Hard Carry Support Chapter 310-311

Escape Route (1) and Escape Route (2)

Louise completely released the seal of empathy.

After a while, the aftermath began to be heard in Hyun’s ears one by one.

The first thing that arrived was, of course, Mayday’s whisper.

“It seems that the number of NPCs is definitely decreasing. Hmmm, everyone seems to be in a hurry somewhere… ?”

‘I was caught!’

From Mayday’s words, Hyun was able to grasp several facts at the same time.

It was clear that the Masianne Knights had ganja who served the darkness only on the surface.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have felt sympathy for the dark.

It would have been impossible to find the passage to District 12 so quickly.

Upon hearing Mayday’s report, Hyun urged Louise.

“We must hurry!”

“I am in a hurry… !”

“More than now!”

“It’s great… i get it… !”

Hyun, who was brushing Louise, heard the second news.

This time it’s Ginny’s whisper.

“Hyeon, didn’t you say you were on Carinta Island?”

“Right, why?”

“An oracle has just come down to all the temples. It was about ‘purifying’ Carinta Island.”

“It’s purification… ?!”

“Yes, I thought it might be something related to the prefecture, so I asked.”

Hyun couldn’t easily trust him.

Cleansing has many meanings, but there is only one meaning: to purify the island.

to destroy all living things there.

There’s no way such an oracle would come down without any reason.

It must have had something to do with Louise breaking the seal of empathy.

“… Thank you for letting me know.”

「We will contact you again if any special information is added.」

Immediately after the conversation with Genie, Hyun brushed Louise again.

If it continued like this, the knights would not be the problem, but the entire island would disappear.

“Louis, you have to hurry more!”

“Say something that makes sense! How can you be quicker than now!”

“Yes, that’s right!”

Time amplification, biorhythm acceleration!

At the same time as the two skills were activated, Louise’s senses slowed down.

In her ears, she heard a stringed voice that seemed to break syllable by syllable.

“this… thing… … . cool… all… luck… every… total… inside… … girl… uh… line… frame… you… peel… !”

Several dozen minutes passed after that.

Until then, Louise had found 40 places.

The number of awakened subordinates is about 500!

However, excluding all monsters below level 200, the number was only about 1/10.

It meant that there were only about 50 monsters that could be used as actual strength.

“No, I need to get ready to get out soon.”


At the sudden voice of Hyeon, Louise shouted incredulously.

“Now that empathy has been released, I can definitely feel it. Nearly 10,000 souls are waiting for my call!”

“I don’t have time, I just saw a guy who looks like an NPC over there!”

“Can not be done! After I leave, they’re all, all… by the hands of the sky. !”

“You’ll be fine!”

Hyeon told Louise what he had realized.

It was a fact that was clearly known from Mayday’s report and the movement of the knights.

“You’re the prey they’re targeting first!”

“me… ?”

“Yeah, I’m so obsessed with catching you right now that I have no interest in your men… !”

Hyun, who looked around, quickly realized the fact.

At first glance, all the figures are running in a straight line towards him.

No, it must be pursuing Louise who is assimilating.

“Get out of here right now!”

「Ah, I understand. I will believe only your words… ! however… .”

How do I break through this siege?

In an instant, it was a thought that came to Hyun and Louise’s heads at the same time.

The enemies threatening them now were not only the Knights of Masianne.

Occasionally, uniforms that I did not know where they belonged to were also noticeable.

The biggest problem is the number of NPCs!

The sight of about thirty knights approaching all at once was a daunting sight.

The distance with them gets narrower and narrower… .


“Go first! In the direction I told you earlier!”

The moment Louise had a premonition of death, Hyun’s voice was heard.

‘Release fairy tale, river god!’

In an instant, two Louises appeared in the same space.

However, since Louise’s appearance on one side was quickly hidden by invisibility, the enemy was on the other side. In other words, I could only see the figure of Hyun using the spirit.

‘female? Are you a user?!’

‘The higher up said he was a man!’

Those who pursued them all fell into bewilderment.

Where did the man run away?

You must catch him!

Because of the confusion, the pursuers stopped attacking for a while.


In the meantime, Hyun fired a bullet at Louise, who was moving away.

It wasn’t difficult.

This was because the same party, or mercenaries and helpers belonging to the party, could observe the invisible comrades.

Just like that, Hyun’s soul skipped hundreds of meters and settled inside Louise’s body.

“Hyun, are you all right?!”

“I was lucky.”

Hyun took a deep breath and continued.

“I’ll be back soon. You have to get as far away as possible.”

Luck overlapped with luck.

The existing location was a place very close to the ‘pathway’.


Shortly after assimilating with Louise, the magic lantern flickered.

The sound of the waterfall that was filling all sides was also silenced.

From District 12 to District 11.

As soon as the background changed, Hyun sent a whisper to Mayday.

“I’m waiting at the place I told you about!”

“hyeon… Are you Hyun? But the voice… I don’t think he’s a human either.”

“I do not have time! right now!」

“yes yes… ! I know!」

Huu, Hyun let out a short sigh and said again, releasing the fairy tale.

“Louise, go first.”

“You… ?”

“Like now, I will follow you little by little.”

Hyun recalled the month-long practice he had with Louise.

Among them, there was also a countermeasure in case of encountering an irresistible enemy.

How can you outrun enemies faster than you?

The answer was this.

1. You catch the feet of your enemies.

2. In the meantime, Louise runs far away.

3. Before the distance widens too much, assimilate with Louise using the ‘Redemption Bullet’.

By repeating a series of processes, they were able to repel the pursuit with minimal combat.

The icing on the cake if you use it together with ‘Kangsin’.

It was because it was easier to deceive the other party by making the two sides indistinguishable.

“Yes… ?”

Meanwhile, Mayday tilted her head at the silver-haired woman running from afar.

I don’t think it’s an NPC. It’s not a sloppy outfit like those guys.

I think I’ve seen it somewhere, but who is it?

In fact, several members of the Darkness Guild knew Louise’s original face.

Because Hyun had used the river god in Demonia Canyon before.

As a top executive, Mayday also watched the video dozens of times.

Even so, the reason why he couldn’t recognize Louise’s face was because Louise’s style was so different from before.

“You are that woman!”

“what… ? oh!”

Mayday was taken aback.

The lich Hyun had lent him suddenly scattered into mist and was sucked into the silver-haired woman.

Do you really have to return that?!

As I was thinking about that, I heard Hyun’s whisper once again.

“Who have you met? Get out of here with her.”

“Aha, was he a colleague of the prefecture?”

Thank goodness, I got it right back!

While Mayday was relieved, she naturally accepted the whisper.

It was to show his composure to everyone watching the broadcast.

“yes. And I thought she would be too hard to keep up with, so I asked her to move it.”

“What are you moving?”

The answer to that question was immediately apparent.

“What… ?!”

It was because Louise, who ran from afar, grabbed Mayday’s body as it was.

The weight of a single person was nothing to Louise, whose strength was over 300.

Even the running speed didn’t change much.

This was because the factor that had the greatest influence on Louise’s movement method was ‘air friction’, not ‘weight’.

As long as the surface area does not change significantly, the running speed remains the same.

Like that, Mayday started to move while being hugged by Louise.


Hyun and Louise spent several days drawing a map of the site.

The two characteristics of the discovered site are as follows.

The first is that the development of the areas 1 through 13 is in the form of a fan.

And secondly, the passages entering and exiting a specific area are located near the edge and center of the fan shape, respectively.

When these two features overlap, the shortest distance varies depending on the direction of movement.

The arc near the center is shorter than the edge of the fan, so getting out of the site is much easier than getting into it.

‘Okay, I just have to go like this!’

Hyun, who compared the location with the map, clenched his fists.

It was the moment when I landed on the fastest escape route, which I named ‘shortcut’.

About 5 minutes ahead.

That should be enough to get you to the entrance of the ruins.

‘What’s going on outside?’

When Jini’s words suddenly came to mind, Hyun became impatient.

Did you say you would purify Carinta Island?

If that was true, the outside would have been a mess a long time ago.

To say that Mystia brought an army, maybe a war might have broken out.

‘It would be nice if it had nothing to do with Louise… It’s unlikely.’

Hyun shook his head, dispelling his thoughts.

There’s no way Louise won’t be involved in this commotion.

Perhaps the real fight will begin the moment you leave the ruins.

The reason Hyun couldn’t leave May Day alone was because he considered the possibility of war.

The wider the battlefield, the more dazzlingly active the wizard is.

‘uh… ?’

Variables always arise in sudden moments.

It is called a variable because it is unpredictable.

‘Time amplification, biorhythm acceleration, armor of darkness, shadow… !’

bang! bang! bang!

At one point, Hyun reflexively moved his hand.

Without hesitation, he fired his gun and applied all the buffs he had to Louise.

Because the worst uninvited guest came into the view that I had been watching with clairvoyance all along.


Then, when he assimilated Louise with a shot of salvation.

At that time, Louise and Mayday were already flying through the air.

Whoops. Woo woo woo.

The spear in my hand trembled like crazy.

It was because the shock that had been delivered was still lingering around.

“are you okay?!”

「Big… The arm still moves… !”

As soon as Louise and Mayday confirmed that they were all safe, Hyun grasped the situation.

There was a cliff in front.

It was hard to believe that it was a trace of a greatsword cutting through the ground.

Standing tall behind the deep crater is one of the five greatest knights of the Holy Kingdom.

“It was your boy. There can’t be only two guys who can block my surprise attack.”

Massianne’s low, strong voice resonated in the square of the ruins.

She was holding a greatsword that was bigger than her height with one hand and aiming it at Louise.

Again, fixing the greatsword with both hands, he drove it into the ground.

“I should have used it elsewhere, but I can’t help it because of you.”

concurrently with him.

Whoops. The divine energy emanating from the sword wrapped around Louise’s body and then scattered.

Louise blinked her eyes, not knowing why.

That skill, which seemingly has no effect on the outside, is the ability of a story named… . No, it was a skill close to authority.

[Soul Imprint]

– Imprint the energy of one soul into memory. (up to 1 person)

– In order to remember the new energy, you have to forget the old one.

“Don’t repeat the same mistakes.”

A skill that uses the energy of the target to track prey.

caster or designated target. The imprint is not erased until one of them dies.

“I will definitely kill you.”

Massianne’s eyes, looking at Louise, were frighteningly bright.


The regressor guild leader Annihilation repeated the name.

Reports have come in that they seem to have formed a temporary alliance with Hyun and Mayday, and many guild members have already lost their lives to them.

Even Berard, an executive who belonged to the core force.

Despite the successive reports of bad news, Jeolsal did not lose his composure.

Rather, it made me smile.

Because I am sure that the war situation will not change to this extent.

‘We were faster this time!’

After tasting defeat from Hyeon in the Dark Land, the members of the Regressor Guild keenly felt the importance of preoccupying information.

I was sure that if I had been there before Hyun, the result would have been different.

So, when an apostle was created in the guild, annihilation brought joy.

It is an openly known fact that Hyun is related to ‘darkness’.

It was because one of the guild members needed access to the power of light to keep him in check.

Like that, thanks to the oracle received by Pose-ryeong, who became an apostle, the regressor guild was able to preoccupy information on the ruins of Carinta Island before anyone else.

The next step is to seize all the benefits that can be gained from that information.

‘It’s not going your way this time.’

But this time, the ancestors didn’t overdo it. I couldn’t repeat the same mistake as before with hasty judgment.

What Pose-ryeong asked for is a clue related to darkness… ! There is a high possibility of encountering Hyun!

Extermination accurately grasped the risk, and strengthened the guild’s position by handing it over to the Holy Kingdom rather than using the information on its own.

As a result, the gains that could be obtained were relatively small, but the regressor guild had a perfect advantage over anyone else.

This time, Hyun will not be able to do anything about it.

Inside the ruins, there are a lot of knights led by Masianne, and outside the ruins, those who are presumed to be the forces of light are preparing for ‘cleansing’.

If Hyun was on a quest related to ‘darkness’, there was no corner to escape.

‘No one can overturn this.’

Annihilation remembers the specifications of the 5 greatest knights of the Holy Kingdom.

Masianne is an existence that no mere user can deal with.

What if that female knight was aiming at her?

The exorcist changed his position for a moment, imagined it, and shook his head.

If you’re hostile to Masianne, even if Hyun has 100 lives, you won’t be able to shake off her pursuit.



At the same time as the divine power was rising from Masianne’s sword, the following messages appeared in Hyun’s log window.

[Knight Commander Masianne has imprinted the soul of ‘Louise’!]

[Your location will continue to be discovered until one of you dies!]

Hyun bit his lip and skimmed through the message.

The power possessed by the five great knights of this time exceeds that of most celestials.

Because it is a characteristic of story named that it gets stronger as time goes by.

In order to deal with Shakron, who belonged to the bottom stone, he had to use the surrounding gimmick called ‘Dark Fog’.

But if you have to deal with Masianne with nothing… .

“Run away, Louise!”

Hyun, who finished his judgment in an instant, said.

I abandoned the complacent thought of fighting back.

The current Massianne was an existence that could not be defeated even if there were about 10 more Louise and herself.

「Where are you talking…」?”


Mystia, who will be outside the ruins, is Louise’s only rope!

Entrusting yourself to the army she brought with you would make it easier to protect Louise from Masianne.

No matter how much she was, she wouldn’t be able to come out recklessly against an army commanded by a heavenly man.

‘Welcome Run!’

In an instant, the new model of Louise stretched out and attacked Massianne.

No, it’s not Louise, it’s Hyun using the spirit.

It was a trick that only copied the movement of the ‘black wind’ that was used last time.

“… !”

Fire! Seeing the vision of her attacking her, Marcy Anne showed no reaction.

It was because he noticed at once that it was an illusion without substance.

Despite having the same blood, Masianne was calmer and calmer than her brother.

“It is an illusion. You write interesting numbers.”

I twitched my lips as I watched the group walk away in an instant.

Distinguishing between lies and truth is the basic skill of a paladin.

Trying to fool yourself with such shallow numbers… Masianne chanted coldly.

“I will show you the power of the truth to you who only rely on lies.”

She started to run after Hyeon and Louise, who moved their feet into the narrow hallway.

Surprisingly, Massianne’s speed with a huge greatsword was much faster than Louise’s.

Even if it started late.

Kwajik! Kwajik!

Every time she crossed the walls on either side of the narrow hallway, the ground vibrated.

Just like that, in an instant, Massianne had a dot on Louise’s head.

“My power that I can’t hide in the slightest!”

He aimed at Louise’s head and swung his silver greatsword.

cooong! Kwaji support!

Two roars rang out at intervals.

The sound of swords colliding, and the sound of the ground being ripped apart in the aftermath.

‘… … !’

When the senses reached their limits and even the sound stopped, the rest of the party except Hyun felt death.

Mayday reported a system message saying ‘Stun in 20 seconds’.

And Louise because of the magical storm that made her hair stand on end.

In fact, the attack just now was in a form that could neither be avoided nor blocked.

After that, when all the sounds stopped, a huge crater appeared at the location where the greatsword struck, as if a meteorite had fallen.

It seemed that Hyeon and his party, swept away by the aftermath, disappeared without a trace.

‘It’s gone… ?’

But Masianne knew none of them died.

I can’t feel the presence of the opponent who imprinted my soul.

At the last moment, it seemed that the opponent was desperately using movement skills.

It was Hyun’s figure using shadow dash in the direction of the passage.

‘Was there a ‘road’ nearby?’

Massianne stared at the magic lanterns around her.

Even the Knights know that this site is made up of numerous areas and passageways… Do they even know the roads they don’t know?

I guess so. There is no other reason why it suddenly disappeared.

Masianne was not nervous.

I quietly closed my eyes and began to feel the presence.

It doesn’t matter where you ran As long as her soul is imprinted on her, she won’t be able to escape from herself.

“Ahhh, the arm… !”

Meanwhile in another world, Louise screamed.

At the last moment, she tried to deflect Masiand’s greatsword.

Ultimately, the attempt was successful and his life was saved, but his right arm was torn off in return.

Louise’s stamina was about 300,000, which meant that more than 100,000 stamina was blown away in a single attack that seemed to brush her.

“Isn’t there a state recovery skill?!”

The pain felt like a fairy tale brought Hyun to his senses.

To that cry, one of Louise’s subordinates answered.

A ghost mage who was asleep in the city of water.

As soon as he was summoned, he started using his recovery skill to slowly restore Louise’s arm.

“What the hell is that woman!?”

Running without stopping, Mayday asked.

“I am a knight of the Holy Kingdom. She’s also Shakron’s real sister.”

“Shakron? You mean the child who appeared in that history quest mission, right?!”

Even with a brief explanation, Mayday was able to figure out Masianne’s true identity.

The 5 greatest knights of the Holy Kingdom were just as famous.

“Can Hyun and I win?”

But I didn’t know much about their strength.

Since you said you’ve defeated Shakron before, isn’t it okay this time too if you have a string?

Mayday’s thoughts were interrupted by the answer that followed.

Hyun shook his head quietly.

“no. never.”

“never… ?”

“From the user’s point of view, it was only a few months ago, but Asrian’s time has passed since then, more than five years.”

Story names become stronger as time goes by.

“Besides, Masianne is above average among the 5 greatest knights, so our attack can’t even pierce the basic defense.”

Hyun could guess the opponent’s level just by bumping into him once.

Masianne’s level is over 400. Her stamina is probably… billion units!

Even if she turns on the ‘wave of disabling’ and succeeds in a few attacks, her endless stamina won’t even be damaged.

On earth, he is the strongest among ten fingers.

Even in heaven, unless she uses her ego, most celestials will not be able to compete with her.

Upon hearing Hyun’s explanation, Mayday’s expression became serious as well.

“So what?”

“There is no choice but to run away.”

Entrusting oneself to Mystia on Carinta Island.

For now, that was the only answer.

“Run away.”

It was at that moment that an unfamiliar voice from the side interrupted the conversation.

The group looked back in surprise.

Less than a minute had passed since he was ostracized, how could he have already followed?

“You are optimistic.”

There, Masianne was staring at the party with cold eyes, as if laughing.

Boo. woo woo-.

The wizard ghost who had cured Louise wept bitterly.

His body was pierced by Massianne’s greatsword… Dispersed with light after a while.

For a moment, Hyun’s heart pounded.

It was because the feeling that the strings of the soul were being cut had been transmitted through Louise.

‘Gravity point!’

Mayday, unaffected by emotions, was the first to react.

Simultaneously with Mayday’s gesture, the remains of stones and rocks were ripped from the walls and floors, and all at once poured down on Massianne.

Kwakdeuk, Kwadeuk.

A telekinetic magician’s magic that traps the opponent in a pile of stones and blocks their movements.

As the stones coalesced into one point, even the figure of Massianne in the center was temporarily covered.

“Did you catch it? ah… !”

Mayday let out a sudden empty breath.

Because someone lifted his entire body.

It was the very next moment when the compressed debris exploded.

Faaaaang! With the sound of breaking air, a huge grenade exploded.

Countless wreckage that had been clustered around Masianne exploded in all directions.

If Hyun hadn’t snatched Mayday’s body, she would have been torn apart by the fragments she created.

“Never use ranged attacks! Don’t even shoot!”

“… ?”

“That guy, all projectiles with less than a certain power are sent back!”

Mayday, who was dumbfounded because he was not aware of his mistakes, was shocked by Hyun’s explanation.

‘Return? So that means I have my Reverse Track passively!’

As the saying goes, most ranged attacks are sealed against Masianne.

However, except for the ‘metal edge’ that rises from the ground, Mayday’s means of attack are projectile-type skills.

You can’t use ranged attacks against opponents who are specialized in close combat. Mayday’s thinking was paralyzed for a while in a situation where there was no countermeasure.

Then what is my role?

lump of luggage?

Just when that thought came to my mind, I heard Hyun’s instructions.

“Hinder his pursuit by touching a feature or blocking his view.”

“Will that be enough?”

“yes. I will do the rest somehow.”

Hyungwon glanced back.

Is it the confidence that you can grab hold of it at any time as long as you have imprinted the energy emitted by the soul?

Masianne didn’t take her time, but she didn’t rush to follow us either.

She didn’t even know if she was learning a lesson from the death of her brother, Shakron, and keeping a distance where her men could join her at any time.

‘What should I do?’

Nevertheless, the distance between the two sides is gradually decreasing.

Even though he was running at full speed and the wind brushed his face, Hyun felt like a cold sweat was flowing.

Unlike before, I couldn’t even approach Masianne recklessly.

It was because it was clear that he, who had lost 3 seconds of invincibility, would die even if she brushed against the wind pressure of her wielding a greatsword.

‘It’s not that there’s no way… .’

Hyun’s head did not become a blank page.

The one method I had in mind all along was still circling in my head.

However, the reason why you can’t easily pull it out.

It was because it was digging into Louise’s wounds once again.

“It can’t be helped… .”

Suddenly, Louise’s voice rang in my ears.

At that moment, Hyun realized that his feelings had leaked out through fairy tales.

“I will do as you wish.”

“Are you really okay?”

“This body is dark… every great evil of darkness. After all, if I disappear, won’t everything end?”

Louise’s muttering voice seemed to cut off from time to time.

“It is a sacrifice of a cow for the sake of the generations. now I… Don’t get carried away by personal feelings. Yes, I will not regret this choice.”

Louise blinked hard once and continued.

“Come out.”


Magi raged all over Louise’s body.

The black energy that escaped in an instant soon turned into the shapes of monsters.

The soldiers of darkness responded to the call of their master, who had been anxiously waiting for 3,000 years.

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