Hard Carry Support Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Learning the Ultimate Attack (3)

Ain: Hey, in front of you… Fire…!

The moment the fire covered Hyun, Ain felt that she was about to have a heart attack.

Not even «One Second Absorption» would be able to save Hyun from such a frontal attack.

In order to use «One Second Absorption» effectively, you had to either be brushed by the fire or receive the hit from a short distance.

Was he dead or alive?


As the fire dissipated, she could hear Hyun groaning.

Ain: You didn’t die?!

It seemed like Hyun had been lucky and survived the attack, but just like she thought, he was on the verge of dying.

[You’ve received 784 damage!]

[You’ve lost more than 33% of your HP!]

[You’ve received a first-degree burn!]

[Before you heal from the burn, you won’t be able to recover HP!]

Ain: Be careful!

As Ain warned him, he quickly turned his body around.

Whish-! A white light passed by Hyun’s earlobes.

The shadow Support had used a long-range attack against Hyun.

Ain: Hyun! We’re out of time. Just turn it back…!

“Not yet… Keep watching.”

Even though his whole body was burning, there was a smile on Hyun’s mouth.

[Because your HP has fallen to less than 20%, the effect of ‘Blood Fairy’s Cape’ is activated!]

[For 60 seconds, your speed is increased by 50%!]

‘I had forgotten about the items.’

The Ghost Commander’s Robe of Darkness.

The effect of ‘The Blood Fairy’s Cape’ embedded in the rare item had activated.

The sensation of having swapped your body for another one was probably something you could only feel in Asrian Online.

“I should be faster now. Right?”


Hyun took a leap.

Even though he had only pushed his toes a little bit, he felt as if he’d flown several meters.

While moving as fast as the wind, Hyun saw the two shadows.

Support and a Close Range Magician.

Who should he hunt first…?

Hyun doubted for a little while, but then he looked at one of the two.


Whir- Hyun acted as if he was about to attack the Close Range Magician with the «Vision Sword». At that moment, a shield was applied to her.

It was the effect of 1 Second Imm… «One Second Absorption».

The Support had used his defensive skill to protect his partner.


Hyun’s body rotated and changed direction.

Instead of the Close Range Magician, Hyun was in front of the Support with just one movement.

Ain: Oh…

Ain’s mouth was wide open.

It was a familiar move.

The technique Hyun had just used to change the direction and timing of the attack was originally hers.

‘Did I fool you? This happened because you…’

The «Vision Sword», which was at its limit, flew in the direction of the Support.

‘Used the defensive skill without thinking it carefully…!’

[Critical Hit! You’ve dealt 1274 damage!]

Inside the «Vision Sword», there was the attack of the Close Range Magician he had absorbed.

The duration of the «Vision Sword» was (Empathy/100) seconds. With his stats, it lasted for one second.

Before the sword disappeared…

‘One more time…!’

Whish- He pointed the sword toward the shadow’s neck.

The sword’s flight path was fast and precise.

—Just like a beam of light.

Even swordmasters wouldn’t be able to catch up to Hyun’s attack since it had been boosted by agility and items.

[Critical Hit! You’ve dealt 65 damage!]

Ain: Oh, Oof…!

Ain exclaimed sadly.

The attack itself had been perfect. Hyun had also managed to deal critical hit damage. Despite that, the shadow was still alive.

Hyun backed off and checked the status window. That’s when he discovered the reason behind what had just happened.

‘Is it the Ultimate Skill…?’

<Awakening Skill>

[«Inverse Shield» Lv.0]

<The world began from space. It soon reached the skies and eventually led to the earth. The land followed the rules of the skies, and the skies followed the rules of space. Even if the skies suddenly changed the rules, the land cannot ask why. It can only accept it.>

– For five minutes, the amount of damage you receive is reduced by 95%.



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<Cooldown Time: 24 hours>

Whir- Whiirrr-

Countless blue lights vibrated while going around the Support’s body.

It looked as if a neon sign made by tens of thousands of threads was wrapping around it.

Imaginary Hyun (Grade: 4)

<Skill List>

[«The Heavenly God’s Protection» Lv.8]

[«Shield» Lv.3]

[«Sophisticated Magic» Lv.2]

[«Supporting Fire» Lv.0]

<Awakening Skill>

[«Inverse Shield» Lv.0]

Even if the attack had failed, Hyun wasn’t disappointed by it because, thanks to it, he was able to discover all of the Support’s stats.

That meant he wouldn’t have to guess anymore.

[There are still ’42’ seconds left of the effect of the Blood Fairy’s Frenzy.]

Ain: …

From time to time, Hyun could feel Ain’s agitated breath.

Was she also tense while watching him fight?

“It isn’t over yet,” Hyun said to her.


Hyun easily evaded the incoming fire.

Not only was he faster, but he also had more combat experience.

Hyun was sure that such an attack wouldn’t be able to touch him.

Flash- A second came aiming at his stomach.

‘What’s happening?’

He felt as if the world was moving in slow motion.

‘No, I’m probably seeing everything like this because I’m moving faster.’

[There are still ’33’ seconds left of the effect of the Blood Fairy’s Frenzy.]

Hyun kept avoiding the attacks.

Even if time passed, the rest didn’t seem to move.

[There are still ’28’ seconds left of the effect of the Blood Fairy’s Frenzy.]

“Watch out!”

At that moment…

Swish- With Ain’s warning, knives made of Magical Power flew towards him.

It was the Support’s long-range attack.

Hyun had been waiting for that moment.

«One Second Absorption», «Shield»!’

Translator – Daniel Shin

Proofreader – ilafy

* * *

He hit the incoming knives with his hands and, at the same time, placed himself on the trajectory of the Close Range Magician’s attack.

The two shadows froze.

They were both stunned.

Stars went around in circles on top of the heads of the two shadows.

It was a chance that wouldn’t repeat again!

Hyun summoned the Vision Sword.

[Critical Hit! You’ve dealt 1392 damage!]

[Critical Hit! You’ve dealt 1256 damage!]

[By attacking the same part repeatedly, you’ve damaged more than 33% of the opponent’s HP!]

As two trays of light cut through the neck of the Close Range Magician, the upper part of its body separated.

Even if you had a lot of HP, one mistake could kill you—that is how Asra’s and Asrian’s combat worked.

The shadow dropped helplessly, and it began to disperse into flames.

“Not yet.”

The shadow Support woke up from the faint.

Whir- Whiirrr- The blue lights were still rotating around Hyun’s clone while making noise.

According to the status window, there were still five minutes left on «Inverse Shield».’

“Well, I won’t be able to catch that one yet.”

Hyun had no intention to fight while the ultimate skill was activated.

Attacking at that moment would drain his energy, and hardly any damage would be done.

[The effect of ‘The Blood Fairy’s Frenzy’ has disappeared!]

His body suddenly became heavier.

After moving like a superhuman, returning to his normal self made him feel weak.

Ain: Coming!

Ting- Hyun easily countered the «Supporting Fire» with «One Second Absorption».

“You don’t need to help me anymore.”

Ain: Really? But…

“Don’t worry. I can do it alone.”

[Critical Hit! You’ve dealt 435 damage!]

[You’ve dealt 312 damage!]

Once one of the two had disappeared, the fight became easier.

The effect of the ultimate skill had worn off. Hyun attacked the shadow with the «Vision Sword».

[Critical Hit! You’ve dealt 462 damage!]

[Critical Hit! You’ve dealt 439 damage!]

Little by little…

To some people, lowering the shadow’s HP little by little may look tedious.

The good thing was that the artificial intelligence kept using the long-distance attack skill.

He would have absorbed the damage dealt with the newbie’s dagger if it wasn’t for it, and that would have taken a lot more time and effort.

[Critical Hit! You’ve dealt 452 damage!]

[Critical Hit! You’ve dealt 429 damage!]

—The last two hits.

Once the blue-colored «Vision Sword» cut the shadow, it dispersed into the flames, and a message that announced his victory appeared.

[As a reward for clearing the fourth trial, every party member will be awarded temporary stats points!]


[Temporary Stat Points] +250

[Temporary Skill Points] +150

[You’ve unlocked the Support’s Awakening Skill «Soul’s Mirror»!]

[Warning: You can choose only one Awakening Skill, so before choosing one, think about it carefully!]

[You’ll get some rest time! Take your time to distribute the points received!]

Hyun sighed and looked away.

<Current Location: Fifth Basement Level>

“I’m finally here, huh?”

The fifth floor.

He thought that it was the maximum achievable floor.

The reason was that while playing Asra Online, that was the floor he had been able to reach.

‘Was it so difficult the last time?’

It had been such a long time that he didn’t remember very well.

But from what he could recall, it wasn’t so wicked…

Maybe the developers had made it more difficult through a patch.

[The fifth trial will begin soon! Please finish distributing your stats!]

Hyun was taking a rest when he heard the alarm.

Hyun really wanted to rest a little bit more, so he cursed the system message.

But there was no way to refuse it.

[You’ve entered a very deep place of the subconscious! Hold onto your consciousness if you don’t want to lose yourself!]

Ain: Are you going to turn back the time?

“Yes,” Hyun said while standing up.

“I’m just going to do some reconnaissance before turning it back.”

Ain: Reconnaissance?

“Shouldn’t we know how strong the guys are that we have to fight next?”

Creak- Creeaaakkkk-

The clock’s hands began moving faster while making a loud noise.

As the hour and minute hand began wrapping around, the air started getting hotter.

Fwoosh- Two pillars of fire rose and then disappeared.

The two pillars of fire had transformed into two shadows.

From the get-go, their presence was completely different from before.

He opened the Close Range Magician’s status window.

Imaginary Ain (Grade: 5)

HP: 300000/300000

Mana: 3000/3000

[Strength: 10] [Agility: 120] [Vitality: 1500] [Mana: 300]

<Skill List>

[«Efret’s Claw» Lv.9]

[«Burning Ceremony» Lv.4]

[«Self Heal» Lv.3]

[«Recover Mana» Lv.3]

[«Defense Reinforcement» Lv.3]

[«Mana Armor» Lv.2]

[«Element Rearrangement» Lv.2]

[«Incarnation Steps» Lv.0]

Awakening Skill – [«Vestige Explosion» Lv.3]


After reading the status window, Hyun was awestruck.

The list was so long that he couldn’t read it completely. But more than that, the stats of the shadow were abnormally high.

‘Is it a named boss?’

That was his first thought.

300,000 hp? Just seeing that number made him awestruck.

Even level 300 tankers didn’t have such a ridiculous amount of HP.

Ain: Hyun, wake up!

Hyun heard Ain’s shout when he was about to check the Support’s status window.


Hyun’s eyes widened.

One of the shadows had already approached him while scattering flames on its way.

‘Just when?!’

Hyun was relaxed because there was quite a distance between them, but the gap narrowed in an instant.

‘Damn, it’s a movement skill!’


Claws made of fire appeared on the shadow’s hands.

The fire really looked like the claws of a giant beast.

‘I need to turn back the time…!’

The fire claws were about to tear his neck when.

Ain: Quick!




Hyun closed his eyes but couldn’t sense anything.

He tried to open his eyes, but his eyelids didn’t go up.

‘What’s happening?’


After a while, he was able to open his eyes.

What he saw was a world where time flowed in reverse, as if it was a movie film being rewound.

The shadow that was approaching him was getting further away.

At first, it rewound slowly… But as time went on, it began rewinding faster and faster.

Hyun saw, in reverse order, all the shadows he had beaten.

He also himself using the «Vision Sword».

Everything that was broken was reassembled.

Eventually, the rewinding speed became so fast that it was impossible to see it with human eyes.


When Hyun came back to his senses, Ain was revived and standing right next to him.

Under them, there was a clock with hands that were covered in fire.

[All your stats have temporarily gone back to 10!]

[All your skills have returned to their original state. All skill points have been retrieved!]

[Once you complete the awakening quest, they’ll return to normal!]

Tick Tock-

The clock started moving again.

Once he saw that the arm he had lost had returned, he sighed in relief.

Time had turned back.

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