Hard Carry Support Chapter 338-339

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The Secret of Radix Island (1), The Secret of Radix Island (2)

The words of deception were true.

The Temple of Light was clearly poorly defended.

As proof, Hyeon couldn’t see any human, let alone a celestial, until he reached the halfway point of the island.


Thanks to this, Hyun was able to safely anchor the transport ship between the gaps in the cliff.

Radix Island.

A mountain range of grass where the roots of plants are tangled together!

According to the information I found in Interloop before leaving, these tree roots are all connected as one.

Everywhere, wherever you look, there is only green grass and brown branches.

Perhaps because of that, even though the terrain was quite steep, the party felt as if they had entered the jungle.

[caution! The ambient air is unstable and dangerous phenomena may occur!]

The same message came to everyone at the same time they arrived on the island.

Salon and Tartar question him.

“danger? What is the danger?”

“I don’t know… .”

Poppy, a celestial being, was also the first to visit Radix Island, so he waved his hand in the air curiously.

After a while, he told everyone what he had found out.

“It seems that magic and divine power are melted into the air.”

“Magic power and divine power?”

“To put it simply, it is an aura similar to the black mist that circulates around the border city. It’s a little less dangerous than that.”

“What is the danger? His stamina is fine, and he doesn’t seem to have any abnormal conditions.”

Genie asked while checking her status window.

Hyun accepted the question.

Thanks to Asura’s knowledge, Hyun already knew some information about Radix Island.

“You can’t move fast on this island.”

“yes… ?”

“Would you like to try it, Salon? Try to move as fast as possible.”

“Well, yes.”

Salon readily followed the prefect’s instructions.

At the same time Hyun used ‘Bio Rhythm Acceleration’, his body became lighter as if he were about to fly, as his stats were raised with a focus on agility.

Then, the moment when Salon spurred his foot with all his might.

[Takes 10381 damage!]

“Ouch! what’s this… !”

Salon suddenly tripped and fell unsightly.

It’s like hitting a transparent wall with your whole body and falling down.

As a bonus, a considerable amount of stamina was cut off.

“Have you all seen it? Trying to move fast on this island puts a strain on your body. It’s a similar principle to not being able to get more than a certain speed in the water.”

“Kuh, if you knew you would be harmed, it would have been nice if you explained in advance… !”

“I’m sorry about that, but I’m sure you’ll experience it yourself. Ginny, please recover.”


Genie’s heel slowly restored Salon.

The reason Hyun didn’t hesitate to experiment like this was because the priest was included in the party.

“Besides this, there are a few more restrictions on Radix Island. For example… like this?”

Hyun then pointed to the sky with his finger.

At the same time, a wind barrier created in the air.

However, the translucent block did not last even 0.1 second and was scattered into the air.

With everyone’s attention focused, Hyun began to explain.

“A magic that uses ‘air’. In other words, most of the wind-type magics don’t work properly.”

“What?! Why didn’t you tell me in advance! Isn’t that a huge deal!”

Louise jumped up and raised her voice.

It was natural for her to react like this, as she mainly uses the movement method that utilizes the reaction of the wind.

Hyeon calmed Louise who was full of bewilderment.

“You won’t mind. Your magic simply blows air. A problem arises in the case of a skill that maintains its shape with wind.”

“Then it’s fine, but… .”

“More than that, be careful not to move too fast. Your speed could hurt you worse than Salon’s.”

“i get it!”

To summarize the explanation:

In the air of Radix Island, mana and divine power are mixed, and because of that, two types of penalties are created.

The first is that you can’t move too fast, and if you try to speed up too much, the recoil will come.

The second is that the wind magic that creates shapes does not activate.

However, in the second case, there is only a wind barrier, so there is no need to worry about it.

“There is one more thing.”

Right before Hyun’s explanation ended, Papi added.

“The aura mixed in the air seems to dull the senses of the celestial.”

“what do you mean?”

“I can’t feel your energy. Even though we’re so close… I can barely feel the priestess’s demonic energy.”

Celestials have super senses.



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His eyesight and hearing were at a level beyond that of humans, but he was particularly sensitive to divine power and magic.

However, Poppy, who can detect demons several kilometers away, said that she could barely feel the demons of Louise right next to her.

The reason is that the energy of Radix Island interferes with the senses of the Celestials.

“Oh, that’s great!”

Hyun clapped his hands at Papi’s words.

“Even the enemies can’t feel our magic!”

The closer she got to the temple, the more she was contemplating how to hide Louise’s intense magic.

The method prepared in case of an emergency was to hand over the fairy tale to Ain through the ‘Chaos Contract’, and then put the title of ‘Deceiver’ on Louise again.

However, if the air unique to the island serves as a shield to cover the senses of the celestial, there is no need for such cumbersome work.

Then, the characteristics of Radix Island could be summarized in the following two points.

1. Physical limitations: You cannot move beyond a certain speed, and it is impossible to use sophisticated wind magicians.

2. Sense restriction: The ‘sixth sense’ of the celestials does not work. From the user’s point of view, there is no difference.

After the rough explanation, Hyun looked around and asked.

“Does anyone have more questions?”

“… … .”

“Now, if there are no questions, let’s start quickly.”

Hyun looked up again.

The top of the huge mountain, made up of intertwined tree roots, was obscured by fog and could not be seen.

I feel like I’m the main character in a fairy tale climbing up the beanstalk to the sky.

The road to go was still far away, so Hyun hurried his steps.

In order to meet the ‘time’ Ki-man said, you’ll have to hurry even a little bit.


<Some celestials call Radix Island a ’tilted mountain’. This is because the slope in the north of the island is steeper than in the south.>

Hyun combined his memories with the information he found in the interloop.

‘The southern route is dangerous.’

The south side, that is, the front of the island, is a flat road with no dangerous monsters. It is the length governed by perforation.

There were dozens of small villages on the mountainside, which meant that if you followed the southern climbing route, you would inevitably encounter NPCs in the sky.

‘I have no choice but to go north!’

That’s why Hyun anchored the transport ship somewhere on the cliffs of the northern mountains from the beginning.

It’s rough, but it’s safer to climb the unexplored wilderness than encountering a celestial being.

‘Is it okay… ?’

However, as time went on, a feeling of uneasiness crept up in my heart.

This is because Interloop also had no information about the northern climbing route.

<The northern part of the island is forbidden, and neither the inhabitants nor the celestials go there. If you accidentally enter the back side of the island, run away as soon as you encounter a monster! It will be difficult to avoid death, though.>

No, I did find out one piece of information.

Extremely dangerous for the northern route.

I took the northern route without hesitation, thinking that even if the monster was strong, it would be as strong as a celestial, but I was worried for nothing when the time came.

Because the unknown is always scary.


“come! Concentrate everyone! Only Louise is behind!”

That’s why Hyun shouted to everyone at the same time as the monster’s screams resonated.

What the party faced was a huge, 5-meter-tall, dull-looking rock monster.

Looking at his slow movements, he looks like a weaker guy than I thought at first glance.

no… ! Hyeon shook his head to shake off the sudden surge of complacency.

Even if it looks like it looks like it, it must have the power of a name of over 400 levels!

Interloop apparently warned of a monster in the north of the island.

If you’re not fully prepared, you might face the opposite… !

That moment.


A single flash cut through the body of the rock monster.

oh oh oh-! The boy let out a sad cry and soon disappeared into light.

The identity of the flash was Ain’s skill, ‘Snipe of Execution’.

“What, it’s just one room… ?”

Ain’s murmurs could be heard, and the party’s eyes widened.

In the meantime, the monster was completely scattered by the light and disappeared.

“Wasn’t it as strong as a monster name here?”

Tartar spat out a word cautiously.

As the saying goes, there was a message from Hyun that they would encounter an extremely dangerous monster, so the party was fully prepared.

But dying in one shot?

Even Ain who fired the attack had only a question mark floating above his head.

“what… ?”

After a while, Hyun let out a dumbfounded sound.

Is Ain too strong?

No, I didn’t use the execution snipe just now at full charge.

“I don’t think it was a very strong monster.”

Poppy murmured after a while.

‘It’s the same.’ The reason why he made a speculative remark was that he was unable to estimate the monster’s mana and divine power with his celestial ability.

“Yeah, it didn’t look that strong. I was a guy I could catch in 5 seconds.”

“Not only did he have low stamina, but his movements were too slow. He just met the obvious attack like a punching bag.”

Salon and Ginny took the word.

Everyone had the same opinion, so Hyun had no choice but to admit it.

The monster just passed by was just a random mob.

‘Was the interloop wrong?’

It is not uncommon for Asura’s information to become unusable in Assrian.

Yeah, if you think about it, even the relationship between countries has changed.

If the ecosystem of Radix Island was different from the previous work, it would be possible to create such an absurd situation.

Ha ha, a laugh escaped Hyun’s lips.

If that’s the case, then I’m just a fool for worrying for nothing!

“Uh… !”

right at that moment.

Hyeonu’s eyes widened beyond measure.

“Level 14… .”

“… ?”

“It’s a 14th grade magic stone… ?”

“yes? I beg your pardon?!”

Ginny noticed something in Hyeon’s muttering and asked back.

As expected, Hyun was checking the inventory.

Thanks to the distribution setting of ‘Acquisition of the party leader’, one of the loot from the monster Ain caught was in the prefecture’s inventory.

“A junk mob dropped a level 14 magic stone!”

“… !”

At that, everyone was surprised.

The supply of manastones has increased significantly, but that is to say that it is below grade 11.

Magic stones of grade 12 or higher were still worth calling, and grade 14 magic stones never existed in the market.

The highest level of magic stone Hyun possessed was level 15.

I was able to get only one when I disassembled Shakron’s ‘Chain Sword’, and the magic stone was used as a material for the legendary weapon ‘Scythe of Vigilance’.

By the way, a one-shot mob drops a level 14 mana stone right below it?

“Tongue, string… ! Where are you going to use that magic stone?!”

Ginny asked in a rare trembling voice.

It was not uncommon for magical engineers like her to roll their eyes at magical ingredients that money couldn’t buy.

“yes? I haven’t thought about it yet… .”

“With that magic stone, you can upgrade the specs of your mana heavy weapons! You can raise the Shade Guild’s research power to the next level!”

Goo oh-.

It was while Genie was persuading Hyun that the monster’s cries were heard again.

“… !”

All eyes were directed to one place.

Mouth opened again.

“That… .”

“That rock golem… ?”

What was reflected in the eyes of the party was the sight of the same monster as the one they just caught approaching this way.


Very occasionally there are times like that.

Days when you keep getting lucky for no reason, like Lady Luck standing behind your back.

And the day that seems like that luck will last forever.

Hyun felt that today was such a day.

‘This is great!’

It wasn’t just a coincidence that rubbish mobs dropped level 14 magic stones.

Hyeon was able to obtain magic materials comparable to the first one from the next monster he caught.

It was enough to make another legendary item with just a few more ingredients.

‘How could a hunting ground like this not be known in the days of Asura?’

Everything written in the interloop is a lie.

The monsters encountered in the north of the island were not dangerous at all.

Because they were knocked down pick and pick even with the weak attack skill of Genie, a priest class.

Even over level 200 was doubtful.

Is it because it’s so unrealistic? Hyun felt that even his mind was becoming hazy.

In fact, I wondered if I was dreaming when I saw the rare magic materials that kept piling up in my inventory.

‘Why was I fooling around in the labyrinth… ? With just a few gestures here, these rare ingredients pile up!’

Rock golem, giant lizard. Even formless spirits like amoeba.

The unusual monsters that inhabit the northern part of Radix Island all drop magic materials that are hard to find even with money.

In the end, Hyun even forgot that he was on a quest for a while and took his party to the point where he deliberately went looking for monsters.

‘i love it… If I farm all day, I can hit the full set of Legendaries!’

And there are days like that.

The day when something went wrong and I couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

Or the day when I didn’t wake up enough to say nonsense or not, the words keep coming out of my mouth.

“This is a treasure trove!”

Hyun suddenly shouted.

“I don’t know where else I can find a hunting ground like this. There aren’t that many monsters, and the regen seems to be slow… You have to farm a little more before others come! Yes, we all agree to hunt here for a few more days, right?!”

“That’s a really great plan!”

Ginny agreed with Hyun’s cry.

“I already got two more level 14 gems, maybe I’ll get a level 15 gem here too. I’d rather just stay here for a while!”

Hyun and Genie, whose faces are full of colors.

However, the rest of the faces did not look so happy.

It meant that I did not agree with the two plans.

“Then what about the quest? I didn’t follow because I wanted to pick up these materials. He said he wanted to leave a mark on history.”

When Salon’s words made the atmosphere suddenly awkward, Hyeon quickly began to persuade Salon.

“… It can’t be helped. Because I have to pursue efficiency first, more than a guild leader… Just for today, Salon will understand.”

“no. I am against this plan.”

It was at that moment that Poppy, who had been silently watching, opened his mouth.

“You can always get the materials. Now is the time to pay for their sins to the Light Forces above. Go up the mountain as soon as possible.”

“No, let’s farm for a moment… .”

“… Although I owe my life, I am not foolish enough to listen to such recklessness.”

If Salon’s words made the atmosphere awkward, Papi’s words put cold water on the atmosphere.

“I… Also, would it be better without me? I feel like I’m following you and I’m not helping you… .”

Then Tartar murmured in a despondent voice.

“sorry. I will leave.”

Tartar, which disappears as soon as you open the interface menu.

That’s right, Tartar had logged out out of nowhere.

“Why is he like that again?”

“You don’t have to worry about Hyun. If you want to go back alone, you have no choice but to die, so you will have no choice but to come back eventually.”

“No, it is, but… .”

Although he agreed with Ginny’s words, Hyun did not understand.

There were often times when the opinions of the guild members could not be coordinated, but had there ever been a time when things didn’t work out like this?


I feel so frustrated that I want to scream as hard as I can, but my voice doesn’t come out.

Even after Tartar logged out, the guild members were only raising their voices.

Ain, who was watching the situation, opened his mouth as if he was absurd when the uproar was growing.

“What is all this doing?!”

It was the first time Ain had asserted himself so strongly against someone other than Hyun.

“If you don’t follow the orders of the prefecture, stop everything!”

“… … .”

“Because just the two of us is enough… . Right, Hyun?”

Ain shouted once and clung to Hyeon’s arm.

He smiled, letting out a loud breath from his lips.

“Only you… Also, only you… ? Are you going to register for the rankings alone and make me feel cold again this time!”

And today was definitely the first time Salon openly shouted at Ain.

The usual Salon used to sneakily avoid Ain even if he just made eye contact with him.

As each raised his or her own voice, the conversation was bound to become a mess.

“Why is everyone doing this all of a sudden? Hyun, Ain, Papido… And the rest… Was it possessed by a demon…? ?”

Only Louise was in tears.

It was because I couldn’t figure out why the guild members who had been on good terms with each other all of a sudden started fighting.

However, no matter how much Louise waved her hands, the situation did not change.


It was at this point that I realized that things were going wrong.

Where did I go wrong?

Until I got the magic ingredients, I thought I was lucky today.

For some reason, my head doesn’t roll well.

Feeling like you’re struggling to solve a simple problem in a dream.

In another sense, Hyun was on the lucky side today.

If Tartar hadn’t logged out, Hyun might have been wandering around Asrian for a while longer.

TarrTar: Brother, log out immediately!

What saved Hyeon was the sudden voice of Tartar.

TarrTar: This is EEG control! You can see it right away by looking at the log window.

‘Log window?’

Reflexively, Hyun’s gaze was directed toward the lower part of the interface.

And what caught my eye was numerous message logs.

[The container of ego is too small to accept overflowing emotions!]

[Your judgment is clouded!]

[Your judgment is clouded!]

[Your judgment is clouded!]

… … .

‘What is this… !’

A brief thunderbolt struck Hyun’s mind.

The hazy feeling went away for a while.

As soon as he realized something, Hyun switched Asrian to a state of rest.

“Huh… !”

After getting out of the capsule, Seohyun felt goose bumps all over her body.

At the same time he returned to reality from Asrian, he realized that he had been having a brief nightmare.


Assrian is the first virtual reality game to which ‘sensory synchronization’ is applied.

Thanks to the induction of brain waves, Assrian’s users were able to feel various emotions according to the situation.

It was the first technique introduced in Assrian to make a user caught in a stun feel dizzy for a while, or to make a named boss with overwhelming specifications feel fear.

‘It was like that!’

Seohyun was able to understand the situation the guild members, including herself, were in.

‘They were out of their minds as a group!’

Compared to stun or fear, blurring human judgment is not technically difficult.

All you have to do is to let the brainwaves that induce the trance state go through.

That must have been the reason why I felt like I was dreaming.

And people whose judgment is clouded are faithful to their desires.

It was only then that Seohyun realized why she was obsessed with material items.

Not only that, but Ain, Salon, Tartar, and even Papi spewed out the words they had hidden in their hearts without even realizing it.

In the midst of that, the only thing that was fine was Louise, who had a strong ego that was superior to others.

Sometimes I have my doubts, but… It seemed that Louise was the archevil.

When did your judgment become clouded?

‘Ever since I caught those monsters!’

When Seohyun returned the recording with a clear mind, she was able to diagnose the cause immediately.

I don’t know what the principle is, but the guild members, including myself, have been spitting out remarkably strange words after defeating the rock golems.

Do the monsters here come down with a ‘curse’ when they die?

Anyway, it was certain that the party’s condition began to deteriorate from the moment they were killed.

The guys who dropped the rare magic material were putting on an unknown status abnormality.

“Keuheum, who made this stupid status ailment?”

Beside him, Ain coughed.

It was because he was embarrassed that he had gone out of his mind for a moment.

With Hyun’s help a little while ago, the guild members, including her, got out of their respective capsules for a while and were in a state of standby in the outside world.

“so… What are you going to do?”

“… .”

“When you log back in, you lose half your mind again.”

This is a kind of status ailment.

Since it is an Asrian abnormal condition, it cannot be solved by pushing the wind a little in reality.

The moment they reconnect, the party will feel that half-sleeping feeling again.

“… I think we should watch the situation for now.”

Hyun pondered for a while before answering.

“From Assrian?”

“Waiting outside doesn’t mean that the status ailment will be lifted.”

Fortunately, Louise is fine.

In addition, the rest of the party also became aware that their judgment was weakened.

In the first place, this status ailment isn’t scary enough to make you an idiot or lose your memory, it’s just an effect that makes you feel a bit hazy as if you just woke up in the morning.

If you were aware of that fact, there wouldn’t be a ridiculous situation like before.

That’s right, if you’ve come this far, there’s only one choice.

“Let’s connect again.”


It wasn’t just Hyun and Ain.

Salon and Ginny also admitted that they were out of their minds.

In particular, Ginny bowed her head several times regarding the incident just before.

He had a strong personality with a strong sense of responsibility, so he probably couldn’t tolerate the slightest mistake.

LeeSeoHyun : It’s okay. From now on, I just need to get my mind right.

Hyun has prepared a device to overcome this situation.

After switching to a state of rest together at regular intervals, they watched the recordings to see if they were doing anything strange.

This method worked surprisingly well.

Even with the abnormal state of ‘judgment disorder’, the party began to move properly.

“We’re going up the mountain right now, right?”

“uh… maybe?”

“The monster… I can’t hold you anymore.”

If it wasn’t such a complicated story, we could have a normal conversation inside Asrian.

“sorry. It seems I was a little excited.”

Papi, who was worried about being the only NPC other than Louise, understood the situation and regained her composure.

It’s only smaller than Louise, and even a Celestial has a much bigger ego than a human, so it might be immune to manipulation of emotions.

“Something feels hazy.”

While moving, Ain kept clinging to Hyeon.

The problem is that Hyeon is also not able to stop such Ain properly.

Because of that, whenever I looked back at the recording while I was resting, situations that I was embarrassed to say openly would often happen.

Other than that, no special problems arose for the party.

“I’m glad… At one time, I just thought everyone was weird… ! No, even now some of them seem strange, but they are much better than before!”

“I have an abnormal condition that I don’t know what. I think there was something in the monster I caught earlier.”

“Is it still like that?”

“… I think so.”

“Tsk tsk, that’s right, Hyun, I’ve been anxious ever since I liked you so much.”

After that, the group continued to climb up.

Now that Poppy’s condition has improved, I hope that the rest will gradually get better.

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