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‘Even if I became famous, I would be able to roam the streets openly… .’

Unlike his normal self, Ain’s unique aura easily caught the eye of the users, so it seemed that he needed this disguise.

The atmosphere of Labyrinth, which had arrived again, was very different from before.

“What, there are so many people here!”

From the moment I left the teleport gate, I could see several people dressed as ‘users’.

A single user, a user who formed a party of three or four. to groups of dozens of people. Most of the users here now must be at least level 150 or higher.

“huh? Hyun, look at that person!”

At Ain’s cry, Hyun followed her fingers.

The person there is a female user who appears to have purchased a sunglasses costume.

Guessing from her equipment, she was at least level 200!

There was no doubt that he was wearing earrings with a level limit of 200.

What was even more surprising was that Hyeondo and Ain also saw that face for the first time.

“What is that?”

“Looks like a user who hasn’t registered for the Hall like us!”

“really… ?」

All sorts of thoughts ran through Hyeon’s head.

Ever since Latisse was inducted into the Hall of Fame, Mayday has maintained the number one spot.

Since Mayday reached level 200 about a week ago, that user had to consider it at least similar to Mayday.

‘Is there a user who can take level 200 without being noticed by the community? like me? But there would be no fairy tales… !’

Suspicion came to Hyeon for an instant.

Coincidentally, Ain seemed to have the same question.

“Are you an Asura user?”

“No, they look like Westerners… He may have changed his appearance.”

“Ah, it’s gone!”

While watching from afar, she slipped into the crowd.

Hyun and Ain quickly chased after it, but they were unable to find it because it was hidden by the complex terrain of the desert city.

Or you logged out, and if so, it’s no wonder you couldn’t find it.

“Huh, should I be a little nervous?”

When you come to a place overflowing with rankers, it seems like all the stars of the stars come out.

Hyun vowed to take a closer look at the face of the woman he had just seen in the video later.

“It’s okay, Hyun and I won’t lose to the user?”

“Yes, I believe only you, Ain.”

Crossing the crowd, Hyeon and Ain encountered countless types of users.

Ranker guilds, unknown faces, and even some gaming teams were gathered in Labyrinth.

‘Is it a game team? It’s a place I’ve never seen before… .’

Pro gamers who pursue stable hunting did not fit in with the dangerous labyrinth at all.

However, jumping into a field that is not their main event would be proof that the price of magic materials is skyrocketing like crazy.

But it was still early to be surprised. Users’ interest in Labyrinth far exceeded Hyun’s imagination.

“Area 21, the entrance fee is 24000 gold.”

Hyeon was startled while entering the labyrinth.

“How much gold? Entrance fee… ?!”

Surprised, I shouted in Ain’s voice, and I was a little embarrassed and cleared my throat.

“What price is this?”

Ain also asked, searching for memories.

“Have you ever had an entrance fee before?”

「No! Rather, it’s a dangerous area, so we banned restrictions below level 150! But now it seems that even that restriction has disappeared.”

If you convert 24,000 gold to the latest market price, it’s about 8 million won!

It was only because the number of users increased drastically and the value of gold decreased.

The entrance fee to the dungeon in the game is close to 10 million won in cash. It was something I couldn’t even imagine in Asura’s days.

It didn’t take Hyun to figure out the situation.

‘Yes, the NPCs in the Nation of Darkness smelled of money like ghosts!’

The labyrinth is the easiest hunting ground to obtain magic materials.

The rise in admission prices is probably the result of the law of supply and demand.

“Still, 24,000 gold… . The entrance fee is 8 million won.”

“Hyun, if it’s a gold hat, you can wear mine.”

“No, it’s not lacking, but… It’s scary that the old sense of money is still there.”

Hyun barely resisted the temptation to infiltrate using invisibility.

You can afford 8 million won, but if you are wanted by the Nation of Darkness, you might not be able to afford it.

‘Thanks to Donghwa, it’s a one-person rate.’

However, even after entering the labyrinth, the labyrinth manager’s rip-off was not over.

“Ah, adventurer! There is an elevator that allows you to safely move to the supply center! Would you like to use the lift?”

Walking down the entrance hallway, the caretaker began to mutter additional options.

“Supplier? lift… ? What else is that?”

“Haha, the place where only monsters between level 250 and 300 appear is referred to as a supply store by ‘users’! We also manage the labyrinth’s supply and demand areas separately! With the lift, you can hunt right there!”

In a word, the manager’s words are perfect.

The NPCs had a surprisingly accurate grasp of what the users wanted.

Even in a labyrinth, the level of monsters varied widely, so users who continued to farm in places where only moderately strong monsters appeared could save time and lives.



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“So, how much is the elevator fee? ?”

“If you pay 52,000 gold for the elevator to the Noble area and 89,000 gold for the Royal area, we will… !”

“ah… yes.”

A girl passing by, nodding her head without a soul.

The manager quickly caught up and added.

“No, are you just going down without using the elevator?! You could die! No, you will surely die! The entrance is full of trap magic circles that have lost control, and cruel monsters are teeming with every aisle!”

Tsk tsk, to say such a thing after receiving all the admission fees, where did you sell your conscience?

Hyun saved further useless arguments by ignoring the janitor.

‘I have to do business in moderation.’

Hyun ignored the voice he heard and slowly descended the dark stairs.

It wasn’t until a few seconds after the girl disappeared that the worried labyrinth manager’s expression changed.

“Sheesh, users who don’t know how precious their lives are… .”

A face full of annoyance and annoyance.

However, his expression changed to a friendly smile in a matter of seconds.

It was because a new Hogu, who could tell at a glance that he was a user, was walking into the labyrinth entrance.

“Ah, adventurer! Are you trying to enter the labyrinth! Entrance fee… .”


The woman, who had adjusted her sunglasses, muttered briefly, holding out a heavy bundle of money.

“Go straight to the Royal District.”

The janitor, who had been dazed for a moment, quickly came to his senses and smiled an oversized sales smile.

As a result of quickly checking with magic, the gold coins in the bank were 113,000 gold!

Among the users, there were sometimes such people. Like aristocrats or wealthy people, those who casually toss large sums of money.

‘Hehehe, another person has arrived!’

The caretaker treated them like nobles whenever they came.

This was because the higher the profit, the bigger the money falling to him.

Like this, after the appearance of users, Labyrinth was experiencing its best boom.


Labyrinth, 23rd floor underground.

Whoops! Barbro, the master of the hierarchy, lost his strength and collapsed.

Then, blue crystals floated above the guy’s huge body.

A stone with condensed magical power, a magic stone.

Like this, most of the giant named monsters had the source of power inside their bodies.

“Five, it’s finally over.”

Louise complained while picking up the magic stone.

“To think that only one regenerates a year. Isn’t that too crude?”

“Regen… What?”

The man next to him frowned and tilted his head.

But he soon shrugged. It wasn’t once or twice that the priestess muttered meaningless words.

“Did you achieve all your goals?”

“Yes, I will be leaving this place now.”

“I will see the sun in five years.”

“Yes, now to the sky… Yes?”

Louise, who continued to speak, trembled with a strange sensation in an instant.

Even though sympathy is sealed, the trembling of the soul can be felt at first glance.

It was a resonance with the most warm-hearted being.

Although no one else knew, his aura was still remembered.

If she couldn’t recall his face before falling asleep, she wouldn’t have been able to endure the five years.

“Ohhh, this!”

“Is there a problem?”

A nostalgic smile appeared on Louise’s lips as she closed her eyes.

“Huh, it looks like you’re praying again.”

“What are you saying all of a sudden? uh… !”

At the same time, the man with him, Poppy, also felt something.

Celestials are sensitive to feelings.

In particular, beings with great divine power could be felt even if they were very far away.

‘Did someone come to the labyrinth?’

Poppy looked up at the ceiling.

Divine power is a familiar energy to the Celestials, but it was also a bit uncomfortable for Poppy now.

The reason he hid in the basement of Labyrinth for five years was to avoid the eyes of the heavenly forces.

However, the divinity that I felt at first glance soon disappeared. She soon became obsessed with her gut feeling.

‘no… Maybe it was an illusion.’

Poppy shook her head and decided not to care too much.

In a few days, you’ll be leaving this hideout anyway.

‘Lady… Please wait a little longer.’

Poppy looked at Louise’s back with pitying eyes.

His past overlapped in her appearance.

Being tricked by the devil and stained with demonic energy.

The memory of having to avoid the forces of the sky was a nightmare even thinking about it again.

Are you afraid of heaven? Is there any other funny story like that in the world!

However, it was not a funny story at all to Poppy, who had crossed the line between life and death for over ten years.

Again, Poppy looked at Louise with a determined expression.

‘Priestess will be able to regain her divinity soon.’

Suddenly, Poppy felt Louise’s vague eyes.

The priestess would sometimes look at herself with such a sorry look and then avoid her gaze. Even though she doesn’t need to feel that way at all.

‘I won’t turn away from you.’


entrance to the labyrinth.

On the way down the long stairs, several messages appeared before Hyun’s eyes.

<This is probably not the place you know, so will you be able to get out safely?>

[Atmospheric mana is twisted!]

[In the labyrinth, different rules apply!]

– Items dropped from monsters cannot be stored in the inventory for 1 minute.

– Possible damage to the body with damage equal to 5% of maximum HP.

‘It hasn’t changed.’

After reading everything, Hyun nodded.

Just like in Asura’s time, the labyrinth was a place that resembled ‘reality’ in many ways.

In reality, it is possible to steal other people’s things.

Even a small wound to a vital point can kill an opponent.

In particular, the change in the setting of the body defect had a curse-like effect on the NPCs.

They won’t die suddenly with 5% damage instead of the usual 33%.

That’s probably why high-ranking NPCs are reluctant to enter the labyrinth.

‘That’s why Louise is hiding here.’

Hyun knew Louise’s location except for ‘depth’.

It was because the red dot on the devil’s orb was magnified as much as possible.

When the map of the labyrinth obtained through the interloop was superimposed on the fixed X and Y coordinates, Louise’s location was reduced to three candidates.

‘There is no space other than the 20th, 22nd, and 23rd floors!’

Hyun looked up.

The 3D map floating at the top of the screen was filled with countless arrows.

It is a perfect movement line created by staying up all night before coming to the labyrinth.

If you just follow the direction of the arrow, you will be able to secure enough materials requested by the genie, obtain the materials for the legendary items, and meet Louise in the process.

‘laugh?! Shadow run!’

It was in the middle of running fast along the line that steel spikes suddenly rose from the floor and ceiling.

Kwajik! Awl-shaped teeth chewed through the hallway.

Right after he barely escaped, Hyun noticed that the corners of Ain’s mouth were raised.

“Don’t play around. You almost died!」

A trap that responds to the flow of magical power.

Ain seemed to have deliberately used the skill in the middle of the hallway.

“I knew Hyun would avoid it.”

“What if I couldn’t avoid it?”

“Didn’t you avoid it because it’s Hyun?”

Whoa… Should I accept the traps, the monsters, and even the pranks of Ain?

However, as Ain said, if you can’t react to this trap, you won’t be able to descend even half of the labyrinth.

“Yeah, you can play these pranks only on the lower floors.”

“Do whatever you want~?”

“No, don’t do it too much… I have to go downstairs.”

‘Prophecy On.’

Hyun secretly used the blessing of darkness.

After Ain’s disposition changed to Abyss, this method was able to completely block her mischief.

‘I can’t keep it on, though.’

However, when it was important, I had to release it.

It was because when he received the protection of darkness, neither Ain nor himself who had assimilated with her could hardly concentrate on the fight.

‘Because I can’t die right now!’

Hyeon quickly started descending the labyrinth.

Click, click. Traps were triggered in succession.

Suddenly flying arrows, rising poison mist.

Hyun skipped them, speeding up. He sometimes intentionally triggers traps and crashes to the floor.

It was because he knew that there was a trap somewhere, and because he had the confidence to reflexively avoid an unexpected surprise attack.

The underground labyrinth is a huge dungeon that can be counted among three fingers in the world view.

In order to meet Louise within today or tomorrow, she had to speed up like this.

“There are three names in total that you must catch.”

And Ain must have forgotten, so he explained the plan again while running.


“Yes, the first one is on the first floor. It just happens to be a guy who lives near this area.”

The first floor is the least difficult area.

Most users might think that it is an easy prey even if it is a name.

It wasn’t wrong, but it wasn’t entirely right.

The level of the monsters in the labyrinth is not everything.

“Is there anything near the 1st floor named street?”

“The red nine-tailed fox, Sherat.”

In fact, the first prey was a name with the highest level of strength in the entire labyrinth.

It was also the most powerful of the three that had to be caught.

When I said the plan, Ain showed a slightly embarrassed reaction.

“uh… ? I don’t know how to catch it?!”

“I’m just watching. I will do it.」

rattle! The moment I ran, the entire floor of the hallway disappeared.

Fall trap!

Below, a bubbling river of lava welcomed Ain’s fall.

‘Shadow run!’

Few users know the hidden passage in this place that looks like a trap at first glance.

This is why in order to get the map of the first floor of the labyrinth, you have to carry out the hidden quest of the Nation of Darkness NPC, which is quite troublesome.

“It’s here!”


Hyeon carefully observed the flow of lava and his eyes lit up.

Even without checking the map on the screen, this place was clearly remembered.

‘I won’t die, right?’

-Lava resistance: 99%

Wouldn’t it be possible to swim in lava with the effect attached to Rekarat’s monster armor worn by Ain?

Still, Hyun activated an additional skill just in case.

By using the magic that had just reached its maximum level.

‘The armor of darkness!’

Hard! A pitch-black protective film covered Ain’s body.

Chwah, chwah.

The red water that swallowed the body of one person whole. Ain’s body began to be swept somewhere along the strong flow beneath the lava.

[Duration of Dark Armor has ended!]

[The magic of 293829 has been restored!]

Pooh! When it springs up from under the lava again.

At that time, Ain was standing on a large platform surrounded by rivers of lava on all sides, not in the corridor of the labyrinth before he fell.

A place similar to the underground city where Betty fought before. However, it was an empty lot with marble tiles that were a bit more refined than then.

“It’s been a while since we hunted nine tail foxes.”

And in the middle of the clearing, a huge fox with nine tails was crouching, glaring at Ain.

Kyarruru, the nine-tailed fox threw a wary gaze at Ain, who had risen from the lava, and slowly got up.

A gigantic body nearly 3 meters tall!

It is much bigger than the gumiho in the tale!

I couldn’t see the guy’s status window, but I could get accurate information by referring to the interloop.

Level 110, HP 33000.

Why is Hyun so nervous about an opponent he can take down with just one shot?

This is because it is a monster that cannot be defeated in one shot.

Seureung and Hyun took out unique longswords from their inventory.

The sight of Ain stretching his longsword straight was a very rare sight in Assrian.

‘This would be an appropriate weapon.’

Different laws operate inside the labyrinth than outside.

In general, even if you catch hundreds of millions of the same name, only magic stones will drop.

In order to obtain his unique material, a slightly different method was needed.

‘You can’t cut off the blue tail.’

Eight of the tails of the nine-tailed fox are red and one is blue.

The blue tail is like a heart to humans.

If it is cut off, it will lose control of its magic power and will falter and perish before long.

‘Only all eight red tails are cut.’

It is said that hunters only aim for the head of their prey to obtain fur.

Likewise, if you want to get the materials you want from the labyrinth names, you have to hunt them in a special way.

Hyun carefully examined the tail of the nine-tailed fox.

How to get the material, ‘Tail of the Nine Tail’. Be sure to cut off the blue tail last!

‘Avoiding fatal blows!’

Critical hits cannot occur more than 3 times.

I couldn’t even attack parts other than the tail.

Then there was a high possibility that he would die before he could get the materials.


Hyun started to move together, aiming for the timing of his attack.

[Takes 3 damage!]

Booung! I dodged the slow claws with a single piece of paper.

Immediately after grabbing the back, he lowered and raised his sword and cut himself twice.

The two strands of tail that were scattered in flames.

[Sherat’s magic power increases by 20%!]

[Sherat’s magic power increases by 40%!]

Kyaaa! The boy’s body glowed bluish.

This is the scary thing about the labyrinth monsters. Most guys get stronger and fiercer the more they lose their bodies.

‘It’s not difficult yet.’

Once again, Hyeon evaded the rushing nine-tailed fox, leaving behind an afterimage, and fired a counterattack.

I deliberately deviated the blade of the sword to avoid a fatal blow.

Hwaruk, Hwaruk, Hwaruk, several strands of the tail burned and disappeared.

Thanks to Ain’s much higher agility, Hyeon was able to cut off all the red tails in about 30 seconds.

[Sherat’s magic power increases by 160%!]

Kyaaaaa! The nine-tailed fox, which lost all eight tails in an instant, let out a painful cry.

The last one, cutting off the blue tail, will drop materials worth at least 100 million units.

However, instead of finishing him off, Hyeon took an item from his inventory and threw it.


A blue crystal flew to the corner of his mouth, drawing a parabola.

The gumiho swallowed it as if it had snatched it.

The identity of the crystal is a 10-grade magic stone! A rare gem that drops only from monsters of at least level 250!

Woo woo woo woo-!

As soon as he swallowed the magic stone, he howled loudly. His severed tail sprouted in an instant.

And the whole body started to burn. As if using the ultimate skill of a melee mage, the resolution of extinction.

Ain, who had been watching quietly, asked cautiously.

“Are you successful?”

“Yeah, it’s real from now on.”

Hyun put the sword in his hand.

From now on, the sword won’t even scratch you.

Quadduk! Instead, Efreeti’s claws were activated.

‘His physical strength has risen to 550,000, and he must have developed a damage reduction passive.’

I already knew the guy’s defense.

I won’t be able to kill him easily this time either.

Removed all wavelength series buffs. The angel’s basic swordsmanship was also set not to activate.

Quaang! The moment you use Latent Explosion of Magical Power in that state.

The damage that satisfies more than 5% and less than 10% of maximum physical strength in one shot was adjusted again.

‘Okay, this is enough!’

From then on, the fight between the girl wielding flames and the fox burning with flames began.

Roaring! Every time the two sides moved, afterimages of flames were left here and there.

Kurung, deeddeudeuk!

Whenever the skill was used, the ground and lava were dug up, and the marble clearing quickly became a chaotic battlefield.

‘Accelerate biorhythm!’

Tuong! Right after Ifrit’s magic sphere was deflected with his claws.

Hyeon sprinted under the lava and caught him from behind.

From the physical gap created immediately after using a skill to the psychological gap created by approaching invisibly!

Seizing the perfect opportunity in an instant, Hyun cut the claws on both hands from the tail of the gumiho.

Kyaaa! By the time it reacted, it had already cut off four strands of its tail.

[The magic power of Sherat (Awakening) increases by 120%!]

[From now on, I will use the skill, ‘Flower’!]

While widening the distance, Hyun witnessed the creature’s claws claw the air.

Three lines of flame drawn in the air.

From that effect, I grasped the skill effect at once.


Dozens of sparks raged right after Hyeon flew to the side.

Cheer la la rock!

A slash hit the spot where Ain was staying.

The storm of sharp flames devastated all terrain and splashed fragments of lava in all directions at the same time.

A claw that is triggered by striking the air. It was the most dangerous skill among his skills.

“The reaction speed just now… It was amazing!」

Hyeon gave a short reply to Ain who admired him.

“It is not a reaction. That’s what I expected.”

“Hmm, it’s amazing!”

Haha, Ain’s answer made Hyun laugh naturally.

Are you so good at predicting the opponent’s psychology during a duel, but are you curious about the monster’s pattern? In a way, it was like a human being.

In any case, the heated battle of flame against flame lasted about 5 minutes.

As time passed, it was Ain who gained the advantage.

Quaang! This is because the difference in mobility was significantly widening as the potential explosions of agility overlapped.

By the time it reached 3 stacks, Hyeon had been playing with him like a bullfighter.

Hwareuk! Hwareuk! Kyaoo!

[The magic power of Sherat (Awakening) increases by 160%!]

When the round clearing was about a third destroyed, Hyun was able to cut off the last eighth tail.

A blue-tailed fox kneeling in a dying state. Now, it was embarrassing to even call it a gumiho.

However, Hyun did not finish him off this time either.

I took out a small stone from my inventory again.

Not blue like before, but transparent crystals. A divine stone that cannot be valued by itself.

‘This is the end.’

The tail of a nine-tailed fox is not a material included in Genie’s request, but a legendary item material.


At first glance, it sounds like an all-powerful word, but not all legendaries are the same.

If some equipment just made hunting easier, some equipment could even change the game of war.

‘To make it usable even at level 200… .’

The biggest problem is that strong powers are highly restricted.

The lower the wear limit, the lower the quality of the equipment. I didn’t know that if I made a level 200 Legendary in a normal way, it might turn out to be a shiny thing.

‘I need top-notch ingredients!’

Two ways to solve that dilemma. The first is the skill of the manufacturer, and the second is the quality of the material.

Since he couldn’t get involved in the production process, Hyun was thinking of getting the best materials for the best equipment.

“Okay, let’s start.”

After receiving and eating the god stone, the gumiho trembled for a while.

The flame burning all over the body lost its power and seemed to disappear, and then, Paba Babat! Eight black tails sprouted again.

The power contained in jet black is an aura familiar to Hyun and Ain.

[Facing an overwhelming opponent, all stats decrease!]

[The Celestials do not give in easily to the threat of the Abyss!]

[All stats decrease by 5%!]

Kururu, Kururu, as if an earthquake had occurred, the ground shook and concentric circles spread out in the river of lava.

Quaaaaaa! At the same time as he howled, the Magi’s typhoon raged.

The named monster, which used to be a bit special, has now transformed into a powerful monster.

Some of the information about the guy that Interloop found out is like this.

Jet Black Sherat (Lv.395)

Stamina: 9800000/9800000

Mana: 20480/20480

Magi: 104000/104000

<Skill List>

[Spiritual Leather Lv.24]

– Defense increases by 804!

-Additionally blocks 47% of all damage!

[Rapid Natural Healing Lv.21]

-Regenerates 15183 health per second!

Nearly 10 million physical strength, tremendous defense and recovery speed.

The nine-tailed fox that swallowed the Shinseok was a monster that users could not normally find or catch.

Even Hyun wouldn’t have thought of catching this guy if it wasn’t for the legendary item.

Even the wave of neutralization cannot reduce its defense to 0.

Also, there is a huge difference in the amount of damage between those with 0 defense and those without.

Even with Ain’s damage, it was clear that he would not be able to keep up with his recovery speed unless it was a free deal.

‘I can catch it.’

But this place is a labyrinth.

It was a battlefield where it was possible to knock down a giant with a needle if it could deal a certain amount of damage.

‘If only I could pass 5 percent in one shot!’

And Hyun has already finished all the calculations.

self. Ain’s body disappeared.

The target is one of the 8 black tails.

The reason why he was aiming for only one strand was to accurately activate the ‘angel’s basic swordsmanship’.

A brief gap in which he is still not able to come to his senses due to the afterglow of swallowing the god stone.

Awesome! I cut off one of the guy’s tails.

[Critical Hit! It did 723817 damage!]

[Protection works! All of Sherat’s defenses are tripled for 10 seconds!]

[Sherat’s magic power increases by 20%!]

As if blood was exploding, demonic energy surged from the severed tail like an explosion.

“Hoo-wook… !”

Ain groaned and backed away. But there was a smile of repentance on his lips.

It was Hyun’s smile, convinced that his calculations were not wrong.

“Okay, the damage is just barely there!”

“Is it a success?!”

“No, I should do better from now on.”

Hyun took a deep breath and made up his mind.

Invisibility cooldown is 2 minutes. However, if there is no invisibility, the critical hit will not explode.

This meant that they had to endure a 2-minute blitz for one attack.

“This one can only attack once!”

From then on, it was a series of fierce battles.

Oh oh! Ohhh!

The pitch-black fox let out a strange cry and ran wild here and there like crazy.

Even after consistently feeding Shadow Linker’s slow debuff, he was not at all pushed back by Ain’s mobility with maximum potential explosion.

The speed is a problem, but the problem is the skill mixed with magic and magic that he is rampaging!

The floor had long since collapsed.

Even the stepping stones drifting in places in the lava were shattered.

At some point, Ain and the nine-tailed fox were fighting over the vast sea of ​​lava.

If Reckart’s monster armor had no resistance to lava, a melee that would have been extremely difficult continued to unfold.

Quad de de de de deuk!

As Sherat clawed at the air, a red wave surged up to ten meters.

It’s scary.

His skill, which at first glance seemed like a close-range attack, was actually a skill that cut through everything in his field of vision.

The world split in half, and Ain’s body seemed to be torn apart by a slash with a mixture of flame and demonic energy.

but that one is fake.

Hyeon cleverly used invisibility and illusion to evade the guy’s skill and succeeded in catching the blind spot.

‘Half of this… !’

[Critical Hit! It did 583727 damage!]

Awesome! The slightly shorter dark sword finally cut off the fourth tail.

[Protection works! All of Sherat’s defenses are tripled for 10 seconds!]

[Sherat’s magic power increases by 80%!]

[From now on, I will use the skill ‘Fire Formation’!]

[From now on, I will use the skill ‘Incarnation’s Step’!]


Messages that come to mind with shrill screams. Numerous sentences quickly passed Hyun’s field of vision.

‘what? danger… !’

When I checked the contents, it was after Sherat’s new skill had already been activated.

As the body of the gigantic body sprinted, the sea of ​​lava split open and the bottom was exposed.

In an instant, Sherat reached Ain’s nose and stretched out his front paw.

Incarnation’s steps.

I felt it several times in sparring with Ain, but this was a skill that was impossible to react to because there was no preliminary action.

[I was bound by the burning ceremony!]

[All movement skills are sealed for 2 seconds!]

‘Sheesh… !’

When I reflexively used Shadow Run, such a message was already emerging.

Asura and Asrian are not exactly the same.

Skills and monsters.

Just like now, sometimes you have to improvise and overcome the situation. The prefecture was also aware of the fact that it had to accept change.

‘Determination of extinction!’

The moment a tail sprouted from Ain’s back.

Bright red flames rode up Ain’s whole body.


It wasn’t just burning, but a torrent of prominence that coiled around with the momentum to incinerate the target.

However, no matter how hot the flame is, it cannot burn even a single hair of Elemental Berserker who uses the ultimate skill.

The attributes of fire, cold, electricity, and wind do not work on those who are prepared for extinction.

“Fuu, I had the intention of using it if I had to, but it’s a waste.”

After the Hwayeong Ceremony.

After applying the debuff again and settling down on the wind barrier, Hyun muttered regretfully.

「Ultimate skill? Were you able to use it elsewhere?!」

“It’s not like that… It’s better to catch it naked.”

“Isn’t it cool to hold it as an ultimate?”

Hyun smiled at Ain’s question.

“Then it’s not optimization.”


Ain tried to understand the words.

Is it the same context as feeling good when you win a duel by a narrow margin? But hunting isn’t the same as dueling.

It is not likely that Hyun is making such an attempt to see the various expressions of the monsters.

‘Is that the prefecture’s secret?’

At some point, he felt like he was falling behind in everything except the duel.

I practiced to come, but the gap still didn’t close.

But what you just said might be a new clue!

Ain decided to watch Hyun play more closely.

[Sherat’s magic power increases by 120%!]

An intense battle continued.

Even ignoring the damage of the flame series, the fight was not easy.

Kyaa! The more the tail is cut off, the more violent it becomes.

About ten minutes of such a battle.

The more Ain looked, the more he admired Hyeon’s ability to make difficult things look easy.

In particular, it is strange that he never gets hit by a skill he has seen once.

It seems like you are intoxicated by the sensation conveyed through fairy tales.

I don’t think I’ll ever lose

How can Hyun be so sure of victory?

In an instant, I had the illusion that the protection of darkness was on.

I obviously turned it off right before the battle, but why does it feel similar to that time?


It wasn’t long after Ain’s body melted into the air.

The dark sword that fell from the ceiling finally cut off the ‘blue tail’.

“It’s over!”

At Hyun’s sudden cry, Ain, who had been watching as if he were watching a first-person movie, came to his senses.


The nine-tailed fox, which had lost all of its tails, screamed as it emitted demonic energy from its entire body.

Just as humans die if they lose their heart, no matter how much physical strength they have, it is meaningless to a gumiho whose source of life has been cut off.

The tailless fox soon dispersed into demonic energy and soaked into the lava.

All he had left was a tail.

Hyun caught a tuft of blue hair that was gently falling in the air.

[This item can be stored in your inventory after 55 seconds!]

The huge tail had shrunk to a size suitable for holding in the hand.

The first material for making a Legendary weapon.

A soft smile appeared on Ain’s lips as he held the brilliant blue fur in his hand.

‘Forward two.’

I just climbed the first stair.

No matter how good the material is, it is just a material until it is processed, so Hyun decided to put the heartbeat until all the combinations were completed.



Inside the elevator to the resting place in the royal area.

The manager controlling the magic circle flinched at the sudden ground shaking.

‘Huh, earthquake… ?’

The tremors soon subsided.

When I thought it was an illusion for a while, Kururu! The ground roared again.

The echo this time was much louder than before and even shook the aisle of the elevator, which was under strong protective magic.


It was not an illusion.

Something was definitely happening inside the labyrinth.

Someone from a party of four who were moving to the elevator together asked.

“What’s going on? is it dangerous If it’s dangerous, I don’t want to enter now. Give me a refund.”

“Ha ha, maybe not dangerous. We’ve only come down to the beginning of the labyrinth, but there’s no big fuss going on around here.”

“okay? I’m glad then… .”

At the same time as the manager smiled and said, he inspected the nearby areas with the management magic circle.

It was in the very next moment that I got surprising information.

Through the vibration transmitted to the magic circle and the flow of magic power, the amount of impact applied within a certain range was calculated.

‘What, 80,000 Gigantes’ magic was generated in 20 minutes… ?’

A level of magical energy that could never occur in the upper layers.

I was worried for a moment.

The reason why users don’t save a lot of money is that safe hunting is possible in a safe place.

Wouldn’t it spread bad rumors about the business if they learned about the labyrinth?

The caretaker was in serious trouble for a moment, but soon shook his head.

‘It’ll be fine. After all, there are no supply cabinets on the 1st and 2nd floors.’

The value of the labyrinth was in the magic materials that could be obtained from monsters.

I don’t know why, but the users paid tens of thousands of gold for the entrance fee thanks to the magic ingredients.

As a result, as long as the labyrinth collapses and the passage of the elevator or the path to the rest area is not blocked, there will be no setbacks to the business.

‘Still, I need to finish this and find out what’s going on in the labyrinth.’

However, if the Labyrinth business was affected even a little, a solution had to be prepared.

It wasn’t that something had happened near the water supply station, but the manager thought it was a relief.


Labyrinth 3rd floor.

“Formation ready!”

The members of the world ranked 167th guild, Bloodraven, were very lucky.

It was because it was rare to accidentally encounter a named monster while wandering in the labyrinth.

“You have to catch it quickly before others notice!.”

“It’s okay, I almost got it! Dropped below 10% health!”

“Are you still looking at the net?”

The probability of encountering the name in a place other than the supply and demand place was extremely low. Thanks to this, they couldn’t control their excitement with the feeling of winning the lottery.

Because, when you defeat a named monster, one or more items are guaranteed to drop!

Common drop items are magic stones.

It was just one of the common materials of manufacture until a few months ago, but now it has become a gem that is more precious than diamonds in reality.

Depending on the grade of the magic stone, you could buy a house or a building with it.

“Oh crazy!”

“Why, what happened?”

“Right now, it looks like a party is coming this way!”

“what? Then what do you do!”

In that sense, Bloodraven was unlucky again.

In the city, you can be protected by guards, but inside the labyrinth is a lawless zone.

The purpose of the users who came to the labyrinth was obvious.

As soon as he found the named monster, there was no way he couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“How many are there?”

“4 people! There are two of us, but… If you fight while hunting, there is no guarantee that you will win.”

“Kuh… ! Grab it before you notice!”

Bloodraven’s guild leader made that decision.

However, the nervousness that the prey might be taken away made a last-minute mistake.

Suddenly, the hideous spider’s leg fell to the ground, and everyone’s complexion turned white.


“crazy… .”

“Some bastard cut off his leg!”

There is a well-known taboo when hunting named monsters in the labyrinth.

Avoid unnecessary body damage.

Rather, it was because there was a high possibility of awakening the names.

Sure enough, the same message appeared in front of everyone at the same time that the spider’s leg was cut off.

[All Parmu’s stats increase by 10%!]

[Use the skill ‘Lightning Trap’ from now on!]

worst case! Named’s new skill has been opened!

In an instant, the space nearby was covered in cobwebs, and lightning flashed through the cobwebs.

Without even time to respond, the two men who were in charge of the avant-garde vanished into the light.

“shit! Bounce!”

The guild leader, who was directing the hunt, also managed to get out of the range of the spider’s web and stamped his feet.

It is difficult to even approach near the spider’s web where lightning strikes.

“Damn it!”

The moment they witnessed the faces of those who appeared after a while, the guild leader had no choice but to spit out curses.

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