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The Road to the Underground (1), The Road to the Underground (2), The Road to the Underground (3), 2nd Job Change (1) and 2nd Job Change (2) 

– Dead???

-What is it lol

-Indulgence in 3 seconds haha

– Another apostle broadcast just opened! (link)

It took about an hour for his audience to grow from thousands to hundreds of thousands.

And it only took a minute to get back to thousands.

“Okay, I hung up on one right away!”

Hyun smiled a perfect laugh.

The most vigilant time for users is right after the teleport ends.

If I was aiming for that timing, I could have eliminated one person as easily as this.

“It eased the annoyance.”

But the guy he just killed wouldn’t have died in vain if he had been given time to figure out the situation.

Now, like the four hiding.

The apostles were now taking the passive move of maintaining maximum distance.

Some feared even the slightest reveal of themselves.

There is only one reason why the situation has turned this way. It was because Ain and himself had weapons.

Scythe of Vigilance (Gun) <Legendary>

Restrictions: [Lv. 200], [Agility 200], [Magic Power 200]

<This is an object that did not exist in the world.>

Durability: (350/350)

Blade attack power: 90

Bullet Attack Power: 15

Magical Amplification Rate: 50%

Elemental Damage Increase: 50%

– The user does not feel the weight of the weapon.

-15% damage inflicts body defects.

– When an enemy is defeated, there is a 10% chance that the cooldown of the last normal skill used is reset.

‘I’m glad it’s not unique.’

Hyun felt relieved the moment he saw the word Legendary.

If it had been a unique grade, he would have definitely visited that bastard and made him spit out all the ingredients.

‘The options are also the best for a level 200 wearing standard!.’

At first glance, the weapon ‘attack power’ seems a little low, but it’s not a big problem.

In the first place, Ain’s original job was a melee mage. This is because his weapon’s attack power has no effect on actual damage.

The weapon was perfectly made to order. Legendary elegance was evident in all options.

‘As expected, Assrian’s best blacksmith Recart!’

Hyun now even remembers the name. Shouldn’t he be given an extra reward later?

[Those who serve angels do not use flames!]

[While Angelic Reaper is equipped with the ‘Scythe’, fire property skills are temporarily changed!]

Ifrit’s Claw → Prosia’s Ice Blade

Incarnation’s Steps → Death’s Steps

From the moment he picked up his weapon, Ain’s skills changed to something completely different from before.

from fire to ice.

There was no difference between the god of death’s steps except for the effect, but Prosia’s ice sword greatly increased the attack range.

If the claw’s range was about 1.5 meters, the ice sword’s range was about 2.5 meters.

It was because the frost that wrapped around the weapon was slithering black to the point beyond the length of the blade.


As the line of the blade was drawn in the air, the nearby monster stopped.

Increased attack range. A blow with the effect of causing 15% body damage added to it!

It was even awkward to see the ghosts and spirits that were so scary a moment ago disappearing in half.

“This is pretty good too.”

Ain murmured as if satisfied.

During her Asura days, she also handled various weapons. Thanks to her, she was able to quickly get used to the new weapon.

「Leave the monsters behind and kill the apostles first!」

Hyun instructed Ain.

The pursuer is following, so I can’t relax.

“Over there, there are four of us left.”

“I’m watching too!”

Ain used the steps of a god of death in the direction the string pointed.

Damn it!

A trail of frost was created as the air froze over the place.

Next, the moment when the blue scythe cuts the surrounding monsters in half.

[The cooldown of ‘God of Death’ has been reset!]

An option on the scythe of vigilance. A 10% skill reset effect has been activated.

‘God of death’s step, shadow run!’

There are almost no skills in Assrian that can instantly shorten a distance of 30 meters.

Immediately after such a superlative mover is used three times in a row.

Hyun and Ain could see the shocked faces of the apostle users.



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They had a safe distance of almost 100 meters, but they had no idea how they appeared right in front of them.

“Four of you were all here?!”

“Catch them all! Don’t miss it again!」

“I know!”

Hyeon let Ain move his body as he pleases.

While she was fighting, she recalled the new techniques of the Angelic Reaper.

– The more you immerse yourself in battle, the faster your holy power recovers.

Excluding the job passive that was created as a former job, Ain learned a total of 3 new skills.

Among them, the first skill was to offset some of the disadvantages of melee jobs.

[Giant Slash Lv.3]

-The range of your next attack is increased by 8 meters.

– Increases strength by 800 while attacking.

– The effect of ‘Angel’s Basic Swordsmanship’ is always applied to this attack.

(Holy power consumed: 1000)

(Cooldown: 20 seconds)


The blade of frost drew a parallel line with the ground.

Attacks without weight are fast and lethal.

Even so, it was a form of attack that could not be stopped by the power of the user.

The one who couldn’t react was cut in two and scattered into grains of light.

Jumping into the air on three out of four hits is almost a miracle!

If it were not for the reaction speed of those with the title of apostle, in nine out of ten cases they would have been annihilated with this single shot.

‘just now… I dodged a big attack!’

‘It’s now!’

The eyes of the apostles who barely escaped death flashed.

Big skills come with big recoil.

Now that there is a delay, this is your chance to attack!

Users who have reached a certain level may find that the sum is correct only by feeling.

In an instant, the three users made the same decision and rushed toward the string at once.

“Ouch… !”

bang! bang! bang!

It was the very next moment when the apostles were hit by an unknown attack and bounced off.

After hitting the ceiling unseemly from an unknown attack, they panicked when they saw a system message while falling.

[Damaged 67!]

‘It was such a weak attack?’

‘I felt like I was in a huge shock… .’

‘I don’t know what hit me!’

invisible shockwave.

If you lack imagination, you can only think of that much.

After a moment of doubt, they groaned when they saw the death god rushing towards them.


It was because I was driven to a dead end by an unknown shockwave.

If this is the case, we will have to face it head on.

‘I have to get out into a wider place.’

Their purpose is to kill time rather than fight.

The instructions written in the quest also said to hold onto your feet as much as possible.

‘Thanks to the buff, the speed is not pushed.’

Three people can escape the dead end.

If only I could keep my distance calmly… !

But those expectations were dashed the next moment.

self. self-.

They felt trapped in a spider’s web made of sword.

It was because the blue blades in the air were blocking all escape routes from the corner.

[Afterimage Slash Lv. 3]

-Afterimages last for 1.2 seconds for all attacks using the scythe.

– Afterimage has 80% of the original attack’s impact and damage.

-On/Off possible

(Holy power consumed: 100 per second)

“Fufu, you can’t escape if you do this.”

Ain laughed as he turned his scythe in the air like a trick.

While confining the three of them in a corner with layers of blades made of afterimages.

According to an Asrian proverb, the god of death shows one smile in front of those who are about to die.

The current state is exactly that.

It was Ain’s smile that turned into a fairy tale.

Every time the sickle was shaken, frost rose in the air and a blue half moon covered it, and the space around it was wrapped in blue blades.

‘If I were just going to get past that… Will you die?’

‘I can’t get out!’

Overwhelmed by the afterimages of countless blades, the users lost the means to escape from the corner.

From then on, the 3-1 head-to-head match began.

‘Everyone is quite good.’

Are they still users who have received the title of apostle?

The three users mobilized various skills to avoid or receive Ain’s scythe.

Even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to last even a minute… Hyun thought that having endured that much was a skill worthy of praise.

[The cooldown of Giant Slash has been reset!]

I also felt that Jijiri was out of luck.

There’s a 10% chance it will happen here.

concurrent with the death of one person.

Booung! Boooooong!

The scythe split the world twice.

Unlike the Dark Sword, ‘Giant Slash’ is not an attack that can be stopped by the power of the user.

This is because the strength stat increases by 800 during the attack.

No matter how good your reflexes are, no matter how good your moving skills are, it will be difficult to avoid this attack in a confined space.

“Wow, buy that… !”

Hyun burst out in exclamation.

Because still not one apostle’s life was cut off.

It seemed that he managed to deflect the attack by using damage absorption and extreme moving.


And for a moment, the afterimage of frost disappeared from the corner where they were cornered.

“Is he good enough?”

As Hyeon praised him, Ain’s voice changed to a pout.

Because his mistakes seemed to be more prominent.

“I haven’t missed it yet!”

“Can I not hold it anymore?”

If I had suffered this much, I wouldn’t have followed him, so why bother?

However, Ain did not pursue him.

Instead, one skill was activated in place.

[Execution Snipe Lv.2]

After concentrating for 0.5-3 seconds, fires a half moon of cold air.

-In proportion to the concentration time, the maximum range increases to 300 meters.

-The half moon deals damage equal to [Magic Power] X 10 X [Concentration Time]2.

– The flying speed of the half moon gradually increases.

(Cooldown time: 5 minutes)

(Holy power consumed: 10000)

The first ranged skill Ain acquired.

At first, I was shocked to see the insane damage of 90 times the magic power when fully charged.

However, after seeing Ain use it, Hyun reversed his assessment.

From a cheating skill to a garbage skill!

It wasn’t even a wide range, because the speed of the projectile was slow enough to make me sigh.

To put it simply, even a 1st level character can see the crescent moon and avoid it.

But a skill that even has a pre-delay of up to 3 seconds.

What if the damage is too high? Such a slow technique can avoid low-level monsters such as slime.

Hyun also thought so for a while.

Woo woo woo.

Blue energy began to condense into the scythe.

The momentum increased as time passed, and by the time 3 seconds passed, the handle of the scythe was shaking.

‘Soul cutting!’

maximum charge.

The moment Ain drew the air, the blue crescent moon began to move slowly.

1 meter… 4 meters… 10 meters… 40 meters… Slow at first, but faster as you go!

I almost caught up with the apostle who was running away at about 80 meters.

But, of course, he was already aware of the existence of Banwol who was aiming at him from behind.

‘Did I attack that this would hit me?’

He slinked aside.

Beyond relaxed, I even felt doubts.

It was because this attack did not seem to be the judgment of the opponent who had driven him into a corner until just now.

But next moment.


[Damaged 65!]

[I am pushed back by the effect of the shock bullet!]

[Takes 2801823 damage!]

[The body has been cut in two!]


‘… ?’

A gunfire was heard, and the apostle’s play screen turned gray.

It wasn’t until much later, after watching the recording five times, that he understood the way he died.

“Don’t miss it, how many years have I played billiards!”

Hyun grinned as he pulled out the scythe he had driven into the ground.

“Did you even play billiards?!”

“no. I’m talking about using long-range skills similar to the old one… Where would I have time to do anything other than Asura Online?”

It doesn’t matter if Ain’s skill misses.

It’s because you can force the opponent to move and hit it.

Like this, even Ain’s skill, which is extremely inefficient on his own, turns into the best skill if the shadow shooter supports him from behind.

[Basic Shooting Lv.3]

-You can handle firearms more proficiently.

– The trajectory of bullets is corrected.

[Shock Bullet Lv.2]

-Creates repulsive force by exploding a bullet at a desired location.

-Knock back things around 3 meters.

(Cooldown: 20 seconds)

[Absorption Bullet Lv.2]

-Explode bullets at the desired location to create manpower at that location.

-Attracts things closer to 3 meters.

(Cooldown: 20 seconds)

Hyun, unlike Ain, did not accumulate many skill points, so he could not learn advanced skills.

So which skills are good value for money?

After much thought, Hyun learned the three skills above.

Also, a supporter skill that was used well in the previous awakening quest was added.

[Shock Amplification Lv.2]

-Increases pushing power for all attacks.

-On/Off possible

Including the skill called ‘all attacks’ mentioned in Shock Amplification.

In other words, it was possible to maximize the effect of shock bullets and absorption bullets.

The gun’s range is about 100 meters. Nearly 300 meters in sniper mode where you stick the blade into the ground!

This means that he can assist Ain anytime, anywhere.

‘The only flaw is that the bullet damage is low… I can’t help it now.’

In the first place, he was a support-type job.

In the past, it would have been quite embarrassing, but now I’m used to it.

Deterring access, stopping casting, attracting attention, etc… The applications of the gun in mind are endless.

Among them, the most effective was the forced movement combo using Ain’s projectiles and afterimages.

‘There might be a way to raise the damage later.’

As Genie’s research power increases, his understanding of ‘Asrian’s gun’ will also increase.

Since it was said that the weapon was designed so that the gun part could be modified separately, Hyun decided to look forward to it a little later.


1st place in the rankings of the previous work.

Even when Asrian Online started, there was not much interest from users.

The same was true for the Korean community.

Rather, Steel Rock, which gave useful information to newbies, was revered as a more recognizable name.

However, as the existence of Ain became known through the dueling field incident, people began to take an interest in Hyeon little by little.

-Are you playing Assrian Online?

– I heard that you went together with Ain. Right now, Ain always plays solo.

As time passed, interest faded again.

It was because Hyun intentionally hid his identity from the time he got involved with Louise.

But back to the history quest.

-Don’t you think this isn’t Ajin?

-That’s a bit strange.

As someone’s experience is posted on the community.

-I seem to have met a presumed user today (photo)

-ㄴWhy are all the pictures of people who have seen Hyun Hyun different?

– But you think this is real?

The name of the prefecture slowly began to emerge again.

And the most conclusive evidence.

As videos and photos of a man walking down the street with Ain began to circulate on the Internet, all Assrian users witnessed Hyun’s existence firsthand.

Ain’s voice recorded together was clearly calling him ‘Hyeon’.

– No, what kind of relationship is it if you’re arm in arm in real life???

– 80 million Asrian users shed bloody tears

-B fact. The number of users last month was 1.8 billion. Dividing it in half is exactly 90 million.

When it became clear that Hyun was playing Assrian, the next question the users began to ask.

what level is he? Does he really have the rumored ability? He might be thinking of revealing himself to Asrian someday.

Everyone’s curiosity was answered surprisingly quickly.

It was because Hyun appeared on the broadcast of a user with the title of an apostle.

-Isn’t that Hyun?

-That’s right, it’s the same as that video!

Because he wasn’t disguised like Ain or Louise, people easily recognized Hyun’s face.

Hyun fighting was also revealed for the first time.

Users who heard the rumors of Asura’s days were expecting flashy controls and novel strategies.

But in the video, they were stunned by something even more surprising than Hyun’s face.

Those who watched the broadcast knew for a moment that they had seen something in vain.

-What is it???

-gun… ?

-Did you just shoot yourself?

Most users were dumbfounded the moment the gun appeared in Assrian.

‘That already appeared… !’

‘Which organization made it?’

And very few people who knew the existence of guns could not even imagine that they would be put into practical use so quickly.

The current gun’s damage was so low that it was useless even after level 10.

Even such a toy gun could barely be made by investing an exorbitant amount of money.

The appearance of strings and the appearance of guns.

Even just one, two shocking materials appeared at the same time, so after the broadcast ended, each community burned hotly.

<Title: Current job finally revealed, Reaper shooting a gun!>

-What is that hahahaha

– Kkeuk. Fall asleep with this bullet.

-But this is real haha

<Title: Updating the information of players in the heaven world (※ added current)>

-Is Ain heaven and Hyun abyss?

-Both are perforated. You must choose the same faction to play as a party.

-Then why did Hyun fight with the apostle?

-If it’s perforation, it’s on the same side.

Users made their own guesses.

Because the released video was too short, most of it was inaccurate information.

So the main issue was taken to the other side by itself.

It’s about a gun.

-You looked great today. It overwhelms the five apostles. I can fully understand why Ain is following me around.

-No, why are you wearing a cheat key by yourself these days?

– But is it a real gun?

-Where did you get the gun from?

-It seems to have been commissioned by a research institute. If you look at this, you can get a rough idea (link)

The scene where Hyun used the gun was only for a few seconds, but the users who witnessed the scene could never erase the intense impact in their heads.

Firing long-range skills first, then bouncing them off with a gun, clearly showed the reason why Hyun of the previous work was undisputedly ranked #1.

‘God-given opportunity… .’

And there was one user who looked at this incident from a completely different perspective.

It was Ginny.

‘No, it’s a golden opportunity created by Hyun!’

I asked to raise the brand value, but I never thought they would do such a great advertisement!

At the same time as Hyun revealed himself, he even showed off a weapon called ‘gun’ at the decisive moment.

‘Is it intentional?’

Thinking for a moment, Ginny shook her head.

No, that wouldn’t be important. Your job is to take advantage of this situation as much as possible.

The plan, which was still a few steps away, came to the point where it could be grasped at once. Now is the time to be active!

Whooping, Ginny had to calm down for a few minutes to stop her trembling hands.


Servant means a minion.

Unable to direct an oracle, they mainly take on the cumbersome tasks of the celestial realm.

It was also the role of the Servant Angel to carry other angels’ messengers, to keep important roads, or to escort sinners.

‘White wings.’

before the eyesight goes out. What Poppy witnessed was definitely a Servant’s angel.

But when he came to his senses again, he had celestials in front of him, not angels.

“You guys… .”

Seeing the two celestials, Papi groaned.

An outfit you will never forget.

Even when I was possessed by magic due to an accident of injustice, I faced similar guys.

“As expected, it has strong demonic energy.”

They said the same thing this time as they did a hundred years ago.

“Confess your contact with the devil.”

“Margie… ?”

“If the aura that exudes from your body isn’t demonic, what excuse are you going to make?”

Papi sensed what they meant.

Like herself, the priestess was tricked by the devil and came to possess demonic energy.

After living with the priestess for 5 years, it must have been natural for the demon to ask.

Papi confessed without lies.

“This is not demonic energy.”

“Then what is it?”

“that… .”

In an instant, Poppy remembered Louise’s face.

And the appearance of the only angel who saved him.

He told a being in the same situation to pay back this debt.

“I cannot go into detail, but I can assure you that it is not due to demonic contact.”

“Isn’t it because of the devil?”

“That’s right.”

At Papi’s words, the heavenly man in front of him asked once more.

“Do you swear you never met a demon?”

“… !”

In an instant, an event from over a hundred years ago flashed through Poppy’s mind.

when deceived by the devil.

At that time, he could not nod his head to this question because he had encountered the devil.

It’s been a while since Poppy opened his mouth again.

“It will be judged by the angels.”

Papi became disillusioned with the celestial society.

I didn’t get along well with other celestials because I knew what their disgusting back side was.

But angels are different.

Even if he turned away from himself, it wasn’t so ugly that he was accused of a crime he didn’t have.

And, very occasionally, there are angels who truly reach out.

“I will demand a holy trial.”

“That means… It means you have no intention of admitting guilt.”

Whoops. At the man’s hand gesture, the string of divinity once again tightened Poppy’s body.

I’m sorry… !

Amidst the pain tearing through her body, Poppy thought.

Those who are deceived by the devil are not guilty.

If the order of the angels is given, even the heavenly beings will not be able to punish the innocent.

Even in the middle of his mind, he was determined to endure only the moment.

Maybe she is the only savior of the priestess.


The party that passed the crisis was finally able to relax a little.

If you pass through the haunted spirit’s habitat, you won’t encounter enemies for a while.

While continuing to run to the destination, Hyun asked Shatin.

How was she able to jump out of the Apostle Summoning Circle?

But even Shatin didn’t seem to know what it meant.

“I was wandering on the road and when I opened my eyes… The place has changed.”


“I do not know… Maybe I can hear the voice calling from the darkness… Could it be that you heard it?”

Hyun tilted his head at Shatin’s story.

He didn’t know if he couldn’t understand the golem’s senses, or if he just couldn’t understand her words.

“Your footsteps are too loud. Can you shorten it a bit?”

“By order… I’ll do it.”

At Louise’s muttering, Shatin disappeared in an instant.

into the dark soul. If each other’s souls were intertwined in a master-servant relationship, it seemed that the golem, a servant, could put its body inside its master.


Hyun changed the target of assimilation to Louise again.

From the message that popped up at the same time, I was able to roughly grasp the principle behind Shatin’s disappearance.

[It has ‘1’ souls.]

‘It’s a similar concept to a summoned number.’

If you think about it, even in the darkness of Asura’s time, he summoned as many subordinates as he needed whenever he needed them.

Seeing that it was not displayed separately in the skill window, it seemed to be a natural ability of darkness.


After using the reversal again, Hyun started leading the party.

It was better in many ways to keep his own form regardless of whether he assimilated into Ain or Louise.

“Ain, you won’t make a mistake this time, right?”

“It wasn’t my mistake before! The weapon was old!”

Vertical passage again.

Whoa! The wind was much stronger than in the previous passage.

Hyun and Ain again planted their weapons on the wall and scraped it down, but they were still falling at the same speed as a fall.

After passing through the passage, I encountered spirit monsters in the late 300’s again.

Even though they were much stronger monsters than the previous ghosts, they were able to deal with them more easily than before.

It was because the aspect of the battle changed just by using the exclusive weapon of the 2nd job.

‘Absorption bomb!’

Fain! As the string’s bullets exploded in the air, the three monsters were sucked into place.

A half moon of cold air across the same spot immediately after!

It was Ain’s ranged attack that was fired before the gun.

[The cooldown of ‘Execution Sniper’ has been reset!]

Sometimes I hit the same combo twice in a row.

It was impossible three times because Ain’s divine power was insufficient.

Ain, whose maximum divine power is only 30,000, has no choice but to use 10,000 divine power sparingly.

It was because there was nothing to do but wield the scythe of frost for a while after exhausting all the holy power.

It was Ain’s existing fighting style, but wouldn’t it be better to use new skills often?

‘It’s still a bit difficult.’

Another problem is that she has to use an old-fashioned pistol when assimilating into Louise’s body.

Assrian’s pistols made so far have a short effective range of about 30 meters, and the accuracy of bullets is low, so combos with Ain often fail.

‘I’ll have to ask Genie to make me another sniper rifle.’

However, it was something that could be solved by making a sub-weapon, so Hyun didn’t worry too much.

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