Hard Carry Support Chapter 267-268

Border City (1) and Border City (2)

‘What a sense of speed… .’

Hyun was overwhelmed by the visual beauty.

From the moment I reached the climax, it was difficult to even breathe.

I’ve seen the movie a few times before, but I’ve never felt this way before.

Occasionally even his hands twitched.

Yes, to put it likewise, the feeling of ‘fairy tale’ to oneself in the video.

It wasn’t simply because Hyun himself was the main character.

‘Why are you doing this? This feeling.’

‘like… I feel like I’m playing.’

At this moment, Assrian’s users felt a similar feeling as having assimilated into Hyun’s body.

Those with more combat experience, such as rankers and pro gamers, felt the feeling more vividly.

It was a phenomenon that occurred because Steven exquisitely mixed ‘Asrian’s unique sense of battle’ and ‘existing film techniques’.

‘Wait, these are the members of the Shade Guild!’

‘Is this a Kaidan Saint? The historical quest that nobody beat the actual difficulty level!’

Those with good eyesight have already noticed many things since the video started.

Even ordinary people who didn’t know Hyun’s face were able to understand everything soon.

It was because the names of the Shade Guild members appeared one after another after the video ended.

Many facts that had remained in doubt until now became clear.

The identity of the person who made this history, the reason why there are 4 people in the quest… And even how to clear the episode.

– Hyun, is this a person? thief

– ㅇㅇ There are times when Ain doesn’t come into sight.

-(Breaking News) Just added a new episode of History Quest!

In the midst of the buzz, a new topic has been added to the community.

This time, it was related to the prefecture.

-I went to a history quest to follow the strategy, but suddenly a new quest appeared.

-‘Flying’, isn’t this also made by Hyun? It looks like a place I saw on the Hyun & Ain channel a while ago, doesn’t it?

-Here is the sky bridge haha

Numerous posts poured into the community.

A string that was wrapped in a veil.

It showed a legendary move in the previous work, but many users thought that the rumors were exaggerated.

There were also those who said that the skills of top ranked players and pro gamers had already surpassed Hyun.

However, not long ago, Hyun’s play was revealed for the first time in a broadcast by an apostle user. The battle that took place on the sky bridge was also uploaded on YouTube.

And this time with a movie! Again, to the history quest!

– When Hyun makes his debut as a pro gamer, won’t there be a change in perception?

-B Even if you only sell japtem, you get 10 times the salary of a pro, so why do you become a pro?

A series of events occurred one after the other that would have had a tremendous ripple effect.

The entire community only talks about the Shade Guild.

What was surprising was that the uproar was not over yet.

From the point of view of users who played Asrian, an event far greater than ‘Kwon Dae-ho’s major announcement’ occurred.

<Super giants jump into virtual reality!>

<Does Kwon Dae-ho’s prophecy really come true?>

First, Internet articles started pouring in.

「Companies have jumped into the virtual reality content business competition. Negle and Esta revealed that they had already invested an astronomical budget in ‘Asrian Online’. According to the announcement of Negle’s new virtual reality division a while ago, the types of businesses are… 」

“It is estimated that contracts in the trillions (KRW) have been made between the SHA Company and the four dinosaur companies. The owner of SHA Company is surprisingly a 20-year-old young man… .”

At first, users didn’t quite understand what was going on.

However, everyone could feel that the atmosphere was unusual.

and that evening.

<SHA Company created by a game genius>

Hyun’s name came out of the mouth of a terrestrial news announcer.

Assrian users were staring at the screen on which the news was being broadcast, bewitched at home or on the street.

“A company created by an ordinary college student is becoming a hot topic. As soon as SHA Company, a partnership company, was established, it took an unusual move to sign simultaneous contracts with large global companies… .”

The video uploaded on the official website passed as the data screen.

The shape of Hyun appeared, and the logo of the Shade Guild also came to mind.

“How could this be possible? Presentation by Dr. Daeho Kwon last July. It appears to be related to what Assrian said was a simulator and not just a game.”

Again, it switched to the scene of the Assrian Festival held in Busan.

What happened in the world after Kwon Dae-ho’s announcement.

Mentioning the fact that the profession of a magical engineer was newly in the limelight, and the playing documentary Steven created, he even showed examples of Asrian’s madness in reality.

“Experts say Assrian Online is a new continent. This is because it is unexplored but has countless possibilities. Lee Seo-hyun, this young man who is active in the game with the ID of Hyun… .”

Estimates of the property of the prefecture, and stories about Koreans’ game skills were also mentioned.

It was the first time in history that a single user who was not a game developer received so much attention.

“There are also claims that Chairman Kwon Dae-ho intended this phenomenon. This is because almost all online games suppress in-game currency transactions as much as possible, while Asrian’s development team does not impose any restrictions. Negle, Esta, Elenium and other corporations, and player strings, are like earning secondary profits from other people’s creations. According to an interview with an NFM employee, there was some backlash in the company after this incident… ”

It was evening when Seohyun confirmed the incident.

I fell asleep exhausted from the accumulated fatigue and when I woke up again, there were numerous missed calls on my cell phone.

‘Did so many people know my number?’

Once I closed the phone, I looked at the messenger.

Friends, high school classmates, acquaintances, and… There was also a call from home.

Looking on the Internet, many things happened while I was sleeping for a while.

Seohyun felt awkward about her name being mentioned in the news.

It reminded me of what Ain had said before.

If you become famous in the future, it will be a little uncomfortable to live normally.

He himself faced a similar situation as Ain.

‘Well, you were prepared.’

Hyungwon nodded quietly.

All this was expected.

How can you become a king if you can’t even stand the eyes of the world?

Even during her days as Asura, she received people’s attention, envy, jealousy, and respect. He was a little awkward at first, but as time went by he was able to act naturally.

It is the same this time. The number of gazes increased a little, but over time.

‘I’ll get used to it soon.’

A smile leaked from Seohyun’s lips before she knew it.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Again, I picked up my phone and moved my finger.

I hadn’t bothered to tell her about it until now, but it seemed like I couldn’t hide it any longer.

Seohyun touched a spot on the list of missed calls.

Turrrr. I thought as I listened to the beeping sound.

The fact that I hadn’t studied at all in the meantime, and even received an academic probation this semester.

I’m sure your parents will forgive you by now… ?


<Anyone with level 100 or higher can open the hidden former route (musketeer)! The way… ?>

Publicity was a Tartar thing.

A new YouTube and social media site under the name of the Shade Guild has been created and various news have been posted.

But even if it wasn’t for Tartar this time, the existence of the Dark Island would have been revealed to the world right away.

This was because new coordinates were added to all the gates on the ground.

[You can now teleport to the border city!]

Hyun named it ‘City of Borders’ instead of ‘Island of Darkness’.

Because I couldn’t use the word darkness when I was conscious of the Eye of the Sky.

Like that, all the users moving the teleport gate paid attention to the new coordinates once in a while.

‘It’s called the border city… ?’

Darkness’s guild leader, X-Large, stared at the message in front of him.

‘Hyun also had land.’

The incident that happened yesterday made me aware of everything.

The reason why the contracts that Darkness had made were suddenly destroyed.

It must be because the corporations chose this place instead of Demonia Gorge.

‘To make such a mistake!’

X-Large reprimanded himself for his mistake.

First of all, it was not able to quickly grasp the situation between companies.

And not taking into account the possibility of a place similar to Demonia Gorge!

Hyun’s recent visit to Demonai Gorge was also highly likely to be a pre-inspection for his own land.

‘No, I can still deal with it.’

Xlarge shook his head.

A competitor emerged, but the value of Demonia Gorge did not completely disappear.

Rather, it might be an opportunity.

If you refer to the advantages of the city you created, you will be able to systematically develop Demonia Gorge.

‘Yes, I have to see it with my own eyes!’


[caution! The magic circle on the other side rejects beings with souls!]

[Do you want to move to the border city? Y/N]


X-Large nodded and quickly switched to rest for a few seconds while the magic circle was activated.

I was surprised when I unlocked the rest state.

Skull! Because there was a monster running around in front of me out of nowhere.

But I soon noticed that it wasn’t hostile.

It was because the skeleton was taking on the role of an NPC in an ordinary city.

‘Was there a Necromancer in the Shade Guild?’

The skeleton, gnashing its teeth, guided him out of the gate.

After exiting the building, X-Large drew in his breath as he saw the scenery of the city unfolding in front of him.

‘This is the border city!’

It still looks more like a ‘village’ than a city, but the number of users roaming the streets is as large as the city.

‘What is that?’

X-Large turned his head and looked at the unknown structure.

A huge pyramid spouting black water like a fountain.

The sight of the black fountain running down the beautifully carved steps was truly fantastic.

They couldn’t get too close because the skeleton guards were heavily guarded, but X-Large admired the artistry from a distance.

‘I’m already making these things.’

Xlarge looked around and was surprised again.

The streets were lined with facilities common to Assrian cities.

Plaza, arena, exchange, shop, auction, quest board… And even a statue of history!

Except for the fact that the NPCs were replaced with skeletons, the scenery of the border city was no different from the normal Asrian city.

‘Hyun was planning to build a city from the beginning!’

The floor of the street was paved with stones with geometric patterns.

A shock mitigation magic circle? defense barrier? Either way, it wasn’t an easy thing to make.

Hyun has been preparing for today for a very long time.

The more I looked around, the more XLarge could feel the difference between Demonia Gorge and Border City.

While Darkness planned the land he owned as a research complex, Hyun urbanized the entire land.

In general, it is difficult to imagine the latter.

It was because creating a city required an unimaginable amount of capital and labor, and the risk of ending up with only a deficit was high.

However, Hyun simply solved all those problems.

By mass-producing guns, he quickly attracted the attention of users, and he controlled thousands of skeletons no matter what he did.

And in contracts with companies, the value of the name ‘Hyeon’ itself was used.

Without any one of the three, this plan would not have been possible.

‘How many people can do this?’

Goosebumps all over X-Large’s body.

It was certain that the number of Shades was less than 10.

As the number of people increased and the size increased, the border of the guild pattern changed more ornately, but the pattern of the Shade Guild still did not escape the basic border.

He was a fearful prefecture even when he was with one Ain, but what if he had power?

The meaning of the ‘seat of the throne’ that Darkness has been building for nearly a year may soon fade.

“What are you doing?”

It was when X-Large was examining the tiles on the plaza floor that someone’s voice was heard.

Curious about how he made such a thing, he tapped on the pattern of the magic circle and looked back in surprise.

There, a man wearing a mask exposing his chin was looking at him.

“No, I just fell for a second… .”


The man, who was closely examining X-Large’s actions, clicked his tongue and muttered.

“What, I didn’t mean to do anything suspicious to the barrier.”

“Barrier… ?”

“No, nothing.”

The masked man soon turned around and disappeared in an instant.

Literally, because he disappeared without a trace, X-Large rubbed his eyes.

‘Who was it?’

X-Large didn’t know that he was about to die.

If he had tried to remove the magic circle or even damaged it, he would have disappeared without a sound.

Salon, who had just finished changing jobs, was in the middle of choosing his first prey, wanting to test his strength.


Time flew by.

Two months have passed since that day.

The city plan was more successful than Hyun and Jini expected.

There was never a single threat from the NPCs I was worried about.

Organizations and guilds that tried to put a spoon on the pretext of a star of stars simply solved it by ‘prohibiting the use of the gate’.

How much is it if you convert city revenue into real goods… I haven’t been counting lately.

Seohyun recalled each and every thing that had happened.

‘It was really eventful. Looking back, it was an instant, but… .’

When they first saw the news, their parents thought the young man in the news resembled them.

I was really surprised when the name Lee Seohyun popped up.

I told my parents what had happened, but they didn’t believe it easily.

After showing material ‘evidence’, I had no choice but to believe it.

I told you a long story.

Seeing as he won’t ask a word about his studies or college until the end of the story… I don’t think the situation I was worried about happened.

‘Shall we go to the convenience store?’

Seohyun thought while preparing to go out.

It’s only been two months, but Hyun has developed a habit of wearing a hat before he knows it.

It’s quieted down a bit now, but right after that day, I couldn’t even do anything properly because of my fame.

In particular, the effect of the news was enormous.

It was not uncommon for people who did not know how they found out the address and came to their room.

Even living a daily life became impossible, so I had no choice but to plan to move the very next day.

“Hyun, where are you going?”

“no. Just to check attendance.”

“Do I have to?”

“… You can never go out.”

and this now.

It was impossible to find a house in one day, so I had no choice but to take refuge in the house Ain had prepared for me.

Fortunately, this house has strict security from the entrance, so there was nothing to attract annoying visitors.

I thought it was really fortunate that the house was unnecessarily spacious.

It felt like staying in the same hotel room next door as Ain, so I was able to spend without much trouble.

But I can’t live on top of it forever.

It’s not that I don’t intend to buy a house again someday. Yes, if you have a little more free time than now.

‘Room 325, is this here?’

3 p.m. After a short walk, Seohyun arrived at the school.

I didn’t know where the classrooms for each subject were, but it didn’t matter.

Seohyun visited the rooms of the professors in charge of her class one after another.

It was to do an ‘attendance check’ that had been delayed for several days.

‘I don’t know what the rules are.’

After donating an appropriate amount to the university, the attendance check method changed.

A ‘special class’ was created for students with unavoidable circumstances, and it was said that the method of class was entirely left to the discretion of the professor.

For example, it was possible to give a semester’s worth of lectures in one minute.

Of course, few students know that such classes exist.

In any case, he said that it was not against the rules, and since Seohyun only needed a college diploma, she decided to pass it on.

“Sleep again.”

When I got home, Ain was lying on the sofa.

Did he go back to sleep as soon as he got out of the shower?

While living together, Hyeon realizes that A-in sleeps a lot.

On the other hand, I was envious that a guy who would normally be busy with his senior year of high school was so carefree.

‘Is it connected first?’

Seohyun lay down on one of the two side-by-side capsules.

[Connect to Assrian.]

After loading, the scenery of the island of darkness unfolded before my eyes.

No, it is now a ‘Borderline City’.

Two months was enough time to transform the barren land into a city.

‘Really, it changes every day.’

Hyun mingled with the users and roamed the streets.

It’s not a distinctive appearance, but even if you walk like this, users don’t notice you.

‘I didn’t see that building yesterday.’

High-rise buildings began to appear one by one.

It seems that someone analyzed the architectural magic circle and grafted modern architecture on it.

According to Genie’s report, the third basement floor has also started construction.

The development was so fast that Hyeon asked Scotanatos for help twice.

As a result, monsters other than skeletons roam the city now.

Now, ghosts are in charge of guides in accommodations, and lizardmen are running shops, which can be easily seen anywhere in the border city.

‘It’s like a city in another world.’

The border city, which was not different from Asrian’s village in the early days, began to resemble a real big city as time passed.

In a word, it was a city that seemed to be placed on the ‘border’ between Assrian and reality.

The city has grown so far thanks to the help of the guild members.

If it was just a big city, people would quickly lose interest and leave.

‘In reality, I wouldn’t belong to either of the Assrians.’

Shade stores also began selling non-gun items.

Cannons, alloy armor, automatic crossbows. and other nifty stuff.

It is not Genie’s work. Even if he hired an NPC, Genie couldn’t afford to do research other than guns.

The objects were made by various research teams.

Instead of opening the ‘Shade Lab’ equipped with ‘Mana Heavy Weapons’ to companies, Genie set the condition that the Shade Guild monopolize the achievements there for three months.

Even so, if you want to wait for the turn to use the mana heavy weapon, you have to wait in line for several months.

It was against this background that shade shops throughout the city expanded to a scale close to department stores.

‘Lot management.’

A large screen appeared in front of Hyun.

A management window where you can check the information of each district of the city at a glance.

Two months later, the city had a lot of facilities that users could seduce.

A virtual training ground where you can acquire experience points up to level 200.

A mage tower dungeon where you can acquire useful skills.

They were all the works of Poppy, who was good at making magic circles.

Thanks to various facilities attracting users, thousands of private room portals have already been opened in the city square.

However, among them, the most captivating user was the ‘shade point’ system.

‘Member Management.’

(VIP 1 : 300p) – About 4 million people

(VIP 2 : 1500p) – About 600,000

(VIP 3 : 6000p) – 15217 people

(VIP 4 : 30000p) – 2 people

(VIP 5 : 300000p) – 0 people

‘There are two people who have already accumulated 30,000 points.’

The prefecture remembered the turmoil of the second week after allowing the city to enter.

When Tartar talked about the open event and all, he suggested adding the following rewards to the VIP level 3.

-Daily gold payment (equal distribution of 5% of city revenue)

Whatever I was thinking, I accepted the offer because I thought it would be interesting, and I regretted it the next day.

It was because there was a knife fight between users who were about to reach the 3rd level.

The revenue generated by the entire city in one day is staggering.

Taxes, land and facility rental fees, gymnasium usage fees, teleport usage fees, and recently, even casinos and coliseum-like things have been created.

What if you were the first to achieve level 3 VIP in such a situation? That user monopolizes 5% of the profits alone.

On that day, Hyun realized that using too much of the users’ desires would lead to anger.

Since it was too late to go back to the way it was, the VIP system was still in place.

And as a result of this incident, the 4th stage benefits have been changed as follows.

-Using Unique Shop

– Shade Guild application can be submitted.

– Free rental of land in the downtown area of ​​the city.

Hyun referred to the method of the Middle Ages in which lands were bestowed on nobles who had achieved merit.

This will be able to increase the motivation of users who collect points without further resistance.

‘Managing the Shade Quest list.’

Shade Quest was the only way to collect points.

From trade, security, business, simple labor to advanced manpower support.

Most of the quests consisted of things that brought the benefit of the entire city, but among them, the quest that paid the most points was the quest to explore the sky.

‘From now on, Louise will have no choice but to go to the sky.’

If the next main quest exists, it is clear that the stage will be the sky.

However, after the Sky Bridge incident, Assrian’s history has diverged too much from Asura’s time.

Even with the information from the Interloop, it is impossible to grasp the situation of the changed celestial beings.

Of course, it is impossible to investigate all of the hundreds of sky islands by one person.

That’s why Hyun was trying to gather information about the sky by giving quests to users.

‘Is he still sleeping?’

After completing the inspection of the city, Hyun thought of Ain who was sleeping on the sofa.

If there’s one good thing about living together with Ain, it’s that it’s easy to match each other’s time.

I played the game all night yesterday.

Neither he nor Ain had to go to school.

‘I need to wake up soon. It’s time to leave the transport soon.’

The only transport ship was operating for users who were on the ‘Sky Exploration’ quest.

The last expedition obtained useful information.

As the information obtained by referring to the interloop yielded significant results, Hyeon decided to move to the location with Ain today.

There was still a long time before a new transport ship could be built, so if you missed this ship, you would have to wait for nearly a month until the next one.

‘No, should I just summon you with a ring? You may still be tired because you stayed up all night last night.’

There are no teleport gates in the sky.

This is because the floating islands in the sky do not have fixed coordinates.

If I leave today, I won’t be able to come back for a while.

It was a prefecture that made my heart pound when I imagined how developed the city would be when I came later.



The ground began to shake at Louise’s murmur.

<The ground is rising now. Everyone in the city, beware of shaking!>

Information broadcasts flowed from magic circles installed throughout the city.

It was the voice of a woman hired by the Shade Guild as a ‘Guardian of the City of Borders’.

Wow! The black mist and the white band interlocked, opening the door to the sky.

The edge of the city was full of people who had gathered to see the spectacle.

Like this, it was Louise’s job now to control the altitude of the ground according to the set time.

“How about it, isn’t it stable now?”

“It has improved a lot. At first I thought it was almost an earthquake, but… .”

“It means I’m learning more and more!”

Louise looked at the transport ship heading into the night sky with Poppy.

After confirming that it completely passes the boundary band.


The gates of heaven were closed again.

The door opened only 2-3 minutes a day.

In other words, Louise’s work is done in 2-3 minutes a day.

The rest of the time, he wandered around the city to his heart’s content with his guild members.

He spent the most time with Hyeon, but Hyeon had to go far for the time being, so Louise was quite disappointed.

The city of borders that changed day by day was like an amusement park to Louise, but it was because playing alone was less fun.

“Poppy, have you ever seen a play?”

“doesn’t exist.”

“Let’s go see it now! They say there is a new work coming to the theater today!”

“I have work to do… Goddess, please go alone.”

Poppy didn’t play well with Louise because she was busy.

“Right. But not alone! I’m going to see it with Shatin!”

“That golem.”

“Poppy, why don’t you play to your heart’s content sometimes? After a while, it is said that a ‘movie theater’ was created. It looks completely different from the play!”

Still, the latest Louise was always fun.

These few months have been the happiest days of my life.

I have no intention of regaining my demonic powers. Neither the sky nor the earth wanted to return.

“like this… Isn’t it okay to live forever?”

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