Hard Carry Support Chapter 331-332-333

Devil’s Bait (1), Devil’s Bait (2) and Devil’s Bait (3)

The atmosphere got worse as time passed.

Training near the border has also become more frequent.

Despite the growing conflict between the two countries, there is only one reason why it does not lead to war.

This is because the Empire exists between the Holy Kingdom and the Nation of Darkness.

Even among the countries called the Three Rivers, the empire was more powerful than other countries.

The fact that it was foolish to fight over such an empire was a fact known to both the leaders of the two countries and the common people.

“The trade route between the Holy Kingdom and the Nation of Darkness disappeared?”

“Teleport movement is also prohibited.”

“Phew, my parents living in a village near the border are worried. I hope the problem is resolved soon.”

So, even among the NPCs, none of them thought that a war would actually break out.

Most people only hope that the relationship between the two countries will improve as soon as possible.

In this way, time passed without interruption while a disturbing current flowed between the Holy Kingdom and the Nation of Darkness.


It’s been two months since Hyun’s name was added to the Hall of Fame.

Based on when the relationship between the Holy Kingdom and the Nation of Darkness began to deteriorate, about a month had passed.

Relations between the two countries still showed no sign of recovery.

In the meantime, big and small things have happened in Asrian.

Hyun checked the important things one by one in the private room.

‘First of all, there is no problem with the level.’

Current Lv.276

Ain Lv.297

Ain was maintaining the unofficial ranking 1st place through steady hunting, and he was able to climb up to 10th place thanks to sucking up experience points attached to such Ain.

If I had focused more on growth, I could have taken away Latisse or Mayday’s rankings, but there’s no need to attach too much importance to it.

Level is just one of many measures of a person’s strength, and now the quest for harmony is far more important than level.

‘The rest of the plan is also going well.’

Next, the ‘Lupra Temple’ management window opened.

Hyeon was able to confirm that the number of followers who worship harmony and priests who manage the temple is increasing day by day.

The Temple of Loopra has long since become a holy place of harmony among NPCs in the Nation of Darkness.

Angels descended directly, and you can see the coexistence of monsters and humans, so it is only natural that the name of harmony is widely known.

As a counteraction, a bounty was placed on the name Hyeon in the Holy Kingdom, but he had never been in danger.

NPCs would be burdensome to work in the capital of the Nation of Darkness, and if they were users, they wouldn’t be my opponents in the first place.

There was even an insurance claim of 3 seconds of invincibility, so it wasn’t a big deal for the assassins to come.

‘Louise is also doing better than I thought.’

It was a kind of gamble to entrust Louise to act as the head of the temple.

Can an ignorant guy manage a temple?

Putting those worries to shame, Louise was showing off her amazing abilities.

Since the guild provides unlimited funding, it may be that the temple is operated with the sense of using cheats in a management simulation game.

One problem was that there was a risk of Louise’s identity being discovered due to the nature of dark clouds gathering near ‘darkness’, but it was easily solved with the climate manipulation magic circle that Poppy had installed.

“Aren’t your subordinates calling you Dark?”

“Of course! These days, ‘Goddess’ is my title, and all the disobedient ones I left behind in the border city, so there’s no problem!”

And the rest of the minor problems seemed to be handled well by Louise herself.

After asking a few more questions, Hyun was able to convince Louise that it would be okay to entrust the temple to him.

‘This isn’t bad, but… ‘

Personal growth did not lag behind, and the quest to spread the name of harmony is progressing smoothly.

But this alone is not enough.

In order to spread the name of harmony throughout the world, it was necessary to cause a bigger event than now.

‘It would have been nice if a war broke out hotly.’

Humans lean on the transcendent in times of hardship.

Also, war has always been the greatest tragedy for mankind.

If a war broke out between the Holy Kingdom and the Sorcerous Kingdom, the position of harmony would become even more solid, but unfortunately, the picture that Hyun wanted was not easily achieved.

‘Currently, the two countries are in a tense confrontation, but if left alone, it will eventually fizzle out.’

The Holy Kingdom, which is called the country of fanatics, did not have enough reason to discern between their own self-interest, and even though they were constantly demonstrating armed force, they did not invade the territory of the Nation of Darkness to the end.

The Nation of Darkness didn’t have to attack the Holy Kingdom first, so it didn’t cross the border.

Such a composition with no progress or retreat had been going on for a long time.

‘Originally, I wouldn’t have been able to separate the two countries by myself, but… .’

It is difficult for the user to influence the NPC’s judgment.

This was because each country only recognized users as mercenaries and did not listen to them.

It meant that it was common that no matter how many ways he tried, he could not intensify the conflict between the two countries.

‘It’s different this time!’

But that’s literally the general case.

He had a sure special way to break this stalemate.

That’s right, if you’re an NPC in the Holy Kingdom, you won’t be able to sit still after seeing this.

“Ain, are you feeling okay?”

“huh! I’ve been sleeping all day!”

“But be careful, you could die as soon as you start.”

A coastal city in the Holy Kingdom.

Hyun assimilated with Ain and stood on the street in the downtown area.

Since all routes from the Nation of Darkness to the Holy Kingdom were closed, Hyeon teleported to the Holy Kingdom via the Empire.

“Then, let’s begin.”


self. A feminine curve was created on the body that was using the twist.

Her hair also changed to a long, silvery light.

in that condition. Hyun unlocked one more title.

<Shadow of Darkness>

-Now, the color of the skill will not be lost even while possessing Magi. (On/Off possible)

At the same time, the body of a woman stained with dark demonic energy.

The figure, holding a large scythe and oozing dark energy from its entire body, was a figure that could never be seen as a human being.

Yes, anyone who sees a figure that exudes black energy for the first time will think of a demon.

“What, what is that!”

“Is it a monster?”


Screams rang out everywhere.

An unusual magic that cannot be seen in ordinary monsters.

Feeling ominous, the people started to scatter.


It didn’t take long before the alarm bell rang.

“Reaction is very fast.”

“Because the magic circle of the Holy Kingdom is sensitive to demonic energy.”

Ain suddenly asked, looking at the crowd who were in a state of panic in an instant.

“If that’s the case, then there’s no need for me to make a fuss, right?”


Hyun affirmed that statement.

It was the existing plan for Ain to go wild and attract attention, but it didn’t seem necessary to follow the plan.

Weeing- Weeing-

In the midst of the magic circle that sensed an unusual magic, frantically sounding an alarm.

“Let’s run away now.”

Hyun could see the dust rushing in the distance.

The reaction of the Holy Kingdom was more turbulent than expected, and the city’s defense system was also more thorough than expected.


“okay! right now… ! It’s already under siege!」

Sensing the crisis, Hyeon’s pupils widened.

Those who radiate demonic energy in the middle of the Holy Kingdom are no different from sticking their heads into the jaws of a beast!


It was the very next moment when the light of divinity struck from all sides.


Great War of the Holy Kingdom.

The news that strong demonic energy was detected in the middle of the city was quickly transmitted to the leadership of the Holy Kingdom.

The crystal ball on the round table reflected the scene that was happening in the city.

The high priests and bishops were horrified as soon as they witnessed the charred form.

“that… !”

Some of them remembered a series of events that had taken place in the Shadowlands many years ago.

The day when darkness appeared on earth.

that ascended to heaven.

And the thing that disappeared into the shadows again.

“That’s what I’ve seen before!”

“darkness… ! That is the seed of darkness!”

“what? Darkness!”

cried the archbishop in a shrill voice.

“Where is the Holy King now!”

“You headed to the Empire to attend the conference!”

“Ah, it was! When it’s like this… !”

The archbishop blamed himself.

No matter how embarrassed I was, I hadn’t even forgotten that the trilateral summit meeting was held today to coordinate the position with the Nation of Darkness.

‘Now I have to order!’

In the crystal ball, the scene of the guards being cut by the scythe wielded by the black figure was playing.

It is clear that the city’s troops and defense magic circle are not enough to catch it.

Yes, if it’s the seed of darkness, that’s natural!

Didn’t the darkness incapacitate the knights led by Shakron in the past and reach the altar?

In order not to repeat the same failure, I had to prepare more thoroughly than before.

“Sort out the first Holy Knights!”

“Impossible! They are visiting the Empire with the Holy King… !”

“Kuh, is there no knights that can move right away?”

“Sir Beatra and Sir Saint who are newly inaugurated this time!”

“Command Beatra to chase the darkness! Right Now!”

“four… !”

The priest hastily started manipulating the communication magic circle.

The archbishop couldn’t hide his nervousness and kept biting his nails.

Why did darkness suddenly appear in the city of the Holy Kingdom?

The intentions were unclear, but one thing was certain.

This is a unique opportunity! It was an opportunity to completely sever the buds of darkness.

I will definitely not miss this time… !

The archbishop’s eyes blazed as he quietly peered into the crystal ball.


As soon as the warning was issued, residents evacuated to the safety zone underground.

The peaceful city turned into a mayhem in an instant.

The defense towers placed all over the city shot out white orbs, and the city’s guards fired holy magic without a break.

A shower of magic bullets pouring down like rain.

Kwak! bang!

The smoke did not stop at the feet of the prefecture.

Even if Louise’s movement method was used while using the Spirit, it was impossible to shake off hundreds or thousands of magic.

“Chit… !”

Ain swung the scythe of vigilance.

Then, the three magic bullets flying from the front split in half and caused an explosion in the back.

“I’m next to you too!”

“I know, I’m watching!”

Then, Ain twisted his back as hard as he could.

A flash of light that leaves an afterimage!

Patter, even the ice picks fired from the side bounced off.

Even if you dodged, blocked, and destroyed the magic that came from all directions, the crisis was never over.

No matter how much he ran, there were enemies everywhere, and the magic baptism showed no signs of stopping.

‘God of death steps!’

‘Shadow run!’

When I thought I couldn’t do it, I used a mobile device.

Fain! Fain! Sometimes she jumped up and down the sky.

Instead of creating a wind barrier and stepping on it, the reason for using Louise’s skill ‘stepping in the air’ is to increase the reaction speed through simple movements.

‘Dangerous… !’

However, sometimes there were cases where magic that could not be avoided or prevented flew by.


In the distance, Hyun’s alertness reached its peak as he saw the globe of thunderbolt being completed at the tip of the spire.

At this point, he had no choice but to go out on his own.

[Devotion Shield Lv.3 (+1)]

-Creates a shield of demonic energy following the weapon’s trail for 1 second.

– The Magi’s Shield absorbs all damage equal to or less than [Mage] consumed.

-Destroyed by attacks with higher damage than consumed [Magic].

-Lasts 13 seconds.

<Cooldown: 60 seconds>

<Mag consumption: 100~150000>

‘Magi 70,000!’

round and round The scythe of vigilance rotated one full turn.

Right after that, the completed spheres of lightning flashed at the tip of the spire all at once.

after… A small smile crept across Hyun’s lips as he sighed.

The translucent black film made a clicking sound and contained sparks.

‘I can stop… !’

A skill briefly borrowed from Tartar through a chaos contract.

There was no skill like this to defend against long-range attacks.

The predator’s shield.

It is an invincible shield that cannot be blocked by a strong blow, but never breaks in front of a weaker attack.

Pachichik! Pachichichi!

The tip of the pinnacles, resembling lightning rods, flashed blue and shot a stream of lightning toward a single point.

However, Hyeon, who hid behind a sword-transparent shield, suffered no damage.

A skill that preys on anything weaker than itself. It was thanks to the shield of predation.


Ain burst into admiration.

“This skill, Tartar, is it? Was it even able to block lightning?!”

“that’s right. I tried it last time. And stop for a moment.”

grasp! Hyun pierced the blade of a scythe into the floor.

After changing the guard’s gun to sniper mode.


Enemies full of enemies came into the expanded field of view.

Hyun aimed at the enemy and clenched his hand with all his might.

bang! bang! bang!

Bullets with impact amplification bounce off human bodies far away.

At the same time as the gunfire rang, many soldiers fell from the defense towers.

He’s not dead, but since he can no longer control the magic circle, the defense tower that shoots lightning won’t work for the time being.

“done! Run upstairs now!”

“Up on the roof?!”


Following Hyun’s instructions, Ain changed his escape route.

To the sky without obstacles!

It was possible to achieve maximum speed while running through the sky while stepping on roofs and roofs.

After, right after passing through the lightning defense tower area, Hyun took a breath.

The density of soldiers and fortifications was decreasing as one moved towards the edge of the city.

However, it is not yet safe.

Rather, it will be the most dangerous section from now on.

“Can you hear me?”


“The horse’s hooves are getting louder.”

Hyun felt the vibration of the ground shaking the earth’s axis, getting bigger and bigger.

Yes, it was proof that the Knights who ran from the teleport gate had arrived at close range.


Moments later, a horrifying shout came from behind.

“catch! Bring that devil’s seed before me before it runs away! Be sure, be sure to catch that black one-!”

Hyungwon glanced back.

The name of the woman leading the knights from the front is Beatra.

She is the only magic swordsman among the five great knights of the Holy Kingdom, and a woman who has many subordinates who are proficient in high-level magic.

And what was unusual was that he was the most severely insane among the 5 knights.

“Acceleration! Acceleration!”

At Beatra’s cry, the leading knights raised their staffs.

Whoops. The moment the divine light enveloped them, the types of warhorses they rode increased dramatically.

Just like the Templars on the verge of crushing their enemies.

200 meters, 150 meters, 100 meters… .

As the distance between them continued to decrease, the nervous Ain shouted.

“Hyun, shall we fight?!”

“no way!”

Hyun shook his head hurriedly at Ain’s answer.

“it’s crazy?! To fight against the Knights in the middle of the Holy Kingdom!”

“But I think I’ll get caught soon!”

“Just a little bit, we’re almost there… !”

Hyun’s answer sounded like a contradiction at first glance.

This is the city of the Holy Kingdom, which has no borders with any country.

Even after leaving the city, the land of the Holy Kingdom is still spread out, so where did they come from?


Hyun sang joy.

Before I knew it, the vast sea was spreading out in front of me.

Pang, Pang! Every time he leaped, a column of water gushed incessantly from his feet.

This is Louise’s movement method that utilizes the reaction of the air.

Whether it is land or sea, if there is an object to instantaneously apply force to, it can move forward.

“Keuh, that black guy is running away to the sea! keep chasing! If you miss it, you guys better be prepared!”

Beatra did not remain still.

“Everyone give me strength!”

She raised her sword high.

At the same time, the divine energy gathered at the tip of the sword.

Uuuung, uuuung, the energy gradually grew and spread towards the knights’ warhorses.

Then, a miracle from God was given to the warhorses who roared madly.

Herds of hundreds of horses began to cross the sea.

No, it’s not a miracle, it’s Beatra’s command magic, running on water.

Chow! Chow!

The sight of a herd of horses running across the sea like a plain and crossing a huge wave like a hill was a spectacle that could not be easily seen.

‘are you okay.’

Even though he went through the absurd incident of being chased by a horse on the sea, Hyun did not panic.

‘The speed is faster this way.’

No matter how it is on land, no one can follow Louise on the sea.

See, even Beatra, the fifth knight, couldn’t catch up with her?

She also couldn’t grant the horse ‘water running’ and ‘acceleration’ magic at the same time, so it was only natural that the horse’s speed would be slowed down.

“Ain, run a little slower.”

Rather, Hyun had to ask Ain to slow down.

If you run too fast, those guys might give up the chase.

Papababang! While running through splashes of water, Hyeon asked Ain once more.

“Do you remember your destination?”

“Over there, right?!”

Ain points to a blurry island in the distance.

Hyungwon nodded quietly.

The island that Ain pointed out. The place that existed across the sea was not the territory of the Holy Kingdom.

“We have to arrive before the end of the river god.”

“I know that too… !”

After completing the final confirmation, Hyun sent a whisper to Genie.

“Ginny, I think we’ll be there soon. Have you finished your preparations?”

“Of course, VIPs have been waiting for two hours! They are clamoring for more points.”

“Ah, is that so… ?」

Hyun let out a bitter laugh.

Due to careful consideration, the time was later than expected.

Since it’s our fault, it’s better to accept the request.

“Points don’t matter. However, I don’t want any users to disobey my instructions.”

Hyun spoke in a serious voice.

Adding more shade points is not too difficult.

However, even for the sake of the quest for harmony, even for the sake of the guild’s position, he himself had to make this plan a success.


Hyun’s eyes narrowed as he watched the approaching land.


Madness flickered in Beatra’s eyes.

I can’t seem to catch the black shape.

If you come within range of long-distance magic, I’ll tear you to pieces right away!

As she rode across the sea on horseback, the adjutant reported to her.



“The back row was attacked by marine monsters. One of them suffered severe damage… .”

“Haha, a monster?”

However, the report only made Beatra feel even more uncomfortable.

“You trash child! worthless child! What happened in the middle of a sacred mission to chase demons?!”

“… .”

“Disfellowship! My knights don’t need a bastard like that!”

“All right… .”

The adjutant silently nodded.

It was because he knew that his superior, Beatra, was usually not sane, but when he saw anything related to the devil, he really became an idiot.

“Kihihi, let’s see how long we can run away~!”

Beatra gave a fishy smile as she looked at the black figure ahead.

The distance with him is small, but it is gradually narrowing. At this pace, I’m sure I’ll be able to catch it soon!

It was Hyun intentionally slowing down, but the knights of the Holy Kingdom, including Beatra, did not know about it.

They just think they are slightly faster than their opponents.


At some point while continuing the pursuit, Beatra frowned.

The direction the black shape is heading is an unknown island.

It was because he noticed that it was not the territory of the Holy Kingdom.

“Where is that island?”

The adjutant answered Beatra’s question.

“The Kingdom of Pirantes, one of the city-states in the Central Sea!”

“A city-state?”

Beatra thought for a moment.

The pursuit beyond the territory of the Holy Kingdom was unplanned.

But I couldn’t stop right here.

With the devil in front of me, I couldn’t stop chasing.

“Keep chasing!”

Tata Tata Tang! It was at that moment that an unexpected explosion rang out from above the coastal cliffs.

What a sudden surprise!

Whoops… ! The head of the knights, including Beatra, was startled and memorized defense magic.

“what… .”

Beatra’s face contorted mercilessly.

An attack that only makes a loud noise, but does not contain much power.

It was because the distance from the target he was chasing had become farther away while trying to block that kind of thing.

Beatra’s hand holding the sword trembled.

“dare… Dare to interrupt… !”

Then, blood broke out in her eyes.

“I’m chasing the devil, are you interfering?!”

The raid didn’t stop with just one.

The horses flinched each time a strange sound resounded, and each time the distance from the black figure grew a little further.

“Kee hee hee!”

Beatra suddenly stepped on the horse’s saddle and leaped over the coastal cliff.

Flash! As he cut the cliff with a sword filled with the power of lightning, the suspicious attackers disappeared without a trace.

Even after the entire cliff was razed to the ground, Beatra’s resentment did not end.

The appearance of screaming and shouting and exuding sword skills is like a ghost.

Missing the devil, Beatra became a ghost.

“Captain… !”

“We go up too!”

The rest of the Templars also jumped off their horses.

After leaping over the cliff, he used fly magic to lift the drowning horses one by one.

After retrieving his warhorse, the adjutant suddenly saw Beatra’s expression and was speechless.

Amid rocks breaking and trees burning, she was spilling her ore.

“Captain… ?”

“You bastards… Bastards who will tear limb to shreds… .”

Looking down at the coastal cliff, Beatra’s mouth was torn open.

doesn’t exist… That black guy is gone!

The devil disappeared while the damn guys were in the way!

Beatra’s trembling eyes suddenly stopped.

Yes, Maggie isn’t gone yet!

I’m following Magi!

But at that moment.

bang! bang!

From a distance, those wearing the same outfits as before fired the same type of attack.

“Ughhh… !”

At that moment, Beatra’s patience exploded.

It was because the same damn guys made it impossible to know the direction of the demonic energy.

I approached the place where the sound rang, but this time I couldn’t find anyone.

They seemed to have run away right after they fired the attack.

It didn’t take long for Beatra to grasp the situation.

Yes, the devil has helpers!

Wicked ones are trying to disrupt the sacred ceremony!

‘for a moment.’

While thinking about that, Beatra suddenly stopped.

It was the moment when I found a soldier in a ‘certain outfit’ who was patrolling the beach.

“Where do you belong?”

“yes… ? I am… .”

To Beatra’s sudden question, the NPC soldier answered nervously.

I didn’t know the identity of the woman, but judging from her clothes and way of speaking, it was clear that she had a very high position.

“The 3rd Patrol… .”

Before he could finish his answer, Beatra’s sword flashed.

Crispy! Until the flash cut the ship in two, the soldier did not know what had happened.

iced coffee… ? After a while, he grabbed his stomach with empty eyes.

dump. died just like that

After the subordinates who finished the maintenance belatedly approached.

Whoa ah. As nearby corpses scattered into powder of light, Beatra quietly opened her mouth.

“Did you say Pyrantes?”

“… .”

“This island is the den of the abyss.”

Only then did Beatra realize the identity of the things that hindered her.

Yes, the devil’s minions stopped me.

This island is full of demon minions.

As a knight of the Holy Kingdom, I must judge them!

Beatra’s eyes were stained with murderous intent as she gazed into the distance.

a few days ago.

Hyun and Ain had a short conversation about future plans.

“This is enough for activities in the Nation of Darkness.”

The Nation of Darkness no longer needs to be touched.

External shocks only make the inside more solid, so the power of harmony will gradually grow thanks to this unstable situation that is confronting the Holy Kingdom.

“The next target is the Empire.”

The next thing to do is to transfer the embers of harmony that have spread throughout the Nation of Darkness to the Empire.

However, the Empire was not a country with free thoughts like the Nation of Darkness.

It would be difficult to build a temple with the power of users within the empire, and even if a temple was built, it would not be possible to spread the idea of ​​harmony widely.

Ain knew that too, so he muttered anxiously.

“But the empire can’t do anything with money.”

“I guess so.”

The Empire is an aristocratic state that follows a strict caste system.

The method used by the Nation of Darkness never worked.

“You have to use another method.”


“I’m going to drive a wedge between the Empire and the Holy Kingdom.”

There is a saying that the enemy of an enemy is an ally.

What if a common enemy arises between the prefecture and the Nation of Darkness?

If the two countries unite, the fire of harmony that blooms in the Nation of Darkness will naturally move to the Empire!

Then, while the Holy Kingdom is naturally isolated among the three powers, the base of harmony will be greatly expanded.

“Is that possible?!”

“I have a method in mind.”

divide between the two countries.

It was not something that an ordinary user could do, but Hyun was confident enough to do it.

“In any way… .”

… …

Kingdom of Pirantes.

As a city-state with a population of about 30,000, it is a small island nation that deserves the title of kingdom.

Most NPCs probably don’t even know that a country called Pirantes exists.

Because this is a mediocre land with no geographical advantage or special resources.

However, there was one special thing about this ordinary and insignificant country.

‘The prince of the empire was probably hiding here, right?’

The story of the hidden prince of the empire was an event that occurred in the second half of Asura Online.

In order to protect the youngest from the power struggle between the brothers, the emperor secretly takes the youngest prince to another country.

However, the talent bestowed by heaven cannot be hidden, and later the prince awakens as a warrior who leads the army to subdue the abyss.

The other country where the youngest prince is hiding is this Kingdom of Pirantes.

The fact that the empire was secretly protecting Pirantes was a story known to all users who had experienced Asura.

‘Kill the prince!’

Hyun was thinking of changing the future a little.

The youngest prince of the Empire, who might later become a hero in the sky, will be the catalyst to divide the Empire and the Holy Kingdom today.

<Is everyone near me?>

Hyun sent a message to everyone.

About 500 users applied for the VIP 4-level limited Shade Quest.

They are Shade’s soldiers who have been with the guild since the Border City was created, and loyalists among loyalists who will not hesitate to die as long as points are properly paid.

<Please make the city as noisy as possible.>


[Additional goals of Shade Quest]

-(Abyss user): Use magic to provoke the knights.

-(Perforation user): Destroy the city using divine power.

Hyun added the above to the quest goal.

So that the Knights of the Holy Kingdom can run rampant in the Kingdom of Pirantes.

And again to fan the wrath of the Imperial Emperor!

「Ain, let’s move too.」


And in the next moment, Hyun’s new model disappeared on the spot.


The sun was going down in the island kingdom.

As the sun went down and the night deepened, a situation came to Pirantes where the word “abijyuhwan” was appropriate.

“Sheesh, these guys are the seeds of the abyss!”

“How many devil’s subordinates are there!”

“Sweep it out! They are children of the devil! I can feel the thick demonic energy nearby!”

Wherever Beatra’s knights galloped, fire soared and screams rang out.

There was no defensive magic circle in Pirantes.

Even that common teleport gate didn’t exist.

While screaming at the tyranny of the ruthless knights, all the residents can do is lock the door tightly.

“Who are you? Doing something like this… !”

“Ahh, save me… !”

There can be no proper army in a small island country that used to be peaceful.

Pirantes’ troops were annihilated in an instant in front of Beatra’s Holy Knights.

Leaving behind the horrific sight of countless corpses scattered with light, the adjutant reported the situation in a calm voice.

“This island has been completely consumed by the abyss. Magi are everywhere!”

“Kuhhh… It must be the work of the devil.”

The eyes of the Knight Commander, Beatra, flashed.

“Get rid of everything that possesses demonic energy, and kill everything that is even the slightest suspicious!”

“I will deliver the orders!”

Destroying demons is the mission of a paladin!

The angel forgives all minor mistakes that occur in the process of killing the devil’s seed.

The knights who were rioting in the city didn’t even think about diplomatic issues.

Pirantes is an island country with a population of only 30,000.

Of course, there was no power to oppose the Holy Kingdom, and there was no way to protest against the Holy Kingdom, which had the cause of chasing demons.

Hee hee, Beatra spoke again with a creepy laugh.

“The black shape has disappeared! Whatever you do, find it again! Even if it overturns the city!”

Following Beatra’s actions, the knights began to search the city.

Did they say subordinates resemble their superiors?

Most of the knights led by Beatra were fanatics just like her.

Believing that everything is forgiven if the devil is eliminated, the gates of many houses are forcibly thrown open.

“Here the devil passed. Recite everything you saw.”

“A devil… ?”

One villager trembled at the paladin’s question and only opened his mouth.

It was because I couldn’t understand what the assailant who came out of nowhere was saying.


“… ?”

“Answer me!”

Fuuk, he let out a scream of pain as the sharp sword pierced his shoulder.

Beside him, his wife cried and waved her hands.

“I do not know… ! We know nothing!”

And in another mansion, there was a bloody bora.


As soon as the door of the mansion opened, those waiting inside rushed towards the knights.

Rather than sit still and die, he decided to fight against it.

However, it was impossible for those who had learned the proper level of self-defense to be able to deal with the elites of the Holy Kingdom.

In the end, the people of the mansion are mortally wounded and fall to the floor.

It did not take long for the turmoil in the city to reach the palace.

“The Knights of the Holy Kingdom!”

The King of Pirantes jumped to his feet.

As soon as I heard the word Holy Kingdom, I thought about it.

Pirantes, who is only a city-state, cannot even dare to disobey the Holy Kingdom.

“What kind of grudge do they have to do this… ?”

“They say we’re hiding a demon!”

“Such absurd words… .”

The king rose from his seat with a calm expression.

I left the balcony of the castle and looked at the ground.

Pirantes, a small island nation that can be seen at a glance.

But the landscape was not as peaceful as always.

Amidst the burning and destruction of buildings, the people’s screams and clamor reached the royal castle.

Is this a dream or reality?

The king stared blankly into space, then muttered as if he had come to his senses after a while.

“Tell the communications wizard. The Empire must be notified of this immediately!”


The fact that Pirantes had been attacked by the Holy Kingdom reached the ears of the imperial emperor through the communications officer.

The news arrived just as a summit was being held between the countries of the three powers.


The Emperor of the Empire, who was reconciling the differences between the Holy Kingdom and the Nation of Darkness, suddenly stood up from his seat.

Even the emperor of the empire had to show some level of courtesy in front of the king and the chairman.

But suddenly, without a word, he left the place. It was against his face as an emperor.

What the hell is going on?

While everyone in the meeting held their breath, the emperor returned to his seat after a long absence.

It was the next moment when the emperor, who had always maintained his dignity, expressed his anger while looking at the Holy King.

“Withdraw the knights from Pirantes immediately!”

“The knights… ? I don’t know what you mean.”

The King Seong replied calmly.

However, that attitude only fueled the emperor’s wrath.

“You mean you really don’t know?”

“… Please wait.”

When the emperor’s mood was unusual, King Seong also had a hunch that something had happened.

King Seong, who asked for understanding and left the meeting room, was soon able to hear all the circumstances from his subordinates.

While he was away from the country, a demon appeared in the Holy Kingdom, and the Knights began to pursue the demon.

In the meantime, it seemed that friction had arisen between the Holy Kingdom and the Pirantes Kingdom.

“There was such an incident, why did no one say anything to me?”

“sorry. Because the King Seong was in the middle of an important meeting.”

“after… I see.”

When the King Seong returned to his seat, the Emperor’s mood changed again.

The excitement was completely gone, replaced by cold eyes.

“I’m going to break this place today.”

At one word from the emperor, the atmosphere became as cold as ice.

The meeting between the leaders of the three countries was stopped in an instant.

The fact that there was a prince in Pirantes that the emperor cherished the most, and it was not officially revealed that the empire was secretly protecting Pirantes, so the people of the Holy Kingdom and the Nation of Darkness could not easily understand the emperor’s whims.

“… … .”

However, only King Seong had a bad feeling.

It was because the eyes of the emperor who last met her were as cold as frost.

‘Something’s wrong!’

As soon as the meeting was over, King Seong hurriedly returned to the Great Hall.

I hope this doesn’t turn into a big incident.


[The large-scale event, ‘Divine Exhibit’ has been canceled!]

[All stats increase by 2!]

everything went as planned.

The prince of the empire died, and the knights of the Holy Kingdom took the blame.

From today, distrust must have arisen between the Empire and the Holy Kingdom.

“… … .”

There was just one unexpected thing.

The death of the prince felt a little more special than ordinary NPCs.

Since he is an important figure in the world view, he must not have been a first-generation artificial intelligence.

Even so, the fact that he killed someone who was not against him made Hyun feel uncomfortable.

Yes, the reason why he didn’t bring Louise was because he foresaw this situation.

Because he blames everything on himself, he might not be able to kill an innocent person.

Killing the prince and sacrificing the residents of Pirantes must be devilish in a way.

“It can’t be helped.”

At that time, Ain’s voice was suddenly heard.

Ain noticed Hyun’s condition through fairy tales and spoke to him.

“You say this is the least sacrificial way?”

“… It did.”

He and Ain remember the history of Asura.

Abyss and Abyss. He knew roughly how many sacrifices it would take for Abyss to triumph in a world divided into two factions.

More than half of the Assrian population.

Perhaps more lives will be lost.

The would-be king had to follow the path desired by the majority.

It may be a cruel story to someone, but there is no choice but to be a minority who is sacrificed for the majority.

“What if I’m called a tyrant later?”

“what… ?」

“That’s right, we were on the devil’s side in the first place.”

Hyun’s spirit returned to Ain’s playful voice.

“Did I just overindulge?”

“little… But it’s okay!”

Ain smiled confidently and patted his chest lightly.

“I am by your side. I know what Hyun is thinking. If you try to act too stupid, I’ll stop you!”

“… Thank you for that.”

Hyungwon’s mouth burst into laughter.

Yes, as Ain said.

Now is the time to move forward with reason alone as a mast.

The moment you put your emotions in between, the plans built up layer by layer will collapse in an instant.

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