Hard Carry Support Chapter 312-313

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The Advent of the Apostles (1) and The Advent of the Apostles (2)

‘What’s this… ?’

The one who was most surprised by the appearance of the monsters was none other than Mayday.

Hyeon had golems, liches called the king of the undead, and people like skeleton mages as his subordinates.

That alone is amazing enough, but this time, summoning dozens of monsters at once!

‘This is not the ability of a single user!’

It was at this point that Mayday knew it too.

It is impossible for any profession to command dozens of such powerful, high-ranking monsters.

Only NPCs have this ability.

‘no way… .’

Mayday stared at the silver-haired woman carrying him.

There was no sense of incongruity, so I thought I was a user all along… .

Are you actually not a user?

Who is it? I must have seen it somewhere… !

‘No, let’s think about it later!’

It calmed my confused mind for a while.

Even now, the guild members must be watching their broadcasts.

You can’t be stupid when it matters!

Mayday started to focus on the role Hyun gave him again.

“Okay, stop.”

Meanwhile, Hyun stopped Louise’s summoning.

“Shouldn’t everyone be summoned…?” ?”

“okay. It just takes time.”

Anyway, the situation does not change.

If he summoned all his subordinates at once, he would rather be annihilated by Masianne’s single sword.

Their role is to discard cards.

It was enough to buy Louise time to get out of the ruins.

“You finally showed your true colors.”

Seeing the monsters happening in the distance, Masianne gave a fishy smile.

“O seed of darkness!”

Then I sped up a bit more.

It was because the number of Paladins joining the backside was increasing one by one, and he was convinced that he would not be in danger even in the event of a situation.

“Give your life for me!”

Louise shouted.

“Wipe out all the seeds of darkness!”

And Massianne also ordered.

Before she knew it, three or four paladins were following her.

It was in the very next moment that the two forces intertwined.


The giant snakes screamed as they split from Massianne’s greatsword.

They were monsters that were not even level 200 in the first place. From the moment they received Louise’s order, their fate was sealed.

The annihilation of dozens of monsters was literally an instant.

Even though they couldn’t slow down Masianne and the Paladins’ advance in the slightest, it wasn’t a meaningless death by any means.

“Run into this gap.”

This time, the order of the prefecture.

Now that the strong spirit is maintained, Hyun’s voice contains the will of darkness.

It was the very next moment when the blue wolves and blue wolves howled and charged.

Guys didn’t take care of themselves.

He held onto his enemies’ legs, his sword, and his teeth and stretched out.

“Heh, this little thing.”

Booung- Booung-!

Massianne’s greatsword cut through the air, and the bodies of the blue women who desperately tried to stop her were all crushed.

The time gained from the sacrifice of 10 souls was only 2-3 seconds.

But thanks to the young men who sacrificed their lives, there was a small gap.

“Insignificant monsters!”

Masianne let out an annoyed roar.

Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwang! The moment when the undead wizards’ shelling exploded over the corpses of the blue men.

Due to the shock of the wild explosion, Massianne lost sight of Louise for a moment.

“my… with life… ”

“Please mean… .”

The wizards were cut off by Massianne’s sword right after firing a single magic shot, but none of them hated Louise.

This is the will of the dark, and the way for the dark.

“are you okay?”

On the way, Hyun asked.

It was because she felt Louise’s heart beat every time the monster died.

To the darkness, the death of a subordinate would be no different from the sensation of cutting out one’s own flesh.

“Tell me if you’re having a hard time. As long as the Spirit is maintained, I can do it for you.”




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Louise bit her lip and shook her head.

“Wasn’t it you who taught me how to fight demons?”

“… .”

“This must be something I have to take on.”

Hyun laughed bitterly at Louise’s answer.

I thought I only grew my body for 5 years, but it seems that I have grown a bit in other things as well.

Why does she feel so special even though she is probably in the same age as you?

Even if Louise asked for a favor that was contrary to the main quest, Hyun felt like he could listen at least once.

“I can’t remember what he told me.”

“Does not matter. Because I remember!”

From then on, Louise began summoning the subordinates in her soul bit by bit.

It was important to hold onto your feet tenaciously in order to distance yourself from an opponent with overwhelming power.

One by one, one by one… Louise bit her lips hard as her spirit faded away.

‘I’m almost there.’

The magic lamp flickered wildly.

Blue to orange… and back to blue.

This is a phenomenon that occurs naturally whenever one passes through passages in the historic districts.

Hyun gave Louise the direction to get out of the ruins.

There were times when I had to go through a route that wasn’t a ‘shortcut’.

It was because it was advantageous to pass through the narrow hallway to avoid Masianne’s pursuit.

‘I can get out of here!’

Hyun calculated the remaining distance to the exit.

If he consumed almost all of Louise’s men, he could barely escape the ruins.

As much as the number of scars carved on Louise, new hopes are also sprouting.


And finally.

Seeing a beam of light shining from afar, Hyun clenched his fists.

If you go outside, you can visit Mystia, or if things don’t go well, you can get on the transport and leave the island right away!

In any case, it was certain that it would be better than inside the loathsome ruins.


It was at that moment that Mayday’s shouts were heard.

Thanks to being hugged by Hyun, Mayday was able to sense the danger ahead of anyone else.

‘Wind noise… ?’

Huong, Huong.

The moment the sound of something rang in my ears, I felt a chill run down my spine.

I tried to look back to confirm its identity, but… It was faster for Mayday to push herself.

[Repulsion field]

– Gives the body pushing power.

Like magnets of the same pole, the same time as each other’s body is separated.

Whoops. A huge wind swept through the space between them.

“Huh… !”

Mayday caught her breath.

Her arm, which pushed the strings as hard as she could, was severed.

‘What’s passed?’

Only then did Hyun realize the identity of what had just passed.

Standing in the back was Masianne with her arms stretched out in front of her.

She aimed at Louise and tossed the entire huge sword.


The corridor near the entrance to the ruins was so narrow that only 3 or 4 people could fit inside.

When Massianne’s greatsword swept through such a place, the party was trapped in a dead end.

“This is it.”

At Masianne’s gesture, the greatsword embedded in the rubble was sucked into her hand.

“It looks like you’ve hidden some insignificant number outside… .”

He aimed the sword at the group that was stranded again.

“Even the power of an insignificant flea should never be ignored.”

Meeting Mystia.

Escape on a transport ship.

Massianne’s remarks nullified all such prefectural plans.

She waited until four or more of her men arrived nearby before moving.


Massianne’s greatsword, wrapped in pure white light, trembled.

It is not a sword for killing Louise.

Even if the seed of darkness is removed, the second and third darkness will only appear.

The greatsword in Masianne’s hand was to seal the darkness forever.

“Seed, sleep forever.”


It was the next moment when a flash of light hit the middle of the group, who were pale.


Meanwhile, outside the ruins.

Where there is darkness, light shines, so from the moment Louise released empathy, the oracle of light was a predestined procedure.

Rays of light fell on all the temples in the sky.

It was such a majestic sight that both celestials and humans paused what they were doing.

“It’s an oracle!”

“It’s an oracle of light!”

Priests hurriedly ran to the altar, and they had no choice but to doubt their eyes for a moment.

<Purify Carinta Island.>

“purification… Called?”

‘Purification’ is the act of removing all beings by burning them.

It was a last-ditch measure to prevent the abyss from spreading further.

The news quickly reached Carinta Island, where the Temple of Light did not exist.

“What do you mean purify our island?”

“Has someone misinterpreted the oracle?”

The island’s inhabitants were bewildered.

It was because there had never been a time in history that such an extreme method of purification had been carried out.

In addition, Carinta Island is a sacred place blessed with harmony.

Why purify a place where there is no problem?

However, among the inhabitants of other islands, especially those who served the light, there were many who thought that something had come.

“Well, the forces of harmony have gone too far.”

“I heard you built a museum that beautifies the abyss in the center of the city this time?”

“There is even talk of trying to resurrect the devil.”

They didn’t say it openly, but they were disapproving of the ‘angel of harmony’ that suddenly appeared.

This is because the invisible conflict between those who serve the light or harmony has intensified since the Sky Bridge Incident.

“Trust is absolute.”

“The purification of Carinta Island is the will of light!”

“Those who do not leave the island immediately will be regarded as disobeying the light.”

A small number of celestial beings who served the light began to move the sky as the main axis.

Each of them led their own forces and invaded Carinta Island.

For them, this trust was also a good excuse to get rid of the eye thorn called ‘Harmony’.

“Oh oh… Unbelievable.”

Residents of the island fell into fear as they looked at the warships filling the sky.

“Nonsense! I was born and lived on this island my whole life, but where are you going?!”

“Did the angels really abandon us?”

If Mystia hadn’t stepped forward, the island’s inhabitants would have been killed by the forces of light without knowing why.

She first deployed her forces to prevent the forces of light from entering Carinta Island.

and spirals, city squares. He started speaking in front of tens of thousands of people.

People didn’t know it, but Mystia’s actions weren’t spontaneous.

It was a speech that had been rehearsed and prepared for a long time.

“A being who interprets an oracle is not an angel. These are the Celestials and the priests who support them!”

“The other day, Harmony said that all creatures are equal under the Transcendental One. Celestials, humans, small creatures, even monsters… ! If you look closely at everyone’s soul, there is no difference!”

“… Why do you accept the interpretations of mere creatures as they are? Doesn’t anyone suspect that there is a problem with non-oracle interpretation?!”

The square started to stir at every word spoken by Mistia.

Even though she herself is a celestial person, the fact that she does not specialize in the status of a celestial person adds to her trust in her words.

Suddenly, the eyes of the crowd were drawn to her.

“The reason they want to purify the island of Carinta is because these ‘relics’ have been discovered. It is to erase all traces of the idea of ​​harmony!”

“For him, he even made up nonsensical statements about us conspiring to resurrect demons!”

“They are unscrupulous people who use oracles to deny the angels we serve and to fulfill their own desires!”

Woo-woo- The crowd’s fear was turning into booing at someone.

Most of the inhabitants of Carinta Island worship harmony.

It was natural for Mystia, the Apostle of Harmony, to stir up ripples in their hearts.

Mystia went one step further.

“There was an oracle to purify the island, but has anyone here seen the original text?”

“If it’s the work of those who want to harm harmony, it might not actually have the word ‘purification’ written on it!”

Denial of trust!

In the end, Mystia completely ignored the authority of the forces of light.

It was a remark that could not be easily forgiven even if she was a heavenly person or an angelic apostle.

I couldn’t leave it alone any longer, when the flames were about to burn in the eyes of those watching the plaza from the warship.

“uh… ?”

“What is that?”

It was at that moment that the strange thing happened.

The murmur of the crowd gathered in the plaza grew.


A beam of light suddenly descended from the sky and wrapped around Mystia’s body.

Everyone knew all too well what it was.

“Is it an oracle… ?!”

“Harmony has answered our call!”

“No, it’s not an oracle… .”

I know what it is, but I’ve heard it many times, but I’ve never witnessed it myself.

The opening of the heavenly gates, which have only been handed down in records, was so sacred.

“It’s Advent!”

The sound of the square stopped.

Everyone held their breath and waited for Advent to end.

The thing that descends on the beam of light that connects the earth and the heavens is a being of divinity with wings. angel.

It was after a while that people noticed something strange.

‘Is that person harmony… ? His face is different from the statue in the temple… ?’

‘He also looks much shorter.’

‘By the way, what is that scythe-shaped staff?’

However, not everyone voiced their doubts.

Anyway, the wings of divinity hanging from the shoulder blades of that little angel were a symbol of harmony.

Even if it wasn’t Hwa Hwa himself, it was clear that he was an angel who had descended to convey Hwa Hwa’s will.

After finally descending, the angel looked around with an awkward expression and murmured.

“therefore… What is an oracle, ah… !”

Warships full of sky.

The angel found the forces of light and pointed to them and opened his mouth slowly.

“All of their oracles are lies.”

Ain’s voice was so full of awkwardness that no one would have believed it if it hadn’t been for the title of ‘deceiver’.

In an unknown space, Ain and Caidrial were having a secret conversation.

Ain’s appearance was completely different from usual.

Both the face and the clothes.

Even the hair, which had been sticking to the bobbed style, came down to the waist.

Except for Hyun-jeong, who sees A-in at home every day, no one could even recognize that the girl was A-in.

“I’m sure today was the last day, right?”

“Huh, yes, a promise is a promise. I will return it after today.”

At Ain’s question, Caidrial blurted out his words as if he was sorry.

“Make no mistake instead.”


“The three directions I gave you. Do you remember everything?”

“Um… .”

Ain thought for a moment and then asked again.

“Was the first one to convey an oracle?”

“that’s right.”

“But what if my identity is discovered along the way?”

“You’re saying no.”

Caidrial stared at Ain and asked for it once more.

“Thanks to the title, you won’t get caught if possible, but make sure you do it anyway.”

Then, he gently touched Ain’s head.

Then, wings with divinity began to grow on Ain’s shoulders.

It was unmistakably the wing of an angel.

“This one bet everything on you.”


As Caidrial beckoned, the magic circle drawn under Ain’s feet slowly lit up.

After a while, the figure of Ain standing on top of the magic circle disappeared without a trace.


A town square on the island of Carinta.

Ain’s voice was so clear that it stuck in the ears of tens of thousands of people.

It was thanks to the magic cast by Caidrial that amplified her voice.

“All of their oracles are lies.”

A very absurd incident.

There has never been a case in history where an angel denied another angel’s oracle.

If it weren’t for the divine wings on Ain’s back, no one would have listened.

However, the mark of an angel and the title of deceiver completely reversed the situation.

Even the tone of Ain, who was a little less solemn, made me feel like an innocent angel.

“Purification of the island, resurrection of demons… Are all those words just an excuse to increase your power? They interpret ambiguous oracles to their advantage!”

The reason Caidrial put Ain on his behalf is simple.

Ain is a user who is neither an angel nor a demon.

It was because they only gave them wings and opened the door to the heavens at the same time as transmission, and ordinary users did not have the same limitations as transcendentalists in exercising power or speaking.

‘It’s not our fault, the angel said directly!’

‘As expected, Mistia-sama was right… !’

However, other people could not accept Ain’s remarks as those of a single user.

How could the words of such a divine being be false?

The residents of Carinta Island looked at the little angel with enchanted eyes.

Even among the forces of light, there were those who nodded to Ain’s words.

“It’s an apology!”

Someone shouted from the sky.

He was one of the celestials who served the light.

“The oracle’s interpretation is not wrong!”

The new voice tightened the atmosphere that was about to pass on to Ain again.

Since that celestial man was also one of the ‘Apostles of Light’, no one could ignore his remarks.

“The original text of the oracle clearly contained the word ‘cleansing’! To doubt such an oracle is to deny the will of the light… !”

The apostle Cheonin pointed to Ain again and asked.

“If that is what harmony is, we cannot serve you together!”

Conflict between trust and trust.

Nope, a clash between an angel and an angel!

This was also an event that had never existed before in history.

No, in fact, something similar had happened only once in the history of parallel worlds.

Right from Asura Online!

Of course, at that time, Hyun extinguished the embers of Caidrial before the sky split.

‘Hmm, it really happens like this.’

Heh, even though someone refuted his words, Ain smiled with satisfaction.

Because it was flowing into a situation that was not even an inch different from what Deception had told me.

Carinta Island is now divided into two factions under conflicting trusts.

‘Once the first step was successful.’

what was the next step?

Ain nodded, recalling the conversation with Cadrial earlier.

yes, that was it!

… … .

“The conflict between the divided forces is further amplified by distrust.”

“distrust… ? Amplify… ?”

“Because all lies are completed by linking cause and effect. As long as the cause and effect are clear, any lie will be accepted as truth.”

“Sorry, I don’t know what you mean.”

“Sheesh, I guess I’ll have to give this to someone else. Anyway, there is only one thing for you to do.”

Since Ain didn’t seem to understand easily, Caidrial muttered annoyedly.

“The second thing to do is to go see your master.”


“When I tell you.”

… … .

“… Just now, harmony has spoken to me as an apostle.”

While Ain was reliving his memories, Mystia was once again addressing the crowd.

“It is the earthly forces who are trying to divide the heavens that caused this incident!”

“The forces of the earth… ?”

“That’s right. And now, he said, the evidence will come out.

“… … ?”

What does that mean?

At some point, the crowd fell into doubt.


Caidrial’s voice pierced Ain’s mind.

‘now… !’

I remembered where to go.

Hyun was in danger, so I said I had to save him, right?

Doesn’t he even hug me when he shows up at the moment of crisis?!

“what’s the matter?”

“An angel suddenly appears somewhere… .”

The crowd gathered in the square looked at Ain’s sudden action with bewildered eyes.

After giving the oracle, standing there blankly, then suddenly running to another place?

Ain arrived at the entrance of the ruins in such a short time.

‘Execution sniping!’

Using a single skill, he removed all the remains of the rocks blocking the corridor.

Huung, as the huge scythe was drawn from top to bottom, the blue half moon began to move slowly at first, but as time passed, it began to move faster and faster.

Kwaji support! It was literally an instant for the silvery half moon to cross the corridor leading to the straight line.

‘There’s someone inside!’

At the end of the hallway, Ain faced someone with a huge sword.

Whoops. Even at a glance, an attack with tremendous power!

Without thinking further, Ain pulled out the scythe of vigilance.

He knew what he was going to do now, even without anyone telling him!


‘Cut the giant!’


The greatsword and scythe collided in the air.

big… ! Hyun and the party frowned at the eardrum-piercing metal sound.

What happened?

Hyun opened his eyes narrowly and looked at someone who suddenly appeared.

‘who… ?’

A mysterious girl who broke through a wall out of nowhere.

However, the moment he met her eyes, Hyeon’s eyes widened beyond measure.

Shik, the moment I saw that familiar eye smile, lightning struck in my brain.

‘No, no way… Ain?!’

Hyun did not understand the situation for a moment.

Why is Ain suddenly appearing here?

What are the wings on the back!

There was a mountain of things I wanted to ask, but I couldn’t afford it now.

It was all about having a short conversation in a whisper.

“Hehe, did you come at the right time?”

「Ain? Are you really Ain?!”

“I don’t have time to speak at length. Hyun, get out first.”


“Yes, I have to protect the prefecture!”

“what? This guy is not to be taken lightly! The 5th Great Knight of the Holy Kingdom… huh… ?”

Hyun realized something belatedly.

Even though Ain had received Masianne’s greatsword just now, he was not pushed back.

Didn’t you lose in a battle of strength?

“How do you… .”

Giant Slash is a skill that temporarily increases strength by 800, but that alone was not enough to face Masianne.

“how is it.”

Ain flapped his divine wings.

That power is Caidrial’s arrangement. It is the source of Ain’s strength to receive Masianne’s blow.

「Fufu, you thought you wanted to assimilate with me right now, right?」

Then Ain asked with a mischievous smile.

Hyun almost nodded his head involuntarily at those words.


“How is it going?!”

Hyun could not easily answer Mayday’s question.

Because he didn’t know what was going on.

I decided to try to figure out the situation from the beginning.

Now that they have escaped from the ruins, Massianne is still trying to capture Louise, and Ain is holding back Massianne.


Hyeon, who ran near the plaza, saw a familiar face and shouted.

Mystia, a heavenly person and an apostle of harmony.

It was because it was judged that she would be able to guarantee Louise’s safety to some extent.

Mistia’s eyes lit up when she saw Massianne chasing after Louise.

As if this was an opportunity, he started shouting at everyone in a loud voice.

“Look, they are the Knights of the Holy Kingdom!”

At that, the crowd started to stir.

“It is truly a holy kingdom… ?”

“The conspiracy concocted by the forces of the earth was correct!”

Trying to deny harmony in order to divide the heavens on earth!

It was the moment when Mistia’s assertion was proved.

“The ground forces entered the island without a word!”

In fact, there was a lack of connection between their existence and the misinterpretation of the oracle, but the power of faith is what makes the weak cause and effect solid!

Before anyone knew it, the residents of the island were convinced that they were the culprits that caused this incident.

Also, the forces of light came to be regarded as ‘fools who fell for the tricks of the earth’.

In order to erase the traces of harmony, to get rid of Carinta Island, the oracle was distorted.

“Don’t fall for the trickery!”

“They are trying to resurrect the devil!”

Meanwhile, some of the forces of light also noticed that Louise possessed tremendous magic power and shouted.

“Look at that woman, isn’t she the devil’s seed? The forces of harmony are enveloping the demon now!”

“People with demonic energy are common on earth! To embrace them and lead them on the right path is the meaning of harmony!”

Like that, each other finds fault with each other and criticizes each other.

The increasingly violent argument naturally flowed to the next stage.

“Follow the oracle of light and purify Carinta Island!”

“Fight back! We must not be played by those who want to harm the harmony!”

The fight quickly escalated.

The sound of magic exploding everywhere, and the voices of individuals lost their place to go to the sound of shouts from both sides.

Trusts and other justifications were no longer important.

It was the moment when a long war began to divide the two countries depending on which faction they belonged to, Light and Harmony.


The peaceful city just a few hours ago was engulfed in war.

It was because the war between the two powers started in a form close to street fighting.

The sound of clashing weapons resonated throughout the alley. In any event, the sound was swallowed up by a larger roar of magic.

“Get behind me.”

When Mistia beckoned, a hazy mist rose all over the world.

Its beautiful aura melted the bodies of the enemies it touched like poisonous clouds.

Screams echoed through the clouds.

“Yeah, that’s what I wanted!”

Mayday also showed off her magic to the fullest.

Whoever restored it, her severed arm was restored to its original state.

Particle Storm!

Just then, her ultimate, whose cooldown had returned, was activated again.

The majesty of Mayday, which pulverized all nearby enemies, was no different from that of the Archmage.

“Hyung, are you looking at me right now?”

But among countless people, Ain is the one who stands out most splendidly!

Surprisingly, Ain was in the middle of a duel with Masianne almost on equal footing.

It seemed that he could afford to whisper in his ear as he was not pushed behind by force, speed, or anything else.

“Yeah, what happened?!”

「I’ve been hiding it on purpose, but I prepared a lot for a month!」

Ain smiles.

Her status window showed the following scene.

Ain (Lv. 283)

Stamina: 1510253/1511294

Mana: 8336/10180

Holy Power: 28012/30000

[Strength 42 (+500)] [Agility 482 (+500)] [HP 158 (+5000)] [Magic Power 503 (+515)]

(I am blessed by ※?????)

(※ Stats and skills have been temporarily enhanced!)

-[Giant Slash Lv.3]: Strength increase 800 → 2000

-[Angel Basic Swordsmanship Lv.4]: Damage amplification 190% → 570%

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