Hard Carry Support Chapter 230-231

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Deceiving the Celestials (1)  and Deceiving the Celestials (2)

The war continued even after the dark servants died.

Ain recruited new dead knights and continued to attack the weak points of the abyss with them.

At some point, the fight continued like that.

‘laugh… ?’

Hyun suddenly came to his senses when he felt a pinch on his side.

It was soon discovered that it was Ain who changed the priority of control.

“Whoops, are you out of your mind?”

“… How long have you been fighting alone?」

“About an hour and a half has passed.”

As time passed, the composition of the war also changed.

As the celestials and dukes began to participate in the war, humans and monsters lost their momentum even more.

From now on, a war in which users cannot intervene will begin.

“Isn’t it difficult? If it’s difficult, hand over the priority of control.”

「Ha, isn’t it difficult at all?! No need to pass! Whatever you do, stay like this… 」

“How tired are you?”

“now… 73?」

“It’s hard, right?”

The prefecture regained control priority.

He was a little stubborn, but in the end he accepted and handed it over.

Ain had great concentration, but the more he concentrated, the faster he got tired.

‘I couldn’t get to level 200 after all.’

Hyun looked at the experience bar and smiled sadly.

About half at level 199. It falls short of the target.

Originally, I was thinking of taking level 200 and receiving additional accumulated experience points, but an unexpected situation arose.

<Until the nightmare ends: 12 minutes>

As long as the test is nearing its end, we can’t fight any more.

There will soon be a great war that cannot be compared to that of Iluna.

According to what I had heard, it was better to stay far away in advance.

If you act recklessly for nothing, you will lose Letty’s points again.

“Okay, Advent will begin soon!”

A clamor came from behind.

Near the angel summoning circle, the highest ranking priests of each country and those who appeared to be priestesses were lying fainting.

Numerous god stones were consumed to activate the summoning circle, and numerous lives were lost again to buy them time.

And finally, a huge light rose from the magic circle.

‘It’s Advent.’

After the Iluna incident, Hyun searched for detailed information about the Transcendentalists in the Interloop.

He didn’t need to know in Asura’s days, but it was to get information that he absolutely needed for himself now.

‘Is the rank royal? ?’

Thanks to this, Hyun could know the rank of the angels just by looking at the pattern of the summoning circle.

Royal level is 475.

There are not many names over level 400 in the world.

Also, every time the level rises above that, it becomes incomparably stronger than before.

Royal angels are non-standard beings.

In human warfare, that alone must be able to determine victory or defeat.

‘Although demons are being summoned from the abyss… ‘

At the same time, Hyun looked behind the formation of Abyss.

The Advent Ritual was also attempted there, but the level of the summoning circle was two levels lower than Royal. A level 425 demon.

In terms of level, it was only a 50 level difference, but if it was a figure that exceeded level 400, the word “only” could never be attached.

difference in class.

According to Asura’s memory, at least 20 individuals had to join forces to overcome the gap of one level.

‘It’s like this in the end.’

Now it was clear why Abyss lost the war.

This is a place close to heaven. On the other hand, it is far away from the demon realm that will bring the devil.

The battlefield was smiling at the sky from the beginning.

‘How did Louise escape?’

Hyun looked at the top of the mountain several kilometers away.

It’s so far away that you can’t see anything without a skill like ‘clairvoyance’.

However, the fact that the demons are guarding the altar must mean that Louise is still there.

A few more minutes passed with such nervousness, and before I knew it, the advent ceremony of both camps was completely over.


A light full of divine power burst out.

The beam of light shot by the royal angel penetrated countless monsters and swept away even the altar.

“ah… .”

In an instant, Hyun uttered Ain’s voice again.


I hurriedly covered my mouth.

Wouldn’t an angel of the royal rank notice fairy tales?



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‘No, I won’t be caught.’

But the worries were in vain.

This is a battlefield made up of Letty’s memories.

It was Hyeon who was relieved after realizing that that was not a real royal angel.

The ensuing scene was the majesty of an angel annihilating the forces of the abyss.

The power of the transcendent was used for a very short time, but with that alone, most of the monsters were annihilated.

‘What about Louise?’

Hyun’s gaze was fixed on the top of the mountain.

The altar swept by the rays of light was in ruins in an instant.

Even knowing that the real Louise was alive, her heart skipped a beat for a moment.

‘Since he didn’t die here, he’s probably still safe.’

How did you get out of this battlefield?

I couldn’t know for sure until now.

Any information that Letty does not know will not be revealed in her memory.

Anyway, the war seemed to end with a heavenly victory.

As the heavenly armies roared, the angel who had finished his mission disappeared again.

Then, the celestials began to seal the land of darkness.

The ground was covered in ice, and a white string wrapped around the entire rich land.

The whole land was to be sealed so that the abyss would never set foot again.

While watching the scene where the magic circle was overlaid on all sides, the last phrase came to mind and the test ended.

<No matter how it is annihilated, it is the darkness that revives. The best way is to seal it.>


end of test.

Letty didn’t reveal herself until the end.

In order to select a representative, a face-to-face contract is required.

In other words, all the users who took the test did not become Letty’s proxy.

[Acquired points are converted into points!]

[All points will be lost if you leave this place!]

Whoops. At the place where everyone gathered again, a portal to return to the original place opened.

In front of the portal, there was also a stand with various items listed.

In the first place, the purpose of the users would have been this rather than passing the test.

Rewards that can be purchased with points.

[Experience], [Item], [Consumables], [Quest], [Contribution], [Tickets], etc… There were many users who took the test by sniping a specific reward.

<Evaluation score: 99>

Ain’s score is 99 out of 100.

For some reason, no matter how many achievements he made, he could not exceed 99 points.

He didn’t know if it meant that Letty hadn’t completely cleared his doubts, or if it meant something else.

‘First, secure the necessary materials.’

Hyun first used 55 points to purchase a unicorn horn to use as a material for a legendary weapon.

All other points are experience points.

Although the level did not rise, it is meaningful to get closer to level 200.

‘The problem is now… ‘

Even though he raised his level drastically and obtained legendary materials, Hyun couldn’t relax.

It was because this message came to my mind at the same time I finished the test.

[Letty is recommending you as a candidate for ‘Apostle’!]

[The Apostle Quest has been opened!]

what is an apostle

In a nutshell, he is the agent of the transcendent.

Again, according to the standard of heaven, it is not a heavenly person, but an ‘angel’.

According to the requirements of the previous work, users can acquire the qualifications of an apostle from level 400.

That was the minimum condition, and for users over level 400 to become apostles, it was a matter of picking stars from the sky.

‘What’s going on? The Apostle Quest is already open.’

In order to substitute for the will of the transcendent, he had to actually possess that ability.

However, recommending an apostle to a user who is only less than level 200 was too early, even if it was early.

Is this also different from Asrian?

In an instant, Hyeon recalled May Day and whispered to her about the apostles.

Then, surprisingly, I was able to solve my curiosity easily.

“The prefecture is an abyss, how did you know that?! That’s right, they say that if you get the highest score in the test of the celestials, the possibility of becoming an apostle opens up! That’s probably why Latis and the Regressor Guild enrolled in the Hall of Fame. They say that as her reputation increases, her chances of being recommended as an apostle increase!”

The duty of an apostle far outweighs that of a celestial deputy.

There were cases in which punishment was given for failing to properly fulfill the will of the transcendent.

Even so, why do top users aim to become apostles?

Because there are merits enough to endure everything.

The fact that he constantly helps Louise, on the other hand, is a rough sketch for becoming the first apostle of darkness.

Shouldn’t it be easier to suck the honeydew later if you roast and boil it in advance?

[Quest: Qualifications of an Apostle]

– Letty wants to be sure of you.

-You must prove that you hear the voice of order in your ears.

-When you’re ready, go to Letty’s Hall to meet her.

(※Caution: If the quest fails, friendship in the sky will decrease significantly!)

The moment he read the message, Hyun knew why the score had stopped at 99 points.

because of doubt.

It means that only those who do not have the slightest doubt will be recommended as apostles.

It is not difficult to dispel that question.

Using the method I had thought of earlier, it was possible to block Letty’s mouth and enjoy only the privileges of an apostle at the same time.

But Hyun is uncomfortable.

Because it felt like I was following a path someone had made.


That’s right, if it wasn’t for that sudden voice, order wouldn’t have come out of Ain’s mouth.

The owner of the voice that Ain had heard was probably Caidrial, the great demon of deception.

There is no other existence that can change system messages and even imitate someone’s voice.

‘Maybe it’s not moving as he intended.’

You wouldn’t have to worry about Louise.

Deception and darkness are the same abyss. A lie becomes more perfect in the dark.

The problem isn’t Louise, it’s herself and Ain.

If this is a task to be massively stabbed in the back in the future, it is like playing in the palm of deception.

‘I don’t know the intention.’

When you become an apostle, numerous gazes follow.

Even the slightest action will cause irreversible events.

perforation, yourself. Which one is Caidrial trying to deceive?

Until I knew exactly that, I felt uncomfortable.

Hyun muttered again in spirit dialogue, expecting to hear the same voice as before.

“Can I really trust you?”

… …

It was Ain who answered after a while.

“huh? me… ?」

“No, nothing.”

Afterwards, he looked back at both himself and Ain’s recordings, but couldn’t hear the same ‘voice’ as before.


Hyun stayed in the city for one more day.

It was to catch Letty’s attention, to buy time to think again.

The ‘Qualification of an Apostle’ that Ain had received had not disappeared from one side of the quest window.

‘Yes, there is no need to be afraid.’

Hyun made a decision after a long time.

Maybe it’s a trick of deception.

However, even if they were deceived, the users themselves and Ain would be deceived. It doesn’t affect Louise.

For if deception helped the darkness, it would help and not hinder.

‘They say that the difference between risk and opportunity is one edge, right?’

Rather, it may be a chance to hit the jackpot.

Just as the Supporter, which was a trash job obtained from Gi-ki at first, is now irreplaceable.

The given situation is that it depends on how to use it.

Even if an incident broke out, Hyun was confident in reversing the situation with his own abilities.

「Ain, are you doing well?」

“Um… ?」

In the city of heaven, there is one temple everywhere.

Same here.

Ain, who was still holding his hands together in the temple, opened his eyes in surprise.

“Muh, of course I’m praying properly!”

“Aren’t you nodding off?”

“I heard that praying right before falling asleep is effective… ? that… going to be!”

“If that’s the case, it’s okay.”

Hyun looked at Ain’s status window.

They had been assimilating for several hours and were passing on the know-how of prayer.

Ain didn’t develop a prayer skill, but it wasn’t without results.

Alignment: 5 (Piercing)

Ain’s inclination was out of the abyss at some point.

‘This should be a bit better.’

Yes, you need to reduce your risk before making a move.

Hyun was planning to make as many holes as possible to escape in case Gi-gi gets stabbed in the back of the head or Letty finds out about his lies.

Heading back to Letty’s hall was after adding one insurance like that.


The front of the hall was quiet.

It wasn’t even the exam time, so the portal wasn’t open either.

Ain muttered something nervously.

Seeing her, Hyun laughed.

“Are you practicing your lines?”

“for a moment… I forgot again because Hyun said.”

“Then let’s try it one last time.”

law. It is said that no one has ever witnessed the appearance of the archangel.

Even in the interloop, there were only two lines of clues about order, and even those sentences had no meaning.

‘Can I reverse the lack of information?’

Hyun reversed his idea.

Neither the celestials nor the angels know anything about order.

Then it would be impossible to prove that the voice of order can be heard.

“Let’s begin.”


As soon as he made his decision, a portal opened by itself in front of Ain.

As I moved slowly, a space completely different from the place where I had taken the test before popped out.

A white room with nothing.

After a while, a message in a format that I had seen several times in the test flew in.

[Letty asks a question.]

[Are you an apostle of order? Y/N]

‘Is it because he doesn’t show up?’

Letty still doesn’t reveal her face.

Hyun didn’t expect to face him in this way, but he calmly responded.

Fortunately, the content of the question was within the expected range.

“An apostle… no.”

Ain replied.

Hyun corrected his tone.

There are no honorifics in Assrian’s official language, but the politeness in the words might be different.

[You mean you heard the voice of order even though you weren’t an apostle? Y/N]

“that’s right.”

[Letty is asking how to prove that statement.]

“I cannot prove it.”

The message stopped for a moment.

After a little gap, it came out again.

[…] … .If you can’t prove it.]

[I ask what you were thinking of coming here.]

“I have no idea.”

[…] … ?]

“Before you came here, the orderly said this. He said he would take care of it when he met you.”

Static again.

Ain’s words sounded like an immature child who came to play a prank.

No matter how mild Letty’s personality may be, she won’t forgive this prank.

However, Hyun prepared one more thing here.

‘Will it work?’

Just in time, the cooldown of the strong god had returned.

The strong god is not just a skill to borrow Louise’s body.

– Transform into the shape of the most recently empathized Transcendentalist.

That is the exact effect of the strong god.

According to the explanation, it will change into the image of the most recently prayed transcendental person.

However, there was no time to test a skill with a cooldown of 120 hours.


The flash of light burst out at the moment Hyun hid his nervousness and activated his skill.

[Trust is too shallow!]

[The power gap is extreme!]

[All of the target’s skills have been sealed!]

[The duration of the strong god is decreasing faster than usual!]

The trivial explanations didn’t matter.

The important thing was that Ain’s body had changed to that of an archangel.

A word of truth contains trust that no one can deny.

It is said that all lies are revealed in front of the truth.

Ain opened his mouth in an elegant tone.

For this occasion, I practiced speaking the truth by watching the video several times.

“Everything this child says is true, so stop your doubts.”

[…] … !]

“I know you don’t have a voice, but.”

take a break

“It’s okay, so come over here and show yourself.”

As soon as Ain’s words fell, the light shimmered.

Before I knew it, a white-haired old woman kneeling in front of Ain appeared.

Letty had the truth in front of her for the first time in her thousands of years of life.

The old look looked so shabby compared to the lofty and beautiful look of truth.

“… !”

Letty’s face was hidden as she lowered her head, but from her trembling shoulders, it was clear that she was quite flustered.

There are slightly different angels that angels serve depending on their birth or creed, but Letty is the angel who serves the truth more deeply than anyone else.

Emphasizing sacrifice and dedication was also to follow the attitude of truth towards human beings.

Hyun was confident that this method would work because he had an accurate understanding of Letty’s personality.

“I don’t have much time. There are many stories to tell… First of all, raise your head.”

Ain spat out a word like that.

This was to avoid giving the other person a chance to ask questions.

As expected, Letty stopped talking as if she wouldn’t take the truth’s time to speak.

Because he knew that it would take an enormous amount of power to descend and give an oracle.

“When the world is out of order, order moves… Do you know what that means?”

The only phrase written in the interloop.

Letty’s eyes trembled violently as if she knew something.

“that’s right. The reason this child heard his voice was because that day had come.”

The words of truth that followed contained shocking content.

“There is a traitor in the power of the sky. It could be a human, a celestial, or even an angel.”

It is the future that the present knows with Asura’s knowledge.

If it is similar to the history of the previous work, by now, Ki-gi would have infiltrated deep into the sky disguised as an angel.

“… ?!”

In an instant, doubts spontaneously bloomed in Letty’s mind.

It is not yet time for the deceit to be revealed in the sky, so that word is bound to be suspicious.

But soon, he shook his head in surprise at his own thought.

No matter how strange it may sound, there will never be a lie in what the truth says.

“Hehe, did you just think you couldn’t believe it?”

Ain waited for a while and continued.

As Hyun told me, it is to imitate the truth’s ability to read thoughts.

It was only predicting a certain reaction in an obvious situation, but in this situation, it can only be regarded as a miraculous power that reads minds.

“are you okay. It’s hard to believe anyone who is a traitor in the sky. But sadly it is true.”

Hyun then made up a plausible speech.

to match the current situation exactly.

Thanks to the experience of the previous game and the knowledge of Interloop, the lie sounded even more convincing.

“False oracles will soon descend upon the earth. Oracles that stray from the truth will confuse the world. Before that… .”

Also, this design was a big picture to relieve the pressure on Ruiz.

“I intend to erase those oracles with my own power. I will destroy a total of four temples.”

Letty raised her head with trembling eyes.

Knowing her personality, Hyun could easily guess the meaning of the gesture.

He must be asking why the truth descended into the shabby private room and conveying such important things to himself.

“Are you curious about the reason why I descended?”

The next moment, Hyun’s voice, transmitted through the spirit conversation, flowed through Ain’s mouth.

“Because I believe in you the most among the celestials.”

“… !”

From then on, Letty just agreed to everything she said.

The story was a little longer because there was still time left for the strong god.

If the preceding content was a defense measure for Louise, the following content was insurance for Ain.

It plausibly explained why the order conveyed its voice through the user.

He even added the words to listen to what this user wants.

When the whole story was over, Letty answered honestly.

Blue letters were embroidered in the air at the same time as mana swayed.

The only way for Letty to convey a sentence was to create a message like this.

<I am a lowly person among the celestials. You don’t have enough life left to support anyone.>

“I don’t mean to cut your lifespan… It just means to take care of this child for a little bit.”

Amid scattered letters of light, truth answered with a smile.

In fact, Hyun was biting his tongue in regret.

‘As expected, such a request was too much.’

If Letty’s lifespan was just a little longer, she’d be able to get a little more help.

For example, obtaining items or quests.

If you can’t, there’s nothing you can do

As the duration of the strong god was about to end, Hyeon decided to let go of his lingering feelings.

Because I haven’t told you the most important thing yet. These words must not be forgotten.

There could be no better way to block Letty’s mouth in the future.

“It may sound strange, but… Don’t tell anyone what happened today. to anyone, including me.”

“… ?”

For a moment, Letty felt suspicious.

Because the last words of truth were not easily understood.

What does it mean to not tell anyone, including yourself?

“The reason is that… iced coffee! Unfortunately, I can’t explain because I don’t have enough time.”

Pod! But the truth vanished in an instant, before even asking questions.

After a while, at the place where the archangel descended, only the first girl was smiling awkwardly.


A temple in the Holy Kingdom.

‘There is no one.’

Sseuseuk. The air shook and a new type of Papi appeared.


If you move even a little violently, it will be revealed, but it is a perfect skill for sneaking in like now.

Also, since it doesn’t affect others, even if you use this skill on the ground, the lifespan of the celestials will not be reduced.

‘This way.’

Poppy was acting away from Louise.

It was because Louise had said that she had to prepare a plan by herself.

During the week away from the priestess, Poppy decided to find out what he was curious about by himself.

‘I finally found it.’

Papi followed the trail of the suspicious people.

After that one person, those with huge divine powers came to the labyrinth again.

Probably the same kind as those who tried to harm the priestess.

Tracing back their traces, Papi came to a certain temple in the Holy Kingdom.

‘It’s been a while since I’ve been to the temple.’

Papi hates demons.

It was only natural that he was deceived and abused by them.

However, they did not serve angels as deeply as other heavenly people.

Except for someone else, no angel had saved him from being infected with demonic energy.

There is only one angel that Papi truly serves. An ordinary royal angel who is neither truth nor light.

He was the only angel who reached out to him when everyone else turned away.

If it hadn’t been for her help, he wouldn’t have existed in this world anymore.

The reason why Poppy helps Louise is not simply because she feels the same.

It was because of the angel’s teaching to pay back debt by helping beings in similar circumstances.


A record storehouse in the Temple of Heaven.

Before long, Poppy was able to find wads of paper.

Each booklet has a record of the last few days.

Since it was the temple where those who visited the labyrinth stayed, information about them would be written here.

After a while, Poppy’s hand, which was turning over the booklet, stopped.

Because I found a familiar word.

「Taking out the demonic energy growing under the land of Labyrinth… … 」

‘also… .’

Poppy’s eyes narrowed.

The former self had also been driven into a corner for the same reason.

This time, the priestess was in the same situation.

‘It must be because the priestess possesses demonic energy.’

The heavenly man and the divine woman are the idols of all human beings.

It was clear that if rumors spread that such people were infected with demonic energy, it would have a negative impact on public life.

So Cheon Gong tries to stop the rumors by any means.

This temple must be the institution that handles such secret matters.

‘I’m trying to get rid of it before it’s revealed… Just like me back then.’

Papi thought that there was no difference between a celestial, a human, and a demon.

The proud interpret the will of the angels as they please.

Even now, aren’t those who claim to be pursuing the truth have no qualms about concealing it?

In particular, Papi, who had been through terrible things in the past, could not take a good look at this way of perforation.

Whoa, Poppy sighed for a while and finished reading the rest of the record.

With the expectation of knowing how these people came to visit the priestess.

“… OO Day Karma lost contact. Presumed to have died in Labyrinth… … .」

“Priority rises, the oracle once again points to the basement of Labyrinth. We must hurry up and continue the investigation.”


In an instant, Poppy’s eyes widened.

It was because they speculated that this plan was the work of the Holy Kingdom or the heavenly beings behind it.

‘This is the meaning of an oracle?’

Even Papyrus, who does not serve angels, knows that the oracle does not lie.

What happened to the priestess?

If the oracle really mentions the punishment of the priestess, it is a matter to be considered deeply.

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