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have thought of holding Louise up so she couldn’t escape!

Hyeon, who bit his lip, realized that he had been caught in the ectoplasm.

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