Hard Carry Support Chapter 201-202

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Soul in Scrap Metal (1) and Soul in Scrap Metal (2)

‘Is the ranking ceremony going on like this?!’

The moment Hyun’s heart was beating fast.

A voice cracked like a broken machine.

“yet… also sure… Do not know… I will.”

“what… ?」

“To me… soul… this… whether it exists… .」

Since being created, Shatina has said that she has never felt the presence of a soul.

An attendant born only for darkness. She had no way of knowing whether or not she was a tool herself.

Are souls and emotions the same? While repeating countless times to answer her own questions alone, she heard a great story from her twin sister.

“me too… persimmon… What Jeong is… feel… report… I would like to.”

Shatin said her body burned on the battlefield.

What does it feel like to feel like your body is burning? As long as she could see the soul there, Shatina thought it wouldn’t matter even if she perished.

“To me… see… keep an eye on… Wouldn’t you… ?」


Instead of answering the question, Hyun quietly opened the status window.

Shatina (Lv.390)

<The following souls are assimilating: Hyeon (Lv.187)>

Durability: 81/81

(※Caution: The durability of the core is very low! If all are consumed, it will be permanently destroyed!)

Stamina: 304200/304200

Mana: 2400/2400

Magi: 33000 (+306800)/33000 (+306800)

[There is critical damage to the magic circle to construct the body! This golem will not even be able to perform basic functions!]

[Strength 956(-346)] [Agility 731(-504)] [HP 25000(-24220)] [Horsepower 1042(-802)]

<Skill List>

[Jet-black blade Lv.5(-4)]

[Damage Reduction Lv.4 (Unavailable)]

[Magic Cycle Lv.9(-6)]

[Mist Leap Lv.2 (Unavailable)]

Shatina was so horribly broken that she couldn’t even compare to her sister.

It’s probably still in the process of constantly collapsing.

Since everything has a fixed beginning and end, once the collapse has begun, even a transcendent cannot stop it.

“I can grant your wish.”

Hyun thought calmly, then muttered in a low voice.

“I would have died instead. Aren’t you afraid?”

that instant

Hot realized that there was a contradiction in his question and clicked his tongue.

Even fear is an emotion. It was the kind Shatina longed for.

“Isn’t it… I won’t.”

The body of a golem is no different from that of a human. The more power you use, the bigger the recoil comes.

Hyun, who focused his eyes on the skill window, bit his lip and let out a bitter smile.

If she uses this skill, she will surely die.

Rather than rusting, rusting, disappearing at some point, is it better to burn everything in an instant like this?

I can’t answer myself… No, it’s a question no one can answer.

So, Hyun vowed that he would not regret his choice in the future.


Finally, the barrier separating the two forts disappeared.

At the same time as the start of the ranking ceremony, shouts like thunder began to be heard.

Soldiers charged bravely, dukes and vampires moving to their respective positions for defense.


Why is she so soul-seeking?

From birth to the end, the two twins devoted their absolute allegiance to the will of darkness.

So the reason why the darkness suddenly left must be found in one’s own flaws.

It is concluded that it is the presence or absence of a ‘soul’.

Hyun was able to read all these thoughts of Shatina through fairy tales.

“I will definitely pass this moment on to Louise.”

“Louis… increase… ?」

The conversation was short, but I was able to share a lot of thoughts through my soul.

A detailed description would suffice.

“It’s the name of the guy you risked your life to protect five years ago.”

cooong! cooong!

Hyun led the golem’s heavy body and ran forward.

And the moment I rushed into the front line, I activated my saved skill.

Strong God!

<How those who pray become like those who serve! The most familiar being will dwell in your body.>

It was at that moment that Shatina’s body began to change.

Quadruped! The sturdy armor turned into a robe.



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The almost broken limbs were also cleaned up.

Shatina watched in amazement at her transformation.

Even if you use the strong body, the appearance is just the same.

A body made of hard stone does not change into a whole human flesh.

However, the stone was being crushed and compressed to be reborn in a new form.

“Advent… ?」

An attendant serving the darkness.

Shatina has been with darkness since she was born, and has stayed with it all her life.

Even after being abandoned, he was always waiting for her return.

“darkness… Sir… .”

So, if the energy of darkness dwells in one’s body, it is rather impossible not to notice it.

“iced coffee… .」

For an instant, Shatina felt as if her body was about to explode.


She thought she was crying.

‘Kuh… !’

Hyun had to stay alert to calm his trembling heart.

In addition, he was able to keenly realize how wrong he was in thinking that Golem’s emotions were flat.

Did I confuse the difference between being deeply emotional and being diverse?

Because of Shatina’s deeply trembling emotions, Hyeon couldn’t control his heart.

‘It’s not just about 1.5 generations!’

If you think about it, they are servants who always stay by the dark side.

In terms of the importance of the world view, it was not strange to have a stronger soul than the celestials or dukes.

“To think that this kind of person has no soul.”

Whoa, Hyun muttered with a laugh, but Shatina didn’t hear it.

It was because she was keenly aware of the dark energy dwelling in her body.

[Durability: 72/81]

‘It’s like this just by activating one skill!’

The duration of the strong spirit is 30 minutes.

However, it was clear that the time allowed for Shatina would be shorter than 30 minutes.

Fortunately, thanks to the overwhelming victory in the defensive battle, Bahimir and his subordinates obeyed his instructions.


As requested in advance, the magic of Vahimir began to dwell in Shatina’s body one after another.

[Vahimir’s power ‘Diffusion of Magi’ is connected!]

[Continuous supply of Magi! Lasts until the caster’s demonic energy drops below half!]

Hwaaak! At one point, the whole body of the golem resembling Louise was shaken with magic.

Originally, it was a buff skill that Shatin was supposed to receive.

When it pointed at her younger sister, Shatina, her magic power reached its maximum level in an instant.

[The range of the next ‘Sword of Darkness’ is greatly increased!]

[The next ‘Armor of Darkness’ restores the remaining demonic energy!]

Before I knew it, several opponent “players” were approaching Shatina at once.

‘Okay, at this rate… huh?’

Hyeon, who was trying to respond in a hurry, suddenly saw his body moving unintentionally.

At the same time, intense emotions welling up in the heart.

It was Shatina’s will to protect the darkness.


Hyun felt the illusion of a virtual scene overlapping his vision.

Do strong emotions even share the imagination of the target assimilated?

Like a film from a movie, images of numerous battles were passing before my eyes.

Shatina’s memories from 5 years ago.

<The servant of darkness rearranged his magic circle and regained his original power for a very short time.>

<Due to excessive deformation, the golem’s body will be irreversibly damaged.>

<The collapse is rapidly accelerating. I hope you watch her final moments… .>

New sentences were superimposed on that intense image.

what? Hyeon thought about the meaning of the message that suddenly popped up, then looked at his status window again and held his breath.

It was because most of the penalties that had entangled her had been temporarily recovered.

[Jet-black blade Lv.5 (+1)]

-Shoots a sword attack that deals damage equal to [Strength] X [Magic]/350 in front!

-When used with maximum magic, you can change the direction of the blade twice!

(Mag consumption: 5000~50000)

(Cooldown: 30 seconds)

Not just skills, but also stats.

[Strength 956 (+243)] [Agility 731 (+29)] [HP 25000 (+18)] [Magic Power 1042 (+29)]

Fire! The black greatsword cut through the air.

Quadd Deuk! The black moon created by Shatina swept across the land for several tens of meters.

Not only the soldiers on the front line, but also the elite monsters presumed to be the players, disappeared all at once in front of the black half moon.

However, Shatina’s skill was not over yet.

Booung- The moment the greatsword crossed the air twice, the blade started spinning again on the spot.

Two meshes that are out of direction create a rotational force.

The blade, spinning in place like a giant blender, pulverized not only the opposing forces, but even the walls of the fortified fortress.

‘Durability level?!’

Before the success of the attack, Hyun looked at Shatina’s durability.

[Durability: 21/21]

(※Caution: All organs are burning! The golem will be destroyed soon!)

As expected, durability was horribly reduced.

Hyun finally comes to understand the battle the two twins went through five years ago.

Even then, I would have cut my own lifespan like this.

As she continued to cut herself down like that, Shatina must have been on the verge of extinction.

[Magic Cycle Lv.9 (+1)]

Even now, the jet-black aura that flowed through Shatina’s body gave her strength while constantly eating away at her life.

‘okay… okay.’

Hyun took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

I decided not to pay attention to the decreasing durability anymore.

He focused only on the fight in front of him.

In order to decorate the end that she herself would be satisfied with.

While the battle continued, Hyun called Bahimir.

「Can you use the Authority now?」

The answer came right away.

“Isn’t it earlier than when you told me?”

“I don’t have much time anymore.”

“Well, that’s good. However, since the distance is far, it will take some time to activate.”

“How long does casting take?”

“Thirty seconds is enough. But after the ceremony is over, I need to talk to you.”

“… That’s right.”

Shatina, who has the power of the duke and the fairy tale buff.

The burden she had to accept would far exceed the level of a 390 level named.

Can you survive 30 seconds?

‘If it’s me… I can make it last.’

Hyun did everything possible to save Shatina’s durability.

Kwadeuk! A glossy black orb surrounded her body.

When Dark Armor’s duration runs out, continue with Shadow Shield.

The persistent enemies who seldom fall off were shaken off using ‘Bantan’.

Now, instead of helping in battle, he had to become a supporter to prolong Shatina’s life.


The jet-black blade was activated again with maximum demonic energy, and its durability decreased by 3.

‘Can you hold on?’

Hyun did not stop Shatina even in a situation where it could be broken.

I didn’t want to stop her, and she didn’t seem to be stopped by anyone’s words either.

Even now, as she slashes countless enemies, only memories from 5 years ago will pass before Shatina’s eyes.

So, Hyun also decided to focus on his work.

I looked at the last item of the newly acquired skill through the spirit.

[Ascension Strike Lv.0]

– Cannot be used because the max level of Magi is insufficient!

After a while, when the power of the duke was activated, thick demonic energy settled on Shatina’s body.


[Qualifications have been satisfied!]

It was at that time that the information window, which I had been watching nervously, changed.

[Ascension Strike Lv.0]

Qualifications: Complete Trust in Darkness

<The reason the wind rises from the ground is to head for the sky!>

– Creates a whirlwind of demonic energy at the designated location!

-Skill range increases according to consumed magic! (Radius 10~100m)

-Inflicts fixed damage equal to [Consumer] over 5 seconds to enemies within range! (※ ignores magic defense!)

-After activation, all stats decrease by 50%! It gradually returns to normal over 10 minutes.

-If you use the maximum amount of magic, something special will happen!

(Magi Consumption: 500,000 ~ 10,000,000)

(Restriction on use: 1 time during the strength)

‘Margie… 3.7 million!’

Hyun, who looked at the amount of magic he had, quickly finished the calculation.

An absurdly low number for maximum activation. However, it was also enough to destroy the fortress.

[Durability: 5/20]

‘little bit more… !’

Scenes of countless battles passed before his eyes.

It was so vivid that I couldn’t tell if it was a moment in memory or reality.

Does Shatina think that the real darkness dwells in her body?

If so, it was clear that the dark attendant was trying to fulfill the will of darkness until the very end.

Because Shatina was moving as if she understood what she wanted.

At some point, I ran while ignoring enemy soldiers and players.

Shatina’s greatsword, full of demonic energy, was embedded in the middle of the fortress.

It was also a preliminary action to activate a certain skill.

Before long, the earth burst into tears.

The wind slowly rotating from the ground quickly turned into a huge updraft.

Kwajik, Kwajikjik!

The ground split apart, drawing a whirlpool around the place where the sword was embedded.

When the magi’s whirlwind arose, the whole world turned black.

I couldn’t see well because it was covered in pitch black, and I couldn’t hear because of the roar of the whirlwind.

And Hyun, even at that moment, couldn’t think of anything because of Shatina’s constantly fluctuating emotions.

“what… !”

Vahimir, who had been watching from afar, just stood up from his throne.

The creatures on the battlefield held their breath and watched the huge whirlwind linking the ground and the sky in a daze.

Ascension Strike lasts 5 seconds.

But the time that seemed to last forever has finally come to an end.


vision reversed.

It was because the core of the fortress was shattered by the wide range skill, and the ranking ceremony ended in an instant.

[Durability: 0/4]

In an instant, Hyun was back in the waiting room before the ranking ceremony started.

There, Bahimir and all his men were gathered, but no one spoke first.

Even Hyeon, his whole body trembled, so his voice could not come out, so his mouth was silent.

The first to react was Shatin, who watched the entire battle from behind.

She asked her twin sister, Shatina.

“How did you feel… ?”

“… … .”

Shatina was silent as if she were dead.

No, he didn’t even have the energy left to speak.

Only the strings could hear the faint reply that was barely squeezed out.

through the voice of the soul.

“Finish… give… .”

The voice that came through was very small, but it was heard very clearly.

When Hyun came to his senses, the assimilation had already been lifted.

The golem’s body turned into powder finer than dust and was scattered on his collar.

After a while, the surroundings became noisy, and a notification that the quest was completed was heard, but Hyun was still unable to react.

It was because Shatina’s low muttering at the end echoed in my ears more intensely than the roar of the whirlwind of the Ascension Strike, than the shouts of the duke’s subordinates who had won the ranking ceremony.


A little dark space.

The woman in a long white robe suddenly looked up into the air with blank eyes. The young man next to her wondered at the sight and asked.

“Priestess, is something going on?”

“Goddess… ? Oh, it’s me, it’s me… !”

The answer came back a beat late.

“I have a bad feeling about it.”

“It’s a bad feeling… .”

A rune was reflected on the back of the young man’s hand as he answered.

The brightly shining pattern of lightning is the Rune of Heavenly Man.

However, the words he uttered next could hardly be regarded as the words of a celestial being.

“Have you been followed by Heaven?”

“Not like that.”

“Or our plan leaked into the sky… .”

“No, it’s not a matter of being caught or having a bad plan… !”

The priestess, or Louise, closed her eyes again and felt the souls connected to her heart.

In an instant, he realized that one of the strings that had been connected to him for so long had disappeared.

Even if empathy is sealed, you can feel the changes in some souls that are tightly connected.

‘Is he dead?’

hyeon. Even five years later, his face was still vivid.

The user will not grow old, so if we meet again, the face in our memories will not differ by an inch.

If you use empathy, you’ll know more clearly… .

The desire to break the seal immediately surged up, but Louise struggled to suppress it.

As a user, I have no choice but to assume that it will be fine.

“maybe… It won’t be a big deal.”

The moment you open your empathy with a momentary desire, your plans for nearly five years may be in vain.

With that in mind, Louise decided to be patient a little longer.

Because there are really only a few days left.


“Thank you for listening to my insistence… Thank you… .”

Shatin’s voice echoed in the dark warehouse.

An old robotic voice. However, now Hyun could clearly sense that deep emotion was mixed with the murmur.

“How my brother was feeling… can you tell me… ?”

Hyun conveyed Shatina’s last words, and Shatin wanted to know more about her brother’s final moments.

It’s been a while since Hyun opened his mouth.

“I don’t know exactly. You golems’ senses are a bit peculiar.”

“What do you mean… ?”

“Human beings don’t change their emotions as drastically as you do. Other races won’t be very different.”

“That word… It means that my brother also had a soul.”

The conversation with Shatin was short and dry.

However, because of Shatina’s case, Hyun felt a lot of thoughts even in a simple conversation.

Although the twin golems look blunt, it was because they learned that once the dam collapses, their emotions explode out of control.

Hyun did not stay in the warehouse for long.

This is because there was a call from the duke right after the ranking ceremony was over.

As expected, as soon as he met Hyun, Bahimir asked about what had happened in the usurpation war.

“What skill was that last one?”

Hyun answered as he thought.

“It’s a skill I developed because I was by the side of darkness.”

When I opened my eyes five years later, I found that I had acquired a new skill out of nowhere.

I didn’t tell all the facts, but I didn’t include lies either.

Bahimir pondered and asked again.

“Did the darkness rely on you?”

“Until that… I don’t know.”

“User. You are still a being that is difficult to understand.”

Are you satisfied with the answer or not? Bahimir put on an ambiguous expression.

However, since he did not add anything else, Hyun did not mention the topic any more.

“If you really have gained the trust of darkness… there’s no need for doubt good night.”

As promised, Bahimir gave permission to use the ‘Demon Bead’.

“Marblen, you guide me.”


Hyun followed Mablelen, a close aide of Bahimir.

After passing through the red portal and entering an unknown place.

The first sight that caught his eye was a magnificent lava waterfall pouring from both sides.

Hyun crossed his tongue in the middle of the hot heat.

It seems the duke’s words that the location of the treasury has changed are true. Because this place was a place that was not in his knowledge.

“after… It has turned into a truly amazing place.”

“Have you changed?”

Momentarily, the eyes of Marblen, who had been walking together, narrowed.

“That sounds like you’ve visited Abyssal Treasury before.”

“Ah, that… I heard from the duke a while ago. Security has been greatly strengthened since the intruder… .”

Hyun stroked his chest.

It was fortunate that he escaped the situation with a momentary excuse.

It was because the thoughtless self-talk almost hit the candles.

‘I almost got into trouble… I’ll have to be careful in the future.’

It wouldn’t matter in front of normal NPCs, but I had to be careful with my mouth in front of the story name Marblen.

Unlike Asura, there are NPCs in Asrian who can understand his self-talk.

The end of the passage that seems to embody hell.

coo coo coo.

As the two gigantic monsters with bone horns stepped aside, the huge door slowly opened.

Thanks to Bahimir’s message, all the strict security heading to the report had been lifted.

“Come on. I will be waiting for you here.”


“Are there any problems?”

“No, it’s not a problem, but… .”

Didn’t you say you were closely monitoring it?

Since the duke said so, I naturally thought that Mablelen and other monsters would follow from the report.

But if you don’t have eyes watching, it’s rather a pleasure.

‘If this is the case, there won’t be any problem using both the necklace and the ring, right?’

in a few months, or even in years.

Hyeon entered the Abyssal Treasury again.

Hyun looked around as he slowly walked down the hallway, where only footsteps echoed.

‘It’s still a foreign place.’

I’ve seen it before, but in the report, there were objects whose purpose was unknown, emitting colorful magic. It seemed that a few things that were not there before were added.

Among them, Hyun was soon able to find a model modeled after the planet.

[I have an item that was registered as a magic marble in my inventory!]

[I have an item that was registered as a magic marble in my inventory!]

… …

And once again. Messages that had baffled him in the past began to come to him incessantly.

I was embarrassed at the time, but now I know why the message came up.

‘It must be because of this thing.’

Hyun took out Louise’s necklace.

Whoops. Ugh. The necklace was vibrating like crazy from the moment it was taken out of the inventory.

The necklace was drawn closer and closer to the small altar. At some point, it stuck like a magnet.

Right after that, Hyun could see a clear red dot floating on the Demon Orb.

The dotted place is Louise’s current location.

‘First of all, it’s on the ground.’

It wasn’t in the middle of the sea like before.

‘It’s not even moving!’

The sky was also able to know that it was not.

It was because the position of the fixed red dot did not change even after waiting for a long time.

The place marked with a dot is a famous city in the Nation of Darkness.

‘Nation of Darkness? Not the Empire?’

And compared to a few weeks ago, I noticed that Louise’s position had changed again.

Maybe he stayed there from the beginning, and the empire might have stopped by for a while.

Either way, it was information that I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t used the Demon Bead.

‘It seems that using the demon marbles was the correct answer.’

Hyun stared at the place indicated by the red dot for several minutes.

Because the location can move just in case.

It was also recorded as a recorded copy, so if Louise wasn’t wandering around, it would be easy to find.

‘Okay, once one is over.’

After confirming Louise’s location, Hyun moved on to the next plan.

Then, the ring handed over from Mayday was placed on the altar.

‘This must belong to him.’

He already knew who the owner of the ring was.

just a thousand.

The reason why demonic spirit dwells in a Celestial’s item is that the owner of the ring was tricked by a demon in the past.

In short, this ring is his secret.

The energy of the celestials who once possessed demonic energy instead of divine power is buried here.

‘There aren’t many quests where you can eat raw like this… Well, since you don’t know anything, you probably gave this precious thing to me, right?’

I felt grateful to Mayday again.

This ring was an object that could be obtained by giving it back to its owner!

Maybe you can rip off a full set of level 200 unique gear.

The thought of sticking a straw into Hogu already made my heart pound.


However, the pounding was short-lived, and Hyun rubbed his eyes for a while as he checked the location of the red dot that rose in response to the ring’s demonic energy.

‘uh… ?’

The second marked location was because it was the same location as Louise’s first.

Even when the terrain was enlarged through the interface of the magic circle, the two points were terrifyingly marked at the same coordinates.

For a moment, Hyun thought about what he had misunderstood.

because. The owner of the ring has never had anything to do with darkness.

‘Louise… Are you with a celestial being?’

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