Hard Carry Support Chapter 203-204-205

The value of one japtem (1), The value of one japtem (2) and The value of one japtem (3)

At the entrance to the Abyss, Mablelen was waiting for Hyun’s business to end.

And right next to Marblen, Duke Bahimir was standing together.

It took Hyun a long time to get out of the report because he had something to think about unexpectedly.

What a profit! The moment the door opened, the Duke muttered in a serious tone.

“Are you coming out now?”

“It seems so.”

“It took quite a while. Why do you think it is?”

“You’ll have to check it out… .”


Immediately after escaping from the report, Hyun was taken aback.

He did not expect that Bahimir would come to meet him.

“Why is the Duke here… ?”

“Yeah. It is to see you off personally.”

Fain! At the gesture of the Duke, a red portal was created in the air.

Hyeon could tell from the scenery on the other side that it was a portal leading to the Shade Guild’s ‘Private Room’.

“There are still traces of mana that connects to that place.”

“that… I see. Thank you for your consideration.”

“Do you need more see-off?”

“No, haha, you even opened the portal, but that’s enough.”

After Hyun completely disappeared beyond the red light.

Bahimir and Mablelen walked slowly toward the report.

Koo Goo Goo. The door, which had been closed tightly, opened wide again.

again. again.

The two footsteps began to move slowly along the trail Hyun had walked.


When they finally reached the demon orb, Bahimir murmured lowly.

“I guess this is the first time I’ve ever wished your guesses were wrong.”

“Me too.”

Whoops. The huge orb glowed red.

It is a magic that reverses the previous record in reverse order.

While digging through the records. After confirming the traces of activation, Marblen’s eyes narrowed strangely.

Noticing the change in his expression, Bahimir asked.

“How many times did it trigger?”

“… Exactly twice.”

Bahimir tapped the bridge of his nose with his finger and asked again.

“Where is the location?”

Digging up the location records took a bit more time.

For more than a few minutes, only light breathing could be heard within the report.

Depending on the trail, Vahimir will have to make radically different choices.

Ha ha, after a while, Mablelen burst out laughing.

It was a laugh mixed with relief and doubt at the same time.

“They both look the same.”

“Where is that?”

“This is Labyrinth of the Nation of Darkness… .”

“You mean, he just cast the same vector twice?”

“yes. No face. I guess my guess was wrong.”


Bahimir laughed cheerfully even though Mablelen’s judgment was wrong.

No, I didn’t even know if the laughter came out because my guess was wrong.

“With this, one person is clearly excluded from the list of suspects.”

The anxiety that came to Mablelen the moment he watched the skill called assimilation was like this.

Didn’t Hyeon approach the duke with impure intentions from the beginning?

About five years ago, an unfortunate incident occurred in the jet-black palace.

There was tartar in the banquet hall, and Hyun has a skill to hide his appearance.

In other words, given all the circumstances, it was highly likely that he had broken into the report that day.

If you catch them off guard by leaving them alone this time, they will surely repeat the same trick!

With that thought in mind, Mablelen told Bahimir about his thoughts, but it seemed that those concerns were futile.

“Well, he is a user that the darkness has noticed. There was no need to doubt him from the start.”

Bahimir remembered what Hyeon showed him.

His performance in Kaidan Castle, in the Land of Darkness, and decisively in the ranking ceremony still remained strong.

“Marblen, didn’t you feel the power of darkness in the final moments of the usurpation battle?”

“You mean the power of darkness… ?”

“Yes, it is feeble, but it was definitely a dark technique. Those who did not sincerely surrender their bodies and minds to the darkness could not be imitated.”

Bahimir said sternly.

“Whoa, I came here just in case, but it was a useless step.”

After clearing all doubts, Vahmir and Mablelen returned to their home cities.

It was then that I learned the unexpected news.

“Bahimir, I have an important report!”

“hmm? What is it?”

“A golem suddenly disappeared from the warehouse!”

Minor details that normally wouldn’t even need to be reported.

However, the story is different if the golem is the first-class contributor who led the ranking ceremony to victory.

Even at first glance, the duke was calm.

After learning the identities of the golems, Vahimir did not regard himself as their master.

‘It might have been to find the original owner.’

After all, are the servants attracted by the dark energy?

Bahimir thought that perhaps the user might find the darkness before the duke himself.

If it’s something that’s of some help to him, there’s no need to interfere.

Users are beings with infinite variables and possibilities. What would happen if the darkness truly favored such a user?

“Quack… I look forward to it.”

Bahimir laughed at the sudden idea of ​​nonsense.

It was because he thought for a moment that he would be overwhelmed by one user in the distant future.

A user who can’t even live 100 years.

It was so absurd that the delusion was soon forgotten from Bahimir’s memory.


Thanks to the Duke’s consideration, Hyun was able to return to the private room in one step.

Hyeon, who had no way of knowing that he had just been put in a dangerous situation, was on the verge of breaking his head because of the information he had obtained from the demonic marble.

‘Now, let’s think carefully.’

Hyun pulled out Asura’s memories from his head one by one.

This time, I thought it would be better to recall it myself than to find it in an interloop.


The Celestial Ring spun on the table like a top.

The name of the owner of the ring is Poppy.

If Radiette was a celestial whose name was known to all users, Papi was a celestial that users could not easily approach.

‘It won’t be anyone else. I can’t think of a celestial with demonic energy other than this one.’

I don’t know why, but Papi was tricked by the devil as a child and was very ashamed of her past.

Actually, it’s a shame.

The celestial man who possessed magic did not know that he would be the first and the last.

Although he returned as an ordinary celestial after years of hard work, the memories of the past would probably remain as dark history that he would like to erase for the rest of his life.

‘How is this guy with Louise?’

Also, Poppy was also the NPC who gave her the most items.

Hyeon recalled the memory of being given a quest to catch his weakness back in Asura’s days.

Out of dozens of quests, only five were resolved.

However, it wasn’t that the level of difficulty was so high that I couldn’t clear it.

Even if you didn’t clear it, you could get all the rewards from the quest, so there was no need to clear it.

How is that possible?

It was possible to demand compensation in advance from Poppy!

Of course, if you skip the quest period while receiving the reward first, Poppy gets very angry.

But does the rage gauge reset over time?

If you slowly take your time and relax your mind, you can get a new reward after a few months.

Dozens of items obtained without clearing it!

In other words, this celestial man named Papi was the best hukou ever.

It means that being tricked by the devil and possessing demonic energy is not just a coincidence.

‘Did Louise catch Hogu…? ? Or was he captured by Hogu?’

Hyun judged that the former was much more likely.

Although Louise seems innocent, she was sometimes surprised by the flash of light in her heart whenever she assimilated with her.

Even if they look immature on the outside, they must be different on the inside. Ruiz is not a second-generation artificial intelligence for nothing.

On the other hand, it was clear that Poppy, who had little influence on the world view, would be inferior to artificial intelligence.

Above all, the probability that Papi, a congenital protector, was deceiving Louise seemed extremely small.

‘Well, I’ll understand when I meet him.’

Hyun floated the recorded video into the air.

The place with the red dot on the magic marble is Labyrinth, the city of the Nation of Darkness.

It is a city that I once went to with a guild member for an experience dungeon.

‘Anyway, I don’t know why he’s here.’

Hyun clicked his tongue in an annoying premonition.

This is because Labyrinth today is not the peaceful desert city of the past.

The underground labyrinth, which had been perfectly managed, turned into an unmanageable place in five years.

The culprit is the mutant monsters that started appearing in the city’s basement.

The magical power of the monsters transformed the nature of the existing magic circle, and perhaps because of that effect, the laws of physics in the labyrinth were completely reversed.

The size of the labyrinth also became incredibly deep.

Now, it is said that no one knows where the bottom is. Rumors are circulating among the NPCs that if you fall into the abyss of the labyrinth, you will never be able to return to the ground.

In addition, opportunists aiming for by-products of monsters flowed in, and the city became a lawless zone for making a fortune.

‘Labyrinth… It’s a labyrinth… .’

In any case, it was certain that he had to enter the labyrinth to find Louise.


And since it was a labyrinth, I suddenly had a passing thought.

Hyun thought of Labyrinth in those days.

What the labyrinth is like at the beginning of the dark episode.

A treasure trove where you risk your life.

There were thousands of by-products of the monsters in the labyrinth, including magic stones, to the extent that it was said that most of the magic materials in the world were in the labyrinth.

Is there another place that is as attractive to users as this?

‘Wait, the magic ingredients I have now… .’

As he went to Louise like that, a recipe for a specific item came to Hyun’s mind while thinking about what materials he could get.

‘Does that combination work?’

I quickly took a look at my inventory.

Horns of high-level monsters, disassembled chain swords, 15-grade magic stones, and overflowing god stones… A variety of materials were seen.

‘I have all the necessary ingredients. If you get the rest of the ingredients from the labyrinth… ?’

Hyun searched for combinations of several items in Interloop.

and at some point

Pod! After checking the complex tree diagram made of countless materials, Hyun’s eyes sparkled.

‘I can make a legendary weapon!’


Hyun’s heart started beating fast.

Legendary. In the previous work, it was only in the middle of level 300 that I barely touched a piece of armor.

But now, thanks to the dismantling of Shakron’s chain sword, I have gathered all the key materials.

If you add a few ingredients, you can craft a legendary weapon!

What he didn’t realize was that he had no other free time, thinking about Louise’s business.

‘It’s not armor, it’s a weapon… You can get two Legendary items before reaching level 300?’

At that moment, one more reason to head to the labyrinth appeared in Hyeon’s mind.

Yes, I need to get ready right now!

There are not one or two things to prepare to go down to the deep underground.

Tring! It was at that moment that the whispers were heard.


a sudden voice.

‘huh? Genie?’

Hyun realized that he hadn’t contacted Genie after the ceremony.

‘Aha, are you asking about the results of the sequence expression?’

yes, thanks a lot it helped me a lot

When I was about to say thank you, I heard Genie’s voice first.

“Are you alone in the private room right now?”

“yes. It is, but.”

“I’m outside, can I go in?”

“Outside, where are you outside?”

While I was about to answer and think about it, the portal to the private room suddenly shook.

It was then that he understood Ginny’s question if he could go inside.

Pot-! In a moment, Ginny had crossed over from the Shade Guild’s portal.

“sorry. It’s a bit sudden.”

‘I could have done it in a whisper, but what did you come all the way here?’

Hyeon, who was in a hurry to greet Ginny, hesitated when he met Ginny’s eyes as he entered the private room.

‘huh… ?’

Because her eyes were more stern than ever.

Genie looked around the private room of the Shade Guild and opened her mouth with a light smile.

“There are only two of them. Good for you. This will make it easier to talk about it.”

Hyun still didn’t understand Genie’s intentions.

Are you asking for money for teaching me for the past two days?

Of course, I had no intention of ignoring Ginny’s great help.

But just how much money did he spend so much time on?

“what… You mean the story?”

Seeing Ginny hesitate to speak, Hyeon’s anxiety creeped up.

Ginny opened her mouth after biting her lips for a long time.

A thought I’ve been thinking since the moment I met Hyun.

And it’s a thought that I’ve become more convinced of over the past few days.

“Hyun, don’t you want to be the king of this world?”

Ginny, who came to the private room with all her determination, started a story that would be a turning point for both sides.

Hyun’s ultimate goal from the beginning of the game was to peak in Asrian.

That’s why he wasn’t taken aback when Ginny brought up the word king.

However, as time passed, Hyun began to realize that the meaning of Genie was not that simple.

king of the world. The world doesn’t just mean the inside of a game… What the hell does that mean?!

The lobby where Jini and I sat alone. Hyun broke out in a cold sweat.

“The king of the world… ”

For a long time, Jinie explained the situation outside the game to Hyun.

To be precise, it was a story after the time of the festival where Kwon Dae-ho’s important announcement was made.

The value of Assrian as a simulator, and the problems of reality that fluctuate accordingly.

Those complicated relationships were also a bit daunting for Hyun, who had just come of age, to understand.

Still, he knew one thing for sure.

It is true that the Asura he knew in the past and the present Asrian have changed so much that it is difficult to compare them.

“If you look at this, you will definitely understand.”

At one point, Ginny took something out of her inventory.

The moment he realized his true identity, Hyeon’s eyes widened in amazement.

“gun… ! Is that a real gun?”

two pistols.

There were no guns or weapons related to firearms in Asura Online, so it was clear that this was a user-created item.

Genie handed Hyun a pistol and beckoned.

“Take a shot. to me.”

“Can I?”

“Because it’s okay.”

The moment you carefully pull the trigger.

Fain! A small gunshot was heard, and a message floated on the underside of the string.

[Damage blocked!]

“ah… .”

Hyun, who checked the message, let out a sigh.

If the defense is too high, the attack is completely blocked, and the damage blocking message appears like this.

Or that the gun that Genie gave me was so weak that it couldn’t even penetrate the basic defense.

Does the modern murder weapon have no value in Assrian?

Then there may be no point in moving real weapons.

While thinking about that, Ginny handed the next thing to Hyeon again.

“Let’s shoot this one this time.”

“yes? It looks just like the one I just had.”

Whoops. Ginny just responded with a smile.

The moment he held another pistol in his hand, Hyun felt a slight discomfort.

A strange feeling as if the body and equipment are synchronizing.

Similar sensations occur when holding a sword or wearing armor.

Fain! At the same time as the gunshot rang again, Hyun witnessed a different message than before and opened his mouth.

[It did 2 damage!]

“Damage… Are you entering?”

Only 2 damage. It may not seem like a big deal, but Hyeon’s eyebrows quivered in shock.

Because he recognized at a glance the astounding value of that gun!

‘Wait, this can be used to remove defense skills! If it’s a flat hit, I can continue the combo!’

To Hyun, who couldn’t keep his mouth shut, Ginny continued to explain a little more.

“The first one can be made by anyone with shallow knowledge. But do you know how much money the experts put into completing the second one?”

“how much… What is it?”

As Hyeon held his breath, he heard Genie’s low reply.

“5.3 billion won.”

“… !”

Hyun was startled and let go of the gun, but Ginny shook his hand saying it was okay.

“It’s a gift, so you can take it. It means that the development cost was that much, and it doesn’t cost that much to make it now. In terms of material cost. hmm… I can make it within five million won.”

“I guess that’s enough… ”

It was a series of surprises for Hyun.

I’ve heard that things from reality are coming over to Assrian one by one, but I never thought I’d be able to feel the change so quickly.

However, the surprises that Genie will show you are not yet over.

“And this was only brought in as data.”

Genie floated a 3D image on the table in the private room.

From the quality of the recording, Hyun could sense that it was something different from regular YouTube videos.

“This is the last gun I will show you. It cost $650 million in development alone.”

“how much… yo. this?”

“Approximately 700 billion won. It’s not yet to be announced, but I’m only telling Hyun, so should I keep it a secret?”

“… ?”

The video Genie brought was a record of a man’s first-person play.

While the crowd held their breath, Taang! A louder gunshot exploded than before.

[Critical Hit! It did 20 damage!]

In the video, the man’s personal screen showed a significantly higher amount of damage than before.

But the message didn’t end in one line.

T-ring! T-ring! T-ring!

In the midst of many people clapping and cheering in the video, Hyun was able to read the message window that popped up on the man.

Its content surpassed all my astonishment so far.

[Job, ‘musketeer’ has been opened!]

[You can change jobs after level 100!]

[You can now learn the skill ‘Basic Shooting’!]

what it means how much is it worth

As No. 1 in the Asura ranking, Hyun was able to grasp the situation faster than anyone else.

At the same time, awareness rose to the top of my head.

“A musketeer’s job, how could that be… !”

In Asura, there was no weapon itself called a gun, and there was no way the skill called basic shooting even existed!

Genie calmly explained to Hyeon, who was in confusion.

“There is something like this in the Assrian development thesis. For a simulator with minimal programming, it is necessary to give an artificial intelligence to the ‘system’.”

“The system is called artificial intelligence… ?”

“Yes, simply put, if a new type of weapon is invented, the system directly creates the corresponding job.”

Ginny looked at the two guns and spoke again.

“That means they’re crude enough not to be recognized as ‘weapons’ by the system.”

It was a difficult story to accept.

The first time I heard from Jaehun that real things were being taken to Assrian, I didn’t quite understand.

However, the moment he realized that it could even change the basis of the game, Hyun suddenly felt a great sense of uneasiness.

Asrian has changed so much from Asura.

Things are changing so fast, how can I not be left behind?

It was at that moment that Ginny changed the subject of the story.

“Hyun, how many magic stones do you have?”

All of a sudden, I was asking the wrong question.

“A magic stone?”

“Yes, only those of tenth grade or higher.”

A magic stone is a by-product obtained by killing monsters. It was an item that was frequently dropped during named hunting, and it was the material used to make the item.

In case I might have something to write about someday, Hyun kept it in my inventory.

Each grade also varied.

10, 11, 12, 13… Lastly, I only had one 15th grade, which was obtained by disassembling Shakron’s chain sword and was a material for a legendary weapon.

“There are about a hundred in total.”

“A hundred… ! Are there any other magical ingredients… ?”

“yes. That’s pretty much what I have.”

Hyeon showed part of the inventory, and Ginny suddenly clapped her hands.

“That’s it!”

Then he shouted with an excited expression.

She continued, pointing to the third gun from earlier.

“If I use the materials Hyun has now, I can make that gun too!”

From the explanation that followed, Hyun learned surprising facts.

According to Ginny, research costs are largely divided into material costs and other costs.

Most of the costs incurred are material costs that arise from repetition of trial and error.

He also told me the materials needed to make the pistol and the cost of purchasing them, and there came an amount that was difficult for Hyun to understand easily.

“Wait a minute, something is strange… .”


“The price of materials is ridiculous! Aren’t those so-called experts scammed?”

It is natural that the market price of an item will plummet over time.

This is because the higher the user’s level, the easier it is to obtain advanced materials.

However, to buy all the items that would be worth shit even after a few years at ‘billion’ units!

‘Are those people insane?’

Hyun had such doubts, but according to Ginny, those who make judgments are not only sane, but also those who control the world.

“It’s only natural that the price goes up because there’s a lot of demand.”

“No, anyway… !”

“The most important factor in research is speed. It is absolutely no loss to them just that they invested 700 billion won and prepared a stepping stone to move to the next level. Will I be able to recoup my investment soon? Whether it’s a related technology, a patent, or a first-mover effect, it was concluded that anything would be profitable, so companies must have invested money. Besides, in the future, not only magic stones, but also the price of high-end materials will skyrocket.”

Hyun felt dazed for a moment at Genie’s ceaseless words.

When I heard that the real economy was changing and even NPCs were hoarding magic stones, I laughed out loud.

It seems like something crazy is happening somewhere you can’t see.

I knew that Asrian was different from Asura, but I didn’t know that such a big change was taking place.

“So that’s what I mean… .”

Ginny took out all her cards and swallowed in a gulp.

Ginny’s eyes were locked in anticipation on the one hand and fear on the other as she prepared her next words.

To be honest, there must be a lot of people with abilities like mine. It may be insignificant compared to Hyun’s talent.

But at the same time, aren’t you the first to discover Hyun’s ability?

So it would be nice to try these suggestions first.

“I can help. so that you may be the king of this world.”

Ginny thought she was standing at a crossroads between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

The first is when I dreamed of becoming a pro gamer… . However, that future was a vain wish with no possibility from the beginning.

And the second and final crossroads is right now.

But for some reason, I feel much more desperate now than when I longed to become a pro gamer.

I didn’t even know if it was because I finally realized the direction of my talent.

“Hiring me… how is it?”

“employ… What?”

“If it’s burdensome, accepting it to the guild is enough.”

The moment Hyun heard all the words, he could understand Genie’s determination.

Her proposal was neither playful nor light-hearted.

He had made up his mind to dedicate his future before coming to find himself.

A sudden but serious proposal. Hyun couldn’t help but think more.


It was not a decision I could accept right away.

Hyun was in trouble for a long time even after Genie passed away.

Looking at the recent transaction prices on the auction house site, I was able to chew on the meaning of Genie once again.

‘Certainly, the price of japtem is ridiculously high.’

Hyun had never looked at the prices of sub-material items before.

It was because there was no need to look at extremely rare magic materials or items that were not unique equipment over level 100.

‘One iron ingot costs 13 gold, isn’t it more expensive than real iron?’

Ordinary iron was that much, and materials processed with magic were tens or hundreds of times more expensive depending on their quality.

‘What about the god stone?’

Words I searched for out of curiosity. god stone.

It didn’t even exist a single listing.

Hmm… Hyeon fell into trouble as he looked at the 20 or so Shinseok piled up in his inventory.

Even if you sell only one, you will receive a huge amount, but I do not know the exact market price.

At this time, did you say that stocking up was the answer?

‘Well, there was a time when I was confused because the value of the land was different in Demonia Gorge.’

If you think about it, this is not the first time that the game price has changed due to the intervention of reality.

Land value, magic stone value, and item value. There are almost no items similar to the time of Asura.

According to Genie’s explanation, among them, magic materials have changed the most.

The fact that real organizations were in high demand and were able to preoccupy numerous high-end materials seemed to have a greater meaning than I thought.

‘To be the king of the world… ?’

Genie compared Asrian’s appearance to the ‘new world’ and called himself Columbus.

My old self was just a college student who fell in love with games, but it felt embarrassing to suddenly be compared to such a great person.

After the festival, Assrian became no longer a simple world that ended with just a game.

If he couldn’t keep up with the changes, he would most likely be eliminated as a bad person who was only good at games, let alone the king.

Hyun’s thoughts deepened.

‘In our guild, there are people with a sense of reality… There is none.’

Hyun thought of the people in the Shade Guild one by one.

All of them missing a screw somewhere.

In particular, he himself was aware of the fact that he and Ain lacked a sense of reality.

‘For things in Demonia Gorge, if it were Genie, I might have come up with a better solution.’

Ginny was a completely different kind of human being.

Someone who has the ability to display the same talent in real life as well as in games.

If Assrian is to be intertwined with reality, at least one person like that will be needed.

“Yes, there is nothing wrong with accepting Genie into the guild.”

After thinking for a long time, Hyun made that decision.

It was the very next moment when a high-pitched voice was heard.

“Take who? Of course not!”

“What is it, Ain? When did you come?”

“School ended early! But Hyun, you’re trying to get another woman without me.”

Hyun realized that there was one more hurdle ahead.

How should I convince Ain?

Hyun was also aware of the fact that Ain was reluctant to accept female users as guild members.

Normally, Ain might have overlooked it.

However, Genie was different from users like Salon, who were happy to have them and felt a bit sad if they didn’t.

A must-have to climb to the top of Asrian.

If you had to recruit a user with a sense of reality, Genie was much more trustworthy than someone you’d never seen before.

In other words, the prefecture had no intention of conceding this time.

“Ain. listen to me… Not for the reasons you imagine.”

“Huh? what do you imagine? I’m not imagining anything?”

“no… You’re being honest!”

In order to convince Ain, he told the stories he had heard from Genie.

The invention of firearms, changes in the price of magic materials, movements of companies, and so on.

As expected, Ain was more ignorant than himself about changes in reality.

“Okay, anyway, you need that ability, not that woman.”


“Then if I learn from now on, everything will be solved?!”

Ain said so with a confident expression, knowing how lightly he took the problems of reality.

“Are you learning?”

“What can I do?”

He answered in a confident voice, so Hyun had the illusion that Ain was an unexpectedly different genius or elite.

I needed to see if I really had the ability to replace all of Genie’s.

“Ain… How good are your school grades?”

“Why are the grades suddenly… ?”

“I’m just trying to see if there’s any possibility at all.”

Ain replied with his eyes quivering strangely.

“hmm… average?”

“average… ?”

“Of course, there are times when it is less than average.”

The moment he heard the answer, Hyun nodded his head in satisfaction.

it was wrong It was because he was able to confirm that Ain was of the same type as him.

“I’ll need a recruit, too.”

“What, you suddenly asked me about grades!”

“No, calm down and listen. This is not the realm of people like us. Do you think it would be possible for us to make something like a gun with common sense!”

Hyun tried to persuade Ain with logical reasons, but Ain’s sullen expression seldom resolved.

“Our goal is to become the best of Assrian, right?”

Hyun, who thought that persuasion was difficult in this way, decided to change the method of persuasion.

After sneakily looking around the private room, I opened my mouth after confirming that no one was listening.

“I’m saying this because it’s just the two of us, but all the guild members, including Genie, are just servants! We are the only ones to be kings!”


“Okay, let’s say you are the queen.”

“king? Queen… ?”

Hyun confidently said that he was gradually learning how to treat Ain.

In order to convince Ain like this, it was more effective to show carrots in the distant future.

‘As expected, this method works!’

Seeing Ain’s expression gradually loosen up as he pondered the word queen, Hyeon gained confidence.

Can’t we just push it a little further with this momentum?

In an instant, an ingenious method flashed in Hyun’s head.

Yes, with that, there was no doubt that Ain could be persuaded in one shot.

“Okay, since recruiting Genie is inevitable. Instead, I’ll give you a present you might like.”

“What a gift… ?”

“No, it’s nothing grand.”

Gulp, as Ain swallowed, Hyeon recalled the past.

While hunting with Ain, there was a sudden errand, so I switched to a resting state and came back.

For some reason, he remembered that his clothes were quite messy.

“Let’s go back to rest once in a while. I’ll be back in about 30 minutes.”

“Oh no! What are you talking about!”

But right after he said that, Ain suddenly started to go wild.

It was a slightly different reaction from Hyun’s expectations.

Based on what I felt through fairy tales in the past, I thought Ain would definitely like it… After all, is a woman’s heart difficult?

Anyway, in the end, the persuasion was successful, so Hyun decided to be satisfied with that.


After obtaining Ain’s consent, everything went smoothly.


“Yes, I persuaded Ain well.”

“thank god… .”

Ginny let out a sigh of relief over the receiver.

After that, we talked about the future.

His first goal is, of course, to become the king of Assrian.

However, Genie said that before becoming a king, he would naturally become a noble.

In simple terms, it means making profits through the first-mover effect.

The amount Ginny muttered as if it were not a big deal made Hyun dumbfounded. Because the unit itself is different from YouTube or movie deposits!

Is it really just ‘additional profit’? As the conversation continued, Hyun often seemed to lose his sense of reality.

Inevitably, the most important stories also emerged.

“I really think Genie makes that kind of money.”

“It’s not an assumption, it’s a confirmation.”

“Yes, let’s assume that there is a fixed profit. then… What should I give you in return?”

Hyun remembered that Ginny had brought up the word ’employment’.

She said that she came to find herself not simply for the sake of the game, but with the determination to dedicate her life.

In other words, this recruitment is more like a ‘contract’ than joining a guild.

As far as huge profits are generated, how to distribute them must be discussed in advance.

“Ah, that is.”

Ginny answered as if he had already anticipated the question.

It was also an answer that I pondered for a long time before meeting Hyun.

“It doesn’t matter now.”

“yes… ?”

“Now let me show you first that I wasn’t just talking.”

Ginny’s answer, which seemed not to care about profit, seemed stupid and foolish to others.

But at the same time, it was also the answer to get the biggest one.

It is a way to earn the trust of others.

Ginny saw not just a few months, but years!

It was a conclusion based on a comprehensive judgment of Hyun’s personality, talent, personality, etc., which he had seen all along.

“It’s enough to do the math later.”

“still… .”

“I didn’t come to Hyun to do charity work either. I’ll decide my value later.”

[New guild member ‘Genie’ joins ‘Shade’!]

After having a new guild member, Hyun introduced Genie to Tartar and Salon.

Surprisingly, Salon knew her name even before meeting Ginny.

It must be proof that Stardust’s name is famous overseas.

“I plan to completely quit my current company in three months.”

“yes?! I don’t even want to quit… ?”

“I have no intention of making myself complacent with a side job. The three months is also to build a position on this floor.”

The contents that came out of Ginny’s mouth were far beyond Hyun’s understanding from the first day.

“First, I plan to make something identical to that gun. If Hyun helps me, I can have more research power than most companies. If possible, you can even file a patent.”

“A patent? It’s a game… .”

“Recently, relevant laws have been enacted. That is why we must hurry.”

“hmm… .”

Most of it was incomprehensible, but Ginny told her that she didn’t have to know everything.

The goal of being the top of the user. He said he couldn’t pay attention to every little thing while climbing that rough road.

Everyone has a role that suits their talents.

There is no need to sweat in a field that is not your field.

“First of all, I will make a perfect gun with the materials I received from Hyun today. As for the string, when you can afford it, please get the materials on the list here.”

Genie wrote down the new materials needed in a message and sent them.

Among them, ingredients that are not available in the market were also mixed.

Half were things I already had, but the other half were things I had to get in the future.

‘hmm… Why do I need this?’

The difficulty of obtaining it was extremely high, but there were also several items of insignificant value.

‘There’s nothing I can’t find.’

Even materials that were impossible to obtain at the current level of users were not impossible for him.

Also, most of them knew what materials and where to get them without looking at Interloop.

‘I have one more reason to go to Labyrinth.’

The main quest to meet Louise and the production of legendary items.

In addition, most of the materials Genie needs can be obtained from Labyrinth.

‘I’ll have to prepare more thoroughly than ever!’

While playing the game, there were occasional cases where several events were intertwined into one, but it was seldom that so many important matters were related at once.

something that must be successful.

Never allow failure!

Hyun began to prepare a plan to head to Labyrinth with the mindset of a bookkeeper ahead of the war.


“Hey, Hyun, can you take me too?!”

Salon shouted as soon as he heard the news that he was going to Labyrinth, probably because he finally got bored of playing movie stars.

Hyun thought deeply and shook his head.

“Not this time.”

“Kuh, why!”

“Are you in the way?”

Complex and dangerous terrain. Traps lurk everywhere.

Even named monsters that you have to face in surprise.

No matter how much I thought about it, the labyrinth was not a place where a combo thief could play an active role.

Instead, Hyun threw him a quest so that Salon would not be bored.

“If you have nothing else to do, go to the ‘Plain of the Blue Dead’ and get these materials. About 10.”

“Yes… ?”

“It’s a perfect hunting ground for combo thieves… The proper level is 270, so it must be a bit difficult for Salon.”

“What! With my control, that level gap is more than enough to fill!”

Salon, who was level 180, usually used hunting grounds in the mid-level 200 range, so he immediately refuted Hyun’s words.

“Oh, and the sunset there is amazing, so if you take a video, you might get some pictures.”

“Heh, that’s good. A swordsman of the setting sun fighting a lonely battle alone… It would be perfect if it was made into a video.”

It took a while for Salon, who was nodding his head alone, to realize that there was no reward for the quest he had received.

“Wait, but. What materials to get?”

Tsk, I could have volunteered if I did well.

Hyun, whose tongue was filled with regret, muttered the words he had been thinking about.

“This one. If you get 10 of them, I’ll match you with a pair of weapons.”

“A weapon… ?”

“yes. It is a private artifact of Salon that cannot be obtained anywhere.”

“Hmm, not bad. Hey, Tartar, I have something to do.”

“me too?”

“Dude, haven’t you been hunting lately? keuk keuk, take it when my brother is doing great!”

Ain asked after Salon looked satisfied and Tartar disappeared as if being dragged along with a confused expression.

“What is a private artifact?”

“It’s a special weapon. Saying that to Salon makes it work.”

“Huh… .”

“Heh, isn’t this all the king’s virtue of leadership?”

A time when all guild members are busy.

Hyun and Ain teleported to Labyrinth together.

After assimilating to save teleport costs, one of them used a method of returning to a resting state.

When we arrived at Labyrinth, Ain’s style had changed once again.

The first thing that caught my eye was her hair in a ponytail, blowing in the desert wind.

Wearing a hat lightly and hiding Rekarte’s monster armor with a black jacket, Ain’s appearance naturally blended into the crowd of users.

This is an outfit purchased from the Cash Shop.

Ain explained that he had to change his style often to avoid unnecessary fuss.

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