Hard Carry Support Chapter 348-349

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Tragedy in the Garden (1), Tragedy in the Garden (2)

after taking a short break.

The group started climbing the island again.

‘How do I do this… ?’

Even as he moved his steps, Hyun could not shake off the stuffiness in a corner of his heart.

In the end, it was because she couldn’t give a proper answer to Ceseri, who asked her to take her to the temple.

All of them were ambiguous answers, such as “Let’s try to rise to the top for now.”

<Stat boost rate: 117%>

Its stats have already doubled.

As a result, the symptoms of shortness of breath also returned.

The higher you go, the stronger the energy of the island becomes, and it must be because even Seseri is sympathizing with you.

‘Is it really the Korcass?’

On the way, Hyun once again tried to log out the guild members in turn.

It was to calculate how much sympathy Seseri was passing on.

The result is 26 percent!

Compared to Ain’s contribution, which was 53% at the same time, it was an amazing figure.

Hyun and Seseri had met for the first time yesterday, and Seseri wasn’t even praying when measuring the empathy share.

Still, having half of Ain’s ‘sympathy share’ meant that the relationship with Hyeon deepened, or that he could create greater empathy when praying to Hyeon.

Thanks to this, the party was able to get through the powerful group of monsters without a crisis.

a few hours later

“The end is finally in sight.”

The party looked up at Poppy’s muttering.

A spectacle unfolded before everyone’s eyes.

Another small island floating above the head of the island.

With huge plant stems connecting the two islands vertically, the Temple of Light stood tall on the small island.

“It is truly an island in the sky above an island in the sky.”

“Wow, that’s huge… .”

“It looks like a citadel, not a temple.”

At the overwhelming majesty of the temple, each of the party uttered a word of appreciation.

And it was at that moment that Ceseri stopped flapping her wings.

“This is the only route I know. From here, it’s the first time I’ve been there!”

Ceseri’s voice was very excited.

near the top. It may be that the high concentration of energy is heightening the mood.

“It’s so amazing… . The last time I came this far, it was difficult to breathe properly, and it was difficult to even stand properly… .”

Ceseri looked down and opened and closed her hands.

“I don’t have any tremors in my body now. With this, you can go all the way to the top and be perfectly fine!”

She seemed to accept Hyun’s ambiguous answer positively, saying, “Let’s go up to the point where we can be.”

It was natural for them not to think that if they knew that the party was a follower of light, they would not be refused to accompany them to the temple.

At this rate, the party will reach the Temple of Light with Ceseri.

“hyeon… Are you going to let him follow us like this?”

As they walked down the road that was not far from them, Louise pointed at Ceseri and whispered softly.

“It’s sure to get in the way of us.”


“Are you asking because you really don’t know? ? Wasn’t it you who told me that this new race has an incredible gift for prayer… !”

Yes, what worries me the most is Ceseri’s prayer.

Of course, it would be impossible to descend an angel, but one more oracle might be possible.

In addition, this place is very close to the Temple of Light, which is said to have the best voice to light.

If the intrusion is discovered before the main quest even starts, all the plans you’ve made will go to waste.

“Then, let me kill you?”

“What, I don’t mean to do something like that! I’m just… I meant kick it out!”

Louise waved her hand in surprise.

At the expected reaction, Hyun let out a sigh.

As expected, Louise’s personality made it impossible for her to make such a choice.

Because she was so tormented by the guilt of cheating on Papi.

“Hyun, you can’t… Were you thinking of killing me?”


And this time, Hyundo had the same thoughts as Louise.

I don’t want to betray the guy who helped me in good faith.

There was a way to solve this without doing that.

Soon after, Hyun began to explain the plan he had been preparing since leaving the hideout.

“are you okay. Because there is a way?”

“how… ?”

“I instructed Tartar a while ago. Don’t let Ceseri come in until we’re done with the temple.”

Hyun knocked on the calculator in his head a while ago.

Tartar fighting against the celestials in the Temple of Light.

And the power of empathy sent by Seseri from somewhere.

If you ask which of the two is more helpful, it’s definitely the latter.

Unlike Tartar, who doesn’t know when he will die, Ceseri can always inspire sympathy for herself!



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That’s right, if you can block Ceseri’s eyes and ears until all the plans are over, she will become a reliable ally, not an enemy.

Therefore, right before entering the temple, Hyeon intended to leave Tartar and Seseri alone in a place a little far away.

“Well, you don’t need to tell me in advance.”

Hyun swallowed his voice as he saw Ceseri’s smiling face.

There was no reason to make her excited with useless words.

“thank you! How many more years would I have had to wait if I hadn’t met you?”

“With something like this.”

“oh! Come to think of it, before… !”

‘… ?!’

Before? Did you catch any clues about Magi?

While Hyeon held his breath for a moment, Ceseri continued to speak.

“I couldn’t say goodbye to the village! But what, it’s okay! Even after being chosen as an attendant of light, you can visit the villagers without forgetting!”

“… I guess.”

Seseri seemed to be excited, but her words increased rapidly. Her expression was that of a girl who was full of anticipation and at a loss for what to do, and even the flapping of her wings was full of energy.

Are you that happy?

Hyun has no idea who her brother is, but judging from this reaction, it seems that he was a very precious person.

I’m sorry, but I’ll have to be patient with you a little longer.

How many hours can you hold out?

Hyun smiled slightly as he recalled his plans for the future.


After that, the party climbed a giant vine, and Seseri flew vigorously to continue moving.

And finally the last hurdle.

At the same time as he finished climbing the vertical vine cliff, Hyun felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

I’m looking at the distant scenery under my feet, but it feels like a few days of hard work is paying off.

Everest is probably even lower than this?

Leaving behind such a modest impression, Hyun looked around.

‘Okay, there are no watchmen here either!’

This place is called ‘Garden of Light’.

Since it was only 500 meters away from the temple, there was no dangerous aura like the ‘poison cloud’.

Of course, there are no monsters.

Ahead of the full-fledged plan, Hyun read the quest description once again.

<Main Quest: Darkness in the Light>

– Head to the Temple of Light with Louise. The power of darkness lies dormant there.

-According to someone’s information, there are quite a few empty seats in the Temple of Light right now!

– But as time passes, that void will soon be filled. I beg you guys don’t miss the time.

According to the description, the most important thing in this quest is speed.

From the moment it started moving, time could not be delayed even for a moment.

So let’s all rest together here, and we should also leave Tartar with the task of holding Ceseri.

“uh… ?”

It was at the moment when Hyeon was preparing his future plan that a questioning voice came out of Seseri’s mouth.

“Weird… . I got this far, why is no one waiting for me?”

At Ceseri’s question, Hyun smiled and explained.

“This is still a garden. The Temple of Light is a huge building over there.”

“I know that too.”

But even with that explanation, Ceseri’s doubts didn’t seem to be resolved.

She explained what she knew.

“The Corkes who reached the top of the island must be chosen as servants of the light. And this is the top of the island.”

“what… ?”

“According to tradition, the heavenly person who greets the attendant should come out to meet me… I’m sure I heard that… .”

In an instant, Hyun’s heart thumped.

Wasn’t the top referring to the Temple of Light?

If so, the plan to keep Ceseri out of the temple was meaningless.

Just then.

“… !”

♬ ♪ ♬ ~

I started hearing music from somewhere.

In the sudden situation, a question mark appeared above Hyun’s head.

‘what… .’

“Is it the sound of an organ…? ?”

Everyone, including Ceseri, was looking in the direction the sound came from.

Poppy’s voice came to the ears of the confused party.

“This melody is a hymn.”

“hymn… ?”

“It is a song dedicated to the light… Right now, it seems like only notes are being heard without singing.”

Hyun realized it belatedly.

The fact that Seseri was walking somewhere as if possessed by the melody.

At that moment, a red warning light turned on in Hyun’s head.

Is this music for Seseri?

If it’s an event to welcome the Corkes who have reached the top of the island as servants of light… !

Then we must stop her now! And worst of all…

As soon as the thought reached that point, Hyeon chased after Seseri.

The music was leaking from a small cabin only a few tens of meters away from where the party was.

The reason I didn’t notice it, even though it was right next to it, was because the cabin was hidden by a thicket of trees in the garden.


Who summoned Ceseri?! Maybe we should go into battle right now!

rattle! The moment you open the creaking door.

“uh… ?”

Hyun, who witnessed the scene in front of his eyes, let out a dazed sound.

It was because there was no one in the building except Ceseri.

A hymn leaking out in a desolate atmosphere.

The melody was played by a magic tool in the form of a musical instrument installed on the wall.

“Here… Is it a chapel?”

A statue of an angel made of crystal was caught in Hyun’s field of vision.

angel of light.

‘What is this… !’

Soon after, Hyun looked around and shook his shoulders in surprise.

There, dozens of dolls in the form of angels knelt and put their hands together.

‘doll… Isn’t this?’

I realized it belatedly.

The shape of the wings on their shoulder blades was not of any rank of angels.

There are no angels with wings like that in Asrian.

“haha… !”

Suddenly, heavy breathing began to be heard.

Hyeon turned his head and could see Seseri’s back as he approached one of the dolls.

I couldn’t see her expression, but her shoulders, no, her entire body were shaking.

rattle! By that time, the door opened again and the rest of the party entered the chapel.

“Something? This angel statue… .”

“They are creepy-looking dolls.”

While the party looked around the building, Papi approached Hyun.

The look on his face as he inspected the doll right next to him was the most serious expression I had ever seen.

“These are neither statues nor dolls.”

“then… ?”

“Do you remember how the priestess’ subordinates were sealed away?”


“These are also those sealed with similar magic.”

♬ ♬ ~

Poppy’s explanation follows.

Hyun misunderstood that his ears were deaf due to the sound of music.

“Stuffed,” would be a simple expression. Someone stuffed them while they were still alive and praying.”

An angel of light located in the middle of the chapel.

And the corces who are offering eternal prayers to the angels.

At first, Hyeon mistook the Corkes for angels because their wings were all broken in the same shape.

Yes, as if someone broke it on purpose.

Hyun recalled the information he had seen in Interloop.

According to what was written there, the emotions that Corkes feel are hundreds of times greater than those of humans.

In addition, even among the corces, very few individuals possess a vessel of emotion that is large enough to remain sane even in the north of Radix Island.

Like Ceserina, her brother.

Similar people must have existed in the past.

“This… It’s pretty vicious.”

The greater the emotion, the greater the sympathy conveyed through prayer.

So, the Corkes, who are rich in emotions, will be able to convey empathy that cannot be compared to humans.

“I never thought there would be people who would imagine sealing souls in this way… .”

Papi frowned at the stuffed Corkes.

To the forces of light, ‘Corcasians who can pray’ must be a valuable resource that creates empathy.

However, since it is not possible to stuff everyone, it seems that the forces of light have selected a few special people from among the Corkes.

perhaps… The legend spreading in the village of Corkes may also be a story spread by the forces of light.

“… … .”

The motionless corces came into Hyun’s field of vision.

With their eyes open and their hands together, their appearance was like a shell with nothing in it.

Poppy, who was unable to speak for a moment in shock, soon regained his composure and moved toward the magic tool where the music was playing.

I carefully examined the magic circle engraved on it.

Analyzing magic circles was one of his specialties.

“This is also not an ordinary object.”

“What is it… ?”

“The magic that makes the same dream repeat is engraved. They will never wake up from the dream of praying until they die.”

Poppy replied with a sad blue light in his eyes.

This would be unacceptable from the point of view of a Celestial who once served Heaven.

Hyun also felt like nausea was rising.

Was the light supplying and receiving empathy in this way?

“Can’t you wake me up…?” ?”

Poppy shook her head at Louise’s question, who was quietly listening to the story from the side.

“It’s better not to wake him up.”


“Because the recoil of regaining consciousness is sure to drive me crazy. No, I’d be glad if I just went crazy.”

“It’s fortunate… What do you mean?”

“Should I tell you?”

Louise gulped at the gaze of Poppy looking at her.

I was afraid that something scary would come out, so I thought it would be better not to ask.

Afterwards, Poppy sighed and continued.

“What is certain is that even if you wake up, you will never return to your former self.”

“that… !”

The music stopped.

Intermittently, a sobbing voice began to be heard in the chapel surrounded by silence.

It’s the sound from Seseri’s side.

The blond boy in front of her looked much younger than Ceseri.

When six years passed on one side, time on the other side stood still.

Hyeon unconsciously tried to approach Ceseri, but Louise caught Hyeon on the way.

Louise shook her head and whispered softly.

“I think it would be best to leave it alone for now… .”

“… .”

“Maybe you need some alone time.”

The energy of Radix Island is said to amplify emotions.

The emotions of Seseri, who sobbed slightly, and the others watching the scene must have been more trembling than usual.

“okay… that is… It will be better.”

Hyeon barely answered with a trembling voice.

I had to catch my breath for a while to clear my mind.

It took a long time for Ceseri to stand up from her seat.

She had a short chat with Poppy.

At first glance, it seemed that he was talking about something similar to what Louise had asked.

Then the.

“I have a favor.”

Seseri looked at Hyeon with red bloodshot eyes and said.

Even though the tears hadn’t stopped yet, her voice was so clear.

“Please kill my brother.”

“… .”

Hyun took a deep breath.

I wasn’t too surprised.

It was to some extent expected that Ceseri would make such a decision.

However, I did not expect that he would ask me to make a decision for him.


After Hyun’s troubles, he answered.

All Ceseri knew how to do was pray.

Since she doesn’t even have the power to catch animals, let alone monsters, it would be impossible to even lead her brother to rest.

“Stay back a bit.”

Anger, demonic energy gathered in his grasp.

The black energy formed a long shape and transformed into a huge greatsword.

‘The sword of darkness.’

Light has always threatened darkness, but on the contrary, it is also the power of darkness that can destroy light.

Hyun thought it would be nice if this blow could erase the nightmares and memories of the past left behind by Light.


The moment Magi split the world of light.

The statue of light, the magic tools that played the hymns, and even the Corkes who were caught in prayer were all cut off by the sword of darkness.

Only silence filled the collapsed chapel.


Cadrial was right.

The Temple of Light was truly empty.

Otherwise, the garden would not have been so quiet when the whole chapel was blown down.

“Let’s cool down a bit.”

I’m still sensitive because of the energy of the island, but a disturbing incident has overlapped.

Hyeon declared a break once again under the judgment that the party would not be able to complete the quest.

After that, I went back to resting for a while.

Hyeon watched Ceseri, who happened to be nearby.

She was clutching a feather.

Are you preparing mementos for a later funeral?

“… … .”

“… !”

And then.

By chance, Hyeon and Seseri’s eyes met.

The eyes of the two met were entangled in the air for a long time.

After a while, Ceseri slowly approached Hyeon and asked.

“Please tell me who you are.”

“… .”

As expected, it seemed that his identity was discovered because of the sword of darkness.

The effect of exploding demons can never be thought of as heavenly.

Yes, there is no need to hide what has already been shown.

Hyun decided to reveal everything to Se-Ri.

“I’m not the follower of light you knew.”

“… okay.”

take a break Ceseri asked again.

She also noticed that the technique Hyun used earlier was a skill based on demonic energy.

“So, are you the one trying to destroy the Temple of Light?”

that instant

Hyun could see Seseri’s burning eyes.

And the fact that she turned her sadness into anger.

As such, the thoughts of the first generation of artificial intelligence were revealed so easily.

Hyungwon nodded his head and agreed without a word.

To be more precise, the purpose is to awaken darkness, but since the final purpose is not different from destroying the forces of light, the meaning will be the same.

Despite revealing her identity, Ceseri did not respond.

No, rather, his eyes seemed to have sharpened.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“what? Destroying the Temple of Light?”


Amidst the silence, Hyeon’s lips opened slowly.

“just… Trust me and wait here.”

“What about other things?”

“I do not need. That’s enough. Oh, one more.”

“… … .”

“If it seems dangerous, go back to the village immediately. I may never come back to see you again.”

Ceseri was silent for a while.

pop. pop. The ground she stood on began to be wet with her tears dripping down.

The tears that flowed drop by drop flowed like a waterfall in an instant.

“Huh… ! Whoa!”

Ceseri broke down and cried.

All the emotions I had been holding back for so long seemed to burst at once.

The sobs she cried while calling her older brother were no different from those of an ordinary girl.


The air shook at Papi’s gesture.

He muted the sound so that he could bring out the sadness in Ceseri’s heart to his heart’s content.

Like that, in the stillness, Ceseri poured out everything in her heart.

Until your throat is hoarse from crying.


“You’re getting a little emotional.”

Before the quest, Louise whispered to Hyun.

“After seeing other people’s breakups up close, I suddenly became afraid too.”

“what… ?”

“If things go wrong today, I won’t be able to see you forever. Even if things go as planned, I don’t know how many more years I’ll have to wait to see you.”

Hyun immediately understood the meaning of the words.

It was because it was a phenomenon that had been going on since the days of Asura that whenever the darkness awakened, a discrepancy between reality and Asrian’s time would occur.

“How many years has it been this time?”

“It will take about five years.”

“Can’t you tell me for sure?”

“I don’t know. Last time I said 3 years, but in reality it was 5 years.”

“Well, is that so… .”

Louise laughed and muttered as if to change the mood.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. It must be a different feeling to walk around a city where there are no people.”

“You want to stay in the border city?”

“Of course, because that is my home! I will use my men to redecorate the city while you are away!”

“Don’t break it while doing useless things… .”

As I talked about this and that with Louise, time flew by and the promised time approached.

The guild members who logged in briefly inquired about Ceseri’s safety, but soon agreed to Hyun’s lie that he had been well instructed and sent back to the village.

And finally, the main quest that is right in front of you.

“Fuuu, finally this time has come.”

“… … .”

“I will do my best!”

Salon took a deep breath as if to unify her mind, and Ginny seemed to be doing image training, closing her eyes from earlier.

Tartar, who was not originally scheduled to participate in the quest, was also assigned a new role and was determined.

And Ain was looking at Hyun with a slightly different atmosphere from others.

“Everybody remember their roles, right?”

While everyone was ready, Hyun began to move with the party.

A destination to decorate the end of a long journey. Towards the Temple of Light!

<Stat boost rate: 131%>

Hyun gulped down his saliva as he checked the status window.

This is the top of the island.

The amount of sympathy sent by Ain and Seseri in a place where emotions are amplified the most was beyond imagination.

Even considering the fact that 3 points per 1 up in the 200~300 level range and 4 points per 1 up in the 300~400 level range are considered, they have user-level stats over 400 levels.

‘This isn’t enough.’

However, Hyun was thinking of further amplifying his stats here.

Only the stats exceeded the level of 400, but the type and level of skills were not even comparable to those of users who had completed the 4th promotion.

Fighting the celestials in the sky at this level is literally suicidal.

In order to safely clear the quest, it was necessary to increase the stats even more than now.

‘I can still become stronger.’

Hyun classified the main quest into three stages.

The first plan is to defeat Ravius, the iridescent unicorn guarding the backyard of the temple.

Ravius ​​has been a name with many strange things since his days as Asura.

The official setting was a holy beast that was as weak as a level 300 normal monster despite being a level 420 named monster.

There were no special skills, and it was not good at all.

Due to the probability of dropping the highest level magic stones and god stones on such a topic, Ravius ​​became a name of misfortune that was hunted by users at every regen timing.

It was like a bonus mob, but the NPCs were afraid of Ravius ​​and wouldn’t even go near it.


In the past, there was a lot of talk about bugs or setting value errors, but… . Hyun seemed to know the real reason only now.

“Ain… . It seems like he keeps giving only you hard work.”

Pod! Hyun assimilated into Ain and apologized in advance.

Ain replied as if it was nothing.

“are you okay. I can do anything if it’s the prefect’s request.”

“Sorry, then bear with me a little longer.”

Quadduk! Frost formed at the tip of the vigilance scythe.

Gritting his teeth, Hyun swung his arms vigorously.

It was to prepare for the shock that was to come.


The giant’s blow cut Ravius ​​in two.

“Kuh… !”

Hyeon let out a moan at the sensation of flashing in his eyes.

Because of the dizzying feeling of being hit in the head with a bowling ball… !

Jiying. Jiying.

I can’t see, and I can hear tinnitus in my ears.

For an instant, it was as if all sense organs were paralyzed.

But next moment.

<Stat boost rate: 241%>

<Stat boost rate: 235%>

<Stat boost rate: 231%>

… … .

Looking at the faintly shimmering status window while his vision was covered in white, Hyun grinned.

Sawin’s backyard. The last gatekeeper guarding the northern road. It was the moment when Ravius’ secret was revealed.

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