Hard Carry Support Chapter 314-315

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Arrangement of Deception (1) and Arrangement of Deception (2)

Ain’s level is 283.

Compared to Hyun, there is a whopping 30 level difference.

It takes an average of one year for a ranker who has completed the 2nd job advancement to reach level 300.

This is because 3 stat bonuses are given per level, making growth more difficult than before.

Considering this, Ain’s growth in just one month was encouraging.

Even Latisse, who maintains the first place in the Hall of Fame ranking, was at level 278!

However, the strength Ain showed now was power that had nothing to do with his level.

The awakening of the skill itself, not simply the strength of the stats.


The blade rotated once on the roof.

There was nothing left where the scythe swept away.

[Giant Slash Lv.3]

-The range of your next attack is increased by 8 meters.

– Increases strength by 2000 while attacking.

– The effect of ‘Angel’s Basic Swordsmanship’ is always applied to this attack.

(Holy power consumed: 1000)

(Cooldown: 20 seconds)

Except for Masianne, there was no human being who could withstand the weight of Ain’s scythe.

Two paladins have already lost their lives in blindly trying to block the attack.

Even if they had self-healing abilities, they couldn’t survive if their bodies were split in two or their heads were cut in an instant.

And sometimes.

[The cooldown of Giant Slash has been reset!]

The unique effect of the Scythe of Vigilance, which activates with a 10% chance whenever an enemy is defeated, exploded.

A huge flash of light that flashes two or three times in a row each time.


One paladin who barely defended the scythe was mercilessly pinned to the wall of the building and groaned.

‘Such power… !’

When he regained his sight again, the opponent was in the middle of lifting a scythe in front of his nose.

It is the image of a Shinigami trying to execute an execution.

No, it’s over… !

Caang! The moment Masianne stepped in between Ain and the Holy Knight was when he tightly closed his eyes.

The paladin, who had fallen short of his life, let out a rough breath belatedly.

“Heo-eok, Captain… ?”

“Back off, I’ll deal with you.”

Masianne stared at Ain with a glare in her eyes.

I glanced at the wings on her back for a moment.

“How could an angel stand on the side of the abyss?”

“Abyss side? I?”

“That’s right. The woman you protected is a demonic seed that must be destroyed.”

Masianne asked as if persuading Ain.

If I knew that Ain was a user, I would never have said it, but common sense made it a waste of effort because an angel couldn’t be a user.

“I’m not really on Abyss’ side… .”

“If so… ?”

“Because Hyun is the abyss, now I am on the side of the abyss… .”

“Stop talking nonsense. kid.”

Then, suddenly, Caidrial’s voice stuck in my mind.

Ain smiled awkwardly and turned around.

“Anyway, you guys were wrong, right? I’ve heard all about you following the prefecture and sabotaging it!”

“… ?”

Can’t understand what the other person is saying

Massianne soon admitted that the story didn’t work.

“Even if you are an angel, you cannot disobey the will of the light.”


“It has been a long-cherished dream of mine to one day duel with an angel.”

Again, he opened his mouth with a light bow toward Ain.

“Unless you are of the rank of Plain or higher, you will not be able to defeat me easily.”

Massianne said softly and aimed her sword forward.

Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu- The air around her began to vibrate like mad.

It was a phenomenon in which powerful magic and divine power were confined to a small space.

and the next moment.

The condensed energy in one place burst out all at once.



A huge metal sound echoed across Carinta Island.

Every time the force collided, the roof overturned and the building collapsed.

For fear of being swept away, not even ordinary soldiers and wizards dared to intervene in the duel between Ain and Masianne.




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At some point, Ain jumped high.

Kwajijik! The ground he had been stepping on just now turned into powder and scattered.

It was because the mana shockwave created by Masianne completely shattered the nearby area.

‘Come one more time!’

Ain’s eyes flashed again.

As soon as he was floating in the air, he saw another attack flying at him.

A great sword that flies with the force to destroy even space. No, Mace!

It’s on the cooldown of ‘Giant Slash’, so I can’t take it by force.

Ain hooked the groove of the scythe to the tip of the greatsword.

So that the two weapons do not collide and intertwine as if they are harmonious.

‘Okay, I spilled this too.’

It is the principle of converting linear motion into rotational force.

Bingle-. As if on a swing, Ain turned around in the air and safely landed on the floor.

Just then.

‘… !’

Ain suddenly felt his body stiffen.

It was because the air around them was heavy.

It’s Masianne’s skill that slows the opponent’s movements.

The attacks keep flying, but my feet don’t move. We can’t avoid it like this… !

‘God of death steps!’

good deed

A path of frost was created in the air.

The great sword and Ain’s model passed each other as if they were passing by.

Ain, who barely escaped the attack, took a breath.

It doesn’t push too much, but it doesn’t push either.

A similar fight continued for some time.

The brief lull in the fight was when our eyes met by chance.

“Were you a Servant?”

Masianne looked at Ain and murmured.

Her eyes were much sunken than at first.

“Then you cannot defeat me.”

“Chit… !”

Ain lightly clicked his tongue at those words that were difficult to refute.

It’s been a few minutes since the fight started.

It wasn’t that the attack hadn’t been successful so far.

Rather, he succeeded in cutting his opponent’s body several times with the scythe of vigilance.

But just like she said, she couldn’t defeat her opponent.

In a way, it was a natural result.

The stamina of a level 400 story named is at least in the tens of millions, and at most it exceeds a billion units.

Besides, Masianne is a Holy Knight. It is a job famous for its strong regenerative power.

It meant that the fight against her could not be ended unless she suffered physical damage or depleted her divine power.

‘one more time.’

Ain changed the shape of the scythe into a spear.

It was because it was easier to focus the attack on the same spot.


A spear blade filled with frost that explodes continuously.

Quadduk. Marcy Anne held the blade with her bare hands.

At this time, Ain was surprised and had no choice but to open his eyes.

[20495 damage done!]

[Damaged 15783!]

[Called 23698 damage!]

… … .

Whoa. The divine power shining from Masianne’s hand was avenging her damage in real time.

He didn’t seem to care too much about the accumulated damage.

“You can’t win.”

“… !”

“With your power, you can’t carve scars on my body.”

When not using Giant Slash, Ain is no match for Masianne’s power.

Ain quickly removed the scythe of vigilance and re-equipped it.

It was to shake off her hand holding her weapon.


However, Ain himself was well aware that this was only a temporary measure.

You cannot inflict significant damage on your opponent.

Besides, you never know when you’ll be caught like you did just now.

If one of the limbs, not the weapon, was captured, that would determine the outcome of the fight.

‘There’s no point in fighting this guy in the first place!’

I can’t see a way to win

In an instant, Ain remembered the third instruction of deception.

Gi-gi told himself to drag his time until the very end.

If I keep going like this, can I succeed in the third instruction?

‘No, this isn’t it.’

Ain looked around for a moment and immediately shook his head.

The number of allies is decreasing by the minute.

If we continue this meaningless fight, we won’t be able to last until ‘that time’!

Ain searched for a place where he could demonstrate his presence the most.

At some point, I stopped looking at one place.

‘Yes, over there!’

A battlefield where you can achieve more efficient and effective results than now.

It was where he was supposed to be.

“… ?”

Ignoring Masianne’s questionable gaze, Ain ran towards the place where the Paladins were fighting.

Yes, he couldn’t deal with the knight commander, but killing his subordinates was not that difficult.

If you hold on like this, someday the time will come when the situation changes.


‘not good.’

Hyun, who looked at the situation on the battlefield as a whole, groaned.

The battle between light and harmony was gradually tipping the balance.

The overwhelming difference in the number of thousand people played a big role.

Over time, even the chain of command of harmony will completely collapse.

‘The outcome of the war must have already been decided.’

In the end, I had no choice but to draw a conclusion I didn’t want to.

Ain does his best, but that doesn’t mean much.

Ain and Masianne. No matter which side wins, it won’t change the outcome of this war.

“Mystia… .”

Hyun muttered her name as he looked far away.

Mystia seemed willing to give her all in this war.

The figure of a celestial man burning his ego makes me feel strange whenever I see him.

‘Does everyone intend to bury their bones here?’

As Mystia’s army dwindled, deaths naturally increased among the island’s residents.

What was curious was that even the NPCs, who had little to no fighting ability, fought hard against the forces of light without being afraid.

Is it because of faith?

Since all of them serve harmony, they may be fighting according to the oracle of harmony.

‘It’s really over.’

And finally, even the first row of wires collapsed.

The forces of light began pouring into the place where the formation was disturbed.

Hyun has experienced numerous wars in Asura Online.

So, I knew very well that no strategy could reverse this situation.

Hyun stopped resisting any longer.

They call it ‘purification’, but Hyun didn’t like that word.

Yes, ‘disappear’ would be a better word.

I decided to watch the disappearing Carinta Island with Louise.

“Hyun, I want to hear your answer.”

Louise suddenly asked.

“If I hadn’t been stubborn. Could more subordinates live?”

“… … .”

“If only I had quietly returned home from that city of waterfalls.”

On the way out of the ruins, most of her men were annihilated.

All but Shatin and one nameless lich.

However, just a moment ago, hundreds of monsters were following Louise.

Louise meant that if she had used the private room return scroll in the thirteenth area, hundreds more souls could have been saved.

Maybe so… but consequential.

Hyun tried to say that, but someone else answered faster than him.

Richie’s broken voice came from the side.

It was the voice of a guy who had exhausted almost all his strength protecting Louise with Shatin.

“that… the darkness… you care… Days… no.”

Hyundo and Louise were also surprised.

The lich had never taken an independent action, only following orders.

This was the first time he had even spoken out on his own.

“Why… ?”

Asked by Louise, the battered Richie clenched his chin with difficulty.

“Those who serve the darkness… by death… Going back to darkness… .”

“What does that mean?”

Hyun asked again.

But this time Rich didn’t answer.

No, I couldn’t answer.

Because the guy who recited the last words was already scattered with grains of light.

For a moment, Louise was silent.

The silence continued for a while as Hyun also did not open his mouth.

As the sun went down on Carinta Island, only the roar of explosions and shouts could be heard.

‘… !’

Hyun was surprised.

Because suddenly Louise jumped up.

Was it influenced by the death of a subordinate?

I thought so for a moment, but no.

Through fairy tales, her heart is conveyed intact.

Louise was barely hiding her anger.

How did Richie’s death just affect her?

Louise began to speak in a low voice.

“After today, the souls sleeping on this island will disappear, right?”


“I’m sorry for bothering you.”

“… .”

“I will return home.”

Louise took out the return scroll.

After laughing once, he put it back into his arms.

“But before that, we should return the same pain to them as much as possible.”

Cheer La Rock. Instead, he lengthened the long spear in his hand.

Even the black wind was overlaid.

I lowered the window at an angle and looked up at the sky.

To be precise, the enemy warships besieging the island from all over the sky.

Memories from the day Iluna had the eclipse to today passed through Louise’s mind.

“They killed a being like my mother from the beginning… . Today I killed souls who just woke up… .”

Wow. An energy beyond imagination began to gather in Louise’s body.

“But now… Are you trying to destroy even my children who haven’t even woken up yet!”

The Magi gathered all over the body began to slowly rotate.

As soon as he saw the energy of the whirlwind preparing for the eruption, Hyun realized what Louise was about to do.

‘This technology is probably… .’


It is a skill that destroys a radius of up to 100 meters depending on the magic energy consumed.

‘Are you trying to use it here… !’

Hyun now realized that Louise had lost her temper.

If you use Ascension Strike now, you should be able to kill some enemies.

But many more islanders’ lives would be lost.

Are you ignoring the lives that will die anyway?

That was not what Louise, who was terrified of even the slightest mistake, would look like.

Should I calm her down? Or would she be better left alone?

Hyun did nothing.

I just looked up.

Night began to come to Carinta Island as the sunset went down.

The darkening sky was full of enemy warships.

And again… .

“wait… .”

Hyun muttered blankly.

“Louise, wait a minute.”

The sky darkened before I knew it.

Hyeon’s eyes widened as he saw the two satellites shining.

For what? The warships of the forces of light were burning.

Whoa ah. The warships that crashed to the other side of the island’s cliffs, emitting reddish light, looked like falling meteors.

‘What is that?’

Hyun narrowed his eyes.

It seems like a whitish figure is wriggling in the sky.

It was so dark that it was hard to see even with the clairvoyance, but it was clear that there was something in the sky.

Otherwise, the enemy’s warships would not crash all at once.

“What’s going on… ?”

The demons that had gathered in large numbers dispersed again.

Louise, who looked up at the sky together, also witnessed the scene.

But she also doesn’t know why.

“ah… ?”

Louise looked around in surprise.

It was because he found a familiar being on the battlefield where the forces of light and harmony were harmonized.

‘Skeleton… ?’

since when did it exist?

Skeletons in black armor were fighting the forces of light with their backs to the inhabitants of the island.

The appearance of skeletons protecting other humans from human attacks was seldom realistic.

The paladin who dealt with the monster that suddenly appeared, and the villager who suddenly came under the protection of the monster couldn’t hide their bewilderment.

Surprised Hyun shouted.

「Louise, those skeletons are your subordinates?!」

“no… .”

At Hyun’s question, Louise shook her head.

His soul was not connected to them.

It meant that they were fundamentally different from Shatin or the monsters he met at the ruins before.

“Then what are these guys?”

“I do not know. oh… !”

Louise looked up at the sky and exclaimed.

Dozens of vampires were flying around them as if circling them.

I also learned why the enemy’s warship crashed earlier.

The forces of light must have been attacked by these vampires from the sky.

“It’s not too late.”

A man’s voice came from above the group of vampires.

After a while, Hyun, who discovered the owner of the voice, almost screamed without realizing it.


He, a dark force and a duke who had made a pact with Tartar, appeared before him.

“I can’t fully demonstrate my body’s power in the sky, but… At night, the story is different.”

Louise also remembered Bahimir’s face.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been stuck in the dark land.

With Louise and Hyeon’s mouths wide open in surprise and delight, a new voice was heard once again.

“Here to the ground… That there is a way to connect.”


“I can’t believe the darkness is calling me by name… It is an honor.”

A skeleton was shining in the back of his eyes.

Scotanatos, a duke with the nickname ‘the one who serves the darkness’, made a short courtesy to Louise.

“How do you guys feel… .”

Bahimir answered Louise’s question.

The answer came through the servants of deception.

“I heard it was to match cause and effect.”

“Causal… ?”

“What do you mean?”

Bahimir took a look around.

Carinta Island, where a ritual of purification had been performed until recently.

Residents in despair widen their eyes at the sudden appearance of the monster.

And as time passed, those eyes began to contain hope that they could live.

There was no sign of resentment towards the appearance of the hideous monsters anywhere on his face.

“You will find out later.”

Instead of answering, Bahimir smiled benevolently.

“Right now, I focus on the other side. I can’t stay in the sky for a long time with this body.”

He started giving orders to the vampires again.

“Destroy the enemies.”

As the magic of Bahimir and his subordinates seized air supremacy, enemy warships crashed constantly in the sky.

The magi’s whirlpool that was constantly rising looked like a black lightning strike.

“If you are in charge of the sky… This body will fight on the ground!”

Whoops. Skonatos’ staff flashed as he cast.

“Again, stand up.”

At his declaration, the completely broken bones rattled and raised their bodies.

Often broken without form, they came back to life as ghosts.

Each of the troops is not very strong, but the fear of the undead is that they stand up again even if they are killed.

Unless the Scotanatos who deal with them fall first. The undead will die and resurrect in the same place forever.

“What, what are these!”

“Why aren’t you dying?!”

The forces of light were perplexed by the appearance of the undead army that was constantly being restored.

The skeleton whose head was completely cut off became a ghost after a while, and when it was removed, a smaller ghost popped out again.

“What kind of English is this… .”

“Are the monsters fighting alongside us right now… ?”

“Maybe the monsters from 3,000 years ago have awakened at the ruins! It started moving because the island was in danger of disappearing entirely!”

And those who serve harmony saw this situation where the undead army was fighting against the light, and they came up with a plausible interpretation among themselves.

I still don’t know why, but it was clear that the monsters were fighting together on their side.

However, there were many who could not shake off their doubtful feelings about receiving help from the monsters of the abyss.

Just then.

“Harmony did not abandon you!”

Ain’s voice resonated throughout Carinta Island.

It was quite an awkward performance to Hyun’s ears, but it didn’t sound like that to others.

This divine sound is a message from an angel.

“Only those who followed the will of harmony to the end will be saved.”

Whenever Ain passed by, nearby monsters knelt down and bowed.

It was at that moment that the inhabitants of the island felt a strong déjà vu.

A sight I have seen somewhere.

Yes, everyone who has been to the museum on Karanta Island has had similar thoughts.

It was because the current composition of the demi-human and the monster looked like a mural that had been hung in the museum and had been translated into reality.

“You should not be deceived by appearances, but look at the essence.”

Wasn’t there a time when humans and monsters coexisted?

Most of the island’s residents who visited the museum had thought about it at least once.

And now, the moment that scene was reproduced in front of my eyes.

All who served harmony felt something stir in their hearts.


“Uhuhu, that kid, isn’t he doing well?”

Somewhere, Caidrial let out a pleasant laugh.

It was because what was happening on Carinta Island was progressing satisfactorily.

A three-step plan prepared through Ain.

The first was the denial of trust.

In the meantime, trusts have been considered absolute, but if there is a case of conflict between trusts, one of them is bound to lose power.

In fact, those in the sky were divided into two factions according to their beliefs.

The boundary of the existing dividing line has become more clear.

The second is the cause of the fight.

In the position of serving harmony, it is inevitably difficult to oppose the forces of light.

This is because denying the existing forces rooted in heaven leads to ‘disrespect’.

That’s why Caidrial made the forces of harmony turn their arrows toward the ground.

It gave everyone in the sky a reason to fight with peace of mind.

And the last is agitation.

Existing monsters are dirty, vicious creatures that must be eliminated.

In the case of the forces of harmony, it is a little less, but the resistance against the monsters still remained in them.

However, in the future, if the abyss is to rise to the sky, this awareness will be a great hindrance.

Caidrial intended to use this opportunity to change the perception of monsters a little bit.

Then, starting with Carinta Island, you will be able to gradually imbue the surroundings with similar ideas.

These are the instructions that Caidrial delivered through Ain.

Abyss is the plan to take the first step into the sky.


“Fight together!”

Mystia’s shout echoed across the battlefield.

That voice shook the hearts of not only her men but also the people of Carinta Island.

“Follow the will of harmony!”

Oil was poured into the embers that were going out.

humans and monsters… The allied forces of the sky and the abyss burned their fighting spirit against the forces of light.

Divine light poured into the place where Magi swept away, and Magi raged again.

‘Awesome…’ .’

Hyun felt the thrill.

This is the first time in my life to see such a sight.

To think that the sky and the abyss could form a united front while looking in the same direction… I had never even imagined it.

‘It’s Caidrial.’

This did not happen by chance.

Deception is the ‘inevitability’ achieved by piling up several layers of elaborate and elaborate arrangements.

However, if even one of the dozens of plans goes wrong, it won’t come true.

‘It was made by Caidrial.’

When the thought reached that point, Hyeon got goosebumps.

Would he see a future like this if he hadn’t thwarted her plans before?

No, the deception back then wasn’t this sophisticated.

This is probably the power of second-generation artificial intelligence.

Deception holds the world in its grasp, using very little of its own power.

‘I’m pushing you away!’

The atmosphere on the battlefield was rapidly declining.

The bombardment from the sky has long been stopped by the vampires.

Even on the ground, humans and monsters formed a front line to drive out the forces of light.

Among them, the power of the two dukes, Bahimir and Scotanatos, was truly overwhelming.

Light and darkness are mutually compatible.

Even a slight edge is evident.

Since Bahimir had the power of an S-class celestial being, and Scotanatos was halfway between A-class and S-class, it was only natural that the forces of light could not respond to the two dukes who used dark magic.

‘I can win at this rate!’

The tipped counterweight tipped again in the opposite direction.

If this war situation continues, the surviving forces of light will soon disperse.

The war will soon end with the victory of the harmonious forces.


In an instant, Hyun realized an important fact that he had forgotten.

There was one thing that must be done before the war is over.

‘There was a soul imprint!’

Louise’s soul was imprinted by Massianne.

There is not even a limitation of place like ‘Tracing Evil’ in the skill like that power.

If Massianne escapes alive, Louise will have no choice but to constantly tremble in fear of being attacked. He will not be able to take a single step outside the border city.

perhaps. That guy might infiltrate the border city first.

Since it is 1.5 generation artificial intelligence, there will be intelligence, so we do not know what method to use,

If I could disguise myself as a user and board the transport ship back to the city… .

‘I have to kill you here unconditionally!’

Hyun vowed to catch her.

The key is how to break through that solid defense and steal billions of health.

A little while ago, I would have said it was impossible.

The extent to which Ain’s specs went up would only be enough to hold out against Masianne, let alone kill her.

‘It can be killed.’

But now with the support of the two dukes, it wouldn’t be impossible.

Once I made up my mind, a number of thoughts started popping into my head.

How can I hunt her down most efficiently?

Hyun’s eyes shone sharply as he organized his thoughts.

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