Hard Carry Support Chapter 334-335

Change of situation (1) and Change of situation (2)

three days later The prince’s funeral was held.

In the meantime, the fact that the youngest prince was in Pirantes was a secret that only a few knew, but there was no reason to hide that information when the person in question died.

According to those who attended the funeral, the face of the emperor looking at his son’s coffin was so bloody that he could kill people with just his eyes.

The sudden death of the prince!

This incident made the NPCs as well as the Asrian community excited.

-What is it? Why did the prince suddenly die?

-I don’t know exactly. If you look at the official letter to the empire, they say it was the Holy Kingdom, right?

-It seems that there was a dark world going back and forth between the empire and the castle kingdom.

-If you talk about the Holy Kingdom to the NPCs in the Empire right now, your likes will go down like crazy! If you do it wrong, you won’t be able to buy anything from the store, so be careful!

The sudden death of the prince raised questions from many users.

Some users also left long analysis articles related to this incident.

“This is a more serious situation than I thought. Something happened that didn’t even exist in Asura Online! If this incident becomes the starting point and even a war breaks out, the butterfly effect will occur in future history… Then, the quests and growth strategy that we have known so far may become useless!」

In the meantime, Hyun has changed a lot of history, but users have not been able to experience the changed history very much.

But this time it was different.

Relations between states and states were twisted.

If numerous quests occur and disappear while Asrian’s situation is shaken, users will not be able to stick to the existing play method.

– I rather like it. It’s not fair if everyone knows nothing like this!

-Those who sucked in the Asura information are shedding tears of blood.

– Shade Guild is also going to be hit?

-I don’t think there is. But for some reason, I hated the Regressor Guild more than the Shade.

– ㄹㅇ The name of the guild for the regressors is over. I’m not showing off that there’s information that only people know.

– This incident is an opportunity. Users who preoccupy new information will become new rankers!

There were many users who made plans for the future, but few users tried to understand the inside story of the incident.

It was because there was no new history quest related to this incident.

-Please keep this a secret if possible.

Right after the incident on Pirantes Island was over, Hyun sent a message to Robert.

History quests give the facilitator a detailed account of all events.

In the meantime, what if it turns out that he was the one who separated the Empire from the Holy Kingdom?

Hyun blocked the possibility of this news flowing through the mouths of users and NPCs over 1.5 generations.

“The knights did not kill the prince!”

“I can transmit the video of the crystal ball recorded at that time!”

As a result, Sung Kingdom, who was falsely accused, naturally complained of injustice.

However, no matter how much he protested, he could not receive the emperor’s forgiveness.

The Holy Kingdom sent a lot of evidence, but the emperor didn’t even seem to believe their words in the first place.

“I know very well how terrible blind faith is this time… They will definitely have to pay the price today.”

The emperor, who loved his youngest son so much, needed someone to turn his anger toward.

It didn’t take long for soldiers to be stationed near the border between the Empire and the Holy Kingdom.

The Holy Kingdom was taken aback by the Empire’s decision.

It was a situation where I was being checked on both sides.

The Holy Kingdom eventually deployed some of the forces that had been keeping the Nation of Darkness in check on the borders of the empire, while also identifying the cause of this incident and devising a plan to find a solution.

The Emperor’s authority in the Empire is absolute.

It was because he knew that a single word could move millions of armies, and that millions could cover the Holy Kingdom.

The relationship between the countries called the three powers was facing a new phase.


Hall of Fame ranked 952nd ranked mage user, Kai.

Kai is in a good mood these days.

It was because there were rumors that a war would break out soon, and in reality, the borders of each country were in an atmosphere of immediacy.

‘I was really good at choosing the Nation of Darkness!’

Kai had never left the Nation of Darkness since he started Assrian until he became a ranker.

Even when the coffin of a knight emerged as a popular growth course among users, and even when everyone was making a fuss about taking the test of the heavenly man, he walked his own path.

In a word, he is the Nation of Darkness!

‘My choice was the correct answer.’

Others laughed at Kai for being foolish.

However, Kai steadily accumulated contributions to the Nation of Darkness, and in the end, that stubbornness paid off.

In recognition of his contributions so far, he finally entered the magic corps of the Nation of Darkness!

Although he was at the lower end, as a user (?), it was more meaningful that he belonged to the magic corps for the first time.

How big of a record can you raise if you fight with the Magic Corps?

Every time he thought of himself playing an active part in the battlefield, Kai’s heart would feel magnificent.

‘It’s not the time like this, I have to grow hard now to prepare for the war!’

Kai returned to reality.

When there was no corps training, it was most efficient to proceed with the Nation of Darkness quest.

Kai stopped in front of a large building.

Now, it is a ‘Quest Shop’ that I have come to so often that I have become accustomed to it as if it were my home.

As always, Kai opened the door to the quest shop and went inside.

“Kai-sama is here!”

“Oh, Kai is here, are you here for a quest?”

As soon as he entered the building, NPC clerks greeted Kai.

The female employees of the Quest Shop radiate various charms.

Kai had a new feeling.

In the past, I did everything I could to raise the favorability of those clerks, but now they welcome me like this even without doing anything!

These were all changes that occurred after he joined the magic corps.

“I stopped by just to see you.”

“Hehe, those comments don’t work anymore.”

“Haha, is that so?”

Kai naturally started having friendly conversations with the clerks.

It wasn’t just an impure intention to flirt with a woman.

This is an advanced task to extract hidden information and quests from NPCs!

However, it was not something anyone could do, because the clerks only showed very businesslike reactions to users who did not build enough favorability or had a low reputation.

“Ah, come to think of it, I recently received a request… .”


At one point while continuing the conversation, Kai clenched his fists.

The long-awaited story finally began from the mouth of the clerk.

“Originally, it’s a quest that isn’t given to anyone, but I’ll sell it to Kai-sama for a special price of 50 gold. Now, would you like to read it?”

“Kai, we have exclusive information about the Holy Kingdom and the Empire. Aren’t you curious? I can tell you if you give me 30 gold!”

‘It’s a double… !’

Today was lucky.

It’s really rare to find more than one of these hidden quests and information at once.

Yes, it must be close to impossible for an ordinary user like me who is not a member of the magic corps.

‘Now then, shall we look at the hidden quest first?’


It was then that the door opened and a new customer entered the shop.

Because of the silence for a moment, Kai’s gaze also turned toward the door.

‘Who is it?’

A young man who looks ordinary at first glance, but wears an old-fashioned priest’s uniform.

For some reason, Kai thought his face looked a little familiar.

“Ah, sir, Shinjangnim… !”

“welcome. I was waiting… !”

It was from that moment that the unbelievable happened to Kai.

First of all, the female clerk who said she would give her a hidden quest suddenly stole the quest scroll and spat out the following words.

“Aren’t you watching the quest today? I just prepared 5 hidden quests… !”

Also, the clerk who said he would sell limited edition information for 30 gold.

“I’ll bring you all the information first! and… Should the manager call me now… ?”

Kai’s head was confused.

The reaction of the clerks was so strange.

Are these the clerks I know… ?

“No, there is no need for that.”

No, putting that question aside for now, Kai took a closer look at the man.

I thought he was a user just by looking at his outfit, but I don’t know if he’s actually an NPC.

If a government merchant from the Nation of Darkness came to inspect it, I could understand why the clerks were making such a fuss.

‘A new battlefield? No matter how you look at it, it looks like a user… ?’

It wasn’t that Kai didn’t know Hyun.

Hyun has long since become a symbolic name that Assrian users cannot recognize.

The problem is that there are still many people who do not recognize Hyun’s face.

Compared to other rankers and celebrities, Hyun did not show his face often in the media.

In the world of Assrian, where many races coexist, the extent to which there are users who cannot recognize the face of an Asian young man was not understandable.

‘What, what… !’

And the sight that followed made Kai dazed.

A clerk started pouring paper booklets onto the table.

“Here is everything we organized! Important information has been classified separately and stored in this one file!”

“Oh, thank you.”

With a single gesture, Hyun put the documents the clerk handed over into his inventory.

It was not clear whether to use it or not, but it was to increase the database of information that was not in the interloop.

‘You’re a user!’

Seeing Hyun using the inventory, Kai is convinced again.

“Shinjeonjangnim, maybe my quest… ”


“Yes, it is a hidden quest! It’s a free event right now!”

“No, because I don’t do quests… . And now, here’s the information value.”

Patter. Kai’s mouth widened as the gold bars piled up on the table.

‘for a moment… Are you a user?’

Kai had no choice but to recant his judgment in five seconds.

It was because I had never imagined that there would be users in Assrian who could do calculations with gold bars.

“I’m asking because I’m not familiar with information market prices, is this enough?”

“yes yes… ! Enough!”

“Thank you for using it!”

“… thank you! Please come again!”

The clerks lowered their heads until the string was out of sight.

“… … .”

Feeling awkward for no reason, Kai sneaked out of the quest shop when the door was open.

And surprisingly, none of the clerks remembered that Kai had been with them until just now.


In the quest shop, countless information is gathered and scattered.

It meant a place where you could get useful information unintentionally.

After realizing that fact, Hyeon would occasionally visit the quest shop near the temple to get information that was not in the interloop.

It was because after gaining fame, the NPCs in the Nation of Darkness became very kind to them.

The information obtained in this way is further classified into two types.

A summary to read right away, and a database to be textualized, imaged, and stored in a capsule.

‘Um, I see.’

After reading the summary for a while, Hyun nodded.

An atmosphere of rejecting the Holy Kingdom was circulating in the Empire, and as a side effect, it seemed that the name of ‘Harmony’ had begun to spread throughout the Empire.

‘It’s faster than I thought.’

The world is obviously going the way he intended.

But is it an illusion to feel the flow too fast?

I’ve had similar feelings before.

The time when he built a temple in the Nation of Darkness and spread the name of harmony.

Even then, I was surprised by the growth of the temple that exceeded my expectations.

It is impossible without someone ‘helper’.

‘This time too, will it be Caydrial?’

No one else came to mind to secretly help him.

Hyun decided not to worry too much.

I don’t know if someone is interfering, but there’s nothing wrong with being helped.

“hyeon! It’s a voice!”

It was the moment when Hyun was organizing his thoughts for a long time when a whisper suddenly arrived.

「Ain? Why, what’s going on?”

“Did you hear a voice?”


“The oracle of deception!”

“… !”

Hyun was surprised and straightened his posture.

The title of ‘deceiver’, whose voice is sometimes heard.

It took several months for the effect to activate.

“What is it about?”

“Wait a minute! I can’t hear it either, so I’m looking back at the recording.”

After a while, the contents of the deceptive oracle flowed from Ain’s mouth.

“At midnight, they told me to come to the ‘Cake and Tea Garden’?”

“Cake Garden… ?”

Hyun was sitting alone in a cafe in the border city.

No, to be exact, assimilated with Ain and reversed it.

The reason why the two were not separated was to reduce the hassle of having to buy two drinks.

After all, if you assimilate, you share all your senses and tastes.

“Is this really a place like this? Isn’t it like the place name of Assrian or the name of a specific group?」

Ain asked as if he still couldn’t believe it.

A message of deception to come to the ‘Cake and Tea Garden’.

“There was nothing but here.”

Hyun realized that he was doing something meaningless after a minute of searching for a place in the interloop.

And again, when I searched for the business name of the cafe in the border city, I was able to find the name right away.

It is a little far from the center, so there are not many people in the cafe.

The river of black mist that started from the altar in the center of the city passed through the terrace in an elegant way, so it must have been named the garden.

‘Isn’t it a sudden descent or something like that?’

Hyun suddenly became anxious.

Café customers who gather in groups of two or three to chat, or to chat.

This peaceful daily life will turn into mayhem at the same time deception descends.

Because the Great Devil’s mere existence causes a great uproar.

Like burning wings melting the ground, or the aura covering the whole body automatically applying a wide range of status abnormalities.

If Caidrial descends into the cafe with his body, who will the owner of the cafe have to pay for damages?

For some reason, Caidrial doesn’t seem to be in charge… . After all, are you going to claim disaster relief money from me, the owner of the city?

It was while Hyun was thinking nonsensical thoughts that the cafe door opened.

“aha… .”

The goddess in a bewitching outfit caught Hyun’s attention from the moment she entered the entrance.

After looking around, she found exactly this one among dozens of people, and silently approached and sat down at the table.

“You waited?”

“Uh, um… .”

Hyeon hesitated, not knowing what to say, before opening his mouth.

“Are you Lutia?”

“yes. Every time we meet, he asks for my name.”

Lutia smiled seductively.

“You can speak comfortably. Last time it was rude, but this time it’s respectful. If you keep changing your tone, I get confused.”

“Ah, yes… .”

With those words, Hyeon was convinced that Lutia was a deception.

According to Assrian’s setting, the common language of the continent did not have the concept of polite language and honorific language.

It must be because she is a second-generation artificial intelligence that she realized the difference in tone that only Koreans can recognize.

“Let me introduce you once again, I am Lutia. An ordinary priest who serves harmony.”

It is a fact that everyone knows by now that the appearance of the priest named Lutia is nothing more than a mask.

Is she trying to keep the existing concept even in this situation?

Come to think of it, deception always spins words around.

He never clearly expressed his intentions, much less openly offered to help.

But Lutia was different.

Luthia provided direct help several times, such as teaching prayers or giving directions.

Then, to Gi-gi, the appearance of a priest named Lutia might be her own mask for smooth communication!

Or, it may be the know-how of transcendentalists who want to save even a little bit of strength.

Anyway, it didn’t seem to hurt, so Hyun decided to tune in to her tune.

“You have done a really great job.”

As soon as they met, Lutia praised Hyeon and Ain for their hard work.

“Well, it’s nothing… .”

“No, that’s right! You wouldn’t have known that your name would spread so quickly, too, did you?”

“is it… ?”

Lutia’s words continued for a long time.

It was hard to hold back laughter when he said that Hwa-jo would have built up a lot of sympathy thanks to the many followers.

In the past, I thought of him as a heinous demon, but when he called himself in the third person, he looked pretty cute.

The reason I feel so welcome is probably because Deception always brought me a bundle of quests.

So, what else did you come to pick up today?

As Lutia’s words continued, a subtle anticipation grew in Hyun’s heart.

When the story was ripe like that.

“Sorry, guest. You must order one drink per person.”

“Um… ?”

“Oh, I forgot!”

Lutia clapped her hands at the words of the waiter who suddenly approached the table and started ordering.

“I have ice americano and triple cookie chocolate cake.”

“… ?”

“I forgot and didn’t bring any money, but the calculation… May I ask you a favor?”

And Hyun, without knowing why, had to pay for Lutia.

When I quickly converted it into real goods, it was about 20,000 won.

“He, what is he, he is spending our money as he pleases!”

“are you okay. It didn’t even come out that long.”

“Price is not a problem! Was the attitude of asking Hyun wrong?!”

Ain, who was assimilating, shouted indignantly.

Transcendentalists have to consume a considerable amount of power even if they interfere only slightly with the world.

Even the act of calculating a trivial price may not be easy if it is a kind of interference.

After explaining the situation, Hyeon was able to calm Ain down.

“thank you. I really wanted to try two together.”

Even after the employee left, the story continued.

The topic was something Hyun hadn’t even thought of.

Lutia was particularly interested in the ‘Culture Street’ in the border city.

Recently, plays and performances that are popular in the city were also talked about.

‘Wait, I’m sure I’m not using my strength in the wrong place?’

Hyun remembered the contents of Ain’s quest.

<Quest: The Devil’s Deal>

– My apostle.

– You know what to do, right?

(Reward: I’ll do anything as long as my strength allows)

Yes, as far as strength permits.

The reason he spread the name of harmony was to create a foundation for the Shade Guild, but at the same time, it was to maximize the rewards of Ain’s quest.

The more followers of harmony, the more prayers they offer, and the greater the power of deception.

The reason why she could be in the form of Lutia like this must be because she received a lot of empathy recently.

But what if deception is wasting its power playing in the city?

The value of quest rewards may need to be seriously reexamined.

It wasn’t until about thirty minutes of small talk that the real talk began.

“Anyway, I called you… Just to give you one piece of information.”

‘… !’

When Lutia brought up the main topic, Hyun listened.

As expected, what came out of Lutia’s mouth was a different, heavier story than before.

“You must know that there is a war going on these days, right?”

Hyun nodded.

Because he was the one who instigated the war.

“Then you must know what the situation is like in the three countries: the Empire, the Holy Kingdom, and the Nation of Darkness.”

“Yeah… .”

the peace is breaking

The reason the three countries have been at peace so far is because they have a common enemy called Abyss.

before users appear. In other words, until the century before Assrian’s service began, the heavens were engaged in a constant war with the forces of the Abyss.

However, since the players appeared, for some reason, the abyss has been strangely calm.

There was a time when ‘Iluna’, the source of divine power, was taken away, but it was a war that broke out outside the planet Asura. Ordinary people could not realize the war.

Recently, there were even voices asking if it was necessary to stimulate the abyss by retrieving Iluna.

In other words, for nearly a century, the abyss was still.

An era of peace for the first time in thousands of years.

All those who struggled with the abyss died or grew old, and the next generation of humans only knew the trials of the past as history.

However, there has never been a time when war has ceased in history.

Even within the same group, it was human beings who fought for profit and ideology.

“Yes, the war is near.”

The forces of the heavens on the ground are splitting.

In the first place, the personalities of each country were so different that they would not have been able to coexist forever.

The division of the three countries was destined to happen someday, only because of the efforts of the prefecture, which was advanced by decades or even hundreds of years.

“The Holy Kingdom acquired the resentment of the Nation of Darkness, and at the same time, the Empire also grew.”

The war between the Empire and the Holy Kingdom.

There was a high possibility that the Nation of Darkness would take a neutral stance or collude with the Empire.

It was because this time, the council clearly recognized the fact that the leaders of the Holy Kingdom were the ones who could not make a deal.

“If a war continues like this, which side do you think will lose?”

A question suddenly posed by Lutia.

Hyun replied immediately as if there was nothing to worry about.

“Isn’t that the Holy Kingdom? You can’t fight two-on-one.”

“no… .”

But Lutia just shook her head.

“It’s not two-on-one.”

“… ?”

“Because the heavenly beings who serve the light are gathering in the Holy Kingdom.”

“… !”

Hyun’s eyes widened.

Celestials intervene on earth!

The earth and the sky both serve the sky, but they do not cross each other’s borders unless on very special occasions.

This was because the heavenly beings could not generate strong power on earth, and the earthly human beings were not even worthy of the heavenly beings’ opponents.

“why… ?”

“This case is an exception. If the Celestials secretly help behind the scenes, even if the Empire and the Nation of Darkness join forces, they will not be able to overwhelm the Holy Kingdom. In the end, the war will be a long, long battle.”

“It’s a long game… .”

Hyun raised his eyebrows.

Because there was nothing good about the Holy Kingdom.

They oppressed the forces of harmony, and they were a force that threatened both herself and Louise.

So, Hyeon planned to take this opportunity to completely destroy the kingdom of Sung, which was a thorn in his eye.

Not to the point of destruction, but to the point where I can no longer do nonsense.

However, if the heavenly beings intervene, that plan will go to waste.

That moment.

“This is an opportunity.”

Lutia’s eyes shone fiercely.

Hyun felt the illusion of seeing a deceptive smile in her pupils.

“A chance, why?”

Lutia then began to explain the situation in the sky.

“All the celestials gathered in the Holy Kingdom are those who serve the light.”

“Is that so?”

“Then what do you think the Temple of Light in the sky is like now?”

“… !”

Suddenly, he opened his eyes as if realizing something.

“Of course it must be empty! A chance for him to regain his strength!”

“That child… ?”

“I mean Louise!”

“ah… !”

Suddenly, the story of Asura Online flashed through Hyun’s mind.

It is said that the forces of light sealed the power of darkness in the closest place to the light.

So that the darkness never opens its eyes again, so that the nightmare never repeats itself again.

It was clear that the Temple of Light that Lutia was talking about was the place of the next awakening of darkness!

“We must move quickly! If not now, this opportunity will never come again!”


It was at that moment that the quest alarm sounded.

<Main Quest: Darkness in the Light>

– Head to the Temple of Light with Louise. The power of darkness lies dormant there.

-According to someone’s information, there are quite a few empty seats in the Temple of Light right now!

– But as time passes, that void will soon be filled. I beg you guys don’t miss the time.

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