Hard Carry Support Chapter 327-328

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Colossus’ Road (1), Colossus’ Road (2)

Hyun let out a laugh.

Suddenly, he knew that it was the same person who gave the quest to Ain and himself without asking.

The Quest of Deception.

The sentences are different, but the context is probably toward the same place.

‘In the past, I would have doubted it, but… .’

Now, the prefecture also has some doubts.

Deception saved Louise several times, and pointed out the way to go.

He made Ain an apostle and raised him to the point where he surpassed Latis’s level in one month.

Above all, without her, the present border city would not have existed.

At this point, even if you get stabbed in the back of the head later, wouldn’t you be able to smile at least once?

‘It’s a good suggestion.’

Hyun read the quest goal again.

Know the name of harmony and spread the idea!

‘It was something I had to do someday anyway.’

Even if there was no quest, he had intended to do so.

Ain, the apostle of deception (harmony), Louise, the great devil of darkness, and even herself, who is developing the power of chaos.

The Shade Guild was already the base of the Abyss.

Later, in order to ascend the Asrian throne, he had to divide the sky as much as possible and dye it into the abyss.

The first button is to spread the idea of ​​harmony on earth.

‘It’s also just the right timing.’

Assrian’s users are clearly showing a different movement than before.

The regressors had already colluded with the forces of light, and the Darkness Guild was also trying to recruit key NPCs.

The time when the power of the user is fused with the worldview of the existing Assrian.

Level up a bit slowly.

Later on, Ain could be stunned, or he could ask Caedrial to teach him how to train himself in the Pandemonium.

It was a golden opportunity to solidify the position of the Shade Guild for himself who had two cards called ‘The Great Devil’.

‘Now, the priority is to lay the foundation for the guild!’

Historically, it has been the strength of forces that determines the outcome of a war.

Even his former self, who had the same power as the Transcendental, had to get help from subordinate NPCs in order to break through the entrance to the Pandemonium.


(Reward: I’ll do anything as long as my strength allows)

Caidrial’s promise to listen to ‘anything’.

Even the deception of lying on a fictional day cannot contain lies in the ‘quest message’.

It was clear that if he borrowed the power of the Great Devil, he would be able to rise to the peak much faster than he did during Asura’s days.

Hyungwon’s eyes grew serious.

I remembered what to do next.

How will the name of harmony be known on earth?

Countless pieces to achieve him were put together and scattered in my head.

shit. A long time later, when a smile appeared on Hyun’s lips, the puzzle in his head was completed.

It was the moment when Hyeon finished all his thoughts when he heard Ain’s voice.

“It’s a bit of a waste.”


“I haven’t been on the rankings for a while.”

This is what Ain meant.

If they had been registering their names in the Hall of Fame from the beginning, they would not have built up a considerable reputation by now.

Hyun, who understood the meaning, shook his head in fright.

“No, not posting was the correct answer. To avoid gaining notoriety.”

“hmm… is it?”

Ain made a bolmen sound.

It was because doing something like the main quest again was a far fetched process just thinking about it.

Seeing Ain with a regretful expression on his face, Hyeon smiled and said.

“don’t worry. You should be able to gain fame relatively easily this time.”


“You don’t have to become a hero or warrior to gain fame.”

“… ?”

Looking at Ain, who tilted his head, Hyun gave a meaningful smile.

Just the right way I just came up with.

It is a way to gain fame and at the same time imbue the earth with ideas of harmony.


Vigilant City Underground Lab.

Hyun and Genie were talking alone as they crossed the hallway.

‘This place seems to change every time I come.’

Even though he is the owner of the city, Hyun does not know everything that happens in the city.

It was because it could not keep up with the speed of change that was becoming more and more detailed and complex.

At this point, it was unknown what departments SHA Company had and how many employees each department had.

Genie does send reports every time.

However, it was too annoying to check the numerous documents one by one, so Hyun’s message box was piled high with unchecked messages.



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I can’t leave it forever, so I’ll have to read it when I have time.

‘Genie must be busy too.’

Hyun felt grateful to Ginny once again.

From some point on, she was immersed in guild management to the extent that she did not promote personal growth at all.

Looking at it from the side, it felt like a business rather than a game.

It was clear that if he and Ain hadn’t helped him from time to time, Genie’s level would have been stagnant for a long time.

Hyun thought he should take care of the guild members more.

It wouldn’t matter if Salon took care of himself, but because of his job, Tartar had fewer opportunities to grow than others because he was attending school and doing multiple jobs at the same time.

“I will help you check your pass.”

While thinking about this and that, the user guide slightly bowed his head toward the string that had reached its destination and said so.

The Shade Guild’s highest security laboratory.

Even Hyun, the guild leader, couldn’t enter this place without a pass.

The reason why the prefecture has no choice but to introduce a difficult procedure.

This is because it is too easy to impersonate a specific user in Asrian, who can change his appearance.

‘Something… It has changed dramatically.’

Hyun, who passed the security, looked around and stuck out his tongue.

Inside, it was filled with all sorts of gadgets that made people mistakenly believe that Assrian was not a fantasy game but a game with a sci-fi background.

According to Genie’s explanation, the manufacturing of the gun is similar to the semiconductor process in reality.

From removing mana from the existing frame, stacking the fine parts one by one, and finally coating the magic circle of ‘fixing mana’.

Modern cutting-edge technology and new principles had to be elaborately matched to create an old gun.

Not only ‘firearms’ such as guns, but also items such as steam engines and electronic products were no different.

It was because the existing laws of physics had completely changed with just one variable, mana.

‘I can’t even imagine how much it would have cost to build this lab.’

Other companies decided to dig into other fields rather than follow the pace of Shade’s research, so Assrian’s gun production and sales were being monopolized by the Shade Guild.

But you can’t be complacent just because you’re the leader.

The Shade research team was developing the existing gun with ceaseless efforts.

“Ginny, is your request complete?”

“yes. This is it.”

Genie handed Hyun a freshly made gun.

The barrel of the gun was elaborately engraved with the pattern of an angel.

The identity of the pattern with its wings wide open is the angel of harmony!

Hyun delivered the pattern of the apostle drawn on the Ain’s status window to Genie, and Genie took measures to ensure that the seal was engraved in the mass production process.

“As requested, I put the seal in the most visible place.”

“Oh oh… .”

Hyun admired.

Awesome high quality design. The word ‘Harmony’ was engraved under it.

“Certainly, this should stand out quite a bit.”

This is the first way to spread the name of harmony on earth.

If you say that you should serve an angel whose name you don’t even know, of course, antipathy will arise.

Hyun was thinking of making harmony naturally blend into the daily lives of NPCs.

“This is not the only thing prepared.”


“It has one more hidden feature.”

Ginny muttered that and suddenly used her ultimate, Reverse.

Magic that returns the body to a few minutes ago.

The moment the magic was activated, Genie’s HP decreased to a very low level.

concurrently with him.

Woo woo woo.

The pistol in her hand began to emit a holy light.

It was the light that leaked from the pattern of harmony engraved on the barrel.

“It is a new technology developed recently.”

“New technology… ?”

“It is a skill that gives options to equipment without crafting skills. According to the prefecture’s plan, mass production would be essential, but we can’t enchant each piece of equipment, can we?”

[option 1]

-Activated when the user’s HP drops below 10%.

– Temporarily increases all stats by 10, and removes ‘fear’ abnormal status.

(30 days cooldown)

The performance of the option itself was insignificant, but the cooldown was ridiculously long.

In fact, the grade of equipment that Shade could produce was at most ‘magic’, and the options he could grant were limited to this level.

Because humans still haven’t fully understood how ‘mana’ works.

Compared to the equipment created by blacksmiths or enchanters’ skills, they could only create shabby options.

“This… .”

Hyun’s eyes fluttered.

“A thing made without enchantment?”


“then… We can mass-produce this option gun!”

“that’s right. I actually plan on doing that.”

It was because I understood Genie’s intention that the performance of the option itself was not important.

Every human being wants salvation in a hopeless situation.

At that moment, if the angel pattern engraved on the weapon shines, the surviving NPC will consider themselves saved by the angel of harmony.

After the explanation, Ginny looked at Hyun and asked cautiously.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, did I?”

“No, that’s great.”

Hyun shook his head and replied.


A plan to spread the name of harmony by distributing guns all over the world

Ginny did a great job putting the first button together, so it was her turn next.


The Empire, the Holy Kingdom, and the Nation of Darkness.

There are dozens of other small countries in Assrian, but the three countries above have the greatest influence on the worldview.

It is no exaggeration to say that all Assrian cultural forms begin in one of the three countries.

The prefecture’s next plan was to sign a formal contract with a country called the Three Powers.

‘In which country?’

Which of the three should you choose?

First of all, the Holy Kingdom is dismissal.

They knew everything that had happened on Carinta Island, and it was clear that they were against Harmony.

In the first place, since the Holy Kingdom was a nation formed by gathering fanatics, there was a high possibility that the deal itself would not be established.

And the empire… .

The empire was a state built around authority worthy of its reputation.

Nobles give quests to users, but never try to be friends with them.

In order to do business with the nobility of the empire, they had to have equal status with them.

In other words, it meant that normal transactions were impossible without any title.

‘As expected, it must be the Nation of Darkness!’

Hyun’s eyes shone.

From the time of planning, there was only one option.

The most free country among the countries belonging to the 3 rivers.

Everything is determined according to the principles of capitalism.

There were also numerous cases where gold coins were above the law.

In other words, a country where the wealthy become nobles!

Since the NPCs did not choose the sky and the abyss for money, the Nation of Darkness was also the stage for most Abyss users.

“Let’s go, Ain.”

“me too?”

“Yeah, I think I might need your help too.”

As soon as he made up his mind, Hyeon took Ain and headed for the Nation of Darkness.

‘I’ve been here before, but seeing it again is amazing.’

Hyun was walking along with Ain in Loopra, the capital of the Nation of Darkness.

It is said that the border city has been developing rapidly recently, but it was still incomparable to the splendor of the Nation of Darkness.

As the name of the country belonging to the three rivers, the center of the capital was filled with all kinds of strange things.

At night, the magic circles in the streets emit dazzling lights, creating a fantastic night view of Loopra.

“I don’t know if it’s okay to come and see it at night.”

Hyun muttered to himself, Ain replied.

“Until night… We should be together… ?」

“is it? Well, it will be evening soon.”

Hyun glanced at his watch and increased his walking speed.

Because there is a time difference between each city in Assrian, it was necessary to check the time whenever teleporting over a long distance like this.

‘Come here’

Before long, I entered the headquarters of the Central Chamber of the Nation of Darkness.

Perhaps because the closing time was approaching, the inside of the store was very empty, and thanks to this, Hyun was able to face the NPC he wanted without waiting.

‘Are you a user… ?’

The NPC at the window looked at Hyun and narrowed his brows.

There were not many cases where users visited the 3rd floor of the Chamber of Commerce Headquarters.

Most of them are for the upper ranks of the Merchant line.

‘I don’t think he’s a merchant.’

However, the man in front of him was dressed as a merchant.

Did I come to the wrong window? I was reviewing the application documents with the intention of expulsion to the first floor if that was the case.


The young man’s eyes lit up.

‘Your name is Hyun?’

As a merchant, he was sensitive to new rumors and information.

Part of that routine included checking the names of new users appearing in the Hall of Fame.

The profile written on the document is level 254, currently.

As far as the young man knew, there was only one user like that.

“… What business did you visit?”

The man’s tone, which suddenly recalled a smile, became polite.

This is the effect of fame!

Merchant NPCs, who are sensitive to the flow of money, tended to cringe at heavy users.

NPCs’ attitudes change just by being listed in the Hall of Fame, and it becomes easier to raise favorability points or accept quests than others.

“I’d like to meet the owner here.”

“Ah, the chief? Did you promise to meet Metri?”

At the NPC’s question, Hyun shook his head.


“Then, if you tell me what your business is… .”

“No, it’s not something you can handle?”


Hyun took out a bag of gold coins from his bosom rather than continue the troublesome words.

A real world comparison would be trying to bribe a government official.

Surprisingly, in the Nation of Darkness, it was not a forbidden act, but just as natural as tipping at a restaurant.

“okay… ! Please wait a moment and I will tell you soon.”

The young man’s eyes widened as he looked at the heavy bag.

He quickly put a bag of gold coins into his pocket and began manipulating the communication magic circle.

and after a while

Following the guidance of the NPC, Hyun was able to enter a room on the 4th floor of the store and face the store headquarters, Metri.

“You want to meet me?”

Metri’s expression looked disapproving.

He was one of the 12 government merchants who lead the economy of the Nation of Darkness.

There were often cases where he had to deal with unexpected schedules, but to think that a wanderer would meet him without making an appointment.

If the other person wasn’t a Hall of Fame inductee, I would have told him to quit without thinking.

‘This is the start.’

Meanwhile, Hyun was very nervous.

Originally, it is impossible to meet Metri unless you rise to a high position as a merchant-type job.

A one-time opportunity made by expedient!

Hyun started the line he had prepared to get the other person’s attention.

“May the Angel of Harmony bless you… That’s right. I took the risk of being rude and asked to see Mr. Metri.”

Hyun’s acting, which imitated the priest’s way of speaking, was clumsy and clumsy.

Ain, who was assimilating, was embarrassed and coughed for nothing, but it was effective enough for Metri.

The antique design of the ‘priestly robe of the one who prays’. If the title of ‘deceiver’ is added to it, NPCs are bound to be deceived.

“Angel of Harmony… ?”

“Are there any problems?”

“No. Yeah, I wasn’t interested in the circumstances of the temple. A new angel may have appeared. By the way, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a user who truly serves an angel.”

So Hyun’s first operation was a success.

There was a little curiosity in Metri’s expression, which was clearly bothersome.

“Why do you want to meet me?”

“It’s not different… Just to show you one thing. It is a weapon containing the grace of harmony.”


Hyun took out the pistol he had prepared from his inventory.

It was at that moment that Metri’s eyes flashed.

“Oh, I did something and that was it.”

“Do you know?”

“Everyone knows. Isn’t it like this?”

Then, Metri took out a pistol from his chest.

At the same time, Hyun’s eyes widened.

It was because I didn’t expect the NPC to have a gun.

‘It’s a gun made by our guild… !’

At a glance, Hyun recognized that it was an item from the Shade Guild.

It seemed that the gun that one of the users had bought at the shade shop had somehow been handed over to the NPC.

As can be seen from the ranking ceremony in Bahimir, it was not uncommon for NPCs to accept the user’s culture.

‘Okay, that will make the negotiations a little easier.’

Hyun sang joy in his heart.

The reason Metri carried a pistol was probably because he recognized its value.

Immediately, various types of firearms were taken out one after another.

Pistols, shotguns, machine guns, even sniper rifles.

All of them had a pattern symbolizing harmony engraved on the barrel.

“I want to sell these things in bulk. The current volume is about 100,000 bags, but we plan to continue producing more.”

‘what? 100,000 sacks… ?!’

Momentarily, Metri clears his throat.

Not revealing one’s true intentions is the basic quality of a merchant.

Pretending to be as calm as possible for Metri, I corrected my posture and sat down.

I wondered why some idiot had come to see me, but as it turns out, a pumpkin came rolling in by the vine!

He also heard rumors of a weapon created by users and tried to make it the same.

However, the conclusion cannot be produced.

Even those who were called the best blacksmiths in the Nation of Darkness could not make guns.

It was said that making a gun required a process that was impossible with magic and quenching technology alone.

So, when he was about to end his lingering feelings, a user who looked like a hogu came to him with a gun.

Feigning composure, he started appraising Hyun’s firearms with magic.

“They’re all magic grade.”

“That’s right.”

“Hmm… It’s hard to put a high value on magic-grade equipment.”

At that moment, Hyun realized the other person’s intentions.

A laugh came out at the same time.

not worth it? So you’re saying you were carrying something worthless?

It can’t be.

The opponent is now thinking of taking off the ignorant kid.

A user who recently started to make his name known in the Hall of Fame, and came to Central High School wearing a priestly uniform.

From a merchant’s point of view, there wouldn’t be another prey like that.

“I know that much.”

Hyun knew the other person’s plan, but accepted it as it was.

Pricing followed.

It was at that moment that Ain, who was worse than him, stepped out.

“Uh uh uh hyeon, it’s completely crazy!”

Ain couldn’t believe Hyun’s actions.

You tell me the detailed information of the items you have, the quantity you have, and the number of cards you have, and then you laugh when the opponent hits the price?!

Even in the eyes of Ain, who doesn’t know much about the world, Hyun’s current appearance was Hogu itself.


“Are you asking because you don’t know? get out! We have to get out of here right now! Hyun, you’re being scammed by him right now!”

Ain did not participate in the city planning of the boundary.

In other words, the ‘prefecture as a businesswoman’ she remembers was last seen arguing with Tartar and YouTube.

“Yeah, working with Poppy, the hukou temperament has passed! Now, even the country is stepping up to build the prefecture… !”

“Be quiet, I’m crazy!”

“A scam, a scam! Is this a scam?!”

“No, I know!”

Hyun regretted not explaining to Ain in advance.

“Money is not our goal! If it’s money, the profits of the border city will be tens of thousands of times, so why am I doing business!”

“then… ?」

“Everyone has their own thoughts, so keep an eye on them!”

after… Hyeon sighed and recalled the plan once more.

Also known as Hogu cosplay!

This is the fastest way to gain favor with merchant NPCs.

Revealing all of his cards from the beginning, and laughing even when he hit the price, were all just acting.

As a result, isn’t the face of Metri, who is now called a government merchant, changed into a middle-aged man with a good impression?

“30 gold each… ? Then there is no cost… .”

“Uh huh, that’s how all first deals are. uh? He said that I would go ahead and secure the distribution network. I have no choice but to take that kind of damage, right?”

“hmm… is that so? If that’s the case, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

“Good idea. By the way, have you ever exchanged similar stories with other people before you came here?”

“What are you talking about?”

“No, nothing. Heh heh heh.”

‘… … .’

Older models that do not have a horsepower coefficient and cannot be sold to users anyway.

Hyun was giving away all his interests pretending to make a deal.

Hearing Hyeon’s acting, which is difficult to see with his eyes open, only Ain clenched and opened his fist repeatedly.

If he hadn’t used ‘reversal’ after assimilation, Ain didn’t know what he would have done right away.

In any case, the conversation between Hyun and Metri went smoothly, and the deal was nearing its end.

“There is nothing bad about this condition for you either. And from now on, I swear in the name of this government award, Metri, that dealings with you will be my top priority.”

It meant that I should not go to other people so that I could be beaten often in the future.

And Hyun nodded his head obediently at those words.

“great. I will concede everything. instead.”

“… !”

While everyone held their breath, Hyeon’s mouth slowly opened.

“I would like you to add a condition to the contract that this book must be handed over to the buyer.”

“huh? what book?”

Metri accepted the wad of paper Hyun had handed over.

“What is this?”

“This is a manual written down how to use the gun.”

“manual… ?”

After that, Metri’s eyes narrowed.

Because there were unknown sentences written on the back page.

-Harmony is equal to celestials, humans, small creatures, and even monsters, so whoever wields this weapon should gain the same power.

Those are the sentences Hyun wrote down in imitation of the contents of the Bible.

It might cause a big uproar in the Holy Kingdom, but in the Nation of Darkness, it had no special meaning.

“It’s not difficult, but you know I can’t raise the price because of the book, right?”

“Of course.”

“Okay, then the deal is done. wait a minute I will draw up a contract for you.”

Assrian’s contract is much simpler than the real one. It was because the existence of magic made it impossible to break the contract carelessly.

After a while.


The moment he put his finger on the paper Metri handed over, the following message came to Hyun’s mind.

[The contract with ‘Metri’, the government merchant of the Nation of Darkness, has been concluded!]

(※Caution: If the contract is violated, the penalty written in the contract will be forcibly imposed!)

“Then ask for delivery by the specified deadline.”

“All right.”

A plan to spread the name of harmony and spread the influence of the Shade Guild all over the world.

The first transaction in the Nation of Darkness was completed like that.

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