Hard Carry Support Chapter 221-222-223

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Preparing to Head to the Sky (1), Preparing to Head to the Sky (2) and Preparing to Head to the Sky (3)

‘I need to see the situation of the sky users.’

Hyun connected to the Internet and opened the perforated bulletin board of the community he frequented.

Since the community’s interests have always been focused on the top users, it was not difficult to find the information they were looking for.

‘I understand that there would be no sales if the thousand people and the users were not involved, but… .’

The only topic in the heavenly community was heavenly people.

Now, five years later, the land of darkness soared into the sky, and even the celestials felt a sense of crisis.

However, half of the celestials are transcendent. In order to influence royalties, self must be. In other words, it must consume its own lifespan.

However, it is only natural that most celestials who are not eccentrics like Maria and Radiette are hesitant about shortening their lifespan.

So it was only natural to pay attention to the ‘user’ who would represent his will.

In fact, it seemed that some heavenly rankers had already made contact with some heavenly people.

‘Is that still not showing up for sale?’

The fact that there is no transaction record so far means that there is no way to know when the sale will be released in the future.

Hyun thought he should find a way in his spare time.

If it doesn’t work out, beg Practice to get one.

Although his level is lower than that of rankers, if he has the dueling rank of a grandmaster, it will be relatively easy for him to attract the attention of the celestials.


It was while digging around the community some more that I found some interesting news.

‘Is this an article that just appeared on the main page?’

<Return of Ranking No. 1!>

<Why did Latis turn to the sky?>

For some users, articles are written just for their actions.

Among them, Latisse was the most interested user.


As soon as he saw the title, Hyun knew he had been re-enlisted in the Hall of Fame.

Also, I could understand why he had erased his name for a while.

‘Latis has changed power!’

It is more efficient to get rid of the fixed perceptions of NPCs in order to change their disposition.

‘Did you suddenly turn to heaven in modern times?’

If it’s Latisse, using the Abyss achievement bonus will raise your specs higher, but why?

The content of the following article is Hyun’s curiosity. In other words, he guessed Latisse’s intention to turn to the sky.

“… His recent behavior is very unusual. How can a level that has been fixed for two days rise by 3 at once and by 2 the next day? I’m pretty sure that Latis is doing a large chain quest. If the reason for the change of faction is related to the quest, there is a possibility that Latis is already associated with an S-class angel… 」

‘Large-scale drilling quest… .’

Hyun read the article and fell into deep thought.

I entered the community without much thought and got quite useful news.

Well, he probably didn’t drop his name from the Hall of Fame for no reason.

They must have made a decision to change their forces based on certain information.

‘Is this going to be a bit of a variable?’

In the meantime, Hyun didn’t pay much attention to Latis.

It was because after getting entangled with Louise, he no longer had to fight the user of the abyss. Just like she did with Mayday a while ago.

However, if Latisse had turned to heaven, the story would be different.

‘What level is it? Oh, just look at the Hall of Fame!’

<World Ranking>

1st. Latis – Lv. 220

2nd place. May Day – Lv. 214

3rd place. Keply – Lv. 204

4th place. Lua Luar – Lv.204

… …

Checking the world rankings after a long time.

‘What, it’s the same as before.’

After checking the rankings, Hyun burst out laughing at the familiar sight.

The 1st and 2nd places are fixed, and from there on, the fierce form of ranking is already familiar.

Even now, the level of 3rd to 5th was the same, and the level difference between 3rd and 10th was only 3.

It was a ranking that could be reversed in an instant with one quest or one death.

‘If it’s 220, there’s no need to worry yet.’

And Latisse’s overwhelming level didn’t give Hyun much inspiration.

To be honest, Hyun was confident that he could catch up with Latis if he devoted himself to leveling up for a month.

Accomplishing achievements through the main quest is more efficient than leveling up, so there is no need to catch up.

‘Okay, I’ll see the details again tomorrow. I’m getting tired too I’ll have to go to bed early today.’

Hyun stretched and tried to end the connection.

It was at that moment that a tectonic shift began to occur in the Hall of Fame.


In an instant, the ID of the 6th place in the world ranking changed.

After a while, up to the 7th ID.

It is said that the rankings of rankers below 3rd place change frequently, but it was very rare for the two IDs to change at the same time.

6th place. Tars – Lv. 204

7th place. Suha Kang – Lv.203

Hyungwon’s eyes softened.



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However, before I could think of anything, the third place ID was renewed again.

3rd place. Busan Knight – Lv.205

It wasn’t just the ranking within the top 10 that was changing.

Underneath it, new names continued to intervene.

11th. Ghost Hunter – Lv.201

23rd. Gimbert – Lv.200

At some point, the existing names either completely disappeared or were pushed to the very bottom.

It happened at the same time as twenty new IDs appeared in the top 50.

‘… … .’

Hyeon, whose sleepiness had completely disappeared, corrected the posture he had been stretching.

I looked at the Hall of Fame rankings.

After a while, the change stopped, and it was a new ID that took the 3rd and 4th places.

3rd place. Poseiryong – Lv.213

4th place. Extinction – Lv.209 “… … .”

Now, the 2nd and 3rd places were only 1 level apart.

There was absolutely no way Hyun would not know the names that suddenly appeared. Not too long ago, I had a direct fight with them.

‘It’s a regressor!’

Because of the sudden ranking change, communities all over the world were in an uproar.

While everyone is talking about a newly emerged ID, Hyun focused on a certain fact.

‘Why is there no ID for Berard?’

Some names are missing.

However, most of the names of the guys I saw in the Dark Land a while ago were on the rankings.

And not long after, Hyun was able to find a commonality among the new names.

‘Yes, only the Celestial Forces were registered!’

Latisse switched to the sky.

Even in the Regressor Guild, the perforated guys were listed in the rankings.

It may be that these events overlapped by chance, but Hyun paid attention to a higher possibility than that.

What’s going on in the sky?

‘Among the top-tier punching users… Is there something I don’t know?’

Hyeon couldn’t sleep easily that day because of his ever-complicated thoughts.


next day.

While Ain went to school, Hyun collected various information.

As expected, gaming-related sites were plastered with articles about the incident that occurred yesterday morning.

<The returnees from the previous work!>

<Is the reason you hid your power to become the protagonist of a new world?>

In particular, the Korean community was in a frenzy.

There were some who were jealous, saying that they sucked honey with information only they knew, but there were also many who were intoxicated with the pride of Koreans, saying that they had raised the country’s status.

What is certain is that the level of influence among rankers will change.

A guild of regressors with a small number of members.

However, the number of top 100 rankers surpassed even Darkness!

“hyeon. Shouldn’t we show something?”

Salon had been waiting in the private room before Hyun connected.

Only to say I want to be in the Hall of Fame.


Hyun answered without thinking for a second.

When the proposal brought out with the spleen was rejected, Salon vomited.

“You’re fine now! I heard that not too long ago, that you beat all the guys from the regressor guild by yourself?”

“I wasn’t alone, I was with Ain.”

“anyway… You mean they’ll win even if they attack with one truck, right? Then, even if you register for the rankings, you won’t have to worry about being checked!”

“It’s not because of the users’ checks.”

“then… ?”

“Salon was hooked up with Louise.”

If the NPCs recognize Salon, the fact that he fought alongside Louise in Iluna is known.

Every NPC that Salon encountered would ask about the identity of the priestess, and Hyun was not sure that Salon would give a good answer there.

What if someone notices something suspicious? What if there is a watchful eye?

If you’re unlucky, even a dangerous guy like Karma might stick to you.

“Louis will be in danger, are you okay?”

Above all, Salon knew Louise’s true identity.

Since ‘darkness’ appeared in the first episode of the history quest, I couldn’t help but notice it.

It may not be as much as Hyun, but to Salon, Louise means more than an NPC.

We were once talking in a private room. He felt the difference between Louise and the other NPCs.

“Kuh, you’re threatening me like that.”

“It’s not a threat, it’s also for Salon. If the fact that Louise is dark spreads, will Salon be in danger?”

In the end, Salon had no choice but to give up his wish.

‘Is it too bad that I can’t register for a ranking?’

Seeing his depressed appearance in an instant, Hyun felt apologetic.

When I think about it, I think I only have memories of him being pampered since he entered the guild.

“Here, take this.”

Hyun held out a pair of unique daggers.

“weapon… ?”

“You promised to get a unique weapon if you bring me the materials.”

“I guess those weren’t empty words… ?”

Salon always insisted on rare weapons with good cost-effectiveness.

Thieves and wizards are popular occupations for Asrian.

It was only natural that daggers were ridiculously expensive compared to other class weapons.

Besides, Salon, who handles dual swords, had to obtain two daggers.

“Oh, and I have some free time before Ain arrives.”

“Yes? if… .”

“Do you want to go hunting with me? I want to test the weapon.”

It was the first time Hyun suggested hunting after Salon joined the guild.

“Yeah… of course! It is better to assimilate!”

“I’m sorry I didn’t let you enroll in the Hall of Fame.”

“Geuk, a guy who keeps obsessing over things like that isn’t even a man! What does people’s eyes matter?”

Salon’s face shone brightly as he received a pair of dazzling daggers.

However, the next moment, Salon, who confirmed the dagger’s information, came up with a question.

“huh? Is this a pair?”

“How are you? Originally, daggers were used in pairs.”

“But the level limit for one pair is 220, so I can’t wear them yet.”

“Oh, that’s better. A level 220 unique dagger. I can use it up to level 300.”

“however… .”

Salon also checked the information on the other dagger.

‘But why is the other pair limited to level 45? The attack power is only about 1/3 of my current weapon. Maybe things have changed?’

That was the reason I was in doubt.

While trying out a weapon, what is the true intention of handing over junk on one side and unwearable on the other side?

The reason was because Hyeon gave a gift and disposed of inventory, but Salon couldn’t figure it out.

‘Let’s not think deeply.’

Anyway, having received a unique weapon, it was Salon who was thrilled with the opportunity to absorb the know-how of the prefecture.

However, the long-awaited hunt ended earlier than Salon expected.

In the middle of the hunt, Hyun suddenly canceled the assimilation and murmured.

“Oh, I have to go now.”

“what? It hasn’t even been thirty minutes, has Ain already come?”

“It’s not like that.”

Hyun checked his friend’s window.

One person was about to go online.

“Because Genie just logged on.”

“Genie… ? Wouldn’t I have more influence in the guild than that woman who joined the guild late? So now let’s hunt some more… ”

“Genie is more important now.”

“what… Called? than me… ?”

Salon was shocked for a moment.

He knew Ginny as just an ordinary priest, so it was only natural that he felt regret.

“Oh, it’s a bit long to explain… .”

Hyeon momentarily noticed Salon’s mood, but the explanation was annoying, so he roughly changed the topic.

I already knew why he was obsessed with fairy tales.

“Salon has nothing more to learn, right?”

“What are you talking about, I know that I haven’t told you about the skills that only you use yet!”

“No, what kind of skills do you need to be a combo rogue? I don’t do PvP, and I don’t even fight intelligent mobs… .”

“Kuh… !”

In fact, Salon already knows.

I’ve been hunting combos so far, and I’ve never needed a high-difficulty move.

It was because the combo thief was a job that did not require any more control once it reached a certain level.

Of course, that certain level was far too high for ordinary users, but Salon had reached that level a long time ago.

At the same time, he was also on the verge of being overtaken by others one day.

“To be honest, me too.”

The reason why Salon became a combo rogue.

It wasn’t the path I was aiming for from the beginning, but I had no choice but to choose that path because someone broke my heart.

While choosing a dagger in the career selection room, why was he so excited?

Wasn’t it because of the dream to become a legendary assassin!

“Damn it, I want to PvP too!”

Salon decided to admit his desire.

“Go to the arena too! Siege warfare! Sometimes I want to hunt even monsters that don’t have empty heads!”

“Aren’t you not interested in PvP?”

“Assimilate to me now. I’ll show you my sincerity… .”

“… ?”

Hyun assimilated with a subtle expression.

At first, I was cautious because Salon’s condition looked strange, but as time passed, I was able to understand the person named Salon a little more.

“I am more than I am now… I wanted to become Ain.”

It gave me goosebumps when I realized how much attention-hungry person Salon was.

There are people like this in the world.

I can understand why he always mentions the Hall of Fame.

“I have come a long way already. I won’t be able to go back now.”

However, he did not know why Salon spit out his shameful desire.

If you want to do PvP to this extent, you should be able to do it from now on… Why are you making this confession?

‘ah! Are you sure you don’t know the existence of that job?’

Starting from the 2nd job advancement, the types of jobs are differentiated into hundreds.

Combo type assassin job.

If the information of the previous work was less released, there was a possibility that the job would not be known until the 200th level combo thief appeared.

Hyun asked Salon once more.

“Why can’t I do PvP anymore?”

“Keugh, why! Level 200 is approaching, so it’s only natural that you can’t re-grow your ID now!”

“hmm… is that so?”

Pod! Assimilation has been lifted.

Hyeon spoke slowly to Salon, who was bursting with resentment.

“I’ll look at the assassination skill tree later… . Take a level 200 for now.”

“Huh, yes, I was a little excited. First of all, leveling up… .”

A beat late, Salon asked again, doubting his ears.

“for a moment… Hyun, what did you just say?”

“Take level 200.”

“No, before that… Didn’t you say assassination?”

“An assassination skill tree?”

“Stop, please… .”

Salon thought of a possibility.

“Is there an assassin as a hidden job for combo thieves?!”

“no. It’s just a high-level job.”

“Just a job… ? Why has such a job not been known until now… ?”


First of all, combo thieves have an overwhelmingly fewer number of users than other thief-type jobs.

In particular, rankers did not prefer combo rogues.

This was because, at the same time, being vulnerable to PK for a long time, solo play was forced.

A minor class, a job that rankers avoid, and less information about Asura’s days.

This was the reason why Salon couldn’t figure out all the previous jobs in the combo series.

“after… Whoops.”

Before I knew it, Salon’s mouth was full of laughter that I couldn’t hide.

“Hey Hyun, is a combo assassin a job with a high rate of selection?”

“If you’re going to play an assassin, you’ll start with a critical strike, so it’s probably low. In the first place, there is no difference in job performance.”

“Okay, it’s a job that other people don’t do, so this is it!”

good, good! Daggers appeared in both of Salon’s empty hands.

“Whoops, I’ll show you the level up speed of combo bandits. Hyun, I’ll call you back later.”

Hyeon looked at his face full of ambition, then got out of the way as he didn’t feel the need to be confident.

“Ah, you’re finally here!”

‘Is something good going on?’

When Hyun returned to the private room, Genie was waiting for him smiling in the lobby.

Just then, Hyun received a message from Genie in the Labyrinth.

I had something important to say, so could you give me some time?

“First of all, I also climbed the first step.”


Hyun accepted the object that Genie held out.

Same pistol as back then.

Looking at the appearance, it was more rugged than the previous one, but as soon as Hyun held the gun in his hand, a feeling of foreboding flashed through his mind.

“Wait a minute, is this… .”

“Aim at me and shoot.”


Compared to reality, a small gunshot rang out.

However, the results were by no means small.

[It did 16 damage!]

[Job, ‘musketeer’ has been opened!]

[You can now learn the skill ‘Basic Shooting’!]

“ah… !”

A series of messages that come to mind all at once.

It was the same message I had seen in the video Genie showed me not long ago.

Hyun asked, unable to hide his bewildered feeling.

“This gun… Didn’t you say the production cost was 700 billion won?”

“There were thousands of trials and errors in the past, and now optimization methods are known. Instead of the 10th grade magic stone, I used the 13th grade given by Hyun, so I succeeded in making it in two attempts.”

Ginny suddenly looked around once and whispered.

“Precisely speaking, the optimization method was taken away. Please don’t tell anyone.”

“… ?”

Hyun recalled that Ginny hadn’t quit the company yet.

Could this be industrial espionage? If so, Ginny was playing a very dangerous line.

As if anticipating the concern, Ginny added her words.

“Fortunately, it hasn’t been patented yet. It’s not illegal, but it’s better to avoid unnecessary fuss.”

“… It must be so.”

Hyungwon nodded in admiration.

He thought she had the talent of a professional gamer coach, but it seemed that she had more talent than that.

“Now that we have climbed the first step, we are going to do both at the same time. The first is to improve the performance of guns, and the second is mass production.”

“A lot? You won’t be able to get high-grade magic stones like that… .”

“Of course I will use low-grade magic stones.”

The next thing that came out of her mouth was an even more incomprehensible story.

“There is a way to achieve the efficiency of high-grade magic stones with low-grade ones.”

Genie used the unknown word ‘mana heavy weapon’.

The reason why it is difficult to reproduce real things in Assrian is because the power of magic gets in the way.

However, if the density of mana can be lowered, it becomes possible to minimize the influence of magic.

“I plan to use the magic materials I requested from Hyun to make mana-heavy weapons.”

Genie told me that there is a secret deal between rankers and real groups.

The reason why special magic materials other than magic stones are traded at astronomical amounts is to make mana heavy weapons.

“The performance of the mana heavy weapon depends on how thin the mana in the air is.”

However, he said that the rankers’ super-expensive materials were crude compared to the ones he had saved.

Genie was confident that he could make a mana weapon with 50 times the performance of NASA, a research institute that had jumped into Assrian.

“For at least six months, we won’t lose the frontrunner.”

At some point, Hyun couldn’t understand at all, so he just nodded quietly.

What I roughly understood… Just the fact that Ginny has some big plans.

“So, I’m trying to hire someone. About five NPCs.”

“Ah yes… .”

“I think we need some manpower. And there must be a separate workshop. The concentration of mana in the private room is too high, so it is impossible to work with it.”

“I don’t know… . Anyway, I just have to pay, right?”

A total of 200,000 gold was immediately invested.

‘200,000 gold is about 40 million won at today’s market price?’

Jini assured him that he could recover more than tens of thousands of times the investment in a few months, but since it was such an absurd amount, Hyun honestly felt bewildered.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter since it’s less than the amount I received from Genie even if I screw it all up.’

That’s how the work with Ginny came to an end.

Now while I was thinking about what to do with my spare time.


[‘Ain’ has logged in!]

‘huh? Ain?’

For a moment, Hyun tilted his head.

The time written at the bottom of the screen is 2:00 PM. Is it still time for Ain to be at school?

After a while, Ain entered the private room.

“I’m here.”

“How did you come already?”

“I finished early today!”

Looking at Ain with a triumphant smile, Hyeon had a certain suspicion.

It was because he suddenly remembered a skill he used often during his school days.

“You didn’t finish early… ?”

“What are you talking about?”

“No, it’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”

Judging from Ain’s reaction, it seems real.

Hyun thought it was all right.

I have a lot of work to do with Ain today, so I’ll have to keep busy!


[League matching level, ‘Grand Master’ has been achieved!]

Two hours since I came to the arena with Ain.

Hyun was able to reach ‘Grand Master’, the dream level of ordinary users.

[Your ranking is ‘998th’!]

After the tournament, more users preferred league matching over simple duels.

Among the countless users like stars, only 1000 people are given the title of Grand Master!

On top of that, although there is a ‘Pioneer’ class with only 10 people, it was not easy for Hyun and Ain to achieve that level in Asrian.

This was because, in addition to specs and skills, the Pioneer rank required consistency that could not be missed even for a day.

“Do you think it’s true that you don’t hide?”


“Hyun, now you often tell fairy tales.”

Users in the lobby could not easily recognize Ain wearing a hat, but during matching.

It was only natural that the same teammates and the enemy team would be interested in Hyun, who was in perfect harmony with Ain.

“I didn’t like it at first… Come to think of it, I think this is pretty good too.”

Ain smiled bashfully and asked.

Why did Hyun decide not to hide anymore?

It’s not because I’ve grown enough to not be disturbed by users.

Except for the reason that assimilation and other skills were grasped by the regressor and Darkness.

There was no way Ain would not notice that Hyeon had other intentions.

“But you don’t think like Salon, do you?”

Ain knew that Hyun intentionally canceled the assimilation these days.

“Could that be… ?”

Hyun replied with a laugh.

“I think Genie is trying to set up a company in Assrian… I need to raise the value of my name.”

“What company?”

“Maybe a gun company?”

“… ?”

Hyeon gave a rough explanation of what he had heard from Ginny to Ain who raised a question mark.

“Maybe we should study something new too.”

“Ugh, study?”

“Soon Asrian’s meta will change. Jobs, skills, and even the strategies that follow… Users who do not adapt to the changes will quickly fall behind.”

“Um, I don’t know.”

For a moment, Ain narrowed his eyes.

Wouldn’t there be no need to worry?

If you are with Hyun, no one will catch up with you.

Soon after, Ain shook his head and smiled, putting his complicated thoughts aside.

Because there are more important things to do now.

Whoa, Ain took a deep breath.

He glanced up at Hyun and smiled suspiciously.

“I’m going to visit the dueling shop for a while… ?”

The state of assimilation being released.

Hyun didn’t notice the trembling in Ain’s voice, and he nodded without thinking.

“Is there anything you want to buy?”

“Just to watch… ?”

“Well, then.”

Inside the dueling shop that I entered right away.

Perhaps thanks to the quiet city, there were no users inside.

For some reason, Ain only wandered around a certain display stand.

And soon after,


While looking around the display stand with Ain, Hyeon’s eyes stopped at a certain item.

There was something that was shining brightly alone, so it was natural for her to look at it.

It was at that moment that Ain’s eyes flashed.

“Hyeon, do you really want that ring?!”

“uh? Haven’t you seen the option yet?”

“Kuhmm, that, yes… ?”

‘… ?’

For some reason, Ain is coughing for nothing.

In an instant, Hyun sensed something suspicious, but he looked at the item first without showing it.

Celestial Coupling (Unique)

<Restriction: Grand Master or higher>

<A ring for a soul mate. Will you be able to feel the other person’s feelings?>

Durability: 20/20

-All speeds are increased by 4%.

– Increases magic defense by 10.

– Increases critical hit damage by 15%. 30% additional increase against users.

– All stats are boosted by 20% when in contact with the specified partner.

-You can summon your partner in front of you.

(Cooldown time: 10 minutes)

<Price: 690000 Duel Coins>

‘Wait, what is this… !’

After reading all the information, Hyun fell into doubt.

For information about the arena, he asked Ain who knew better than he did.

“Ah, look at this!”

“Dae, what the hell are you looking at like that… ? Hyun, did you find a mysterious item?”

“This ring! Did Asura have items like this?”

Ain glanced at the shelf that Hyeon pointed out for a while and muttered.

“hmm… I don’t think there was. I think it was added as a new item in Assrian.”

‘New item!’

Hyun focused on two special effects of the ring.

First, a 20% stat boost.

Another is the ability to summon a partner.

As soon as he saw the effects, countless thoughts popped into Hyun’s head.

Is assimilation recognized as contact?

What is the range of the summoning skill attached to the ring? What are the spatial limitations?

However, Hyun, whose eyes were shining, couldn’t help but laugh at the last sentence.

<Price: 690000 Duel Coins>

‘That’s an absurd price.’

Wouldn’t I have to duel all day to buy that?

Still, it may take at least a few months, or maybe even years, for users to buy it.

“Hyun, you must really want that ring… ?”

At that moment, Ain’s voice was heard right next to Hyeon.

Same question as before.

While staring at something, Ain’s mouth opened cautiously.

“Oh, I can’t help it… big… i buy… Shall I give it to you?”

“What, do you have any coins to buy?”

“Yes, of course! Would you like to see what I have collected?”

<Duel coins: 817384>

‘810,000… ?’

Hyeon widened his eyes at the feast of huge numbers.

I doubted my own eyes for a moment, but after a while I was able to finally understand.

‘Yes, if it’s Ajin, it might be possible!’

Ain couldn’t follow anyone, including himself, when it came to a duel.

With her winning rate, it wouldn’t be completely impossible to collect coins like this if you spent a long time in the arena.

“no it’s okay.”

Hyeon, who was tempted for a moment, abandoned his lingering feelings again.

Yes, because there was no need to live, even if you could live.

As long as you can’t match a pair, that’s a luxury item.

As a result of briefly considering the options, Hanaro was only as effective as a rare ring despite its uniqueness.

“There would be no point in buying it.”


“It’s not two.”

“two… Is that right?”

It was at that time that Ain secretly showed the back of his hand.

A ring identical to the one on the shelf was worn on the ring finger.

At this time, Hyun was also surprised.

“Was this the ring you usually wear?! Wait, how many coins did you collect?”

“About 1.5 million? therefore… If you want Hyun to have Jung… I can buy you one!”

“oh my god.”

I knew Ain was wearing a ring, but I didn’t think to look closely at the name or effect of the ring.

This was because the status window had a function that calculated the total specs of all equipped items.

However, as soon as he grasped the situation, Hyeon’s eyes quickly sank.

Looking at Ain’s eyes, he cautiously opened his mouth.

“I would really buy it… ?”

“You know, even if I wear both, I can only see one effect.”

This is what Ain meant.

In Assrian, only one accessory of the same part could be worn.

From two or more, it is literally an ornament. No matter how overlaid it was, the specs didn’t change.

“furthermore… Because I have nowhere else to spend my coins.”

[690000 Duel Coins have been deducted!]

“You really… .”

Hyun was moved by Ain’s purchase of a unique ring without hesitation.

If it’s you, all the goods you’ve been working hard to collect… Could I have used it for someone else?

It will never be an easy decision.

“Oh, now, wait… !”

Ain stopped Hyeon from accepting the ring.

Ain hurriedly turned around and wiggled his fingers, then smiled awkwardly and held out his hand.

“Now, here’s the coupling… .”

“… What did you just turn around?”

“It’s just two rings connected? Kerr, it seems that couples must designate a partner.”

‘… ?’

“Whoops, it’s over now.”

It was the moment when he saw Ain’s proud smile that Hyun came to his senses.

shit. A deep smile bloomed on Hyun’s lips as he handed over the ring.

How would you feel if you assimilated with Ain at this moment?

“Ain. Can I go inside your body now?”



“Why all of a sudden… ?”

Because I wanted to read Ain’s thoughts through my senses.

However, Hyun gave a suitable reason that he just remembered.

“Of course, how far the judgment of contact will be accepted. I’ll have to check it while assimilating.”

“I dare… now?”

“There is no need to delay.”

“It is, but… !”

Ain couldn’t think of any more excuses.

All of a sudden, Ain’s hands were full of strength.

“Wait, I need the bathroom!”

[‘Ain’ has been switched to rest!]

Pod! At the same time Hyun used fairy tales, such a message came to mind.

Hyeon burst into laughter at Ain’s quick reaction.

For a moment, he wondered if he had been too naughty.

‘Do you intend to return after calming down?’

Suddenly left alone, I checked the status window.

‘It’s okay, the stats are the same.’

Whether assimilation is not recognized as a contact, or because the item disappears, the 20% stat bonus was not applied.

The effect of the Executioner’s Ring didn’t activate during assimilation, so the latter seemed more likely.

‘Well, it would be too deceptive if applied.’

Even so, the soft smile on Hyun’s lips could hardly be erased.

First of all, because the partner summoning function alone was sufficient for the ring’s value.

And again, it was because Ain was quite cute today.

Enough to think that if it had been about a year more, his behavior would have been a little different today.

‘There would have been no need to assimilate.’

It was a prefecture that could sometimes look into Ain’s thoughts without having to read emotions through fairy tales.


[‘Ain”s rest state has been cancelled!]

15 minutes after that.

As expected, Ain seemed to return only after he calmed down outside.

Hyun deliberately waited while maintaining assimilation, but could only feel a slight trembling.

“Hyun, you said it didn’t matter if I became famous, right?”

At some point, Ain suddenly asked.

“that’s right.”

“What do you think about getting your name known on YouTube?”

“I thought about that too before, but it didn’t seem like much.”

Hyun shook his head.

The reason for not directly verifying with YouTube or the community is simple.

Because it doesn’t look like it!

It was a shame to be recognized as an official servant like Salon.

What you should refer to is Ain’s method, not Salon’s.

It was an idea to use a big event like a history quest to get famous all at once and naturally.

“Isn’t it impactful for me to ask you to know? Right now, I’m just waiting for something big to happen.”

“Impact, can I make it?”


“that… Like a YouTube video… .”

“No, I mean, it takes a big event to make that video?”

Hyun was tempted for a moment, but smiled when he heard the answer.

Occasionally, there were cases where I couldn’t understand Ajin’s thoughts even when I was doing fairy tales.

Still, it didn’t seem like a big deal, so I soon turned my attention to it.

Besides going to the arena, there were a lot of things I had to do with Ain today.

“Let’s do an experiment first.”

Pod! unlock fairy tales

Hyun put a hand on Ain’s shoulder.

To check the effect of the 20% stat increase upon contact.

‘huh? Why don’t you go up?’

However, the stats viewed through the status window remained the same.

The same goes for changing the contact area. There was no sign of his stats rising.

“Looks like you have to make direct skin contact.”

Hearing Ain’s voice, Hyun recognized its meaning.

Just now, he did not come into contact with Ain. I just lightly touched her clothes.

The moment Hyeon was about to move his hand to test the hypothesis, Ain opened his mouth as if he was embarrassed.

“Trying to get my hand inside my clothes… ?!”

“… .”

Moderately ignoring those words, I gently touched Hyun’s child’s hair.

The stats are still the same.

But the moment he changed his position a little and put his finger on the nape of his neck.

[All stats increase by 20% while in contact with a partner!]

laugh… ! Ain flinched, so Hyeon quickly returned his hand.

“If this is the case, it will be difficult to use it in practice.”

Hyun, who confirmed the activation condition, nodded.

It was a function that had almost no effect on himself and Ain, who had to move vigorously during battle.

It would be impossible to use it except for jobs that cast in place.

‘How about this?’

Again, Hyun drew attention to the final function of the ring.

-You can summon your partner in front of you.

(Cooldown time: 10 minutes)

(※ Details: A pair of rings share a cooldown!)

A function that appears to be a teleportation series.

The peculiar thing was that the detailed explanation was only one line.

No detailed descriptions of ranges, delays, constraints, etc. were given.

First of all, from scope. Shall we try it?

Hyun stopped Ain before entering the teleport gate.

“Ain, wait here.”


“Because it will take a while. Wait 30 seconds.”

Entering the gate, Hyun teleported alone.

City lantern with private room. It was a place about 1500 kilometers from the original village.

‘I don’t know if this will happen, but if it does… I don’t know if it will be possible to go beyond common sense.’

gulp. With a pounding heart, Hyun tried to activate the last function of the coupling.


Hwaaak! It took about 3 seconds to activate.

The moment the shimmering of mana stopped in front of my eyes, Ain stood there, looking around without knowing why.

“What, were you trying to save money on teleporting again? You don’t have to do that anymore.”

“No, that is not my intention.”

Wait, Hyun looked at his ring again.

‘There is no distance limit?’

It was because he needed to guess the value of the ring for a moment.

It’s not just about moving far away. The ability to call on support in case of emergency.

‘I’ll have to check the other constraints too!’

Hyun did a few more experiments.

What if you enter a single player dungeon and summon a partner?

Or is it possible to summon even in the presence of restrictions, such as in a duel or labyrinth?

[You cannot summon a partner here!]

In conclusion, that method was impossible.

As a result of numerous experiments, the ring did not activate in places such as arenas, labyrinths, history quests, and experience dungeons.

‘I get it roughly.’

It means that there are no restrictions on distance, but there are restrictions on location.

In other words, a place without restrictions could be moved freely.

‘It might be more useful than I thought.’

It was the moment when all the experiments were finished that Hyeon’s idea flashed.

‘for a moment. If you use it well… . Can I enter the place guarded by angels?’

Now that the celestials have started to intervene in the world, users of the celestials will inevitably encounter angels.

Angels exist in most places where you can suck honey near powerful celestials or in the sky.

The reason he didn’t fully demonstrate the know-how of a sky user he had acquired in Asura was because he couldn’t pass through the various places guarded by angels.

‘If Ain summons me from the inside… .’

Because he is connected to Louise, he cannot change the faction, but Ain’s situation is different.

If Ain, who has converted to the sky, uses the ring… Maybe he can even set foot in heaven.

“Ain. Maybe I’m a genius.”

“Even so… suddenly?”

“I’ve been wanting to look at the sky’s trends these days, but I came up with a good way.”

Hyun tried to recall the memory of this very early morning.

Why did Latis suddenly switch to Sky, and even the Regressors Guild had all of the Sky guys enrolled in the Hall of Fame?

Maybe I could see the reason myself.

“If I could meet even a thousand people… I hit level 200. We might even be able to secure the horn of a unicorn!”

“celestial? Not Poppy?”

“Ain, I need your help.”

“Whatever you do, are you doing it alone?”

“okay. For now… .”

One month until Louise’s preparations were finished.

Before heading to the sky, he and Ain needed to prepare as much as possible.

Hyun smiled at the thought of using his know-how as an Asura Sky Ranker to its full potential.

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