Hard Carry Support Chapter 241

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Preparation for the 2nd Job Change

“GED… !”

I could tell from that one word.

Ain had no intention of going to high school after his sophomore year.

“I wanted to focus more on Asrian. Hyun also said that now is an important time for us.”

“uh… uh… ?”

The rest of the absurdity Seohyun couldn’t easily open her mouth.

I don’t know anything about Ain’s parents.

but… Is it so easy to be allowed to say that you will miss an entire school year?

It was a very unconventional story for herself, who had been hiding her report card from her parents until she became a college student.

“So now you can call me anytime! Ah, the last train must have arrived!”

Before Seohyun could say anything, Ain left.

“I think I will move around the end of February.”

“But it’s a coincidence. It takes less than 15 minutes to walk from my house to my current university!”

“Isn’t this house better for just checking attendance?”

“Or I could reserve a studio for free…” 」

… …

Text messages from Ain continued to pour in, but Seohyun, standing in her place, couldn’t think of anything for a while.


After the breakup, Hyun thought a lot.

What if Ain doesn’t go to school?

Just because you said you’d take the GED doesn’t mean you’ll stop studying.

Still, it was certain that as much time as I could afford, I would have more time to play Assrian.

‘I have to think carefully.’

Hyun looked at the merits of this case.

Party play with other players is almost essential to boost the efficiency of supporter-type jobs.

Among them, Ain had the most synergistic job, and even his play style matched well with him.

At first glance, it seems that there are only good points, but there are deadly pitfalls hidden behind the job.

‘If I do something wrong, I’ll be in big trouble!’

A trap is a danger that may come to you in reality.

Now that the name Hyun is starting to become known, it is impossible not to be conscious of others’ eyes.

Ain is still a minor.

What if rumors spread that he dropped her out?

I don’t mean to, but… What if the rumor that you live together gets into someone’s ears?

Not only is it socially buried, but if misunderstandings grow further… Terrible things will happen just thinking about it.

‘Maybe it’s a bit dangerous even now.’

Hyun’s eyelids trembled.

Since yesterday’s meeting with Ain, his ID has been mentioned in all Assrian communities.

As countless facts and lies were mixed, absurd rumors were spreading as if they were true.

‘Ain should also ban unnecessary words!’

In such cases, misunderstandings should be avoided.

For at least a year, Hyun thought he should be careful about his actions.

‘however… Even if I don’t go to school, I still can’t wake up in the morning.’

Ain is offline.

I put off paying attention to her until later.

‘Was it the day after tomorrow to meet Louise?’

I’ll be busy again when the main quest starts. Hyun decided to finish his work in this gap.

Miscellaneous tasks such as making legendary items, discussing business with Genie, and finding sleeping subordinates of darkness were piled up.

Also, don’t forget to complete Ain’s job change.

It looks like a lot of work at first glance, but it was enough to finish in the remaining two days.

It was when Hyun returned to the private room that all of those plans went awry.


All guild members offline.

However, there was someone’s presence in the lobby.

its identity.

[The conditions for the 2nd job advancement have been met!]

[I’m looking back on the way I’ve been… .]


“hyeon… Are you here?”

“what’s the matter? We promised to meet in two days.”

Louise’s expression darkened.

Even though he is now a grown adult, that sad expression, as if he was crying, was still there.

“I don’t know what happened… .”

“What is it, tell me straight!”

Louise answered with a trembling voice.

“Papi… It is gone.”

“Live? Where?”

“I don’t know… suddenly no contact I don’t even know why.”



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In an instant, a word popped into Hyun’s head.


Did Poppy turn his back after realizing that Louise was the devil?!

However, Louise’s explanation that followed said that was not the case.

“A few hours ago, I suddenly heard Poppy’s voice in my head. That was the last contact.”

“It’s telepathic magic. What did you say?”

“Go to the sky within today.”

“today… ?”

“Yes. Be sure to leave before midnight, don’t mind yourself… said.”

Hyun’s thoughts deepened.

He has no idea what happened to Poppy.

But at least it won’t be a betrayal.

Unless the main quest lies.


<Main Quest: Flight>

-Someone who has been taking care of Darkness for 5 years is in a bad situation.

-From now on, I hope you will help the darkness.

-You must make your move before time runs out.

‘It has changed!’

Poppy’s voice is probably a warning to Louise.

It should be seen that he could only say one word in an urgent situation.

‘Didn’t I tell you to move before midnight?’

When Hyun understood the situation, he became impatient.

I didn’t expect the main quest to start like this.

I looked at the time.

It’s 8:00 a.m. in Korean time, but midnight probably doesn’t mean real time.

It is 2:00 p.m. in the time of the lantern of the Nation of Darkness.

There were only about 10 hours left before midnight.

“Do you know how to get to heaven?”

Hyun asked Louise the most important thing.

On Earth, it would be possible to reach the sky just by flying high, but Asura’s sky is not so easy.

It was also common to get lost in the sky.

This was because people had to follow a very special path to pass the boundary between the human world and the heavenly human.

A road that can never be passed without the spirit and divine power of a celestial being.

Previously, Louise had said that she would be guided by Poppy, but now that was impossible.

“That too… I should think about it from now on.”

As expected, Louise seemed to have no countermeasures.

“It’s not something you can think of right now!”

“But isn’t there another way? I didn’t know that Poppy would disappear either.”

Hyun quickly rolled his head and thought of all possible ways.

“Do you remember anything?”

“memory… .”

“Yes, going to the sky by way of the symmetrical world.”

Suddenly, I remembered the knowledge I had heard from someone.

It is said that there are symmetrical places everywhere in this world.

If the sky is the same, wouldn’t it be possible to reach it through the symmetrical world?

“I don’t know… All my memories are vague.”

Louise covered her head with a tearful face.

After a while, he muttered in a faint voice.

“Hyun, will you assimilate with me now?”

“… .”

“If I don’t do that, I don’t think I can remember anything.”


As soon as I used the fairy tale, I was immediately mixed with emotions.

Hyun felt two emotions.

The first is guilt.

It is clear that Louise resented herself for cheating on Papi for five years.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to feel this feeling.

And the second is powerlessness.

Hyun looked at the collapsed Louise, overlapping the previous one.

‘It’s really only the body that has grown.’

300 levels. The darkness, which might be stronger than himself now, still had a tender heart.

Hyun waited until Louise’s emotions were swept away.

After a long silence, Louise’s mouth finally opened.

“There is one thing that vaguely comes to mind. I don’t know if that will help.”

“It doesn’t matter, just tell me anything that comes to mind.”

“As you said, it seems that there is a way to go up to the sky through the symmetrical world… .”

“Did you think of it again?!”

Louise shook her head and added words.

“It is not me who knows, but there are those who know the way.”



“… !”

“It’s a vague memory, but Ki-ki seems to have known how to travel between the sky and the underground.”


<Remaining time: 9 hours 50 minutes>

Hyun put an alarm on one side of the window.

This was to prevent any misunderstanding of the time.

‘You must use your time as efficiently as possible.’

Ten hours was too short to finish all the planning.

Hyun divided the priorities of work as follows.

The number 1 thing you need to do.

A job that can be done quickly with a 2nd priority.

Finally, the third priority is a long one… This was decided to give up boldly or postpone it to a later date.

‘The most important thing is job change.’

Hyun sounded an alarm to Ain, who was still wandering in the land of dreams, while examining his message log window.

By meeting Louise, his job change quest had been completed.

[I am looking at the road you have passed.]

[…] … .]

[I changed my job to Shadow Shooter!]

<Excellent skill is no different from magic. Your magic will disturb the world.>

[Stat bonus per level increases to 3!]

As the job changed, miscellaneous messages also poured in.

[Awakening skill point +1]

[There is no awakening skill that can be changed! Points have been automatically invested in fairy tales!]

[Assimilation level rises by 1!]

Shooter. musketeer.

It was clear that the system had read his past or thoughts.

I don’t know which of the experiences with Ginny’s gun or the memories of visiting the museum yesterday were the triggers.

No, it was most likely affected by both.

‘It’s a gun.’

Looking at the list of new skills, there were many skills that were different from the existing ones.

Most of them don’t work unless you have a gun.

It was a weapon in a form that did not exist in the existing Assrian, so I had no idea where to start.

‘I don’t even have a few skill points.’

If you touch it incorrectly, you might end up blowing only one ‘Retrograde Book of Potential’ left. Hyun decided to seal the skill tree for now.

The only thing that has changed is the awakening skill.

[Fairy Tale Lv.2]

(※ New effect!)

– You can invert assimilation objects and spirits.

It is still unknown what it means to reverse the soul.

But I also decided to experiment with this when I had some spare time.

‘Even Ain has to change jobs quickly.’

Ain seemed to be still wandering in the land of dreams.

I rang the alarm incessantly to wake her up, while rummaging through the information in the interloop.

Because there might be a clue to the path to the sky through the symmetrical world that Louise said.

<Remaining time: 8 hours 30 minutes>

In order to complete the Elemental Berserker’s 2nd job advancement, he must visit the sanctuary.

The most famous sanctuary is the Great Hall of the Holy Kingdom.

However, since visiting the place is burdensome, Hyeon has come a little farther away.

A tower built on top of a mountain range in the north.

He was blinded by the raging snowstorm, but thanks to his heavenly title, he was not cold.

“Um… I’m still sleepy.”

“If you’re sleepy, go to sleep. I’ll do the moving.”

In the gap between moving, Hyun tried out a new effect of assimilation.

To activate simply, the following start words are set.


Flash! The moment the light burst out, Ain’s body disappeared.

The place where Ain stood was Hyun, his own body.

‘This is the meaning of reversing the soul.’

“What, what did you do?!”

Ain’s startled cry was heard at the sudden change. It was a voice that woke me up completely.

He raised his arms to and fro and touched his body.

“Am I assimilating with Hyun right now?!”

“It seems so, but… Don’t touch me too much.”

Not only his height and appearance, but also his voice had changed from Ain to his own.

It is safe to say that the body changed in an instant.

It would be nice if it had the effect of increasing the specs in addition, but it was a bit disappointing that only the appearance changed.

‘No, the advantage of changing the appearance might be bigger than I thought.’

Hyun thought again.

That it transcends disguise and even changes gender.

Now that Louise was being chased, this skill could be very useful.

“This is Hyun’s body… .”

“Stop it.”

Because Ain kept moving annoyingly, Hyeon reversed his soul again.

“oh! what, why… Change it back!」


Hyun shook his head.

“I’ve arrived now.”

I thought it would be better to refrain from doing anything that could affect Ain’s career change.

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