Hard Carry Support Chapter 219-220

Louise’s circumstances (1) and Louise’s circumstances (2)

“hyeon… .”

Louise smiled awkwardly at Hyun.

Darkness is easily recognizable no matter how its shadow changes.

“that… No matter how much I miss you, did you change my appearance to look like me? ?”

It was Louise who witnessed the strong god for the first time.

As for changing the user’s appearance, he had only heard about it at first glance, so he didn’t know much about the fact that he couldn’t change his gender or his skeleton.

“Whoa… .”

Hyun sighed.

relief and joy. And it was a sigh mixed with a bit of absurd laughter.

Suddenly, as Louise’s ego grew stronger, she worried that her narcissism might have intensified.

“Don’t say anything strange. Ain is also with me.”

Just in case, Hyun added a word to prevent needless fuss.


Hyun asked what he was curious about.

Louise’s story cleared up most of my questions.

“That day, after the ancestral rites, some memories returned. It’s a very faint memory, but it helped me know what to do.”

“Why did you seal empathy?”

“that… Because it was still beyond my ability.”

Louise was aware of her helplessness.

The level was 300. Compared to many named NPCs, it was an absurdly low figure.

Since she couldn’t even get out of her human body, Louise was still at a level that was too far-fetched to be called a transcendentalist.

It is said that Louise decided to seal empathy because she does not have the ability to turn empathy into power, and because empathy puts her position at risk of being discovered.

Until you find the rest of your strength.

“Even in the abyss, there are many people from the sky. Hyun, that’s why I told you not to trust anyone.”

Hearing the explanation, Hyun nodded.

Thanks to this, he himself became more suspicious of karma, and he might have been able to realize his true identity along the way.

“Then why did you hide in a place like this to avoid the eyes of the sky?”

“Of course, there are reasons for that, but the more important thing was to gather the materials to be obtained from the labyrinth.”

“What material?”

“This is the magic stone!”

Louise took out a stone that emitted blue light and showed it.

A magic stone that looks at least level 13 just by looking at its luster.

It is said that the reason Louise spent 5 years in the labyrinth was to avoid the eye of the sky and at the same time secure enough magic stones.

“Why magic stones?”

“Whoa, whoa, it’s to wake up my subordinates who have fallen asleep all over the world.”

Louise smiled proudly and even explained the purpose of the magic stone.

“Can you wake it up with a magic stone?”

“huh? What do you mean?”

“I’m asking if it’s okay not to be a Shinseok.”

A god stone was needed to wake Shatin and Shatina.

Louise’s method of waking her subordinates was probably the same.

“Of course, as long as the memory of this returned body is correct!”

But Louise seemed to be able to do the same with magic stones.

Is the lack of divine power made up for by Darkness’ own ability?

Or maybe it’s trying to wake up even the subordinates who don’t possess magic.

Since I don’t know the details, Hyun decided to skip it for now.

‘Reviving the subordinate.’

Louise’s plan didn’t look bad.

It is still a time when the subordinates who serve the darkness are much more powerful than the darkness itself.

‘Well, you can’t go there alone.’

If it’s like Asura, the next destination of darkness is the sky!

The remote island under the watchful eye of the heavenly was the place Louise had to go to.

It is clear that the power of the main body will not be able to compete with the heavenly people, so the darkness will have to borrow the power of the subordinates.

“Priestess, did you move first?! Didn’t I tell you to wait until I’ve secured a way out… ! Yes?”

The new voice appeared when Hyun and Louise finished their important talk.

Poppy looked at Hyeon and Louise alternately. Same look like twins.

I narrowed my eyes because I couldn’t understand English.

“Why is the priestess… Are there two of you?”

Pod! Hyun canceled the spirits that had remaining duration.

It was to avoid any misunderstanding.

But even so, there was something that Papi couldn’t understand.

From his point of view, it was like another priestess turned into an unknown girl.

“Why is this girl in the form of a priestess?”

Louise intervened and explained it.

“It is a kind of skill. Aren’t there a lot of unusual people among users? therefore… hmm… I came to have a look that resembles me by a similar principle.”

“user… ? Does the priestess know someone?”

“okay! Come to think of it, I’ve told you before!”

Louise clapped her hands as if she had remembered something and continued talking.

“He is a user recognized by Radiette!”

“That Radiette… Are you a recognized user?”

“Huh, look at it. Even though she’s a user, the rune of a celestial being is engraved on the back of her hand. Isn’t that proof that I’m right!”

‘for a moment… !’

Hyun, who quietly listened to the conversation, was astonished and assimilated with Louise.

I fully understood Louise’s intentions.

She must be selling Radiette’s name to make Ain’s first impression good. but.

“Hey, it’s not Ajin Sky! It turned into an abyss because of you!”

“huh? abyss?”

“Yeah, it’s like this since the main quest is over!”

Could it be that Louise’s mistake caused suspicion from the first meeting?

“Kh, hmm… .”

Ain took off his gloves in a cold sweat as if he couldn’t overcome the gazes pouring down on him.

What appeared sneakily on the back of the hand was the celestial rune.

However, in front of a real celestial being, the false rune would be quickly discovered.

When I reached out my hand, worried about being caught, a completely different reaction followed than expected.

“really… That’s it.”


“I was surprised. That the story was all true… To be honest, I thought that there were many places where the priestess’s words were absurd.”

“Whoa, whoa… Can this body lie? ?”


Hyun did not understand the momentary situation.

No matter how much he is, he has a heavenly name, how can Papi not recognize the authenticity of the rune?

‘Wait, no way.’

Suddenly, a possibility popped into my mind.

Hyun knew that he had no talent for acting, but he still thought he was much better than Ain.

But why is it that NPCs are so easily fooled by Ain’s lies?

‘No way, a title?’


– Horsepower 15

– Be more undetected when fooling opponents.

<You have completely deceived Caidrial, the demon of deception! I commend you for your boldness!>

A demi-human title that was acquired at a very early stage and sometimes even forgotten about.

I thought it was an ambiguous performance for a title with the grand word ‘deceit’, but if the effect could deceive even a celestial being, the story would be different.

‘I can’t think of anything but this. Is it really because of the title?’

Hyun thought it would be necessary to study the deceiver’s effects in detail later.

“okay. A user who said he was with the priestess in Iluna… .”

After confirming Ain’s rune, Papi’s doubt completely disappeared.

He looked at Louise again and asked as if to confirm a few things.

“The priestess said it was true.”


“It is true that Radiette-sama has a deep friendship with the user he recognized… !”

“Ah, that’s another user… There is one more user recognized by Radiette.”

“haha… If two users like that help me, the priestess will be able to erase the demon soon!”

“yes… ?”

It was while quietly listening to Poppy that Hyun felt strange.

“Hey, wait a minute you… .”

“Ah, I didn’t tell you beforehand! This celestial is the one who is helping me.”

“No, that’s not the problem now.”

Hyun couldn’t figure out why Poppy was helping Louise until now.

Why are heavenly beings with the great devil?

The story Louise muttered next to her now was also quite different from what she knew.

“Why did the Great Devil erase the demonic energy?”

“Ah, that’s it.”

“If you say you want to regain your strength, and if you say your goal is to erase him, then which one is true?”

“Well, isn’t it natural that what I say is true… ?」

After a while, Louise stuttered and began to explain.

The story goes back a bit.

In the past, when he was hunting and playing with Louise, Hyeon had told him various stories.

Strange places all over Asura. funny incidents. Weird NPCs.

Among them was a story about a celestial man named Papyrus.

Hyun used his dark history to suck his back with excitement.

And Louise seemed to have remembered all the useless chatter.

“Didn’t you and Ain play tricks on Radiette…?” I just… I just used a similar method.”

No, it was not idle chatter at all!

Thanks to that, Louise used her friendship with Radiette to trick Poppy!

“Hey, do you know that you’re a demon?”

Hyun asked a question that suddenly came to mind.

“… .」

There was no answer, but silence itself became the answer.

It had been a while since Louise had uttered an excuse that wasn’t an excuse.

“Since I’ve never been asked such a question… I don’t have to answer first… not… go?”

Hearing Louise’s muffled voice, Hyun fell into a deep sense of skepticism.

Because the look of trying to self-justification was so similar to someone’s behavior. It was like looking in a mirror.

It is said that children in their original growth stage absorb the behavior of nearby adults like a sponge.

Couldn’t he have had too much of an adverse effect on Louise?

「Hey, isn’t this completely devilish? No, the devil is right… The Great Devil!」

Still, cheating for five years was too much.

It is said that the lifespan of a heavenly person is thousands of years, but that time did not reach ordinary humans.

Just as Hyun was about to say a word, Louise’s voice suddenly mixed with resentment.

“It was only a brief deception!”

“what? Five years is a short time?」

“Isn’t it? Radiette was tricked by you and received a life sentence!”

‘… ?’

“And at the time, there was no other choice! You don’t know what happens after the sacrifice is over! There was a war there! It was not the time for me to choose my means in order to live… !”

At Louise’s excuse, Hyun couldn’t easily continue his next words.

It was because the moment Radiette’s name passed by, another thought came to mind.

Hyun put Louise’s trembling emotions aside and brought up a new question.

“What happened to Radiette?”

“I heard that you are trapped somewhere.”

“life sentence… ?」

“I’m not sure because it’s Papy’s words, but… For now, it seems like that.”

In an instant, numerous types of emotions swirled around Hyun’s conscience.

It had been a long time since he muttered in a serious voice.


「Sir, are you really going to tell Poppy my true identity?!」

“no… For now, I think it would be better for us to match our words.”


Louise (Lv. 300)

<I am assimilating with the following soul: Hyeon (Lv. 189)>

Health: 295200/295200

Mana: 7350/7350

Magi: 7632740 (+300300)/9899000 (+300300)

[Strength 302 (+12)] [Agility 354 (+29)] [HP 966 (+18)] [Magic Power 468 (+267)]

<Skill List> – <Expand +>

Looking at the status window, Hyun could see that Louise had not only grown physically.

It’s slightly less than a level 300 named NPC, but it’s an overwhelming spec compared to level 300 users or normal NPCs.

‘He’s using the weapon he gave me by mistake at the time.’

A unique weapon called the ‘Black Lancer’s Magic Wand’.

I remember giving it to Louise as a gift because I read the word magic wand as a magic wand.

I still don’t know why the weapon with the word stick is called a long spear.

In any case, it was probably because Louise’s strength and agility, which were lacking in being able to handle such weapons, were supplemented.

Still, what stands out more than the stats is the change in the amount of magic!

‘The maximum is almost 10 million… ?’

That unreasonable figure seemed clear to disprove that she was dark.

‘Anything else, how could I have excused Papi for using Magi?’

A sudden thought came to me as I walked up the labyrinth.

Asking Louise gave me the answer easily.

“that… He was tricked by deception and prayed to the devil instead of the angel, and as a result, he was stained with demonic energy… said.”

“It’s a lie that skillfully mixes the truth and lies.”

From Radiette to Cadrial, Louise seemed to be selling various names.

Hyun asked Louise a few more questions.

“So you didn’t notice that it was dark?”

“… maybe?”


If you think about it, Louise’s appearance was revealed to the world twice.

The first is Iluna in the form of a priestess.

Second, from the land of darkness to darkness itself!

However, in the land of darkness, it was the appearance of a vampire whose entire body was covered with demonic energy.

From the point of view of the NPCs, it will be difficult to realize that the two are the same person.

Besides, Louise, who had been hiding in the labyrinth for five years, had grown beyond recognition.

Because his face and physique had changed considerably, it was clear that few NPCs would now recognize Darkness’s appearance.

“after… So what are your plans for the future?”

“I should wake up the subordinates who are asleep all over the world first.”

“Do you know where it is?”

“Well, I will look for it from now on.”

Hyun only sighed at Louise’s answer.

Because her plan was really haphazard.

If I hadn’t come to visit, would this flimsy plan have worked?

“… I’ll help you find it.”

Hyun looked at the updated main quest again.

Ain, who received the quest together, also had the same message.

<Main Quest: Preparing for an Emergency>

-Darkness still desperately needs your help.

-If there is no help, you might end up wandering on the ground… .

“Ha, but I don’t want to be indebted to you again… !”

“Don’t say anything out of your mind.”

Hyun had already met two golems who were Louise’s servants.

If you search the interloop, you might find more beings like them sleeping somewhere.

While talking about this and that, the party completely escaped the labyrinth.

Thanks to Pamur crouching in the corner of the 16th floor, I was able to get to the ground quickly.

On the way up, I didn’t forget to procure the rest of the Legendary ingredients.

“Would you like to wait in the private room while I look for you?”

At Hyun’s suggestion, Louise’s expression instantly became vague.

It was because the memories of staying in the private room came to mind.

How nice it would be if I could just roll around without worrying like I did back then.

“That’s not okay… .」

But Louise shook her head with a trembling voice.

“Right now, this body is in a position where it cannot stay in one place.”


“Dark clouds automatically gather where I am staying. even without being conscious. Maybe it’s to block out the sunlight.”

Louise explained that she had not been seen for a long time because she was hiding in a labyrinth isolated from the outside world.

“Wouldn’t it look suspicious even if it wasn’t an oracle if only one place was filled with dark clouds?”

“Isn’t that a private room?”

“I’m not sure… But I don’t want to take any risk. The memory came back and I realized it clearly. There is no perfect shade anywhere on earth.”

“Then where will you be? You have nowhere to go.”

“no. I mean, I have a plan in mind.”

‘I don’t think there is.’

No matter how confidently he said it, Hyun was suspicious of Louise’s words.

Once in the labyrinth, there is no going back.

Since Karma died there, it is certain that the forces of the sky will come.

However, it did not seem that there would be a safe place like a labyrinth on the ground.

If you dare to think of a safe zone, it is a place that is not on the ground.

“Are you going to the symmetrical world?”

“A symmetrical world… ? Oh, you mean underground.”

Louise shook her head at Hyun’s question.

“Hyeon, didn’t I tell you not to trust anyone? Even underground, you can’t escape the gaze from the sky. It is because the boundary between the ground and the underground has become blurred over the past five years.”

“No, so where are you hiding?”

“Fufu, I won’t hide anywhere.”

Louise continued with a mischievous smile.

“I plan to reduce the number of oracles a bit before heading to the sky.”

“Reduce the trust? ah… !”

At that moment, a fact that he had forgotten came to mind.

I tried to remember Louise’s wanted list from the street of knights.

<Witch in White>


“The person in question broke into the Hartia Temple. Massacred innocent priests… … On O, O, O, in the lower reaches of the Sentinel River, he killed two security guards and fled… … Year O, O, O, O, Last found… … 」

“Because he is the one who handles the winds of evil magic, be careful.”

<Bounty: 22,500 gold>

“For some reason, this body right now can feel where the next oracle will come from.”

Hyun understood Louise’s words.

Louise, who had not fully awakened, was too weak to be called a transcendent.

However, there are also benefits to not being awakened.

Even though he is a transcendental person, there are no restrictions on the exercise of power!

There is no need to consume ego or empathy. It wasn’t like the lifespan of a celestial being cut.

「I plan to erase oracles related to light while traveling the world for about a month.」

In other words, the current Louise who had not awakened was the only transcendental person who could affect royalties without penalty.

Also, they had a good understanding of their strengths.

With the intuition of a transcendentalist, Louise seemed to grasp the place where the divine powers gathered.

Surprisingly, Hyun could feel that he had properly educated Louise by looking at his clever appearance.

“you… .」


“Change your clothes more often.”

「Wh, what an excuse! I am now the same age as you!”

“No, before doing anything, dress properly.”

Hyeon recalled the wanted letter and gave him some helpful advice.

Louise’s current outfit was no different from the portrait.

“I’d rather just buy a few pairs.”

Hyun is a macaron. No, I decided to refer to the method Karma used.

You will need several sets of clothes to work while avoiding Poppy’s eyes.


I bought various clothes at the cash shop.

All kinds of clothes are Louise’s inventory… No, it was contained in her hand pocket that Louise carried.

After roughly everything was sorted out, Hyun asked about Louise’s schedule.

“one month?”

“I don’t have any shame, but if you help me, everything will be ready in a month.”

“You mean you’ll move to the sky right after that?”


A full-fledged main quest begins a month later.

In the meantime, Hyun is separated from Louise.

「Fufu, there is no need to worry about this body. If you need it, this is also there.”

Before parting, Louise showed a return scroll and smiled.

Louise was still registered as a maid of the Shade Guild.

Hyun, who confirmed that intention, warned with a wry smile.

“Don’t rely on scrolling, there are places where you can’t use it. For example… It’s like being in a labyrinth.”

The flow of mana is twisted, surrounded by a certain magic circle, etc. There were some places where teleport-type magic was impossible.

At those words, Louise seemed to be terribly shocked.

「Wait, you can’t use it in the labyrinth?! Why didn’t you tell me that important fact in advance… ! Then I was in danger all along for five years?!”

「No, but the labyrinth must have been the safest. Anyway, please refer to it.”

Hyun decided to act separately from Louise, but he wasn’t too worried.

Darkness and shadow can feel each other’s energy, and if necessary, you can use the magic marble again to find it.

In addition, he made an appointment to meet Louise in a private room on a specific date.

The first contact is three days later.

Fortunately, none of Louise’s plans were absurd, such as raiding temples in large cities.

It seemed that they were only targeting temples in remote villages, so they wouldn’t fall into danger.

As the conversation was coming to an end, Louise’s face suddenly became hazy.

“hyeon… Isn’t it?」


“You are with me… not… Will it work?」

Hyun smiled bitterly at Louise’s words.

Doesn’t your personality change easily no matter how much you grow?

It was not difficult to understand the meaning of her words.

Still, it would be better to break up now. After all, Louise will not be the child she used to be.

“That’s right, after a month, even if you don’t like it, we’ll go to the sky together.”

“That, I guess… !”

“Don’t overdo it. See you later then. I won’t forget the promise to look for your men.”

And there was one more thing that we must not forget.

Pod! Hyun, who changed the subject of fairy tales, opened his mouth.

「Ahin, can I go to the arena tomorrow?」

On the way back from the labyrinth, time had passed and it was almost dawn.

Even if you look at the friends window, only Ain and Tartar are online.

Tartar doesn’t know where he is, but he doesn’t have to worry about it.

“You are too late today.”

「Uh, uh… ?!”

“Didn’t you want to do league matching in the arena?”

Hyun recalled how Ain had been begging for a few more rounds of matching a few days ago.

“I didn’t know Hyun would remember those words… ?」

“Then can I not go?”

“Of course, go! Of course I have to go!」

For a moment, Hyun, who had been assimilating, flinched.

It was because Ain’s emotions, which seemed exhausted after going to the labyrinth, suddenly flared up as if he had been poured with oil.

“me… Don’t go to school tomorrow… ?」

Ain’s sudden murmur.

Hyun was surprised.

He himself had never been truant until high school.

Is Ain already thinking of deviating like this?

“You say you’re on vacation soon.”

“that’s right!”

“Then don’t be weird and go to bed early.”

Before closing the connection, Ain asked a strange question.

“Hyun, you said you wouldn’t hide your face anymore, right?”

Hyungwon nodded without thinking.

Well, you can’t hide forever.

No, in order to influence Genie, he had to reveal himself a bit.

If he hadn’t hooked up with Louise, he might have already registered his ID in the Hall of Fame.

“It doesn’t matter if I become famous!”

“Rather, that would be fine. But why do you ask such a thing?」

“Ah, no… that, just Check car?」

[‘Ain’ has disconnected!]

Ain logged out after chattering about something.

When he was left alone, Hyeon’s assimilation was lifted by itself.

‘Why are you like that?’

Hyun guessed Ain’s intentions with the sense of the last fairy tale.

Anxiety crept up for no reason. Ain always stuttered his words before doing something big.

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t figure out his intention, so Hyun immediately stopped thinking.

‘I’ll tell you later.’

Back to the labyrinth and back to the lantern.

When I arrived at the private room, there was no one inside.

Sitting alone on the sofa, Hyun opened the menu window.

The new capsule had numerous functions.

With the Internet and a document window open on one side of the screen, Hyun began to carefully review his future plans.

‘Okay, I’ve gathered all the ingredients Genie asked for!’

Louise will head to the sky in another month.

Hyun organized the tasks that must be completed before the main quest begins in earnest.

There were three main goals.

‘I have to take it from level 200.’

Leveling up was the most obvious, yet most important thing.

This is because depending on how quickly you shoot level 200, your options for planning will expand.

Now that I am level 189, I should be able to reach level 200 in about 5 days.

‘Then I’ll have to change jobs.’

In the past, it took a considerable amount of time to complete the former quest.

The reason why he had to reach level 200 as soon as possible was because he did not know what the 2nd job transfer quest was.

‘And I’ll have to get a Legendary item!’

Hyun looked over the materials he had gathered so far.

The inventory contained top-notch materials, including Sherat’s tail.

However, one material was still lacking in order to create the legendary weapon he envisioned.

unicorn horn.

It is a magical material that can be obtained from a holy beast living in the sky.

In the meantime, Hyeon could easily obtain materials related to the abyss, but he rarely had a chance to obtain materials close to the sky.

‘I’d buy any amount if it was for sale, but it’s never listed.’

Hyun clicked his tongue as he rummaged through the community’s auction house.

One of the functions of the auction house is to check the last transaction price of a particular item.

But for some reason, there was no record of a unicorn horn being sold.

‘I remember it wasn’t such a precious material.’

This is the time when users who are over level 200 are slowly coming out.

Just as the abyss users were entangled with dukes, it was clear that the top users of the sky were already entangled with the celestials.

Still, it doesn’t make sense that unicorn horns aren’t for sale.

‘Could this also be because of the intervention of reality that the genie told me about?’

Real organizations changed the market price of material items, so the possibility seemed strong this time too.

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