Hard Carry Support Chapter 209-210-211

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The Price of Greed (1), The Price of Greed (2) and The Price of Greed (3)

‘Chit, is it a party of four?’

New users appeared in front of Bloodraven.

Their eyes were stained with greed as they discovered the named monster.

After grasping the general situation, he gave a smirk.

“Do the hunting you used to do. We don’t care.”

“How about going the way you used to go?”

The head of the Blood Raven guild opened his mouth in disgust, but the answer from other users was obvious.

“huh? Are we not even taking a break?”

“There is no need to leave the safety zone and rest in a place like this.”

“Well, that makes sense. then we will leave here Have a good hunt.”

The party of 4 stood up with strange smiles.

It disappeared from sight after a while, but even so, Blood Raven couldn’t start hunting for the name.

It was because I knew that they were not leaving and were watching the liver nearby.

‘F*cking bastards… !’

To catch the lightning-wielding spider, two or three people had to be prepared to be left unprotected.

However, it was clear that those who had disappeared would reappear at the crucial moment and try to steal their achievements.

What if a fight breaks out?

A tattered group after hunting named names, a group sharpening knives with full preparation.

It’s an obvious situation where the advantage is.

「Guild leader, what now?」

The guild leader of Bledraven, who had been thinking for a long time about someone’s worried question, finally made a decision.

“We’ll have to move somewhere else too.”

“yes? Are you giving up on the name?!」

“No, not even an idiot, who gave up? You mean waiting on the other side!」

It was from that moment that a strange war of nerves began.

The other side waited with bated breath, thinking of dealing with the wounded pack or hunting the wounded prey.

Since the one who moved first was at an overwhelming disadvantage, the time of about 20 minutes passed meaninglessly.

Only silence flowed in the place where the named monsters were far away.

‘There’s nothing good about a long confrontation like this.’

However, as time passed, the face of the Bloodraven guild leader was getting more and more nervous.

You never know when a new competitor will appear. You cannot wander indefinitely.

Or, there was a possibility that the prey whose legs had completely regenerated would move to another place.

‘Kuh, is there any other way?’

Eventually, the guild leader made a decision.

I had no choice but to make an agreement and suggest that we hunt together.

But just then.

beat, beat, beat. Everyone was awakened by the sound of footsteps breaking the silence from afar.

‘Oops, someone else is coming!’

‘I should have decided a little sooner!’

On the background of magic lanterns hanging all over the labyrinth.

A long shadow illuminated the floor.

A silhouette of a woman. It was getting closer and closer as time went on.

The group held their breath and watched the approaching shadows.

‘Is it one person? It’s fortunate.’

The guild leader, who grasped the situation, was a little relieved.

I thought I could kill even a ranker if I was alone.

In the first place, Bloodraven was a guild specializing in PvP.

If the price of magic stones hadn’t skyrocketed, there wouldn’t have been anything to do as a labyrinth explorer like this.

“It’s better to kill them quickly.”

“Is it dead?”

“Yes, I can’t let this information spread any further.”

This is a labyrinth full of danger. It was not an easy place even for a ranker to come alone.

Even if he seemed alone at first glance, he would probably have friends who came with him, and there was nothing good about knowing the facts about the named monster.

“It’s not a warrior job. Judging by the silhouette, it doesn’t look like he’s wearing thick armor.”

“Is it a wizard or a priest? Hehe, then I can assassinate you in an instant.”

Bloodraven guild members waited for the most suitable time.

Although it was intended to move the moment the opponent turned the corner of the hallway.

Just before that, the shadow’s steps suddenly stopped.

And a woman’s voice began to be heard.

“Hey, what are the seven of us doing together?”

‘seven… ?’

For a moment, the head of the Bloodraven Guild was heartbroken.

After a while, completely new voices came from beyond the wall where they were hiding.

“Well, I’m going around the labyrinth and then I’m sitting down and resting.”

“Are you going to rest here?”

“Haha, it’s so hard to come down to the third floor without stopping.”

One by one, new voices were added, and they soon turned into a murmur.



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‘What, there was another party?!’

Realizing the situation, the head of the Bloodraven guild instantly felt chills.

In addition to the 4-person party on the other side, the 7-person party behind the wall was looking for an opportunity.

Now that the situation has changed, the assassination plan is out of everyone’s mind.

“Hmm, this is not a place to rest. It’s not even a safe zone.”

Zap Zap Zap.

The muttering shadow soon turned the corner and ran into Bloodraven guild members.

She was a smaller girl than I thought.

In the dark labyrinth, her face was hard to see because the hat was pressed down.

“What, there are other people here too.”

Hyun found the users squatting in an awkward posture.

At the same time, I tilted my head at the named monster ‘Pamur’ standing in the middle of the hall far away.

“Eh? Why is he out here? Has the habitat changed?”

“Kuh… !”

The Bloodraven guild leader let out a sigh.

Another user noticed the name’s existence!

If he sends a whisper to his comrades, they will have to fight a named battle with a total of three parties.

‘You’ve caught everything before, and you’ve reached this point! A damn cub cuts her legs at the end… !’

After that, negotiations were impossible.

I have no choice but to take the chance and steal the magic stone at the end!

Fortunately, the drop items in the labyrinth cannot be owned for 1 minute.

Since three of the four Blood Ravens were thieves, they could still aim for assassination.

It was while the guild leader was thinking about that that he heard the girl’s voice.

“Are you resting here too?”

“… okay.”

“Why are you here?”

“What does it matter where we rest?”

The blunt man’s answer made Hyun more suspicious.

“Is it strange?”


Hyun explained the contradictions he found.

“How can users who are obsessed with named be so carefree with their prey right in front of them?”

“hmm… They don’t seem to know that it’s a name.”

「No, that doesn’t even make sense. There is a pretty high chance that magic stones will drop from large monsters in the labyrinth. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a name.”

“If no one catches it, we can catch it!”

Ain gave a simple and clear answer.

“is it?”

Hyeon checked again with the people taking a break just in case.

It was because there was a party that sometimes argued with them for stealing their prey.

Before I knew it, the 7-person party gathered at the back of the hallway was also approaching nearby.

Hyeon pointed to the giant spider in the distance and said so everyone could hear.

“Then, can I catch it?”

In an instant, some complexions hardened, and someone spoke first.

“How many people is your party?”

‘What, why is this bastard staring at me like this?’

A sudden, sharp gaze.

Hyun looked over at the guy who asked the question and gave a short answer.

“There are two of you?”

“two? okay. It doesn’t matter if the two of you catch it.”

“Hehe, let’s take a look too. Oh, we were on a break from the beginning, weren’t we?”

As if their laughter gave goose bumps, Ain muttered.

“eww… Hyun, why are these guys talking like this!”

“That’s right.”

Hyun is not an idiot, so he was not ignorant of the exaggerated tone and laughter of a theater actor.

In fact, this place was a place full of fake plays, so the feeling was not wrong.

“The atmosphere was strange, but now I understand what it is.”

He also grasped the intentions of the surrounding users.

This was not a resting place full of concessions, but a silent battlefield.

Before starting the hunt, Hyun gave one last warning.

“Before we start hunting, it would be good for everyone to stay away, right?”


At that moment, the people in the audience smiled viciously.

“Heh. Why should we be far apart?”

“hmm… Might die?”

“Oh, thank you for your concern. But don’t worry, our bodies will take care of themselves.”


Hyun, who confirmed that his guess was not wrong, smiled bitterly.

“This smells too much.”

“It smells to me… me?!”

Hyeon spoke again to Ain who was suddenly hesitant.

“Not you. Those guys.”

“Is that so?”

“You’ll find out soon.”

With everyone’s eyes focused on Hyun, he slowly approached the wide hall where the giant spider crouched.

Parmu, a spider about 2 meters tall.

Even with the same name, it was weak compared to Sherat, a nine-tailed fox, so it was possible to hunt him down within two minutes if he wanted to.

‘I can’t end the hunt too soon.’

Even so, Hyeon intended to lead the fight into a long-term battle.

Why make simple things complicated?

It was because the name Parmura could be used for purposes other than materials.

‘If I leave it alive for roughly 10 minutes, the magic will be activated, right?’

Parmu, which has evolved into a god stone, uses very special magic.

The magic of space transfer. It is a skill that allows you to move through the various layers of the labyrinth in an instant.

It is said that teleport-type magic is not activated in the labyrinth, but Pamur’s skill is an exception.

This guy might have evolved to be able to use transfer in the labyrinth.

‘If you use the skill, you can move to the 16th floor at once.’

In the first place, the 20th floor was too deep.

If you walk down, it will take at least a few days, and at the longest, several weeks.

The fact that it took that much time even though it was not a single-track dungeon like the Seed of Evil Dungeon was a part of knowing how huge the labyrinth was.

‘Because it’s not that difficult… .’

「Ain, will you try it this time?」

Hyun asked abruptly.


“Yeah, I don’t know why, but your body has been itching ever since.”

I could feel it as a fairy tale.

The fact that Ain’s emotions have been fluctuating ever since he captured Sherat.

It was rare for Ain to be so motivated in a non-PvP environment.

“You want to hunt now?”

“Just a little bit?”

「What little? I want to try it.”

Huhuhu, Ain did not deny that.

“But I don’t know if I’m making a mistake.”

“It’s okay, because the damage calculation formula is simple. I’ll let you know.”

Hyeon explained the core of hunting and how to cause body defects with minimal damage.

「First time with a rare longsword, second time with Ifrit’s unarmored claws, and then against the last form… .”

“With the sword of darkness?”

「No, even then, your Ifrit claws are enough. Instead, I should wear a weapon and use all of my auxiliary skills except for invisibility.”

“hmm… .”

Ain nodded as if he understood the explanation roughly.

However, the lie was immediately discovered through fairy tales.

“… You didn’t understand!」

“That’s right!”

“Memorize only the first part clearly. I’ll explain the places I forgot while fighting.”


While listening to the explanation, Ain pulled out a different sword from before.

On the other hand, Hyun looked at the signs of those who were looking for an opportunity in the back.

‘It looks like he really has no intention of stepping down.’

When another party is hunting, it is manners to leave to avoid friction.

Watching it so blatantly up close. You could be sure he had other ideas.

‘Because it’s not a labyrinth. It just went well.’

Hyun was well aware of how dangerous users’ greed was.

Even back in the days of Asura, there were many people who wanted to take advantage easily in this way.

‘If it’s here, notoriety won’t rise, right?’

After coming over to Asrian, the memories of killing users were few and far between.

In particular, I’ve never had an emotional fight that wasn’t for a quest.

It was because there was no point in fighting.

But if someone tries to take yours… .

In the past, Hyun had never left such people alone.


Hyeon’s smile deepened as he suddenly thought of a good method.

‘Maybe it’s better not to kill him.’

Users cannot self-harm.

This is because of the system to prevent the abuse of skills that activate when attacked.

In other words, there are times when Assrian users can’t die even if they want to die sometimes.

How terrifying it is for users to not be able to die… Shall I tell you one more time?

「Uh, huh? Hyun, I just wrote the protection of darkness… ?」

In an instant, Ain’s shoulders trembled.

Even in the midst of that, the control to avoid Famur’s huge forepaws was amazing.

“Ah, never mind.”

Oops. Hyun, who realized that she was in a fairy tale state, took care of her emotions that had leaked out for a moment.

It’s more important to take care of Ajin than the situation of those guys right now.


Bloodraven’s guild leader, site.

The site ranked 3573rd in the personal ranking was not up to the rank called ‘ranker’, but compared to the number of accesses, it was a user belonging to the top rank in its own way.

‘There is still a chance.’

In the world, the coward always wins.

Inside the labyrinth, you have to be even more cowardly.

Having raised the guild to 167th with a single glance, the ability he is most confident about is ‘situation judgment’.

This time, the site was able to make the best judgment after rolling its head faster than anyone else.

“Right before the hunt ends, we ambush them.”

The site glanced at the party of seven and instructed the guild members.

Someone who didn’t understand at once asked back.

“The four of us attacking seven?”


“But here, the one who moves first… .”

Now, many people are looking for one prey.

It is common sense that in an imminent situation, it is at a disadvantage to take an unexpected action first.

However, the site’s judgment was different from common sense, and it was also the most accurate judgment.

“This is a labyrinth. different from the outside. Even if there are only four of us, we can annihilate seven people in an instant.”

The site knew the characteristics of the labyrinth more accurately than anyone else.

When physical damage occurs easily, the ‘right to go first’ has value enough to nullify numerical superiority.

“When I signal, throw daggers one by one at the same time. As soon as they start to wander around, I immediately charge in and kill the remaining ones.”

“What if I don’t die in one hit?”

“You must definitely aim for the head! The heart sometimes misses!」

A strategy that would have been impossible if this place hadn’t been for the Labyrinth.

At the same time, it was a possible strategy because it was a labyrinth.

“Now, let’s keep an eye on when the two-person party’s named hunt will end.”

Up until this point, Site believed his plan was perfect.

However, from the moment the girl strode towards the giant spider by herself, Site began to feel something strange.

‘It’s a two-person party, where are my colleagues?’

As she drew out her sword, her doubts deepened.

‘What? Are you trying to start hunting when your colleagues haven’t come yet?’

Chwiyi! Eventually, at the moment when Name recognized the girl in front of her and screamed, the site was able to fully grasp the whole situation.

It’s a fake to say there’s a party!

The girl really intended to catch a name by herself.

As soon as he witnessed the ornate sword in his hand, Site took a deep breath.

It was because I quickly searched for an image of the item.

「The magic swordsman’s blast! It’s a level 180 restricted weapon! That woman is a ranker in the top 100 or higher!”


“who… ji? If it’s in the top 100, I think you might know the ID.”

Bloodraven members get very nervous when they hear the word ranker.

The guild leader site quickly encouraged guild members.

“Even rankers don’t have to be intimidated. In the labyrinth, assassins have the upper hand over all occupations!”

However, the next moment, Site’s pupils had no choice but to widen.

Awesome! It was from the moment the magic swordsman’s gust of wind neatly severed parts of Pamur’s body.

‘Cut off my leg… ?’

Bloodraven has already experienced one failure.

Since that spider’s leg was cut off, it becomes even more difficult to attack because it uses lightning magic together.

In addition, it was necessary to carefully attempt an attack because it became more ferocious and agile as it was in danger.

Even so, the girl dodges the electric shock, catches up with him at great speed, and cuts off his leg in an instant!

“Wait, the hunting speed is incredibly fast!”

Flaw! Flaw!

Every time a leg was cut, lightning flashed again.

It was hard to believe that within 10 seconds of the battle, the ferocious spider lost all its legs and struggled.

“The hunt will be over soon! Move now!」

With a shout from the site, they launched an ambush from the rear of the party of 7.

“What, what… Whoops!”

“these guys… ! Ugh… 100 million!”

In an instant, several necks were pierced and their heads tumbled to the floor.

A catastrophe caused by being preoccupied only with drop items!

The skill to kill the sound was decisive.

No one even heard their footsteps until the Bloodraven members returned to the back of the 7-man party.

Like this, the labyrinth was a place where lives disappeared like reality, no, more futile than reality.

“I killed them all!”

“It’s surprisingly easy, isn’t it? After all, you’re the guild leader!”


Three out of four are assassins.

I never thought the day would come when I was so grateful for the extreme job imbalance!

The site wasn’t satisfied with the small achievement and moved on to the next goal.

“Focus on your prey! Items will drop soon!」

Another hidden party of four reappeared.

As expected, they were also waiting for the final moments of the hunt.

A party of 4 that I met for the first time with Bloodraven. A total of eight players rushed into the center of the hall at once.

「Kill ​​the rankers first! For the rest of the four, we win anyway!”

That was the site’s idea, but it didn’t take long to realize that something was wrong.

When he got close to the guild members and the girl.

Knead Kudduk.

All the legs of the giant spider struggling on the floor were slowly regenerating.

At an unreasonable speed to say it was natural healing.

“Wait, the hunt isn’t over… ?」

Key eh eh!

The spider’s terrible cry rang in his pupils.

The trembling of the magic that spreads in all directions with him made everyone’s hair stand on end.

“It’s playing again!”


It was also at that time that a pair of huge red claws sprouted from both of the girl’s hands.

A weapon for capturing the secondary form of Pamur.

‘That skill… ?!’

Lightning struck many people’s heads the moment they witnessed Ifrit’s claws.

The users here are top users with at least level 150.

There was no one who did not know the historical quest that caused a sensation in the community.

“I’ve never seen this woman before! What was your ID… ?」

“It’s Ain, you idiot!”

While everyone was preoccupied with Ain’s presence, Site noticed an intense spark flying from the spider’s body.

“It’s dangerous, everyone back away!”


After a while, a pitch-black shimmer covered Ain’s body.

The skill that Ain directly activated, the Armor of Darkness.


The very next moment, a storm of lightning struck the hall.

Famur’s face-to-face skill that starts as soon as he transforms into a secondary form. It was the moment when the ‘Electric Cage’ was activated.

‘Kuh… What happened? Wasn’t it right before the hunt ended?’

Fortunately, all of the Blood Ravens got out of the lightning strike area.

After barely breathing a sigh, the site slowly rewinded the situation.

girl… No, Ain threw something at the spider. Something resembling a blue gem.

it’s probably


Could it be that he fed the magic stone?

The current market value of magic stones is beyond imagination.

‘Why did I feed them magic stones?’

Among Asura’s information, there were many unknown facts.

Hidden quests, hidden places, and how to get ingredients that no one knows!

‘There’s a secret we don’t know about!’

Wasn’t the use of magic stones as food to obtain something beyond the value of magic stones? There was no other possibility.

In an instant, greed shimmered in Site’s eyes.

It was because I was curious about what Ain, the user of the previous work, was trying to get by using magic stones.

Finally, this place is inside the labyrinth. Wouldn’t it be possible to assassinate a celestial ranker?

Site watched the ferocious spider and told everyone.

“Everyone prepare your ultimate skill.”

「You want to fight Ain? No matter how precious the magic stone is… .”

“It won’t be a magic stone.”

The site recalled the memory.

Occasionally, unknown magic materials were put up for sale at the auction house.

The identity of the material and where to get it are unknown.

The users who were obsessed with magic stones did not know much, but the site was aware of the secret rumor that there was a special material that was traded at an exorbitant price.

「Cut off the leg and feed the magic stone. It’s not an ordinary process at first glance, is it?”

“I don’t think there is a way to obtain rare grade materials… .」

“Yes, that would be it.”

The site recalled Ain’s actions so far and said his guess.

With that word, Blood Raven’s guild members fell for the words of the site.

Top-grade magic ingredients!

It is an object that has more value than a house document on the subject that is only data in the game.

“Everyone, get ready.”

“… !”

In the face of a life-changing opportunity, Bloodraven’s guild members suppressed their beating hearts and watched the battle in front of them.

The fight between Ain and the named monster was more intense than any battle they had ever seen.

It was to the point where everyone was forced to back down to avoid being swept away by the lightning and flames that swept through the hall.

Aye! The giant spider’s legs were ripped off whenever colorful sparks lit up the air.

It took only a few minutes for all the legs to be amputated once again.

“I cut off all my legs again!”

“Is it now?”

“Wait, not yet!”

The site dissuaded the party.

It was because he caught a glimpse of Ain throwing a small crystal this time as well.

‘What is that?’

Unlike the blue magic stone, the transparent god stone was hard to see with the naked eye from a distance.

‘Is there something else here too!’

Recalling the pattern of the guy who emitted lightning as soon as he swallowed the magic stone earlier, the site hurriedly warned everyone.

“It’s dangerous, get out of here! Lightning will strike again!”

However, contrary to the site’s expectations, there was no lightning storm this time.

Instead, intense light began to emanate from it.

Papa baba babat!

In an instant, a spider web made of divinity spread and engulfed the entire space.

The last form of Famur.

Kiyi! The trembling of the holy relic’s magical power was enough to take away everyone’s souls.

“Yes, Hyun.”

Ain asked in front of Pamur, who showed off the light of divine power.

“What are those guys doing?”

Ain was also noticing the group of people staring at him from afar.

“Aren’t you going to kill me?”

“You don’t have to worry. You only focus on Pamur.”

Ain shuddered at the cold emotion that suddenly surged up.

If the meaning of the prefecture is this firm, there is no need to worry deeply.

In the midst of such thoughts, Hyun’s voice reached my ears a little more.

“You can’t cut off more than 5 legs. Do you remember?」

“uh? that, that… of course… 」

The moment he was about to say yes, Ain realized that his emotions were shaking.

Trembling just before preparing to lie. If it’s Hyun, it’s enough to notice.

“Of course I forgot!”

“under… under.”

Hyeon laughed as if he knew that and repeated the explanation from earlier.

“Pamur can only use space transfer when certain conditions are met. Our role is to create those conditions.”

“What was it… ?」

“First, cut off exactly half of the leg. Its skills are unlocked only when its four legs are cut off.”

Whenever Famur’s legs are cut off, his stats increase and new skills are created.

One thing to note is that if you cut off more than 5 legs, he won’t be able to walk properly.

I can’t even create a barrier, so I can’t even activate space shift.

“And the second thing to watch out for is time.”


“Wait until the barrier is complete, don’t catch it too soon.”

Pamur’s space shift does not activate instantly.

In other words, I had to wait for Pamur to create a barrier with his four legs before I could move the floor with him.

“Kuhmm, now I really know!”

After briefly clearing his throat, Ain began to activate the buff for the final step step by step.


Two types of wavelengths, and an angelic swordsmanship that has been deactivated for a while.

Quaang! Suddenly, the potential explosion of magical power reached 3 stacks in an instant. The consumed physical strength could be supplied by scratching the body of Pamur.

Having secured the optimal damage for the body defect, Ain said with a confident smile.

「Look, isn’t the damage calculation perfect? Maybe I’ll catch it faster than Hyun!”

“I was just telling you not to catch me quickly… ?」

“Ah, you know… ! That’s just what I said.”

Hyun captured the subtle trembling that comes from fairy tales.

lie again But rather than being angry, maybe it was because he did it even though he knew he would be caught.

‘Because Ain doesn’t look at small things when he’s immersed in battle.’

Thanks to that, he might show superhuman concentration at times, but hunting, not dueling, was an area that required calculation rather than concentration.

“Don’t be too nervous.”


“I think your reaction speed is slightly better than mine. Just remember to do it right.”

Pounding, Hyeon felt his heart sway in a happy mood.

All of a sudden, the corner of Ain’s mouth was smiling.

Did you take out any compliments? It won’t matter much though.

No matter how engrossed in battle Ain is, he won’t forget what I said.

[All Parmu’s stats increase by 10%!]


His first leg was cut off.

Instead of remaining as a corpse, the severed leg caused a divine explosion, and a spider’s web made of light filled the space where the explosion occurred.

Pachik Pachichik!

Every time Pamur moved on the spider’s web, intense sparks flew from the strings of light that crossed the air.

Cobwebs entangled the walls, floors, and even the ceiling around the hall, so it took only a few seconds for the surrounding terrain to become a mess.

As it continued to evolve, its body rather shrunk to about 1 meter, and it became more agile.

Chijik, chijijik!

The sight of such a guy laying cobwebs all over the place and emitting light seemed like lightning bolts shooting from all sides.

“damn! what else is this… !”

The ones who were really taken aback by the sudden start of the battle were the members of the Bloodraven guild.

It was natural that they, who had never experienced aerial combat, could not respond to a battle that required them to pay attention even to the walls and floors.

“ah… .”

Dismissed! A flash of light through the air.

Someone scattered into the light with a brief throes.

It was because a single bolt of lightning pierced the ground out of nowhere.

No, it wasn’t lightning, it was Pamur who rode a web from the floor to the ceiling!

Hyun laughed bitterly as he saw the Bloodraven guild members running away from the lightning in confusion.

‘Write, I shouldn’t die now.’

Pamur’s wandering around and spinning a web of light is not simply to secure a moving path.

The trail he moves is a magic circle.

The purpose was to form a huge barrier that transferred all souls inside.

‘Does it matter at least one person?’

Hyun decided to stop thinking about useless things.

Because it was more important to look after Ain than to care about them now.

Ain’s strategy was simple itself.

If it were me, I would have cut off the slow guy’s legs one by one after feeding him slow, but Ain was fighting a reckless speed battle with this nimble name.

What’s curious is that Ain’s mobility is lagging behind, but his unique fake move allows him to land an attack once in a while.

As if reading Pamur’s movements, Hyun fell into the illusion that he was watching a duel rather than an attack.

[All Parmu’s stats increase by 40%!]

[Skill ??? has been unlocked!]

‘It’s open!’

Finally, Ain succeeded in cutting off Famur’s four legs.

Key! The more he lost his leg, the faster he spun the web. The spider webs that Pamur spun were already drawing geometric patterns.

Finally, when the beams of light penetrating the ceiling and floor were drawn, the symmetry of the pattern was completed.

Jiing. Geeying!

A cluster of lights shining brightly in all directions.

It is a precursory phenomenon for the magic of space shift to be activated.

「Ain, do you remember?!」

“I know, I really didn’t forget this time!”

‘Accelerate biorhythm!’

In 3 seconds, my body felt as if I could fly away.

Ain’s mobility overtook Famur in an instant.

“I got it!”


Ain, who had driven Ifrit’s claws into his back, shouted.

With his claws, he pulled Pamur, who was trying to get out of the barrier.

It was the very next moment that the whole world flashed.

Everyone inside the barrier felt as if time had stopped.

Thousands of lightning bolts continued to Ain, Famur’s body, and the bodies of those below with their mouths open.


Eventually, when the light completely disappeared, nothing was left in the space where the battle had been.


The labyrinth began to return to its original state by slowly restoring the broken wall.

Within minutes, the place where the battle had been was immersed in silence as if nothing had happened.


Poppy, who was traveling with Louise, stopped abruptly.

“hmm? What is it?”

Louise wondered at Poppy, who was standing in place and staring at the ceiling.

Poppy frowned and replied.

“It looks like something unusual is going on upstairs.”

“What is it?”

“There is a person with a considerable amount of divine power nearby, perhaps a person who pursues the priestess.”

Even with the same celestial body, Papi’s stamina is inferior to that of other celestial beings.

So, the fact that he felt divine power meant that the energy was very close.

“The one who came to me… ? I’ve been safe for five years, but now it can’t be that way.”

“Maybe the priestess was caught by the tail when she went out… .”

“what? Are you saying it was my fault?!”

“I don’t know that much, but… If you go up the labyrinth like this, you will definitely run into someone.”

Louise asked Poppy back.

“So, how many people have divine power?”

“Um, two… No, only one.”

“Why are you two and then become one again?” ?!”

“I was confused for a while. One of them seems to have been the Holy Beast of the Labyrinth. Now it is gone again.”

“Um… .”

Louise’s thoughts deepened.

It was because it was not clear whether the dangerous person had come after seeing the wanted letter or if he had come from ‘darkness’.

‘It’s unlikely, but… .’

However, if the person who came to the ‘darkness’ after receiving the oracle of light, the story becomes serious.

Papi only knows herself as an unfortunate priestess.

In fact, if he found out that he was the great devil of darkness, something really big might happen.

He even turned a blind eye to dealing with demons, but that wouldn’t mean that he would embrace demons as well.

‘No, if darkness is the goal, there’s no way I’ll find it alone! Yes, he must have followed the wanted letter, or accidentally entered the labyrinth!’

It will not be an oracle.

If it had been given by an oracle, hundreds of paladins and priests would have flocked to it like that time five years ago!

Louise felt relieved once she realized that she was not the target.


However, in the very next moment, Louise, like Poppy, had no choice but to stop and look up at the ceiling.

“Goddess… ?”

‘This energy!’

Because she too felt something similar.

There are not many kinds of emotions that imperfect darkness can feel. Even if the empathy was sealed, I could definitely feel the energy of someone approaching nearby.

‘Could it be Hyun… ?!’

Your own shadow is coming very close!

‘I wasn’t praying, was it coming to me!’

“Priestess, what’s going on?”

Louise came back to her senses when she heard Poppy’s voice ask again.

“just… I thought I might meet someone on the way up.”

“Isn’t that what I said?”

“Yes? It did. That’s right… !”

Thinking of someone they would soon meet in their heads, the two slowly started walking down the road toward the ground.


In the basement of Labyrinth, which is wrapped in special magical power, there are many mysterious secrets that not only users but also NPCs do not know about.

Every time the secrets were revealed, they drove someone to the side of the treasure chest or to the pit of hell.

Pamur’s transfer barrier is one of them.


With the activation of the barrier, the electric shock made up of a single point spread evenly over a myriad of wide spaces.

It was the moment when the souls inside the barrier were transferred somewhere on the 16th floor.

“The place has suddenly changed!”

“The name is gone too! What, even our guild members disappeared… ?”

“Where has everyone gone?”

“I don’t know, but I’m not dead anyway!”

「Quickly find the name!」

The structure of the labyrinth is in the form of two huge pyramids attached in opposite directions.

It gradually widens as you go down to the 16th floor, and it narrows again in the shape of an inverted pyramid until the 32nd floor.

In other words, the 16th floor is the most extensive floor in the labyrinth.

No one can fathom its width, but Hyun was shocked to learn that the length and width of the 16th floor in Interloop each reached 20 kilometers.

So, the Bloodraven members who were scattered in the vast labyrinth were unable to know each other’s situation.

“Is it done?!”

“Right, you’re right!”

On the other hand, Hyeon and Ain moved to a place close enough that their voices could be heard.

Keye! There was also a spider howling in pain nearby.

It was because Pamur’s transfer magic moved the objects in contact with each other.

“Don’t chase me.”

Hyun lost all of his webs and let Famur, who was limping, run away.


“I’ll have to use transfer again when I go up later.”

You can get Pamur’s materials later, but you can’t use transfer magic once he dies.

“I’ve confirmed the location, so I can come back anytime.”

Hyun marked the coordinates of Pamur, who was slowly recovering from far away, clinging to the ceiling, on the map.

‘This road is still confusing.’

Hyeon, who was walking through the labyrinth assimilated to Ain, suddenly felt a chill at the memory of Asura.

There are no monsters on the 16th and 17th floors of the labyrinth.

No, only one now. There must have been a pamur hanging from the ceiling, but apart from that guy, no life really existed.

Also, why do I feel this way when I don’t even have a life-threatening trap?

“Hyun, isn’t this the way you came from earlier?”

“It’s similar, but it’s a different place.”

“Yeah, but all of a sudden… Why are you taking me to a dead end… ?!”

“… It’s not a dead end.”

Slowly – Ain’s body passed through the solid wall as it was.

Right after that, what unfolded before my eyes was a new aisle full of green flames.

Like this, the 16th and 17th floors are full of cheating devices.

Among the magic circles engraved on the wall, there was even one that changed the direction of sound.

Hyeon tried to think about the situation of the guys who were aiming at him.

‘Are you a little too much? If you have to be stuck here during the hectic time right after the patch… If you’re like me, you might go crazy.’

The 16th and 17th floors are vast labyrinths.

No matter how much you run, you just hover in the same place, and even if you hit the wall or the floor, only mana is consumed.

In the end, those who realized that they could not get out of this place decided to commit suicide as their last choice.

However, even that was impossible unless it was an NPC.

For users who felt neither hunger nor thirst, falling to death was almost the only means of suicide, but that method was only possible for very few occupations with low agility.

‘Well, since it’s cause and effect, I hope we won’t run into each other in the future.’

If you’re lucky, you might even meet each other and try to kill each other.

If you’re unlucky, you might wander through the labyrinth for a week or so.

In any case, it was a story that had nothing to do with him.

「Ahin, have you ever come from here?」

“huh… maybe.”

“I came before I met you, but even then I couldn’t find my way out. In the end, I asked the management to save me.”

“Then did you take it out?”

“no… He didn’t save me. It’s a terrible memory to even think about.”

“okay… ? Then won’t you save me this time?”

Suddenly, Ain smiled sinisterly.

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