Hard Carry Support Chapter 254-255-256

Prison in the Sky (1), Prison in the Sky (2) and Prison in the Sky (3)

“hyeon… It seems that it was not an illusion.”


“I just felt Pappy’s energy again. I’m sure you’re here.”

Louise muttered again.

Glancing in the direction of the aisle he pointed to earlier.

“I told you, now you are more dangerous… .”

That moment.

Hyun stopped what he was about to say.

Because he felt his heart beating like crazy.


Are you confused because such crazy things happen in a row?

No, that’s not it.

It seems that the color of the air has suddenly become muddy.

I had experienced similar sensations in Iluna.

Yes, Louise felt this way when she found out about Maria’s death.

In the past, she didn’t assimilate with Louise often, so she just thought she was in bad shape, but now she can properly diagnose the cause.

In the past and even now, Louise could not easily turn away from someone she had once become close to.

Although he didn’t eat out, he was also very guilty of cheating on Papi.

Rather than pay off the debt you owe, they say you have to turn away, so your feet won’t fall off easily.

‘Did he get caught?’

Fairy tales sometimes make us share things that go beyond emotions.

Did Louise realize Poppy’s fate?

The fact that I will never see you again after today… .

But that also applies to Louise herself.

Now that all the oracles are approaching to swallow Louise, if she can’t get out of here and go to the sky, she will disappear from this world.

“There is no time. We have to move quickly.”

Mystia urged the still stopped strings.

As she said, there was no time to wander.

To increase the chance of escape as much as possible, the celestials must move before they are fully settled.

“Why are you standing still?”

“for a moment… .”

“It’s an urgent situation!”

“Wait a minute.”

Hyun left behind Mystia’s rare shouts.

“There is something I must decide right now.”

A small but clear word made the surroundings suddenly quiet.

While everyone’s footsteps stopped, Hyeon quietly looked at his chest.

thud. thud. A heartbeat pulsates throughout the body.

This nervous tension is clearly Louise’s.

It must be waiting for my verdict with bated breath.


No matter what choice you make, Louise will trust your judgment and follow it.

Even if Papi was sacrificed, he would not complain.

“A quest just started.”

“… … .”

“After today, there will be no next time.”

The information in the quest is not wrong.

“Papi will die.”

Even when Hyeon told the truth, Louise did not waver.

When using fairy tales, you must always be prepared to reveal the bottom of your heart.

The moment she read the contents of the quest, the agitation of the strings was transmitted to Louise.

Louise also knew that Poppy would die today.

“But you’re in a bit of danger right now, aren’t you?”

Hyun then summarized the situation Louise was in now.

Celestials waiting in front of them, players chasing them. An apostle may suddenly be sent.

He explained without fail how dangerous the situation she was in.

It had been a while since Louise, who had been silent, opened her mouth.


“Way… none at all… Will it?」

difficult speech.

Hyun understood the meaning at once.

She is asking if there is a way to get out of this place at the same time as saving Papi.

‘method… .’

Of course, Hyun also thought about it earlier.

It wasn’t that there weren’t ways that came to mind, but it wasn’t a perfect plan.

Regardless of one’s skill, it is a method that has no choice but to rely on probabilities.

“Fifty percent.”

“… !”

Louise didn’t even know what that meant.

Hyun had taught Louise the concept of probability by taking her from place to place when she was young.

「Does this mean that everyone can survive with a half chance…? ?」


Hyun corrected Louise’s words.

50% is not the success rate, but the probability that the plan can be established.

“If you’re unlucky, it’s just dog death… Even if you are lucky, there is no guarantee that you will succeed.”

As an analogy, one of the two roads was a dead end, and the other road was not smooth.

Exactly 50% of the reason is the Arctic and Antarctic. This is because there is a prison on each of the two sky bridges.

If half of that probability was wrong, even if tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of chances were given, there would be no way to save Louise and Poppy.

“What are you going to do?”

“Are you giving me a chance to decide…? ?」


Hyun thought a lot before making his choice.

For safety, it would be better to sacrifice Papi, but that choice would be a scar that would be engraved in Louise’s life.

Conversely, the choice to save Papi could also have been his own selfishness to avoid Louise’s reprimand.

“This is something you have to decide.”

Louise is no longer a child.

The future world won’t be easy enough to keep being young.

If you don’t know how to make your own decisions, one day you’ll get caught.

Whatever choice she made, Hyeon was determined to accommodate it.


The Prison of the Arctic Skybridge.

Two prisoners were locked in a room far away.

A celestial man who received the death penalty and life imprisonment respectively.

‘… … .’

Radiette smiled bitterly.

In this prison, the ego and sympathy of the heavenly being are all sealed.

So Papi, who had been praying earnestly, passed out without overcoming the pain.

All death row inmates I’ve seen so far have been like that.

He prays until the moment his soul melts into a white belt, but in the end he is not saved.

‘It’s pointless.’

Until today, Radiette has raised one question.

How can you define good?

If he hadn’t met a certain user in the past, he might still have divided good and evil into heaven and abyss.

Of course, I have changed my mind now.

Goodness is an act that allows one to act contrary to the selfishness of oneself or the group to which one belongs.

‘No angel would be interested in proving the prisoner’s innocence.’

According to that standard, even angels cannot be considered good.

The reason why angels are merciful to humans is because they have to empathize with them.

It could be said that Mary, who helped humans without expecting any gain, was closer to goodness than they were.

‘It’s a sacrifice.’

Radieton I thought back to the past.

The day when the Advent ceremony failed and the gods of death covered the plains of Iluna.

Aren’t most of those who took part in the war that day good?

Both the sky and the abyss went to war, determined to give their souls.

Even the soldier in the sky who gave his life and perishes to the end.

Abyssal monsters that create opportunities by throwing their bodies as bait.

The priestess who prayed on the battlefield that had nothing to do with herself… .

If the act of ‘sacrifice’ is included in the standard of goodness, all of them are good.

Yes, except for the users who participated for the purpose of quest rewards.

‘No, one user is an exception.’

Suddenly, someone’s face flashed through my memory.


She remembers that she truly died fighting for others.

There were too many inexplicable actions to dismiss as moving for one’s own gain.

On that day, all of Iluna’s sky disappeared, so she must have died too. As a user, he will come back to life.

Suddenly, Radiette wanted to see that face one more time.

before the end of his short lifespan. A girl who looked exactly like her ex-lover.

Radiette flinched at a certain moment while examining the fragments of memories in her head.


He focused his mind.

Because I felt an energy that couldn’t exist near the moment.

At first, I thought it was an illusion, but the energy was getting closer as time went on.

‘A place like this is Maggie?’

It was impossible to deceive Radiette’s feelings by roughly suppressing them.

Even that Magi was so pure that he had the illusion that Poppy had really prayed to the devil and brought it down.

‘I’ll have to take a closer look.’

I raised my spirits a little more.

His super senses, which were out of the realm of reality, instantly grasped the location of Magi and immediately visualized it in his head.

The true identity of the person with demonic energy is a silver-haired woman.

Coincidentally, because Hyeon transferred the fairy tale to Ain, Louise’s true form was revealed.

‘user… ?’

I was perplexed for a moment.

The aura I felt at first glance gave off a presence that I couldn’t believe belonged to the user.

Radiette did not recognize that Louise was Iluna’s priestess.

Louise has grown too much compared to before. Besides, it was because she was wearing the clothes of the Cash Shop.

Radiette stopped breathing when she saw the girl running next to her.

‘… !’

The face I had just remembered.

Five more years have passed, but her appearance hasn’t changed at all.

No, if it’s a user, it won’t change in the first place.


A lot of thoughts popped into my head.

what is she doing here? Was she passing by by chance? It wouldn’t be an ordinary thing for her to be with a user with Magi.

Before answering the questions, Radiette had been conveying her voice without even realizing it.

Without knowing that the heart that had stopped for five years had started beating again.


Louise made her decision.

Hyun did not question her decision a single word.

You don’t know which option is right in this situation.

No matter what the outcome is, I just do my best in the given situation.

“Where are you going? That’s not the way.”

“The plan has changed.”

As the group turned around, Mystia narrowed her eyes and asked.

“The oracle entrusted me with guidance. Are you saying you will betray the trust on your own?”

“This is also an oracle.”

“… What does that mean?”

Hyun secretly looked at Louise and kept his mouth shut.

To be honest, if I was in Mystia’s shoes, it would have been embarrassing.

This action might destroy the harmony, no, the tower that Caidrial had painstakingly built.

However, since he decided to respect Louise’s choice, the plan needed to be revised.

‘I hope this is right… .’

A 50% chance is the possibility of Radiette’s existence.

All celestials who received the death penalty or life imprisonment are imprisoned in the sky bridge prison, so Radiette will be staying in either the South Pole or the North Pole.

If the choice goes wrong… Hyun immediately planned to use the return scroll to send Louise to the private room.

In that case, the chance of Louise surviving was less than 1%. No, it will be reduced to close to 0%.

‘please… !’

Hyun did not like to gamble.

The front or back of a coin. It was because I couldn’t stand the nervousness until I checked which one the result was.

A gamble in which you risk your life on a one-time chance.

Even the prefecture, who hates leaving the outcome to chance, was praying this time.

To a fate that is neither an angel nor a demon.


Suddenly, Hyeon let out a sigh of relief.

It was because someone’s voice reached my ears!

A voice that is cold yet full of grace.

Ain listened as well, but she didn’t seem to notice the identity of the voice yet.

“Hyeon, I just heard a strange voice! Will this be a deception again?”

“No, it’s Radiette!”

It is said that earnestness dulls human senses.

Hyun felt the illusion of blood rushing all over his body.

I quickly made up my mind.

It’s not the end just because half of the odds are right. Now you can stand on the starting line.

「Ginny, carry out the plan I just told you!」

Then he sent a whisper to Ginny.

“Are you going to issue a guild quest?”


Asrian’s NPC is cunning.

It knows how to use the user’s desire to indirectly intervene in things that cannot be directly involved.

However, they do not possess intelligence beyond humans.

A method used by NPCs. There is no reason why you can’t use the same here.

“How much has been accumulated so far?”

“We started production a few days ago, so there are only 517 bags yet!”

「That’s enough! I’ll walk all of them as quest rewards!”

Guns that contain Genie’s time and effort.

Among them were a few unique items that were invaluable.

Things can be remade at any time, but there were things that could not be undone in Asrian, just like in reality.

At this moment, Hyun thought that he was very fortunate that Genie came to the guild.

Didn’t he gain a different kind of power thanks to that?

With this level of compensation, he would be able to face any NPC’s quest.

“That’s Okay! All registered!」

A few seconds after the genie, who was waiting in front of the guild request registration office, finished his work.

The Shade Guild’s quest quickly spread through request centers all over the world, and thanks to the additional payment of 1 million gold, it was placed at the top of all quest lists.

With the names of the two people written in the description column shining brightly.

<Hyeon and Ain’s Quest>

-Make the arctic skybridge as chaotic as possible.

-Both factions can participate in the quest.

(Abyss User): The higher you climb the sky bridge, the higher the contribution.

(Perforation User): Contribution increases as you help Abyss users or confuse the command system of nearby NPCs.

(Common): Contribution increases each time you follow the instructions of the Shade Guild member.

(※Caution: If you have other quests related to Sky Bridge, you cannot participate in that quest!)

(Reward: Differential distribution according to public value ranking) – <Expand +>


Hyun, who received Genie’s report, nodded.

Abyssal user. Among them, if the users who possessed magic could be dispersed to the sky bridge, the interest poured into Louise would naturally decrease.

It was because the numerous dots of magic would become Louise’s smokescreen.

‘This is enough compensation!’

A device was also prepared with the agents and apostles in mind.

Unrestricted access to the sky bridge, they had the potential to be the most difficult enemies.

However, if you make it impossible to proceed with the two quests together, an ally will appear on this side as well.

In other words, from now on, it is a battle of which side’s reward is more attractive.

Hyun was confident that he would not be pushed back by NPCs in setting up compensation.

<Number of quest participants: 1240>

Glancing at the request window, the number is already rising like crazy.

Of course, it is clear that less than 1% of users are actually helpful.

Most users won’t even be able to come this far.

In particular, users who belong to the abyss cannot even reach the sky bridge unless they are rankers.

The reason why the number of participants soared must be that there are many users who accept quests without knowing anything.

Still, Hyun decided to look forward to Asrian’s huge number of users.

If you throw countless threads, how many of them will go through the eye of the needle?

“Long time no see?”

Hyun muttered into the air.

In the voice of an assimilated Ain.


“… What’s going on here?”

The question returned to the question again.

From now on, Hyun planned to persuade Radiette to help him.

Maybe you can use the title of deceiver.

It’s not that hard to get him to help you if you lie.

But Hyun didn’t want to do that.

I wanted to be as honest as possible about everything.

And if you recall the end of Radiette from the previous work… Telling the truth would be more effective than lying here.

“I’m here to get Papi.”


“He’s a celestial being imprisoned.”

“Right. Is it that guy?”

“And one more… I intend to save you too.”

“… Are you going to save me?」

Radiette hesitated, then asked again.

I never expected to hear someone say that.

It was also for a user who had only had a brief encounter with himself.


“Because I owe you.”

Again, the answer confused Radiette.

Was there anything that could be considered a debt?

He fought in Iluna with his own will, and the result was not good, so he was only imprisoned.

Even if the debt remains, there is no benefit in paying the debt of a prisoner whose life is short.

“This is a bit of a long affair… .”

Hyun smiled bitterly.

Confessing the wrongdoing to the person concerned suddenly made me feel ashamed and awkward.

Pod! Hyun lifted the assimilation.

The real Hyun, which was hidden, was also revealed.

“I have to tell you from here.”

Hyun revealed the trick of fairy tales.

Then the reason why I had to go to Iluna, what happened there. He recited all those stories as if he were confessing them.

While listening to the explanation, Radiette was silent.

Were you surprised? Are you angry?

I couldn’t see his face, so I couldn’t see what his expression was.

“The woman next to me… Was she a priestess at that time?”


“It seems to have demonic energy.”

Radiette asked sharply.

The spirit of a celestial being with power close to the limit cannot be deceived by merely concealing the energy.

It was because the magic that Louise possessed was thick enough to be called a devil.

‘Isn’t this close to the devil?’

Radiette swallowed the words.

Even without pointing it out, the other party was explaining everything.

“That’s right, since that day, I’ve been carrying Magi.”

“that day?”

“After the incident with Iluna.”

Hyun did not even reveal the fact that Louise was the great demon of darkness.

However, he said correctly that Louise had been involved with the devil and that she had only come to know him after a long time.

In a short moment, a long story flowed from Hyun’s mouth.

It took quite a while for Radiette’s accident to flow again.

‘Yes, now I think I know what happened.’

Even with Hyun’s vague explanation, Radiette immediately understood what had happened.

The things he had experienced in Iluna flashed through his memory.

The Advent ceremony and the summoning of the Shinigami.

The pieces of the case, which remained a mystery to this day, slowly began to come together.

‘Was it something like that?’

hot. Radiette, who grasped the whole situation, laughed.

If the priestess is the devil’s seed, she can explain everything that happened that day.

Transcendentalists cannot summon other transcendental beings.

As proof, the priestess only opened the gates to the heavens and demons, but could not summon angels or demons.

‘Advent was impossible in the first place.’

Suddenly, anger welled up in Radiette’s chest.

Hyun who cheated. Or, it wasn’t anger toward the priestess who prayed without realizing it.

Curiously, Radiette realized that she was harboring ill will toward Heaven.

‘The angels must have known all this, right?’

The ceremony itself did not fail that day.

The fact that the gates of heaven opened and closed is proof of that.

Nevertheless, the oracle made himself a criminal for failing to descend. At the trial, the angel handed down a life sentence.

It would have been impossible in the first place, so why ask for guilt?

Now I seemed to know all too well why.

because it’s not good.

In order to maintain their authority, they needed someone to blame for their mistake.

‘My prediction was correct.’

On that day, countless souls, including Maria, disappeared.

The warp gate was open, and even though there was plenty of time, the oracle of retreat did not come down.

It is because it is against the laws of the heavens to withdraw one’s tail from the abyss.

The angels sacrificed everyone for their authority.

If we divide the action into good and evil, it belongs to evil.

Radiette was once again convinced of the thoughts she had been thinking about recently.

‘It’s an era where the sky is closer to evil.’

Haha, laughter erupted from Radiette’s lips.

The priestess, who was clearly a demon, worked hard for humans without taking care of her own body.

Of course, the result was not good, but it was clear that her intentions were not hypocritical.

Even the user who deceived himself… . For some reason, I didn’t feel any malice.

Why do I feel so different when I deceived myself just like the sky?

Perhaps the difference between good and evil.

It must be because you cannot see the same for those who sacrifice themselves and those who want to sacrifice others.

The priestess did not take care of herself in order to protect humans, and the user to protect the priestess.

On the other hand, what about perforation?

They have already taken three of their most precious things.

Lovers, friends, and even freedom!

‘About a month left?’

The lifespan of a celestial person decreases rapidly as he exercises his power on earth and burns his ego.

After experiencing Iluna’s battle, Radiette had a premonition that her life was short.

‘There’s no need to keep the line until the end.’

Goodness is the act of suppressing instincts.

Radiette felt a strong instinct in this place.

It was the urge to burn the last life.

He smiled softly as he felt Hyun’s party rushing towards the prison.


The road to prison was not smooth.

It was because you couldn’t pass straight ahead to avoid the gatekeepers and guards.

‘Soon it’s the sky.’

Hyun looked at the map and was very nervous.

The location of the prison exists at the same height as the white belt.

In other words, a place very close to the sky.

It is a zone where all the restrictions of heavenly people disappear.

It wouldn’t be much, but if the Celestials used their own egos, it was possible to exercise the power of an angel of the same level.

It would be absurd for the current self to face those guys head-on.

“Thank you for guiding me this far.”

Hyun turned to Mistia and said.

“Let’s act separately from now on.”

“yes… ?”

“I heard that the forces of harmony called for support. You join them and stop the other celestials.”

“what! I served as a guide to the oracle… ah… !”

For an instant, Mystia trembled.

As I was about to refute, an oracle suddenly rang in my ears.

What she heard was a warning of deception.

He looked at Hyun again and showed a ferocious expression.

“… I’ll do as you say. But I am following the oracle, not you.”

Mystia disappeared before she could hear an answer.

‘I’m helping!’

Hyun immediately guessed the situation from that reaction.

This time, I was genuinely grateful to Gi-gi.

She, too, is using the power of ‘harmony’ to fit her plans.

As long as they have a common goal of protecting Louise, it’s like having the Great Devil as their reinforcement.

‘But I won’t be able to continue helping.’

Deception has already given too many trusts.

Even if he cuts down his ego, it’s hard to use that much power in a short period of time.

Maybe this oracle will be the last one.

From now on, it’s all up to you.

Now that half of the luck had hit, Hyun vowed never to make a mistake.

The opportunity Louise risked her life to create… certainly!

‘Anyway, now the pursuit has faded!’

Hyeon, who quickly climbed the stairs, entered the boundary between heaven and earth before he knew it.

Altitude like a white belt. A place higher than a satellite.

Even if the effect of Tracing Evil is canceled, I cannot be relieved.

Because Louise’s location is still being revealed through Magi.

However, Hyun had planned a way to solve the problem in advance.

“Ginny, are you listening?”

“yes. I understand the situation.”

“Then I’ll ask the users to lead.”

I entrusted all the quest management to Genie.

From now on, she will direct users through quest notifications.

As she increases the number of ‘Magi’ in the sky bridge, the danger of being focused on Louise becomes less.

So, leave the sky to Mystia and the ground to Genie.

“Ain, what about divine power?”

“It’s full!”

“good. let’s go.”

Hyeon led the party and ran to the prison located on the border between the earth and the sky.

The structure of the prison was incredibly complex.

The entire space spanning several kilometers is a magic circle!

This huge and sophisticated magic circle was created with the purpose of sealing the power of the Celestials.

‘Which way should I go?’

The prison was like a maze.

There was a map of Interloop, but there was no way to know the location of the guards.

Without Radiette’s help, the party would have had to wander for a long time.

“There is an emergency passage to the southwest of your location. If you use it, you will be able to come here easily.”

Hyun and Ain heard Radiette’s voice.

“Tell me where you are trapped!”

“Even if I tell you now, I will forget, so I will tell you again later. For now, come nearby.”

“okay. It’s just going like this.”

Hyun took the direction by referring to the map and Radiette’s advice.

Louise was also surprisingly helpful.

“Hyun, over there! This is the direction where you can feel Poppy’s energy!”

“quietly… .”


Hyun lowered Louise’s voice.

Just then, Radiette’s warning was heard.

“There are two guardians ahead. The core must be destroyed before the boundary magic circle rings.”

“The Guardians are right in front of you. You have to catch it fast!”

Hyun used Shadow Sprint to jump out.

Flash! As the vigilante scythe drew a horizontal line, the two golems’ waists were cut in two.

“I’m not dead!”

Hyun quickly shouted.

It is a unique characteristic of golems that parts other than the core are easily broken.

Also, as long as the core is intact, it can be restored to its original form in an instant, which is a characteristic that only Guardians have among golems.

But next moment.

Whoa-! The spear that emits puncture properties pierces the air dozens of times.

“Is it right to do this… ?”

Looking around, there was Louise with a spear extended forward.

The whirling winds ground the hard rocks into a fine powder, and the scattered debris never regenerated.

“Nice job, Louise! But, it will leave a mark. Let’s hurry.”

“i get it… !”

We arrived at the halfway point after a few short battles.

‘Did I say this is an emergency passage?’

At first glance, the space was blocked, but Radiette told me that there was a passage here.

The scythe of vigilance hacked around.

Awesome! Awesome! Parts… As the magic circles that emitted resonant sounds lost their light and withered, a passage hidden as an illusion appeared.

“Okay, I’m in the engine department! laugh… !”

Koo Goo Goo!

Occasionally, whenever a loud noise rang, I became nervous for no reason.

Are Mystia and the forces of harmony already fighting with other heavenly beings in the sky?

I don’t know what’s going on up there.

However, if the sky bridge was vibrating to this extent, it was certain that the scale of the battle would be close to that of war.

‘I need to hurry up a bit more!’

Mystia said that the number of forces of harmony is small.

There must be a limit to the amount of time the users led by Genie can endure.

He had to free Radiette as soon as possible before the battle lines above and below collapsed.

Hyeon once again hastened the group’s steps.

There is no guarantee that everything will be solved if you meet Radiette, but now you have no choice but to lean on him.


“The energy from above is unusual.”

Radiette’s voice was heard again when the party reached a large crossroads.

As an S-class celestial, he can grasp the situation around him through his senses.

I could even sense that a war was going on in the sky outside the prison.

The outcome of that war will determine the fate of the party.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but the celestials are fighting each other.”

“How is the situation?”

“The wires are being pushed down more and more. It will reach here in 20 minutes.”

“Kuh, tell me what to do!”

To Hyeon, who became impatient, Radiette began to explain how to release the prison’s binding magic circle.

「First of all, destroy all the organs located at the apex of the pentagram.」

A prison in which heavenly beings are imprisoned.

Suppressing the senses and sealing the ego is not an easy task, so the magic circles that exist in this prison have a very large and complex structure.

“A total of five places. When the core organs are destroyed, the sealing magic circle will be released. From then on, I can go out.”

“Does it have to be done in 20 minutes?”

“okay. If we don’t divide the number of people, we will run out of time.”

At Radiette’s warning, Hyun immediately shook his head.

Himself, Ain, Louise, and even Shatin.

What is the most efficient way to divide people?

“Oh, you move alone.”


“huh. Because the two of us have a coupling. You can summon it anywhere.”

According to Radiette’s explanation, each institution will have one guard.

And in one-on-one, there was no one more suitable than Ain.

“Can you do it without me?”

“What, Hyun must be in trouble without me!”

“okay. I believe in you.”

First, I entrusted one side to Ain.

“This time, you have to move separately.”

Shatin also entrusted the other side.

He pointed down the aisle and told me what to do.

“Break the organ at the end and come back.”

“I alone… You mean?”


Shatin, who is much heavier than a human, cannot move as fast as expected even though her agility is high.

However, now it is a situation where even she has to make the most of it.

The northern direction, which is not far away, should be able to travel at Shatin’s speed.

“There is no fork in the road, so you won’t get lost.”

“I will do my best… .”

And the current person assimilated with Louise.

Louise had excellent mobility but low fighting power, so she could not be sent alone.

Also, she is a key ‘target’ for enemies.

Hyun used even a reversal after the assimilation to hide Louise’s appearance.


While running, Louise cautiously approached me.

“The reason Poppy was cornered was because she was with me, right?”

“… Perhaps.”

After a while after answering, Louise’s voice came back.

Even though the spirit’s voice wouldn’t leak out, she let out a whisper.

“After everything calms down, I plan to reveal my identity to Poppy.”

“A demon?”

“Yes… .”

Hearing Louise’s answer, Hyun fell into thought.

It wasn’t a very good plan.

If she were Louise, she would not have revealed her identity until the end.

Obviously not a good plan… She didn’t even want to stop her.

It was because Louise’s emotions were filled with guilt and regret she had never felt before.

“Speaking of such a story, you must survive first.”

“of course… am!”

Fain! Fain!

Louise moved forward without hesitation.

It traversed the area intertwined with unknown organs.

If it’s just running without fighting, Louise is faster than anyone, including herself and Ain.

After a while, the two finally reached a large space.

Hyun looked at the map.

One end of the pentagram. The place where the core institutions are located is right in front!

cooong! It was at that time that the door to the passageway through which he had passed suddenly closed.

“danger… .”

Caang! Hyun quickly deflected the flashing something that was rushing towards him with his spear.

“Kuh… !”

Then I looked in the direction where the flash came from.

Looking towards where the flash came from, there was a knight wearing a full plate, extending his ax this way.

The skill I just released was definitely ‘Throwing Swords’.

The enemy that Radiette warned about. It was evidently one of the guards stationed in each key institution.

「Hyeon, the enemy!」

“I know!”

An opponent covered in thick armor and even a helmet, so you can’t even see his eyes.

However, only the shape of the armor could tell that it was a woman.

“This guy must be the gatekeeper!”

The passage to the Engine Department does not open until the enemy is killed.

The female knight was erecting a huge battle axe at an angle, as if to ask her to come in.

“Can you win… ?!”

“Stay still. I’ll take care of it.”

Hyun immediately moved his body.

If you have ‘Black Wind’, you can overwhelm most enemies with mobility.

Especially if it’s a guy wearing such heavy armor.

Whoa! Hyun hovers around the female knight… .

Flash! At one point, it rushed like a beam of light.

At first glance, the stabbing was so fast that it could be thought of as teleportation!

Caang! Perhaps by bad luck, the attack of the conversion was caught in the groove of the axe.

‘… !’

However, before the brain even recognized that fact, Hyun was continuing the next movement.

The wind blew through the window.

Karrrrrrrung! Two types of metal interlock and sparks that bounce!

The spinning spear vibrated the ax violently, and the knight’s ax could not withstand the vibration and began to tilt sideways.


Cheer up! At that moment, the spear in Hyun’s hand increased.

A black whirlwind swallowed the space in an instant.

After a while, Magi’s typhoon stopped.

There was a huge hole in the female knight’s torso, as if it had been eaten by a monster.


Suss- The metal began to fill the huge hole in the torso.

Hyun narrowed his brows as he looked at the guy who had restored his original form in an instant.

‘… Was this guy also a Guardian?’

A golem that regenerates indefinitely unless its core is attacked.

The specs are relatively low, but there was no guy like this to take the time.

Now that time is running out, he has encountered a very difficult type of enemy.

‘It doesn’t matter, just destroy everything!’

At the same time as biorhythm acceleration is activated.

Papababang! Hyun’s body turned like a top.

Before long, the blades of the wind slash through the armor.

The female knight’s torso was split into pieces in the air.

However, Hyun’s attack did not end there.

Chark! Cheer up!

As the spinning spear, which instantly expands and contracts again, pierces the air dozens of times, the falling metal debris is crushed before it even touches the floor.

‘I’m not going to die… ?’

After pouring in one attack, Hyun was also embarrassed.

Sssss-. The debris scattered on the floor was gathering and taking shape.

‘Oops, weapon!’

I realized it belatedly.

The possibility that a nucleus exists inside the axe.

Since it was a non-human monster, its weapons and armor were also part of its body… !

‘I have to break the weapon!’

Cheer up! The window popped up again.

Hyun intentionally inserted the blade into the groove of the axe.

In that state, once again, the spinning spear and the blade of the ax began to engage roughly.


The metal cracked and a huge spark flew out.

Blah, blah- crispy!

As expected, the durability of the ax is much lower than that of normal weapons, and it was shattered into powder at the same time as cracks were formed.

and the next moment. Hyun couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat.


It was because the metal that sprouted like a branch from the female knight’s hand gradually transformed and soon took the form of an axe.

‘Chit… ! Weapons didn’t have nuclear weapons!’

A strong wind blew through the confined space.

Louise’s spear, which was wrapped around the ‘black wind’, was more suited to the word ferocious than sharp.


A spinning spear ran through the body of the armor.


However, despite having already destroyed several parts of her body, the distorted female knight quickly regained her original form.

‘How should I die?’

Hyun became nervous.

I tried a few guesses as to why he didn’t collapse.

Because the size of the nucleus is incredibly small?

Because the position of the nucleus is shifting in the body?

Or is it because the durability of the core is high enough to not be destroyed by crushing it?

Given that the playback speed is slower than the first, the third possibility must be included.

‘I can’t easily kill him with a spear.’

That was Hyun’s conclusion after several fights.

The enemy’s spec itself isn’t that high.

The pace is slow and the patterns are monotonous. If you have enough time, you can easily take them down.

The problem is that there isn’t enough time.

‘Shock Amplification On!’

Hyun changed his method.

Quaang! Hit by a kick, the female knight was pinned against a wall.

Cheer up!

The extended spear pierced both the wall and the metallic abdomen.

Even with his stomach pierced, he was swinging his ax in the air.

“Louise, you’re holding it!”

Pod! Simultaneously releasing assimilation.

‘The sword of darkness!’

Hyun’s hands flashed.

The weightless greatsword drew four times in an instant.

The target is not the female knight, but the wall she stands against.

Dismissed! Paperweight! As the shock mitigation magic circles were destroyed, a huge square hole was pierced in the wall.

What’s the point of just cutting down a wall?

It was revealed the next moment.


A cold wind blew from outside.

The sun shone together, brightening the dark room a little.

This is the edge of the sky bridge.

If you go one step further, you will find nothing in the sky.

“Now, take out the window!”

“Ouch… !”

Hyun assimilated with Louise again.

Kwaang, hit him hard with the palm of his hand.

The reaction of the wind with shock amplification could blow away even heavy metal.

“Ha, what a persistent guy!”

Huu, Hyun sighed and looked at the map.

If I hadn’t come up with an idea to use the terrain, I might have been delayed here for more than ten minutes.

“Are you dead… ?」

“I won’t be able to come back.”

The two watched the situation outside together.

Even though it fell from a very high place, the Guardian did not fall to the ground.

There is a white band in the prison-like altitude.

Swept away by the flow, he was slowly melting as he hovered in the air like a fallen leaf.

Objects, mana, divine power, soul, whatever vanishes in front of the white belt, the guardian’s body will disappear without a trace.

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